April 13th, 2014

Read Guido’s Column in the Sun on Sunday Online

Don’t miss out on all the latest gossip in Guido’s Sun on Sunday column:

  • Exclusive: Newark by-election alert as sleazy Patrick Mercer expected to be kicked out of parliament
  • Llama love affair tweeting not really why Fabbers fired, was joking about kangaroos caught
  • IPSA gonna be around for a long time, signs new 15-year Millbank lease for double the current size office
  • Sajid Javid gets his feet under the table and his own art on the walls at Dept of Culture. Chooses Maggie T painting!
  • Tories vent at Home Sec: “Theresa should apologise to Evans.. It’s time for a campaign for Nigel’s Law.”
  • One Tory MP who definitely, definitely wasn’t involved in the gay orgy at conference.

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  1. 1
    Gay Dave says:

    What a Gay Day.


  2. 2
    Prime Minister"The Dunce Of Downing Street" Cameron says:

    London Marathon day – the one day in the year that The Metropolitan Police don’t stop & search every young, black male, who’s running through London.


    • 3
      'elf n' Safety says:

      I hope that they have sufficient water supplies or the whole thing will have to be cancelled.


      • 82
        broderick crawford says:

        No drinking water available .

        After three months of unprecedented torrential rains followed by two weeks if unseasonable weak spring sunshine there is , far from abundant drinking wafer supplies , a very real danger of a natiobwide drought irder being issued before Easter !


    • 10
      Londoner says:

      London Marathon day: rapidly becoming a total bore.


    • 40
      MO says:

      I’m getting paid thousands to run a ‘charity’ race ;)


  3. 4
    Chuka inspects the new Google camera mast says:


  4. 5
    Dave from Witney says:

    I have to say the weather in Lanzarote is absolutely spiffin’ and I know that Willy will do an absolute top hole job of running the country whilst I’m on hols…I mean he couyldn’t do any worse could he ?


    • 92
      broderick crawford says:

      It s Sunday . William always listens to Meatloaf at full volume on Sundays to wind down. Too busy to resolve Ukraine or run the country .

      (“two outta three ain t bad “)


    • 97
      Tess Coe says:

      Suggest delete reference to.. Hole.


  5. 7
    What is the point of Ed Davey? says:

    Ed Davey on Sky

    We need on shore wind farms because they are the cheapest source of renewable electricity and we support them.

    A bit late, having forgot what he said earlier.

    We are world leaders in offshore wind and investing heavily.


    • 14
      An Engineer says:

      Wind farms are a waste of effing time and money.

      And what about this bollox.


      This isn’t about climate change it’s about redistributing wealth. The UN can take their Agenda 21 and stuff it where the sun doesn’t shine.


      • 22
        A physicist says:

        The science is settled – and so soon. Amazing that we one considers – for example – it took 20+ years for physicists to settle a well-defined issue of whether the energy source for X-rays is inside or outside the atom, and 200+ years for them to get rid of the aether. And the latter still may not be “settled” – Dirac didn’t think so, see Nature, vol 168, p. 906. I could go on – but then man-made climate change is obvious – init.


        • 28
          Benny Feet-Denial Front says:

          Beeboids newsreader and paper forum last night were amazed that some were questioning the science as we had had floods on the Levels.

          Quite extraordinary.


        • 39
          C O (Ξ7p) says:

          There are still some deep questions about the M’ichelson-M’orely validity, so aether could be there undetected as yet, as per D’irac.


        • 45
          Anonymous says:

          So they are telling us what the weather will be like in 20 years time, when they can’t even get it right for next week.


      • 24
        non taxable pikey says:

        Onshore wind farms should be banned in the UK. Offshore wind farms are now big business because although they produce a useful amount of power they are a bugger to service when they go wrong, so lots of nice repair costs. There are better alternative energy sources which other places use but offshore wind farms are where the money is at for the corporations. We have a chance to go the Thorium route with nuclear stations, not so much nasty waste products, but we won’t, we will take the cheap option using foreign companies to build and operate them. Just don’t get me going on the dash for gas…..As I have said before on here, the scientific and engineering knowledge of our elected representatives is extremely slight.


