April 8th, 2014

Miller Drowns Out Osborne’s Good Economic News

George Osborne must be furious that because of Maria Miller no one is talking about the IMF’s forecast that Britain will be the fastest growing leading economy this year. They have today announced their prediction that UK growth will reach 2.9%, the fastest in the G7, and then 2.5% in 2015. Also endorsing Osborne’s strategy for future growth:

“the government’s efforts to raise capital spending while staying within the medium-term fiscal envelope should help bolster recovery and long-term growth”

Yet because of one Cabinet minister grabbing all the headlines, this will go unnoticed by the vast majority of the public. As ConHome’s Mark Wallace points out:

“Ministers need to be able to get on with communicating the central messages that have the potential to deliver victory in 2015. If their interviews are constantly sidetracked into the question of Miller’s expenses, or their arguments are undermined by the presence in the cabinet of someone who demonstrably didn’t deliver the best value for the taxpayer, that becomes a serious problem.”

If Number 10 let this go on into recess it’ll be the only talking point on the doorstep for weeks…

UPDATE: Interestingly, Guido understands the IMF are refusing to let Olivier Blanchard, their chief economist who famously warned Osborne was playing with fire“, be interviewed by Sky News. Surely they aren’t worried about him putting his foot in it again…


  1. 1
    Working Man says:

    Just so long as she holds out for the next few hours. She’s the subject of a question in tonight’s pub quiz and I don’t want to change the question at this late stage.

  2. 2
    neitherdeadnoralive says:

    Who cares about the economy ? Cameron and Osborne are gone, along with the Tory party at the next GE ! These are “Conservatives” who pushed thru’ gay marriage, who are dismantling our armed forces, who are borrowing money to give away in overseas aid !! Any REAL Conservative will vote UKIP ! Any Conservative left in the Tory party Must be planning to replace Cameron, the Liberal, with a Conservative leader !

  3. 3
    Steven says:

    I just don’t get it – she blatantly got caught so Cameron not having her resign was, at least, an error of judgement. Having her stay all through this media storm to appear strong and in control as PM is obviously not working so why be so stubborn? Just bite the bullet and say it’s obvious she has to leave and get on with trying to win an upcoming election. Just no common sense whatsoever!

  4. 4
    Shocked of Sheen says:

    Bring back Common Purpose…they’ve been quiet lately…

  5. 5
    Curious says:

    Maria, resignfation.
    Yes, I know that there’s no f-in resignation

  6. 6
  7. 7
    Maria the Moron says:

    You read my mind Guido. The tories are doing well on the economy and it is being overlooked because of the selfish& arrogant Miller!

  8. 8
    Meanwhile, at the Department for Culture, Media and Stuff says:

  9. 9
    Arse over tit says:

    Cameron allows Mitchell to resign when he should have stayed

    And keeps Miller when she should resign

  10. 10
    C O (Ξ7o) says:

    Maybe Cameron saw this as a good opportunity to cock-block Osborne’s economic news.

  11. 11
    Shocked of Sheen says:

    It’s good to be loyal, it’s also good to do the right thing, Cameron’s problem.

  12. 12
    neitherdeadnoralive says:

    As we learned from Watergate; it’s not the crime, but the cover up that gets them in the end. For her or her advisers to threaten the committee and the press, (especially the PRESS !) and for her mates to reduce her punishment from £45000 to £4800; this it what will piss people off, more than her origional troughing !!

  13. 13
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Betty Boothroyd has said that Miller is bringing Parliament into disrepute (again) and if she has any honour she would go, that is good enough for me, the last upright speaker we have had until the weasels took over.

  14. 14
    The Jacob says:

    Answer: Chaucer was the author of the Tale?

  15. 15
    Tom Catesby. says:

    Gorgious George must lead the charge to purge Miller, if he wants the ‘good news’ to reap benefits at the polls in May.

  16. 16
    a non says:

    Out of the mouths of babes and Observers. Too true.

  17. 17
    neitherdeadnoralive says:

    Ahh, Betty. The last honourable person to have been a member of the House. She must be so disappointed in this lot.

  18. 18
    MC Hammered says:

    You can’t touch me

    You can’t touch me

    You can’t touch me

    Stop! Miller time!

  19. 19
    Bring back Betty says:

    Just listened to that interview on previous thread. Wow, Betty, you were brilliant. Any chance of returning as Speaker?

  20. 20
    The Jacob says:

    Mr Cameron really doesn’t get it, does he. So promising in a commercial sense some years ago. Now the whole country’s feels it needs a baaath.

    We need a new broom in the stables and not carried Mr Milliband.

  21. 21
    Good Riddance to Gay Dave says:


  22. 22
    No thanks miller says:

  23. 23

    I’ve got my postal vote organised already for the Euro elections.

    I have a proxy who will be voting UKIP for me.


            Sit back and wait for Armageddon

  24. 24
    They Sikh him here says:

  25. 25
    They seek him there says:

  26. 26
    Seen it all says:

    Best guess: Miller holds out till Friday, resigns. Esther has some IDS bile to spew by then, delivers it and is promoted. Immediately the McVies and Merseyside demand free World Cup tickets.

    The Houses of Troughers are on holiday then for one month.

    The national finances then return to normal and George infers tax cuts.

  27. 27
    illogical says:

    Not any mention yet in ‘Meccano Weekly’.
    How can the HoC be expected to sink any lower than its previous reputation?.
    They are slime on all sides.
    Only the media and big G, anxious to sell / promote copy are pushing this situation, together with any politician with an axe to grind..
    The general public is disinterested.

