April 7th, 2014

Katz Attempting to Force Out Paxman

When Newsnight’s Ian Katz is not singing along with his eyes closed at private gigs with Dave, Samantha and Tom Ford, Guido hears he is sharpening his knife. As revealed in yesterday’s Sun, BBC sources suggest that Katz is trying to push out Jeremy Paxman from his half-hearted role as anchor. “He’s shot his salary load on Laura K”, says a senior BBC source, forcing Katz to “hire kids and Nazis.” The removal of the well-remunerated Mr Paxman would certainly free up a massive chunk of the show’s budget. £800,000 a year could hire a lot more staff, but would anyone watch without the show’s most famous star?


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    johnnygee says:

    Paxman might be a good inquisitor but not worth the public money he is being paid. Its a news program not some hoolywood film. Pay rates at the beeb need to reflect public service. It has been a gravy train for too long. so if it’s time for change so be it!!!!


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      Goggle Box says:

      I quite like Paxman. As I think about other journalists on TV, not many seem to rank up there alongside him. Yes, it is frustrating when he lazily lets someone off the hook, but when he decides to take the gloves off, he’s in a class of his own on British telly.


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        Licence fee victim says:

        Paxman’s a twat, and an expensive one at that. He only goes after soft tory targets, he doesn’t ask intelligent questions, and he’s a lousy chairman when there’s a debate. There’s more to good journalism than asking someone to answer a question, time and time again.

        Good riddance.


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          Goggle Box says:

          Hey, I’m not saying he’s perfect. But he isn’t as dire as most of the rest of them. And on a good day, he’s still better than you or I or Krishnan Guru-Murphy would be.


          • Wilhemina Bothwell says:

            Guru murthy is an appalling presenter…. It’s more about him that the interviewee


          • SackMariaMillerasanMP says:

            Krishnan Guru-Murphy is dire now that he is trying to be as aggressive as Paxo.

            As regards Ian Katz, is this because Paxo is the wrong religion?


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          C.O.Jones says:

          Exactly, I remember when Campbell burned him a new ringpiece. Seemed orchestrated to me at the time.


          • broderick crawford says:

            yeah but rather like arsene wenger and his five plus million a year at arsenal , paxman is pro rata no longer worth his 800 k at the BBC.

            Gone are the days when he could take on the likes of Michael Howard and make him look stupid for not answering the same question umpteen times. Nor can he now take on the likes of Galloway and win . Yikes he couldn t even get the better of Russell Brand !!. And that apology of an inquisition into the Flowers Pot abortion reminded me of killer adversarial skills attributed to Geoffrey Howe in parliamentary debate –” like being nuzzled by a friendly old sheepdog ..” .

            No … Paxman at 63 odd appears to be mellowing before his time and certainly will not last as long as Humphries who is his senior in years but still retains bite and bile.


          • Bosun Higgs says:

            Paxo and his like have ruined the telly’s ability to examine politicians by turning their interviews into a kind of verbal cage-fighting where the only concern is who ‘wins’. Over-protected by researchers and editing tricks, Paxo is made to look a debating giant when he is no more than a snide misanthrope. The people whom he ‘interviews’ go on the defensive as a result and say nothing interesting. It’s time to replace him with somebody who is sharp but empathetic; intelligent, open and with a trace of humour.


          • jgm2 says:

            Politicians do not want to be questioned by anybody sharp. They just want to get their message out and fuck off home. They’re not interested in answering questions unless it’s of the Andrew Marr/Labour type of ‘question’.

            ‘So Mr Balls/Brown/Blair/Miliband, in your own words tell me why you and everything you say and do is so fucking fantastic and why the T*ries are all c*unts. Take all the time you need’

            ‘Well Andrew….’


        • 263
          Stoned says:

          He seems stoned half the time.


        • 417
          Anonymous says:

          @13. If you think Paxman is a “lousy chairman” I wonder what opinion you have of Dimbleby?


      • 39
        Hugh Janus says:

        I wish he was more consistent. On a good day he can rip the gonads off a politician if so minded, but on other occasions he seems bored with the interview and can’t be arsed to get stuck in.

        Like so many Beeboids his salary is ludicrous. Apart from this I would be sorry to see him go. At his sneering best there’s no one to touch him.


        • 171
          Waste of Time says:

          Peaches Geldof is ‘Brown Bread’ Oh dear how sad never fucking mind.


          • Harman PIE says:

            As a result of the this rotten ConDem Coalition’s brutal cuts Peaches Geldof a lifelong Labour party supporter has tragically passed away.
            Tory cuts to Home Office budgets has undermined the fight against class A drug use and caused an explosion in crime amongst the very poorest in society. No council sink estate can now be considered safe just look at what happened to that other great and eminent socialist Bob Crow.
            Its a tragedy and Ed Miliband is absolutely heartbroken.


          • Bath of Hot Water says:

            Daddy Bob, your next.


          • Another Line says:



      • 205
        MagicFlute says:

        Couldn’t believe the easy ride he gave Paul Flowers.


      • 404
        Mrs Havisham says:

        I like Paxman. Definitely I like him more than I am likely to take to any younger replacements. He is educated, free of cant, has a vocabulary, doesn’t talk in slogans, is capable of analytical thought. They changed the personnel over at Channel 4 racing, the old guard being considered past it, this has resulted in a massive fall in audience numbers.


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      She's busy moving house! says:

      The very fact that Paxman “earned” so much money meant that he never really grilled any establishment politicians properly as he had, in fact, become part of the establishment and dared not rock-the-boat as it were.

      The phrase “we’re all in it together” commented by GO at the start of the financial crisis was really a coded message to all establishment members not to step out of line.


      • 75
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      • 402
        Tom Catesby. says:

        Being paid the sort of money he and many other ‘TV reporters'(which at the end of the day, is what they are) Are being paid is ridiculous, way too much for the job, even if they were consistently good at it. It’s way past time that the whole cost of running the Beeb, including the kinds of wages TV ‘personalities’ are receiving, needs a dramatic overall and a major reduction.


    • 99
      IPSA facta says:

      who watches it now?


    • 149
      Jabba Le Chat says:

      Just in time for Paxo to take over from Dibbles at QT?


    • 166
      Eraser Nelson says:

      Paxman’s anglo-culturalism must count against him in Katz’s eyes.

      However, Paxman’s salary is absurdly high. As he’s shown, if you are that much in the public eye, you can coin it with a Christmas book or two, so that should be taken into account. I’d have thought £150,000 pa would be nearer the mark.


    • 169
      Fishy says:

      He could always get a job as the Revd. Flowers confessor.

      That’d keep Paxman in employment until he retired


    • 381
      Sir Roger de Senseless says:

      Actually, I don’t even think he’s a good inquisitor; he’s not nearly as bright as he imagines that he is and he lets dogma get in the way of analysis. He’s also a bully who will be rude to any soft target in order to bolster his image with the kind of people who are impressed by him, but soft-pedal on anyone who can stand up for themselves or who is politically correct. He’s a shell, basically; an actor – form without substance.


  2. 2
    PC Dixon says:

    Same old thing – who’s watching ?


    • 67
      Spartacus says:

      disinterested look out of window; scratches; smug look; yawns . . . worth every penny


  3. 3

    Could watch it here but don’t even bother tuning into Paxo. BBC is a dead duck (house).


    • 7
      Taffy says:

      So, your a Trevor McDonald man then cat.


      • 21

        …and finally…

        No. Had satellite dish from the 80s and enjoyed multiple sources then. Don’t trust any single channel for my news.


        • 26
          Gorgeous George says:

          Do you watch me me me on Press TV cat?

          ps – miaow


          • The testimony to the United States Senate in 2005 was one of the best pieces of political theatre I can remember but most of the rest is sheer unadulterated crap, especially fawning at Saddam. Big Brother? No thanks!


          • jgm2 says:

            Hahahaha. One of the funniest things I ever saw.

            Fucking US senate, full of its own importance issues a summons to Galloway and instead of telling them and their kangaroo court to fuck off he hops straight on the plane and gives the c*unts both fucking barrels. They never knew what hit them. Fucking hilarious.

            Even funnier than when he snatches a ‘safe-seat’ out from under Labour’s nose.

            That’s pretty funny too.


          • broderick crawford says:

            Anyway Schrodds you don t need a conventionsl tv or radio receiver any more .

            Just invest in an ipad and get all the written , visual and aural info you like from wherever .

            I picked up China TV last week , unfortunately my chinese is rusty.