  6. 9
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Self-absorbed, decadent and sordid Member of Parliament needs help to pay off poor, self-absorbed and decadent barrister for 10 days’ work. £130k. should do it.

    Please give generously.


  7. 11
    Ockham's Razor says:

    HoC drinks prices cut is only a part of the answer.

    A few throats cut would also solve the drinking problem there much more effectively.

    Vote UKIP


  8. 15
    Senior Tory says:

    The weather is fine, I’m on the terrace with my cock out.


  9. 17
    I've just discovered the joys of bumsex says:

    All proactive economic theories are subsumbed by reactive economic tyrannies.


  10. 18
    Yawnnnnnnnnn says:

    Steve and Brendan…….two boring cùnts


  11. 19
    Big D says:

    Todays Mail On Sunday front page .
    More sickening insight into our expences fiddling / homosexual band of brothers.
    As for Evans wanting the tax payers to pay his legal bill , he really needs to start considering his behaviour whilst in drink .
    Is there nothing that this lot arent into that would get the rest of us out on our necks ?
    They need to take down the House of Commons brick by brick to rid us all once and for all of these apologies for MPs.


    • 31
      C O (Ξ7p) says:

      If he wishes to reclaim costs he perhaps should initiate civil claims against the police, CPS, accusers and anyone who has publicly defamed him.

      He could also write a book about his experiences, serialize with a major national newspaper and publish.

      Good demonstration of the flip side of the justice system, which BW for instance is witness to every day, and one of the aspects he continuously warns readers here and elsewhere about.

      Given the length of the trial, which is where most of the money likely has been spent, this £100k is perhaps quite cheap.

      In the mean time, Nigel should get his house on the market and negotiate with his solicitors payment terms. That incidentally is how the game is played for anyone else these days. (You don’t hear DLT complaining – and he has a second trial coming up which will probably finish him financially irrespective of the verdict.)


    • 33
      Benny Feet-Denial Front says:

      The structure is in decline, just bom b it, not bum. Best done after the latest holiday.


    • 51
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Personally, I prefer this offering in today’s Mail:


      Somehow, the third pic reminds me of the M25…


  12. 23
    Feminists are thick cunts says:

    Is it the London Marathon then? All I’ve heard the BBC go on about is some bloke called Mohammad


  13. 26
    Protesting too much says:

    No doubt this thread will be like every other thread for the last few years and just be littered with comments about “bumsex” “bumbandits” and the like, which most of the readers seem to have a strange obsession with. Anyone who doesn’t like the subject wouldn’t constantly think about it and comment on it all day every day. In fact, they’d stay clear of the whole issue. So the commenters here who incessantly post about gay sex are revealing more about themselves than they realise. In effect, many of them can’t seem able to stop thinking about gay sex. I wonder why that is.


    • 29
      Dirk Diggler says:

      Are you one of the predatory gay mafia operating in the HoC?


    • 32
      Or says:

      Or it could be that people are fed up with the self indulgent perverted gay sordid behaviour of the Westminster Parliamentarians…At our expense.


    • 38

      The old defence to divert criticism ,well it won’t work anymore , buggery IS a vile perversion,I WILL CONTINUE TO EXPRESS THAT OPINION AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY I will not be intimidated into moderating my views by you or any of the other apologists!


      • 53
        Protesting too much says:

        You’ll continue to comment on gay sex at every opportunity? Whatever floats your boat.


      • 147
        Simon B says:

        I reckon the “bumsex” brigade on here are lefty twats trying to give us a cliched reputation as one-eyed obsessives.
        The Gay marriage bill took attention away from more important matters, and Size-14-Dress and his pals are carrying on with Dave’s good work.


    • 41
      Benny Feet-Denial Front says:

      Just vile disgusting and uncivilised behaviour. A I d s and hepatitis anybody?

      Suggest you post on CIF.


      • 56
        Maggie says:

        Quite right, absolutely disgusting. I never had any gays in my government, just good heterosexual family men like Leon Brittan, Michael Portillo, Peter Lilley, Alan Duncan, Harvey Proctor and my good friend Lord Boothby.