  28. 28
    He's a dedicated follower of fashion says:

  29. 29
    A Deluded Cunt says:

    I’d vote for Miller! She is doing a really good job for ukip -or is it the labour she supports?

  30. 30
    Seen it all says:

    We’re not bovvered about fackin As da.

  31. 31
    Puzzled says:

    How can Guido not be topping all updates of this sorry saga with the comments from Betty Boothroyd?

    They now define the story.

    Her comments carry far more authority than anything anyone else has had to say on the matter, and any blogger/journalist worth their salt should recognise that.

    It doesn’t matter that she spoke to BBC radio.

    That interview is by far the most powerful part of the story so far, hugely damaging for not only Miller and Cameron, but the Parliamentary Standards Committee.

  32. 32
    Betty Has Spoken says:

  33. 33
    nell says:

    mariamilller is an embarrassment to the tories and has got to go. When is Dave going to get a backbone and sack her?!

  34. 34
    The Joint Secretary of the 1922 Committee says:

    Hear ! Hear !

  35. 35
    nell says:

    I don’t vote in the EU elections. Total waste of effort.

  36. 36
    OH YESSS!! says:

  37. 37
    Thicko Dave says:

    Miller has dug a hole for herself! Dave is in two minds! Should he support the witch or do the right thing by the electorate and tell her to fuck off & do not expect a refund?

    It is a no brainer!

  38. 38
    She came she saw she conquered says:

  39. 39
    Concerned Voter says:

    I miss the old scandals that involved a black bin liner and various implements shoved up their arse hole’s.

    Come on Chuka, Fill the gap.

  40. 40
    They think it's all over. It is Now says:

  41. 41
    Cameron the Cunning Cock-Blocker says:

    Osborne now looks a total mong with sunburn and funny hair on a beach in B’razil.

  42. 42
    disenfranchised says:

    Disappointed Nell.

  43. 43
    optional says:

    did the Sikhs get a dispensation to carry a knife about ?

  44. 44
    jgm2 says:

    Yeah. Right because if he blocks Osborne’s good news then Osborne won’t get any credit. Only problem with that scenario is that the Tories won’t get any credit either and seeing as they’re 1% behind in the polls rather than 15% ahead that would be an utterly fucking stupid decision.

  45. 45
    Pantomine ~The Wicked Witch of the West says:

    Boooooooh! Resign you nasty witch!

    He is behind you! Booooooooo!

  46. 46

    Most surprised at you!

    Don’t you believe in the power of message, nell?

    In an elective dictatorship, the only time that any politician listens is when the electorate speaks!

  47. 47
    Harriet Harman. says:

    So she is using my strategy! Stay at all cost! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  48. 48
    jgm2 says:

    Maria should make his mind up for him then.

    ‘All this speculation has become a distraction … good economic news is being ignored …. I have decided to step down from minister to clear my name … thank the PM for his support…’

  49. 49
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP

  50. 50
    Eton Mess says:

    Yeah too right David Cameron would ever make an utterly fucking stupid decision !!!!!

  51. 51
    C O (Ξ7o) says:

    For UKIP, winning votes off of this is like shooting fish in a barrel.

  52. 52
    Flange says:

    Walking to the Polling Station and drawing a huge phallus on the voting slip is never a waste of time.

  53. 53
    nell says:

    I thought that was gordonbrown’s strategy – superglue your fingers to your desk and keep troughing off your expenses for as long as you can!!!

  54. 54
    Richard Nixon says:

    There is no whitewash at the shitehouse !

  55. 55
    nell says:

    maria miller – margaret moran – maybe this self serving attitude is something to do with people whose first and last names begin with m for money and me!!

  56. 56
    Max Clifford says:

    Would five and a half inches when flacid do ?

  57. 57
    nell says:

    Plus 5 Million and then some!!!!

  58. 58
    Witchy Poo says:

    Here is the fastest growing petition!


    160,000 signature & counting!

    Resign Miller!

  59. 59
    nell says:

    My view is that the EU will become irrelevant in my lifetime . Why should I bother to cast a vote for an institution for which I have no respect?

  60. 60
    nell says:

    Betty Boothroyd was the best, most honorable, most intellectual Speaker we ever had. Her views are always valuable and succinct!

  61. 61
    Serioso says:

    oh – and with respect to your good self – I think it’s worth more than 1

    I’ll give it 100

    Remember we’re talking about the Heir to Bliar here – so when ‘Dave’ goes, much – but not all – of the muck and stinking contamination of those years goes too (I hope).

    Then begins the dismantling of the edifices of a repugnant era and rebuilding of a wholesome society can begin.

    There is one simple test – when the BBC starts to reform we know the New Age has begun.

  62. 62
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    things aren’t happening fast enough. This woman needs to go. we need to leave the EU, limit the population growth, proscribe the abomination Islam, develop biological machines and instigate mental communication by psychic waves with planet Zorg

  63. 63
    Pizza Delivery Man says:

    If we do have the fastest growing economy this year then how many positions are we to climb on the economic league table ?

  64. 64
    Rickytshirt says:

    Does Johnny Vegas live in Dawlish now?

  65. 65
    Tin Can Cam - he never buckles says:

    Speaking as one with superlative PR skills, I have to ask that you let me be the judge of what should be done and when.

    Stage 1 will be to make a speech – empty, hollow, platitudinous – and devoid of any meaningful content about action.

