April 11th, 2014

Another Guardian Writer in Prison

Campaigners at English Pen are giving Chris Grayling a kicking by asking famous writers to join a “mass protest” by naming the book they would most like to send a prisoner. Martin Amis, Carol Ann Duffy, Hermione Lee and many other authors have so far taken part, suggesting classic reads for lags by the likes of Dickens and Mark Twain. Guido is tickled however by the book chosen by the Guardian’s foreign correspondent Luke Harding. He recommends:

“The Snowden Files, Luke Harding. The book describes how an overweening state can behave in an undemocratic manner (among other things)”

Modest much.

H/T @jackblanchardyp / @mattkmore


  1. 1
    Mitch says:

    I’m sure Dickens would go down a treat in all HMP’s.

  2. 2
    Shooty* says:

    Why is the article accompanied by a picture of Eddie Izzard?

  3. 3
    Rob says:

    Given that the Guardian has printed recent opinion articles favouring the reintroduction of rationing, the criminalisation of smoking in one’s own house, minimum pricing of alcohol, plain packaging for such horrors as ‘food’, punitive taxation on any drink with sugar in it and the dismissal from their employment of anyone who dares question global warming – I don’t think they are in a position to warn about an overweening State.

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    I think the writers have made pratts of themselves on this one.Parcels were stopped as far as i know because of the amount of drugs being sent in to prisons.Im sure the prisons will have top of the range libraries (as with everything else)

  5. 5
    M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Good that a lefty recognizes the faults of a too powerful ‘overweening” state.

    I wonder what Owen Jones would send a hairy arsed prisoner?

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    The Guardian is fast becoming a pain in the ass as far as im concerned.The only good thing they do is an on line blog on the latest Scandinavian series on BBC 4, they are excellent.

  7. 7
    R. Spandit says:


  8. 8
    Not in my name says:

    FFS this not about “books”.

    It is about the inability or unwillingness of HMPS to screen sent in parcels in general.

    So grow up

  9. 9
    Rob says:

    A picture of himself?

  10. 10
    Nemesis. says:

    Anything by Lord Lucan would be welcome by most of the reprobates.

  11. 11
    Mitch says:

    We did all this a few weeks ago. To stop books being sent into prison is petty and vindictive. Drugs and other prohibited items can be found by proper searches.

    The writers are still self-promoting prats, of course.

  12. 12
    Anonymous says:

    I suppose it would be his tedious book, thats all anybody mentions when they do an introduction on him, and it was years ago.

  13. 13
    Owen Jones says:

    What else could I give but a signed copy of “Chavs”.

  14. 14
    Len McLusky says:

    Are you registered blind, or just a moron?

  15. 15
    Nemesis. says:

    The Guardian is ideal if you run out of bog rolls – best newspaper for wiping arses ever!

  16. 16
    M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

    They shouldn’t get fucking parcels.

  17. 17
    Gordon Brown says:

    I was walking through a library and saw my book in the section marked ‘Shit Lit’

  18. 18
    Mrs Brown says:

    Did you have a telescope?

  19. 19
    Bubba says:

    You could give me your bottom.

  20. 20
    Norman Stanley Fletcher says:

    Send me one of those old Gideon’s bibles.
    The thin crisp paper that the pages are made of are good for rolling joints.

  21. 21
    Blowing Whistles says:

    It seems that the only books MP’s read are by Hans Christian Anderson.

  22. 22
    Hi Owen says:

    Owen would probably send one of his used wanking gloves.
    Or as we call them…socks.

  23. 23
    Diane Abbott says:

    I love the Ugly Duckling.

  24. 24
    Must Watch says:

    Owen Jones ‏@OwenJones84

    On @skynews at 12.40 talking about the culture in Parliament and sexual harrassment.

  25. 25
    Lies, Damned lies & Libor statistics says:

  26. 26
    Scary says:

    Fuck me, BBC, give us a warning before you show the DPP on TV.

  27. 27
  28. 28
    Hi Owen says:

    Tom Thumb up arse?

  29. 29
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Prisoner should get fuck all.

  30. 30
    Why bother says:

    Why retweet Drudge when he doesn’t link to order-order?