  14. 30
    I've just discovered the joys of bumsex says:

    Has Maria Miller resigned yet ?


  15. 34
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    I’m terribly saddened to hear the news of the death of Rasberry Pavlova. Such a tradgedy coming so soon after the passing of Peaches Geldoff.


  16. 35
    A Brazilian Rent Boy says:

    Thank god no scousers died on flight MH 370,

    We’d still be hearing about it in 2039


  17. 36
    Cluck cluck says:

    Give us your Dosh for my fun run or else.


  18. 47
    Benny Feet-Denial Front says:

    Nigel, not the dirt digger, is on the point of imploding the Tories.

    New coalition to be formed with the Peoples PM this time.

    No more Eton.


    • 58
      C O (Ξ7p) says:

      Looking at the Miller and the Mercer situations alone, how would Farage handle cases like these if they occurred within his party if it were in government ?

      One suspects that he would probably directly consult with the affected constituency associations and publicly make a decision based on their will. If that involved forcing a by-election for a replacement with a strong clean representative then that is what would have been done.

      A key mistake Dave has made, partly through inaction and incompetence, is that in attempting to avoid taking ownership of the problem he has put himself and the party as a whole in a position where it appears they condone and support the wrong activities of certain MPs, and worst for the party, ignore the constituents.

      As Einstein once put it:

      ‘Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.’


      • 79

        Good point to say I enjoyed that Tom Nichols article you flagged up on the last page.

        The only part where I disagreed was on getting rid of tactical nukes in NATO and my thinking here is along the grounds that, in the eastern arena, strategic has become tactical.

        As Einstein said… ;-)


        • 98
          C O (Ξ7p) says:

          Recall the START agreements – reducing nuclear capabilities in NATO, particularly in the US – but not eliminating, is in everyone’s interest.

          The important core logic works like this (not meant to be patronizing :-) ) :

          The more nukes you have the higher the costs of ownership, and the greater the probability of an accident involving them. Such accidents may themselves be mis-interpreted and could set off a response from another state which would of course be catastrophic.

          Here is an example of the kind of accident which has happened:


          Reducing the numbers makes perfect sense, and the original flawed logic which led up to such ridiculous stock piles in the first place are exposed for being really dumb.

          In order to maintain a reasonable nuclear deterrent one needs only to be able to project force enough to break the political will of the opponent (ie. annihilate about 3 or 4 major cities) and ensure that this can be achieved in the event of the aggressor striking your country first. The latter point is maintained mainly through submarine fleets aka. Second Strike.

          Now it should be noted that R’ussia has recently withdrawn from START and also is in the process of upgrading its nuclear weapons.

          R’ussian doctrine also remains worded similarly to the NATO article 5 guarantee, except that it states that nuclear force may be used if it feels its economic interests are being attacked. Viz a real issue with U’kraine / trading zones / E’uras!an Union vs. SCO vs. EU etc.

          Note also that the US itself only states that nuclear force will be used in kind.

          NATO still has tactical nuclear forces: They are mainly provided by the US, but in Europe also by F’rance and the UK.

          The larger picture explains why Tr!dent needs to be updated, but perhaps not expanded, however the UK and US do have serious problems with their second strike capabilities at present.

          For this latter problem, which may explain some of the ‘chillaxing’ one needs to look at what P’ollard, D’elisle and S’nowden have one way or another fed into R’ussia, and in the case of P’ollard, perhaps look more closely at the divisive role that !srael has played in international relations over the past 30 years or so.


          • Victoria Nuland & Ann Applebaum says:

            Your faith in the published doctrines of nuclear weapon use of the major powers’ is touching. The only recorded use of nuclear weapons in war (by the USA in Japan and Iraq), was not in accordance with any published doctrine.


        • 116
          C O (Ξ7p) says:

          Missed your tactical vs. strategic: The only viable tactical nuclear weapons are those that incorporate DU. The effects of these weapons are still not good as is being demonstrated in !raq, they are also not considered fissile weapons but from a contamination point of view it would be good if they were considered as such. That is a decision for the UN security council.

          For tactical vs. strategic: Battlefield tactical nuclear weapons, such as artillery and low yield bombs / warheads, really have only a denial of area value.

