April 7th, 2014

Hunt for the @DCMS Truth Tweeter


The Maria Miller media witch hunt took a surreal twist on Saturday evening when the official Department of Culture, Media and Sport Twitter feed started tweeting the truth. This morning there will be an embarrassing situation in the department. Should they have a Whodunnit? investigation to find out the culprit and fire them for telling the truth? Meaning the only person fired as a result of, as the Twitter feed rightly said, Maria Miller embezzling and cheating the taxpayer, will be the only person who told the truth? Probably best if the Permanent Secretary just has the password changed and no more is said about the matter…


  1. 1
    Spartacus says:

    nice one(s)


    • 17
      Cancel that Taxi says:

      No crosshairs yet then. You reckon she will survive with the protection of the powerful gay mafia that now runs Westminster?


      • 42
        Flaunty Bumwedding says:

        Not only survive – if we have our way, she will flourish and go on to make many more millions.


  2. 2
    Di Rear says:

    She should be sacked before lunch


    • 21
      believe me says:

      Or this story will run and run.


      • 32
        amateur psychiatrist says:

        This story has got more legs than Oscar Pistorius.


        • 57
          broderick crawford says:

          no it has nt unfortunately

          If she does not resign by tonight the media and populace will tire and by Wednesday night she will be old news and safe till the next election .


    • 43
      Dave's i-Pad says:

      If Dave sacks her before lunch, what will he do in the afternoon?


      • 45
        Di Rear says:

        Probably appoint another token woman


      • 55
        The Great British Public says:

        Cameron can always play angry birds in the afternoon for a bit, and then speak to his father in law to check the latest rent payment from the windmills on the family farm has been paid at £500k pa.

        Other issues like the uks sovereignty and energy security and decimated armed forces can wait for another day.


    • 58
      Miller's cast-iron shield says:

      Useful, down-to-earth piece here from Fleetstreetfox which touches on Cameron at same game (as all MPs have been).

      Which is why he won’t/can’t shunt her.


      Miller also did Cameron’s bidding on press regulation, so he’s her human shield now.


  3. 3
    Archie says:

    The entire population of the Palace of Westminster should be locked up and the key should be thrown away.
    We need a new type of democracy where the people rule.


    • 30
      rick says:

      Looks like Democracy is the God that failed.


    • 44
      PCR says:

      Re a new type of democracy

      Re a new form of Government
      What can we do? Elections are pointless. The legislature now only represent the interest groups that provide their campaign funds, not the voters. Over the last two parliaments, the legislature have made it legal for corporations to purchase the government. Those who own the government will decide what it does, not those who vote.
      All the British public can do is to accept the serfdom imposed on them or take to the streets and stay in the streets despite being clubbed, tasered, arrested, and shot by the police, who protect the power structure, not the public.
      In Britain, nothing is done for the public. But everything is done to the public.


      • 50
        SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        The answer might be to hold an election and disbar any candidate who has previously held a seat in any local authority or is a member of any party who has ever held a seat in Westminster or any of the assemblies of the UK .
        No member of the legal profession should be allowed to stand


  4. 4
    Hmm says:

    Not sure a ‘prankster’ could be fired just like that.


  5. 5
    just asking says:

    Is there anyone in Westminster who isn’t
    perverted, corrupt or a congenital liar?


    • 8
      Larry the Cat says:


      Although some of the perverts coming to No10 keep checking out my chocolate starfish.


  6. 6
    NBeale says:

    It may be fun hounding her but is it just? Parents helping to look after your children are a very good thing. We have to trust the judgement of MPs. There is something distinctly unedifying about how people are putting the boot in here.


    • 10
      WTF says:

      Quote – Parents helping to look after your children are a very good thing

      Quite, just don’t fuckig involve the fucking taxpayer.


    • 12
      Mitch says:

      “Parents helping to look after your children are a very good thing.”

      We agree. But not with our money. Most people earning much less do it at their own expense. It’s called following the rules.


