April 15th, 2014

Payback Times: Hack Hits Back at ‘Kipper

Times hack Billy Kenber has hit back at claims from UKIP that they borked the figures in their story this morning.

From: “Kenber, Billy”
Date: 15 April 2014 10:14:05 BST
To: David Samuel-Camps
Cc: Alexi Mostrous, Nigel Farage
Subject: Re: Your report

Hi David,

The difference between the two figures lies in the way Ukip MEP’s break down their transparency reports.

This includes various categories – of which the one of relevance to rent is “office management and running costs” which covers rent, utilities, insurance, business rates and cleaning. In his transparency reports Farage claims to have spent £15,500 a year solely on this category since July 2009. This does not include office equipment, phone bills and stationery which fall under “communication costs” and “stationery, periodicals, subscriptions”.

As you say, the total monthly cost for all office expenditure was £700 (down from £2,000 when you managed to cancel various locked-in contracts for things like unnecessary amounts of printer ink) which I asked you to break down into its constituent parts – something we went through twice to ensure accuracy.

You said that utilities and insurance amounted to less than £100 a month and that council tax/business rates were £150 (I looked it up and it was £149 a month for the current financial year 2013). Hence the figure of £250 a month, which is £3,000 a year. The remaining £450 a month falls under the two other categories outlined above.

Bognor Regis is the nearest well-known town for readers who are less familiar with the West Sussex coast.

Best wishes,

Media Guido, your one stop shop for airing dirty laundry in public…


  1. 1
    Yawns and looks out of window says:

    keep on smearing gwido, just keep on

  2. 2
    Nermal says:

    Desperate, Times trying to dig themselves out of a hole.

  3. 3
    CoCo the clown says:

    Makes sense to me.

  4. 4
    Euro Boy says:

    Bognor Regis.. now theres a place..

  5. 5
    Dilligaff says:

    Scared Tories Enter Upon Smear Campaign Weeks Before Crucial Election Shocker

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:


  7. 7
    Career death says:

    Billy Kenber
    Should remember
    Pro-Tory shilling
    Is never fulfilling

  8. 8
    Yawns and looks out of window says:

    and of less mischief making and of more interest, the Chinese F1 this weekend

    (and red bull lost their deposit)

  9. 9
    Billy Liar says:

    Kenber’s in a sweat.

  10. 10
    The Tit in No. 10 says:

    Bugger !!!!!!

    Thought we’d got him !!!!!!

    Bugger!!! Bugger!!!!! BUGGEER !!!!!!!

  11. 11
    R.E.B says:

    Still voting UKIP !!

  12. 12
    The Great Mentalist says:

    Nige, give them a good shafting, the wank@rs,Guido you are cu^t.

  13. 13
    Maudie Littllehampton says:

    Littlehampton is the nearest town to Lyminster, not Bognor, for those unfamiliar with the West Sussex coastal area.

  14. 14
    Clarks Pie says:

    All-out war against UKIP and Farage?

    Still going to vote for them, ‘cos the rest are bastards.

  15. 15
    Gordo Brown - (retd) says:

    Do what I did, chillax

  16. 16
    Anonymous says:

    And me. Has the Times looked at the Kinnocks’ expenses?

  17. 17
    Blad the Inhaler says:

    Even if they turn out to be goat-molesters, I couldn’t care less.

    At least they will be pro-British, patriotic, EU-leaving goat-molesters.

    They’ll be getting my vote anyway.

    More power to their elbow!

  18. 18
    Gutterslut says:

    I envisage Nige’s poll rating to increase. The thing with Nige is he’s never pretended to be whiter-than-white or be perfect. Smears of this kind just don’t work.

  19. 19
    B1lly's got a point says:

    Most people would know roughly where Bognor is, but not Littlehampton.

  20. 20
    still, it could be worse says:

    “The Times revealed that he was facing an investigation into the use of £60,000 of European Union funds ”

    has anybody read the article and can explain who is going to investigate ?

  21. 21
    eddie the man says:

    So tell me people, what is happening to
    Mr Corby, such a nice young man

  22. 22
    Winston says:

    People who don’t know where Littlehampton is are hardly going to know where Bognor is. Idiot!