          Unfortunately that denial does not discriminate between either side: The costs to an aggressor for using in order for them capture or advance will be high as they will have to spend more on their ground forces in terms of NBT suits etc. or risk facing mutiny.

          Ground forces in such suits will be unwilling anyway as they cannot move as quickly or ably, and would be relatively easy to pick off with drones and other unmanned devices after the fact. Soldiers generally do not want to die of cancer if they win the battle.

          It is cleaner, easier and standard practice to use conventional thermo-bar!c weapons for large area clearance which could otherwise be achieved with tactical nukes: These do not leave the radiological problems which are generally undesirable.

          A’fghanistan and !raq offered the opportunity to develop conventional weapons capable of destroying mountains and deeply buried bunker facilities. What people do not generally realize is that this capability was originally thought to require nuclear weapons, a situation that no longer exists, and also for which nuclear weapons are demonstrably not suitable.

          All doctrines have a built in escalation mechanism for use of tactical nukes against armed forces:

          If used against either the US or a NATO member by a belligerent, the response will be the destruction of that belligerent state. That state of affairs is maybe forgotten, but is the reality of the world we live in, and also what maintains the peace between the great powers.


          • C O (Ξ7p) says:

            NBC suits, not NBT. :-)

            It is worth noting that R’ussia manufactures its non-export tanks with a boron lining to help provide protection from neutrons in the battlefield. R’ussia was anticipating quite openly that the next war its tanks would face would involve neutron bombs being used against its forces.


          • There seems to be all sorts of problems with Russia not having been in full compliance with START anyway, making noises about discontinuing US inspections of national strategic nuclear missile forces under New START and a similar cage-rattling examples.

            Going back to the Reagan/Gorbachev beginnings, USSR had vast numbers of ICBMs but a bankrυpt economy which would have played no small part in bringing Gorbachev to the negotiating table. Even here he still bluffed at Reykjavík IMO. Now Russia has plenty of money, Putin is very popular in his country and he is still sore at what USSR/Russia lost in the 90s – he wants to get it all back.

            Rule one of negotiation is never give a concession without obtaining one. In reading a linked article to yours, also by Nichols, I thought I had detected the suggestion that tactical weapons could be swept away unilaterally. That was what I was objecting to.


          • C O (Ξ7p) says:

            Agree with you, as history does, that R’ussia has been less than genuine in its commitment to reduce its operational nuclear capabilities. But then the US has also not been committing suic!de on that issue either.

            Money is broadly irrelevant in this domain: Need to shift out of the materialist E’uropean mindset for a few minutes. :-)

            What is fundamentally important is that the nuclear state in question can maintain its capability safely and securely. This involves having direct access to raw resources, being able to protect and maintain an industrial base advanced enough to support maintenance and disposal of the weapons and associated infrastructure, and also have a state strong enough to be able to secure its facilities and avoid irrational proliferation – such as selling material to non-state actors etc. (Terrorists…)

            Under the agreements back in the 90s the US picked up most of the tab for removing and securing facilities in the old soviet satellites. A good example, other than de-fanging the thugs in U’kraine was dealing with the test labs in K’azakhstan.


            A lot was done, the US did lead this, and the world was made safer.

            That is what R’ussia is now seeking to undo.

            (The START agreements and NPT etc. should be seen in these terms. Nuclear weapons are quite intensive of both human capital, and real resources.)

            To that point, and thinking strategically, and in terms of consumer gains (R’ussia’s recent wealth) it is clear that in the equations of nuclear war R’ussia arguably has the most to lose at present.

            By Western calculations that should put R’ussia in a pacifist position in theory.

            Unfortunately, with the Chekist mindset being what it is, this is not working out in practice.

            If one buys that the US is a declining power, as the K’remlin would have one believe, and that R’ussia is on the ascendency, then R’ussia adopting a belligerent stance is setting itself up for a bigger fall as it has more to lose in its own the future compared to the US. The same can also be said of the rest of the supporting BRICS, their naivety is being demonstrated quite nicely at present – excluding Ch!na which seems to have a better understanding of what is really going on.

