April 8th, 2014

Miller SpAd Tries to Dump MacLeod Post Interview/Text

That “source close to Maria Miller” is undertaking another round of her own particular brand of crisis management. The new suggestion is that Mary MacLeod – PPS to the Culture Secretary – was acting on her own back when she texted MPs asking them to support her boss while citing Leveson and appeared in a crash interview with Kay Burley on Sky News:

MacLeod was confronted on air with Guido’s text scoop and resorted to smears and innuendo about Miller’s kids, and claimed that Miller had been cleared on all counts. Which is just a blatant misspeak.

“She wasn’t acting under instruction” says Special Adviser Jo Hindley, adding mystically “lots of MPs have gone on the telly to support Maria”. Guido must have missed that.

Are we seriously expected to believe that MacLeod went out to bat via text and telly on a whim? Hindley has not replied when asked if her, or Maria, had spoken to MacLeod today.

Guido is just going flag up that he thinks this is BS.


  1. 1
    Shocked of Sheen says:

    BS indeed

  2. 2
    Maria Miller says:

    First !

  3. 3
    Sir Bufton Tufton says:

    Sack the fucking lot of them, the SPAD, the PPS, and the muppet herself.

  4. 4
    UKIPPER says:

    As was this

  5. 5
  6. 6
  7. 7
    Heretic says:

    Burn the witch!

  8. 8
    Dave Cameron says:

    I blame whoever is in charge.

  9. 9
    solly sism (geddit?) says:

    you say:

    she ‘was acting on her own back’

    on her own back be it – as the thesps might put it

  10. 10
    Earthling says:

    The aliens from outer space have occupied Westminster and taken away my country.

    And they are scheduled for a 11% pay rise next year!

  11. 11
    lescrompsblogg says:

    Press accosting Millers kids ! that’s what she said,so where and when did this happen apart from in the head of this taxpayer funded obviously overpaid bullshitter #Miller

  12. 12
    Handycock says:

    “Press accosting Millers kids”

    PMSL, in my household it’s the other way round, allegedly.


  13. 13
    The future £rd Way £ord B£iar, sanctimonious shit and £iar, he who gave us McRuin, PC, and Diversity says:

    I never used to bother with little details that bother little people

  14. 14
    Our gal Sal says:

    I sometimes act on my back

  15. 15
    Lord Stansted says:

    “The last 16 months have been difficult. As you know, I have been working hard for Basingstoke and also doing my job as a Cabinet minister.”


    If the thieving bitch can’t hack it then she’s not up to the job. Yet another reason for her to go.

  16. 16
    Officer Crabtree says:

    What utter bollocks. Yet again we have an MP dismissing public opinion and effectively saying that they know best.

    You would hope that some strong principled Tories would come out and side with public opinion but they all seem a little too afraid of the Whips and the party.

    Circle the wagons, the public are on the war-path.

  17. 17
    Lembit says:

    I have full details of their spaceship

  18. 18
    Mary Macleod says:

    I run this fucking country the rest of you can just fuck off.

  19. 19
    Shocked of Sheen says:

    They really are a shower.

  20. 20
    Lord Stansted says:

    Make sure link works before posting.

  21. 21
    merely asking says:

    “The last 16 months have been difficult. As you know, I have been working hard for Basingstoke and also doing my job as a Cabinet minister.”

    That would be pushing hard on the bumfucking ishoo would it dear?

  22. 22
  23. 23
    neitherdeadnoralive says:

    As I said on another post; if she was cleared of any wrongdoing, why has she apologised and repaid £5800, (albeit only a 10th of what she stole) ??????

  24. 24
    Lord Stansted says:

    Vote UKIP.

  25. 25
    jgm2 says:

    I believe the PPS in that she operated off her own bat. After all as Miller’s star wanes then so does her own. Simply looking after number one.

  26. 26
    Maimed Codger says:

    Am I alone in thinking she should stay and be one more reason for Voting UKIP

  27. 27
    What a car crash says:

    Well, that went well Ms MacLeod.

  28. 28
    Persona non grata says:

    The final address to Parliament of the last decent Politician this country ever had, she may not have been perfect but she stood head and shoulders above the careerist expenses junkies that inhabit the house of criminals today.

