April 15th, 2014

Even Labour MPs See Falling Unemployment, Economy Growing


  1. 1
    lojolondon says:

    Something wrong with the first graph – “Economic Growth” the lines are the wrong length for the numbers below Zero.


    • 3
      Owen's Elementary Maths teacher says:

      Yeah, the minus 5% and minus 2% on economic growth.

      Still at least Ghee-dough has a zero on a graph for once.


      • 6
        Exocet says:

        Just wait ’til Putin switches the gas off to Europe and starts supplying it to China!

        The mythical recovery really will be gone.

        The Yanks have our best interests in mind of course.


        • 10
          Parliament is a Gay Disco says:

          never mind that, pass the KY it’s time to PAAARRRTTTYYYYYYYY


        • 11
          Bill Quango MP says:

          Imagine a topless Putin singing to the tune of sexbomb

          “Gazprom, Gazprom,
          I own Gazprom,
          And baby I can turn you on, ”

          {or off..just remember that Rompuy}


    • 14
      Táxpáyér says:

      Interesting that MPs (the BtL Party) all think higher interest rates are worse….


      • 15
        Another Taxpayer says:

        ..and the “inflation getting worse” is rather a meaningless question as it would rather depend on whether you think inflation rising is worse or falling is worse.


        • 78
          road to serfdom says:

          the question was to MPs who are all BTL landlords and have created the housing bubble to line their own pockets. of course they want low interest rates


        • 100
          english vastatio says:

          It’s an obvious proxyspeak term for “the government is wrong, put our party in”.


    • 16
      filipinomonkey says:

      Interesting to see how some people see different results with the same data. Wishful thinking, or do they actually believe some of the garbage they spout I wonder?


    • 23
      Apthorpe says:

      I’ll tell you what is wrong with it there is no growth worth talking about apart from debt inflated asset speculation! The UK output is still 3.3% less than what it was at the beginning of 2008 so we’re a long way from being able to give the all clear. It’s even worse than the figures suggest as UK population has actually grown over the same period we’re more unproductive now than we were in 2008. Our performance is making the ‘lost decade’ of Japan look like a golden age of growth!

      There is no easy quick cure but I get the feeling our bunch in the HoC think that there is and they are going for it as usual. Hard choices where fudged all the way and the result is going to be low growth which in reality is no growth. The bloated state carries on as before and taxation is kept at levels that cripple real growth.


      • 30
        C O (Ξ7q1) says:

        Have the unemployment numbers gone down due to unemployed people being hired, or because unemployed are now considered economically inactive ?


        • 76
          Apthorpe says:

          The complex mix of benefits in work and the quickening of the tempo of short term work makes it hard to get a full picture. I do know that in recent months there has been an increase in people coming off the JSA register but that in many cases these then go onto full time work that then requires in work benefits so the net gain is actually small if at all to the economy. The terrible truth is that we are simply not productive enough and that investment in manufacturing (in it’s broadest sense) is not high enough. The burden of the state on the economy has not been reduced by anything like enough and medium size enterprises are still suffering. That is why getting all excited about asset bubbles is a real diversion and really bad news.


          • C O (Ξ7q1) says:


            I think of the UK economy as being a bit like an inflating donut.

            The hole in the middle this time is bigger than last time.


      • 38
        Táxpáyér says:

        It’s politically easier to replace comparative advantage with exponential debt.


  2. 2
    Nermal says:

    Well tie me to a tree and call me Brenda. A posting from Guido that’s not about Nigel Farage.


  3. 5
    Hopeless says:

    Labour’s poll lead disappears – if only.
    As we all know, the system is crooked and massively biased in Labour’s favour.


    • 21
      Revd. Phoney £rd fuckin Way B£iar, Sanctimonious Shit and £iar, emoting and wiv stupid grin says:


      Just popped by to say I can take the credit for that – part of my £egacy

      Must rush!


      • 84
        Whiffler says:

        Hague played his part – the Tories were in such a dizzy state that they didn’t realise how they were done over by not submitting a case. It thus became a New Liebour walkover – much to their surprise.

        Since then the majority was too large to re-balance. Until last time.

        And then there is Clegg – the dissembling khaaaaaant


      • 101
        english vastatio says:

        I didn’t see the Tories trying particularly hard to get it changed.

