April 7th, 2014

Miller Goes to Ground

Where’s Maria?

On Thursday she was a no show at the £75 a head Hendon Conservatives Gala Dinner and today she’s pulled out of public appearances:

And cancelled interviews:

Come on Maria, just come out and say sorry on camera. It could hardly make things worse…


  1. 1
    Dirtbox Dave - queen of the homos says:

    She’s still got my warm support – it’s the one that I wore jogging this morning.


  2. 2
    Nigella Fromage says:

    I think, the overwhelming majority of people, have seen this fraud for what it is, a crime. If you are innocent you do not have to apologise, nor do you receive a request to pay back 45k. That is not innocent, if you are innocent, you do not say sorry, nor do you back a penny, because your innocent, evidently Ms Miller is the opposite of innocent, I have not invented these things, these are the commissions findings. So we are incensed by this, however, we need to embrace the idea that she is not for going, David will not remove her, YOU, the voter have absolutely no say in this. I think, we need to accept, that we are ‘filthy plebs’ undeserving of a say. To add insult to injury, on this day IDS says he is going to get ‘tough’ on benefits cheats, I could cry.


    • 24
      Not surprised says:

      I could burn anyone coming near me in a rosette. Any colour rosette.


    • 65
      The Old Codger says:

      Now wht’s the betting Dave, Schaps and Co might just decide to do some mining on Nige’s expenses from the European Parliament, of course not to divert attention from Dave’s problem with Maria


  3. 3
    Penfold says:

    The fact that ethics and morality have been casually tossed aside by this woman, means that someone has to impose discipline.

    Come on Dave, sack her. And let plod and HMRC have a go.


    • 70
      The Old Codger says:

      No, he’s FRIT, I TELL YE, FRIT. What does she have on Dave and Chums


      • 99
        broderick crawford says:

        Is she perchance a backgammon player and could she perhaps be accommodating someone s penchant for backdoor plat they possibly are denied at home ?


  4. 4
    The most amusing claim ever says:

    Any news about IDS’s proposed speech to-day where he was scheduled to announce tougher penalties inc stiff prison sentences for benefit cheats ???


    • 50
      Nemesis says:

      Apparently all jobseekers will not be able to claim unless they take along a CV to the benefits office for those non-existent jobs You really couldn’t make it up! Duncan Smith is more out of touch than Miller’s fanny is to a prison cell bed.


      • 67
        Apthorpe says:

        I can only assume his company sergeant did the really important work for him and just got him to sign the paperwork when he was in the Army? He really is totally out of touch, there is already an ongoing requirement for Job Seekers (another awful Americanism) to have an up to date CV and to keep verifiable records of jobs applied for (these are done via the DWP web site that logs the applications and then enables staff to review what has happened at any time an to withhold benefit if they are not satisfied that the job has been applied for) he shows himself to be the worse kind of officer failing to keep up to date and to advocate failed solutions that have no relevance to situation on the ground.


        • 102
          The Growler says:

          What the DWP wants to do but most certainly do, is for every prospective employer to give the result of the interview and whether the applicant has got the job or has not, if not why not. IDS hasn’t got the guts (talk about a trained killer being a wuss) to apply rules equally. Sometime ago I went for a job to a very well known supermarket, they were going great guns then but seem to have hit a bit of a sticky wicket, what, what, I got a time for the interview and duly went, the first thing the woman said to me “the job doesn’t exist it was withdrawn 2 weeks ago do want still to go ahead with the interview?” I replied in the the affirmative as I had bothered to come down for the interview, but I said I would report the withdrawn job to the JobCentre, she don’t do that. I leave the rest to you lot.


    • 71
      The Old Codger says:

      What about tougher penelties for expenses fiddling MPs more like


    • 84
      IPSA facta says:

      thats just the farming ‘community’


    • 100
      broderick crawford says:


      A “stiff” prison sentence — right up my street .


  5. 5
    Perse O'Nalley says:

    In any other walk of life, this thieving bitch would have been nicked, charged and sentenced in the twinkling of an eye….or at the very least, sacked. And MPs wonder why we’re pissed off with them.


    • 77
      The Old Codger says:

      Perse, old chap, hasn’t it occurred to you, that to be a MP you have to have certain traits, most of them at least.


    • 83
      Hidding in plain sight says:

      Look Vaz is chairman of the standards and ethics committee what does that tell you ?


  6. 6
    Scroat says:

    I just took a car to which I was not entitled. I apologise and will repay a spare wheel.

    That’s fair.


    • 12
      Too hard on yourself says:

      i did the same, but got away with just topping up the spare wheel with air.

      It took all of 32 seconds.


      • 62
        Sick of the greed and lies(still) says:

        I hope you filled it up with free air rather than paid for air?


