April 2nd, 2014

Nick Ross: “Archaic” BBC Licence Fee Will Become “Redundant”

BBC institution Nick Ross on the Daily Politics this afternoon:

“The licence fee when it comes up for revewal in two years time will be 90 years old, and as every year goes by it becomes more and more ananchronistic. In a multi channel age when people increasingly get content through computers and telephones, the TV licence fee is increasingly archaic. It will become redundant just as the radio licence did in 1971.”

Change is afoot…


  1. 1
    bs says:

    So will Nick Ross if he carries on kicking his employer in the goolies

  2. 2
    Wotak Hunt says:

    Typical BBC Crap the licence fee came out in 1946 how can it be 90 years old

  3. 3
    Steve Miliband says:

    He’s not the same since he took his chat show to ITV

  4. 4
    Nigel Farage doppelganger says:

    Fed up paying for left wing Propaganda machine. I hope the people storm the BBC and tear it down.

  5. 5
    grasmit says:

    you need better questions than that to question your betters

  6. 6
    Round the Bend says:

    Will it go! – it will be needed to wrench it from their cold dead hand -

  7. 7
    Concerned Viewer says:

    I see the BBC got their response in early:


    Clearly seeking a licence fee through general taxation.

  8. 8
    Cathode Ray says:

    There was a radio licence before the TV licence was introduced in 1946 smartarse.

    ‘An annual licence fee of 10 shillings was first introduced under the Wireless Telegraphy Act in November 1923, to cover radio sets.’

  9. 9
    Gary Bloke says:

    Ditch your telly and ditch your obligation to buy a licence. I did. I get plenty of letters from the licensing office, but that’s their problem and not mine.

  10. 10
    Luke says:

    “TV licence fees, or indirect charges to fund public TV stations, are found in about two-thirds of European countries.”

    Clever (not really) statistical obfuscation there in that report, making it appear as the majority have a tv licence fee.

    If you broke it down to either TV licence fees OR indirect charges, it would probably be

    TV Licence Fee = 1% (the UK’s good old BBC)
    Indirect charges to fund public TV stations = 99%

  11. 11

    The BBC licence fee became redundant with advent of multi-channel television. Giving one channel billions of pounds for nothing while leaving the others to generate their own revenue is grotesque.

    If the BBC had to earn its revenue in the market place they would not have wasted billions on new headquarters, moving to Salford, failed computer systems or lavish renumeration packages for its executives and celebrity presenters.

    The BBC holds too much power over the political class to lose its monopoly, it will survive the end of the licence fee, most likely through general taxation.

  12. 12
    JH3245325-5e67645 says:

    NO. NO. NO.

    The lefty entitled fucks at the BBC do NOT decide whether you can own/watch a television or not. I use mine to watch excellent shows such as Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Rectify, Boardwalk Empire, True Detective etc.

    The BBC does not broadcast these shows, so it can go and FUCK ITSELF if it thinks I am paying for Ian Katz’s next coke-fueled arsehole idea. It is none of their business what I do in my home. If the BBC wants to do business with me, it needs to improve on its record of making about 5 hours of television a year that might interest me.

    I get letters that would shame a loan shark too. All addressed to a Mr L. Occupier.

    Don’t know who he is, so I bin them.

  13. 13
    JH3245325-5e67645 says:

    I always thought that the internet would prove to be one of the most liberating forces in history, more important than the printing press.

    If it takes out the BBC’s little fiefdom of forcing the population to pay for leftist propaganda broadcasts, under threat of fines and prison, then fantastic.

    No-one will miss the BBC in its current form – there is nothing it makes that is not / can not be done better elsewhere, without the smart-arse anti-western lefty bullshit that it believes is its right to shove down our throats.

  14. 14
    Bill Quango MP says:

    that true detective is pretty good. When i saw the trailer about “two mismatched cops” i thought it was going to be yet another Lethal Weapon piece of crap.
    It is far more sophisticated than that.

    TV in the US has made quite a comeback.

  15. 15
    Billy Badger says:

    The license fee has been redundant for 15 years at this house. I do not pay it. I have no TV.