        Any intelligent strategian would make sure that the battlefield was as optimal for their forces as possible.

        De-gerrymandering the constituencies should have been the absolute No.1 priority for the Tories from day one. They should have said whatever it took to the Liberals to get the boundaries reformed first, and then dragged out Lords reform until past the next election, when it could be safely killed off.
        The fact that they allowed this change not to happen by not allowing reform of the Lords illustrates that the Tories support the Labour Party, and want them back in power as soon as possible.

        Boundary changes were a far bigger prize than clinging onto the Lords as-is.
        The chance to turn Labour heartlands into single-constituency shitholes would have kept them out forever.


  4. 7
    Shooty* says:

    “Note the 4% of Tories who think unemployment and economic growth are going to get worse are more pessimistic than their LibDem colleagues.”

    … since when were the LibDems used as a litmus test for sensible thinking?


  5. 7
    Nothing Better To Do says:

    Well that’s alright then, as long as MP’s and media luvvies see the economy growing there’s no problem is there. After all government figures did such a great job of showing what was about to happen before the credit crunch. Of course since then all our problems of gigantic debt and deficits have been completely solved haven’t they?


  6. 9
    Confused says:

    “Note the 4% of Tories who think unemployment and economic growth are going to get worse are more pessimistic than their LibDem colleagues.”

    How are you arriving at 4%? 2% think Growth will be worse & 0% think Unemployment will get worse. How does that translate to 4% think both will be worse?


    • 13
      Owen Jones says:

      millions have died of starvation because of the bedroom tax.


    • 35
      Even more confused says:

      Also, the title says “Improve, stay the same or get worse”. I can only see measurements for “Worse” or “Better”.

      Doesn’t this graph really show that whoever came up with it had a crap education?


    • 45
      Owen's Elementary Maths teacher says:

      Yeah, that and the wonky bars.

      Fucksake, Ghee-dough. Please sub-edit the puff pieces from Tory Central orifice and Tweets from Wendi-the-whore’s cuckold before you publish them.


      • 56
        Even more confused says:

        I thought it might be you just assumed the missing % was the “stay the same”. However, that would mean that, if the sample of LibDems was, indeed, 10, then 2.6 of them thought it would saty the same. I gave up with it at that point….


  7. 12
    Director of the CIA says:

    I want you all to know that I recommended sending in the TANKS to KILL Russian speaking civilians in Ukraine

    We do it all over the world now

    We are war criminals covered in the blood of civilians


  8. 17
    Mike Newland says:

    There is some improvement in the economy but it’s being spun as far greater than it really is.

    Debt is still going up and the lack of productivity growth is a famous puzzle.


    • 22
      Bosun Higgs says:

      Not really a puzzle. There is not much capital formation, aka investment and saving. By borrowing and spending, the Government is dissipating funds that could have used to expand production.


      • 28
        Apthorpe says:

        Indeed and the increase in UK population of 3% since 2008 is part of the pressure pushing productivity down. And the clowns in HoC think it has put it up!


      • 47
        Táxpáyér says:

        QE makes it more expensive to invest too.


  9. 18
    Benny Fitz-Clement says:

    If the economy grows will that mean I get more bennies?


  10. 19
    Bosun Higgs says:

    I suppose ‘worse’ interest rates means higher interest rates. Why? For every borrower, there is a lender.


  11. 20
    Long John Silver' s parrot says:

    But this Government, not being part of the Euro, has a Central Bank.

    Having devalued the currency by between 10-20% the country should be leaving competitors for dead.

    That is the problem.


    • 26
      Blind Pugh says:

      Should we adopt Pieces of Eight?


    • 29
      IMHO says:

      The UK domestic market is totally distorted by the croney capitalist oligarchies which pay virtually no tax but snaffle up all the public sector work and expatriating profits.

      The demand and the multiplier effect is stifled at a local level by the cheap foreign laboutforce sending the bulk of their disposable incomes abroad and fuelling a bubble housing market.


    • 42
      Sir Ratan Tata says:


      “Having devalued the currency by between 10-20% the country should be leaving competitors for dead.”