            The NATO / EU / US response so far has not hammered this home yet, which is where the real criticism of so far is. As R’ussia continues on its current trajectory this will be brought home in fairly uncertain terms once the gloss of P’tins adventure has lost its shine with the R’ussian people, and the other ascending powers in the world figure out how the international system really works.

            Sweeping away tactical nukes is just simple common sense: They are worst than useless in practice, and also their presence encourages nuclear aggression by shifting the balance away from deterrence.

            Agree with you on negotiation theory, but do bear in mind that negotiations in power geopolitics observe slightly different rules.

            They are not discussing what type of biscuits to be had at the next summit, or how many plasma tellies they would like to buy with a reduced tariff.

            Such policy objectives are not put forward with dreams of peace completely, but rather to ensure that wars can be fought which can result in peace afterwards with enough people around with the ability to enjoy it.


          • C O (Ξ7p) says:

            A subtle but important further consideration for tactical nukes: Transportation.

            Check the Thule air base disaster above, and then consider how tactical weapons as outlined could be safely transported to a theatre – eg. U’kraine.

            If an air transport was taken out over the UK or any other European state for example, that would create a real mess, with potentially a large number of munitions falling on and potentially detonating on the country.

            Sea / Ground transportation would present similar problems. Submarine would be impractical.

            Next question is, how do you get the unused munitions out securely once the conflict has ended ? Such weapons could be of use in denying a good victory, but before conflict started any sane belligerent would draw up an agreement to keep such munitions away from the battlefield as they would not want to have to dispose of them after the win.

            Another subtle argument against is, how do you secure a tactical nuclear armoury ? ie. Prevent people stealing such munitions, or corrupt elements in your own military from essentially doing the same for profit ?

            All of the above adds complexity, costs and risk. For safety, reducing these factors is essential.

            If you do some digging into the practicalities of tactical nuclear weaponry and those of maintaining nuclear capabilities in general (this is a scholarly field ;-) ) then a lot of things make sense and the unilateral aversion to tactical nukes becomes clear: As does why some politicians would try to sell it, yet policy practitioners and those who run the military would prefer not to.

            From a libertarian point of view, you will also find that there should be no objections to this point of view on tactical nukes either given the exceptional status WMD are agreed to have.


          • Another interesting link from Pulitzer but they have undercooked it in one area.

            When they say “Plutonium’s half-life is 24,110 years”, that is from averaging the isotopes.
            Plutonium-240 is 6,600 years
            Plutonium-239 is 24,000 years
            By comparison
            Uranium-234 is 250,000 years
            Uranium-235 is 700 million years
            Uranium-238 is 4.5 billion years

            I know they are independently set up but they may be getting some feed on this from the state as part of the “let’s make ourselves look good” game.

            Take your geopolitics differences point. To a certain extent that was my point too. The dynamic is very different to the 80s/90s. Putting this stuff out of reach is clearly the best path but if-and-only-if everyone is playing the same game.

            Sorry not to have enough time to respond to more of the points as it is an interesting area but I have to speak to my aged mother and she does wish to wait for another 4.5 billion years! :-)


        • 122

          There seems to be all sorts of problems with Russia not having been in full compliance with START anyway, making noises about discontinuing US inspections of national strategic nuclear missile forces under New START and a similar cage-rattling examples.

          Going back to the Reagan/Gorbachev beginnings, USSR had vast numbers of ICBMs but a bankrupt economy which would have played no small part in bringing Gorbachev to the negotiating table. Even here he still bluffed at Reykjavík IMO. Now Russia has plenty of money, Putin is very popular in his country and he is still sore at what USSR/Russia lost in the 90s – he wants to get it all back.

          Rule one of negotiation is never give a concession without obtaining one. In reading a linked article to yours, also by Nichols, I thought I had detected the suggestion that tactical weapons could be swept away unilaterally. That was what I was objecting to.


          • Long John Silver' s parrot says:

            So there are “tell tale” signs of Russian involvement but Barry does not care to share these with the outside world.


          • Indeed, I have suggested that Mr Barner may have been polishing his own legacy by leaking to Pulitzer Center in another post today.

            CO did not pick up on that, so thanks for reminding me. I will ask again on the next page.


