April 15th, 2014

Farage Against The Machines

With Dermot #Murnaghan putting the boot in over office expenses, Farage explains how his office electricity bill was £3,000. It’s all the machines…


  1. 1
    Lord Stansted says:

    Be interesting to hear how BBC News at One treats this story.


    • 6
      bugger bognor says:

      its the political machine – it needs regular oiling


      • 39
        Socialism is theft says:

        Let us not forget that electricity bills for businesses have risen much higher than those for domestic use purely because of green energy taxes so beloved of Labour, the Tories and Lib Dems.


        • 115
          CallMeDave says:

          My mate Cleggy claims £110k for his mate

          NICK Clegg came under fire last night over his £110,000-a-year adviser paid for by taxpayers.
          Ryan Coetzee was hired by the Deputy PM as his “director of strategy” in 2012.

          But Labour raised fears that he was being used to boost the Lib Dems’ rankings ahead of the general election next year.

          “Lovely money. I’ll get them all elected.”


        • 126
          William says:

          Oh do stop making excuses for this man and his party. He and they are all nutty as fruitcakes!


          • Mr Neddy says:

            The medium sized office I work in costs £10K per year for 20 staff. We develop software and have a large server room. Running computers constantly does build up a large bill. £3k per year sounds entirely plausible.


        • 139
          Poor Bloody Taxpayer says:

          Plus, businesses are charged VAT at 20%. The smears are going to get a lot worse before May.


      • 112
        stanley robinson says:

        you got them worried nige


    • 27
      Farage against the machine says:

      Smearing in the name of


    • 47
      Jumblewoggie says:

      The BBC hang onto the lies and ignore the facts, seems rather disappointing Sky News seem to be following suit.


      • 106
        Jim says:

        I hadn’t noticed it overall and just put this man down to ill or rude manners. Certainly not a journalist examining a report.


        • 119
          Anonymous says:

          My house hold electric bill is about 2000 per year,so an office at 3 grand sounds extremely reasonable to me ,Murnimurnimurnimun made himself look stupid.
          You can see right through these bbc wankers


          • Anonymous says:

            He works for Sky!


          • Mr Neddy says:

            Murno made a right tit of himself there.


          • Anonymous says:

            Yes I had ran office years ago snd the costs mount up – daily cleaning – photopying – computers – powerful lighting – all day heating and so on. What the critic of Farage do not appreciate is hat there is no comparison between household and office costs.
            In any case the SU makes a flat rate allowance.
            What about all those peers who sign if, get their allowance, but spend nothing like it on disbursements?


    • 51
      BBC News Editor says:

      We dropped the story – doesn’t fit our agenda now. back to bashing Gove.


      • 84
        Milibandwagon says:

        Happily the BBC will always do as I ask: if the story got too much traction it might mean that the Euro elections are less damaging to Cameron than I would like. While UKIP might take votes from Labour, it takes far, far more from the Tories. I would not like anything to get in the way of the Turkeys voting for Christmas …


        • 109
          broderick crawford says:

          You ‘ re not really Ed Milliband are you 84 ?

          That comment’s logic is far too erudite to come from the cerebral cortex of the real Leader of H M Opposition .


    • 79
      rollo57 says:

      Perhaps this will help them? http://bit.ly/1hQL4cx

      I can’t help but notice how much closer LibLabCon are getting in their efforts to collectively sling mud at Farage? What are they afraid of?


    • 83
      Jeffrey Bernard says:

      All Farridge has to do is produce the bills. That would kill the story stone dead.


    • 85
      lojolondon says:

      Well, there will certainly be more time and effort spent on this than on the sex gangs in Rochdale, where a dozen adults drugged and gang-raped hundreds of underage girls over several years….. Nice to know where the Biased BBC is focused, eh?


    • 105
      Anonymous says:


    • 138
      RightwinggitRedux says:

      No hotlinking..doesn’t work in IE either

      Is this an Anti-Farage ploy, Guido?


  2. 2
    orkneylad says:

    What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?


  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    When it comes to facts and figures, Farage is useless but the interviewers let him get away with it. Burley where are you?


    • 4
      David Cameron says:

      Burley is a massive Tory.


