April 11th, 2014

Sexminster Exposed

A Channel 4 News investigation finds that one in three people working in the sleazy booze-fuelled world of Westminster have experienced some form of sexual harassment at the hands of pervy MPs. One in five had witnessed some other poor young staffer being sexually harassed and over half said they had first or second-hand experience of hands-on politicians. Today’s Mail and Independent splash on the story.

The Tories have responded by ordering their MPs to sign a new code of conduct and implementing a grievance procedure for staff:

The code of conduct acts as a basic statement of what should be best practice in the workplace for Conservative Members and their staff. It explains the rights and responsibilities which are expected of both the employer and the employee.

The grievance procedure is available for staff to use if a grievance arises with their MP as employer. It protects both parties involved, brings with it consistency and fairness, and in doing so upholds the reputation of the Party and of Parliament. It is based upon a three stage process of mediation, grievance hearing and appeal. The process conforms to relevant employment law, ACAS guidance and HR best practice and is added as a schedule to the contract of employment.

They should get everyone at Number 10 to sign it too


  1. 1
    Im Voting UKIP says:

    Nasty self serving lying sexual predators

    Burn the lot of them….


    • 13
      Liar.Politicians says:

      Hence renamed the House of Perverts.


      • 14
        Django says:

        It’s all a charade because MP’s who face a claim from an employee are basically indemnified by the taxpayer of their defence costs and any award made. I believe Guido brought this little known fact to light. So as there are no real financial repercussions for an MP who sticks his or her unsolicited hand on the grotch of an employee, its hardly surprising so many of them do!


        • 22
          Eraser Nelson says:

          Grotch? Is that the bit of gristle that sticks out where your watch is?


          • Willard (quoting Kurtz) says:

            “As for the charges against me, I am unconcerned. I am beyond their timid lying morality, and so I am beyond caring.”


      • 20
        Eraser Nelson says:

        Surely that should be the House of Come-Ons?


      • 50
        A Notice says:


        To Welcome the Return of one of our own

        Guest Comedian: Chillax dave

        Also appearing (but not for long): The A-List Girls

        Black Tie – stockings optional


      • 79
        Old Nick Heavenly (alive and kikin) says:

        Militant Perverts, the Militant Pervert for Baisez Stroke.

        Watched Marine Le Pen on Frog telly last night

        she wiped the floor with the opposition. If Snow Nigel and his 700 dwarves could be as coherent then I would be impressed


      • 139
        Anonymous says:

        Don’t forget the parasites.


    • 21
      Eraser Nelson says:

      Yes, Nigel never got up to anything did he?


    • 60
      Chillax Dave says:

      Well chaps I’m off on hols now – don’t do anything I wouldn’t!


    • 65
      The Right and honourable Ribble . says:

      What’s wrong with thrusting your arm down a young man’s trousers?


    • 67
      Mike Hancock says:

      You should come down clubbing to Pompey.


    • 73
      Dave. says:

      Nigel is the perfect ambassador for my Big Gay Society. After a couple of pints we can’t stop him spreading it around all the young men in the room.


    • 90
      Velvet chasm, council gritter says:

      Yep, I think Miller and dirty Nige have probably lost the next election for the Cons


      • 94
        Gideon says:

        I am not pleased – not pleased at all.


        • 125
          Steam Clean the Commons says:

          Strike now Gideon, like the previous incumbents since Callaghan and excepting Major, we are in lost marbles territory.

          Stonking budget… Get on with it or face Balls every week.


    • 133
      Time to end this says:

      Time to introduce these sleazy corrupt bastards to madamme Guilotine?


    • 151
      Anonymous says:

      Would longer shirts be helpful or just a hinderance at Westminster


  2. 2
    Ed Milliband says:

    I’ve never had any problems


    • 64
      Snowed On Ass Onge says:

      you have nothing to fear by blowing the whistle


      • 120
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Your comment has been noted. However in the UK doing such a thing you are more likely to be found dead in the woods or smeared to kingdom come. The US laws on WB’ing have some teeth [enron] in protecting the WB’r … the UK flaws are riddled with rhetoric and legal jargon.

        n.b. Note to the reader – take note of which trade body – writes up all the legal jargon … Dohhhhh.


