April 14th, 2014

Bigmouth Strikes Again: Watson’s Smiths Blunder

Ah Tom Watson. Ranting about the “Etonions” trying to “appropriate all the symbols of working-class culture from the 1980s”, Tommy builds to a crescendo of class war bilge over at Comment is Free:

“I understand why Cameron once wanted his photo taken outside Salford Boys Club, and take pleasure from the fact he will never be able to speak for the Adrian Moles of this world.”

Rather embarrassing then that the Guardian were forced to correct Watson’s attack – he got the location of The Smiths infamous album sleeve shoot wrong. That would be Salford Lads Club, as any true fan would know:

When you’re going to have a go at someone for pretending to be a music fan, it’s best to actually know what you are talking about. Tommy take a bow…


  1. 1
    Prime Minister"The Dunce Of Downing Street" Cameron says:

    The Oscar Pistorius drinking game whilst watching the trial:

    Anytime someone goes to the toilet, you and your friends have 4 quick shots.


    • 69
      LeftyBollocks says:

      “Rather embarrassing then that the Guardian were forced to correct Watson’s attack – he got the location of The Smiths infamous album sleeve shoot wrong.”

      In what way is it infamous?


      • 72
        Oasis says:

        fookin ell

        wen are the jurnos gonna rite abaht wen we cum down from manchester to kiss Blair’s arse?

        we wuz famous too!


      • 84
        Anonymous says:

        It appreas that their jourbalist cannot even read, just in case anyonr had forgotton it dates “LADS” clearly on the sign above the door.


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    We should all be very worried when we read of any politician taking an interest, whether it is a club for boys or ladsd. Their recent history in that direction is not encouraging.


  3. 3
    P. Dantic says:

    People of Salford: There’s a missing apostrophe on “lads”, please correct asap


    • 33
      broderick crawford says:

      I humbly believe you are wrong .

      Lads refers to the collective i e more than one lad in the plural and is thus representative in this context of a location acting as meeting place for many lads.

      Lad ‘s is the possessive and refers to a person place or thing being possessed by or deriving from a (single ) lad .

      Please correct me if I m wrong . —-Morrissey.


      • 45
        Properly educated says:

        OK. You are wrong. The apostrophe comes after the s in Lads.


        • 50
          Mine d'Boggles says:

          Lads’s = belonging to the lads. Is that right?


          • Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

            Who says the lads own the club or the club belongs to the lads ?
            It is a collective meeting point.
            This difference in opinions shows the disconnect between the working class that wish for community cohesion against the Establishment’s need to own and squeeze a profit for themselves.


          • Tom Catesby says:

            Lads’. Plural.


        • 75
          Tom Catesby says:

          It does.


  4. 4
    Tom Watsons Secretary says:

    What does Tom Watson actually do? Is he some sort of rent-a-quote? He seems to be in the news a lot for a guy that seems to do very little. Or can somebody enlighten me.


  5. 5
    Scottish Chav says:

    Steven Patrick Morrissey … one the biggest whiny annoying lefties its been my misfortune to meet. Took him 5 seconds to put my back up. deeply unpleasant.


  6. 6
    P l e b says:

    Fatboy must have been lost.

    Anyway he’s with the lower classes in Lanzarote at the moment.


    • 17
      Royston Vazey says:

      The best favour Cameron could do the UK would be to stay on in Spain & continue to sip coffee, rather than continuing to make an utter mess of everything he touches in the UK. Silence from out of him would also be nice.


    • 22
      Tachybaptus says:

      Nothing wrong with Prime Minister Cameron enjoying a family holiday but can anyone explain the need for parliament to have a Summer / Christmas / Easter recess and why our MP’s are not expected to work a full year like everybody else? Even allowing for their annual conferences I would suggest a maximum 30 days annual leave would be quite sufficient for them


      • 40
        broderick crawford says:

        Coz they all think they are glorified teachers , university lecturers, judges and all other manner of ” workers” whose activity and repose cycles have traditionally revolved around the school year.

        ( ironic that young persons are given a work – day of about five hours with some 14 weeks holiday a year for their 14 odd years of education to
        ” prepare them for life ” only for them to be thrust overnight into the real world of work which demands unoaid overtime /weekend work and three weeks holiday in return for a workaday wage and peptic ulcers ….. no wonder so many university graduates end up becoming tenure lecturers at their alma maters ))


      • 43
        jgm2 says:

        Wrong. The less time they spend in parliament the less time they have to dream up and enact new ways to fuck up our lives.

