April 15th, 2014

Previous Times UKIP Allowances Report Dismissed

the-times-ukip-logoCould today’s effort by The Times to get UKIP have anything to with the complaint made last month by the Lib Dem MEP Edward McMillan-Scott about UKIP’s use of allowances? His complaint was based on a series of reports by Times journalists Rachel Sylvester and Alice Thomson. Yesterday that complaint was thrown out by a European Parliament bureau meeting that found there was no matter requiring further investigation…


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      jgm2 says:

      Just out of curiosity – do you get many visitors to your blog?


      • 14
        Inspector Knacker says:

        It’s a mystery…..new kid on the block N Farage threatens powerful plutocratc Liberal Elite (Tories/Labour/Limp Dims) and hey presto…..

        Several phone calls to MI5; friendly dhimmis in the press & on the BBC…..stories pour out day after day – from expenses to mistresses?


        Can’t take power, influence & riches away from the vested interests and their toadies. Can we? Shurely shome mistake.


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          Socialism is theft says:

          The establishment media are getting more desperate with every passing hour, especially after the total failure of Nick Clegg against Farage.


          • JadedJean14 says:

            This is how dirty tricks are played against those that do not FULLY conform to the idea of the destruction of the nation state. It’s is quite ironic that UKIP are now being labelled as ‘extreme right’, by those elements of the MSM and the LibLabCon establishment, who also represent the extreme right as libertarians. i.e anti-statists (and in that group I include the BBC). Ironically, Farage is also self confessed libertarian (albeit a very confused one). The extreme right rolls back the state, i.e government. It is the old left-wing which promotes statism, i.e. public ownership by the people, for the people.

            Increases in immigration and anti-racism are divisive tools of the far-right, i.e the free-marketeers, because it’s guaranteed to demolish a sense of national identity and cohesion, both of which are required for public ownership to work.


          • Táxpáyér says:



          • Im Voting UKIP says:

            The more LibLabCon and their media and establishment chums attack UKIP, the more people flick to UKIP.

            LibLabCon do not want the people to have a say.


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          road to serfdom says:

          Farage can embezzle as much money as he likes and shag as many secretaries as he likes. I’m still voting UKIP.

          EU is a foreign government anyway. If Farage is ripping it off he’s acting as a privateer similarly to Sir Francis Drake.


      • 45
        Bert says:


        Global rank 6,692,701; down 1,242,999 places “versus previous three months” (sic).

        Status: ghost town, with occasional tumbleweed.



      • 63
        daveyone1 says:

        Not as many as Gudo but their response is more substantial as they appear to know what they are talking about,


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      Dave Windmilleron says:

      Recycling s story about recycling. Good man. Can I interest you in a second-hand membership of the Green Party?


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      jimboooo says:

      Dermot Murnaghan has to be one of the biggest wankers in news media.

      So his argument is a regular family spend over £1000 pa on electricity. A guy running a political party out of an office shouldn’t use more electricity?

      Where do these morons come from and how do they get these high-paid jobs?

      I imagine Nigel is very happy today. Now even the Times has been roped in to try to smear him, it reeks of such desperation and there were more polls just a few days ago showing the rise of UKIP, this has obviously been a pretty silly plan to try to respond to it, I wouldn’t be surprised if CMD and clegg were making desperate calls and promises to the newspapers to call in favours.


    • 51
      UKIPPER says:

      Now that the EU elections are near
      The full UKIP smear campaign slips into gear
      But UKIP aren’t crooks so there’s nothing to fear
      Establishment over reaction
      Now Samuel-Camps has contacted the Times demanding a retraction


      • 57

        I really hope David Samuel-campus screws an apology out of the Times……..they should squirm! They couldn’t even get the address right. I should know, I only live 5 minutes from the Lyminister Office. Farage should sue……but even his EU allowance won’t cover Court costs. Maybe Mr Sykes (the Yorkshire tycoon backer) could cover his costs…….

        Vote UKIP May 22nd!


      • 61
        daveyone1 says:

        Could Farage become PM?


        • 68
          Anonymous says:

          Can pigs fly?


        • 91
          Inconvenient Truth says:

          Don’t ask that specifically, you should ask ‘would you want Cameron, Clegg or Milliband as PM in 2015?’ You just know that they’d deny us a vote on the EU and Labour and the Cons have corruption and nepotism so deeply ingrained that you couldn’t get rid of it even if you blew-up the Planet.