    • 112
      The Old Codger says:

      “They should get everyone at Number 10 to sign it too…” Oooo, go on Fawkesy spill the beans. It occurs to me that gay staffer portrayed in Little Britain and his attraction to his boss, is a sort of inverse of what appears to have been going on in real life. If a staffer or helper declares that he is gay, bi, straight and the MPs declare whether they are gay, bi, straight if they are matched there should be no problem, then this business with Evans would not have happened. As an aside how many in the Cons are gay, bi, straight, get it out in the open and then those in power can do the jobbies thet were elected to do.


  3. 3
    John says:

    not me guv – I wasn’t there at the time


  4. 4
    FTFFoff says:

    If they had a normal level of integrity, they wouldn’t need a “code of conduct”. As they are a bunch of amoral, unethical slime, they need right and wrong spelled out for them.


  5. 5
    Rentbiys and gayer videos says:

    And what about the ones with super injunctions ……


  6. 6
    Dirk Diggler says:

    Boogie wonderland ?


  7. 7
    Right Full Rudder says:

    Fucking degenerates. If they’re not lying and stealing, they’re trying to stick it some young bloke’s arse.


  8. 8
    Right Full Rudder says:

    And this is where political correctness has brought us. To a point where no one dare criticise homosexuals no matter how what they do.


  9. 10
    • 116
      Bert says:

      Fascinating. I have bookmarked your site and will return to it every 20 minutes for the rest of my life.


  10. 11
    Podiceps says:

    Politicians bully their way to the top. Such conduct is to be expected from such people.


  11. 12
    Chris Bryant's sentient ANUS says:

    Why the fuck is Sarah Wollaston a fucking tORY MP??

    The fucking Lid Dem filth or the fucKing Green shit need her skills NOW!!!


  12. 15
    NEWSFLASH!!! – Grouniad / BBC axis discovers clitoris! says:

    The first signs that the Grouniad – Brown Bullshit Corpse have discovered the clitoris and its functions were seen tonight when a print out was circulated to waiting reporters.

    “This is incredible” said an astonished female member of the LieBore Shadow Front Bench. “I have often wondered what those funny sensations in that area were – now I know.”

    Up to now, LieBore have taken the word of traditional cutters that amputating the clitoris and appendages is ‘a culturally enriching experience’ – ‘one that we should all celebrate’ as one particular piece of shit put it. ‘That’s why we never interfered’ said another.

    Mzzzz. Hatty HaHaHaPerson added ‘I’ve never needed mine but while I do wear an effnic skirt I don’t feel inclined to go the whole hog.’


  13. 16
    DR says:

    After today’s acquittal are we all now at liberty to go round the workplace and the local pub putting our hands down chaps’ (and chapesses’) pants?


    • 19
      An MP says:

      No, of course not, and I’m amazed that an unimportant little twerp such as yourself should have the gall to ask. We MPs belong to a club that gives us amazingly long holidays, an enormous expense account, cheap food and drink, the only bar in the country where you are allowed to smoke and, most importantly, near immunity from prosecution whatever we do. Envy us, hate us if you like, you pathetic plebeian. We are your masters and we can do what we like.


    • 28
      Eraser Nelson says:

      Yes. It will be a cross between the Top of the Pops studio circa 1971 and a Vatican priests’ convocation.


    • 130
      Eric Joyce ex of the Commons says:

      Try it laddie, just try it.


  14. 18
    The HoC Troughers & Perverts Unlimited says:

    Sodom and Gomorrah is what we do 24/7 & of course all funded by the
    fcuking mug Tax Payers who we will always treat with utter fcuking contempt
    in the name of fcuking democracy as we are accountable to no one because
    we are the ruling Oxbridge political class who’s divine right is to control &
    govern the filthy stinking great unwashed masses & is handed down from on high……

    We won’t change our decadent anti social incestus behaviour while Rome
    burns as of course we know what is the right thing to do……………….

    So accept it without question what we tell you & just VOTE in the correct
    way for the ConsLieLaborLebDims fcuking Satanic Alliance when we tell you to
    then go back to sleep until 2020 & all in the name of democracy…….as you fcuking filthy stinking peasants who have no rights to what so ever to question
    US your masters !!!!


    • 34
      Fred the pensioner says:

      …”We won’t change our decadent anti social incestus [sic] behaviour while Rome
      burns as of course we know what is the right thing to do……”

      I think the folks on the Clapham omnibuses are all coming round to the conclusion that the right thing to do would be to burn that bloody school to the ground and put an end to this over-bearing pomposity and sense of superiority once and for all.


  15. 26
    Kenneth Clarke says:

    I wonder who these filthy predatory gays are?