  23. 23
    Mitch says:

    If that was true then he’d just say: “Yeah, I took the money, so what?”

    But, he didn’t.

  24. 24
    A voter says:

    I don’t Care if Nigel gets caught with his cock up a donkeys arse and I’m paying, am still voting for ukip.

  25. 25
    Nigel says:

    Oh the goats. Just a bit of fun amongst friends. We laugh about it in the pub afterwards. Nobody dies.

  26. 26
    Headline says:

    Farage gets caught with his cock up a donkeys arse

  27. 27
    Mitch says:

    Wrong. I’m from Derbyshire and know where Bognor is, but had no idea where Littlehampton was.

  28. 28
    Parliament is a Gay Disco says says:

    Have you considered a career in politics?

  29. 29
    Goat says:

    I’m next

  30. 30
    C.O.Jones says:


  31. 31
    Horse says:

    Get in the queue.

  32. 32
    Ophelia Cox says:

    I’m very bored with all this already.

    Can we move on?

  33. 33
    RickB says:

    Littlehampton – is that where Max Clifford lives ?

  34. 34
    Gordon Brown says:

    British donkeys for British zoophiliacs

  35. 35
    Owen Jones says:


  36. 36
    Londoner says:

    I must be an idiot aswell because I know where Bognor is but not Littlehampton off hand.

  37. 37
    Jack, bbc adorer says:

    Little hampton?
    Not for me.

  38. 38
    Prime Minister"The Dunce Of Downing Street" Cameron says:

    Where’s Nigel Evans when you need him ?

  39. 39
    Yawns and looks out of window says:

    and the bbbc says – look at the royal baby

  40. 40
    Satnav says:

    I have been to Derbyshire, but I still don’t know where it is.

  41. 41

    Just behind Lyminister Church actually.

    I urge all people who do not want to be part of the dreaded EU to take up arms against a sea of troubles and join UKIP! Volunteer to leaflet or be a future candidate……do something to help further the course of true democracy!

  42. 42
    Nice Cox says:

    Where shall we go, sweetheart?

  43. 43
    HRH A Princess says:

    Does it have a new dresss?

  44. 44
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    They are admitting that they are comparing apples and oranges on the balance sheet.

    Looking at the transparency figures as published, and the office manager claims, the claims of the office manager do balance.

    In 2013, on average, the Office Managment costs disclosed by F’arage come to about £1500 / month.

    So taking the above figures: £700 + £100 + £150 come to about £950 / month.

    Still a delta of about £550 / month which is not clear, but could be tax as it is not clear if tax has been included in the 700 and 100 figure quoted above.

    The £1 difference between quoted and actual on council tax is not worth drawing attention to.

    That they are not drawing attention to the £550 difference suggests that there is no case to answer, as that is very likely accounted for with the knowledge of The T’imes.

  45. 45
    Loony left says:

    Embrace the enrichment of muslims taking over our schools! Relish the diversity and feel enriched!

  46. 46
    Eric Pickles stole my lunch says:

    I’ll still vote for UKIP, the latest EU attempt to have primacy over our Courts makes it impossible to vote for a Europhile Party.

  47. 47
    A stranger in my own country says:

    Tell your mate Rupert I`ll still be voting ukip whatever shit he prints

  48. 48
    Bob Crow says:

    You could smear UKIP as thieving, paedophile turd-burglars – people will still vote for them rather than vote for the current crop of thieving, paedophile turd-burglars.

  49. 49
    Nigel Evans says:

    Up here…?

  50. 50
    jgm2 says:

    Yeah. I thought BA(Hons) boy was being a little bit too ‘clever’ moaning about towns in West Sussex. I live in West Sussex and even I would concede that more people have an idea of where Bognor Regis is than Littlehampton.

    The key thing is that The Times are wilfully misrepresenting office spending of £15000 a year as £250 a month by picking what they choose to define as ‘office spending’.

    Most folk, when asked how much their office costs to run, would just give a total, not bothering how much of it is electric, rates, insurance, rent, stationery whatever. They don’t expect to have to go to an HMRC definition as to what constitutes ‘office costs’.