    • 80
      UKIPPER says:

      The Times they are a changing

      Come all the electorate throughout the UK
      It’s time to ignore what the LIBLABCON say
      Lets face it these parties have all had their day
      Our politics need rearranging
      So go out and vote UKIP lets sweep them away
      For the times they are a changing

      Not one of them listens to our point of view
      They’d sooner give our cash to the EU
      So lets kick them out and try something new
      We can’t afford this lot remaining
      Political rethink is long overdue
      For the times they are a changing

      They lied about Lisbon and promised a vote
      There all Europhiles and in the same boat
      Their treachery just bring a lump to my throat
      As each other they just keep blaming
      So send them a message and let them take note
      That the times they are a changing

      We will no longer tolerate lies being told
      Tax breaks for the rich but more tax for the old
      Ruled from the EU and our birthrights sold
      They ignore us when we are complaining
      If we all vote UKIP there out in the cold
      For the times they all need changing

      Now that the EU elections are near
      The full UKIP smear campaign slips into gear
      But UKIP aren’t crooks so there’s nothing to fear
      Establishment over reaction
      UKIP don’t swindle there well in the clear
      For the TIMES they are a changing


      • 81
        daveyone1 says:

        I have met Nigal Farage he has 2 modes normal conversation and EU speak as can be seen on you tube I have not heard anyone speak up for Britain as much since Thatcher and Churchill we do not have to be so dependent on Europe for draining our cash but we could trade substantially worldwide!


      • 82
    • 89
      broderick crawford says:

      Yes well , with respect , a ” European Parliament bureau meeting “–whatever that is — appears to gave all the integrity of a bunch if mafiosi condemning the drug cartels.


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    The British media are cunts says:

    So why don’t the Times go to the police?


    • 6
      jgm2 says:

      Why doesn’t Lib Dem MEP Edward McMillan-Scott go to the police?

      Because it’s a load of bollocks, that’s why.

      You’d think though, that having an EU expense ruling go in UKIP’s favour (amazing in itself – those expenses must be fucking watertight – it’s not like the EU to pass up an opportunity to kick UKIP) that they’d wind their fucking necks in now. Yet they choose to peddle the same old shit.

      Why is that?


      • 9
        C O (Ξ7q1) says:

        There are no expenses.

        These are allowances.

        The money is given, not claimed, for use on a prescribed set of activities by an MEP.


        • 16
          jgm2 says:

          Okay. These ‘allowances’ must be watertight.

          Yeah, yeah, I know it matters, that there is a subtle but vital difference between the two but you get the point. If even the anti-UKIP EU can’t find fault with them then what the fuck is The Times making a story up for?

          Don’t answer.

          I know why.

          The establishment is shit-scared that their gravy train and their kids career plans might be blocked.

          Fuck them.

          Fuck them to hell.


          • Táxpáyér says:

            Secret footage of establishment meeting.


          • C O (Ξ7q1) says:

            Agree with your sentiment – forgot smiley on that post – tone was not meant to be condescending in any way.

            An important point here is that UKIP have been pointing the oddness of the allowance system out, and in particular its flaws, for a while now.

            In fairness, fixed allowances for each member to be spent accordingly is a much better system than the expenses mess which Westminster has. However, it needs the same kind of oversight that Westminster has applied to its expenses.

            The principal reason for lack of oversight is that across the Eurozone there are significantly lower standards of both accountancy and accountability as a general rule, but the EU needs its MEPs to be able to perform equal function irrespective of their member state’s economic standing and their own personal financial position. (eg. N’igel could easily self fund, but chooses not to as he has to take the EU money.)

            Should be pointed out that Cameron has failed to negotiate reform with the EU – This allowances system would have perhaps been part of that. The increase in EU budget is in part required for funding increases in the MEPs allowances.


      • 19
        SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        Edward McMillan Scott, is a snivelling little traitor who’s snout is firmly planted up Barrosso’s areshole and therefore beneath contempt, he is only whining because his comfy seat in the EU parliament is in danger.


      • 32
        Sarah Millington says:

        Lawyer time. Go UKIP.


    • 7
      C O (Ξ7q1) says:

      This latest set of allegations has been referred to OLAF – The EU Anti-Fraud Office.

      UK Police do not have jurisdiction over the claims as there has been no allegation of wrong doing under UK law.


    • 26
      About as much traction as a kipper on a skid pan says:

      Because Farage hasn’t broken any rules…all MEPS are paid an ALLOWANCE of £3,500 per month which isNOT expenses and they have great amount of latitude on what they spend it on


      • 60
        Anonymous says:

        You’d swear there was no one on the Times staff who’d ever been in receipt of a per diem before. Shoddy, schoolboy journalism!


  3. 4
    Loony left says:

    Embrace the enrichment of muslims taking over our schools! Just rejoice!

    Terror mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki was hailed a hero by a senior member of staff at Park View Academy in Birmingham.

    Two whistle-blowers made the shock allegation during a BBC Radio 4 report on the controversial school.