  16. 29
    albacore says:

    If it “upholds the reputation of Party and Parliament”
    That procedure must plainly state that the whole caboodle is bent
    And not fit to shovel shit, let alone ponce and pontificate
    Least of all to legislate for and degenerate this great state


  17. 31
    Angry young man says:

    It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonoured by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

    Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter’d your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

    Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil’d this sacred place, and turn’d the Lord’s temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress’d, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. In the name of God, go!


  18. 33
    Ockham's Razor says:

    My arse feels sore just reading about it.


    • 37
      Opportunity knocks says:

      I propose to open an emporium in Westminster which specialises in chastity belts for men with heavily reinforced gussets at the rear.


  19. 36
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Code of Conduct? Guidlines? Mission Statement?

    All about as useful as a Party manifesto that is not subject to legal etc etc etc….


  20. 39
    Anonymous says:

    For fuck’s sake, why do they have to spend yet more time/money creating yet more guidelines/rules for themselves?

    Why can’t they just use the law like everyone else?

    I don’t see why they specifically need to create guidelines that say things like:

    “don’t honk the tits of the woman sitting next to you unless she says it’s ok first”


    “don’t stuff your hand down the trousers of the bloke sitting next to you and grab his cock unless he says it’s ok first”

    You don’t need to create guidelines/laws that specify, for example, that killing someone with a kitchen knife is not acceptable, because it’s covered by the general law of murder.

    All these guidelines/laws that they create for themselves (including expenses) need to be thrown in the bin, and they need to be subject to the same laws as everyone else.

    I fail to understand why an MP should be subject to different laws than the laws that they create for other people.

    By exempting themselves from the laws that other people abide by, and by creating “guidelines” that imply that they are above the general law, they’re pissing all over us all.

    Someone at sky/bbc/itn needs to interview Cameron, and give him a straight forward question, and refuse to let him go until cameron answers it, and that question should be:

    “The parliamentary guidelines/laws for expenses and other matters put MPs above the law that they create for the rest of the country. MPs should not be above the law. So, you have a straight-forward option:
    1) Rescind ALL the MP-exceptions immediately.
    2) Continue creating laws for yourself, continue being above the law, and piss all over everyone that you serve in the country.
    Do you want to piss all over everyone in the country, or do you want to be a decent human being? Are you all corrupt evil fuckwits, or are there any decent MPs left at all? Do you want MPs to be the most despised people in the country, or do you want them to be respected?”


    • 41
      Anonymous says:

      This is why everyone needs to vote ukip at the euro and general elections.
      We need a 100% clean-sweep to oust all the current MPs.
      I could grudglingly accept MPs being above the law if they were actually competent in their work, but they’re not only corrupt arseholes with absolutely no morals, they’re also incompetent morons who have no understanding of the real world.
      Oust the fucking lot, and start afresh, and when that happens, the first thing they need to do is allow voters to fire their MPs between elections, and the second thing they need to do is get rid of all the legislation that puts themselves above the law. Everything good will then follow from that.


      • 51
        Lord Stansted says:

        +1 And when (if) UKIP behave the same, we’ll kick those fuckers out too. The best solution is to have an empty House – then we can just knock it down.


        • 148
          left wing, right wing, tis all the same bird! (a turkey) says:

          +another 1
          These are my feelings when trying to convey my thoughts to others re a GE,
          I don’t doubt UKIP mps would become the same as the chancers running the show now,
          I do think however think some habits are worth learning….. like voting out the chancers, make a habit of it and we may JUST get the representation we deserve!

          Vote UKIP at every opportunity, they can hardly break that which is already broken.
          Can they?

          A vote for any other party is flagrant capitulation, and you get what you deserve!

          Vote UKIP GET UKIP. (Ukip Shaft us…Vote them out)

          Vote Liebour get SHAFTED
          Vote Tory get SHAFTED


    • 91
      Little men playing at being big men says:

      You forget the Palace of Westminster is exempt from the laws it makes, supposedly to allow it to carry on with it’s job without such mundane things as laws getting in the way, but these beautiful people we call MPs and their hangers on abuse this privilege, to tell these people they are NOT above the law and only what laws they are making or changing or arguing about is, alcohol like in the streets in certain areas should be banned in the Palace of Westminster and if you do wrong you should be jailed for at least 6 months


    • 146
      Anonymous says:

      As long as they can still trough & steal from the taxpayer the POS will say ‘YES’.