          • @jgm2

            It is curious how Galloway could hit both the highest notes and the lowest ones. I have no problem in recognising the way he filleted those Yanks. But whilst him picking off a safe seat from Labour was amusing in itself, the depths to which he descended, even lower than theirs, was problematic. If he was one of them – and did that to them – he would not be alive to tell the tale now, I would suggest.


            Ni hao! That uses up about 10% of my Mandarin. You are right about getting anything you want off the net. However, I would never have an iPad. Everything I have on my PC is mine! The idea that I have to upload something to Sony or Apple or whoever and they decide whether or not I can have it on my machine is insulting.

            As for fucking Kindle, they can stuff it up their arses. In the room next door to my study where I am typing this is my library with some 9,000 volumes. If someone came into it and said right you can’t have any of these any more, even though you paid for them, I would have their entrails hanging out from the branches of my olive trees before the hour was out.

            That would be if I was feeling tolerant.

            Why people behave like sheep over these matters is beyond me. I don’t cheat others and don’t expect to be cheated in return…


          • jgm2 says:

            I thought George was ‘one of them’ originally but they’d deselected him on some pretext or other so he struck out on his own. I could be wrong on that.


          • brown-dog says:

            jgm2 says:
            April 7, 2014 at 5:52 pm

            Fucking brilliant post! ;)


          • @jgm2

            I had meant one of the muzbots.

            (I do have friends from the faith of Islam before anyone starts…)


          • jgm2 says:

            D’oh. Although there are rumours circulating that he has become one of them too.

            He might be a pr*ick but getting on that plane when he didn’t need to (and my expectation was that they’d arrest him on some pretext the second he got off the flight) and giving those ‘Now hear ye…’ war-mongering, sanctimonious c*unts chapter and verse in their own mahogany-walled temple to their own fucking self-importance was fucking brilliant.

            Prick or not it would have been much easier to hide away here in the UK (although Blair would probably have handed him over anyway) than meet fire with fire.

            Contrast his performance with the bankers who meekly stood there in front of Labour’s kangaroo court and show trials instead of giving it ‘Hold on a fucking minute….’


          • @jgm2: I had also meant to post something about …in the land of the free but forgot. ;-)

            *This Slovakian Vodka is just fucking brilliant*


          • jgm2 says:

            I had a bad experience 30 years ago with vodka involving boat-racing a pint glass full of it followed by several pints of cider. This was compounded by a lack of sleep, a vague memory of throwing up in the wardrobe which turned out to be off the hotel balcony onto the floor of the balcony below and a full day coach ride the next morning.

            I don’t think I could eat for about three days afterwards.

            I haven’t touched the stuff since.

            Cider on the other hand..


          • Ah. The misspending of youth.

            I am a reformed character now. Everything is in moderation. I only have a tipple in a modest glass once every few nights. A glass of wine or two or two with my evening meal. A beer for lunch once a week and I work it off on my weight training machine most days to keep trim.

            But I enjoy life just as much with my No more than seven women a week now.


        • 180
          Blowing Whistles says:

          SC – i categorically [Excuse the pun] pointed out on here a couple of years back that GG – did in fact lascerate & fillet the US with his testimony … However i pointed out that – he ‘knew full well’ at the time – while others missed the trick – that Parliament had been “dissolved” …. and thus he could give them every barrel going.

          Thus GG – pulled the biggest and best stunt of all time on the rsoles on “Both sides of the Atlantic”.


          • nell. says:



          • I am at a loss to see why he could not have delivered his blistering attack at any time, regardless of whether or not parliament was in session. You might care to explain what the rest of us may have missed.

            However, much as I admired his bravura performance, one swallow does not a summer make.

            Just in case you are not sure, I think he stinks.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            @ SC 8:50 – I clearly stated that parliament had been ‘dissolved’ at the time. When it is dissolved – no MP is UNDER the kosh so to speak.

            Irrespective of what any and all may think of him now …

            He spoke “the truth” – 100% unhindered by being politically ‘locked down’.


          • Under what “kosh” (his having been expelled from the PLP in January 2005), exactly?


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC – you distract from what he stated openly before the con committee. It is of the content of what he stated – that they ‘distracted’ from.

            i hope you see the start and end loop of the above comment SC.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Just messin wid ya SC. Felt left out of the intellectual thread so I made up some incoherent tosh about Parliament being dissolved by Mos­sad heat rays. Nobody understands a fucking word of it so they assume I’m clever. Neat, eh?


          • Tom Catesby. says:

            An unfortunate experience with cider 40+ plus years ago, put me off the stuff for decades, I only had to smell the stuff and that was enough!
            rehabilitated since fortunately. Vodka on the other hand I have become hardened to, thanks mainly to the tuition of my dear wife’s relatives.


        • 384
          Wilhemina Bothwell says:

          I agree, they are all biased, but the BBC is completely beyond all


      • 295
        peech imspediment says:

        7 Could give the job to Neil Nunes, I don’t expect they’d have to pay him anything and mariners would be able to understand the Shipping Forecast again.


  4. 4
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    I’ll do it Mr Katz Sir.


  5. 5
    Garfield says:

    Would not be surprised if Paxo will be instrumental in giving that Phuckwit Katz the boot.


  6. 8
    Right Full Rudder says:

    Does anyone watch now? It’s an establishment wankfest.


  7. 9
    BanTheBBC says:

    Nothing will save Newsnight from its dwindling audience. Getting rid of Paxo is just another nail in the coffin. Roll on Mr Blobby….


  8. 10
    Planet Tory has no conscience says:

    Kate Humble could do it but she would need a staff of 65 and long rubber gloves.


  9. 11
    C O (Ξ7n) says:

    This explains why the Flowers interview happened. Awful attempt to sabotage Paxo’s credibility.

    Paxman is not essential to the show – which itself is pretty pointless without Paxman’s properly inquiring approach to interviews – but Laura K should take note: What has she walked in to ?


    • 200
      NE Frontiersman says:

      I thought Paxman did the job on Flowers simply by letting him ramble on and expose himself as the self-pitying worthless lump that he is. Had he been more aggressive Flowers would simply have burst into tears and run away.


      • 260
        C O (Ξ7o) says:

        Suspect Paxo wanted to rip a little.

        Katz has been undermining the old guard presenters one by one since he took over. Good sport for Paxo to partake in the stunt pictured above for example, but deeply humiliating for anyone who considers themselves a serious news journalist.

        With BBC – I know the last remark makes me look a total mong – but Paxo’s interviews and pieces I did used to rank up there with the likes of P’ilger in terms of serious quality journalism. (And no – I do not have a particular bent for lefty journalists…)


  10. 12
    Trumpton Parliament says:

    The unemployed, sick and disabled steal….MPs make mistakes. So there we have it.


    • 25
      Carlo Gambino says:

      The unemployed, sick and disabled steal


      Yer not wrong there. And don’t forget, 90% of ‘the disabled’ are not disabled but merely trying to avoid the convenience of actually having to… shriek… look for a job and … gasp … pay their way.


      • 34
        Jimmy says:

        Yes, closing Remploy was a rip-roaring success wasn’t it?

        Now let me think – who thought of that?

        Someone else who’ll shortly be unemployed.


        • 49
        • 68
          jgm2 says:

          Why didn’t the unions or the Labour party buy the factories if they were so profitable. Could probably have got them for nothing.

          Worked their Co-op magic on them.



        • 233
          Old Codger says:

          Remind me – how many Remploy factories did Gordon McRuin close in 2008? 29 wasn’t it?


          • jgm2 says:

            The difference is that Brown closed them because he cared whereas the T*ries closed them because they don’t care.

            No. Seriously, that’s the reason you’ll get.

            Either that or they ones closed by Brown were closed due to the ‘global financial crisis’ and are therefore the fault of bankers and yanks whereas the T*ry ones were shut down for purely ideological reasons.


      • 36
        Jimmy says:

        Do your homework Mr Gambino. Disability benefits can be claimed by people who work.

        Thick twat.


        • 44
          C.O.Jones says:

          You are the twat Jimmy, you are stuck in that worn out dogma timewarp without an opinion of your own. We can guarantee your response to any post is going to take the party line without any exception. Roll on comrade.


          • Jimmy's Hivemind says:

            My dad was stuck in that worn out dogma timewarp, my Grandad was stuck in that worn out dogma timewarp, my Great Grandad was stuck in that worn out dogma timewarp.



          • M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

            Me great granda was on the Jarrow timewarp..


        • 50
          Oi oi oily rag says:

          I know a bloke on disability spondooliks who sits in the pub all day every day. Fit enough to lift a pot. Fit enough to work.


      • 42
        C.O.Jones says:

        Plus the benefits surge after conning your doctor.