        • 76
          Too hard on yourself says:

          The air was free, but managed to slip in a claim for service charge


          • How things work says:

            I employed my wife to put the air in the tyre. What I mean is I paid her a salary from the public purse to put the air in the tyre but in actual fact she didnt put any air in the tyre. In fact there wasnt any air in the first place I just said there was.


        • 107
          Tom Catesby. says:

          Free or paid, what the hell, submit an invoice.


  7. 7
    Strategist says:

    They are clearly playing the long game: keep your head down and wait for other events to take precedence. The goldfish electorate will soon forget.


  8. 9
    Mrs Miller says:

    I took today off to check my bank balance.


  9. 11
    All details matter says:

    We should be informed as to whether Miller has tried to claim back from the taxpayer any costs for legal services incurred in her lengthy correspondence and obfuscation over this matter.

    I would suspect that, as the parliamentary committee effectively sanctioned her house payment claims, she would argue she was justified in incurring the legal costs to fight her case.


  10. 13
    Nemesis says:

    So the fucking cheating bitch has gone to ground has she! She should have gone into a prison cell along with quite a few other MPs who allowed her to get away with this cheating expenses episode. Cameron – you’re sending more and more to Ukip. If there was any decency in her she would have resigned but none of the twats of MPs do that anymore.


  11. 14
  12. 15
    Where is Werrity says:

    I suspect she is attending one of those private taxpayer funded hotel parties.


  13. 17
    Commons Committee for Standards says:

    Let (s)he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    After all, “We’re all in this together”!


    • 23
      Lupert's cringing curr says:

      I see that Greedo reverted to his dishonest claim that the Sun Online costs £1 per month again yesterday.
      Must have got his pay docked when he forgot to the week before.


      • 55
        pissed off tax-payer says:

        I’ve never stolen anything.
        I’ve never fiddled my expenses.
        I’ve never got the taxpayer to pay my mortgate,
        house insurance,travel, food,or any living expenses.
        Hand me a stone.


  14. 19
    Nick Cleggs Foreskin says:

    I’m staying out of this.


  15. 25
    Col. Nut says:

    Bad tempered old sow with her nose in the trough.


    • 80
      The Old Codger says:

      Col. Nut, you would be feeling very narked if you had been founding fiddling regiment funds


  16. 26
    Anonymous says:

    In the name of consistency surely we should allow a representative group of benefit cheats to determine the guilt or otherwise of people identified by the Dept of work and pensions as possible benefit fraudsters ? Or should we assume that Maria Miller is an isolated and merely misinformed case among an otherwise wholly innocent group of people who put themselves forward as the moral guardians of our nation ?


  17. 28
    Maria says:

    Look, little people. Just so you know, I’m on the lash with that lovely Margaret ‘The Untouchable’ Moran and Jacqui (The Pornbroker) Smith.

    I’m waiting for the shitstorm to die down over the Easter Holidays. Then I’ll be back, fresh as a daisy. Dave is aware. OK?

    Now – fugoff and go and earn some more luvverly dosh for me and my cronies to spend!


  18. 29
    Dastardly says:

    Got to say, I really don’t care about the expenses thing, we paid them a pittance for years so it kind of balances out.
    What I do mind is her cronies leveraging Leverson to protect her. She should walk for that and her SPADS should be sacked and get a proper job.
    Bunch of retarded ThunderHunts!


    • 85
      PAYE office prole says:

      They had plenty of occasion to honestly raise their salaries publicly without resorting to theft.
      There was no shortage of people willing to be MPs.
      if higher salaries attracted better candidates, they would still be chosen (for safe seats) by the political class not necessarily of virtue.

      Since the extras were hidden until the Torygraph published them, how could they be an incentive to aspiring MPs?
      If they were known to aspiring MPs, no honest applicant would want to go for a job knowing that they needed to commit fraud to access their full pay.


    • 109
      Tom Catesby. says:

      They are not paid a pittance.


  19. 32
    Anonymous says:

    Sign this petition and help get the cheating bastard what she deserves.



    • 53
      A Reader says:

      Petitioning government to press criminal charges against someone is not a smart idea.

      Complaint should be filed with police, or initiate a civil case.


  20. 34
    Guy News Room says:

    Newsflash: Maria Miller says sorry for setting fire to a vicar ‘for a laugh’. Issues 10 second apology. Cameron: “She has my full backing”.


    • 95
      Nicholas Parson's nose says:

      Or apologising in any meaningful way.

      Last year’s winner: D. Abbott’s non-apology for twattered racism


  21. 35
    Persona non grata says:

    Rallying call from David Davis to leave the EU? or just more spin.



  22. 37
    Aquamaria says:

    Aquamaria possessed water-based powers; her body became water and she could flow through cracks, around opponents, and generate smaller quantities of extra water to blast enemies with. Additionally, she could control or absorb existing water to gain mass or create sudden floods and waves.