    Listen too her views on the EU from approx. 18 minutes in. No Europhile she.

  29. 29
    Shocked of Sheen says:

    R4 Betty Boothroyd is furious and demanding the arrogant trougher resign. Quite right.

  30. 30
    Miller must go! says:

    Which journalists are threatening Maria Miller’s children?

    If you can’t name them, withdraw the accusation.

  31. 31
    Anonymous says:

    I think Miller should stay.
    It will taint the whole ConDem government eventually and we’ll be shot of the whole lot of ‘em!

  32. 32
    The Growler says:

    Or even BSE?

  33. 33
    DAVE (Bum Sex for Me) Cameron says:

    It’s OK to steal public money
    It’s ok to evade tax on stolen public money
    It’s ok to treat a standards commissioner with total contempt
    It’s ok for all mp’s to help themselves to your tax money
    It’s ok to sell off public companies ,so your friends rake in millions at our expense
    It’s ok for mp’s to regulate their own expenses
    It’s ok for mp’s to avoid prison for theft , that you would do time for
    it’s ok for mp’s to pay shed loads of your cash in rent to their
    boyfriends in return for bum sex

    What the fuck are you plebs moaning about , you have never had it so good
    and as they say

    We’re all in it together !

  34. 34
    The Growler says:

    LS it worked for me ;-)

  35. 35
    C O (Ξ7o) says:

    Same goes for the publications – unnamed – which are involved in the alleged witch hunt.

    There is no witch hunt.

    Sky interviewer did well, but she should have picked Macleod up on the claim that there are many other MP’s voicing support for Mar!a.

  36. 36
    Lord Stansted says:

    You have a point. Every day she remains must be another 1000 votes to UKIP from the Tories.

  37. 37
    What I want to know is says:

    Who made the decision to alter the outcome of the months-long enquiry payback figure of £45,000 to £5,800 …… and why?
    Why were the findings of the parliamentary commissioner overuled by the Commons Committee for Standards? What extra information did they acquire to make such a decision?

  38. 38
    The Growler says:

    An absolute shower. Wasn’t she the one pushing Dave to get “gay” marriage legalised?

  39. 39
    Tiller Girl made good says:

    Betty Boothroyd, the last holder of the office of Speaker worthy of that office.

  40. 40
    Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile on another planet:

  41. 41
    David laws, £40,000 thief says:

    I totally agree Dave.

  42. 42
    Hugh Janus says:

    “You would hope that some strong principled Tories would come out and side with public opinion…”

    Didn’t realise there were any of those left in the Tory Party.

  43. 43
    Me says:

    Dear Maria
    Please fuck off – now would be a good time

    Yours most sincerely


  44. 44
    Reader says:

    As well as can be expected if you are a talentless moron without an ounce of common sense or any ability to see how the public has been betrayed by their utter dishonesty.

  45. 45
    Morgan's Organ says:

    They are digging themselves into an even deeper hole. We’ve had greed, arrogance and now another dose of ineptitude. Don’t forget we are paying for these idiot advisers in addition to the shocking Miller.

  46. 46
    Londoner says:

    A woman who got on well in public life through pure talent and class.

  47. 47
    Hugh Janus says:


  48. 48
    Persona non grata says:

    Cry havoc and let slip the purple rosettes.

  49. 49
    Whelk Shopper says:

    Was out and about earlier today. Stopped at a seafood stall to pick up lunch.

    Radio was on, story about M’iller just finished playing.

    Whilst paying, asked the young bloke who was serving what he thought about it.

    She should resign, be prosecuted and stop ‘having a laugh’ was the response. It was not said in good humour.

  50. 50
    Betty Has Spoken says:

    Betty Boothroyd. A very angry Boothroyd has just been on PM ripping in to Miller, the PM and the standards committee.

    Miller won’t last long now.

    A brilliant interview though. We need someone like her again.

    She was talking about honour, not bringing parliament into disrepute, navel gazing etc all that is going wrong in Today’s parliament.

    To be honest a good start would be to dump Bercow,

  51. 51
    kings and Queens. says:

    we fix tyres.
    i sat.
    sit up
    up sit.
    the neck tilts to the right.
    corner of the left eye.
    eye i.
    stark naked. koostark.
    is there a dark sun on the other side.
    compress oo so k

  52. 52
    Bosun Higgs says:

    “On her own back” is meaningless and should be “off her own bat”.