    Reporter Sima Kotecha revealed: “They say they have been in school assemblies where a viewpoint politically sympathetic to al-Qaida has been promoted.

    “A senior member of staff is said to have praised the now-dead Anwar al-Awlaki, who was one of the group’s leading spiritual figures.”

    The American-born terror boss, who died in 2011, has been described as a recruiter and key inspiration for extremist killers.


  4. 8
    Terrified Establishment Troughers says:

    Get Nigel!


    • 87
      Anonymous says:

      When are they going to look through Nigel’s dustbins? They seem to have done everything else to discredit him. Vote UKIP.


  5. 11
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Thunderer? More like a sparrow’s wet fart.


  6. 13
    67 year old man beats the crap out of thug threatening him says:


  7. 20
    Right Full Rudder says:

    I wonder if these people realise all they’re doing is exposing what a gold-plated gravy train the EU parliament is.


  8. 21
    Mayonaise and Frites says:

    Edward McMillan-Scott is a lifelong Euro-trougher and former Tory who defected to the LibDems because Dave Cameron isn’t gay enough.


  9. 22
    Persona non grata says:

    Times in collusion with BBC on Farage allowances story. Dave & Co must be crapping themselves.

    The Times of London today led with a ‘story’ about the expenses claims of UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP. The paper displayed it’s lack of understanding of European Parliamentary expenses by claiming that Farage has overcharged for a property.

    The whole thing was no doubt a stitch up by Farage’s usual detractors. Likely culprits are Tory HQ, or perhaps even the long-aggrieved Nicki Sinclaire MEP, who has recently used parliamentary privilege to make baseless claims about Farage’s private life.

    But what is also interesting is that Justin Webb, who grilled Farage on the BBC’s Today Programme this morning is also a regular contributor for The Times, who first kicked off on the subject.

    Webb went about probing Farage on the issue without declaring his interest in receiving payments from the daily newspaper, and all the while pushing its attack stories on the publicly-funded BBC.

    If The Times and the BBC are really as concerned about transparency as they claim over the expenses issue, then perhaps some declaration should have been, and still should be made as to Justin Webb’s loyalties, and indeed his financial remuneration from both outlets.

    In the meantime, I’ll just go ahead and dump this story on the mainstream garbage scrapheap.

    H/T Breitbart.


    • 30
      The most amusing claim ever says:

      C’mon the BBC refuses to face reality when it comes up and knees them in the balls. They called the Farage/Clegg Debates for Clegg both times. The look of stunned disbelief watching their faces when the poll results came through almost made the TV Licence worth it(almost)


    • 42
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      The BBC and The Times might better spend some time looking into why the EU has not had its financial credentials signed of for the last…what is it now, 25 years?, tens of billions of pounds have mysteriously disappeared, but then the BBC gets an annual bung of £200 million from Brussels (propaganda money).


    • 64
      Liar.Politicians says:

      The expenses attack by the LibLabCon at Farage is failing.


  10. 23
    Nigel Farage doppelganger says:


  11. 38
    Questions of our time says:

    Is the UK’s international aid working and worth it ?


    • 43
      Moral Hazard says:

      We should not be sending ‘aid’, other than disaster relief at all, let alone a fixed percentage of our GDP.


    • 55
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      Space program, Lear jets, another Palace, AK47’s… am proud to contribute.


  12. 39
    Fishy says:

    Why did Farage do a non-denial denial type response?


    • 49
      Small Business says:

      Because like any leader of a complex organisation, he a) does not know the detail of every bill they pay and b) does not know 100% that someone hasn’t been on the fiddle without his knowing it.


  13. 44
    Not in my name says:

    So a total non story then.

    What a surprise


  14. 47
    the one they call stump grinder says:

    jgm2 says:
    April 15, 2014 at 6:41 am

    You seem to think the CIA can only track people who use capital letters.


    my often and flagrant non use of capital letters is in solidarity with the concept that all words are equal and that cap-it-all is yet again one of those ritualistic subliminal commands used by the powers that be to keep the great unwashed in bondage and servitude. ohm.

    as for the notion i might be being tracked considering the fact i was the person who provided the wider world with the picture of george bush senior in a skull and bones group picture when he was a yale student, a leak that appeared on every major conspiracy theory website and spread to a handful of mainstream websites… well yeah i guess they might know who i am. but please accept my sincere apologizes if i have somehow mistakenly given you the impression that i give a fuck.

    you don’t walk into the possibility of a bun fight without first knowing some of your opponents secret ingredients. and unlike you chum i ain’t some sniveling shit muncher who gets wood from posting snide shill like comments all day long in return for some transient exchange that blasphemously calls itself “profit”.