        If it were up to me I’d increase MPs pay to 1,000,000 a year on the proviso that they did absolutely fuck all. It’d be cheaper all round.


        • 51
          The less they do the better off we are says:



        • 53
          DK says:

          Good one jgm2!
          Annual hols should be 365 days!
          Just do a leap year day every 4


        • 60
          Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

          Totally wrong and counter productive. If Parliament is just a rubber stamping exercise for EU Directives we need either a 75% decrease in MP’s wages or a 75% decrease in MPs’ numbers.


          • Boycott Spain says:

            Spain disrespecting our sovereignty on a daily basis in Gibraltar, and spud face goes to Lanzarote….


          • Tom Catesby says:

            A good start, however, may I suggest? We cut the number by 75% and cut the wages etc of the remaining 25% by 75%.


    • 27
      Wankerwatch says:

      Off for a pint and a game of bingo tonight, Dave?


  7. 7
    Someone fucking shoot Pistorius and get it done with says:


    • 20
      Rinka the Dog says:

      Pistorius is presenting as a pathological narcissist and sociopath. If he is cleared a life in politics beckons.


    • 23
      M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

      Probably frustrating for the lad not having a weapon to hand.


      • 41
        broderick crawford says:

        Could always use ne of the prostheses as a make-do bayonet.


        • 58
          Blowing Whistles says:

          After he reeled off 4 shots. He then went for the cricket bat to knock down the door – ‘without a care in the world’ – must have known he had downed her and that therewas no burglar and needed to bash the door down to see what he had done.



  8. 8
    Von Cleggster says:

    Is the Cameroon on the look out for some DIRTY LITTLE renters?


  9. 9
    How soon is now? says:

    That joke isn’t funny anymore!

    Labour being the joke!

    No Future With Labour!


  10. 10
    Katie Bush says:

    Out on the wiley, windy moors………


  11. 15
    Gooey Blob says:

    To be brutally honest, Tom Watson is a pompous bore with a weight problem. Alas, this is hardly unique in British politics. I don’t understand why anyone should see him as particularly noteworthy.


  12. 19
    Me says:

    I am working class. I support the Tories. Now I am off to the Bingo. Happy hour at 7pm. Get the beers in!

    Tommy fuck off with your pork pies!

    No Future With Labour! Same old shite!


    • 28
      Gitmeister says:

      Me ole whippet “marmaduke” fell under t’tram wheel last wek.
      Put me right off bingo…. mind you I’ve never ad it so gud.


  13. 21
    A Shoplifter says:

    I was bored before I even began


  14. 24
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Hang the D-cup, Hang the D-cup.
    Hang the D-cup, Hang the D-cup
    Hang the D-cup
    Hang the D-cup
    Hang the D-cup


    • 62
      Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

      Tories and Labour support open borders, undemocratic EU control and unsustainable debt for UK taxpayers to pay for Foreign Aid and free money for foreigners entering the UK.
      Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now.


  15. 25
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Tom Watson is a stinking fat arsewipe.


  16. 26
    Labour is not working says:

    The Tories should consider offering free membership for union members. Len has woken up to the big Leech that is the Labour party. Money for nought! No doubt many members would support the Tories! They are not all thick sheeple!


  17. 29
    Labour is not working says:

    No Tommy is a F Cup! Total tit!


  18. 30
    Socialism is theft says:

    If Labour is the answer why did they leave office with massive debts, food banks, uncontrolled immigration, high unemployment and increasing EU contributions?

    If the coalition are the answer why is national debt now at 1.2 trillion pounds with uncontrolled immigration (that creates far more problems than it solves) and rising contributions to the EU pot?


  19. 32
    BOOBS all round (.)(.) says:

    Camerons got a face you just love to punch… with a knuckle duster


  20. 35
    Hold tight pls says:

    If the camroon tries to sell his (or cleggs) arse-hole round salford
    they may just get their bus fair back into manchester centre.


  21. 36
    Fatso says:

    Will Labour ever mend its way? Shabby!


