April 8th, 2014

Sun’s Message to Maria Miller


  1. 1
    UKIPPER says:


  2. 2
    Bob Crow says:



    • 15
      broderick crawford says:


      As Oliver Cronwell would say Ms Mil K er :

      “IN THE NAME OF GOD …. GO !!”


  3. 3
    UKIPPER says:

    Lets Get Them Out

    Maria’s expense claim hysteria
    Reminded me of Dave’s Wisteria
    And Duck houses on ponds that float
    We even paid to clean a moat
    Yet we must never make a fuss
    One rule for them and one for us

    The time has come to make a stand
    MPs greed is out of hand
    The people need to get a grip
    Turf this lot out and vote UKIP
    With the election drawing near
    Farage the man all MPs fear

    So look out now for dirty tricks
    With smears and lies thrown in the mix
    With racist slurs and nazi claims
    Designed to undermine our aims
    The peoples Army is on track
    UKIP will get our country back



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      UKIPPER says:

      And theres more


    • 6
      LibLabConKip says:

      UKIP trough expenses too. Some of their MEPS have gone to prison.


      • 11
        tigerowl says:

        Too true. But they do not put that on their leaflets. Whiter than white they think we think they are. Many of us can see the dirt just below the surface. Why else does farage keep distancing himself from his candidates?
        Pick racists, bigots and homophobes and what do you expect?


        • 13
          Tony Baloney says:

          You forgot War Criminal……but then that’s OK, us on the left like to think that ‘we’ve said sorry and forgiven ourselves’ over the fact. Now where’s my UAF and Common Purpose Brown Shirts? It’s time to give Nigel (Fascist, Biggot, Homophobic) Farage’s innocent office workers another telephone beat down!


    • 10
      tigerowl says:

      Nice poem, Poor message as ever from UKIP. Vote them because they are not…. trouble is they are the same as other politicians. UKIP MEPs take the money but do not turn up to vote in the EU. That is just the same as taking taxpayers money by MPs here. UKIP hope to get elected by generalisations and scaring people with over exaggerated figures. So when the other parties start to ask questions of UKIP, like what ARE their policies, this is not dirty tricks, its so the people see what UKIP actually are about.
      Tell us they do not support EU Social Charter that protects workers rights. What working person can vote for that? Tell us they think maternity rights are too expensive and just another EU tax on business. What woman is going to vote for that? PLEASE UKIP tell the people what you stand for. We know what you are against, even though you are no different. Other wise, farage can do what the Scottish people told him to do…..clear off. generalisations do not wash. All MPs are not the same. Just lazy people do not bother to find out.


  4. 4
    Get rid of the dead wood says:

    If Miller goes I hope her “flag that up” spad who issued the threat is prosecuted for abuse of office and hounded out of office too.


  5. 7
    Diddley says:

    Ironic banner from the Sun, cos ol’ Rupe know a thing or two about holding on to certain female employees in the face of opposition.


  6. 8
    • 16
      broderick crawford says:

      Yes I do amire your tenacity Ron but They will only let me sign your very worthy petition once .

      I ll have to go to about ten different internet cafe s tonight and sign under ten different email monikers to get round it but I think it s worth the effort to rid us of this no-mark.


  7. 12
    Ricky Foolton says:

    Hindley? Makes you think of Myra or the drunk from Wuthering Heights. It is a name with negative connotations due to the infamy of a child murderer. Unfortunate name!


  8. 14
    UKIPPER says:

    LibLabConKip says:
    April 8, 2014 at 3:42 pm
    UKIP trough expenses too. Some of their MEPS have gone to prison
    You mean like Labour MPs and Tory Lords
    But UKIP expel them imedeatly unlike the LIBLABCONs who are as they say ALL IN IT TOGETHER


  9. 17
    norman says:

    she done gone guido , she done gone

    eh you still in bed? or on the crapper :)


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