    • 59
      jgm2 says:

      cap-it-all is yet again one of those ritualistic subliminal commands

      Oh fuck.

      The nutter on the bus got a computer.

      Jasper Carrott could have warned us.


      • 84
        the one they call stump grinder says:

        up until relatively recently our evolution has been one of struggle but we have reached a point where everyone could have a roof over their head, food in their belly and medical care when it is needed – those inescapable definitives that perpetuate life. what stops that from happening is cap it all ism – the pyramid like structure of hierarchal control that keeps a related minority in abundant luxury whilst everyone else are their slaves. the main way they maintain control over us all is by divide and conquer, they’ve split humanity into a multitude of different sections and then sit back whilst we argue the toss amongst ourselves. what us the multitude all have in common is the need for shelter for food and for medical care. but those at the top of the pyramid have cast the illusion that the only way to get those things is by money and the only way to get money is to follow their system of control and yeah they control the money (most of which they’ve conjured out of thin air aka fractional reserve banking).

        no doubt it is a massive crapper for people who followed the system, worked hard, quite possibly acted at times in a manner that is morally and ethically dubious which no amount of trying to forget can be smudged out of their subconscious, and to find out that the whole things has been a charade and that there is a huge shift in the dynamics on this planet, is no doubt extremely disconcerting. we are entities of habit and profound change is a new uncharted landscape… but the crunch is coming and if we do not make a stand now then the future really will be as orwell suggested… a boot stamping on a human face forever. almost everyone’s face. other than those at the top of the pyramid. and they are going to implant people with a microchip, i know this 100% without a shadow of a doubt. these chips will basically turn people into transhumans (and i don’t mean the fluffy version of that concept). the tech has been around at least the last 30 years and the infrastructure aka mobile phone masts is everywhere. it is all in place. they will use the intelligence they have garnered from the www project to decide who lives and who dies, and those who do survive will be enslaved- not even their thoughts will be private. i am not fucking about here and there are plenty of people who know i am not fucking about.

        the good news is there are plenty of hefty collective entities that aren’t going to allow it to happen. the bad news is the people trying to make it happen will probably not back down. so the shit is going to hit the fan like this planet has not seen in thousands of years, if not ever.

        this is a brilliant time to be alive. don’t let the bastards grind you down and enjoy what is to come because if you bow to its fear then you don’t stand a chance.


  15. 50
    Guido says:

    I name today NIGEL FARAGE DAY.


  16. 53
    Cyril smith says:

    Nigel is a very naughty boy who needs his pants taking down for a reet good spanking !
    I had that Clegg boy over me knee once
    All pink and soft and I mean his politics not his botty
    Aas Jeremy clark and Simon hughes both said to me
    “Big Cyril, your northern spunk is just what this party needs, now push harder”


  17. 65
    c777 says:

    Of course the most interesting angle to this is the proof that the establishment have provided about themselves, and their mindset.
    They believe that the people are angry because they fiddle their expenses and this attempt to smear UKIP via an expense scandal proves that mindset.
    Well I have news for them.
    Its b*gger all to do with expenses the real anger is coming from the illogical warped and crazy policies that they forced on the people of the UK.
    They just do not get it.


  18. 66
    Fred the Grump says:

    Always expected a load of dirt throwing, the Political parties are running scared of each other. Bet they’ve been sitting on this shite story for months and we can expect more between now and Euro election.


  19. 69
    Mike Newland says:

    The public are increasingly mad at how rotten the system is and the lengths it will go to in defence of its interests.

    The Times appears to want to offer a further demonstration of the fact.


    • 75
      Taxpayer says:

      Quite. Now that useless tax obsessed twonk in No. 10 has clearly aligned himself and his party with Murdoch’s empire against UKIP. How in God’s name he thinks this will help him I have no idea.


    • 92
      I-KIP, U-KIP, WE-KIP, I'm off for a KIP.. says:

      I’m loving it. They’ve tried all manner of BS techniques on UKIP for years. If it wasn’t setting their rabid hippies on them over Fracking, it was setting their UAF scum on them over same sex marriage. They’re used to being on the wrong side of the mainstream media and the establishment, and now I fully understand why…


  20. 86
  21. 90
    Sir Marmalade-Troughchum says:

    Murnihan was abysmal today. All that cardboard bravado for a non-story puffed by Dave’s pals.


  22. 94
    Ippikin says:

    Welcome to the real world Mr. Farage.


  23. 95
    Ned Ludd says:

    Wonder if Nige’s office has been broken into and turned over by the MI5/CIA yet? Wouldn’t be at all surprised. Did it to the miners, did a lot to Harold Wilson, reckon they’ll do it to him. Just don’t take up hiking, Nigel, there’s a good (and at the moment, alive) lad.


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