April 4th, 2014

Miller Time: Labour Write to the Fuzz

Labour have written to the coppers:

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley
Metropolitan Police Special Crime Directorate
New Scotland Yard
8-10 Broadway
London SW1H 0BG

Dear Commissioner Rowley,

Re House of Commons Committee on Standards Report into Maria Miller

The Standards Committee Report published today, 3 April 2014, finds that Maria Miller overclaimed £5800 of mortgage payments and required her to make a personal statement on the floor of the House of Commons.

The key conclusions are as follows:

The House of Commons Code of Conduct from 2002 stipulated that: “No improper use shall be made of any payment or allowance made to Members for public purposes”. We have seen no evidence to suggest that Mrs Miller failed to abide by this part of the Code.

The 2002 rule had a second part stipulating that “the administrative rules which apply to such payments and allowances must be strictly observed”. Mrs Miller failed to observe this.

We have already recommended that Mrs Miller repay the £5,800 which she has identified as an over-claim. She should also apologise by personal statement on the floor of the House for her attitude to the Commissioner’s inquiries.

I believe the widely differing conclusions of the Commissioner and the Committee detailed in the Report are important to note and, in my view, warrant further investigation.

On the issue Mrs Miller’s decision to designate her constituency home in Basingstoke as her main home, the Commissioner states:

In my view Mrs Miller’s London home would have been maintained in any case, even had she not been an MP.The statement provided by Mrs Miller’s legal advisersaid that she had to have a second home”exclusively and necessarily for her parliamentary duties”. It cannot be said that her London home was established or maintained”exclusively and necessarily for her parliamentary duties”.

I consider it more likely than not that Mrs Miller’s London home was her main home, as a matter of fact, and that the expenses which she incurred on staying away from her main home in order to perform her parliamentary duties were those associated with the Basingstoke properties.

The Commissioner also states that the Committee might take a different view and, indeed, it does. This Committee states:

We agree with the Commissioner that Mrs Miller should properly have designated London as her main home rather than Basingstoke.

Nonetheless, we consider that Mrs Miller’s designation was reasonable in the light of the guidance available at the time, given that the matter was finely balanced. Accordingly we make no criticism of Mrs Miller for her error.

On the issue of by how much Mrs Miller overclaimed there is also some disagreement between the Commissioner and the Committee.

The commissioner states that Miller over-claimed by more than £40,000.

In particular I find it difficult to believe that Mrs Miller genuinely thought she was entitled to make the additional claim for her extended mortgage in 2007 without any consultation with the House authorities or agreement from them.

If the Committee agrees with my interpretation of the rules, the total amount by which Mrs Miller has over-claimed in relation to her mortgage interest would be around £44,000, to which should be added a further £1,000 to take account of the reduction which she should have made to her claims for council tax to take account of her parents’ presence in the home.

Her apparent misuse of the allowances system continued for four years from May 2005 to the end of April 2009 and seems to have been brought to an end only by the expenses scandal of 2009-10 when she abruptly ceased to claim.

However the Committee does not accept this figure, for technical reasons, that it explains as follows:

As Mrs Miller pointed out, no attempt was made to ensure that newly elected Members only made claims against the original purchase price of the property. In these circumstances, imposing a strict interpretation of the rule would not be appropriate.

Whatever the strict construction of the rule, it was reasonable for Mrs Miller to claim the interest on her mortgage as it was when she entered the House, rather than as it was when she first purchased the property

Mrs Miller considers that she overclaimed on her mortgage by £5,800 in 2008-09. We have examined the figures carefully and accept that that is a reasonable assessment of the amount that she overclaimed. We recommend this sum should be repaid.

I note that the Committee’s report also states that Mrs Miller did not co-operate with the investigation:

Mrs Miller has also breached the current Code of Conduct by her attitude to this inquiry.

Given the widely differing conclusions of the Commission and the Committee regarding the serious allegations made about Mrs Miller and the fact that both the Commission and Committee feel that Mrs Miller did not cooperate with the inquiry, I believe this matter warrants further investigation and I believe the Metropolitan Police are the appropriate body to carry out such an investigation.