  53. 53
    Londoner says:

    If anything good has come out of the prolongation of this outrageous scandal, it has flushed out yet another idiot lurking in Parliament as a PPS whose career should now be curtailed.

  54. 54
    The Growler says:

    I say, that is drastic isn’t it, all she need do is say sorry and really mean it and repay the whole £45K. Come to think of it that applies to all the little darlings if a genuine mistake/oversight, but on the other hand she has an economics degree.

  55. 55
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP

  56. 56
    Morgan's Organ says:

    Double standards Dave

  57. 57
    Me says:

    Just listen to Herr. Shapps (the dickhead)

  58. 58
    Ex Labour voter, Ex miner, patriotic Brit says:

    What the hell is “equal marriage”?

  59. 59
    Betty Boothroyd Rocks says:

    Have the TV stations broadcast the Betty Boothroyd interview on PM yet.

    By God that woman talks sense and is not afraid of speaking her mind.

    Miller is now toast. Dave comes out badly too, as do the navel gazing MPs.

  60. 60
    I'd like to slip her one says:

    Polly Toynbee has just backed Maria Miller. It’s all over now.

  61. 61
    The Growler says:

    ” whoever is in charge” A lot on here Dave wonder that as well

  62. 62
    grasmit says:

    good girl sal

  63. 63
    By Passer says:

    + 1000 to the Honourable Lady

    + 1000 to Betty Has Spoken

  64. 64
    Ed Twelvety Balls says:

    Today I learned about the numbers 4 and 7. I love Sesame Street.

  65. 65
    jgm2 says:

    Polly will likely be aware of what is in the pipeline for certain Labour MPs.

  66. 66
    Me says:

    Good Question!

    Response please those in “control” (allegedly)

  67. 67
    feminists says:

    That’s why hate her, just like Thatcher. The only acceptable way for a woman to progress against our awful patriarchal society is though whingeing, twitter campaigns, discrimination against men, softer rules for women and a campaign from the guardian to “modernise” whatever institution it is that women haven’t succeeded in getting in to on merit and we want to change.

  68. 68
    Londoner says:

    True, but it is not good for the country as a whole for the average man in the street to be left feeling so angry and powerless.

  69. 69
    It's a Focus group name says:

    It was concocted when Dave was having trouble with Homosexual marriage, which became same sex marriage and finally the hard to argue with equal marriage.

    Just like Global warming became climate change.

  70. 70
    Anonymous says:

    Wonder how many Miller will take down with her?

  71. 71
    By Passer says:

    exactly the same as when you are told that 2 + 2 = 5

    in other words


  72. 72
    Anonymous says:

  73. 73
    Me says:

    and me.

  74. 74
    feminists says:

    No, that’s sexist, you can’t remove her because then Hadley Freeman, Cathy Newman and the twitter army will be there to point out that Cameron has a woman problem and we’ll keep hammering the message home. We control the institutions now, we control education and every year now we have thousands of girls leaving school believing in feminism.

  75. 75
    The Growler says:

    Lembit, I think a bit late with that, they are walking in and out and have been since May 2010

  76. 76
    Podiceps says:

    I think it means that she was being fucked when she texted the MPs. She certainly was afterwards.

  77. 77
    Where's me pitchfork says:

    Are you some sort of fucking obsessive? How many time have you posted that now?

  78. 78
    Bosun Higgs says:

    Wenn ich ‘Kultur Secretarin’ hore, entsichere ich mein Browning.

  79. 79
    jgm2 says:

    on the other hand she has an economics degree

    So does Ned Balls (well a PPE) and look what a clusterfuck him and the Maximum Imbecile oversaw.

    An economics degree seems to be as much use in the hands of an MP as radiation-proof shoe-laces.

  80. 80
    Londoner says:

    What is Gordon Brown’s response?

  81. 81
    Me says:


  82. 82
    Yoko Ono says:

    I know just what you mean.

  83. 83
    Ed Miliband says:

    Maria Miller would be much more convincing if she made her apologies using the voice of Oscar Pistorius.