        Oh look doctor – I can’t walk more than 80 yards, cough splutter wheeze – please sign here so I can go to Bali later this year.


        • 58
          A GP says:

          I’m only paid £150k per annum, its not my job to be a benefits policeman.

          How long would you like the sick note for again?


        • 97
          M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

          Do you know how many able young men in Newcastle suffer from “depression” and claim extra benefits?

          Probably quite a few more after the final whistle on Satda. hehe


          • jgm2 says:

            They can all fuck off. I just paid a Romanian plumber to re-do a bathroom. Couldn’t get half a dozen native plumbers to even return a phone call.

            Bloke returns phone calls, shows up when he says he’s going to show up, does job on time and to budget. I’ve had Estonians do a couple of kitchens in the past. Same deal. Half the price or less than a native PLUS they show up on time. Thousands of pounds for a couple of weeks work.

            The British workman is not being priced out be Eastern Europeans. The British workman is too fucking lazy or badly organised to do the work that is there.

            If them fucking Geordies would train up as plumbers and learn to answer the phone or return a message and move daarn saarf they’d be dr*iv*ing Rolls Royces by the end of the year.


          • M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

            None of this VAT bollocks as well.


          • Neitherdeadoralive says:

            I’m an old man from Newcastle, and what depresses me is that we keep voting Labour !!


      • 124
        broderick crawford says:

        Talking of Carlo Gambino .

        A man in Southern Italy who has been claiming a registered blind person s pension for years was filmed driving his car by the social security bods .

        Presumably his benefits will not be taken away as he has been claiming them for over seven years which is the cut off point in Italian “law” where immunity from prosecution kicks in .

        And you think the British ruling class are canny …..


        • 190
          The Vatican says:

          It’s a miracle


        • 408
          Tom Catesby. says:

          Don’t the mafia in Italy have the benefits and EUSSR grants handouts, more or less organised on an industrial scale? Surprised there was anything left for the blind geezer to claim, maybe he was the local ‘capo’s’ brother? Send for Inspector Montelbano!


  11. 14
    Peter Martin says:

    “but would anyone watch without the show’s most famous star?”

    As a matter of interest, who has been watching anyway?

    It’s hard to see the contribution of Mr. Katz doing much more than shovel production gimmick and Mini-me money onto the funeral longboat as it eases down the old Newsnight slipway and thence beneath the waves.

    Maybe time to relook at Jonnie Marbles and that Tell Mama-boosting community cohesion chap as ‘special correspondents’?


  12. 19
    Ed Miliband says:

    I heard him say “Fuck off Beaker” after a show.


  13. 20
    Morph The Cat says:

    Once UKIP gets elected and state interference / management is abolished the whole country will be run by corporations. I look forward to Atos brand schools and G4S run hospitals.


  14. 22
    Larry LowTax says:

    £800k on Paxman and he’s hardly there. He was AWOL all summer long, leaving Eddie Mair to present the Savile Salvage Edition.


  15. 23
    Answers on a postcard says:

    “If there are further changes that people think are appropriate, I’m very open to suggestions,”
    Fire her ass, full independent inquiry into all politicians claims on expenses and remove the temptation of expenses. I won’t demand for you / Tories in general to step down because there is no rush, in Local elections (may 22nd 2014) we will kick your mates out and at the general election (may 7th 2015) we WILL kick you out.


    • 28
      Carlo Gambino says:

      Wrong thread, muppet.


      • 43
        A duck in a moat says:

        I don’t suppose anyone pointed out to him that the sum of money in dispute is about 4 years salary for most of the workers he will have met on ASDA’s shop floor.

        Of course, it’s loose change for him.


    • 76
      Gooey Blob says:

      In order to remove the Tories one would have to replace them with a party led by Ed Miliband. That isn’t going to happen in a million years.


  16. 38
    cynic says:

    Surely no sensible person still watches that tired old programme of tired old leftists.


  17. 46
    Newsshite says:

    ” £800,000 a year could hire a lot more
    staff, but would anyone watch without
    the show’s most famous star?”.

    I never watch it! I never will. The BBC are leeching socialist scum!


  18. 48
    Anonymous says:

    I know I’ve asked before but PLEEEEEEASE can I have an AK-47 for christmas. There’s a lot of vermin out there.


    • 274
      the show starts after 8pm. says:

      time is ona downer the.
      time is on a downer the.
      . time to carry the heavy weight.
      . 6pack evian 1.5 litre on 1 side.
      . 6pack evian 1.5 litre on the other side.
      wear quality casual smart, as if just returned from waitrose.
      patiently watch what happens next.
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    • 277
      ella fitzgerald says:

      meerKat sings scat jazz .


  19. 51
    David Cameron says:

    Dear Pal in Business.

    Re: Maria Miller

    Unfortunately we can only confirm that Maria Miller was employed by the British public between the dates of: sometime in 2012 to 08/04/14 (approx) as Culture Secretary.

    Current employment legislation means that we cannot comment further upon her suitability for future employment within your organisation.

    However, should you require more information, please contact our security department on: 999.

    Human Resource Dept.
    Houses of Thieves


  20. 52
    Maria Miller says:

    I’ll be in need of a new job soon!


    • 77
      Hermann Van Rumpy Pumpy says:

      Hello friend Maria, we do nice expenses and renumeration, all you have to do is promote the EU. Looking forward to your application, endorsed by my good friend David of course.


      • 135
        broderick crawford says:

        Now that s a thought .

        What money on Maria Miller as next UK Vice President of the EU ??

        (Cleggo will just have to be satisfied beiing a freelance hack for bthe Grauniad like his mate Heeeewwwnnn)


  21. 53
    Anonymous says:

    This announcement by Cameron was sponsored by Barclays.

    If you need YOUR MP to represent YOU, apply for your credit card today and we will GUARANTEE a Hayek/HugADonor/BurnA50 cookie cutter Tory MP JUST FOR YOU!!!

    Small print applies:-

    All investigations into possible misappropriation of public funds will be ignored and sent/filed under B for Bin. Slopey shoulders and immorality/Lackofethics will be order of the day.

    (Always read the small print)


    • 56
      Nick Clegg says:

      I never read the small print. Or the big stuff either.


      • 90
        Dr Death says:

        Fuck off Clegg, you complete and utter MONG..


        • 138
          Dave says:

          Who gives a fuck about Peaches fucking Geldof?


          • C. Ocaine says:

            Her dealer….


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Her dealer like amy wino’s dealer will of course never be prosecuted because they are the elite’s dealers … come to think of it who was nigellas dealer … and who was dealing when babyshambles boy had some party goer jump from his pad …

            Who was dealin for barrymore?
            Who was dealin for blue peter boy bacon?
            i could go on …


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            and on and on and on..

            You lot don’t understand that this is Israeli synthetic heroin which is 20 times as strong as the real thing and is being imported via diplomatic tankers into the UK and US to feed the Establishment n­onces and their cata­mites. Unfortunately there is civilian collateral damage.


  22. 55
    Always vote Labour because my dad did says:

    Miller’s a dead cabinet minister walking. And Cameron’s trying to manoeuvre himself into a position from which he can engineer her removal without having to explain why he backed her so unequivocally in the first place (because he thought he’d get away with it) and why he’s changed his mind (because he could see it was becoming politically damaging). He’s wriggling on a spike – his cynicism, arrogance, incompetence, hypocrisy and sheer, blithe sense of entitlement is being revealed for all to see. This is turning out really badly for him and I love it


    • 65
      Pookie snackumberger says:

      Why does’nt he do what bollock face McFuckup and the slimey two faced liar did with mandelson; let him go then took him back again?
      Shurley that’s what a halfwit liebore voter was OK with, no?

      On the subject of a sense of entitlement; I really don’t know whos is the biggest: Spoon face or Werido ed.


    • 214
      Carlo Gambino says:

      I’m no defender of wavy davy but a decent percentage of those criticising him for supporting Millar would have been the first to shriek and howl that he hated women if he had sacked her.

      I’m no defender of her either.


  23. 59
    Cameron the Spineless Bellend says:

    “Maria Miller is doing a good job” – of embezzling the taxpayer, that is.


  24. 63
    Podiceps says:

    So Vince Cable can lose £950m and no-one bats an eyelid, yet Miller’s expenses see her hounded. Funny old world.


    • 64
      Anonymous says:

      Where’s the Taxpayers’ Alliance on this?


    • 66
      Jimmy says:

      Miller’s expenses see her exposed as a hypocritical liar after her shocking treatment of the vulnerable and disabled. Everybody is batting more than eyelids at Vince for losing £3 billion plus even if the nice media people have negotiated it down to £950 million, just as Miller is only paying back £6k instead of £45k!