    Stage 2 will be to chillax

    I haven’t planned stage 3 yet.

  66. 66
    Salem says:


    Who the fuck does Miller thinks she is? Anne Bullyn? Boleyn was accused of being a gold digger and a witch amongst other things!

    Off with her head! No French swordsmen needed in this age of austerity! A blunt axe should do it!

  67. 67
    JIMMY says:





  68. 68
    Fr. Jethro says:

    “Corrupt are they, and become abominable in their wickedness : there is none that doeth good.” Psalm LIII, as I recall…

  69. 69
    Live by the sword says:

    Why is my tax money being spent on letting the mother of gangster Mark Duggan appeal the jury’s verdict of lawful killing? He was a gun toting twat. End of.

  70. 70
    Podiceps says:

    A very appropriate number for people who tell big LIIIs.

  71. 71
    Corby says:

    Mller is dead in the water – but she wil notlie down.

    What is Cameron dithering at: she is expendable and he can easily find another token woman.

    Cameron is like John Major – rotestions of loyalty to a mnister, then “every confidence”, then dithering for a few weeks, then the sack.

  72. 72

    You don’t need to be churchgoing religious nut to find buggery repulsive!!!

  73. 73
    One of the people who voter for her, never again says:

    McVey won’t last past May 2015, the only reason why people voted for her was the thing they wanted most was Brown thrown out, they got that, she’s not liked, it took her long enough to become an MP.

  74. 74
    broderick crawford says:

    Where s Maria Milch … is she the one disguised in the white turban and beard ??

  75. 75
    Gorbals Mick says:

    The Baroness was the last decent speaker.

  76. 76
    an angry taxpaying pleb says:

    Do you really think Cameron knows how to gut a fish?

  77. 77
    Standards Committee says:

    £45,800 ? Just drop the number ‘4’. All agreed ? Good.

  78. 78
    Peter Hain says:

    Let all the terrorists walk free.

  79. 79
    Cliff edge says:

    So who’s this 73 year old who’s been arrested in Operation Yewtree? It’s a real cliffhanger! Does the case involve young ones? Did it happen during a summer holiday?

  80. 80
    Salem Witch Hunt part II says:

    David Cameron is losing the plot.

    Meanwhile, the Miller witch is in her coven, plotting how she can insist this is nothing more than a media witch hunt. Miss Direction insists it is possible as the electorate are easily fooled! They plan to stay up all night and find more means to fool the voters.

    Meanwhile, Osborne is exasperated on how he can seriously convince the electorate that ‘We are all in it together’ when the witch is in it for her own selfish ends. He contemplates dressing up as Miller and resigning on her behalf! Then he thinks Nah that is a mental idea. Nuts. It will never work.

    Back to David Cameron who is losing his grip on reality and wonders if the electorate are just the cast of Eastenders. Sam does not help him when she attempts her Kate Bush impersonations to try & cheer him up!

    The plot thickens………..

  81. 81
    Mr Quelch says:

    I myself have attempted to communicate mentally with the planet Zorg (it’s Zog actually – a minor point) by means of psychic waves. All I received was a recorded message saying they were out at the moment but that they thought that the dumpy female personage with the peculiar dress sense appearing so often on Earthling televisual transmissions should ,without further procrastination, f&%k the f&%k off.

  82. 82
    Psycho Miller says:

    The people of Basingstoke absolutely love me.
    Check out their heartfelt comments:


  83. 83

    You have not answered my question.

  84. 84
    jj says:

    MILLEr is pig

    fat troughing pigg woman

  85. 85
    Where's me pitchfork says:

    Again…How many times is that Ron?

  86. 86
    Where's me pitchfork says:

    or the caps lock

  87. 87
    Millet Miller says:

    Peaches story gaining traction on Google news search engine……Christ almighty, when is that fucken plane gonna be found already??

  88. 88
    Where's me pitchfork says:

    No she didn’t blatantly get caught. Read the report Muppet

  89. 89
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    The thick plotten.

  90. 90
    Gordon the mong says:

    i Am WaTcHiNg cHeLsEa rOvErS.

    i AM tHE sPeCiAl MOnG

  91. 91
    Where's me pitchfork says:

    She also doesn’t know what she is talking about (listen to Betty) slip into partisan politics. I noticed she took the opportunity to finger Miller as a Tory.

  92. 92

    The capacity for self delusion is only exceeded by the sense of entitlement,
    Cameron is living in a cuckoo land if he believes we are about to swallow this crock of shit .
    How dare he insult our intelligence and then expect us to vote for his corrupt gang of thieves in the next election?

  93. 93
    nell says:

    Hmm SC – the power of message – ‘elective’ dictatorship now there’s a conundrum!

    Do you not think that ‘not voting’ carries it’s own power of message?

  94. 94
    Hank Marvin says:

    Congratulations on your subtlety.

  95. 95
    Anonymous says:

    Is it just me, or if this was a man would he already be off to pastures new? What’s Dave playing at? It’s the Culture Minister, hardly the most critical position. If she doesn’t like it she should have thought about that before.

  96. 96
    you read my mind. says:

    stem cells regenerate.
    will the organ be a fab lolly.
    50 calories which go in come out as.is.
    will it be re eaten,
    orangatan time.