I have enclosed a copy of the report and await your response.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Docherty

Member of Parliament for Dunfermline and West Fife

This is how it started for Denis MacShane, although the Police tend to take their guidance from the Standards Committee…

Vid via Neil Hepburn.

UPDATE: Miller sources re the letter: “There was a 16 month long inquiry into an allegation made by a Labour MP, at the end of which, the committee dismissed the allegation. Maria accepted the committee’s recommendations in full, apologised unreservedly and will of course repay the overclaim that she brought to the committee’s attention and which they accept was an administrative error.”


  1. 1
    Ah! time for says:

    Crosshairs Guido?


  2. 2
    Dirtbox Dave - queen of the homos says:

    You know what? I really don’t give a shit.

    Honestly, I don’t.


  3. 3
    About time says:

    She should cross the floor. She has the look of a socialist.


  4. 4
    Ed Balls says:

    Ed Balls


    • 13
      ella fitzgerald sings irving berlin says:

      kim philby’s wife use to inject herself with urine to create boils in her body.
      this is described as munchhausen syndrome by proxy.
      as times get serious and the sahara desert storm’s reach is becoming aware, ni more smilies please.
      it is possible to psychologically create a physical boil.
      question: how is due diligence possible here. back of the head is deep. just.


  5. 6
    non-PC 49 says:

    the letter reads like a not guilty judgement


  6. 7
    Nasal Ed says:

    First decent thing Labour have done in 10 years


  7. 9
    Watt Tyler says:

    A pretty weak letter! I can’t see in it any evidence of any CRIMINAL act which is likely to cause to police to act.


    • 22
      Hoddy says:

      What do you expect. He is my local MP. Does not know where the town even is. Parachuted in. No connection or history to the town at all. Spineless in the house and always hides behind Milliband but can be trusted to send a letter to the rousers that amounts to nothing more than a screen and shows just petty childish attitude common amongst MP’s

      To that end though I can’t stand the cow and do hope the rousers find something because her attitude alone made me puke !


    • 36
      Braveheart says:

      What is needed to provide evidence of a criminal offence under the Fraud Act 2006 would really be evidence that Miller knew that the amount of mortgage interest claimed was or might have been untrue. It is unlikely that the dubious representation as to her main home would be counted as misleading and therefore dishonest because the people receiving the claim probably know the real facts anyway.
      There’s definitely a case to answer. Anyone who has ever had to fill in a tax return with property rental income and anyone who has ever tried to budget for an increase in mortgage interest rates knows how to work out the correct amount of interest. If Miller can’t do that then she shouldn’t be in adult employment, let alone a member of the government.
      If the people who paid the claims colluded in the production of false or misleading accounting documents and claim forms I suppose they could be done for false accounting as well.


      • 66
        The guy with the custard pie says:

        When she sells her London home do you think she will be declaring it for Capital Gains?

        She will now but if it had not been for all of this then she would have claimed the main residence exemption.


        • 104
          carlo gambino says:

          Not that I ever want to defend the thieves but HMRC do give you a lot more latitude than you might expect when nominating which of two is your main residence.

          Not as much latitude as the parliamentary authorities though.


  8. 11
    Rob says:

    With a bit of luck the Tories will respond by grassing up a half dozen Labour thieves.

    The public wins.


    • 18
      Podiceps says:

      Does it? Long, expensive enquiries at public expense, inconclusive results or at best ridiculously short sentences, where of course we pay for their accommodation. Meanwhile in Parliament, the others steal and defraud as before, undaunted.


  9. 12
    school for Scoundrels says:

    Bitch Miller. They will not let her go..


  10. 14
    We The People says:

    Get the Hunt…


  11. 15
    C.O.Jones says:

    That letter makes one think about plea bargaining in the USA. If you say she pulled the trigger, you will get 8 years and she will get 360 years to life with no possibility of parole.

    Lets unravel all the expenses “pack back makes me innocent” and start again with only the police involved.