      The thing they have in common is the arrogance to think “sorry” is good enough!


      • 73
        jgm2 says:

        Thank you for the latest Labour party line.

        Ned Balls thanks you from his hidey-hole of anonymity.


      • 78
        Nick Clegg says:

        Nothing wrong with saying sorry.


      • 84
        Denis McShane says:

        What exactly does sorry mean?


      • 115
        M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

        Chicken shit compared to what Brown did with half the nation’s gold reserves. At least Vince offloaded a useless dead duck for a swan.


        • 130
          Jimmy says:

          Brown sold at the market price of the day. 20:20 hindsight works really well but back in the early 2000s few were buying gold.

          Note that Brown also sold the 3G spectrum for over £20bn. George Osborne sold the 4G spectrum for £2bn


          • jgm2 says:

            Yet again, thank you for the party line on these matters.


          • Tim Yeo-yo says:

            You’re a real thick cnut Jimmy. Your one positive trait is that you are consistently a thick cnut.


          • Carlo Gambino says:

            And remind us why he sold the gold. Jimmy?

            You don’t know do you.

            Thought not.

            (and don’t bother googling it either – googling something is not the same as knowing something.


          • Old Codger says:

            Yes a good time to get the best price for gold -when no one is buying it.


          • jgm2 says:

            The best explanation I’ve heard is that he sold the gold because he could. He didn’t want to die wondering what it would be like to make some massive financial gesture. Like selling half the nations gold.

            So he did it.

            Because he could.

            Same reason he employed 1,000,000 people and paid them with borrowed money. Made no financial sense at all but he got to brag about what a great fellow he was to those stupid enough to listen and…. because he could.

            Same reason Blair had his crazy war in Iraq. Because he wanted one.


          • Midas says:

            He didn’t realise that the gold price was at an historic low? He didn’t realise that by announcing the sale in advance that it would drive the price down?

            What he did was that he gave the gold away to Goldman Sachs to stop them going under. They had shorted gold and needed a cheap load pronto. And Gordon obliged.

            Now why was that and what has he had in return from a very grateful bank?


      • 262
        Konstable Els says:

        Let’s not forget Margaret Moran MP (Labour)

        “Margaret Moran took £53K in false MP expenses”


    • 82
      Herman Achille Van Rompuy says:

      I’ve lost €8bn down the back of the sofa. Good job PwC aren’t coming round anytime soon.


    • 106
      Podiceps says:

      Get your own moniker, you snivelling thieving little twerp.


      • 133
        Podiceps says:

        I’ve done nothing wrong.


        • 145
          Podiceps says:

          Silly little sockpuppet, you have stolen something — just a name, nothing very important perhaps. But that puts you in the same club as the Miller woman. In a small, mean way, you are despicable.

          Also, your comments are bloody stupid. Any more from you and I shall choose a new moniker and everyone will see you for the failed wanker you really are.


        • 323
          Mr. Angry says:

          Whoever you are, lay off sockpuppeting Podiceps, who is one of the more intelligent and helpful contributors.


  25. 69
    Sue Leeches says:

    They can fill their Newsshite studio with chimps from a zoo, for all I care! I never tune in to their left-wing bullshit! Utter shite!


  26. 74
    roger says:

    This is the latest example of the Wankerisation of society.
    Get rid of anyone with more brains and get up and go than the tossers at the top.

    Let me have men about me that are fat,
    Sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights.
    Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look,
    He thinks too much; such men are dangerous.


  27. 81
    Double Dim Jim on the BBC says:

    Maybe if they relaunched it as Utter Newsshite it may give them a boost in the ratings!

    The BBC is the pride & joy of Britain. A national treasure to behold. So pay your licence fee! Scum.


    • 86
      Ellie-Mae (9) says:

      Relaunching it as the Daily Mash might be a more entertaining option.


    • 139
      The Prime Millerster says:

      I just cannot understand why people begrudge paying the TV licence fee. The amount of content the BBC puts out, from TV to radio to online, news, documentaries, entertainment, music, the list is endless. And all advert-free. The latter is worth £12 a month on its own. Contrast this with the mind-numbing tripe that ITV puts out. Cowell-shite, Jungle-shite, Keith Lemon shite, scam competitions all fucking day long etc etc. The BBC shelters us from this garbage.

      The £12 a month is phenomenal value for money. It could not be done unless everyone subscribed. If the way it is financed could be construed as ‘socialist’ then it just goes to show what can be done when the state, instead of private enterprise, works for the common good rather than profit.

      We can learn a lot from the way the BBC is constituted. Long may it continue.


      • 181
        jgm2 says:

        No. Shut the fucking thing down.

        It has just as many adverts as ITV except they’re all adverts for itself.


      • 185
        Tsunami says:

        Practically the only things I watch these days on the BBC are the cartoons on BBC3: Futurama, Family Guy and Amercian Dad. None of them were made by the Beeb.


  28. 85
    It's 2014 so Move On. says:

    Paying a licence fee is so last century. Privatise the heap of junk!


  29. 87
    Anonymous says:

    800k for a Labour lefty. What a joke, even Maria Miller wouldn’t sniff at that.


  30. 89
    The BumBoy In Residence says:

    Maria Miller must have photos of Cameron fiddling with himself and is threatening to release them if he sacks her


  31. 92
    Lord Owen Jones of The Cottage says:

    What kind of moral compass allows Maria Miller to pocket thousands of hardworking taxpayer’s cash?


  32. 94
    What's on BBC 2 tonight? says:

    Double servings with Baloney with Macaroni. Again!

    Thank God books have been invented!


  33. 96
    Maria Miller Conservative MP for Basingstoke. Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and M says:

    Peaches Geldof, the daughter of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, has died at the age of 25


  34. 98
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Ahhh Paxo!

    Anyone got that interview (It was a couple of mins) between Paxo and Mcbride – down in Brighton last year where McBride “publicly invited anyone” to complain to the fucking dirty met cops if they had any evidence of Mcbride comitting any criminal offences?


  35. 100
    The Village Idiot says:

    Unfortunately for me, ‘Laura K’s’ voice slices through my head like a knife, as she chews out the words. To the extent that I find it difficult to concentrate on what she is saying.

    I would hate to see her as the main anchor of the programme.


  36. 101
    Prime Minister"The Dunce Of Downing Street" Cameron says:

    Tell me why
    I don’t like Mondays.


  37. 102
    C O (Ξ7n) says:

    Peaches Geldof RIP.

    Knee Jerk reaction: Scientology.


  38. 103
    Maria Miller's SPAD says:

    All the bullshit made me strong.


  39. 108
    DAVE (Bum Sex for Me) Cameron says:

    Breaking news
    Peaches Geldof found dead age 25


  40. 109
    nigels parachute says:

    Its no good for dave to keep defending her lets hear maria defend her self


  41. 126
    Anonymous says:

    Paxmong gave that twat who ran the Coop a massive fucking BBC blow job interview the other day.

    He’s fucking shite at his job, another Labour stooge.


    • 191
      Blowing Whistles says:

      He is one of the many Labour Ziozitist placemen – look up Labour Z..ism and start fucking reading.


      • 202
        Charmed I'm Sure says:

        You thick prick, you think there is any difference between Labour, Tory or even The Natural Law Party’s choice of chosen people? What a lovely fucking mong drone you are, the blessed hook nosed ones just love a fucking dicksplash side taking mongtard fuckwadd like you. Blowing Whistles? The only thing you have ever blown is your father’s rancid cock.


        • 224
          Blowing Whistles says:

          “If i want your fucking opinion i will ask you to fill out the necessary forms” – otherwise do one. And btw don’t you think i already know it is a cross party 80% charade upon the British Public?


  42. 136
    Jeremy 'TaxPlan' Paxman says:

    Newnight is Snoozenight when Rachel Reeves is on there, droning away.


  43. 140
    Anonymous says:

    Does anyone care if Paxo is there or not. Newsnight is dire…I stopped watching it years ago. Left wing & liberal pandering drivel!


  44. 143
    porky says:

    Let’s have a John Major ‘back me or sack me’ election.


  45. 144
    Schrodinger's pussy says:

    Google and Facebook would like to control everything.

    Google wants you to have just one account.

    This account will have your medical records, a photo of you and your house, and details of the state of your marriage?

    This will allow you to be controlled.

    But, Google and facebook could get into in trouble – like Lehman Bros, Enron, Worldcom, Freddie Mac, Bernie Madoff Securities and many more.

