April 9th, 2014

When Osborne’s New Minister Told Him to “F**k Off”

Andrea Leadsom is Osborne’s new Economic Secretary to the Treasury. Which causes Guido to wonder just how sore the Chancellor still is about his polite chat with the then free-thinking backbencher back in 2011, when he tried to convince her not to join the Tory rebellion on Europe. Leadsom will be hoping her new boss forgave her polite instruction to him to “f**k off”…


  1. 1
    Take your pick says:

    The new minister in a state will be?


  2. 2
    Vin-de-Pay says:

    Why doesn’t he – and take the rest of the cabinet with him >


  3. 3
    Nothing will happen now that Miller has gone says:


    • 5
      Nad's Daughters says:

      We demand a pay rise.


      • 14
        Spartacus says:

        And what of the HMRC ?


      • 37
        Corby says:

        For once Nadine Norris talks sense. As a young civil servant in private office I often came in early and left late. I paid for my own breakfast and coffee on the way to the office, and for my evening tea when I took a break.

        Similarly when in business I paid for my own food, an received no grant towards my very necessay second home.

        How are MP’s different. They have to eat in the evening, as do all of us. So why do they get a tax free sub? Why a travel allowance to their place of work?

        The solution is to abolish all expensess, except for bona fide office allowances, and to aquire a series of hostel’s wthin reasonable reach of the Houses of Parliamenrt. These would have comfortable but not lavish rooms and shared kitchens. If MPs needed to sttay overnight then they could stay free of charge but purchasing thir own food. To kee costs down when the House is nor sitting they could be used as holiday lets.


        • 39
          Woken Up says:


          Very sensible comment.

          They do happen here once in a blue moon.


          • The Growler says:

            +1Mega I have said similar things on this blog for ages


          • Colonel Mustard says:

            The hosel idea is now new. The National Liberal Club (now the Horseguards Hotel) was built as a “hostel” for the poorer Liberal MPs from the sticks (the Whigs aristos many of whose descendants are now Labour MPs, had town houses). Similarly those “out of town” Tories without town houses stayed in their clubs in Pall Mall and St James. The problems came with Women’s Suffrage and the idea that we should cater for MPs with families. I note that none of the criticism of Maria Miller came from female MPs with children. Perhaps any move to a fixed expense scale should include an allowance for child care (including for male MPs, althugh the latter would lose it in the event of divorce). That way we might increase the number of MPs with children – the most under-represented group in Westminster (even more under-represented than the Gays).


        • 48
          Tim Yeo-yo says:

          The private company I used to work for allowed you a free meal if you were working after 7:30 and a free taxi after 9, free hotel after 11, etc.

          A lot (not all like mortgage interest) of these expenses that MPs can claim are pretty similar to what I could claim as a senior manager in my last company. I wasn’t at any stage responsible for running the country either.

          The tw@tish thing that MPs are doing is still totally taking the p!ss despite the massive backlash from the public. I just can’t believe they are so blind to public opinion regarding expenses these days.


        • 49
          All MPs says:

          No fvcking chance mate!


        • 52
          Mitch says:

          She doesn’t mean not getting re-imbursed for expenses, my friend. She means stop claiming for it and have a single (large) payment instead.

          It’s actually a much worse system.


        • 59
          C O (Ξ7o) says:

          In private sector, personal experience has revealed that there are provisions for expenses to be legitimately claimed.

          If the company requires you to work late, it is possible to claim an evening meal (within limits) and taxi fare home. If extraordinary travel is required (eg. transportation to a remote meeting etc., hotel accommodation in some circumstances), that expense can be claimed also.

          The real point though is that the expenses system is regarded as an exception, not as a norm. And it certainly is not practice for the firm to pay for second homes, weekly shopping etc: FFS – That is what your salary is for.

          Remember in early 2000’s seeing a corporate culture where managers were regularly claiming what was weekly shopping and commuter fees: That firm did not survive, and neither did any of those found to have been after the fact diddling the system.

          There is only one argument for the current expenses regime and that is to reduce corruption of MPs by external influences. However, that introduces a moral hazard whereby the taxpayer ends up being taken for a ride by some.

          This all goes back to the nature of those who make it in to power. Removing those who regard a position in Parliament as being carte-blanche for feathering the nest in such an overt way as Miller et al. have, should be removed from office immediately, if their constituency demands. They should certainly not be allowed to remain in any higher position, contrary to the foolish Cameron argument put before the House earlier today.

          It is incredible to believe that all MPs are on the fiddle, but the example Miller has just set certainly calls into question the integrity of everyone and quite wrongly. Time for some proper pruning.


        • 72
          Jumbo says:

          Give ‘em whatever the cost of a furnished 1 bed flat in zone 3-6 is. No increases during life of parliament.

          And MPs pay twice that of the working age adult in their constituency. If they do a good job for the local economy their pay goes up and vice versa.

          How’s that for a private sector free market solution?


    • 12
      Mitch says:

      She means give them all a £100k cheque every year to spend as they want, no questions asked.

      Why can they not just behave themselves?


      • 21
        Spartacus says:

        with the amount of expense sheet filling in I have to deal with

        and providing recipts for everything under the Sun.

        then being judged as having a benefit in kind cos I’d been in a hotel for a week and claimed a cinema ticket



        and where is HMRC ?


      • 62
        The Growler says:

        You could say that all MPs that do not live within 11/2 hours public travel time of the HoP should get an allowance and any within that travel time should not receive accommodation allowance. They require the unemployed to travel distances to jobs so the same should applied to MPs


    • 13
      Cam Clegiband says:

      We are The Expensables.


