April 10th, 2014

Osborne’s Strict Discipline Leaves You Satisfied

As the Times reported on its front page today and Guido pointed out at the time, Osborne had the most obvious motive to want Maria Miller out. Today’s Evening Standard poll taken at the height of the Miller scandal shows Osborne does have still a strong approval rating and as a No. 11 source notes, the Miller distraction was “highly annoying”. Let’s see if that lasts when the cuts actually start…

The Standard / Ipsos Mori poll also has Farage as the only leader with a positive net satisfaction rate. That LibDem spin that the debates were good for Clegg unravels too, he is down 4% since last month…


  1. 1
    Ed Balls says:

    Ed Balls…


  2. 2
    Nick Clegg says:



    • 23
      A Concerned Citizen says:

      Why don’t you resign from Parliament and go and take a few years to lick your wounds down on one of the Spanish Costas? You know you want to. People would understand. Brtish people don’t kick a broken man once he’s admitted he’s down.


    • 34
      Prince Charles says:

      Is there a e therapy available on the NHS to cure people of psychopathic mendaciousness?


    • 42
      • 57
        Cinna says:

        I see that net immigration was underestimated by 340000 during the latter years of Tone’s premiership. Ref ONS report.


        • 59
          Táxpáyér says:

          It’s Gross immigration you want to watch

          1,000,000 Brits leave and
          1,100,000 Foreign culture followers arrive.

          Net immigration = 100,000
          Fall in British people = 2,100,000!


    • 81
      UKIPPER says:

      If as I understand it Maria Miller was alleged to have over claimed some £46,000 and initially this was the amount she should have returned. However a committee of MPs reduced this to just under £6,000 leaving her £40,000 in pocket. Now when you consider that the averaged unskilled worker probably only takes home around £20,000 per year she has it seems pocketed two years wages. We cannot therefore be surprised not only at the anger created by this but also the incredulity of Cameron not only defending her but even hoping that she can soon return to cabinet.
      Cameron is not simply out of touch he is rubbing the “Hard Working Families” faces in the mud.


  3. 3
    Mr Wolf says:

    He’s the one guy Guido doesn’t have to stick a piggy nose on.


    • 67
      The Old Codger says:

      Wow! Fawkesy that is amassive percentage advantage 3% Almost as good as that Liebore have over the Cons. As you say,” Let’s see if that lasts when the cuts actually start…” if the Cons are in absolute power after the GE and not in some hashed up coalition


      • 84
        Anonymous says:

        i did notice that.

        seems someone has looked at the graph through a letterbox.

        so yes, they are more or less the same number

        what next? ukip support is almost zero??


        • 93
          Dan says:

          This type of graph with a mis-leading scale is frequently called out on this blog when the wrong type of people do it, but is obviously perfectly OK when battling for the causes of truth and righteousness.


  4. 4
    Glyn H says:

    Would have been even better if he had made some real cuts straight away; we could have had the economy on an even keel by now instead of still growing debt. Sharing the proceeds of growth indeed! And where is this £1m inheritance start point promised in 2007?


    • 69
      The Old Codger says:

      And Dynamic Dave is planning spending zillions of £ on his glory project HS2


      • 88
        The tit in no. 10 who squanders your money before you can spend it on anything useful says:

        I’m saving by not fitting buffers at either end of the line. The trains will be loaded up with taxpayers’ dosh, then the footmetreplate engineers will be instructed to crank the trains up to full speed and go for broke.

        It’ll be the fastest way for me to send your money out of the country to all those jolly foreigners who don’t need it.


  5. 5
    Winning for Britain says:

    George Osborne is winning for Britain


  6. 6
    Yvette Cooper says:

    I’m already unsatisfied with my husbands performance.


    • 10
      Ed Ballls says:

      Thanks babe, now do that funky Mancunian meets Yorkshire dirty talk again.


      • 18
        Yvette Cooper says:

        Ay up, lad. I’m making shepherds pie for supper. It’s reet champion. If you don’t like it, what yowze gonna do about it, pet?


      • 72
        The Old Codger says:

        Eddie Balls was born in Norfolk and then moved to Nottinghamshire where he went to a private school, Nottingham High School for Boys. He has not lived in yorkshire for more than 30 years, please wash your mouth out with carbolic soap.


