April 11th, 2014

Quote of the Day

Marina Hyde nails it

“To watch prime minister’s questions is to behold the interactions of creatures so bizarre and unknowable to normal people that the BBC really ought to get David Attenborough to provide the voiceover. To hear them defend each other’s property deals even as they shower one-penny-off-a-pint vouchers on the bingo-winged masses is to fall victim to some sort of cosmic joke in which we are the punchline. Even as politicians preach about the dangers of later pub opening hours for the feckless electorate, many of their number get notoriously drunk and handsy in bars that – unbelievably, no matter how many times I type it – are heavily subsidised by the taxpayer. Occasionally the police are called to these watering holes. But then if you give not-very-hardworking people more than a whole quid off the things they enjoy, you can hardly act surprised when they abuse it. Perhaps we voters might feel better about ourselves if we decided that we were not enabling a bunch of shysters and sad cases to get lecherous and pissed at our expense…”


  1. 1
    P DIXON says:

    How right you are Marina …………


  2. 2
    East India Company Wallah says:

    Little wonder most MPs would pawn their gran for a seat in the pig sty


  3. 3
    David Cameron says:

    Look on the bright side plebs…the enjoyment I get imposing eye-watering marginal rates of tax on people who dare to achieve in life is wonderful for me and my millionaire buddies!


  4. 9
    Glyn H says:

    Not entirely sure who Marina Hyde is; looked her up (not Warner, not Wheeler) and seemingly an educated personage who has gone to the dark side and works for The Guardian. Just remember that all the MPs jailed were labourites, that Miller should have resigned the very moment her ludicrous and corrupt claims that her family home was her 2nd place were exposed and that Cameron seems no more a Conservative than Blair was a Socialist.

    Anyone see that horrid snidey miserable little letter from Rosen about the new ‘Culture’ sec’y? Can’t help themselves these lefties can they? Mean spirited every one.

    Vote Libertarian. Vote UKIP. To hell with these traducers of Parliament; including a Tory party that has to instruct people how to act towards others and cannot hold their drink.

    Labourite and a Major in the education corps who keeps getting the plods to the HoC when causing fights? A Scottish Labour member, that epicentre of corruption? Must have been a Guardian reader!


  5. 10
    Norman Normal says:

    Marina begins by adulating Russell Brand so liquidates her credibility before she starts.

    Ever see the film Idiocracy? With the poor standard of many MPs, journalists and certain w’ankers that call themselves broadcasters it looks as if it’s really happening.


  6. 12
    Anonymous says:

    You mean the people that this parasitical website could not live without?

    Without these shysters Guido & co would have no job.

    It’s the hypocrisy – as blatant as bloody UKIP condemning expenses.1


  7. 14
    Roger Gough says:

    Ms Hyde’s offering in The Guardian today is one of the funniest, right-on articles I’ve seen in a long time. Would that everyone sent a copy of it to their respective MPs.


  8. 15
    Rob says:

    For a member of the Guardian to call Westminster weird and out of touch is rich indeed.


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