  21. 40
    Dyno-Rod Dave says:

    so what’s new?


    taxpayer paid for alcohol makes it readily available but hey, i’m gonna make it free if you vote for me


  22. 42
    pre-empting the next bandwagon says:

    Just reading Ed promises a Secretary of State for women in his cabinet team, which would include 50% women MPs.
    For a balanced situation I would have thought a Secretary of State for LBGT’s in government would be more appropriate, shirley?


    • 44
      The scales covering the eyes of Justice says:

      In the interests of Equality, Vacant Ned should promise that his cabinet would include an appropriate number of low-IQ MPs to balance out any with a high IQ.


      Oh – wait …..


    • 115
      Cher says:

      What’s this about a Labour cabinet?
      Losers, Bastards, Gits and Tossers?
      Could make a song.


  23. 45
    Village Idiot says:

    …After watching panorama,and today,hearing about the goings-on at the heart of government,house of commons and their assistants,i am going for a breath of sea air!
    ….Dave,hey dave……..never mind “A happiness Index”,try a “Bitterly Dissappointed Index”…..

    To have sunk so low in ha…ha..”The Mother of Parliaments”,Mugabe was right!
    Oh how I detest what our country has become from what it was!..Never perfect, but better than now!


  24. 46
    nell says:

    First exposed for gross dishonesty and greed over their expenses and now exposed for a total lack of morality. And the electorate have put these people in a position of responsibility to govern the country !!

    +++++Shakes head++++++


    • 49
      The electorate, despised and reviled by corrupt LibLabCon politicians says:

      The only choice we have ever been given has been in the fine detail of the manner of our own destruction ….. until now.

      Vote UKIP.


      • 54
        nell says:

        Sadly UKIP will not have the political infrastructure or indeed enough potential candidates to form a government in 2015 even if they could break the consensus. Though of course you must campaign hard for them if you believe in them and hopefully they will get some mp’s into parliament especially nigelfarage who would be a great breath of fresh air.

        What they should be aiming to do the first time around is match or beat the number of libdems and then build their base from there.


        • 58
          L N Ripley says:

          There’s only one real solution …..


        • 106
          Jack Ketch says:

          So, up to the Army then?
          At last a use for that Olympic Park–a holding area prior to the mass executions.


          • Tim Yeo-Yo says:

            I think you’ll find that the army are quite happy to suck on their political leaders coks just as long as they get to keep their pension. Even general Jackson was a blairite lacky who was more concerned about keeping the politicos happy rather than his troops.

            One of the major reasons why I left. The military is as politicised as the police and competence won’t necessarily get you as far as a decent bit of brown nosing!


      • 55
        Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

        Ukip: perfect examples of exceptional morality.


  25. 47
    nell says:

    And is this not another argument for why the taxpayer should not be subsidising alcohol for these degenerate people in the bars and restaurants of the HoP? In fact Westminster should be declared an alcohol free zone that might help them clean up their act.


  26. 53
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


  27. 62
    Prime Minister"The Dunce Of Downing Street" Cameron says:

    Up the bum with rod and gun.


  28. 63
    Not in my name says:

    A Code Of Conduct eh?

    Yes, that will really work. More words on a bit of paper.

    MP’s are not alone to blame: the antics of the staffers and hangers on their own are a sight to behold.


  29. 68
    Dave --Master ofd the Worshipful Company of Bum Bandits. says:

    Welcome back Evans the Prick — You’re truly “One of Us”


  30. 69
    Paddy Doherty says:

    You only have to look at the antics of the wife of the most senior of all Parliamentarians to realise that the whole house is rotten from the top down.


  31. 71
    non taxable pikey says:

    David Cameron: ‘Jesus invented the Big Society – I’m just continuing God’s work’

    FFS, pass the bucket.


  32. 72
    Katie says:

    Now we know why homosexual matters seem to have been given priority in recent times !
    I wonder how much work gets done at Westminster when they have booze, sex & expenses constantly on their minds.

    The house of commons, more like the House of Sleaze . [ H of S ]


  33. 75
    The Rev Flowers. says:

    And you thought that I was a bad un?


  34. 77
    Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:


  35. 78
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    A house of thieving lying perverts no morality whatsoever.


  36. 86
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Labour’s ethical bank model goes tits up.

    Will the two Eds call for a judge led inquiry?