    The Times is just nit-picking. The equivalent of pointing out a spelling mistake to make a headline.

    Look at this….

    and that council tax/business rates were £150 (I looked it up and it was £149 a month

    Fuck me Sherlock. £149 instead of £150? Another piece of pointless pedantry. What a prick.

    Why would they do that, I wonder.

  51. 51
    Ships Bottom says:

    What business it of anybody but Farage and the f*cking EU.

  52. 52
    Ummm... says:

    Gosh I’m tired. Guido, get Simon to write something; that should get me off.

  53. 53
    Mitch says:

    I thought they were saying he has a general “office costs” allowance of £15k of which he’s only spending £3k? The other costs Farage mentions are covered by other allowances? They say.

  54. 54
    RickB says:

    Just a smear campaign and a hatchet job ahead of the Euro elections which goes to show how much fear UKIP has created. Guido should really be ashamed of himself for giving this any coverage at all. Vote UKIP.

  55. 55
    Billy Liar says:

    Guido Fawkes, my arse. How dare you use that name ? Lord Haw Haw would be nearer the mark.

  56. 56
    Chicken says:

    Call the RSPCA!

  57. 57
    Willl H says:

    This is great!!

    Its testament to how badly they’re sh1tting themselves that they have to deploy such a weak, convoluted, transparent smear.

    Keep going Nigel – the pips are squeeking.

  58. 58
    Just asking says:

    “retd” means ‘Retarded’ of course?

  59. 59
    Anonymous says:

    Ban muzzies now, sub human bastards.

  60. 60
    jgm2 says:

    The Times is using some very tight HMRC or EU definition of ‘office costs’ whereas most folk when asked for total office costs would just lump in … all their office costs.

    I’s just shit-stirring but it’s a distraction. While Nigel is answering questions on this he’s not making any headway about highlighting what a bunch of c*unts Labour, Libs and Tories are and how utterly obsequious they are to all things EU.

    And that is the purpose of the exercise.

    Same as Maria Miller wiping out Osborne’s good economic news by simply hogging the headlines.

    While Farage is on the defensive over this he’s not on the attack over the jackass Tories, Lib and Labour.

    Job done.

  61. 61
    Pro Brit says:


  62. 62
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    Transparency on UKIP MEP’s spending of EU allowances:


    NB: Allowance is very different in both semantics and principal to Westminster Expenses: The rules are also somewhat different.

    Where this really falls apart is that there is no requirement for receipts to be kept, and very foolish accounting requirements: That implies no wrongdoing on the part of F’arage or UKIP, but certainly does indicate that EU MEP allowance system is very different to UK Parliamentary MP expenses system: If MEP was purchasing houses or personally gaining then they would be prosecuted: That is precisely what happened with the B’adzak case, where she was defrauding the MEP she worked for by pocketing part of the allowance and recording it as spent.

    Absent receipts requirement, and the differing definitions in the balance sheet items, it is not possible to support the claims made by The T’imes.

    The only figures which will balance are what went in, and what was spent on legitimate activities, and they will balance.

    If N’igel was sending money to some offshore account, that would have been noticed by the EU authorities (think NSA / GCHQ monitoring of SWIFT etc.) and they would have acted by now.

    The EU system is more open to abuse (by UK standards) as can be seen quite clearly in Guido’s T’witter timeline now. However, the assertion that UKIP have been abusing their position or EU funds cannot be supported at present.

  63. 63
    IMHO says:

    What Farage spends money is our business because it is our money. As far as i can tell he’s not done anything wrong. He has always told the British public that he takes money from the EU and uses it to defray the costs of campaigning to shut down the EU. Anyone who seriously thinks itwould cost less than 60 thousand quid to run such an operation is living in cloud cuckoo land

  64. 64
    jgm2 says:

    Amazing how these reporters suddenly become forensic accounting experts yet, during the white heat of The Imbecility, they couldn’t see any disconnect at all, during a supposed ‘boom’, of annual govt borrowing of 30bn a year and PFI borrowing of 30bn a year.

    But now they’ve got HMRC’s definition of ‘office costs’ there’s no stopping these tenacious seekers of truth.

    The c*unts.

    If they had any principles or any shame they’d hang themselves.