  84. 84
    Ed Twelvety Balls says:

    Can anyone help me with my maths homework? I’m hopeless at long division.

  85. 85
    Jus Askin says:

    Is that you Polly?

  86. 86
    Anonymous says:

  87. 87
    Jacqui (Thieves DO Prosper)Smith says:

    Ah fuck the plebs , i’m raking it in working for the BBC and Sky

    Me i’ve no time to go to prison , thats for small people

  88. 88
    jimmy says:

    2014 and right-wingers still making fun of mentally disabled people?

  89. 89
    pissed off voter says:

    Most faltering interview I have seen in a long time. With friends like that, Miller is surely doomed.

  90. 90
    Maria £90K Miller says:

    More gravy please. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  91. 91
    Grant Shapps says:

    Things might have been very different if Maria Miller had broken down in tears and vomited every time the word ‘expenses’ were mentioned.

  92. 92
    Too Late says:

    Polly is now the wrong side of the argument with Betty Boothroyd saying that Miller should resign.

  93. 93
    Tin Can Cam – never buckles under pressure says:

    I have a PPE – and from Oxfud – so there!

  94. 94
    Old Nick Heavenly (alive and kikin) says:

    utter fluking hypocricy…could not Watch it all. buerk

  95. 95
    BRAVO for BETTY says:

    A Breath of fresh air from all the weasel words and double speak we have come to expect from the current Westminster spivs.

  96. 96
    Anonymous says:

    I have no idea which way she swings but she comes across like a right old fucking diesel.

  97. 97
    Sexually Guided Cownslur says:

    Difficult to txt when facing upwards.

    I think she was in the ‘reverse’ position – if you know what I mean

  98. 98
    C.O.Jones says:

    :) that was funny, and true as well.

  99. 99
    Anonymous says:

    Mary Macleod: “We can’t just let the media do whatever they want”

  100. 100
    Cinna says:

    And if I heard her correctly the odious Miller woman decided herself to pay back the £5800. In effect set her own “fine”. Shades of Hazel Blears.

  101. 101
    Ali G. says:

    do you believe every girl should feminism – at least once?


    then tomorrow they get back wiv their boyfriend

  102. 102
    Inconvenient Truth says:

    Economics – AKA Financial Astrology – is one of those subjects where the more you ‘know’ about it the more you ‘know’ its BS. Now if you throw into the mix a ‘bit’ of Politics (a nondescript BS subject) and a bit of Philosophy (a nondescript abstract BS subject) you’d come up with most of the f**ktards in Parliament’s experience of life.

  103. 103
    jgm2 says:

    So does Miliband.

    We’re lead to believe that an Oxford PPE represents the finest minds who apply to Oxford. Yet we end up with utter fuckwits who will argue that the way to solve a credit ‘crisis’ caused by eventually having to stop borrowing so much money is to… borrow more money. Or better still, just print more money.

    A conclusion you’d expect from some fucking idiot African with a degree from LSE.

    And with the same inevitable outcome.

    That Oxford PPE course needs shutting down. It seems to produce nothing but fucking gobshites. Although I suspect it’s a garbage in-garbage out situation.

  104. 104
    Cinna says:

    Little details like truth and honesty?

  105. 105
    Ellie-Mae (9) says:

    are you suggesting Ed Balls is mentally disabled jimmy?

    let’s not even bother with the “right-wing, left wing” scheissen.

  106. 106
    apols Ali G. - missed word says:

    every girl should TRY feminism

  107. 107
    Jim says:

    The £5,800 was not a reduction from £45,000 and is not an alteration. You have been reading the Telegraph one thinks.
    The findings of the lower court were overruled by the higher court. Happens every day, that is why they are paid so much money. Now we are waiting for the final court – will he play Chicken?

  108. 108
    Cinna says:

    Of course you run the country, you’re another bloody Scot. When you lot bugger off from the Union I’m hoping that all Scots will be barred from standing as an MP for English seats.

  109. 109
    C.O.Jones says:

    Or alternatively she could have taken the Laws approach and claimed to be a battie girl.

  110. 110
    The drip of Downfall says:

    BS, or truly inept if Miller and her advisers don’t know what each is up to.

    Grossly incompetent show.

