April 11th, 2014

Tory Code of Conduct Cop Out

The Tories’ new code of conduct for their MPs is entirely voluntary, with the party distancing itself from having to deal with any complaints by making clear staff grievances are “entirely a matter for you to handle”. Which means if a staffer complains about their boss, the complaint is dealt with by… their boss.

Appendix A: Conservative Members of Parliament (as employers) and their employees: Code of Conduct

Rights and responsibilities of employees

All employees, whatever their role or level, are entitled to:
 be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy by their employer, colleagues, House
staff, contractors, visitors and members of the public;
 be valued for the work that they do;
 be free from any form of discrimination, victimisation, harassment or bullying;
 work in an environment free from unwelcome behaviour and inappropriate language.

All employees should:
 conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner;
 be fair and just in all workplace dealings;
 listen to the views of others;
 understand the difference between normal work disagreements and

All employees are responsible for ensuring they understand what behaviour is required of
them and that their conduct does not cause offence. Everyone shares a responsibility for
understanding the sensitivities and feelings of others and avoiding behaviour that could cause
offence or distress. Equally, all employees should be free to carry out their duties free from
unfounded allegations of discrimination, harassment or bullying.

Rights and responsibilities of Conservative Members of Parliament (as employers)

All Conservative Members of Parliament (as employers), like their employees, are entitled to
be treated with respect and dignity. They have the right to:
 expect to carry out their parliamentary business free from unfounded allegations of
discrimination, harassment or bullying;
 expect employees to be as helpful as possible, to act with honesty, probity and so
uphold the reputation of the House and of the Member as a member of the
Conservative Party.

In return, Conservative Members of Parliament (as employers) are expected to:
 interact with their employees in a fair, reasonable and consistent manner;
 use appropriate channels should issues relating to delivery standards arise;
 fully co-operate with the Conservative Pastoral Care Team (CPCT) should a
grievance procedure be instigated;
 ensure their employees act in accordance with the spirit and ethos of this policy in
their dealings with House staff;
 lead by example to encourage and foster an atmosphere of respect and tolerance;
 not use their position to bully, abuse or harass employees or assume a threatening or
intimidating style or discriminate against them.

If anything, this leaves staffers who are victims of handsy MPs in a weaker position than before…

Via Channel 4 News.


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    What a f***king disgrace.

  2. 2
    Owen Jones,Guest Moderator says:

    Cameron hit by new Tory expenses row: MP Peter Bone allegedly caught fiddling £89,185 for 2nd home scam. Oh my god, what will Mrs. Bone say??

  3. 3
    What a fuckwit says:

    Peter Bone says he and his wife have endured ‘trial by media’ over his expenses.

    Another one bites the dust !

  4. 4
    Fishy says:

    A Labour MP from Leeds was scoffing at this last night in a ‘too little, too late’ kind of way.

    Do you know, GF, if Labour have the same code of conduct, or are they all mouth and trousers as usual?

  5. 5
    Mitch says:

    It should have mentioned that M.P.’s and their staff are also subject to the appropriate criminal and employment law in this area.

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:


  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Only Cameroon could come up with this. WTF is the point?

  8. 8
    Prime Minister"The Dunce Of Downing Street" Cameron says:

    Saw Peter Bone’s scarecrow-like face on the news. I didn’t need that.

  9. 9
    Punch them says:

    If one of the many poofters hanging around Westminister make advances and they were not appropriate just thump them. They would soon get the message, a message that would last a life time.

  10. 10
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Whoever invents a lockable one-way sphincter before Dave makes gaying compulsory will make an absolute fortune.

  11. 11
    Vince Cable is a lying toad says:

    Off topic:
    On last nights Panorama not only were 99% of the claimants immigrants but 99% of the council staff dealing with them were as well.
    A whole industry revolving around immigration that contributes bugger all to the economy but actually costs us.