  97. 97
    Mad Nads says:

    I’m free

  98. 98
    nell says:

    Ah but there you see is the big problem that we face – do we vote for cameron and his pile of horse dung mixed in with the unacceptable mariamiller who to be fair are actually getting to grips with the economy or do we vote for militwit and his horse dung mixed in with the unacceptable bullyballs who are economically illiterate?

    Tough decision. I’m sure the electorate will sort it out.

  99. 99
    i wonder says:

    Is Miller a secret Labour double agent tasked firstly with championing
    legislation Tory traditionalists will hate.Followed by refusing to resign
    when caught fiddling,thus infuriating voters,splitting the party,grabbing
    all the headlines and making Cameron look like a weak twat.

  100. 100
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    If only the EU would stop funding piddly little experiments in Switzerland and finance the development of a global array of psychic wave projectors, powered by millions of solar windmills then people might not think they are a bunch of wastrels.

  101. 101
    perdix says:

    The only reason why the news on the economy is overshadowed is that guido , ukip supporting Telegraph and others want to claim a scalp, making news out of news. Good news is boring, seeing someone hounded is nicely vicious and hopefully gets more clicks and sells more papers.

  102. 102
    nell says:

    Do us a favour and stick your head back beneath the parapet!

  103. 103
    Anonymous says:


  104. 104
    Project : Maria the Mentalist says:

    Maria! I would not wanna 2 b ya! You are a troughing stunt. Maria you gotta flee ah- cos ur a 2 faced lying Hunt!

    Maria I don’t wanna be yah with your nasty troughing grunts.
    Maria u betta flee ah. Nothing grows when ur axe is blunt.

    So maria u betta flee ah! No more of ur troughing stunts u 2 faced lying Hunt!

  105. 105
    south of the M4 says:

    Yes, but what would you do after 11:00 am?

  106. 106
    nice cup of tea says:

    I’ve never bothered to vote in EU elections either Nell,
    but I’ve decided to vote UKIP this time.I admire Farage
    for taking on the establishment,agreed with a lot of what
    he said, and I want to send a message to Westminster that
    I’m totally disillusioned with the troughing lot of them.

  107. 107
    Nurse says:

    What’s up Gordo? – not like you to use type – lost your crayons?

  108. 108
    which is it? says:

    Miller said on Mumsnet a few years ago that she had an au pair.
    I thought her parents provided childcare?

  109. 109
    Millers expenses claims... says:

    Something smelling fishy?

  110. 110
    The Best Interests of the Child says:

    Would you trust your children to the same people who brouight you up to be such a moral pygmy?

  111. 111
    ASDA says:

    Sorry Dave, we don’t have any live lobsters. Have you tried Selfridges?

  112. 112
    Mr Nobody says:

    In your dreams, socialist troll. Labour would need a good double-digit lead at this point if they were to have a chance of forming the next government. It’s Miliband who’ll be long gone in 2015 – assuming he lasts that long.

  113. 113
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    A good time for Chilcot to publish, then Blair can have the full attention of the media frenzy.

  114. 114
    Pork says:

    I smell PORK



  115. 115
    Bring Back Betty says:

    She’s brilliant. If only we had a directly elected Speaker, she’d be a shoe-in with the public for Bercow’s job.

  116. 116
    GORDON BROWN says:

    People who use caps too much are often insane

  117. 117
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Let orange man meet the real orange men, then Hain can have all the “troubles” to himself.

  118. 118
    Mr Nobody says:

    Ed Miliband would probably end up supergluing his fingers to his arse by mistake.

  119. 119
    Mr Nobody says:


  120. 120
    Someone else says:

    Get rid of them both. You know it makes sense.

  121. 121
    here we go says:

    Yes Nell, the braindead electorate will vote for Liebour rubbish, in belief they are getting their own back on Camorons Conservatives, they may not like millitwit but the Liebour whitewash lasts longer than Daz and Camoron’s none PR, we are back to where we were in 2009 hoping Camoron will change for the better when in office and we are now looking towards UKIP doing something if it gets into office, seems all our hopes and all our dreams have been trashed by corrupted MPs the ones when they got in promised us a good life, yes we got it , immigration, bumsex marriage, lies, more lies, more corruption, more EU wonderful laws, more corrution more of the same merry go round.

  122. 122
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Isn’t it ever the same with the media. Bad news, everything is wrong, hound an MP. Same old, same old, nothing is ever new.

  123. 123
    Mr Nobody says:

    Miliband would not know which end of the broom to hold.

  124. 124
    The most amusing claim ever says:

    Chilcot will NEVER be published in our lifetime

  125. 125
    Bosun Higgs says:

    Very low standards are standards, after all.

  126. 126
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Is he a shadow of his former self.

  127. 127
    Gordon Brown says:

    Fizzy orange please!

  128. 128
    Contra mundum says:

    Shoo in (as in horses).

  129. 129
    nell says:

    Well I understand Farage will stand for Parliament in Folkestone in 2015 – Ihope he wins and I think, if he does, he’ll be a breath of fresh air.

    However presumably he’s standing for the EU in 2014 and will be elected and then will have to stand down if he’s elected to parliament in 2015. So it all looks a bit messy doesn’t it?

    I’ll stand here in case I don’t win there sort of stuff so that I can keep troughing somewhere. That does not look good!!!

  130. 130
    The Honourable Thing To Do says:

    Can’t she just slip away quietly into an empty room with a bottle of scotch and a loaded revolver?

  131. 131
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Thanks Laura, that’s £600,000 well spent.

  132. 132
    left hook. main body, right hook. says:

    king, throne, queen.
    king on the left, queen on the right.
    imagine the throne’s ecstasy.