    Shows what happens when they allow Hacked Off to call the shots.

  111. 111
    The Office of Gordon Brown says:

  112. 112
    Cinna says:

    FFS. read what was said. Polly Toyboy would never ascribe to that.

  113. 113
    nell says:


    mariamiller tells her constituents in her local newspaper ‘ I have let you down’ but still fails to resign!!

    Maybe UKIP should put a strong candidate in this constituency in 2015 – (nigel farage) they might just win!!

  114. 114
    Meanwhile, at the Department for Culture, Media and Stuff says:

  115. 115
    The Lord High Executioner says:

    Basingstoke councillor condemns ‘unethical’ Maria Miller, says her cabinet role is ‘untenable’ http://itv.co/1qlK1Xn pic.twitter.com/cpS0sY7eSz

  116. 116
    Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

    She charges £1000 / hour. She does anal. Extra £500.

  117. 117
    optional says:

    i thought the expression was ” off her own bat “

  118. 118
    nell says:

    Betty Boothroyd like Margaret Thatcher is one of the best – our problem is nowadays we have too few of such commendable people!!

  119. 119
    All in this together says:

    Why exactly do we need a Cabinet Minister to govern the country’s culture at what appears to be a very dandy price?

    A country’s culture is essentially part of its fabric and as such cannot be controlled by Government.

    We are going through a period of austerity so why bother with all this nonsense.

    Governments should stick to what they do best; keeping the streets clean and keeping the rat population under control.

  120. 120
    nell says:

    dave cameron has already been badly damaged by the mariamiller scandal which refuses to die down. The longer it goes on the weaker he looks. If he sacks her now at least he will be able to claim some credit – if it goes on much longer he is going to be permanently tainted by this. He needs to develop a backbone, get a grip, start being the boss, take control …..that sort of thing!!

  121. 121
    Maria Miller Conservative MP for Basingstoke. Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and M says:

    The trans Pennines rail service is a bag of donkey droppings.Why do northern MPs accept this?

  122. 122
    I was Hitlers missing bollock says:

    The political elite think we are thick.. we have to show those bastards we aren’t.

  123. 123
    Jim says:

    That is not fair – just because you do not know their names you are not allowed to use the reports and photographs as evidence. Why have all the pictures of the doorstepping and their dates suddenly gone missing? Is it because of Leveson?

  124. 124
    jgm2 says:

    Never go full retard.

  125. 125
    Podiceps says:

    Cameron is now in a lose-lose situation. If he doesn’t sack Miller, it will look as if he is a member of a gang of thieves. If he does sack her, it will look as if he caves in easily to public pressure. Worst of all, both impressions are perfectly correct.

  126. 126
    Pizza Delivery Man says:

    Amid all this talk about Miller and her hands on our money can someone tell me what she actually does for us all day long.

    As far as I can make out she has spent most of the last few days “gone to ground” which I have always interpretd to mean doing very little, if anything.

  127. 127
    nell says:

    Look she’s the culture secretary – any number of his backbenchers could do a better job than she has done. Just get rid of her and appoint someone, anyone who doesn’t have expenses scandal written on his/her forehead. Not exactly rocket science is it?!!!

  128. 128
    Cinna says:

    You gotta love Betty, and she speaks for all right thinking people. However, to talk about honour just shows she is living in the past…unfortunately.

    The only honour this current shower have is the “honour amongst thieves”.

  129. 129
    Hacked Off says:

    Not anymore. We do now.

    Thanks to Cameron, Miller and Letwin.

    Best that way too. Just look at the EU, don’t need to be elected to run the show.

  130. 130
    jgm2 says:

    Northern MPs don’t give a fuck about anything as long as their Stepford Voters keep voting Labour.

  131. 131
    jimbo says:

    It’s the thing that if you oppose then the militant homosexuals will organise a twitter mob to see you thrown out of your job. And that’s just the start – re-eduction camps, prison sentences and – if the history of socialism is anything to go by – death are all things that may well be lined up for those who refuse to “modernise” and accept “equality” (i.e. the radical redefinition of the word marriage away from what it has meant for centuries).

  132. 132
    jimbob and the lukewarm dildo says:

    Just as an aside, I think it stinks that some MP’s were charged and others not for exactly the same offense. I’d like to know what the fuck is going on. After all, a rule is a rule is it not?

