April 9th, 2014

Winner From Manila

Last night’s much-coveted €100,000 IEA Brexit Prize went to Iain Mansfield, a 30 year old member of the diplomatic service based at the British Embassy in Manila. Which the FCO will love.

His winning pamphlet concluded that “in the event of an exit, there exists a scenario for an open, prosperous and globally engaged UK that is eminently achievable”. Also worth reading Lord Lawson, who presented the prize, tearing Clegg a new one in the Times today:

“Mr Clegg may have been trounced, and indeed humiliated, but his determination to strike fear in the minds of the public about the consequences of a British Exit – “Brexit” – was all too evident. In particular there was his absurd insistence that “three million jobs” depended on our membership of the EU, with the clear implication that they would disappear if we were to leave. This is complete nonsense.. The – in my view, beneficial – consequences of a Brexit need to be debated calmly and rationally. The IEA is to be congratulated for its initiative in launching this prize, as is Iain Mansfield for winning it.”

Even if – to the slight trepidation of the room – he doesn’t express an opinion on whether or not we should leave…

And how did David Cameron react to the pamphlet? He told the Commons he would be reading Nadine Dorries’ book instead.

UPDATE: To help Dave with that reading list the IEA have sent him a copy of both Mansfield’s pamphlet and Nads’ book:


  1. 1
    Eric Pickles says:

    I’m too big to fail


  2. 2
    But you said sweet FA until today Ed says:


    • 7
      Duck n'Weave says:

      Miliband climbs aboard a band wagon just as it goes over the cliff.

      What a pillock.


      • 51
        Fruitcake and proud of it says:

        Norman Tebbit was standing at the top of a cliff. A minibus full of labour MPs came careening down the road straight over the edge. Norman was crying his eyes out. A concerned bystander asked ‘What’s the matter Norman, I thought you hated labour?’

        ‘There were 2 empty fucking seats at the back’.


    • 30
      Sickness in Labour says:

      At least she didn’t advocate for peeeedofiles, eh?


    • 31
      Ah! says:

      Opposition by Twitter by Twat.


    • 42
      Mornington Crescent says:

      She learned her craft from Jacquie Smiff, you nasty little shit.


    • 55
      nell says:

      ‘overclaimed expenses, refused to cooperate and breached the code of conduct’ what percentage of labour mp’s did that in 2009?


    • 86
      Rob says:

      Always first with the news


    • 101
      NE Frontiersman says:

      Has he offered her a job in the Labour Party? Seems to have the credentials.


  3. 4
    my bruvva says:

    Martin McGuinness loyally toasting…

    “The Queen”

    Which member of the Tory Party are we talking about now?


  4. 5
    Mitch says:

    Since when has Lawson started making-up like Widow Twanky?


  5. 6
    Gordon Brown says:



    • 70
      Nurse says:

      Well done Gordo, – now we won’t have to put that tube with the warm water in your botty – I know you’ll be disappointed – but there we go!


  6. 8
    Boris Carloffe says:

    Clegg and his cronies are useless, especially the two faced, decrepit, Vince Cable, who certainly should be barred from any public office.

    I am sure the electors will get rid of most of them in the next election, and hope they never again real their heads again. for the dis service they have done our nation.

    Lets hope at the next election UKIP hold the balance of power.


    • 21
      non taxable pikey says:

      Has Cable asked Osborne’s best man for our money back yet?


      • 27
        Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Green Nazis, Peedos and other Wasters says:

        No idea but Cable should be in a care home that will cater for his needs.


    • 96
      surlyscot says:

      Clegg and his cronies are a useless shower of fuckwits most of whom have never had a proper job, have no idea how industry etc functions and talk utter bullshit re EU.
      ITS NOT COUNTRIES THAT CARRY OUT TRADE ITS COMPANIES YOU MORONIC MUPPETS. Do they think companies would cease trading e.g. Rolls Royce selling engines etc. because UK is outside the communist EU?? get a reality check or better still a psychiatric check up.