  22. 37
    Fatso says:

    Adrien Mole? Wtf? Tommy is a hoon of the highest order! When was the last time he saw his knob?


  23. 39
    Len The Puppet Master says:

    Labour are fucking useless! Fuck ‘em!


  24. 42
    Labour are desperate! says:



  25. 44
    Loud & Proud! says:

    Labour scum!


  26. 46
    what dividends does it make? - a anthem for bankers says:


    • 47
      what dividends does it make? - a anthem for bankers says:

      whoopdedoodah contains content from warners music group click to watch on youtube yes theree folks yet a fucking again is the stupidity of law in action. one fucking click and people can watch it. what difference does it make? yeah what difference does one shitting click make? fuck all. fucking mongs.


  27. 48
    RomaBob... says:

    Would that be Tommy the Twat ??


  28. 49
    Black Country Tory says:

    Imagine what me and my mates have to put up with being a Tory near the fat wanker’s constituency! It’s definitely Labour’s fort knox.

    Ever been to West Bromwich and Sandwell? It’s interesting to say least. All complete inbred benefit claiming horrendous people with their fat feral children. And Labour council and people like Twatson have no desire to change that either. It’s exactly thepostal and proxy votes they need for their crumbling rotten borough inbred council and big majorities.

    And now Twatson hes got his mistress in on the act by fixing the Halesowen and Rowley seat for young Stephie Peacock to take!


    • 67
      Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

      Sounds very similar to a Tory Fort Knox of inbred subsidised horrendous people with their fat feral children. Unless they offloaded the excess baggage to fiddling boarding school.
      Why are private schools charities ?
      Vote UKIP.


      • 71
        Thatcherite Bastard says:

        At least those children probably turn up to lessons at boarding schools and they might even get taught something decent. The worst truancy rates are socialist fuckwit havens like sandwell, brmingham and manchester.

        I would have included UKIP but they dont control any councils and never will! Britain needs to be in Europe but not run by Europe and if the people had only listened to Hague in 2001 we wouldn’t be in this utter mess and UK would have proper Thatcherism again and a big tory majority now. And UKIP would be nowhere as they will be in 2015!!!!!


        • 73
          Tebbit's alternative reality says:

          If, if, if.

          You’re living in a dream world.

          Time to face reality, if you’ve got the balls for it – and vote UKIP.

          Dreaming about the 1980s won’t get you anywhere.


          • westmidlandstothecore says:

            Nope the choice will be between Tory and Labour round here. To be honest were’re never going to be rid of peeps like watson. He will always win with the votes of the gormless and feckless and lasy. Thats probably why he came to this area and certainly why he stays. Easy job for life! However tories hold halesowen, stourbridge, dudley, wolverhampton south, redditch etc. These are marginals where true battle to be had. Like I said, between labour and tories, never ukip!


        • 79
          A Mullah. says:

          When the muzzies take over the running of Birmingham schools, the truancy rates will drop, floggings and hand choppings will keep the scamps in check!


  29. 55
    Welcome to the Hotel California says:

    Wasn’t the joke with Adrian Mole that he was a working class wannabe upper middle class socialist? That the socialism was just part of his schtick of being an elite “intellectual” which he was never intelligent enough to justify, not something that came from his parents’ lower middle class kinda-poverty?

    At least until the Iraq War, which he inexplicably supported because Sue Townsend didn’t like the Iraq War and wanted to associate it with her loser character.


  30. 56
    Salford Lad says:

    Watson you are a fat gobshite. Whilst YOU would think you would have support from the Boys from Salford, we think differently


    • 80
      Daz and Dave. says:

      Watson will never be ‘Salford’ enough if he lived to be 100 and carrying
      all that blubber, it’s most unlikely.


  31. 57
    Bingo Bag says:

    Two fat ladies win a hundred quid!


  32. 65
    Longpigs says:

    Fat piggy!


  33. 68
  34. 82
    Anonymous says:

    “he will never be able to speak for the Adrian Moles of this world.”
    But moulding GCHQ into a major modern model of state police, might count as some form of homage. Even Condoleezza Rice is doing her bit, re-engineering the interweb with her new Eaves-DropBox.


  35. 83
    All Seeing Eye says:

    Some know that the Salford Lads Club was theblueguerilla’s idea. TBG even took the photo.


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