  12. 12
    krakka toe says:

    Don’t be fooled by the (as another reader described her) “shrill shrieking harridan” Cathy Newman pretending to give a damn about such things – for her it’s all just part of an agenda to push dangerous feminist ideas and also undermine ideas about authority and institutions. If the issue becomes one more about predatory gays then the media will swiftly move along.

    How is it people like her are so well connected that she gets a job at the Telegraph, basically writing the same article every few days whingeing about the number of women is some profession and demanding quotas are brought in. Or demanding the working class people pay taxes for her to have a free nanny. Or demanding that more men are banned from running for Parliament.

    The left are good at this – their activists are willing to spend a career pretending to be a journalist, just amazing that a once-proud paper like the telegraph lets her use its good name pushing her mad ideas.

  13. 13
    Constituant. says:

    And where was that special place the MP touched you?

    My wallet.

  14. 14
    Labouring Under An Illusion says:

    So sad to see a socialist “ethical” bank like the Uncooperative (the Boycott Bank) suffering…..when all those Evil Capitalist Bankers are everyone’s mates now that they are lending again & property is booming……

    Did Gordon Brown ever visit them?

  15. 15
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Indeed. Which reminds me: we now need to know the ‘author’ of Evans’ bruise on his forehead.

  16. 16
    jimbo says:

    Check out her twitter feed – lots of unintentionally hilarious feminist stuff.

    Someone just tweeted that they suffered when working for an MP. Cathy pounced: will they come talk to her on the news? The tweeter then said it was a labour MP. The fragrant Cathy is crestfallen and says it was too long ago. Really, you can see it in real time right now.

    With twitter you can see the extreme left bias at work. It’s still basically a medium for idiots but interesting none the less.

  17. 17
    The Old Codgers says:

    You might be able to obtain some juicy tips from agrieved staffers, Geedes, if the MPs fight dirty (playing the Great I Am)) the staffers have the right to do likewise, but again is it just a few or does it apply to vast majority of the little darlings.

  18. 18
    History Class says:

    It was awful in them days.
    Thuggery buggery and skulduggery.
    Anyway enough about Parliament let’s get onto the topic of Pirates.
    Anyone heard of Black beard?

    Wasn’t that Gordon Browns wife sir?

  19. 19
    Handycock says:

    I’ve formed my own party and I’m drafting a code of conduct based on my own impeccable

  20. 20
    Nigel Evans says:

    I need money. Not for the lawyers but to pay rent boys. Send donations to: Nigel’s Offshore Rent Boy Fund, Guernsey, C.I.

  21. 21
    A Pathologist says:

    That’s his cadaver. He died years ago.

  22. 22
    Nigel Evans says:

    I am available again and ready for action. Bring some coke and ketamine.

  23. 23
    Gordoom McRuin - the Previous Tosser in No. 10 says:

    Of course, – in my role as The Great Helmsman – I visited, – but by the back door.

    In such a high profile job I was really only interested in photo-ops with High Profile Banks and Bankers – such as Fredie Shredder.

    The Co-oP was only low profile and ultimately doomed – so I never bothered much with it – providing it kept funding NooLieBore.

    HOWEVER – and more importantly - NONE of my staff complained about me – not even the Secretaries that accidentally (and carelessly) bumped into my Nokia.

    Nurse!!! – I’ve done my jobby! – can I have my afters now?

  24. 24
    Handcock says:

    No they aren’t. MPs can prey on others with near impunity.

  25. 25
    Geneva Car show says:

    Britain,famous for producing the Triumph Dolomite now presents the Triumphant Sodomite.
    Step forward Nigel.

  26. 26
    The Rule of Law says:

    If he doesn’t want a ‘trial by media’ I suggest he turns himself in to the nearest police station and co-operates with arrnagements to rbing the matter before a judge and jury.

  27. 27
    Hopeful says:

    Please enlighten us as to what an ‘appropriate’ advance for a Tory Bum Fucker would be.