  23. 39
    Nemesis says:

    Every time I see that sarcastic apology I am not so much bothered by the lying bitch but by that lanky funny-faced twat Hunt who almost jumped over benches so he could be seen supporting her. He looked like like a silly schoolboy. He’s only a few letters away from being a *unt and seems he wants to confirm it.


  24. 40
    American General says:

    Round ‘em up, put ‘em in a field, and BOMB THE BASTARDS!


  25. 41
    Kevin in accounts says:

    There is no hiding place.


  26. 42
    Maria says:

    Wibble wibble.

    I feel a touch of the old ‘legal defences’ coming on.


  27. 43
    Xavier Onassis says:

    Cameron has just lost the 2015 election and proved he’s unsuitable for a second term as PM. Clearly power has gone to his head.


    • 69
      Floating voter says:

      Sadly, as someone who has never voted anything but Conservative, I feel he’s not proved himself suitable for a first term either.

      I had hoped for more from at least some Conservative MPs but Newsnight showed recently that even the likes of Therese Coffee have lost touch with the values of people outside the Westminster bubble (assuming, generously, that they might ever have been in touch).

      Heather Brooke let her down rather gently when dismissing Coffee’s defence of Miller’s Spad as “disingenuous”.


    • 73
      Sick of the greed and lies(still) says:

      You are joking, aren’t you? What Power?


  28. 48
    IPSA facta says:

    she’s sorting out the travel expenses relating to her demanding schedule


  29. 54
    Increasingly pissed-off taxpayer says:

    Pull the trigger Dave. Just one barrel, then use the other on yourself.


  30. 56
    C O (Ξ7n) says:



  31. 57
    pissed off voter says:

    Has someone buried her?


  32. 58
    C O (Ξ7n) says:

    Ed Miliband’s hair stylist is getting a bit snippy as well.


  33. 59
    Vladimir Putin says:

    Maria Miller+Cameron epitomise everything that’s rotten in politics



  34. 60
    Peter Bone says:

    Does not matter one bit if this thieving bitch resigns or not, There will be another Thieving Bastard to take her Place.


  35. 68
    Sir Mary Flappes says:

    If she’s gone to ground Princess Anne will have her with the gas.


  36. 74
    Dodgy Dave, the Arfa Daley of Downing St. says:

    Trust me guv, – and I think you know me well enough by now!


  37. 86
    concerned tax payer says:

    If you have conscience then sign the CHANGE.ORG petition to make this trougher admit that she has stung us taxpayers. Let the people rule!



    • 87
      the Bannockburn Kiss says:

      Stuff the Petition I want her jailed for what she has done.

      It will make them think twice in future.


  38. 89
    Sheikh Basha Banka says:

    GSK now caught with their fingers in the pie in Iraq.

    That staunch heavyweight bastion of the FTSE and the proper up of many peoples pension funds.

    The fiddling and fraud just gets worse by the day.


    • 90
      Elsie Hargreaves 5 Railway Terrace Dewsbury says:

      If those pensioners had any conscience they would pay back the money from their pensions.


  39. 91
    Georgie Osborne's Blue and White Army says:

    If Maria Miller is in hiding then how can she be accessible for her constituents in Basingstoke ?

    By continuing in this manner she is making a bad situation worse.


  40. 94
    Jack the Ripper says:

    Don’t miss the great new game show “Just Half A Minute” in which contestants endeavour to speak for thirty seconds without hesitation, deviation or repetition.


  41. 96
    Anonymous says:

    Pick-axes and spades lads, lets dig the bitch out.


  42. 97
  43. 101
    Hargaret Modge, Labour MP and Hypocritical serial long term aggressive Tax Avoider + expenses thief says:

    Why does Calamity Miller actually NEED a second house in London?

    Her constuency is Basingstoke not the fuggin Outer Hebrides. There is a rail service that gets her into the City in an hour and 8 minutes.

    Lots of us peasants travel longer than that to get to work.

    I’m also baffled why the troughing cow needs not just the one house in London but actually BOTH of them? Didn’t I read the second one is in Wimblaydon? So no base in her constuency at all then?

    Well done Camoron keep supporting her full throttle. You know it makes sense…for UKIP.

    I also say that if our ‘betters’ (if I may term the thieving gits that) actually USED public transport in this country, then it would be a helluva lot better than it is.


  44. 104
    Tom Catesby. says:

    Miller really looks the part behind bars.


  45. 112
    Tory Meltdown says:

    A personal message from David Cameron to the people of the UK


    I love money.
    Fuck the rest of you.


  46. 113
    Old Cynic says:

    Maria’s exposee is surely a prayer answered for Dave – to go down in history as the last ever PM of the conservative party you’ve got to lose votes from now on. Dave’s been doing his bit, but nice that Maria has thought to help.


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