  12. 16
    Mail comments says:

    Mary Dewar, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago
    This is absolutely scandalous. The repayment of £5800 is a smokescreen. The real question is why she was allowed to declared her house as her second home. She bought the house in 1995. According to the AA Router planner it is some 40 minutes from where here and her husband worked. On being elected in 2005 she immediately declared this as her second home even though the House of Commons is actually closer than her place of work. It was and still is clearly her family home given than she allows her parents to live with her. The second major unanswered question is why she was allowed to claim expenses on a £500,000 mortgage when she brought her house for something like £250,000. When was this mortgage taken out and what was the money used for? Given that she had already been paying her mortgage for 10 years serious questions should be posed about how this money was used.


    • 62
      giant gonad says:

      She redeveloped the property by converting it from bedsits into a house. In certain circumstances she would have been allowed to claim interest on the extra mortgage that was used to pay for the development.

      In her case,though, I can’t see how this can apply as she did not notify the HoC in advance, which is a requirement.

      The increase in mortgage also appears to have happened a long time after the refurb. She claims that the mortgage was refinancing other borrowings used to pay for the refurb.

      It also seems highly unlikely that the refurb would have cost £250k-it appears that she has not provided any evidence of the costs.


    • 94
      IPSA says:

      We do as we’re told.
      The Standards Committee tell us that they will uphold any claims expense, given that so many of them are thieves too.


  13. 17
    Anonymous says:

    The woman chairing the investigation says she is a crook. Yet MP’s let her off the hook. Go figure


  14. 19
    cheche says:

    If they start this wont some one be tempted to ask about Mr and Mrs Balls


    • 117
      broderick crawford says:

      she is nt known as Mrs Balls but as Ms Cooper.

      So in IPSAS eyes they are not being treated as a married couple and their respective claims for the same things are being treated as totally separate submissions

      Goid wheeze dat innit ??


  15. 20
    Fed up Joe Public & all voting UKIP ORG says:

    She should be hung, drawn & quatered like the rest of them
    who believe its there right, given down from on high to
    purloin from the public purse at every opportunity with no
    real accountability what so ever, other than a mealy mouth
    so called apology to the house.

    Her fate like many of them will be decided at the ballot box !!
    & the sooner the better !!!!!


  16. 21
    We The People says:

    The H of P is like an open prison, the place needs a full clean out of the stables.


  17. 23
    Letts says:

    We gallery scribes are not equipped with the sort of high-tech timing equipment used by athletics marshals at the Olympics, so no one was precisely sure how long Maria Miller’s ‘apology’ in the Commons lasted.
    But if parliamentarians are going to persist in such scurvy behaviour, our editors are going to have to provide us with top-notch stopwatches.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2596490/32-seconds-youd-struggled-write-cheque-5-800-time-QUENTIN-LETTS-brief-performance.html#ixzz2xuj92bdO
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


    • 33
      Brittania says:

      ……You sir, are ,by all accounts,a supporter of the EU…This is a treasonous position!
      …Please say I am wrong!


      • 118
        broderick crawford says:


        OH WAIT ….


  18. 26

    Constitutionally is it not the role of the Gobshite Centre to write these letters?


  19. 29
    RESIGN! says:

    Maria Miller: If you are reading this (which you or one of your people probably are):

    You are a shameful, incompetent disgrace. You should RESIGN!


  20. 30
    Maria MILF Miller says:



  21. 32
    Ummm... says:

    As Maria’s about to start, why the rush (including front-bencher Jeremy) to sit around her?

    Innocent, honest, question.


    • 45
      Brittania says:

      …J. Hunt, is,by association,a supporter of a troughing, thieving women in our British Parliament!…Cameron,by supporting her is no better than the previous lot….
      …. Time the establishment took a bit of responsibility and cleaned up their act,but,it isn,t going to happen!
      Time to join “The Peoples Army”, to be rid of this plague!


    • 52
      Shield of Truth etc says:

      Probably cover for incoming tomatoes and rotten fruit.