  133. 133
    nell says:

    Plus 1000 but also the fact that he did not insist she resigned earlier makes him look very weak, very immoral and very willing to endorse, support and protect someone who dishonestly claims ( thieves ) money from the taxpayer they are not entitled to claim . It is not a good place for the PM to be in especially with an election looming!!

  134. 134
    Cinna says:

    Tis time she spent more time with her family. The one being harassed by the press…allegedly.

  135. 135
    Fruitcake and proud of it says:

    How can we drive several thousand more of our voters into arms of UKIP Grant?’.

    ‘Keep supporting Maria Miller Dave’.

    Cheers Cameron.

  136. 136
    jgm2 says:

    I don’t know if Miller is any worse than the rest of the 650 but if she gave a damn about her party and keeping Miliband and Balls away from the levers of power then she would ‘Step down to clear her name’.

    But she doesn’t. So she won’t.

  137. 137
    Hector's House says:

    There is a third option; that he’s an absolute cock.

  138. 138
    nell says:

    It’s called protecting their own. Labour, tories or libdems doesn’t matter. It was only the really unpopular lower rung , not so bright mp’s who had no real friends in the upper reaches of parliament who got charged – the rest got protected. mariamiller is hoping the PM is going to do the same for her.

    Let’s wait and see if davecameron has any real morals and sacks her ! Sadly I doubt it!!

  139. 139
    RomaBob... says:

    FFS stop the bluster and lies…… go now !!

  140. 140
    Curious of Cunterbury says:

    What does Rees Moggy make of all this?

  141. 141
    bubba says:

    The full trailer for this very moving film which didn’t receive the credit it deserved at the time.

  142. 142
    RomaBob... says:

    Now he is someone to be respected for an honest opinion :)

  143. 143
    The Jacob says:

    Well, sire, it is all unbecoming.

    We all appreciate the common mans outlook on our sceptered isle but even the toffs see that something is immediately not right about all this. Although one may have thought the miller person was a good egg previously, events have proved otherwise.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I have an appointment for the measure of another double breasted suiting.

  144. 144
    Maria the Moron says:

    “…… MacLeod was confronted on air with
    Guido’s text scoop and resorted to
    smears and innuendo …..”

    Miller is a liar, smearer of the highest order and as for innuendo well she is playing a rather pathetic game to save her career in which she has no self confidence. This lack of confidence explains why she surrounds herself with MORONS. She & they are dragging her party down & backwards. This silly cow Miller is determined to remain with her snout in the trough to remind the electorate that self interested & destructive politicians still exist in the Tory Party.

    If she had any SELF RESPECT or an ounce of decency she would resign.

    If Cameron had any respect for the electorate he would inform her to sling her hook! This is going to stick to Cameron like shit, the longer he supports her. Some morons are just not worth defending, especially one who is self interested, arrogant & crap at her job!

    Bye Bye Miller! Get some self respect & stop leeching of the tax payer!

  145. 145
    Tony Baloney says:

    I’m in it too! I trade State Secrets for Global Banking Cash and then put it into something called a ‘Charity’ to avoid Tax. Really, MP’s are such newbies to this ‘Business’. Also, I’m untouchable for my War Crimes, because to prosecute me would drag my brainless buddy Bush into the fray. Now we couldn’t have that could we?!

    It’s all about ‘Mind over matter’ – I don’t ‘mind’ because you don’t ‘matter’.

    Yours in the usual contemptuous way.


  146. 146
    UKIPPER says:

    Well I shall post right up untill the 2015 elections, Just to make sure no voter forget it, And I will also pot this just to cheer you up

  147. 147
    The Jacob says:

    Why do we need a minister at all whither for C, M and S or Indeed any other brief.

    Even the role of PM is somewhat superlative to need. Tomorrow we have the weekly braying of all sides of the house, an unseemly performance indeed.

    I shall console myself on the wing of the Government benches with a distant penchant air of disdain and indifference which the television cameras may catch for the idoltry of the masses.

    Now I rather must tootle..