    • 29
      Where is my right of recall? says:



  4. 4
    The Puntif says:

    Andrea Led some astray….


  5. 6
    UKIP Voter says:

    Well I might be an old dinosaur but we all know what came after they were gone.
    Fucking monkeys.


  6. 8
    Balls gives Dave the finger says:

    Any of you notice Blinky give Cameron the middle finger during PMQs? He disguised it as a nose rub.



    • 18
      DAVE (Bum Sex for Me) Cameron says:

      I thought that Labour had employed someone to stop photos of Millitwat looking like a total retard getting into the press ?

      Well it’s not working , going off that photo


  7. 9
    DAVE (Bum Sex for Me) Cameron says:

    Come the european elections the electorate and Farage , will be telling them all to Fuck Off !


  8. 10
    webwrights says:

    Nicky Morgan is not Andrea Leadsom.

    Andrea Leadsom is not Nicky Morgan.


  9. 15
    Edward says:


  10. 17
    Not much of a story says:

    “f**k off” being very common language in Parliament, and cabinet ministers are rather thick-skinned of course. Can’t imagine Osbourne holding a grudge for that.


    • 22
      Nigel Evans says:

      I hear that all the time. I thought it meant carry on.


    • 26
      Mitch says:

      They might use ripe language, but they are also quite fragile about such things and take offence very easily.

      All very common with Personality Disorder type 2’s, which most of them are.


  11. 19
    Maria post-mortem says:

    Hard to find anything in this (from Fleetstreetfox) to disagree with:



  12. 25
    BBC 24hr rolling bollocks says:

    The science/debate is settled the consensus is that climate change/European membership is happening whether you like it or not.


    • 55
      Táxpáyér says:

      Consensus in this case means people who want to keep their phoney baloney jobs going.


  13. 28
    Ummm... says:

    Bristol North West MP Charlotte Leslie admits ‘full responsibility for administrative mistakes’ that meant she did not declare donations to her local party.

    (Before asking questions supporting the donor.)

    Back suitably scratched.


  14. 30
    Yurak Hunt says:

    You arseholes !Maybe she just suffers from Tourettes ?


  15. 33
    Grumpy old man says:

    So with 200 MP’s to choose from, George picks a eurosceptic female. I suspect George is on manoeuvres, sucking up to the traditional Tories and presenting himself as eurosceptic -lite, while trying to convince the metropolitan elite that he can heal party rifts once the bullet is bitten and they defenestrate the worst Conservative PM ever.

    Good luck with that, George.


    • 38
      Where is my right of recall? says:

      Maybe George sees all that money being given to the EU and f$ck all being got in return. The constant drain on our national resources must be getting through even to him.


      • 43
        Brian Hanrahan says:

        Yep. He counts it out and then he counts it back in minus the EU handling charge. Needless to say the attrition rate is shocking.


  16. 34
    I don't see the appeal of all these Oksanas and Svetlanas says:

    I read about a poor chap who won a ton of money at a casino and then foolishly fell into a honey trap when he met a woman on the street afterwards whom he took home. He was found murdered the next day. Police say it was a planned trap. What’s the bet it was one of these golddigging East European whores and her pals who targeted him. Quite why so many British men fall for these skanks is beyond me. They all look the same, all lack any class and aren’t even attractive. London is overrun with them. Sadly this man was obviously one of the gullible types who fell for any tramp who showed a bit of interest and he paid for it with his life.


    • 42
      Get your facts right says:

      Leonie Granger, 24, who has light brown skin and looks not remotely East European, is due to be tried at the Old Bailey for the murder of Mehmet Hassan. She is suspected of enticing the professional gambler back to his flat after he won £3,000 at an exclusive West End casino.

      Mr Hassan was allegedly tied up, beaten and left to die at his home in Islington, North London. Earlier he told friends that he was celebrating his win at the Mayfair restaurant Nobu with a mystery woman he had met earlier. She is a care worker and is charged with murder along with two other men, Nicholas Chandler, 28, of Bow, East London, and Kyrron Jackson, 27, of Lewisham, South East London.


  17. 41
    Making ammends. says:

    Resignation is not enough, what needs to happen is that he total amount towards her mortgage which she received and for what she was not entitled to should be repaid in full. In addition this amount should be converted into a percentage of what was paid in total over the time period of her claims. The same percentage should then be deducted from what she received when she sold the house for £1.2 million. This amount should then also be returned to the public purse. She should then be fined for her misuse of the expenses system. Alternatively call the police.


    • 71
      cynic says:

      Don’t make it complicated. Just execute her and confiscate all her assets. Same for nearly all politicians, because they’re nearly all crooks.


  18. 44
    This is what's become of our country says:

    A muslim teacher in a British school praising a terrorist during assembly. This country has been handed over to these fucking dirty muslim c-unts. We need a government who’ll kick them out.



  19. 61
    christopher says:


    should be in Cabinet ahead of many Career Politicos who’ve never had a real job

    eg CAMERON


  20. 65
    Mental Maria says:

    She should give a 30 second apology. That might do the trick!

    Oink! oink!


  21. 69
    Anonymous says:

    So how did Uninn get away with it ?


  22. 70
  23. 75
    Anonymous says:

    “Osborne’s New Minister Told Him to “F**k Off”
    But should she want to confuse/bamboozle him in future, she might try advising him to do this:
    Rearrange the following into a well know phrase or saying: “Off F**k ”


  24. 76
    Ey-up Lad says:

    She sounds my kind of gal.


  25. 77
    Talent scout says:

    Has the semblance of a new Maggie (hopes).


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