      • 12
        Di Ann Fatbutt says:

        Whereas I is a massive


      • 122
        Anonymous says:

        Thatcher’s secret was to stand up to the press and I say good on you Nige ( by the way I am a conservative unlike Cameron etc) and will vote for him ,by the way is it true that the BBC knew about the credit crunch before it happened?


    • 24
      Small Business says:

      I own a company. I have done so for years. I have no idea what the exact electricity bill is and how that is apportioned between running machines and lighting. I employ a colleague to deal with that.


      • 107
        Jim says:

        Don’t you heat your Office?
        It is funny to see this interviewer trying to smear Farage with his unsubstantiated rudeness. He is failing about totally ill informed on the subject of his questions just trying to be a creditable image of the truth, with complete and utter failure.
        Poor SKY is the best they have available?


  4. 5
    Nermal says:

    Well dermot feel a bit of of a chunt do you? by chance do you know how much tricity it takes to run office machines or was that your bosses taking a stab in the dark. Just ring up any small business about the cost of utility bills.


    • 33
      How upseting , not says:

      Can’t understand how you can compare a small office utility bill with a house utility bill, you still have a legal temperature to keep to where a house doesn’t, if you have staff you still need to operate equipment, oh! maybe all the bulbs in his office are 150watt types and are not the green crap they are shoving down the publics nose, god help us if this is all they come up with, keep it up media your help in UKIPs destruction is having the opposite effect.


    • 87
      Spineless Dave says:

      BBC bosses “stabbing in the dark” sounds like more Jimmy Saville stuff


    • 128
      William says:

      Nermal – it is clear who is a bit of a chunt!


  5. 7
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Chris Bryant ‏@ChrisBryantMP 1h
    Just tirned down being a panellist on a Ukraine discussion as it would be all-male. Come on think tanks, think outide the male bubble.

    Moral dilemma for Labour, laugh it off, say he was mistweeting or just over tired and emotional.


  6. 8
    The voice of reason says:

    Of course the MSM has been given the nod to ‘monster’ UKIP, the elite fools in Westminster know the EU elections could be the springboard for UKIP to have MPs in 2015.


    • 88
      Milibandwagon says:

      Much more likely to be a springboard for:



    • 121
      Pitkapoika says:

      Oops Flying Pigs again.


  7. 9
    Jayvious says:

    Business tariffs are higher than domestic use. Also, a business user will pay the full standard rate of VAT on electricity. £3000 per year for an office is nothing unusual. Please grow a brain.


  8. 10
    Anonymous says:

    #BBC we are out to get you


  9. 10
    Lord Croker says:

    Nice to see the idiot Murnagham on the defensive. It’s all machines just like voters.


  10. 13
    Where did Guido's independence go? says:

    Guido still trying to keep the story alive, just like all the other Murdoch mouthpieces…


  11. 15
    UKIP or bust says:

    My small house (4 occupants) energy bill was £2000 last year.


  12. 18
    YourSistersC*nt says:

    I like Nigel. I don’t care if he fiddles his expenses or is getting his end away with some old boiler. Nige has that certain je ne sais quoi: I like him, other voters like him and that’s why he’s going to romp – quite literally (allegedly) – to victory.


  13. 20
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    Business rates for utilities are not the same as residential: That was a straw man thrown out there. They likely pay through a general utilities / maintenance agreement with the building owners as part of their office lease.

    Is the office air conditioned ? And is that air conditioning left on to keep the photocopiers, laser printers and computing equipment cool ?

    That and a higher business rate for power could be plausible explanations.

    Not a very good interview.


    • 32
      Small Business says:

      His comment about ‘Tracey Island’ shows how ‘impartial’ this interviewer is. It would be interesting to know what the electricity bill is for his TV studio.


      • 55
        C O (Ξ7q1) says:

        He demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of office operations, as does F’arage.

        F’arage has a reason: He is a politician not an office manager.

        D’ermot does not: As a reporter it is his job to find out about things he is reporting on.

        Not to throw another straw man in, but how much electricity does this blog burn through per year ?

        Could be a fair comparison as the offices and function are similar in both size and use.