      It’s working just fine for my JaguarLandrover company based in and around Birmingham ;)


    • 45
      still, it could be worse says:

      did not the Euro start life at 67p ?


    • 51
      Táxpáyér says:

      Currency lowering is giving the UK a paycut which makes imports more expensive!

      Exports are the price of imports.

      I think you’ve got economics the wrong way around.


      • 70
        Egotisticalgiraffe says:

        and statistical manipulation is now the norm for all parties.

        GDP will definitely grow this year because yet again the way it is measured is being changed.

        Until all the extraordinary currency manipulation is unwound there is NO recovery,just ever more inventive ways to keep the banks afloat.

        Parliament with the current major parties is no more representative of democracy than any dictatorship,the rosettes may be different and the rhetoric different but the outcome of the law making is not for the benefit of the country or its citizens


  12. 27
    Ah! young at heart Nick says:

    I was too young at the time to know anything about…………………

    ( fill in just about anything since Alfred burnt the cakes )


  13. 33
    nell says:

    Can anyone still hear the sad fading echo at the back of the room “cost of living crisis! cost of living crisis!”



    • 40
      Tubbs says:

      Surely it’s 4% of all MP’s, not Tory MP’ unless I’m reading it wrong Top line is black, second is blue…


    • 43
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Anyone remember “too far, too fast”?


    • 44
      Ed Miliband says:

      My father was a millionaire. So am I. This is no laughing matter.


    • 91
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      MP’s are certainty not facing a cost of living crisis, they have to get a Spad to tell them what a bottle of milk costs so they can write it down on their expense claims.


  14. 39
    The Nasty Party says:

    Councillor Nick Buckmaster, a Conservative, today pleaded guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court to possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.


  15. 49
    Jacques with a giant peach says:

    Don’t know, I’ve seen more year 2014 cars in the last month than I saw year 2013 cars last year, people seem to have money as M&S always seem full, the local Tesco car park has a lot more empty parking spaces than it did last year, Aldi seem even busier in the last 6months, Lidl seem the same, Morrisons and Asda are always busy, lots more women than men seem to be smoking and the E cigs shops are springing up all over the place, the charity shops seem to have taken over the town centres because people in cars can’t afford or won’t to pay the fkin extortionate town centre carpark charges, more and more traffic speed restrictions seem to be getting put in, even on the country roads, so money seems to be flowing that’s my thought on how the economy is,


    • 68
      The most amusing claim ever says:

      Let’s face it…it may not be a popular sentiment with the left but if you were employed in the public sector i.e teaching, civil service etc then you havent done all that badly. Mortgage rates have been at a historic low; bargains in the shops and you got on average a 1% annual pay rise. It’s all crap to say that people have been feeling the pinch. If they are it’s because they overspent in the good years and still expect a lifestyle not commensurate with their income and now that they can no longer get easy credit to fund their lifestyle they are upset.

      People still seem to be able to afford the latest i-phone, plasma Tv and the like and several holidays a year despite the whingeing.

      The poor have always been poor but the majority haven’t suffered THAT much in relation to previous recessions


    • 75
      Free Food for All says:


      “people seem to have money as M&S always seem full2

      The food banks are full too…of grinning labour MPs.


  16. 53
    Liverpool Victim Culture says:

    Even Labour know the economy is back on track thanks to Osborne sticking to Plan A


    • 64
      nell says:

      Doubt it. labour haven’t yet learnt the basics of what the economy is . They wouldn’t know whether it’s on or off track.


  17. 57
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:


    • 63
      nell says:

      Tsk! well it’s nothing to do with davidcameron he’s chillaxing in lanzarote whilst the rest of us work through this glorious sunshine.


      • 67
        C O (Ξ7q1) says:

        Cameron may be projecting the image of chilaxing, as O’bama is.

        The reality is that they are both very busy with preparations for the coming conflict with R’ussia.

        Cameron though is perhaps leading from the rear by ensuring an adequate number of tears are being shed in a toilet somewhere.


        • 74
          The most amusing claim ever says:

          Not everybody is obsessed with Ukraine. Let ‘em fight it out amongst themselves. It’s nothingto do with us. Cameron is not concerned with the Ukraine. He knows he hasn’t a cat in hells chance of getting any proposal for military intervention through Parliament thanks to his “idol” Blair What he’s concerned about is the upcoming European Elections;the UKIP threat and the probability of Scotland voting for Independence


          • C O (Ξ7q1) says:

            The UK will be in the front line if R’ussia attacks one of the NATO countries.