    Come on, did anyone really think GOOGLE was worth $400 BILLION? FACEBOOK $180 BILLION? TWITTER $35 BILLION? REALLY???
    Retweeted by Media Guido

  31. 31
    Garfield says:

    Shouldn’t the press be giving another airing of the Harman and BBC Dromey PIE story to keep it fresh in the public’s mind. I suggest every 2 weeks.

  32. 32
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Maybe the latest print of the Janet and, er, Janet series might fill the bill?

  33. 33
    Garfield says:

    Deep fried with buckets of chips

  34. 34
    Mark Oaten (LibDem) says:

  35. 35
    Mr Bingley says:

    Margaret Thatcher
    Owen Jones

  36. 36
    "Modest much" says:

    The Americanisation of Guido continues.

  37. 37
    Albert Pierrepoint says:

    The book I would like to send to prisoners would “A beginners guide to being a Hangman”

  38. 38
    really? says:

    I didn’t realise Jones had ever worked in Parliament?

  39. 39
    British jobs for British workers says:

    Was that the speech when Cooper called for immigrants to be better paid.
    I thought it was a late April Fools joke.

  40. 40
    J David says:

    My daughter Keren David writes teen-age books covering real-life crime amongst other issues. She also speaks to schools and prison institutions. In one she was given the accolade that her book ‘When I was Joe’ was the most stolen of all. It is certainly more relevant to today’s criminals of any age than classics like Dickens

  41. 41
    Spatchcocked Maria Miller says:

    Remember me?
    Any chance of an advance on my upcoming 11% pay rise?

  42. 42
    Industrial blender says:

    Take all the serial killers, child abusers, terrorists, r*pists, muslim preachers and throw them all into a giant industrial blender and set it to high speed.

  43. 43
    Industrial blender says:

    The Americans have the right idea. They put their worst criminals in solitary for 23 hours a day. Here they get TV, video games, internet, radio and DVDs and leftie c-unts like Frances Crook of the Howard League demanding all women’s prisons be shut. Frances believes no woman criminal should ever go to prison. That obviously includes Rose West and Vanessa George. Not for nothing are the left evil.

  44. 44
    Tubbs says:

    She’s one of Royson Vasey’s finest.

    Are you… local?

  45. 45
    Raving Loon says:

    When you’ve eaten too many nuts?

  46. 46
    The Cake of Doom says:

    She writes books that are 13-19 years old??

  47. 47
    DynoRod Dave, Shitshifter to the Clergy says:

    Of course, dear. Calm down.

  48. 48
    Dostoyevsky says:

    Crime & Punishment

  49. 49
    Warder says:

    Prisons have libraries.

    Let the scum use the books already there.

  50. 50
    Observant says:

    ‘Elegant camouflage’ FFS nothing elegant about oor Yvette or Labour.

  51. 51
    Anyone says:

    “A lovely walk in the country”

  52. 52
    MB. says:

    It would be interesting to see what some of the victims of the crimes committed by the imprisoned criminals suggest they should be reading.

  53. 53
    12% of what are Muslims? says:

    The Ballad Of *Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde would be appropriate for each prison library. As a bonus, the author was gay.

    *Reading the place, that is, not the art of deciphering text.

  54. 54
    Jack 'PIE' Dromey says:

    But there are never any black fairies. Boo hoo.

  55. 55
    Jack 'PIE' Dromey says:

    I always eat blackwillie pie.

  56. 56
    Richard says:

    It follows a period of constipation.

  57. 57
    Allah loves a bacon sarny says:

    Then sell it in Tower Hamlets and Luton as top-of-the-range Halal!

  58. 58
    gary says:

    See Spot Run.

  59. 59

    My partner and I stumbled over here different website and thought I might
    check things out. I like what I see so now
    i’m following you. Look forward to going over your web
    page yet again.

  60. 60
    Working Man says:

    The Guardian is not worthy of my arse.

  61. 61
    Anonymous says:

    “the book they would most like to send a prisoner.”
    Lord of the Flies?

  62. 62
    Dave T says:

    Most Hunts in there cant read and the few that can are too smacked off their tits too focus on words.

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