  7. 7
    Flange says:

    Clever graphical representation of a 3% difference.


  8. 8
    Ellie-Mae (9) says:

    The twatters are correct, the scaling is, shall we say, creative.


  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Axis that doesn’t start at zero. Are you becoming a lefty Guido?


  10. 11
    nigels parachute says:

    House prices will boom till 2020 but dont worry

    Dave managed to bring in gay marriage


    • 44
      Táxpáyér says:

      Land affordability plummets until 2020!

      Inflation is Wealth
      Rent-Seeking is Earning
      Spending is Investment!


    • 64
      bergen says:

      Unless we have a massive house building problem or immigration is stopped dead, house prices are going to keep rising long after 2020. Forget all political crap-it’s simply supply and demand.


      • 68
        Enviromentalist swaps hat says:

        If the land is going to be used to build houses for immigrants then I’m afraid the Badgers are going to have to fuck themselves.


      • 74
        The Old Codger says:

        The great blot of London will expand enclosing ever more of the area around it, beware Croydon, Oxford, Cambridge, Tunbridge the monster is advancing ever closer.


        • 87
          Disgusted of Royal Tunbridge Wells says:

          It is Royal Tunbridge Wells or Tonbridge. They are two different places.


  11. 14
    Universal Hiss says:

    As I’ve said many times,I vote SNP but if I lived in England I’d vote UKIP. Totally bizzare I know but that’s geographical politics for you.

    I’m not bi-polar in other aspects of my life.


    • 20
      Go for it Scotland save yourselves while you still have time says:

      If I were a hootsman I would vote for independence as well.
      Once achieved fuck Salmond and his socialist shite off out of it.
      There are bags of right wing votes in Scotland but the Tory party here don’t tap into them for fear of upsetting the Jacobites.


      • 24
        jgm2 says:

        It’s not Salmond and the SNP I’d be afraid of. It’s the inevitable swing back to Labour in an independent Scotland that would scare the shit out of me.

        Labour and SNP in a race to spend all their present and future oil revenue. Followed by the inevitable bust and expropriation of everybodies wealth and property to buy an extra year or two of votes before ultimate Greece-style denouement.


    • 21
      jgm2 says:

      I’m the opposite. I live in England but would vote SNP if they stood down here. In Fucking Scotland I’d vote UKIP.


      • 26
        Universal Hiss says:

        LOL. I advise counselling for the obvious deep physiological damage your sojourn in Scotland caused you.


    • 75
      The Old Codger says:

      How many Jocks are there in the English Tory party and in their leading lights, the Scotch Tories are in England


  12. 15
    Jim Devine says:

    It’s all Thatcher’s fault!


  13. 16
    MORI says:

    Who do you most trust to handle the economy?
    Ed Balls or….stop laughing this is a serious question.


    • 47
      Táxpáyér says:

      I’ll give you a clue.

      Government doesn’t, cannot and shouldn’t run the economy.

      They can ruIn the economy however.

      Who do you think will ruin the economy least is your choice.


  14. 17
    Ed Miliband says:

    I had a matthive row with Juthtine latht night. I wanted to watch Thtar Trek but Juthtine wanted to watch Thtargate. I thaid Thtar Trek ith far thuperior. Another exthample of the cotht of thienth fiction crithith.


  15. 22
    Tony Blair says:

    Jim Devine just did what all good Labour MPs do. Lie, cheat, steal and smear. What is important is.

    By the way, if you thought I was a loathsome c-unt, wait till Euan lands a safe seat. What is important is.


    • 27
      Renoir says:

      I think that 18 grand is too small a sum to compensate for having a boss betray you and knowingly accuse you of a crime of dishonesty in public.


      • 32
        Al Campbell says:

        I smeared Dr K e lly as a Walter Mitty type. Then he killed himself with just a couple of aspirin and a nick of the wrist. Destroying lives is what we do best.


        • 53
          Not a tinfoil head says:

          You imply you don’t believe DrK-elly killed himself.

          Who did? And more importantly, why?


          • C O (Ξ7p) says:

            The greater political motivation would be for those who did not want to see the war stopped, or those who knew he was speaking the truth.

            They are different to those who wanted to actually go to war.