  37. 88
    DAVE (Bum Sex for Me) Cameron says:

    I fully stand behind eveyone , and nobody does anything wrong ,

    Sticking your hand down a gentlemans trousers is an age old tradition here in our Westminster bubble


  38. 92
    A working man says:

    In the first job I ever had I was told in no uncertain terms I was not to go near touch or do anything remotely sexual with any other employee .

    I followed this policy and was able to make money and get on.

    It is a policy little heard of these days.

    I hope Cameron speaks up and makes things crystal clear.


  39. 95
    Ukipper says:

    Pretty soon being gay will be compulsory. Mark my words.


  40. 97
    Someone just shoot Pistorius and get it over with says:

    I’m so fucking sick of that murderous c-unt Oscar Pistorius turning on the waterworks every five seconds when he gets caught out in a lie. The arsehole keeps putting a quiver in his voice whenever the cross examination gets tough. Someone just shoot the fucker and be done with it.


    • 143
      Smug, less smug says:

      Don’t watch telly unless there is something good on (rare)
      I have never seen or heard Mr Pistauris.

      Mind you, I missed those Olympics for which I paid my share of £12,000 milliion too. What was that, about £400 per working taxpayer?


  41. 99
    Oh, really? says:

    Next, Channel 4 will be doing an in-depth feature on sexism, sexual harassment and drug and alcohol abuse in the Meja.

    What’s that, Channel 4? That programme idea has been shelved indefinitely?


  42. 104
    Toxo Thrushbuster says:

    It makes you wonder whether a large percentage of Westminster has a sexually transmitted disease (or two), that is currently not considered a sexually transmitted disease, that controls their idiosyncratic behaviour? From the viewpoint of this STD, the most effective means of transmission would be by making the infested individual rich, powerful, controlling, and predatory. A fingerprint of this behaviour would be in the controlling regulation of others by which they do not themselves abide. Mindblowing.


    • 124
      Can't keep up with new Abbreviations. says:

      When did VD become STD?


      • 129
        Spastics Society OUT. Scope In says:

        Triage. The NHS likes to use triage these days, came from the first world war, probably taken from something else back then too.


      • 140
        To answer your question says:

        It was changed because the younger generation had no idea of the meaning of the word ‘venereal’.


  43. 105
    Pervert Information Exchange says:

    Keep calm and carry on voting UKIP.


  44. 108
    An indignant little man in a crash helmet says:

    Remember DSK.

    When that nutty young bint came forward and claimed she had been molested by this person she mentioned the matter at the time to her mother.

    Now DSK also knew the mother quite well and her reaction was to tell her daughter to keep quiet because the guy at the time was in the running to be President of France.

    Codes of practice would not stop this.

    You need clear offences on the Statute Book.


  45. 111
    Anonymous says:

    You don’t have to be a pervert, a lier or a swindler to work in Parliament, but it helps.


  46. 118
    The Poof In Residence says:

    I see Owen Jones is fronting a new TV show.

    He’s going round the world back passaging.

    Sorry, my mistake – backpacking.


  47. 119
    Gordon Brown's brane sel says:

    I’d like to announce a growth of £-1.3 billion at the co-op bank for 2013.
    More champagne bigots?


  48. 123
    Lance the Boil. says:

    So. The mother of all Parliaments is actually a mother F!!!ing whore.


  49. 126
    Little men playing at being big men says:

    The Palace of Westminster used make laws for us but none applied to the Palace of Westminster, time to make the place booze dry and seeing the laws are made in the EUSSR time that all laws applied to the Palace of Westminster after all the MPs have turned the place into a knocking shop.


  50. 137
    Piece of String says:

    OMG, like people should need to be reminded to act appropriately! And to think that these tools are ‘Running’ the Country. Don’t tell me, what’s next?….

    Wash your hands after going to the toilet advice?..

    Look both ways before crossing the road?..

    Don’t pick something up of the floor and eat it if it’s been there for more than 5 seconds?..


    • 141
      Spartacus says:

      shell had the same problem about ten years ago when top management was very publicly caught out fiddling oil and gas reserves.

      the ethical workshops and indocrination that followed were mainly wasted on the rank and file.


  51. 144
    micant1812 says:

    Reblogged this on My Blog.


  52. 149
    Don Likeitupthem says:

    Carry On Westminster…. ohhhh, matron!


  53. 150
    Richard says:

    Perhaps if the House of Commons bars shut at 11pm there would be less groping by the “Honourable” members.


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