    Just imagine if people stop clicking on the adverts, or if people find something better to log into

    Google receives about a quarter of all North American internet traffic.

    Google and has bought more than 100 start-ups that could have grown into rivals.

    One in seven people on the planet is on Facebook.

    40 per cent of US bandwidth in the evenings is consumed by viewers of Netflix.

    ‘The People’s Platform’, by Astra Taylor

    These companies, controlled by the elite, are not on our side.

    They are there to screw us.

    Evgeny Morozov has pointed out that digital technologies provide regimes with a powerful surveillance tool.

    The internet is now designed to control us.

    Astra Taylor points out that the internet tends “toward monopoly”, thus reinforcing the feudal system.

    A growing number of people now hate Google.

    There have been protests on the streets of San Francisco; and there has been outrage at allegations that Google cooperated with NSA, the evil US National Security Agency.

    Google now tries to restrict the content that we see.

    Google brings us results that others have clicked on most.


    • 151
      Dr Death says:

      I must remember to never get stuck in a lift with you, you really are one boring Hunt….ZZZZZ


    • 155
      Surfer says:


      The sooner there are real competitors to Google the better

      I do not use twitter, facebook, etc

      And we need entirely non US open source systems, chips, etc

      To break NSA/GCHQ criminal surveillance


    • 182
      The distant haze says:

      Those who have not succumbed may soon be invisible


  46. 146
    Maria Miller says:

    Ça plane pour moi.


  47. 150
    Podiceps says:

    Don’t use Google, use Startpage, which doesn’t allow you to be tracked (I hope). DuckDuckGo is a similar search engine, though even this grebe thinks it’s an embarrassing name. Also install D o N o t T r a c k, G h o s t e r y and A d B l o c k (spacing because Guido’s advertisers make him delete direct references to at least some of these).

    Anyone who joins Facebook is a mug. End of.

    ’40 per cent of US bandwidth in the evenings is consumed by viewers of Netflix’ — yes, but this is mainly because streaming video uses more bandwidth than anything else.


    • 152
      Podiceps says:

      147 was meant to be a reply to Schrödinger’s pussy at 141. If I pushed the wrong tit, sorry. Or maybe the numbers are disintegrating, as they do.


  48. 154
    Russell Brand says:

    Even I stuffed him, the twat.


    • 178
      I don't see it that way. says:

      He gave you enough rope and you swung yourself up on it, you moron. He knew he didn’t have to push you off into mid air because you are so stupid you would jump yourself. Which you did.


  49. 158
    Dreams are made of Liebour being in charge again says:

    Grass is always greener, just before you take the slide to the bottom, if Paxman goes so does the programme, he’s getting as if he knows he’s on to a hiding and doesn’t give a sh1te anymore.


  50. 160
    DUEMA and DUMMA says:

    Miliband calls for judge to enquire into parliamentary disrepute claims against Miller.


  51. 163
    Preacher man says:


  52. 168
    What a cunt says:

    Who decided to invite mass murderer Tony Blair to today’s ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the Rwanda massacre? Why does this evil piece of shit feel it necessary to show up to every international event? He’s not a politician any more and he wasn’t even in government when it happened. He’s just an egomaniacal sociopath who still wants to strut the world stage. I wish the vile piece of shit would just get cancer and die.


    • 174
      Idon'tneednodoctor says:

      Many will agree with your comment. I would like to see him stand trial first.
      Why is Chilcot taking so long, and who is preventing the publication of the findings?


      • 177
        jgm2 says:

        It’s getting a Hutton-style makeover.


      • 285
        Blowing Whistles says:

        He is on trial – and every last motherfucking shyster who ‘continues to back him’ is also on trial – In the Court of Public Opinion and for the Public Record. The so call Press pack hounds – can F right off you coke snorting nonces.


        • 291
          jgm2 says:

          You don’t half talk bollocks most of the time but your point about the so-called press pack is well made. We have reports over the last couple of days of proper journalists getting shot in proper fucking shitholes yet the wankers who should be exposing the corruption and incompetence and general fuckwittery right here in the UK will be delighted to spend the next week or two doing 12 page colour ‘tributes’ to Peaches Fucking Geldof.

          Useless c*unts.


          • Owen's Remedial Media Studies says:

            Peaches was a “journalist” herself, dontchaknow.

            Jesus. Even Sain’t Bob’s announcement of death is pretentious verbiage


    • 183
      Cancer says:

      Have a heart and leave me alone. How about a heart-attack? One of those real painful bastards that he can feel going slowly up his arm!!!


    • 254
      Tony Baloney says:

      Don’t forget all my breakthrough’s regarding Middle East peace. Also, there’s always little Ewan. He’s one to watch! – I sure have paid enough for it!

      Socialism is for the Rich as well as the Poor.

      Yours in indifference to who the F**K you are and what you think…




      • 418
        Piggy Banks says:

        Concerning Socialism is for the Rich, does anyone know how much the City Bankers made by getting shot of their Post Office shares?

        “A mark, a yen, a buck, or a pound
        A buck or a pound
        A buck or a pound
        Is all that makes the world go around,
        That clinking clanking sound
        it makes the world go ’round.”

        Money, Cabaret


      • 419
        Anonymous says:

        Just when (Backadder-hating) Michael Grove said that World War One should be shown in a better light, along comes his mate Paxman to re-write of “The Great War”. For as well defending the mass-killing, he seemed sure that the powers-that-be cared about the lives of the troops. The reactionary old war horse – he really should be sacked.


  53. 170
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Peter Hain is alright, so it doesn’t matter about the thousands murdered over the years in Northern Ireland. Yes you are alright Hain, now fuck off.


    • 172
      Preacher man says:

      The hateful bastard should be in jail. Traitorous scum.


      • 207
        You know when you've been Tango'd says:

        Hain was shown up for the quisling cnut that he is when QT staged their Mandela wankfest in South Africa last December.


    • 196
      Blowing Whistles says:

      The Oragne one fronts up for who – they must be fucking desperate, desperate to conceal the truth behind what really went on …


  54. 175
    Leveson says:

    Maria Miller expenses row: Cameron insists Culture Secretary has nothing to resign over: Psychiatric assessment required RIGHT NOW


  55. 184
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    Just carry on Dave defending the indefensible and the Tory sleaze and exposing what you really are, at best a con man and a liar. And as the corrupt Tory party sinks beneath the waves we shall all raise a toast to the sinking Eton Mess.


  56. 187
    Herb Garden says:

    I know that 98% of the Cons Mps and Lords who voted on the Health/Welfare Act voted with their interests very much at heart.

    Miller being one of them, as she also knows a lot about health care corporates. Look at her past jobs. She doesn’t make mistakes ever.


    • 194
      Kebabipedia says:

      Maria Miller: MP for Basingstoke. Former director of Grey’s Advertising Ltd, an advertising and brand company who work extensively with clients in the healthcare sector. Former director of the Rowland Group, which became Publicis Consultants, who are also a marketing company working extensively with private healthcare.

      and the rest….! milliions and millions of taxpayers money


  57. 198
    Schrödinger's Khat says:

    Well my dear friends – it seems we are all of one accord here
    If I read things right, the blazers and cravats will pick up a lot of tactical votes in the European elections and the Tories will then shit themselves.
    They may be forced into making pre-election overtures to UKIP to bring them back into the fold (most will realise UKIP are, almost to a man, disaffected right-wing Tories) They may even make an alliance with them – pre-election!
    Either way, the Tory right will really begin to kick off – especially if they have UKIP within its ranks and Cameron reneges on his EU referendum promise (which he will )
    So – as long as the Maria Millers of this world are sneering at us all, I’m as happy as Larry


    • 203
      nell. says:



    • 206
      jgm2 says:

      The bedwetters are shitting about UKIP too. It (UKIP) might have started by taking right-wing Tory votes but it’s getting them from traditional Labour areas in dr*oves now too.

      A big showing. A really big showing by UKIP in the EU elections and it just might create the mood for a mass defection from Tory AND Labour voters come 2015.

      Just as happened in Fucking Scotland when the voters finally got fed up of ‘Buggins turn’ politics up there.


      • 229
        Blowing Whistles says:

        It might also have something to do with that ‘people’ of all generations who have been encouraged to vote tribally are now seeing through the fog of decades of presspropaganda … and that it is all one big circus of liars, frauds, cheats and chancers operating out of the HoC.

        It’s the British Spring – at this time as well.


        • 238
          Not Blowing Whistles says:

          The Huguenots have form for helping the English out.

          In that we can trust in F’arage.


        • 265
          non taxable pikey says:

          We all have a lot to thank Bob Cailliau and Tim Berners-Lee for. No hiding place now.