  19. 52
    Benny Feet-Denial Front says:

    Sunday Competition:

    Who earns the most, the head of Oxfam or Len?


  20. 55
    Tonight Jeremy, I'm going to be a man says:


  21. 60
    Revelling in the joys of bumsex says:

    Snacking, shaving and gender policing: why the little things matter.


  22. 61
    Octopussy says:

    Classic Bond flick on later. Roger Moore may have been cheesy and about as believable as a tough guy as Rodney Trotter, but it’s a good laugh. And what’s not to love about a film with pussy in the title?


  23. 62
    Alex Salmond, formerly the cleverest man in politics says:

    My sporran has it’s own Youtube channel and speaks for the people of Scotland.


  24. 63
    Straights enjoy bumfun too says:

    Why this belief that anal is something only gay men have? Plenty of straight people like the joys of back door action.


    • 104
      broderick crawford says:

      yeah but how many of the ladies decide to just secretly submit to the whims of hubby and lie back — or more accurately forward — and think of the far off widow s pension pot .?


    • 105
      dirty little sod says:

      that wasn’t what my mum said when she caught my cousin rogering the cat in the coal shed


  25. 64
    Charles Lynton says:

    Sex parties, orgies, grindr…..wish I was a tory


  26. 66
    • 148
      Noraid says:

      Bollocks. You Septics went hysterical and started an irrational war just cos of one little bomb attack.
      Now stop boring us with crippled athletes. People run better with two legs.

      Yankee Go Home!


  27. 69
    Hard On says:

    Oy Vey

    Former shadow Tory minister Patrick Mercer expected to be banned for up to six months http://fw.to/WD6OnNS


    • 106
      broderick crawford says:

      ” Patrick Mercer is expected to be suspended from the House of Commons for six months …”

      Would that be by hogrope or piano wire ??


    • 113
      only minorities will prosper in shithole uk says:

      he’s white, male, middle aged and straight and previously had a proper job before becoming a member of parliament.

      he didn’t stand a chance in the house of charlatans.


  28. 70
    Guido spotted at the London Marathon says:


  29. 71
    Euan Blair says:

    Dad with connections – check

    Lots of money – check

    Safe seat lined up – check

    Wife for a family man image – check

    I’ve got everything lined up to be an MP and future leader. Watch out, Britain, if you thought my dad was an evil, corrupt c-unt, you aint seen nothing yet!


  30. 72
    Benny Feet-Denial Front says:

    Beeboids scoffing at Times headline concerning mooz takeover of schools. ‘Its only fifteen in Birm ham, plus others Manchester, Bradford etc.

    Oh, so that’s OK then?


    • 115
      Britain's great 'n' good says:

      None of our precious little Tarquins and Jemimas go to those sorts of schools, so why should we care?


  31. 73
    Yuri Nate says:

    David Cameron on bumsex: “It was pretty tough. You learn and life goes on and I will be back.”


  32. 74
    Michael Gove says:

    Dominos Pizza: “Dominos pizza is now made with real cheese!” SO WHAT THE HELL WAS IT MADE WITH BEFORE?!


    • 77
      Rafiq, your pizza chef says:

      My islamic jizz. You stupid kuffars eating our halal shit! Don’t thankings me, thankings the left wings kuffars who sayings you are all islamaphobics! This is our county now, infidels! Allahu shatbar!


      • 93
        Tess Co says:

        Yes and despite our shite share price we have just been awarded a Hal Al prize for 100% is lam meat in our stores. You people are just stupid aren’t you?


    • 78

      The cheese equivalent of margarine, a vile ersatz concoction barely fit for human consumption.


    • 141
      non taxable pikey says:

      You really do not want to know.


  33. 75
    Mark Menzies,Moderator says:

    The entire Tory obsession with bumsex is evidence of a “long term condition” …


  34. 81
    Bob Geldof is a cunt says:

    I wasn’t a fan of Peaches but I’d much rather that her annoying pretentious twat dad had kicked the bucket.


  35. 84
    Maria Miller says:

    Frankly, a year ago recall had never occurred to me. Now it seems so obvious. Go for it!