        • 114
          Farage for Prime Minister says:

          A REPORTER? God sakes man he is a PRESENTER! A bloody Bad presenter, a boring presenter a overpaid and over rated presenter YES. But he is a presenter.

          I do hope SKY wake up and realise they are in danger of upsetting their customers. That bore Boulton, who fills my fifty inch television, hates UKIP and it does appear that SKY, who still want to become FOX UK are desperate for Government support, hence their toadying up to the LIBLABCON Alliance.

          It only leaves me to say VOTE UKIP and rid us of the rotten lot in Westminster. Then we may get honest reporting.


    • 123
      Pitkapoika says:

      Why is everyone arguing about a couple of thousand pounds for electricity? Each MEP, including The Blessed Nigel receives unreceipted expenses of £46,200.00 per annum, plus other receipted expenses. We are talking total amounts running into millions over the past few years. Wihither This ?


  14. 23
    Owen Jones,Socialist turned Capitalist says:

    Labour people not only lie to you, they lie to themselves about what a terrible bunch of useless, fuckwitted economic wreckers they are.


  15. 25
    Ooooo...I didn't see that one coming says:

    Use all the machines you want Nige to get the campaign going…..but would advise against using Flying Machines for the time being.


  16. 29
    Ah! He who would be King says:

    How Charles and Martin Amis had a dinner party row over Salman Rushdie’s fatwa: Prince of Wales refused to back author over The Satanic Verses because he thought book was offensive to Mu5l1ims


    • 45
      The Constitution says:

      Prince Charles is not fit to be a king. Luckily he doesn’t have to be a real king. He just needs to shut up and do as he’s told by the elected government. Sadly, he seems unable even to achieve that.


    • 67
      Anonymous says:

      Thers’s no muzzies near Highgrove…….


  17. 34
    Voter says:

    It’s not the man or his party I’m voting for.
    It’s the message.
    There is no longer a mainstream party that represents my views.
    Views which are not extreme or even right wing (unless common sense is now considered right wing)
    I know the risks but if my parents/grandparents can face up to six years of Hitler I’m sure I can cope with five years of Ed bloody Miliband.
    Anything to win the war for common sense against this lunacy which controls our establishment today.


    • 124
      Pitkapoika says:

      So how will another five years of MiliCluskey help to promote your views, unless you are wanting bankruptcy followed by anarchy


  18. 36
    Paddy O'Shill says:



  19. 37
    Nigel Farage says:

    The idea that I’m paying for some kind of sweaty Ukip sauna in Bognor Regis for the BumSexers is both bizarre and repulsive.


  20. 38
    Anonymous says:

    Full “Ex BBC” Murnaghan interview.


  21. 40
    Anonymous says:

    Man alive news presenters aint what they used to be. Sky should say fuck it and bring that buffoon Piers Morgan to the party too.


  22. 43
    OP says:

    Roses are red
    So is blood.


  23. 44
    Go and fuck Sky says:

    Fuck off Sky.
    Cancelling subscription forthwith.
    Small token gesture in the grand scheme of things maybe, but I’m not financing shit like that from Murnaghan.


  24. 50
    Anonymous says:

    General expenditure allowance
    This flat-rate allowance is intended to cover expenditure such as office rent and management costs, telephone and postal charges, computers and telephones. The allowance is halved for Members who, without due justification, do not attend half the number of plenary sittings in one parliamentary year (September to August).
    In 2011, the allowance is EUR 4 299 per month.


  25. 52
    R.E.B says:

    This is a good sign. If the establishment are worried enough to start a smear campaign we have definitely got them on the run. Even more determined to vote UKIP.


    • 61
      Mornington Crescent says:

      If I was of a certain ethn1c origin, I’d mark all my 26,453 postal votes for UKIP.


  26. 53
    Jumblewoggie says:

    A classic synchronized smear by the BBC, Times and EU which only goes to confirm these organizations work in concert against the best interests of the British people.


  27. 54
    Moley says:

    Has anyone noticed that enormous empty space, that complete and utter vacuum?

    Why should we vote Labour?
    Why should we vote Conservative?
    Why should we vote Lib Dem?