  58. 204
    Blowing Whistles says:

    listened to that oscar whining boy and suddenly thought – i wonder if them old lie detector (voice) thingy’s have ever been improved over the past 30 or so years … and wonder if the msm and others are ‘onto’ that sort of thing – it all sounded like a ‘poor me, poor me, pity me’ kinda speech …?

    And then there’s them federation top nobs bailing out …
    Is there something bigger ‘dirt wise’ to come out about the whole filthy organisation of The Federation of Police?


    • 225
      Not Blowing Whistles says:

      You did catch this ?


      There are some big changes afoot if one opens the eyes.

      Ask yourself, what ties R’ussel B’rand, Jay-Z (called out today for wearing b’lack supremecist bling) and the late Peaches. You will find many of the legal fraternity are indeed aligned in that temple, one that for sure includes the boys in blue.

      A lot of fridge cleaning and kitchen modifications are happening, but the real question is, if the Orients are stirring: What next ?


      • 235
        Blowing Whistles says:

        i think that many people dare not read up every derivation of the word federal – start with a good old dictionary – it’s like wow!


        • 253
          Not Blowing Whistles says:

          It perhaps should be brought into the light from the occult:

          1640s, as a theological term, from F’rench fédéral, from Latin foedus (genitive foederis) “covenant, league, treaty, alliance,” related to fides “faith” (see faith).

          Meaning “pertaining to a treaty” (1650s) led to political sense of “state formed by agreement among independent states” (1707), from phrases like federal union “union based on a treaty,” popularized by formation of U.S.A. 1776-1787.

          It still remains an article of faith, as E Pluribus Unum is only possible with such shared faith, or if preferred, consensus.

          This is affirmed on the reverse, in the solemn approval for the undertaking (Annuit coeptis) is conferred through the eye of providence for the new order of the ages (Novus ordo seclorum).

          That obverse statement was originally meant to be ‘With God Favoring’ (Deo Favente) through the eye, ‘Everlasting’ (Perennis), in the first 1782 proposal.

          The change of words helped obscure the meaning implied in the Federal undertaking, which is why many are not aware of this today.

          To one of your common themes, BW, this goes directly to the question of informed consent in such matters as acceptance of state.

          The majority have been mislead. ;-)


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Indeed NBW you and i know lots more than ‘some’ of the ignoramuses on here – but i shall keep trying to awaken them from their slumber.

            btw – federalism / federal reserve (think who didn’t want the greenback ‘cos it didn’t suit their debt culture) …

            Here’s a thought … about all this ‘funny money':-

            How can a major restructuring of an outsourcing firm with debts of say £80 million occur with the legal firm (brokering the restructuring) trousering £10 million for their fees and the £80 million of debt being ‘written off’ – just like that / like magic …?

            Funny that innit – Mouchel had their debt just magically written off.

            yes … Eighty fucking million pounds / 80,000,000.00


          • jgm2 says:

            You think we’ve forgotten about your claim that ‘Fluoride’ is a ‘heavy metal’?


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            @ JGM2 – get over your obsession old man. And btw go back and re read the positngs – i made an incidental comment – which you have misled yourself upon – your subsequent obsession is pathetic and pitiful and actually makes you look well … obsessive.

            btw BW 1 – SC 0 if you care to ‘distract’ yourself to above boxes.


          • jgm2 says:

            I’ve read the entire thread (well, the bits that make any sense) and the way I’d score it is that SC handed you your incoherent arse.



  59. 208
    IDS - (that's Indefensible Dave Snooty to you) says:

    Can’t stand this ‘something for Nothing’ culture


  60. 211
    Gus O'Donnell says:

    David Cameron wonders what Maria Miller has in store for The Cabinet as she marches down Downing Street. Hope it’s not another dirty protest.


    • 236
      Blowing Whistles says:

      GO’D – you ain’t out of the fucking woods either buster for what you too have concealed from the British Public.


  61. 213

    Peaches Geldof dead

    How completely, utterly and (add adjective of choice) unexpected!

    She could not even wait until the statutory age of 27 for doing such things.

    Hope her kids are well happy about it.



    • 222
      Derek Laud says:

      Wonder what it was? Hutchence had a suicidal worm burping session after shooting up to get his wings. Yates smacked out with toddlers running around the house. Anyone get the impression the family is dysfunctional?


      • 231
        I don't like any day with a fucking Y in it says:

        “She was the wildest, funniest, cleverest, wittiest and the most bonkers of all of us”

        She was a сunt, Bob. Just like you.


      • 234
        Podiceps says:

        Sorry to have to ask this, but what is worm burping? It’s not in the Urban Dictionary.


        • 241

          If one has to shoot up in order to find out, I prefer not to know.

          Even loving knowledge has its limits.


        • 251
          Sophus Barkayo-Tong says:

          I believe, my Lord, that it is akin to, ahem, bishop bashing. But how this act could be conducive to suicide I cannot say.


          • Geopolitical Worm Burping Times says:

            Boy masturbates himself to death:


            Reports coming in from Brazil say that a 16-year-old boy has died after tossing himself off 42 times — without stopping.

            The boy’s mother has told local newspapers in the Goiás region of Brazil that her son had an addiction to bopping the baloney, and she planned on getting him professional help so he could beat his addiction, and not his bishop. But the mother seemingly acted too late, because her unnamed son began a wank marathon at the stroke of midnight and reportedly tugged himself off 42 times. He was pronounced dead at the scene, the cause of death has not been released.

            The boy’s school friends have spoken out about their friend’s addiction, some say he invited them to webcam with him. Following his death the boy’s room was searched and a large cache of jazz mags and bongo videos were discovered. The boy apparently had eclectic tastes and was easily aroused by any type of women.

            Let that be a lesson to all you worm stranglers.


          • {1 \over T}\int_0^T \left| \zeta\left({1 \over 2} + it\right) \right|^6\,dt \sim {42 \over 9!}\p says:

            42? Are you sure?


          • Slartibartfast says:

            Who counted?


          • Me says:

            Maybe he was trying to prove the Big Bang theory?


          • Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

            Perhaps he drowned?


    • 249
      Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin etc. says:

      To be fair, the 27 Club is reserved for pop/rock musicians( which Peaches wasn’t).


      • 264
        the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

        I was in Dublin when Bob was moaning about school. You could take anyone of those bands of songsters in the bars and make them U2, unfortunately somebody picked Geldof.


  62. 221
    RED LEN says:



  63. 226
    Banzai Pilot says:

    Apparently black boxes are crash proof and survive everything.

    Why not make the entire plane a black box and bingo no more plane crash deaths?


  64. 242
    albacore says:

    If you can’t do without Paxman to tell you
    What Parliament has brought this country down to
    He’s, in any case, only a waste of space
    You can’t see TV without eyes in your face


  65. 244
    Who's the daddy now? says:


  66. 245
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    I don’t think it’s helpful for people to ridicule the C of E. Lots of people think that there might well be a different reality to that which science tries to pin down. Of the religions CofE does not always seem the brightest but they do apologize for the idea of a Virgin Birth as opposed to 60 virgins whatever it is. Society can be in all kinds of different ways, for me it doesn’t really matter so long as it does not poison the seas and kill all the flora and fauna, if it make theatre and paintings and art and spaceships you could say that it is working. The problem is that this abandonment of any restrictions and anything goes mentality might well not be successful in the long run. We might be better to encourage protestant church going.


    • 279
      Joe Public II says:

      Religions are a curse on mankind. Their followers are frequently murderous nutters who cause wars or commit violence against those from other religions or non believers.

      Many indulge in genital mutilation of children.

      They are disgusting bastards.


      • 287
        the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

        some fortunates are given an insight ( or an over sight ) and by articulating their understanding convince others in the reality of their discoveries, there is nothing there to be described as disgusting. By self mortification, dismissal of pleasurable gains, a teacher can convince followers of the sincerity of his teaching and lead by example. These pure civil servants in religion are more suited to law making than thieves and charlatans


        • 290
          The Archbishop of Willesden Junction says:

          Nonsense. They are thieves and charlatans.


          • the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

            help me out here. I am trying to instigate a mood which will see MPs walking in procession in rags, flogging themselves as they take their seats at the opening of parliament.


          • Theologian says:

            Any sound secularist would advocate that. No need for anyone to intermediate with the sky fairy


          • A member of the public says:

            I would much rather see them walking off Westminster Pier.


          • the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

            constantly referring to religious thought as a belief in a sky faery helps nobody


          • jgm2 says:

            I would much rather see them walking off Westminster Pier.

            Chained to car batteries.