    PS I’ll wait round the back by the back door

  28. 28
    C O (Ξ7p) says:

    Another epic PR fail from Dave in the making.

  29. 29
    Little men playing at being big men says:

    For some reason I thought we had a police force but then I realised the police have no jurisdiction in the Palace of Westminster but then I thought all the beautiful people we sent to the Palace of Westminster were beyond reproach and would obey ALL the laws of then land and be fair and equal in their dealings with people they employ or work with and their constituents who voted for them, but I may be wrong and we seem to have sent a ward full of psychopaths who seem to be beyond all the laws of the land and their constituents when they go to do their evil deeds in the Palace of Westminster, time for change and this time for the pissed off people of this poor country.

  30. 30
    Bluto says:

    “work in an environment free from unwelcome behaviour and inappropriate language.”

    There is an immediate problem. ‘Unwelcome behaviour’ is by definition subjective and by enforcement coercive. I might find having to attend compulsory diversity training “unwelcome” and the language used during it “inappropriate”. If I should openly object I can guarantee that I will be coerced, discriminated against, harassed and bullied, probably to the point of losing my job.

    Let’s get back to concepts of real harm and objective tests of intent. Maybe then the CPS won’t be so keen to make a complete ass of itself.

  31. 31
    Howdy do dere honey says:

    “Black Friday” ?

    FTSE 100 6548.94
    -93.03 -1.40%

  32. 32
    Keep your hands in your pockets says:

    Dave appears to be getting desperate.

    He is now playing the “God” card.

    This means there are Elections around the corner

  33. 33
  34. 34
    Devious Dave, the SlimeBall of Downing St. says:

    It could only happen under a Progressive Tory Government! Another triumph!!!

    And it’s all thank to my Progressive Forward-Looking ‘nishtives!

  35. 35
    Investor says:

    Thank goodness for that. I have been waiting for a correction.

  36. 36
    David Cameron, I see no ships says:

  37. 37
    Sing along now says:

    The Mrs Bone is connected to the,
    Mr Bone,
    The Mr Bone is connected to the,
    Main home,
    The main home is treated as the,
    Second home,
    And that’s how they claim so much.

  38. 38
    The Old Codgers says:

    How many commanders and above are on the payroll of the RN I bet you couldn’t get them all in a dozen rowing boats

  39. 39
    C O (Ξ7p) says:

    R’ussia caught out in agitprop failure:


    Same guy, claiming to be pro-R’ussia / anti-R’ussia, two different TV interviews, fill the rest in…

  40. 40
    Cut to the chase says:

    With the latest news of Is*ael freezing the collection of taxes by the Palestinian Authority, I do wonder why they don’t just oust all Palestinians and establish the Greater Is*ael they’ve wanted for years. Really, there are no winners in the current situation. Is*ael won’t stop settlement expansion and Palestinians still cling to the unrealistic fantasy that one day they’ll have their own state. Is*ael’s not about to stop randomly killing Palestinian children and the elderly, so why not just deport them altogether so that at least they can live a normal life elsewhere?

    Of course, we know why they won’t. Palestinians provide cheap slave labour, which is why Palestinians in refugee camps are banned from leaving to go to another country. It’s rather sadistic. They have no rights and no hope but they can’t even escape their misery, much like the way North Koreans are banned from leaving the country.

    The arab countries are a disgrace for doing nothing to help the Palestinians. Meanwhile, peace envoy Tony Blair swans around the world making lots of blood money. His work as peace envoy has been splendid, hasn’t it?

    It’s all a rather grim mess which is unlikely to ever change. Is*ael should just establish its Greater Is*ael and allow the Palestinians to leave, but that won’t happen as long as they’re a source of nice and cheap slave labour.

  41. 41
    hawkins says:

    good find on twatter

    godawful emily maitliss even more biased than even newman

  42. 42
    Dougie says:

    I hardly think that needs spelling out. In fact, the Code contains text that echoes employment law and has clearly been written with a knowledge of the law.