  22. 34
    Dangerous Brian says:

    Please rearrange the following well known phrases or sayings;

    Nine bob a bent note as.

    Bed couldn’t straight in sleep.

    Stick a blind from steal she’d man a.

    Once done apply to Ms Miller and the vast majority of her “right honourable” colleauges on both sides of the house.
    Peter Hain had the temerity on QT to say that although he knew people dislike and mistrust politicians it wasn’t personal.
    Get real you orange faced terrorism appeaser and contribution misplacer.


    • 55
      Selohesra says:

      Thought the Tory on QT was quite good – assumed he was Boris Johnson until i looked up


      • 63
        Enriched enough already says:

        Shame that he doesn’t fuck off back to Nigeria and share the benefit of his silky smooth skills with his fellow spearchuckers.


        • 90
          UKIP are wankers says:

          OOH get you adolf -why don’t you goose-step off back to the looney bin then moron and realise the benefits to society of your chemical cosh


          • Enriched enough already says:

            No need to guess that you’ve tried black and aren’t going back.

            You must be a pal of Jackie D.


      • 122
        Attila the Headhunter says:

        I hear our Brucie has suggested Boris should be his successor on Strictly


    • 64
      Twampersand mk II says:

      Don’t forget bank robber.


  23. 39
    Anonymous says:

    The only fair and democratic way to settle this is to burn her house down with her stuck to the ceiling like those old wallpaper paste adverts.

    Everybody wins.


    • 53
      Fred the pensioner says:

      Nah she’s probably already doubled the insurance figure.

      The Chinese triads use a very effective method of showing their disapproval by spraying bright red paint all over the front gate, the dr*veway, the car(s) and the front of the house. The neighbours then get the message about who lives next door.


  24. 40
    C O (Ξ7n) says:

    Police investigation could drag on a while and would be a source of negative press for the party during a time when they should be preparing for GE.

    Cameron now has a very good reason for sacking her, and her local party for de-selecting.

    Will still be damaging.

    Vote UKIP.


  25. 41
    Marj Proops says:

    She is a thief and disgrace to her sex.


  26. 42
    PhD says:

    The bitch should be hanged but obviously Labour have time on their hands to waste it


  27. 44
    a non says:

    Letter above is just a smokescreen to divert the attention from the Orifice of Gordoom and Sara Bruin, mentioned by Guido earlier today.
    Miller will fortunately suffer by the response of her electorate in the forthcoming GE, but Gordie’s lot are too brainless to realise that their saviour is screwing them and the system.


  28. 46
    Trout Pout says:

    Lying scumbag or cheating, lying scumbag? Discuss.


  29. 48
    Something Stinks says:

    Why are the majority of MPs protecting this one?


  30. 49
    Surr Nob Skelpoff says:

    Maria on HomoMarriage:

    21 May 2013 Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill — Third Reading VOTED NO

    20 May 2013 New Clause 6 — Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill — New Clause 6 — Protection of Beliefs About Marriage VOTED AYE

    20 May 2013 Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill — New Clause 3 — Conscientious Objection From Registrars to Marrying Same Sex Couples VOTED AYE

    Then, strangely around the time her expenses scandal is about to come to light, she has a ‘road to Damascus’ type experience….

    5 Feb 2013 Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill — Second Reading VOTED AYE

    Things that make you go mmmmmm…..


  31. 50
    Fishy says:

    Miller isn’t my favourite MP (none of them are) but this is another vexatious move by a Labour clique, bitter that their own have gone to prison for fraud and Tories didn’t.

    Tangoman hinted at this last night, on BBC QT, while failing to accept (or understand) that it was found that Miller unlike MacShane was guilty of making a mistake. Remember MacShane created and uttered false receipts

    If Labour (Mann and Docherty) want to play this game – particularly in respect of the designation of Miller’s main residence, the same must apply to Uddin and Jacqui Smith.


    • 59
      Dirtbox Dave - queen of the homos says:

      “guilty of making a mistake”.

      I’d have stopped at “guilty”.