  65. 65
    How do you solve a problem like Maria says:


  66. 66
    Owen Jones,Socialist turned Capitalist says:

    Hahaha. You think you are witty eh?

  67. 67
    Kent Brockman says:

    Wont somebody think of the goats

  68. 68
    Guido is a Jeremy Hunt says:

    Dear Guido
    I, as your Lord and Master order you to smear UKIP and to support my media outlets at every opportunity.

  69. 69
    Guido is a Jeremy Hunt says:

    Well said Sir, stop doing as you’re told Guido and start thinking for yourself for once.

  70. 70
    Persona non grata says:

    I look forward to the Times investigating what the other 73 British MEP’s do with allowances received from the EU gravy boat. Although I will not be foolish enough to hold my breath whilst waiting for the investigations to begin.

  71. 71
    FFS says:

    More of what the papers say!! You’re washed out guido. What are your expenses/allowances/payoff for all this crap?

    UKIP had my vote on 22nd May. Now it has it beyond.

  72. 72
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    They are clutching at the straws of a straw man: If they were forced to bring this before a judge in a defamation case as evidence to prove no defamation, the judge would laugh them out of court.

    You certainly could not build a fraud case out of this either.

    Bringing Miller back: She over claimed knowingly by > £45k, and the standards panel decided to ask for the £5.8k which was due to over claiming by not reducing mortgage costs after interest rates fell, and this was all done with public money.

    Miller made a personal capital gain of about £1m on property speculation for which these funds were used.

    All of that against the rules and a very clear case of fraud.

  73. 73

    These are not ‘expenses’ ,greatly loved by our own thieves in Westminster, but allowances paid directly by the EUSSR to be spent at the recipient’s discretion, the system is deliberately complicated in order to ensnare members into compliance with every directive and to vote in the prescribed manner. It is only the rebellious parties in the euro parliament who are ever subject to any investigation , UKIP are especially hated both in Brussels AND Westminster

  74. 74
    Anonymous says:

    If it is the same allowance for all MEPs, how many would stand up to scrutiny? I remember a few tory MEPs charging private business costs to the taxpayer via EU allowances.

  75. 75
    Handycock whipping it out says:

    Farage is even worse than me and he was being touted to take my seat, some hope! Boaz

  76. 76
    Anonymous says:

    He basically said that. He said he took the allowance money everyone gets and spent it funding UKIP. He’s always said he does that with EU money he gets.

  77. 77
    David Steel (now Lord?) says:

    Handy, I have put you forward for a knighthood just like I did for Cyril Smith. Jahbulon.

  78. 78
  79. 79
    Perse O'Nalley says:

    When in a hole, Rupert, stop digging.

    When the shore is not getting closer, Guido, stop rowing.

  80. 80
    Pitkapoika says:

    You were at Farage’s parents wedding then ?

  81. 81
    Pitkapoika says:

    Farage will stand down in about six weeks time.

  82. 82
    Pitkapoika says:

    Why do UKIP MEPs fail to attend debates and votes so frequently?

  83. 83
    broderick crawford says:

    No . Coz Mephistopheles is the head goat and he is
    a very bad entity . Not a good example if a docike fun loving pet for little boys and girls to look up to .

  84. 84
    broderick crawford says:

    In fact Bugger Bognor ……. Regis !

  85. 85
    broderick crawford says:

    Excuse me … whose Hampton are you calling Little !!??

  86. 86
    broderick crawford says:


    who are YOU to say that a £1 discrepancy is not to be contested ?

  87. 87
    ron Vibbentrop says:

    Cyril Smith was just the tip of the iceberg if you look at what was going on in Bliar and Broon’s governments.

  88. 88
    Anonymous says:

    If you can understand what that letter was saying then I don’t believe you

  89. 89
    Julia Sizergh says:

    What total bollocks, i’ve no idea where Bognor Regis is so it’s of no help to me.

  90. 90
    Stops Yawning and looking out of window says:

    read that article.

    ‘take that ya baza’ as they say in a city of culture

  91. 91
    Socialism = Starvation says:

    ‘Fatberg’ surely?

  92. 92
    Gladys Knight says:

    It’s why they had to go…

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