  43. 43
    Apthorpe says:

    You’d never guess he made a ‘living’ in PR before joining the tax funded troughers club would you? He really is the pits because he has all the advantages to be so much better. I’ll be voting UKIP on the 22nd mainly in the hope that it might trigger some real change in the Conservative Party, but it is only a hope

  44. 44
    Rear Admiral Owen Jones says:


  45. 45
    Miss Whiplash of Wapping says:

    Ready when you are ducky

  46. 46
    Gay Mafia Don says:

    Is that a picture of Evans’ cumface, above?

  47. 47
    Serpentine Boat Keeper says:

    We could just about fit in the Admirals, but I’d need a 10 quid a head deposit to stop you loading on more of their Rear and Vice Admiral mates on the other side of the lake.

  48. 48
    Maggie says:

    There were never any bumbandits in my government when I was Prime Minister, just good wholesome family men like Leon Brittan, Michael Portillo, Peter Lilley, Alan Duncan, Harvey Proctor and Lord Boothby.

  49. 49
    George Orwell says:

    Seems like someone in Russia is learning a few tricks from the BBC’s fake Middle East Atrocity Yarn playbook. There is irony of this report being on the BBC.

  50. 50
    Quite right says:

    And while we’re at it, don’t you just wish all these whiny victims of r*pe would just shut up? They’re all asking for it. The very law against r*pe is feminist bollocks. If a man wants to shag a woman, that’s his fucking right. Bloody slags complaining about child abuse as well. Just tell those 5 year old slags to shut up.

  51. 51
    Usher says:

    Tell me Maggie, what do you think it was about that young Nick Clegg that first attracted Leon Brittan to him?

  52. 52
    Owen Jones,Socialist turned Capitalist says:

    Tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm it’s….


    …Gypsies on Benefits and Proud.

    That concludes this public service announcement.

  53. 53
    Garfield says:

    Care in the community centre closed early today. Never mind I’m sure nursey left you enough meds.

  54. 54
    Vice Admiral Horatio, Lord Nelson says:

    “I see no ships”

  55. 55
    Strike the Ensign, Number One says:

    Well let’s face it the Iranian Republican Guard saw off the Royal Navy in 2007 and I guess things have got pretty much worse since then

  56. 56
    Willl H says:

    What is it with this woefully transparent device the left like to deploy where they reduce to absurdity a perfectly reasonable point of view and dress themselves up as raving lunatics?

    Makes them look like, well…raving lunatics. Isn’t that quite right dear?

  57. 57
    expat who escaped says:

    It is well known that the Labour Party have more flippers than a school of seals.

  58. 58
    Hindu Jar Bros says:

    .. and some crooked Injun family was awarded the immigration advice franchise a week or so ago.

  59. 59
    Labour remarkably relaxed about mass immigration says:

    Very interesting Panorama…”Don’t Cap My Benefits” on the subject last night on BBC1 …well worth a look on i-player. Most of the cases seemed shown to be immigrants/refugees frome Ethiopa, Somalia etc with up to 7 kids apiece who had arrived within the last few years to UK or single mothers with several kids by several unknown men who didn’t want to move 30 miles to High Wycombe or Luton from Brent. In one case the family of 7 was moved to Birmingham although they never lived there but preferred to return to Brent to live with relatives

  60. 60
    petrolhead says:

    Maybe this will Herald your imminent demise as the occupant of No 10.

  61. 61
    petrolhead says:

    If the fuzz have no jurisdiction in the Palace of Thieves, WTF were they doing ransacking a Tory MP’s office a few moths ago?

  62. 62
    Just a suggestion for consideration says:

    That Alison woman made a complete tit of herself trying to defend the CPS actions in Nigel’s case. Where the hell did they find her?