    So busy running down UKIP that they have lost the plot completely, leaving the electorate to assume (correctly) that the three main parties have ceased to serve any useful function, have no attraction to anyone and should be swiftly put out of their misery.
    Is UKIP now the only political party that matters? If one were to believe the anti UKIP frenzy in the media, the answer has to be yes.

    UKIP does what it says on the tin. The others; do as Clegg says and be careful to read the small print.


    • 60
      Voter says:



    • 80
      Junket Jacques says:

      “UKIP does what it says on the tin”

      Rips off the taxpayer with mountainous Euro-expenses while doing bugger all for the people of England: they didn’t even vote to dump the massive Roaming Charges. Was that to allow Naughty Nigel an excuse for not phoning his wife when he was ‘busy’?


      • 95
        Anonymous says:

        Yes, the roaming charges that only those who roam used to pay.
        Now all those who do not roam are paying a touch more to pay for the removal of your roaming charges.
        So of course he did not vote for it as it is not tin the majority of the UK phone users.


      • 97
        Jacques with a giant peach says:

        If you go to another country then you know your going to pay roaming charges, why should the people at home pay your roaming charges while your posing with your phone out the country, lots of people never go to other countries why should they pay for your frivolities, pay up or shut up.


      • 133
        Mr Neddy says:

        UKIP have never voted to give more power or more of our money to the EU. None of the other main parties can say that. Every vote has been in the interests of the people in the UK.

        That phone roaming charge benefits people NOT in the UK when they are using their phone.

        Try thinking for a change.


  28. 58
    moleykins says:

    This is all going to backfire horribly on The Times and Tories


    • 70
      YourSistersC*nt says:

      Absolutely right. That trans-tight-vest will change its story and probably it’s fuckin name.


  29. 59
    Robert Feal-Martinez says:

    Clearly those commenting about the size of the bill have never run even a small office. I have and I can tell you this is about right for the size and usage.

    Idiot interviewers once again. Where do they get them, comparing commercial with domestic.


  30. 62
    applecart says:

    Don’t get what the fuss is all about. Farage is a full time party leader, working long hours to the exclusion of any other significant income. The £3000+ expenses pm given by the European Parliament is a handout with no receipts required. He may be anti EU but he is fighting it very effectively from within. He is therefore entitled to the perks which he spends on the wider political fight. So what. During a week when Murdoch journalists are still fighting for their freedom from prison The Times prints Farage shock horror expenses story. Nice little diversion. Times journalists, you can be sure, would gladly grab any EU expenses type deal Murdoch might offer if they were in the same boat and, like that greasy Murnaghan probably now have a much higher pay deal, than Farage anyway. What’s more they all do less worthwhile work. Hypocrites, the lot of them and Sun tart Guido is getting a bit too much like them, following their line


  31. 63
    Lomax says:

    I seem to remember Murnahan was with the BBC, so not surprised he acted like that. I cannot recall if there is a connection between Sky and The Times – can anyone clear this up for an aging cynic please?


  32. 65
    Anonymous says:

    How exactly is short money spent,where are the receipts for the £ MILLIONS that have been spent? Is it spent on pro EU propaganda?



  33. 66
    Nermal says:

    Guido must be desperate for smear, fair play he is trying hard.


    • 91
      LLC Out says:

      Somebody should at least take the blindfold off him and point him the right direction. Too painful to watch a once-great non-biased blogger get caught in the trappings of his success. A sad day for all, I would say.


  34. 68
    Long John Silver' s parrot says:

    Well if he does not want the money from the EU he could give it back to them.

    If they refused it he could just give it to Charity or possibly send it all to the Inland Revenue.

    When you look at the pay and perks in the EU Parliament it is clearly a nice little earner for some.


    • 78
      jgm2 says:

      It’s not just the MEPs. My mate used to work for ESA (European Space Agency) in Noordwijk. The Holy Grail was to get a full time job employed directly by the agency.

      Same perks (high pay, all national holidays, low tax etc etc) as MEPs but my personal favourite was all (might have been 90%) of school fees paid for your kids. Up to the age of 25. Yes, twenty-five. Your kid’s PhD funded by the EU.

      So hundreds of thousands of pounds per child perk right there. Average of (say) 18K per year for 20 years = 1/3 of a million – ish. Per child. Tax free.