  148. 148
    Inconvenient Truth says:

    These aren’t the Droids you’re looking for…There’s no such thing as positive discrimination. In fact I’ve just made it up…

    Nothing to see here, now move along…

  149. 149
    Immer Wieder says:

    They’re all in it together. Threatening the press, abusing the system and defending each other when they get caught grubbing around.


  150. 150
    Jane says:

    You’re correct.. But we don’t know the actual circumstances so cannot say that she wasn’t on her back at this stage.

    Or even what persuasions that she was offering to support MM in this position.

  151. 151
    Tom Catesby. says:

    Nice to see an image of Miller’s PPS on this site. Now I can put a face to the pushy motormouth I heard for the first time and hopefully the last, on ‘teatime’ radio news. She could bullshit for Scotland.

  152. 152
    Immer Wieder says:

    “I was just following the rules!”

    That’s the problem you dumb Hunt. Absolutely no morals.

  153. 153
    Tom Catesby. says:

    I wish they’d let me in it together with them!

  154. 154
    Tom Catesby. says:

    Didn’t somebody try and pass off a fake bollock as one of Hitler’s, years ago….Oh no, sorry, now I think on, it was diaries.

  155. 155
    Tom Catesby. says:

    ‘Keeping the rat population under control’. They could start by practicing on the 650 in Westminster.

  156. 156
    Dave says:

    Gormless, oestrogen-fuelled nincompoop.

    And she has a stupid accent.

  157. 157
    I've got a little list. says:


  158. 158
    Me says:

    Ach Ja

  159. 159
    I've got a little list. says:

    Will the likes of Ms Mcleod(loud?) f^ck off when scotchland votes for independence?

  160. 160
    Tony Baloney says:

    I’m pretty good at Social Division. I’ll have solved all the middle-east’s problems by Thursday 7pm’ish…I’ll be free after that.

    PS.Just pay me via my ‘charity’…

    Helping you with a contemptuous smile.

    Tony :)

  161. 161
    broderick crawford says:

    it s a PC euphemism for marriage of two people of the same gender .

    Which begs the legal question ;

    When one if them dies before the ither who is for pension etc. and other purposes designated as thw “widow” and whom the ” widower ” ?

    Will the “yardstick” be the one who earns the most /goes out to work or will the designation need to be proven by the specific ” minutiae ” of the sexual relationship?

    The latter would be somewhat orobkematical in an all-woman wedlock methinks …

  162. 162

    Note the euphemistic reference to aresfucker marriage as ‘equal marriage’ .

  163. 163
    I missed the good economic news says:

    When watching that car crash interview even my
    son, who takes no interest in politics,recognised
    that MacLeod repeatedly failed to answer the question
    and was making a bad situation even worse.

    No amount of spinning,lying,blaming the press,
    is going to stop this appalling mess.If Miller had
    an ounce of decency she would save her party further
    grief and resign immediately.

  164. 164
    put up or shut up and then fuck off says:

    Let’s see the evidence?

  165. 165
    do me a favour says:

    She should try living in the real world.
    We ALL work hard,most get paid a lot
    less,fund our own childcare and living
    expenses and can’t make a million profit
    courtesy of the ripped-off taxpayer.

  166. 166
    Anonymous says:

    The phrase is ‘off her own bat’ – not ‘off her own back’ and definitely not, as you have written here, ‘ON her own back’.

  167. 167
    Nuremberg defence says:

    I was just obeying orders.

  168. 168
    Britain says:

    With MPs like that, this country is doomed.

  169. 169
    RevoltingMick says:

    Oink! Slurp! Slurp!! Oink!!

  170. 170
    Anonymous says:

    If I had to rely on this stupid tart to defend me I would resign now.

  171. 171
    thoneyborne says:

    Did anyone else notice that silly spad can’t spell LevesOn

  172. 172
    Tangoed, you have been says:

    Seriously Harmanesque. FFS Miller if feel you’re in the right on all this (which you ain’t, but hey ho) have the bloody guts to speak for yourself. Sending your chum to defend the indefensible and throw accusations around is beyond contempt. I do feel sorry if journos are at her door but one way to fix that ie resign or indeed with hindsight not been such a greedy &@£! In the first place.