            A very realistic scenario now (clock is ticking in practice) and a very real concern for the UK.


          • Jacques with a giant peach says:

            Camoron got his arsed kicked over Syria, he knows the people of this country won’t want to fight Russia especially for the EU, people will cite the EU is just full of unelected Napoleons and Hilters and will tell him to go to hell, he sacked it’s soldiers and air-force and navy people, he sold off all the equipment for scrap prices, harriers, aircraft carriers and destroyers, he has a “gob” and maybe some wet dreams but that’s all he has left, he also only has until 2015 and to jeopardise his attempted second term which is already on a fine thread he won’t do it even if the EU nutters order him


          • C O (Ξ7q1) says:

            If Article 5 is invoked, the people’s view is irrelevant.

            It was irrelevant last time also.

            The reason Cameron took Syr!a to the vote was publicly because there were concerns about the intelligence.

            Privately, considering how he is funded, did R’ussia pay him off to do that, perhaps knowing that Miliband would scupper it at the last minute ?


          • russian in blindfolded says:

            Ukraine and Moldavia are not in NATO – they are both artificial countries, where Balkanisation has yet to play out.

            NATO troops would struggle to be deployed even in Poland and Romania in a hurry, there will be no airstrikes or “advisers” in that part of the world – the Black Sea is to Russia what the Gulf of Mexico is to America. To Russia this is an existential conflict, the stakes can never be equivalent to any NATO nation.

            Some sort of break-up or at best, confederation is the most likely outcome for both Ukraine and Moldavia – whose fates are somewhat intertwined.


  18. 65
    ccc says:

    Can Owen Jones please advise when we can find an example the rational human being he is basing his socialist economic theories on.

    I imagine if Jones was in charge he would have euthanised many creatives, thinkers and physically different people who deviated from his Guardianister ideal.

    Owen Jones is a rigid thinker


  19. 71
    Red Millipede says:

    Vote Labour!
    The “evil nasty Tories” have just left a pile of cash to be p*ssed up the wall again!
    Vote Labour again for freeee moneeey!


  20. 82
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    The war started a few days ago, but this helps make it a bit clearer.



    • 97
      Anonymous says:

      Sorry but, without putting it context, this limited information makes such events about as clear as fog. That said, some hard-news would be useful – if not always welcome. What is it they say about truth and war?


  21. 83
    Spineless Dave says:

    Yes Gove’s “austerity” delayed the boom that brilliant Ed Balls started


    • 85
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      I hear Ed makes a nice Lasagne, Dave’s Shepherds pie is a bit bland for my taste, but what are they doing in politics?.


  22. 89
    lol says:

    the economy is only growing for the rich who continue to buy london mansions as collateral


    • 104
      russian in blindfolded says:

      …the rich Russians, Chinese, Arabs, Indians, and African despots and corruptocrats – all Labour Potty donors.

      Labour – the party of the obscene.


  23. 92
    Whiffler says:

    Guido – where’s your happiness indicator?


  24. 95
    tigerowl says:

    Economy growing; gosh. that is a shocker. Next year Greece will have the biggest growth in GDP. WHY? Because when the economy is at rock bottom, it grows quicker than one where the economy has remained stable. Growth is just a paper counted issue. Still wage rises are not there for the majority. And we need big wage roses to catch up on the last four years of nil wage increases. When nurses get the same income as a hedge fund manager, or CEO of a bank, THEN we can say the economy is going in the right direction.


  25. 105
    Anonymous says:

    “Even Labour MPs See Falling Unemployment, Economy Growing.”
    Q1. Where did the figures they are working with, come from? (Given that some ‘jobs’ are less job-like than others. eg. Zero hours contracts.)
    Q2. What methodology have they utilised to confirm those statistics? (Given that ‘genuine’ crime rate figures have previously been blown out of the water by a whistleblower.
    Q3. Have they considered that it is not so much that things are getting better? But rather that things are not getting worse, at quite the rate they were.


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