    There is not much hope of any improvement with a bellend female like this in charge. Best thing would be to close it all down and revert to coppers doing their own prosecutions when they think they have a sound case. The costs saved will allow Ossy to give us another 1p of income tax!

  63. 63
    A good Twitter put down says:

    Poor old P’eter, but he has been asking for it…

  64. 64
    Wanna buy some sand? says:

    It is the other Arab countries with all that empty space stretching from the Gulf to Morocco that won’t let them in – not that nobody will let them out.

  65. 65
    Tower Hamlets Diversity Officer says:

    We’ll gladly take and house them, and don’t worry about the paper work. It’s already in the post.

  66. 66
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Rhetorical Diarrhoea.

  67. 67
    Village Idiot says:

    ….It is sadly revealing that our government/civil service,need their behaviour flagged up in this way,requiring a set of rules by which to abide.
    ….Have they lost the ability to behave in a decent manner within their work environment?….Still,creating rules such as this and monitoring it probably keeps someone in a non job!…It beggars belief!

  68. 68
    Anonymous says:

    I’d rather we didn’t have rules for this or for expenses – just people of enough integrity not to require a code to tell them how to behave …

    *sighs deeply

  69. 69
    Colin the Meek says:

    These are rare moments of honesty.

  70. 70
    Colin the Meek says:


  71. 71
    Dougal MacDougal of that ilk says:

    You’d have to ask his young male assistants for that answer!

  72. 72
    The Growler says:

    That picture looks either as if he has just sat on a broomstick or he is trying to do a Frankie Howerd, “Oooooooooooooo mrs, stop your tittering, titter ye not.

  73. 73
    The Growler says:

    That was Bonaparte dear

  74. 74
    Rev P. Flowers says:

    He looks lush!

    Can I have some?

  75. 75
    None of the above says:

    Well played sir.Going straight for the goolies.

  76. 76
    Lke you said the bankers ARE scum says:

    Their “code of conduct” is unlawful if the victim has in the first instance to complain to the abuser

  77. 77
    By the way says:

    Have you already forgotten how City Bankers could hardly wait to rip of the country and get shot of their Post Office shares? The same old Greedy gits.

  78. 78
    Anonymous says:

    Is that the same BBC that:
    Reported the Nazi thugs, who beat up the police, as ‘peaceful protesters’?
    Failed to mention reports of gunman firing at both police AND ‘protesters’?
    And reports any old anti-Russian BS?

    Attacked by the BBC, did Russia Today upset someone powerful?

  79. 79


  80. 80
    SackMariaMillerasanMP says:

    Agree, how did Patrick Mercer, Maria Miller and Nigel Evans maintain the honour of the House of Commons???????????????????????

  81. 81
    Anonymous says:

    “If anything, this leaves staffers who are victims of handsy MPs in a weaker position than before…”
    Might as well be back at public school. Having one’s chestnuts roasted before an open fire, by the head-boy.

  82. 82
    CPS Defence League says:

    It’s a bum rap!

  83. 83
    Young Men's Conservative Association says:

    If you’re a gay Tory and you’re at a bit of a loose end in a strange city, there’s a new search engine to help you grab a date.

    It’s called: “Googlies”.

  84. 84
    Velvet chasm, council gritter says:

    More filth to come, apparently.

  85. 85
    Velvet chasm, council gritter says:

    Sven is a Hunt, he knows what he’s doing.

  86. 86
    Nemesis. says:

    I see that the dirtbox Evans wants CPs to repay his costs. If he was so sure of his innocence he didn’t need to employ such expensive lawyers. And now that greasy fat fuck Vaz is supporting him and other celebs against the CPS. They want to be untouchable it seems. What a disgraceful bunch of reprobates, perverts, abusers and plain dirty bastards that populate WEstminster.

  87. 87
    Trigger says:

    At £130K, that will be one of the most expensive ass fooks ever. Shit happens!

  88. 88
    Bill Quango MP says:

    this is blackout text.
    more blackout text.

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