  67. 250
    Save Paxo says:

    Katz is a lefty mumsnet infiltrator.


  68. 255
  69. 256
    A farmer says:

    Is there anyone in showbiz who is not stoned out of his/her box?


  70. 259
    An adolescent says:

    Are all these politicians on drugs as well?

    Does that explain their brazen dishonesty?


  71. 269
    The public says:

    In the quest for honest dealing, the Prime Minister is meaningless. He offers no solutions to a problem he doesn’t even comprehend.


    Retreating, advancing, going sideways, spinning, twisting, turning, weaving, bobbing up and down like an excited puppy, standing stock still with his eyes shut in the hope he won’t be seen. The guy has no relevance.

    So we shall just have to carry on with our demands for justice and honesty in government until he is swept aside.


  72. 282
    Grateful Dave. says:

    Another day nearly gone, and my darling bumsex promoting thieving Maria is still in Office.


    • 284
      Nemesis says:

      Every day that passes without your sacking this woman halves your already minuscule credibility.


      • 342
        Maria sits on my face...it's warm & fuzzy says:

        Is it possible to have negative credibility?


        • 346
          Podiceps says:

          Yes. Think of Soviet Russia. When the Tass news agency announced some brave new development, you could be absolutely sure that it was a cover-up for an abject failure. When it accused the west of some atrocious misdeed, this meant that the Soviets were perpetrating the same thing themselves.

          The Labour party is like that now, but less organised so they can’t keep it up consistently.


          • SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

            The whole labour party is based on the same idealogical nonsense as the old Soviet Union what does anyone expect.


        • 347
          Tony Blair says:

          It’s where you start believing your own lies


  73. 292
    Curious SamCam says:

    Dave – has this Miller woman got a bigger strap-on than me, or what?


  74. 298
    Scotty says:

    I can’t say I will be sorry to see Paxo go, and a few others too. Kirsty Wark for example.


  75. 300
    C O (Ξ7o) says:


    • 303
      Nickelarse Cleggmania. says:

      I think we should declare a state of war with Russia immediately.


      • 304
        Garage says:

        I told you last week that you are a stupid warmongering fucking twat — now shut the fuck up.


        • 312
          the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

          my observation from watching and some accepting of things said, is that the coup to eject an elected guy because he took out some personal spending (our government spends fucking trillions on vanity projects ) was, if not funded then, orchestrated by EU/american provokers. Then UN type officials come on the news and moan about Putin financing provocateurs in east Ukraine. It is all bullshit.


          • C O (Ξ7o) says:

            He isn’t just financing – those are on the ground forces which were sent in some weeks back (and prior) when this all started.

            P’tin has his place people on the ground: That is literally in the case of the cities, and also within the government.

            The Coup was R’ussian induced from the start with a view to destabilizing and discrediting the government. Some light reading of the old Soviet playbook reveals all.

            Incidentally, the West is a little slow in dusting off the playbook, but our actions are and will be same old.


          • Tweety says:

            C O (Ξ7o) – Your flies are undone.


          • the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

            I’m guessing that Crimea is a KGB enclave what the fuck do you think is going to happen ?


          • C O (Ξ7o) says:

            The KGB ceased to exist in Russ!a years back – it is FSB now.

            More importantly it is still the Cheka.

            That there were a lot of ex secret service agents in Cr!mea is neither justification nor explanation for Russ!a’s actions: Any such argument of that nature is not only false, but is repeating K’remlin propaganda.

            There are a lot of English in Southern Spain for example, a number of those may be ex MI-6 agents: Does that justify an English annexation ? Has England sought to annex ?


          • Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

            We could expand Gibraltar a bit if they don’t stop being so uppity about about our presence.


        • 340
          the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

          @C O (Ξ7o)
          saying Russia orchestrated overthrow of “what’s his face, Ukraine prime minister fellow” is sounding a bit bonkers to be truthful. If Russia invades Europe then we all die.


          • C O (Ξ7o) says:

            No: Russ!a will continue to apply pressure to find out what will happen if it was to invade parts of Europe – in particular countries which are NATO members.

            This is in part why S’weden is being probed, and the Baltic’s – particularly E’stonia – are reporting higher than normal GRU activity.

            The notion that we all die if Russ!a invades Europe is false.

            The notion that Russ!a may try to take as much of Europe as it can before triggering a full scale NATO response is more realistic.

            Note that Russ!a will try to take most of what it can without offensive action, but by covert means. Look to what is happening in U’kraine and what happened in Cr!mea.

            Actual force would only be deployed in either response, or if territory which warrants it is to be captured, and then only if Russ!a has calculated comfortable probability of a win.

            Looking at U’kraine again, the active measures currently being used to win the East and South over without direct military intervention are being deployed mainly because a full on military assault would fail.

            Once that territory is captured, the odds swing in favour to Russ!a and then one may see overt action to take a resistant West.

            None of this is bonkers: One needs only to understand how the Chekists do business, and note that there is an art to warfare. Recommend reading up Sun Tzu.


          • Anonymous says:

            While some are painting them as Bad – Russia ain’t Mad. For they are only protecting THEIR interests, in THEIR’ backyard. Unless forced, why would Russia start a costly war in Europe. But, with NATO driving right up to their border, does not Russia have good reason to feel at risk? Despite the likes C O (Ξ7o) banging the Drums of War, we need to get real here.

            P.S: At the cost of some 20 million (plus) dead, did not Russia play a major role in defeating Hitler?


          • Anonymous says:

            P.S: “…As soon as reveille has gone
            We feel just as heavy as lead,
            But we never get up till the sergeant
            Brings our breakfast up to bed.
            What do you want with eggs and ham
            When you’ve got plum and apple jam ?
            Form fours! Right turn!
            How shall we spend the money we earn?…”
            Oh Oh Oh Its A Lovely War


          • Anonymous says:

            And When They Ask Us

            “And when they ask us, how dangerous it was,
            Oh, we’ll never tell them, no, we’ll never tell them:
            We spent our pay in some cafe,
            And fought wild women night and day,
            ‘Twas the cushiest job we ever had.

            And when they ask us, and they’re certainly going to ask us,
            The reason why we didn’t win the Croix de Guerre,
            Oh, we’ll never tell them, oh, we’ll never tell them
            There was a front, but damned if we knew where.”

            Oh What A Lovely War
            (Tune: ‘They wouldn’t believe me’)


      • 307
        42 wanks. Really? says:

        I for one am more than willing for you to volunteer to go to Crimea carrying your big stick in your hands. Don’t forget to talk softly.


    • 313
      Gettys Burg says:

      I’d rather have a civil war against the EU Feds


  76. 308
    Miggle says:

    Can’t see Dave sacking Miller considering Dave has taken the largest taxpayer funded mortgage allowed under the expenses system on his/our Chipping Norton mansion even though he could have bought it outright with the small change in Sam’s handbag.

    Perhaps a good starting point would be for MPs to be locals then there would be no need to buy them a house to keep for ever more (why for ever anyway?)


    • 311
      This century says:

      How about running Parliament on skype and keeping the whole bloody lot of them safely in their constituencies all year round.


      • 316
        F##k the LibLabCon says:

        Narrrrr… just hang ‘em all and start again.


      • 322
        jgm2 says:

        How about firing the whole fucking lot of them and selecting (say) 400 or so at random from the voting list.

        Next year fire 100 of them and select another 100 at random. Hey presto, continuity, representation of all sections of society – young, old, men, women, chippies, hippies and hookers, no party political closed shops, no jobs-for-life-for-fuckwits.

        All paid exactly the same as they were getting paid before. Unemployed get unemployment benefit, that Dyson bloke gets a couple of million. Anybody can refuse or quit at any time.

        With luck they’ll never be able to agree on anything so we’ll have no new laws ever again.


        • 332
          Abdul the envelope stuffer in Lahore says:

          But please be thinking of my wives and children. Without my stuffing envelope business we will have to be working in call centre please and ringing up on Sundays to much swearings and phone slamming jollity.


    • 314
      Mrs. Ball-Scooper, TRIPLE FLIPPER says:

      Fuck off !


  77. 325
    The other Nick says:


  78. 333
    Ah well says:

    One of Hollywood’s finest, Mickey Rooney, dies with hardly any coverage. A 25 year- old, famous for being famous, mainly due to her parents, gets front page coverage. Sad reflection of our times.


    • 338
      Tesco says:

      It is not every day that a person named after an 420g can of Del Monte’s finest dies.


      • 344
        the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

        as a child I sometimes went into the penny arcades and Ava Gardner I think was sixpence if she won for you.