            Those who actually wanted to go to war only had to discredit his evidence and see him retired in the living sense.

            Whoever liquidated him knew they could hide behind the suicide theory, and perhaps the notion that a sovereign that was trying to conceal the fact that it had no WMD would have more motivation.


          • C O (Ξ7p) says:

            The reason why: To remove a credible objection that could have prevented the war from happening but in such a way that the credibility of those who made that decision could be called into question at a later date.


      • 48
        Táxpáyér says:

        He should only have to repay 1.8K Miller style.


  16. 25
    Koba says:

    What cuts, what services? we have not had either for years we are taxed for no particular benefit at all. Has anyone else noticed that front bench MPs become millionaires either in office or opposition?


    • 76
      Norman Normal says:

      Most were millionaire’s before they were elected? Some got that way due to owning property in London during Labours run away, unregulated economy years. That’s the sort of thinking that gets Owen Jones in hot water – careful with your facts sir:


  17. 28
    C O (Ξ7p) says:

    3% difference between satisfied and dis-satisfied with that satisfied below 50% is not strong.

    Osborne is not leadership material or that much of a selling point, but he was right about Miller – as more importantly was most of the rest of the country and members of the HoC – except Dave.


  18. 35
    Guy News Room says:

    Conservative Party: David Cameron’s future on the line.


    • 77
      The Old Codger says:

      We already know that, but who do replace him with acceptable to the electorate, not just the party luvvies.


  19. 36
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


  20. 39
    Mornington Crescent says:



  21. 40
    Vicar of Bray says:

    Clegg only down 4% after such a useless performance! It will not dent his chances of being Deputy PM for life.


  22. 40
    Paul (would you employ me?) Myners says:

    Well, I’ve been serially disastrous at everything I’ve previously attempted, so I suppose it’s only to be expected that I’ve left the Coop in even greater chaos than it was when I arrived.


  23. 45
    Darn_Lies_and_Memory_Sticks says:

    So 9% undecided and a difference of 3%, which means the margin for error is greater than the positive difference.
    What you’re really trying to say it is remarkable that Osbourne has managed in any poll at all not to get a complete face-slapping.


  24. 49
    Jack Dromey says:

    I am on Ed’s all women cabinet shortlist


  25. 56
    strictly cum noncing says:



  26. 58
    Cliff Richard says:

    Still carrying on with the crap-axis graphs and “Sun costs £1 per month”.

    It might get past the Twatter and Facebook crowd you’re cultivating, but please treat the blog readers with the smallest amount of intelligence.


  27. 62
    Gordon Brown says:

    I had 99% approval before Peter Mandelson and Nick Clegg lost me the election, but I will get a plumb EC job when Ed is PM.


  28. 65
    Justin Poofy Boots says:

    Osborne is a good Chancellor and it is totally unfair that the Tories are suffering because Cameron is out of touch with the mood of the electorate. Only one Tory came out in support of Mad Maria as did Cameron. She really was not worth it!

    The Tories needed her like they need a hole in head. It will take a while for Tories to bounce back again. Pity.


  29. 66
    C O (Ξ7p) says:

    So Nigel Evans not guilty of 9 counts – what on earth were the CPS up to ?


    • 80
      The Old Codger says:

      It is who you know and connections you have, does that Dave will welcome him back into the fold and give him a promotion?


    • 89
      Archduke Ferdinand says:

      Nine counts ? Extraordinary how many of the nobility get nobbled these days.


  30. 73
    Libertyscott says:

    He’s better than his two predecessors, but then so was Khruschev


  31. 83
    Blind_leading_the_blind says:

    Another Guido dodgy graph – making a 3% gap (the margin of error in polling) appear to be a 75% difference


  32. 85
    Cabbage says:

    I’m definately in the 44% but then I would be I guess as I work hard, long hours, worked my way up to earn good money, pay massive taxes, have a family, am not gay etc…. so not the Conservatives’ target market.


  33. 86
    Anonymous says:

    Bar Chart that the LibDems would be proud of.


  34. 90
    trevor jones says:

    please stop doing non zero-based graphs. it makes you look like a complete idiot.


  35. 92
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    I bet he still remembers the booing at London 2012 though, which was pretty unfair if not impolite.

    Come on Nigel.


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