April 2nd, 2014

Hacks Dry, While Bullingdon Boy Dimbers is on the Bolly

Bullingdon Boy David Dimbleby is already on the Bollinger, while the mere plebs in the Spin Room will apparently be left dry for tonight’s BBC Europe debate. Beeb cuts are biting deep for all but a few privileged old timers.

In light of this tragic news, Guido is planning on pre-gaming in the bar of the Langham Hotel opposite Broadcasting House from about 5.30:

It’s a convenient location, if a little pricey. See you there.


  1. 1
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


    • 10
      Facelifted but not past it says:

      Kay Burley is worth 20 beeboids.


      • 42
        BBC/Guardian axis of evil says:

        Farage is mad to let Al-jaBeeba stage this debate – their studio audience will be a wide cross-section of Grauniad readers.

        Look out for a disproportionate number of efniks, too.


      • 52
        hello0 sailor, like my tattoo? says:

        I thought Dimbleby was dead?


    • 18
      Bill Quango MP says:

      Over on CiF they are hoping both sides lose.

      Didn’t the Guardian ask it’s readers to vote for Clegg at the 2010 election?
      Now the herbal tealisters are ‘disillusioned’. Disillusioned with Liberals!

      But on the bright side their 100% record of being wrong remains intact.


      • 54
        Gooey Blob says:

        Yep, The Graun backed the Lib Dems. Even they couldn’t bring themselves to recommend Labour after Blair was ousted. Whom they’ll support in 2015 is anybody’s guess. Greens, perhaps?


    • 19
      Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

      Don’t be daft !!


    • 28
      Tom Catesby says:

      Do keep a grip Guido, we need to expect some balanced reporting from somebody, piss up later to celebrate a round two victory for Nige.


  2. 2
    ABBOTT says:

    Nick if worst comes to worst just black up and call Nigel a racist x


  3. 3
  4. 4
    This is just harsh... says:


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    That’s vintage, as well…


  6. 6
    Pink Labour says:

    Once we get into office we will be changing the red from the Union Jack to pink.


  7. 7
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    The BBC should not be allowed to host any election debates, particularly one on the Euro elections, when they are in receipt of EU money.

    Today’s debate should have been hosted by ITV.


    • 12
      just remind me says:

      Exactly how much does the BBC receive in funding from
      the EU?
      Viewers of tonight’s debate have a right to be informed.


      • 47
        jgm2 says:

        It’s a question Nigel will no doubt find time to answer even if he’s not asked it by a cross-section of Grauniad readers.


    • 50
      Me says:

      Sponsored by Wonga.


  8. 8
    Brussels Broadcasting Co says:

    We have been rehearsing with Nick Clegg for weeks for tonight’s debate.

    Questions from the non biased audience include –

    1) Nigel why did you say that Europe has blood on it’s hands – now will you apologize?

    2) Nigel why are you such a bigot for not agreeing with gay marriage?

    3) Nigel why did put your wife on the pay roll?

    * After each question the audience will boo and hiss and clap when Nick drinks a glass of water.

    * We will having heating on 11 to make Nigel sweat even more.

    * David Dimbleby and Nick will talk over Nigel as much as possible.

    * Nick Robinson has already written up his blog declaring victory for Clegg.
    :) :) :) :) :)


    • 20
      Anonymous says:

      Brilliant post but sadly it probably is true. Despite them asking the general public for questions.


      • 29
        BBC Red Bottom says:

        You still haven’t seen through this ruse have you?

        We ALWAYS say we take questions from the audience. Which we do.
        But we NEVER say what 100% of the total each question is worth.

        So if 99% ask “How much does the EU cost us in solely in membership fees each day?”
        and 1% asks
        “I read UKIP attracts former B’N#P members, is this true?”
        We can legitimately pick question number 2 , ignore Q1, and say the audience asked it.


      • 60
        cheche says:

        plus one


  9. 14
    Fishy says:

    If anyone is on their way there, be sure to avoid all of the lazy, disgusting Beeboids hanging about outside the various BBC buildings and assorted cafes in the vicinity, smoking their fags instead of working…and slinging their fag ends on the pavement.


  10. 15
    Anon. says:

    Where will Clegg store his “water”? #Disaster


  11. 16
    Sizzla says:

    Sounds more fun than watching two prepped professional politicians deliver their wooden lines.

    They do a good Martini there.


  12. 23
    A Brazilian Rent Boy says:

    “In light of this tragic news, Guido is planning on pre-gaming in the bar”

    Can I offer any my assistance for this pre-gaming?


  13. 25
    Farage rhymes with Garage says:

    Will Nigel Farage wear make-up?

    I’ve always thought a real politician should reject this and point out live on air that their rival is hiding behind make-up.


  14. 27
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:


  15. 32
    Dimbleby, BBC lefty luvvie says:

    I can reassure all viewers to the biased BBC that I’ll ensure a good clean fight which Clegg will be allowed to win.


  16. 37
    BBC Red Bottom says:

    Setting up the debate
    {talks into W/T}

    Have we got the giant arc lights set up on the right hand side of the stage? Good… And the heaters are full on that side? yes? OK..The fans are circulating on the left? Yes..great..

    Ok, now I want you to put some tubbies on Farage’s side. Some big fatty, UKIP looking types. With Tattoos on their necks..And give them bags and bags of free crisps and boiled sweets but tell them they mustn’t open them until the debate starts.. OK?

    OH…and check that Clegg’s water jug is full. And Farage’s has just a drizzle.. great.

    Is Farage in the Green room? Give him some beer and caviar and pretzels. Get the salt content up..Hurry now..Only a little time to go..Make sure Farage hasn’t had a piss before he goes on..



  17. 39
    Tom Catesby says:

    I suppose we can expect a packed meeting tonight for the Farage/Clegg bout. The audience, will have been carefully selected by the Beeboid thought police and doubtless ‘free speech’ will be carefully orchestrated by Dimblebore. Better not drink all that bolly and keep his wits about him as the EUSSR elites will want to see Nige ground to dust.


  18. 43
    Baron Hall of Birkenhead says:

    It’s the unique way the BBC is funded which means we don’t give tin ker’s cuss about the viewers.


  19. 44
    Tom Catesby says:

    When can we expect similar debates between the conlibliebore leaders?


  20. 51
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:


    • 59
      Fishy says:

      £1bn? How so?

      If the shares had been offered at the price they are now, no-one would have invested in them.

      Labour just don’t understand business (which is why they lost £7bn on the sale of our gold)


  21. 58
    Gooey Blob says:

    The question is, will we hear anything new in this debate or will we just witness a repeat of last week’s arguments? Dimbleby seems to have the right idea – just hit the bottle anyway.



  22. 61
    Newsnight delivery team says:

    When do the rent boys and K/C crowd turn up?


  23. 63
    Fed up Joe Public & all voting UKIP ORG says:

    Good Laugh to see that Danny A is as usual making a complete & utter
    f*anny of himself on Sky News up against Paul N the DL , No wonder
    the Led Dims going tobe political nomads after the G.E.


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