    • 20
      Ken the Axe murderer says:

      Dear Judge. I battered the security guard to death and took the money because as a parent I wanted to provide for my Children.


    • 41
      The public says:

      If the government doesn’t like it, they can settle this matter quite easily by putting the suspect in front of the judge and jury.


    • 56
      The Great British Public says:

      Is it just ?

      Are you joking….

      There is a distinct possibility she has broken the law.

      We need a national debate on what to do with a thieving MP like Maria.

      Perhaps she could share the plane to south Africa and spend her pre trial time there “getting her story straight…”


  7. 9
    They fear the Hare says:

    The world would be a fucked up place if everyone told the truth. Everyone knows that politicians are lying scum, and that’s fine because it allows us to understand and comprehend what they really mean. It’s just as easy if they decide to tell the truth, it wouldn’t actually matter

    But imagine the chaos if they sometimes told the truth, and sometimes lied. They need to be consistent in the way that they communicate.

    They’re consistant in their greed, duplicity, lack of integrity, corruption, ineptitude etc, surely the electorate who pays their salaries has the right to consistency in their communication ?

    There has to a witch hunt, and a public sacrifice. For heavens sake they need to redirect the publics attention. Why isn’t someone’s head already in a spike ?


  8. 11
    Anonymous says:

    With all the spin, it’s hard to know what the truth is !

    The press talk about the freedom of the press but it seems like half the press and politicians take this as the freedom to spin/lie, what about the peoples right to the truth?


  9. 14
    Vlad the G(r)8 says:

    Yes, “password” is never a good password.


  10. 15
    Garfield says:

    Now that they have found the “Black Box” from the Malaysian aircraft after an extensive search, the next big search will be trying to find an MP who is not troughing,lying,stealing or a pervert. This will be a long and difficult process.


  11. 16
    Bob Crow says:

    She shud put er name darn fer a carncil arse.


    • 48
      Hey Bob from beyond,,,, says:

      Is your family remaining in that shithole, or moving somewhere your wages justified?


  12. 18
    Warty Dyskeratoma of the Fanny says:

    Maria’s Husband says that they’re just like sexual speed bumps


  13. 25
    Eff in scum says:

    Don’t forget these are not, as the yanks would say, just nickel and dime operations. Sure, they may be peanuts to the average thieving MP or Lord.

    But what these fcukers take in just one of their little heists is several times the yearly wage of what they expect many of their constituents to live on.


  14. 27
    Ah! says:

    Witch hunt for which c unt?


  15. 29
    The British People says:

    This is not going to go away until she does.


  16. 33
    HM Her Majesty's Honours and Slush Fund Committee says:

    Whoever it is, he deserves a knighthood. (If he hasn’t got one already)


  17. 34
    Garfield says:

    Just turned on LBC, James O’Brian going on and on talking shite he just doesn’t stop.


  18. 46
    EyeSee says:

    See, I don’t think they can leave it at that over the Tweets. A member of a government department telling the truth sets a dangerous precedent, after all, we have been led to believe to date that it is impossible (and therefore not their fault) for government to tell the truth. It would be like listening to the wants and needs of the people! Then there would be a need to do some work on behalf of constituents, which would damage the time available for ‘outside’ jobs. No, finding and sacking someone who cannot toe the line is really too important to the wellbeing of the collective.


  19. 49
    In no morality land... says:

    Given a choice, I’d see the peeedo supporter sacked before the thief.


  20. 52
    Great Granddad says:

    Guido, if ever they should nick you for fraud they will not give you the option of giving a thirty-two second apology.They’ll go for a life sentence if they can pin you down to four pounds fifty.


  21. 54
    Nemesis says:

    Is Barron fucking her or what? There’s something very odd about all this. What a lousy lot of devious mendacious fuckers we have governing this country. They condemn the poor or disadvantaged for trying to get a piece of the cake but some of the twats in parliament are worse than all the benefit scroungers put together.


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