  7. 9
    Ockham's Razor says:

    There is a town in Kazakhstan called Шалқар but mercifully it is pronounced Shalkar. Just saying.


    • 17
      Master Bate says:

      Do I live there?


      • 32
        Ockham's Razor says:

        Well, it was in the Turgay Oblast until 1920, if that helps.


        • 37
          Councillor Duxbury says:

          Anyone knows that. Tell us summat new.


          • Ockham's Razor says:

            That is where you are so wrong 8illy.

            Jack Straw said in parliament that he knew nothing about it. Jack Straw would fit into the category of everyone, however unfortunate that might seem to be, so I am afraid your first postulate is false.


  8. 10
    Justin Poofy Boots drinking Red Bull. says:

    Lawson is correct. But it isn’t just Clegg who is scaremongering but Miliplonker is fool of fear too.


  9. 11
    Cleggie says:

    Hey! The 3 million job losses is true, the cheque’s in the post and I won’t cum in your mouth. Also I promise to end tuition fees, put recall of MPs on the statute and everything is in the small print. Promise cross my heart and hope to…lie!


  10. 14
    C O (Ξ7o) says:

    Would not be surprised about David Cameron’s preferred choice of reading.

    What evidence is there to suggest that his brow raises any higher than the byline ?


  11. 15
    Flange says:

    Are those two blokes on the right in a competition for World’s Smallest Head?


  12. 16
    Norman Normal says:

    This post dropped from someone asking a question about it at PMQs.
    Where is the post about Ed Ball’s “strange black leggings”, which was also mentioned and sounds funnier?


  13. 18
    Justin Poofy Boots drinking Red Bull. says:

    What’s Dorries book called?

    I am trougher get me out of here?


    Bed time stories with JackaDorries?


  14. 20
  15. 24
  16. 26
    nigels parachute says:

    Why is everyone saying it was 32 seconds

    I timed it at 31 seconds


  17. 28
    Richard North says:

    I should have won, boo hoooo hooooo, and UKIP were beastly to me too


    • 57
      The Personnel Director says:

      Don’t worry. This bloke’s next posting will be a minimum five year stint in some back of beyond shytehole in central China/Outer Mongolia, with no McD’s within 400 miles. That’ll learn him to be so off-message.


  18. 35
    Peace in Europe says:

    The Iron curtain cutting Germany in half(not the EU) is what kept the peace in Europe.
    Since the country has been unified look what’s happened.
    We have an alliance dominated by Germany heading east into the Ukraine(again) and the people of southern Europe have become slaves (again) but in this case to German bailiffs instead of soldiers.
    In fact the closest we’ve been to having a war with Russia since the Cuban missile crisis is now.
    That is after Germany being back together for only 25 years.
    Let’s see what the next 25 years bring.


    • 40
      Peace in Europe says:

      Also the EU claim to have kept the peace in Europe.
      The peace between whom?
      My guess is they mean between the Germans and everybody else.
      So let’s stay in the EU and continue rubbing a soothing balm into the furrowed brow of Germany lest they get angry.
      Fuck off.


      • 45
        C O (Ξ7p) says:

        EU has nothing to do with peace.

        Common trade zone enabled trade, which was previously considered a source of tension.

        N’ATO / US stationed forces and nuclear umbrella are what have kept the peace in Europe, combined with European nations not re-arming properly since the end of WWII.


    • 44
      C O (Ξ7p) says:

      It is right to point out the effects on E’urope since G’ermany unified.

      G’erman unification has nothing at all to do with the current situation in U’kraine, but does perhaps have an effect on P’tin’s attitude towards N’ATO and the West. That effect is the historical competition between M’oscow and B’erlin as relatively nearby centres of power.

      A direct conflict with R’ussia is still some distance away, but approaching.

      That conflict will not be directly between U’K / G’ermany and R’ussia (unless of course R’ussia were to attack either nation directly, it is already active in both…) but will likely be through N’ATO.