      “it was found”

      by a group of fellow crooks – no doubt with their snouts in similar troughs.

      Anyway, who gives a shit? I know that I don’t.


    • 80
      A little person subject to the law says:

      Just because its politically motivated , which it clealy is, doesn’t mean its wrong.


  32. 56
    Uncle fester says:

    Democracy and Accountability is now officially dead in British Politics and Public and under Leveson we wont even get to hear the small amounts we now do Life

    Look after No 1 Folks

    Vote UKIP if only to annoy them


    • 61
      The guy with the custard pie says:

      Is the Leveson Inquiry (Part Two) going to start anytime soon?

      Of course it is not.


  33. 58
    Long John Silver' s parrot says:

    Slammer for Mrs Miller.

    Slammer for Mrs Miller.

    No books for Mrs Miller.

    No books for Mrs Miller.

    One shower a week.

    One shower a week.

    No smokes.

    No smokes.


  34. 65
    Tim Yeo-yo says:

    Not defending the mingling bint but is she actually guilty of a criminal offence?

    McShane clearly was and did time.

    I’m all for the piano wire rhetoric but is she by the letter of the law criminally guilty?


    • 70
      Inspector Heat says:

      You are on the radar pal.


      • 119
        broderick crawford says:


        We will give this communication the attention it deserves of that the populace can be assured. Same goes for the Imam of Tower Hamlets.


    • 78
      Anonymous says:

      If I sat around in the privacy of my own home with the curtains drawn and masturbated to thoughts of 11 year old boys, I wouldn’t have broken the law, but seeing me skinned and salted wouldn’t be a bad thing, would it?


      • 93
        Tim Yeo-yo says:

        Not at all but that’s my point Owen. We know shes a stupid cow but are Labour just being their normal twatish self by raising this with the rozzers?

        If there was a criminal case then surely they would have been on it by now?

        I’ve no doubt she’s going to get the sack as a minister but has she done anything criminal like that twunt McShane?


        • 108
          Kevin Webster says:

          Well how come all that taxpayer money ended up in her account ?


          • Jim says:

            Because it was normal practice at that time for most politicians.
            Did the Telegraph really do what they did to that sick old man just because he was her father?


      • 120
        broderick crawford says:

        The Mussolini Solution

        Hung upside down from a lamp post and shot.


  35. 69
    bergen says:

    Quite right too. If Cameron won’t deal with this properly then send in Plod.


  36. 72
    Rob Roy says:

    And just to think,they want us to vote to maintain the Union because we are going to be ever so badly off if we decide to leave and paddle our own canoe.


    • 102
      Over the bo'durrrr says:

      I genuinely wish that an independant Scotland will be a success, the sooner the better. Just go, now, don’t bother with the vote.


  37. 73
    NBeale says:

    This is completely ridiculous. The matter is one for the Committee and they have ruled. Trying to get the Cops to interfere in the internal governance of the House of Commons is completely absurd and would set a chilling precedent. Next thing – report MPs for “hate speech”??


  38. 75
    SaveTheApostrophe says:

    However mendacious her alleged crimes, I have to say that is a rather unclear letter.

    A bit more signalling of when he is quoting someone else, and when he is giving his own opinion, would have helped make it vaguely intelligible.

    It will need to be sent to the boys in forensics (if there are any left) to decipher what is being requested. At one point it seems to ask the police to investigate the different conclusions of the Commission and the Committee. Is this really how we want the police to be spending their time?


  39. 76
    A little person subject to the law says:

    Great news , though the Police should not view the standards committee as some kind of firewall. The bottom line is if an expense claim is made using false information which the applicant knows to be false and which allows them to claim more than they would otherwise be entitled had they not provided this false information then that is fraud. I also suspect her rather terse statement yesterday was deliberately so after legal advice.


  40. 81
    Anonymous says:

    Who will chair the inevitable public enquiry into the police investigation into the Commissioners investigation?


  41. 82
    Anonymous says:

    Is this the shortest political suicide speech in history.


  42. 85
    Anonymous says:

    Oliver seems to be dumping petrol on this particular fire.Lets have the Telegraph tape on the wires soonest.