  16. 16
    JH3245325-5e67645 says:

    There is a 6-minute tracking shot in I think episode 4 which is probably one of the best bits of TV I have ever seen – where McConaughey’s character does the raid on the drug den with the bikers.

    Far superior to the oh-so-clever shite the BBC thinks I should pay for other people to watch.

  17. 17
    JH3245325-5e67645 says:

    PS – it also has some birds in it with lovely, lovely tits.

    Bravo. About time we got what we actually want on TV, rather than lefty sanctimonious shite.

  18. 18
    peoples representitive of doncaster says:

    i like his optimism on the”universal uptake”of a bbc subscription,i think i’ll keep my 140 odd quid a year in my pockets thanks

  19. 19
    broderick crawford says:

    just put adverts on it .
    l know they re an arse ache but we ve all got tivo or similar now so we can just edit them out …. can t we ?

    If not just record everything and watch it the next day and fast forward the ads out ….

  20. 20
    Truthspeaker says:

    W1A isn’t funny because it’s too close to the truth – as Nick R acknowledges. He would be seen as a dissident in BBC circles – off-message and very unsound.

    The BBC panjandrums know that the end is coming, they’re going to have to live in the real world (or on the dole) and they are absolutely crapping themselves.

    But don’t imagine that the Welfare Party will wield the axe. Last time, Tessa Jowell awarded the BBC inflation plus 2% (of YOUR money) every year for the duration of the charter but the Tories froze that as soon as they got in. That’s why the BBC has her on our screens so often you’d think she was still in government.

    The BBC is a parasite that infests and sponges off this country. Let’s make sure that 2016 kills it once and for all.

  21. 21
    Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

    The end of the TV tax extortion will be a day to celebrate akin to the fall of the berlin wall.

  22. 22
    JH3245325-5e67645 says:

    I’ve saved over £700 since I stopped paying up.

    Ironically, I spent it on a nice big TV.

  23. 23
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Miliband should call on the government to abolish the telly tax, so as to ease the cost of living for the poor and squeezed middle :-)

  24. 24
    Professor Plum says:

    Seconded..brilliant series…dunno if it has finished yet on sky cos I downloaded the whole series last month….

  25. 25

    Its already obsolete as far as Iam concerned never mind 2016. Those arse holes will not get another penny of my money. I can’t wait for them to send round one of their two bit shakedown merchants from capita. He is going to have a very bad day. Boycott the license fee NOW!

  26. 26
    I stream whst I want says:

    Haven’t paid for 3 years. Only had the tvl goons at my door once since I removed their implied right of access.

  27. 27
    The original Isacc Hunt says:

    My mate Jeff that he’s going to start paying for a TV license again because he wants the BBC to protect him from the truth.

  28. 28
    The original Isacc Hunt says:


    My mate Jeff say’s that he’s going to start paying for a TV license again because he wants the BBC to protect him from the truth.

  29. 29
    Inconvenient Truth says:

    The BBC IS a poll tax on everyone. Its funding waters are muddied by BBC (some bullshit part that’s BBC but sells stuff), The World Service (serving British People – NOT – but that has adverts), Funds/Loans from the EU, and other crap. WTF do the British Public need a BBC America? It’s local BBC Radio Stations stifle Local Radio Stations and creativity. It’s a dated model run by Champagne Socialists who know that they don’t have to lift a finger to earn a single penny of their wages. Nice work if you can get it….

  30. 30
    Scottish Chav says:

    my tv tax bill just came in this morning … does this mean I can ignore the regressive, socially divisive and frankly minging state theft of a large portion of my meagre earnings … at least of the bits thats left after all the other f raking taxes?

  31. 31
    God's Holy Trousers says:

    I agree with Nick.

  32. 32
    Downtrodden Briton says:

    Nigel. Put scrapping the Beeb Tax in the UKIP Manifesto. A real vote winner.

  33. 33
    Truthspeaker says:


  34. 34
    Sir Marmalade-Hasbin says:

    There’s an excellent idea.

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