      This will be guaranteed if any non-aggression pacts or treaties are signed with R’ussia, a possible development later this year.

      To get at a deeper level where R’ussia is coming from, look up I’van I’lyan and what is going on with the R’ussian O’rthodox C’hurch, and what the 3rd R’ome is.

      Square against g’ay marriage and the promotion of m’inority s’exual i’nterests in particular, and one will start to understand why P’tin is getting support – even in the W’est – at g’rass r’oots, and what the primary unreconcilable difference existing between the W’est and R’ussia (and most of the rest of the world) is at present.


    • 69
      Barreness Horseface of Private Plane (she’s the one who saved Ukraine) says:

      I can assure you that the future is in good hands – mine!


  19. 36
    Sub Judice says:


    • 48
      Anonymous says:

      Guilty !Guilty !Guilty!


      • 60
        nell says:

        Guilty or not – his actions were pretty reprehensible . Not exactly the sort of person we want in Parliament – hopefully whatever the verdict his constituency will deselect him before 2015.


        • 62
          Sub Judice says:

          Nothing has been proven either way just yet ;-)


        • 65
          Just for a Giggle says:

          But so were the actions of Mike Hancock – not the sort of person we want in Parliament – but apparently OK by his LibDem colleagues in Portsmouth. By the way – has anybody seen Handy? He has gone to ground – presumably in Spain – but likely to surface just in time for his High Court appearance and his Local Election? More fun to come.


        • 66
          Anonymous says:

          Apparently they’re standing right behind him – probably the safest place to be .


  20. 38
  21. 43
    Ah! read that back to me says:

    Margaret Hodge’s Son-In-Law To Head Islington Abuse Investigation


    • 58
      nell says:

      Talk about all in it together – might as well put hattyharpic in charge of that one – either way you’ll get whitewash!!


    • 63
      Poofziz Us says:

      … and just who, exactly, appointed him – and what are his qualifications for this role? Was the job put out to open tender? How much is he being paid? How long does this little jolly last?


    • 77
      still walking into darkness says:

      This is a joke I’m assuming. Wouldn’t surprise me, another in the long list of Westminster cronyism, she does score quite highly on the evil scale.


  22. 47
    Fruitcake and proud of it says:

    Dave trying to keep his enemies closer by promoting Sajid Javid.

    Won’t make a blind bit of difference, he’s toast no matter what. Just a question of whether it’s butter or margarine.


  23. 49
    albacore says:

    The British never voted to be hi-jacked in
    The whole confidence trick is no more than pure spin
    Parliament’s up shit creek and without a paddle
    Never mind Brexit – they’d be wise to skedaddle


    • 68
      Fred the pensioner says:

      Yes, just pull the bloody plug out and tell Rumpy to go whistle for his 55 mill a day.

      I am well into my 70s now and hope to see all this dog’s dinner fully unravel before I pop my clogs. Otherwise I see only a bleak future for the young ones coming up behind me and the wife.

      Muzzbots will also be a serious problem for the next generation to deal with — and I cannot see this happening peacefully.


  24. 50
    Anonymous says:

    Can’t be right in the head if he’s spending his spare time working on BREXIT rather than getting his clock cleaned in P. Burgos.


  25. 52
    Jose Barroso says:

    “It is a poorly-constructed mixture of low-grade wishful thinking, political naivety, and practical minefields that it in no way resembles a workable or even half-way intelligent plan. To say it was “lightweight” would be paying the author a compliment. If the judges did actually select this as the winner, then they need to be deeply, deeply ashamed of themselves”.


  26. 53
    Anonymous says:

    Yet to meet a Manila Embassy flunkey who wasn’t a cocktail hopping fucktard.


    • 71
      Cocktail hopping f*tard says:

      Well, quite frankly there is absolutely sod all else to do here. But it sure as hell beats living in the shithole known as Londonistan.