  133. 133
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Is it possible to shove an arsehole up an arsehole?

  134. 134
    Maimed Codger says:

    The really worrying thing about all of this is, how many other errors of Judgement is Dave making whilst he is running the Country…. Very Worrying Indeed.

  135. 135
    Maimed Codger says:

    Load of old Balls that is….

  136. 136
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    I can see your point. Just think of the £billions we would have to pay in compensation to Iraq.

  137. 137
    Anonymous says:

    Shoo-in. Nothing to do with footwear.

  138. 138
    Londoner says:

    It’s too weak. She should be under arrest.

  139. 139
    The Department for Nobbling Culture, Meeja 'n' Sport says:

    We’re playing the Environment Agency in the semis on Saturday. They swamped us last year and it’s PAYBACK TIME!

  140. 140
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Nads free, you must be joking.

  141. 141
    Sir Roger de Senseless says:

    Bloody Hell, they’re not still falling for that old rugby club favourite, are they. That blokes got to work for the government!

  142. 142
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    No SC, it’s politicians promises first, then the voter chooses, then the politician does what he or she wants. Voters are an unnecessary distraction.

  143. 143
    Anonymous says:

    Nothing from Nick Clegg regard MariaMiller yet,he’s very quiet. Could that be to do with David Laws and his “expenses?

  144. 144
    Back to basics says:

    It’s simple; posh twat boy just lost the next election.

    Major’s tory toffs left this kind of arrogant, priveledged, ‘little people don’t understand’ taste in the mouth and they were flung from office. It will happen again even if he backs down now.

    Add in the debacle of a Scottish Yes vote, remind people of his cast iron referendum promise before coming to power and he could be a nominee for the worst PM of all time.

    Just looking at him makes me want to wipe my hands clean.

    If Brown can make serious money as a useless ex-PM, think what toof boy can do. Sickening.

  145. 145
    Old Moore's Crystal Balls says:

    Not only that but if as looks possible from the narrowing of the polls Scotland votes YES on 18 September Cameron is finished anyway both as Prime Minister and Leader of the Tory party who will never forgive him for wrecking the Union

  146. 146
    Having a Vlad says:

    Best keep Dave away from the nuclear button, dithering not appropriate. FFS, what’s wrong with the man?

  147. 147
    Londoner says:

    Maybe he couldn’t care less.

  148. 148

    But the line only goes to Cornwall, which says it is a different country.

  149. 149
    Don't rock the establishment boat says:

    Nah…it’s probably more to do with the plum job in Europe.

  150. 150
    King Nigel says:

    “I will have such revenges on you all,
    I will do such things,–
    What they are, yet I know not: but they shall be
    The terrors of the earth. “

  151. 151
    Londoner says:

    We see these projection so often and they always end up being revised down because they are bullshit.

  152. 152
    Hamjam says:


  153. 153

    She might know where some of the bodies are buried.

  154. 154
    Cliff edge says:

    You’re just a devil woman!

  155. 155
    The Screwed British Taxpayer says:

    Please don’t fucking jest!

  156. 156
    His lawyer's advice says:

    We don’t talk any more

  157. 157
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m a superhero. My name is Captain It Started In America.

  158. 158
    The Screwed British Taxpayer says:

    The comments are priceless!

  159. 159
    Nick's mum says:

    He’s sulking

  160. 160
    Bob Geldof says:

    Tell me why I don’t like Mondays?

  161. 161
    Johann Hari says:

    I’ve got a world exclusive interview with the pilot of the missing Malaysian plane.

  162. 162
    The most amusing claim ever says:

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man who thinks he is infallible, will always want to impose his view on others by any means including an illegal war

  163. 163
    Benny Hill says:

    Farage will stand in South Thanet not Folkstone.

  164. 164

    Possible. She worked in London ad-agencies. These have been hotbeds of GramscoFabiaNazism since the mid-70s, when the dregs of the hippie-druggie-leftie Oxford-PPE-type Nazis got into them having failed to “pass into” the “Civil Service” or the “NHS Management Trainee Programme”.

    People, especially those from “universities”, hired innocently by these blameless firms who just thought they were getting clever people who’d make the money, fought bloodily for, and championed, rubbish like the “Clunk Click Every Trip” indoctrination programs. Heck, they even hired Jimmy Savile. As did BR (“This is the age of the train”: I even worked on the ABM pitch for that one….Does anyone know if Peter Marsh is still alive? I would like to visit him and thank him for some good career breaks for me, really I would.)

    But this whole thing is turning into a (mis)managed fighting-retreat/rout, and it’s time to get rid of the bastards and vote UKIP.

  165. 165
    David Rose says:

    I’ve got a world exclusive interview with the pilot of the missing Malaysian plane

  166. 166
    Tim Yeo-yo says:

    Oiiii! I said that 4 days ago!

    Massive error of judgement by DC….again!

    Who is advising these chimps? Do they have any idea of public opinion?

  167. 167
    Maria Miller says:

    It’s all the media’s fault!

  168. 168
    C O (Ξ7o) says:

    What impact could this Miller situation have on the S’cottish Independence vote ?

  169. 169

    We must never forget that Cameron was unable to secure an outright victory over the most out of his depth, deluded cretin who ever entered number ten, and who laid waste to the economy for the foreseeable future in the name of socialist dogma,proving that there are still millions out there still prepared to vote Labour!

  170. 170
    Ange says:

    Something smells fishy.