    • 110
      broderick crawford says:

      Do they still give you the top hat inflation proof pension and the golden goodbye if /when you lose the recall Maria ?


  36. 87
    nell says:

    so now nigel evans wants the taxpayer to pay back £130k expenses for his legal defense, monies he had originally accumulated from the taxpayer in the first place.

    is there no end to the self entitlement of these vile people?


    • 91
      Mornington Crescent says:



    • 107

      It is time we had public inquiry into the pernicious influence of the gay mafia ,their tentacles are invading every institution in the country from Parliament ,The Civil Service , and Local Government even the Police and Armed Services are no longer immune from these perverts. Most worryingly they have infiltrated the education system are propagandising their vile perversions as normal sexual practice to young children.
      Each act of parliament from the repeal of clause 28 which was designed to protect children to gay ‘marriage’ is lauded as a step on the road to enlightenment and modernity ,when in reality it isa retrograde step to perverted ‘sexual ‘ practices , Paedophilia , AIDS and HIV.


    • 114
      Aunt Hilda says:

      fair comment nell but seriously there is a question to ask when the cps chooses to employ the services of one of the top legal teams in the country to take the case thus incurring much higher costs.

      I doubt Nigel Evans is pushing the line that the taxpayer should reimburse his costs.


  37. 95
    Peter Bone -Trougher says:

    Proof that we have a Tory Government 100 new food-banks have launched in the last year alone, taking the total to 1,080 nationwide.


  38. 124
    So What? says:


  39. 126
    Not protesting enough says:

    Isn’t it funny how these lefties keep feeling the urge to visit this website?
    No doubt this thread will be like every other thread for the last few years and just littered with politically correct comments whilst really their main reason for visiting this site is to secretly read and enjoy all of the politically incorrect comments. They seem to have a strange obssesion with the very “non-PC” comments here. Anyone who doesn’t like the subject wouldn’t constantly think about it and comment on it all day every day. In fact, they’d stay clear of the whole issue. So the commenters here who incessantly post about politically correct viewpoints are revealing more about themselves than they realise. In effect, many of them can’t seem able to stop thinking about non political correctness. I wonder why that is?


    • 128
      Ed's Aunt says:


      • 129
        Miliuband exploits his family for PR says:

        So there just happened to be Press association photographers present at this very personal and private moment. Are there no lows that a Politician will not stoop to for publicity?


        • 135
          Mornington Crescent says:

          Exactly. For someone who took great delight in dancing on a teenager’s gr@ve for personal political advantage, using an old aunt who he’s never met to get a few votes from the four-by-twos must be a fucking walk in the park.

          Nasty, nasty little nark, that one.


  40. 130
    EU Financed troops attack civillians says:


  41. 131
    Diane Abbott says:

    Black people running in marathons on TV all day.
    Black people fronting BGT and X-Factor on TV all evening.
    Black people playing football on TV all day and all evening.
    Black people in the London news all day.
    Black people on BBC TV all day.
    Black ex atheletes interviewing black marathon runners on TV all day.
    Black people always playing the good guys and white people the bad guys in films on TV all day.
    Black people at music awards ceremonies on TV all day.
    Black people featured in documentaries on the BBC all day.
    Famous black people’s funerals eulogised on TV every day.

    There is a lot for black people to celebrate on TV all day.


  42. 137
    Big D says:

    No Nell there is nothing that is below the Westminster mob.
    Think Im starting to understand now why the repulsive gay marriage law got through , all the homosexual ” advisors ” told ” call me Dave ” that it would be ever so popular with the common herd .
    We should be told just how many fall into that bracket.
    And which ministers they advise.


  43. 145
    Paddy Go Home says:

    “£1 a month to subscribe online…”

    You’re telling lies again, Guido.

    It costs £8.67 per month.


  44. 153
    StevieBC says:

    Join the Sun for just £1 per month…hmm….let me think about that for a moment GF.

    Nope, you can stick that rag where the real sun don’t shine.

    Do you sell any dodgy motors on the side as well GF?!

    I’d rather sell my soul to the devil than to Murdoch…

    Onwards and downwards to gutter level for this – previously exceptional – website.

    Have a nice day.


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