  27. 54
    Ah! make your minds up says:

    SKY News

    Peaches Geldof Post-Mortem ‘Inconclusive’

    ‘Mummy Scan Reveals Spatula Lodged In Skull’


  28. 59
    Jo Moore says:

    ” A good day to bury bad Culture Secretaries “


  29. 74
    John Motson says:

    Its a penalty! Miller has gone down..it looks like a dive..That must be a penalty..what’s the Speaker going to do here..Miller is protesting it was an accident..It looks like just a warning…No! he’s reaching for a card..

    Its yellow !.. but surely that was a red card offence? She should be off, surely?
    The fourth estate officials are having a word..And the crowd are making their voices heard.

    And She’s off! He’s sending her off..Two yellows..for some reason it was two yellows..Bercow seems hopelessly confused here..The Prime Minister is protesting..

    And its Miliband to take the spot kick. Now..what’s going on…Miller the goalie has been sent off. So its Miliband against a concussed Cameron..

    Miliband shoots to the extreme left..And misses by a mile..oh dear of dear..what a terrible penalty..But what’s this!
    He’s going to take it again? Surely not? But Bercow is saying have another go..

    He goes swerving to the left again..! And missed again!

    But there’s a rebound.. He’s missed again!..off the post..back to Miliband..
    he’s hit the bar! He tries a reaction header …keeper palms it away easily..to the feet of Miliband ..He steadied himself

    And misses yet again!



  30. 76
    Wonders of Britain says:

    Strange, I didn’t see Clegg crap strike fear into me or the people about me listening to his drivel and lies at the EU debate, in fact they were happy he had fallen into telling such rubbish because they knew he had already lost the plot and in the first debate was drinking what appeared to be gallons of water to try and get back, the second one his helpers had done as the first one badly reprogrammed him with incorrect information for him to spout, goes to show even government paid spads either are a waste of money or actually on the ordinary mugs side.


  31. 81
    Jimmy says:

    Please can we now have a look at how much George Osborne made on his paddock, at taxpayers’ expense?


  32. 83
    Dave's a jellyfish says:

    Who’s the 73-year-old who’s been arrested under Yewtree?


  33. 84
    @nobsore says:

    Did George Osborne have a hand in devising Guido’s numbering system?


  34. 95
    Aparat says:

    It’s really rather clever to omit an opinion whether the U.K. should leave the E.U. It provides a defence against Europhiles, should some enlightened soul wish to send a copy of this to every household.


  35. 98
    Muslim Leader Barrack Hussein Obama says:

    For a more reasoned commentary on this particular stitch-up, check out the posts on EU Referendum.

    Dr. North sounds just a liitle bit more than peeved, both with the final choice, and with the facts that they changed the goalposts, as well as stopping anyone who actually believes that the EU is worth leaving, from being amongst the finalists!


  36. 99
    Loosehead says:

    Even if 3 million jobs are lost, 5 million East Europeans and other assorted unwanted immigrants will also be gone, allowing 2 million Brits to get jobs and our borders go back to only admitting economic migrants with the skills we want and a visible means of supporting themselves, along with sufficient health insurance to keep out of the NHS.
    Sorry, couldn’t make that sound witty or humorous. Too fucking angry to be funny.


  37. 103
    Anonymous says:

    “Last night’s much-coveted €100,000 IEA Brexit Prize went to Iain Mansfield”
    Any chance of him giving this year’s Brains Before Brawn Lecture at the EU HQ in Brussels? Because unless someone soon speaks sense unto the stupefied, Greece and Spain are going to go up in flames. Hint to the establishment: Manipulating the media only works, if there is no other conduit for alternative reports to be channelled through.


  38. 105
    fedz says:

    Iain Mansfield. IEA Brexit Prize
    Just to prove how weak the argument for staying in the EU is, and how undemocratic we are in the UK. Dodgy Dave and loser Clegg have muzzled the 30 year civil servant from giving media interviews on his book. His blog on economics has also been removed from the network.


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