  171. 171
    nigels parachute says:

    Is oscar trying to win an oscar?

  172. 172
    Psycho Miller says:

    I will be spending all day in my bunker tomorrow.
    Can I claim for loss of daylight?

  173. 173
    I'll have a P says:

  174. 174
    John Kerry says:

    I AM the master of hypocrisy!

  175. 175

    The real question is why Culture Media and Sport should ever be the concern of any government,the very job title sounds like something from the USSR circa 1954.

  176. 176
    Sir George Young MP says:

    I just wanted to point out that we are agreed across the house that we are fully entitled to take the piss on expenses. Because we’re worth it. Now, be good chaps and get off our backs.

  177. 177
    Fire Up The Quattro says:

    What is going on. I prefer Sarah Millican (yuk) to News at 10.

  178. 178
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:


  179. 179
    trot off trotski says:

    @Back to basics

    “Toff” – is that as bad as “pleb”?

  180. 180

    Or a battery operated dildo ?

  181. 181
    Kate says:

  182. 182
    The very PC SM says:

    Well…she sure ain’t funny!

    PC comedy just ain’t funny…do you know why?

  183. 183
    corrigendum says:

    Is Cameron a secret Labour double agent tasked firstly with championing legislation Tory traditionalists will hate.Followed by infuriating voters, splitting the party, grabbing all the headlines and making himself look like a weak twat?

  184. 184
    Betty Boothroyd says:

    “It is not that she is damaging the Conservative party…it is that she is doing great damage to Parliament!”

  185. 185
    Helping Hans says:

    You need to see a doctor.

  186. 186
    Percival Reg says:

    normally most MPs would be saying the same. Unfortunately there are very few like Kate Hoey who are not fiddling or maxing out their tax free expenses, so the voices are fewer in this case.

  187. 187
    ducking stool says:

    Yes she did.

  188. 188
    Dawn French says:

    Are you daring to suggest I’m not funny? Or Jennifer Saunders? Or Stewart Lee? We’re legends of comedy, I’ll have you know!

  189. 189
    8umboy 8illy hague says:

    I can lend her mine.

  190. 190
    Dr Spock says:

    Maria Miller is a psychopath. She is doing what psychopaths do: treating the rest of us like stupid schmucks, ripping us off, lying through her teeth, and acting the victim now she’s been caught out.

    No surprise that Cameron’s protecting her. She’s his kind of gal.

  191. 191
    voters won't forget says:

    Miller is cynically hanging on ’til Parliament
    breaks for Easter on Friday in the hope the
    story will die over the hols.
    It won’t.

  192. 192
    Has she ben Hacked or is she having a laugh? says:

  193. 193
    East India Company Wallah says:

    I would say the bodies are mummified
    None of these -astards would countenance digging a hole
    London school of economics
    Born in Wolverhampton
    Reared in Bridgend Wales
    Surely in the wrong party

  194. 194
    Maria Miller says:

    Baby charged with murder in Bradford


  195. 195

    No, I jolly well don’t think it carries any message that the politicians will listen to!

    From not voting, the politicians infer that the voters are apathetic – even when that is not always the case. That is what they take away from low turnouts. They are at their most cynical then.

    You are not apathetic. Don’t give them the opportunity of assuming that you are.

  196. 196
    Polly Toybum says:

    Isn’t diversity wonderful!!

  197. 197

    Precisely what I mean when I talk about ‘elective’ dictatorship!

    We have an absolute moral obligation to frighten the buggers out of their wits.

  198. 198
    Band of Sisters says:

    “Conservative MP for Basingstoke. Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and Minister for Women and Equalities”

    It’s her second job that is causing the Sisters Polly and Mrs Dromey to support her.

  199. 199
    Betty Boothroyd says:

    Why did he move all of his assets off-shore and why did he attain foreign (Barbadian) citizenship?

    Attending the Grand National might just prove to be his downfall.


  200. 200
    scarecrow dave says:

    “If I only had a backbone”

  201. 201
    The Gay Mafia says:

    We look after our own and those who look after us!

  202. 202
    Duckworth Lewis says:

    Just spoken to Basingstoke media. Her latest apology is too little too late.

  203. 203
    The Kosher Mafia says:


    So do we!

  204. 204
    The Kosher Mafia says:

    You’ve claimed for everything else!

  205. 205
    Brillo-the-has-been says:

    …except in tus***co***neee!

  206. 206
    Bernard Manning says:

    Stewart Lee is funny. He’s anti-PC. He just has to be extremely careful about how he is un-PC and funny.

    If you know what I mean?

  207. 207
    Podiceps says:

    ‘Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and Minister for Women and Equalities’ — not only should she go, but so should these viciously useless ministries.

  208. 208
    rick says:

    BBC cannot reform. Only when the license fee is scrapped will this corrupt and pampered institution go.

  209. 209
    David Cameron and his cat (Fraud in boots) says:

    D’avid C’ameron was a poor retard from Oxford. Hearing of the great city of London, where the streets were said to be paved with gold, he set off to seek his fortune in the big city. Once there, of course, D’avid could not find any streets that were paved with gold, or real work. Hungry, cold and tired, he fell asleep in front of Parliament. An MP picked him up and buggered him, then D’avid became PM, because he was a bit young at the time and knew all about Blackmail. Unfortunately, P’arliament was infested with rats. D’avid earned a penny shining a gentleman’s cock, and with it he bought a cat, who drove off the press. One day, Sir K’evin B’arron asked his servants to send something in his ship, leaving on a journey to a far off port, to trade for gold. Reluctantly, D’avid sent his beloved cat.