  79. 345
    Me says:

    Russians emerging from communism naturally aligned with the propaganda image of “American freedom.” That the US and Europe were also corrupt and also had blood on their hands was overlooked. During the years of anti-Soviet propaganda, Washington was murdering European women and children and blaming communists. The truth came out when President of Italy Francesco Cossiga publicly revealed Operation Gladio, a false flag terrorist scheme run by the CIA and Italian Intelligence during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s that targeted European women and children with bombs in order to blame the communists and thereby prevent European communist parties from making electoral gains. This is one of the most well-known false flag events in history, having resulted in extraordinary confessions by Italian intelligence.



  80. 349
    http://bishophill.squarespace.com/blog/2014/4/8/climate-control.html says:

    London, 8 April: A new report published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation is calling for Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education, to institute an official inquiry into the way environmentalism and in particular climate change are being taught in schools.

    In the report, authors Andrew Montford and John Shade describe how environmentalism has come to permeate school curricula across the UK, featuring in an astonishing variety of subjects, from geography to religious education to modern languages. Passing examinations will now usually involve the ability to recite green mantras rather than understanding the subtle questions of science and economics involved.

    The authors review in detail the climate change teaching materials currently used in British schools, with disturbing results. There is ample evidence of unscientific statements, manipulated graphs, and activist materials used in class and even found in textbooks.

    The report also describes how activist teachers try to make children become the footsoldiers of the green movement, encouraging them to harass their schoolmates and pester their parents to bring about “behaviour change”.

    The use of fear of climate change to alter children’s behaviour is also highlighted. This is undoubtedly having harmful consequences on children’s development and surveys indicate that fear of the future is widespread. The report quotes one child as saying:

    “I worry about [global warming] because I don’t want to die.”

    Author Andrew Montford says: “The brainwashing of our children for political ends is shameful. Those responsible for education in the UK need to take action and take it quickly”


  81. 350
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    some fuckwits threaten to take away a Russian naval base backed by EU , ” Oh no, you fucking don’t”
    Spanish fuckwits backed by EU threaten UK naval base,. so what are you going to do Dave ?


  82. 352
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    I did quite a reasonable drawing today, actually I did it a couple of days ago but I had to do some tweaking on the old PC whatsit. and I thought to myself, looking at my drawing, ” look at that, I did that and it is OK, it’s not like I was trying to start a war in Europe is it.


  83. 356
    ian says:

    maria – come out, come out wherever you are


  84. 359
  85. 362
    As the wheels start to come of Millibands cost of living crisis we find .... says:

    Facts dear boy facts…

    Wages are growing at the fastest rate for nearly seven years for workers taking on new jobs, according to figures published today.
    Starting salaries awarded to people securing a permanent job are rising quicker than at any time since July 2007 – just months before the near collapse of Northern Rock.
    The report, by accountancy giant KPMG, also shows demand for staff increased ‘at a marked pace’ last month as firms looked to hire new recruits.
    It suggests the squeeze on living standards is coming to an end in a setback for Labour leader Ed Miliband who has put the ‘cost of living crisis’ at the heart of his general election campaign.
    But with the economy now recovering unemployment has fallen to 7.2 per cent and inflation to 1.7 per cent – the same rate as the average pay rise in the private sector meaning millions of workers are no longer seeing their living standards fall.
    The Government is likely to receive yet more good news today when the International Monetary Fund publishes its latest outlook for the world economy.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2599332/Wages-growing-fastest-rate-nearly-seven-years-workers-taking-new-jobs.html#ixzz2yGMRgR17
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


  86. 365
    Jo Hugh says:

    The BBC ought to excel at what Newsnight purports to be – a quality, ‘flagship’, investigative, news magazine. Paxman is one of a very few with the chops to live up to leading such a Newsnight front of camera. If not Paxman,who?
    The problem lies less with Paxman than with Katz, and BBC news operation generally hurtling off track and failing its core function. It is lamentable that Newsnight prides itself on being the vortex of baying mobs. It leaves layer after layer of salient, satisfying fact and dimension untapped while turning itself into a wannabe BBC3 circus. Attracting hoards of unsophisticated,immature Twitterers is not a bad thing, but to fail the job of satisfying their longing to exercise their citizenship fully, is a despicable, unworthy thing. Time to move up, get serious, put some meat in the sandwich, expand and raise the quality of research, raise your game “newsnight’, you’ve got a licence fee to justify.


  87. 367
    non taxable pikey says:

    The most frequent comment on the BBC news thread about Miller’s expenses fiddle was:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules.

    There are an awful lot of folk out there extremely pissed off. The Political credibility gap has become a chasm.


    • 409
      The Public says:

      Political credibility? No elected Westminster politician has any credibility. Not one of them stood up and objected at the time of Miller’s non-apology.


  88. 372
    The State we're In says:

    1. a Complete and Utter Tosser in No 10

    2. National News preoccupied by

    .1 sleb murderer in S.A.

    .2 sleb death in UK + reactions of other slebs / sluts / wasters

    .3 fiddling bitch in HoC

    .4 another weirdo extradited to S.A.

    oh, – and attempts to find a plane what defeated technology that millions rely on each day

    No mention of

    EUSSR fiddles

    HoC as a hive of corrupt politicos (including past pot boilers like Bliar / Brown)

    Barreness Arsehole saving Ukraine

    pernicious Muzzo plots and the total inability to chuck the fuckers out or extinguish them entirely

    … clearly time to start drinking ….. oh sod they want to control that too


  89. 373
    non taxable pikey says:

    More yes votes for independence as Robertson the former Secretary General of Nato says Scottish independence would be cataclysmic for the West in an era of international turmoil. He also urged the US to speak out against it. The man is talking out of his bum. This will surely piss off the Scots.
    I’m English, can I vote yes too?


  90. 374
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    Paxman is not the answer.

    He is part of the problem.


  91. 376
    The 1922 Committee says:

    The Dunce Of Downing Street looks weaker and more out of touch every time he defends Maria Miller. Miliband will destroy him at PMQs tomorrow.


  92. 378
    Downing Street Bellend says:

    Every morning I look in the mirror and think how lucky the Tories are to have me as their leader.


    • 391
      albacore says:

      Mirror, mirror, on the wall
      Ain’t I really on the ball!
      Miller’s happy with her haul
      And gay wedding – what a call!


  93. 382
    Dunkin' Smith says:

    It is only right that those who fiddle the benefit system should have their houses taken away from them. I have one lady particularly in mind.


  94. 385
    John Major says:

    How on earth is Maria Miller still in post? Is she Cameron’s Edwina Currie?


  95. 386
    A Tory BumBoy says:

    The British Chambers of Commerce says that while short-term growth prospects are good,neither the recovery nor Maria Miller’s Cabinet post are “not yet secure”.


  96. 388
    Prime Minister"The Dunce Of Downing Street" Cameron says:

    Today the Conservatives lost overall control of Havering Council as three sitting councillors defected to UKIP.


    Hear ! Hear !


  97. 389
    A Brazilian Rent Boy says:

    “Cameron has failed to tackle immigration as he promised and has instead pursued a foreign policy that would see us use military intervention in Syria, and one that is squandering taxpayer’s money propping up corrupt regimes around the world”

    What a bellend !


  98. 390
    de man from Dellboy Monty says:

    Advice to all who breed – why not name your spawn

    “Delli Monty”

    . . . and do all the fruit in one go


  99. 393
    carl fx says:

    Ali G should host newsnight.


  100. 396
    Anonymous says:

    Remember the tune ?
    Maria… say it loud and there’s trouble starting
    Say it soft…and it’s almost like farting…


  101. 397
    The 1922 Committee says:

    Not to worry.

    Another day that Maria Miller and Cameron are destroying any integrity the Tories might have had. Time to celebrate soon.


  102. 414
    Anonymous says:

    “£800,000 a year could hire a lot more staff”
    However, questions submitted by the public cost nothing…In a reality that has the capacity for instantaneous two-way communication, who still seeks to make their last stand on the windpipe of free speech?


  103. 415
    Anonymous says:

    I thought Russell Brand and Peaches were going to present Newsnight


  104. 424
    KneesNight hater says:

    Under Ian Katz Newsnight has ceased to be essential viewing, with its embarrasingly heavy-handed efforts to get down with the yoof. Self-indulgent drivel. Thank god we can still hear its shoved-aside but superlative investigative foreign reporter Tim Whewell on BBCRadio 4 – eg in his recent excellent Crossing Continents on the major health problems for Syria, Lebanon etc caused by breakdown of health services in Syria. So many important stories that the previous incarnation of Newsnight would have covered are now ignored in favour of trash.


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