      And my suspicion is that all those EU regional offices and EU umbrella initiatives like ESA etc are all on the same screw. No wonder a certain career politician and metropolitan elite demographic is so keen for the system to continue.


  35. 69
    Anonymous says:

    Moanahan seems to be getting over excited.Not girlfriend trouble I hope.


    • 74
      applecart says:

      I used to know his girlfriend decades ago. (Didn’t know him) Worked with her in fact. Long dark hair, slim and curvy, stylish, intelligent, slightly mysterious and very desirable. Not sure if they stayed together or broke up. Hope they split. She was far too good for him


  36. 75
    Bluto says:

    Newsreaders shouldn’t lose their tempers with interviewees. It is unprofessional and makes them look less than impartial. It is also beginning to look like an establishment campaign of common purpose against UKIP in the run up to the Euro elections.


  37. 76
    Natiounaal Union of Naughty Nasty Nigels says:

    Whatever happened to Farage’s ‘Chirpy Chappy’ face?

    In that video he looks like a little boy caught on the rails who needs to go running for cover to his ‘head’ mistress.


    • 94
      fedz says:

      He’s pissed off at being singled out when there are hundreds of troughers in Westminster and Brussels


  38. 77
    eddie the man says:

    So should the story be smear UKIP to cover up the rest? Anyone with half a brain has the nous to see where this is going. Go for em Nige you are getting stronger by the day


    • 93
      How upseting , not says:

      Just thought Coulson is on the stand, they couldn’t be trying to distract people away from his testimony, could they?.


  39. 92
  40. 98
    Lets get real. says:

    If his electric bill for a constituency office is £3k then he is a total tit, and if this is how he runs an office then we would all be fucked if he tried to run the country, I am as anti EU as the next person but this twat is doing a big dis service to the anti EU lobby, he is troughing as bad as the rest and hiding behind the claim its allowed, well so were duck houses etc, he was quick to sneer then. Now he is found out he claims a smear, well you cant have it both ways, who does he think he is Clegg?


    • 100
      Establishment v UKIP has begun says:

      How much should it be considering the office would pay business energy prices?


    • 134
      Mr Neddy says:

      Unlike a liblabcon office, his is staffed by people who are working and using computers and lighting and printers and all sorts of machinery, for long hours every day.

      3K sounds about right. the office I work in with 20 employees costs 10K per year in electricity.


  41. 99
    Establishment v UKIP has begun says:

    Murnaghan seemed very keen to get his point across, keen to the point of behaving unprofessionally I think.


  42. 101
    No UKIP in Scotland says:

    Surely if his electricity bill is 3000 quid he can produce said bill.

    Why hasn’t he?


    • 103
      UKIP 4 ALL says:

      Violent left wing rent a rabble thugs make sure UKIP cannot get a fair hearing. Political broonshirts.


    • 110
      Jim says:

      It is not required.
      That is the point of comparing two different systems when you want to smear one with the other.
      UK MPs went to prison for forgery and false accounting. MEPs all get the same money but no expenses, therefore they do not have to apply for payment.
      Simple and saves money on record keeping.(How much do the UK spend on record keeping?) Missed that one somehow?


  43. 111
    Vibrator for the office says:



  44. 117
    Richard says:

    Farage always strikes me as a somewhat shady pub bore. nothing he says stands up under scrutiny and when he’s pressed he turns to bluster.
    I don’t know why you Southerners vote for this crowd of misfits.


  45. 118
    Rotherhampoofta says:

    The establishment are losing their grip,well done nige!


  46. 130
    tigerowl says:

    Farage ….. just leave him alone. he thrives on publicity. Shame he aint got no policies. et him squirm. Many of us know he is no different to any other politician. Just talks more than most. In Yorkshire, we say those who talk a lot have the least to say. That is why we ignore UKIP. Right wing of the tory party who can not get their own way IN the tory party.


  47. 132
    Dan the man says:

    Sounds like Nige and UKIP don’t give a monkeys about not wasting electricity let alone taxpayers money! Shame on you Guido. I thought you were against politicians with their noses in the trough.


  48. 137

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  49. 140
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    to other viewers that they will help, so here it happens.


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