    D’avid was happy living with Sir K’evin, except that B’arron’s cook was cruel to D’avid, who eventually decided to run away. But before he could leave the city, he heard the Bow Bells ring out. They seemed to be saying,

    “Fuck off C’ameron, thrice Mayor of London”.

    D’avid retraced his steps and found that Sir K’evin’s ship had returned. It turned out that the ship had visited the far reaches of the Treasure Island, whose palace was overrun with thieves. D’avid’s cat had been hailed a hero for making a lot of cash among the vermin, and the Taxpayer had purchased the cat a house or two. D’avid was a rich man. He joined Sir K’evin in his business and sorted out gay marriage, and in time the Mayor of L’ondon told him to fuck off, just as the bells had predicted.

    Then D’avid woke up and read the T’elegraph.

  210. 210
    David Cameron, the UKIP bitch says:

    Nope – Vote UKIP.

  211. 211
    Many taxpayers says:

    Shoeing – if she appears in public.

  212. 212
    End corruption says:

    You can fuck off as well

  213. 213
    DAVE (Bum Sex for Me) Cameron says:

    “Miller Drowns Out Osborne’s Good Economic News”

    Good i’m glad, it might make the Tory party shape up and get rid of that useless fucker Camermong

  214. 214
    Dave Deletes all sack Miller petitions. And they say Russia is bad? says:

  215. 215
    here we go says:

    My mrs has just watched her recording of Loose women, they have lambasted all MPs, and that Miller woman.

  216. 216
    Fishy says:

    If a recent analysis, that 7 times more UKIP voters are from the Tories is true, right wing opposition to Weird Ed runs at around 44%, but Miliband will slither in, through the cat flap, with no popular mandate to govern.

  217. 217
    Fishy says:

    So what. If it upsets the Morning Star, she’s got my vote.

  218. 218
    wTF doesn't she just go? says:

    Betty used a word that Maria does not even begin to understand the meaning of. Honour.

  219. 219
    Fishy says:

    NB: So the BBC are pushing the Daily Hammer and Sickle, now

  220. 220
    Bin Effiz Khalidmen says:

    You Eengleesh is so racist.

  221. 221
    North Korea comes to Downing Street says:

    The other papers are now picking this one up. Although Dave probably had no knowledge of it, it does look bad that number 10 is censoring their own e petitions to protect their minister who done wrong.

  222. 222
    Fuck the EU says:

    Ban the filthy Euro Trash from coming in in the first place.

    Fucking c’unts.

  223. 223
    Fishy says:

    That airhead Rowenna Davis is back on Sky, apparently Miller is damaging Labour. Try to equate her with MacShame is not on.

  224. 224
    State censorship comes to the UK says:

  225. 225
    LEST WE FORGET says:

  226. 226
    Labour Old Lags Club says:

    Ere…Miller was an amateur.

    Got any snout left, Denis?

  227. 227
    Eraser Nelson says:

    Good old Betty – still high kicking…

  228. 228
    Make the switch Kate, create an earthquake says:

    I can’t understand how Hoey can remain in the traitorous Labour Party.
    Hoey should join UKIP. It looks more like her natural home.

  229. 229
    Dreadful says:

    Lansley was, quite simply, appalling on Newsnight.

  230. 230
    Nemesis says:

    Never mind the cheating piggy Miller I am seriously disgusted at the hobnobbin of that murderous thug McGuiness and the privileged establishment dripping in wealth including the queen at the dinner tonight. That poor man Mr Barker who lost a son to McGuinness’s murderous campaign stood alone with a heart rendering placard whilst the rich and murderous swines in evening dress celebrated. What a fucking disgrace of a country. And the fucking queen cannot be excused from such a hideous celebration of death.

  231. 231
    Police interogator says:

    We’re wired for sound

  232. 232
    Slalom says:

    But they’re making up their rules on the hoof now.

    If they’re ignoring Betty Boothroyd, they sure as hell won’t abide by Duckworth Lewis.

    Cameron and Miller should have entered the Winter Olympics, riding the toboggan called Pretend Conservatives, or Heirs to Blair, sponsored by Hacked Off.

    They’re hitting downhill records daily, no end in sight to this global race to the bottom.

  233. 233
    Alice in Wonderland says:

    The kids’ welfare is now a matter of public interest, open to comment.

    Given that her Spad and/or PSP foolishly made this the case while blaming the media (sans proof) for abuse they said the press inflicted on the children in their criticism of Miller.

    Have Miller and her advisers not a brain among them?

    Yet Cameron — in allowing her to hang on — still has the audacity to give them responsibility for overseeing the media? OMG

  234. 234
    Your pitchfork's up your arse says:


    And I say that as someone who has never voted anything other than Conservative before.

  235. 235
    Sad Tidings says:

    The so-called Conservatives are goners as long as Cameron and your Boy George call the tune.

    Dig through your “good news” economic stats, and they’re flakey. Actually awful, even on a headline basis without such digging.

    Can’t stand Labour myself. But be honest with yourself. Padding employment numbers with zero-hour contract work is nothing but cosmetics or camouflage.

    Cameron’s crowd might have been in with a chance (of another coalition, not majority) before the Miller saga. Doubt it now.