  43. 86
    How do you solve a problem like Maria says:

    Look, I followed all the guidelines and it was all fine under the Parliamentary rulebook. So I think it’s best if we just draw a line under this, okay? Let’s move forward and concentrate on the very real ishoos of the day such as the need for tax breaks for all the ordinary, hardworking MPs out there……..


  44. 88
    Anonymous says:

    Fucking Grass!


  45. 89
    Chaucer says:

    A Miller’s tale – and what a tale she tells. Can British MPs become any more corrupt?


  46. 95
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    If Plod take action over this hard to see how others especially Laws and MacNulty avoid prosecution.


    • 100
      Anonymous says:

      And why should they not face prosecution? Why should an apology absolve you from punishment for crimes. If I commit a murder, will saying sorry save me from gaol? If I rob my benfactors{i.e.taxpayers) and then say sorry will it now be les of a crime? The politicians of this country are as bent as any in the 3rd world. They are disgusting.
      We must get rid of them at the next election. If voting UKIP teaches them a lesson then so be it. My vote is most definitely going to Nigel Farage as it is impossible for UKIP to be any worse than the LIBLABCN.fraudsters.Who knows, they may be better.


    • 107
      My Dead Granny says:

      How about Burnham for mass murder?


  47. 98
    Tim Yeo-yo says:

    Shes going to resign. Malcom Tucker is already on his way over with her suicide note.

    …..if only the Tories had the balls to have a Malcom Tucker.


    • 105
      Dirtbox Dave - queen of the homos says:

      Balls? No we don’t have any of those.

      We’re much more concerned with arseholes: we’ve got closets full of those.


    • 109
      Phil from Pentonville says:

      She is taking her bleeding time about it.


  48. 99
    ademay says:

    I asked the question below on BBC Question Time last night.

    “If Maria Miller is not diligent enough to reconcile her own expenses how can she stay in her job.

    It sparked quite a provocative debate. The big issue here and I feel that some MP’s are missing the point.

    It may or may not of been within the rules, however the general public view making capital gain out of being in public office as morally wrong. As this expense has been funded by the tax payer. Maria Miller has made a massive profit on the subsequent sale of the property.

    For most people who have a mortgage it is one of the highest and most important expenses in your monthly outgoings therefore you are diligent and monitor this. If Maria Miller is not capable of this how can she be a Minister. My message is to all MP’s you still need further review and rigorous monitoring of all expenses.

    The living allowance needs to be stopped and the system should arrange and pay for accommodation for all MP’s as required so they are not given the opportunity to benefit from this tax payer funded contribution. Anyone making such an error in the private sector would at least be disciplined or sacked.

    The overall expense package available to MP’s is very generous and far more than in the private sector this includes PA’s, living allowance and travel etc.

    Marie if you are listening you should do the honourable thing and resign today and to Mr Cameron if you are concerned about the mix of genders in the cabinet I am sure there are other capable and honest women MP’s available to fill the post.!!




  49. 106
    Tory Boys are best says:

    The more Cameron says we should move on from this story the more suspicious I become.

    I think there is more (we have paid for) lurking in the woods .


  50. 123
    Ohthisbloodypc says:

    They can write to the Police about this

    And yet they’re quite happy to harbour a war criminal and a man who committed massive mortgage fraud


  51. 124
    Curious Georgina says:

    Anyone know which of the houses the husband was living in?

    Appreciate that he is only a hard-up solicitor, so no doubt relies on his wife’s expenses to keep any roof over his own head.

    And presume that he saw no ethical issues around her claims.

    What are the rules on claims when more that one adult normally resident in a “second home” has a regular income and might reasonably be expected to contribute to all household expenses?


  52. 126
    Anonymous says:

    “Labour Write to the Fuzz”
    Hardly surprising. When their missives to Santa don’t seem to be proving particularly fruitful.

    “the committee dismissed the allegation.”
    Although the independent scrutineer and the voting public still seem somewhat ambivalent.


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