  173. 173
    Anonymous says:

    Given the Maria Miller situation I’m ust wondering if Cameron is trying to lose the next election to avoid having a referendum. Sounds ridiculous but then it is pretty ridiculous that he is supporting Miller

  174. 174
  175. 175
    BrindleFly says:

    Ditch the Bitch.

  176. 176
    Geek says:

    Yes, and +1000 to Kay for giving it to that Scotch freak with both barrels.

  177. 177
    Geek says:

    Brod, for fuck’s sake type slower and learn to proof read before you rush into print. Makes life much easier for all of us if we don’t have to stop and try to discern what you are on about.

  178. 178
    Geek says:

    I thought the only thing ever on somebody’s back was the proverbial monkey. Just goes to show…

  179. 179
    Geek says:

    …”some fucking idiot African with a degree etc…”.

    That, Sir, is no way to refer to the Honorable Member for Streatham Common.

  180. 180
    Geek says:

    Why learn?

    The more you learn the more you know
    The more you know the more you forget
    The more you forget the less you know
    The less you know the less you forget
    The less you forget the more you know

    So why learn?

  181. 181
    Geek says:

    … and no doubt she can probably spare 10 minutes or so to list the benefits she has personally brought to the town since her election to the post.

  182. 182
    Geek says:

    That Tubby Isaacs fellow always was good for a laugh…

    Pinta winkles please, Guv.

  183. 183
    Geek says:

    Talking of unelected etc, is there anybody else in the whole country who would invite the cvnt who blew up their uncle to drop by the castle for dinner?

    Or am I missing something?

  184. 184
    Geek says:

    Get rid of both then – 2 useless birds with one stone. I had a friend many years ago named McLeod. Seems they all come from some inbred little island off the north west coast of Scotland somewhere and all talk Gaelic.

  185. 185
    Geek says:


  186. 186
    Geek says:

    The camel’s back is being loaded daily. Won’t take too many more straws now.

  187. 187
    Geek says:

    These clowns really do live in (M)cleod cuckoo land.

  188. 188
    Fred the pensioner says:

    We do not need her or indeed her very expensive Ministry.

    Just shut the whole useless edifice down.

    Sport can take care of itself – why should I fund people who run round in circles and jump into sandpits? Let them fund that themselves. Kids will still be able to go to the local park to kick a ball around, or the local swimming pool – and all without political interference.

    Culture? WTF does that mean? Watching/subsidising illegal immigrants to bang on dustbin lids? Local amateur dramatic groups seem to manage to fund their own private activities – again, all without political interference.

    Media? There are adequate laws to keep the media on their toes (in line?), so we do not need a fully fledged Quango to help them along.

    The whole operation is surplus to requirements and should be chucked overboard before the end of the month. Civil servants involved can go and find a job in the real world.

  189. 189
    Elsie Hargreaves 5 Railway Terrace Dewsbury 5 Railway Terrace Dewsbury says:

    I have been up all night tossing and turning thinking about that woman pilfering our money and laughing at us.

    Things are no better this morning: she is still on the payroll.

    Mr Cameron is simply not protecting our interests as he should be.

  190. 190
    Va te faire foutre says:

    Mr Cameron, you seem to think that having letters after your name impresses us. You seem not to have noticed that they’re French.

  191. 191
    Jim says:

    So he played Chicken.
    Why do we bother with the Law when the Press can say who is guilty?

  192. 192
    Anonymous says:

    defending the indefensible isn’t easy, but she does a spectacularly bad job of it.

    makes Chloe Smith look like an interview expert!

  193. 193
    Anonymous says:

    “blatant misspeak”
    Definition: An attempt to reclassify black as white, and sometimes the reverse. Possibly as the result of being born with a bi-frack-ated tongue in one’s mouth.

  194. 194
    VivaCyrano says:

    Kicking tories or any politico can’t be bad and every time I have to witness the sanctimonious attacks of la Angela Eagle I am reminded of her unwarranted and malevolent attitude towards harmless bystanders waiting outside a committee room in Portcullis House some time ago.

    Ms Eagle with an expression like she had swallowed a bag of lemons quite unnecessarily elbowed her way through those quietly standing in the corridor muttering imprecations the while. She then had the gall to complain to one of the lads in blue who came along and solemnly lectured us about obstructing the progress of members. What an ungulate.

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