  236. 236
    M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

    It would be better if she put her party before her job and resigned. That would save Dave the embarrassment of having to sack her. That self preservation seems to matter to her above all else tells you what you need to know about her character and these expense and tax fiddles of hers, if you had any doubts before.

  237. 237
    Fred the pensioner says:

    … and dispense with the need to wear a crash hat on a motorcycle?

  238. 238
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Kindly do not confuse ‘disinterested’ with ‘uninterested’. You only show up your poor education under Shirley’s reform programme.

  239. 239
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Blame Shirley Williams and her edicts to dumb all the kids down to new dimness levels unseen in England’s history.

    Der chikings r now cumin howm 2 rewst.

  240. 240
    Geek (on the dole for the moment) says:

    Well paying, responsibility-free jobs fer de boyz’n’girls innit.

  241. 241
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Whatever comes out of the mouths of anybody at the International Monetary Fraudsters organisation needs to be taken with a barrelful of highest quality salt.

  242. 242
    Methuselah says:

    I can wait.

  243. 243
    Glaswegian interleckchual says:

    To whom do your refer (Jimmy)?

  244. 244
    Observing the similarities says:

    It looks like this particular poll is being conducted in the same suburb of Salford every time.

  245. 245
    Observing the similarities says:

    Only 3 months? That should be closer to 30 years. Why should I pay to fund the progeny of foreigners’ fucking habits?

  246. 246
    The view from 'uddersfield says:

    I agree. Where’s the fucking IRA when you really need them?

  247. 247
    non taxable pikey says:

    McG’s head should be on a spike above the gates of Derry.

  248. 248
    Dave C says:

    /..and tell me Ange, do any of these sea creatures have erm, what’s the thing? Oh yes, a spine?

  249. 249
    Ed Millibandwagon says:

    What’th a broom?

  250. 250
    Police Officer Mason says:

    No, he was a black gun toting twat.

    In the interests of equality different rules apply.

  251. 251
    M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

    It can’t really go any further.

  252. 252
    Dolphin Square boys club says:

    His career’s just fallen off a cliff.

  253. 253
    Our glorious ruling class says:

    You ghasty native Britons are not good enough to work in Britain, but we may need you to die in Poland when our Ukraine venture all goes t1ts up.

  254. 254
    Maria Miller says:

    Catch me if you can!

  255. 255
    Hang the liblabcon says:

    Of course you’ll defend her. You’re a brain dead tory tribalist. The mirror image of ‘Labour til the day I die’ crowd I suppose you despise.

  256. 256
    Hang the liblabcon says:

    I seriously doubt the Tory party gives a stuff for the Union these days.

    They’d be quite happy having perpetual rule in a territory comprising little more than London and the home counties.

  257. 257
    Julie Kirkbride says:

    You’ve had your fifteen minutes now, girlie. Time to take one for the team.

  258. 258
    Andrew Efiong says:


    Maria Miller resigns.

  259. 259
    nell says:

    Maria Miller Resigns! About time! Now will they make her pay bacvk the full amount?

    This has done cameron no good at all – made him look very weak.

  260. 260
  261. 261
    a non says:

    She has just resigned!

  262. 262
    joolz says:

    And she mentions Levison again, hinting that the Prime Dick should curtail the press even more?

  263. 263
    Maria miller says:

    Get out of bed Guido. I’ve resigned.

  264. 264
    Lord Stansted says:

    Cameron should have sacked the thieving useless bitch days ago, but he doesn’t have the bottle. No matter, he’s just made it certain that he’ll not be PM after the Election – even if the Tories form the next government. Osborne is not going to forget this in a hurry – and who could blame him. Miller should be sent to do the job within her capabilities – the Madam in a bum-sex brothel might be a start.

  265. 265
    The Constitution says:

    She has abandonned her coronation oath to uphold the laws and customs of the English nation. She no longer has a legitimate right to make exexcutive decisions in exercise of the Prerogative, as she has facilitated and assented to her anti-democratic Privy Council gagging the free press of her people.

  266. 266
    Honour says:

    But have you resigned your seat in Parliament?

  267. 267
    Where's my right of recall? says:

    Too little too late. She’s still in Parliament

  268. 268
    Where's my right of recall? says:

    Not really ‘victory’ in the proper sense of the word. We are still stuck with a weak Prime Minister who wouldn’t sack her and no legitimate means whereby her constituents can replace her during the life of this Parliament. For me this isn’t about who sits in a poor leader’s Cabinet, it is about who sits in Parliament.

  269. 269
    IMHO says:

    It has exposed his weakness to public ridicule, but it is not making him look weak. He surely achieves that all by himself. He didn’t sack Miller, he backed her. Totally the wrong call.

  270. 270

    What a shame having to wait for 12 weeks before embarking on a lifetime of ease on our expense . No doubt the benefits will all be back dated with interest to the initial claim after the first test case in the ECHR

  271. 271

    And signed into law every EURO diktat from Brussels !

  272. 272
    UKIP Bob says:


  273. 273
    Dr Evil says:

    Heard this IMF good news on the Beeb last night late on. Didn’t really believe it though as our manufacturing sector, though high tech, is still pretty small. So where is this economic miracle being driven from or by? I hope it’s true, but how?

  274. 274
    Anonymous says:

    “George Osborne must be furious that”
    I’m pointing out, he is justifying fly-fracking by saying it will counter greedy energy companies? When this Viking-style rape and pillage of the countryside, will be undertaken by a similar group of chancer-cum-carpetbaggers. Doh!

  275. 275
    Frank says:


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