April 2nd, 2014

Bonkers Labour’s Thornberry Claims ‘Economy is Getting Worse’

Emily Thornberry slithered her way through the Daily Politics, but she has to be called up on this one:

ET: As time goes on our  economy gets worse.
AN: The economy gets worse?
ET: The economy is getting worse.

How out of touch can you get? The economy is not getting worse for Ms. Thornberry. Her vast multi-million pound family property empire is up 14% on the year…


  1. 1
    neitherdeadnoralive says:

    I thought the “very rude” Brillo made her look like an idiot.


    • 4
      Get to fuck says:

      Brillo’s great but to be fair a plank of wood can make her look like an idiot.


    • 14
      Soundbite whore Emily says:

      Has she got her very own seat at the Beeboid towers? The silly old fart is never off their airwaves.


      • 19
        A Right Fucking Bastard says:

        “A graduate tax….”

        Fuck me, is that all these fuckwits can think of?

        And, according to Wiki she has a couple of kids- just goes to show that you can have a face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle and be thick as fucking pigshit and there’s still some poor bastard out there who’s so desperate for a shag that he’s prepared to climb on top of a fucking munter like this. Jesus H fucking Christ on a little pink tricycle.


        • 26
          Labour is the nasty party. says:

          Is she for real? I have never heard anyone talk such garbage as Thornberry.


          • C.O.Jones says:

            She does talk a load of old cobblers. She talks a lot and says nothing of any meaning. I suppose she is in the right party for that.


          • jgm2 says:

            She talks a lot and says nothing of any meaning.

            Lawyer’s training. Paid by the hour.


        • 61
          broderick crawford says:

          … after that ALMOST anything is believable but NOT the one about George Clooney romancing Diane Abbott.


        • 74
          inside out says:

          Hope I don;t ever get that desperate.No post coital discussions possible , doesn’t have a brain cell.


        • 84
          Mine d'Boggles says:

          Lyrical, Mr RFB, quite lyrical. Love the tricycle bit stuck on the end. Class.


    • 17
      pretentious, moi? says:

      To be fair, from Labour’s twisted view point, the economic conditions are worse for their spin merchants.

      They still think the economy is a zero-sum game.


    • 40
      lojolondon says:

      “The promises we make we intend to fulfil”!!

      Hilarious – coming from the Liebour party that tell more lies than all the rest put together!!


      • 49
        jgm2 says:

        Even more hilarious when you consider that their previous leader, the Maximum Imbecile, went to court to prove that the promises they make are not subject to legitimate expectation.

        So that’s another lie.


    • 43
      Thornberry Bush says:

      Never before has a woman talked so much and said absolutely nothing.


    • 79
      DWWolds says:

      Well, perhaps she is an idiot.


    • 89
      Anonymous says:

      Anyone could make look an idiot. Because she IS an idiot like the rest of team milipede


    • 109
      Socialism is a mental illness says:

      RUDE!!! ever heard this rich, fat bitch on QT? Constantly interrupting fellow guests, with no correction from Dumblebey….cheek.


  2. 2
    Get to fuck says:

    She’s a fat, disgusting, condescending, affected and supercilious pile of vomit.


    • 81
      Two left feet says:

      Hear hear.
      I think she is the most hateful cow in politcs. She makes me puke. A condescending patronising cùnt, with those affected faux outraged faces she pulls.


  3. 3
    Chuckup Umunna says:

    Thornberry is getting worse. She’s certainly getting fat.


  4. 5
    Red Ed says:

    Emily knows there is a cost of living crisis, it is why she had to bike rather than drive to the show today.


  5. 6
    "The dunce of Downing Street" aka David Cameron says:

    The host of Wednesday night’s BBC Clegg v Farage debate says it is his job to “get the two of them hurling custard pies at each other””.


  6. 7
    Tron says:

    She is unwatchable.


  7. 11
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    Ye Gods, what a minger.


  8. 12

    A gutbucket Took Chambers parasite.


  9. 13
    Sizzla says:

    Food prices are rising. No wonder she feels worse off.


  10. 15
    Anon says:

    She is right, but not for the right reasons.

    The national debt has ballooned totally out of control and wages are being driven down by a flood of foreigners.


  11. 16
    Equals? Portugal might be but Great Britain isn't you scroat says:


    • 20
      Everyone in Europe says:

      Speak for yourself.


    • 25
      Time for Jose to call it a day. says:

      He’s bonkers. Unless his aim is to reduce the EU trading block into a Banana republic.


      • 41
        jgm2 says:

        He’s wrong. Thank God.

        Otherwise we’d be the ones sitting in a resource rich, water rich, food rich continent yet living in tin shacks at the side of the road and starving to death.


      • 46
        Fred, the old Africa hand says:

        He is also a fucking liar. For the past 30 years the EU have done their damndest to CLOSE the EU markets to most African countries. The Africans keep telling him they want ‘trade not aid’, but cloth ears does not seem to understand what they are getting at.


    • 69
      Twampersand mk II says:

      These tossers will not stop until they have one world government. One currency, one parliament, one colossal legal system, one police force, everybody a sort of coffee colour with no idea of identity or history, except the puerile slop they are indoctrinated with in the single education system. All overseen by the unelected president of the world.

      I’m not a tin foil hatter, it appears obvious that these bastards really think that this is desirable, and an achievable goal.


    • 76
      inside out says:

      Look out they will start introducing African countries into EU next.


  12. 18
    stevetierneyuk says:

    “We are a party of government and we will keep our promises.”
    Andrew Neil: “But you haven’t made any promises.”
    Emily Thornberry: “Exactly!”



  13. 21
    Emotion trumps logic says:

    Thornberry really is an insufferable bint:


    • 30
      still walking into darkness says:

      She is the very worst from today’s political class, and that’s quite an achievement


      • 45
        A Right Fucking Bastard says:

        “We were a single parent family”.

        Yeah right- father was visiting professor at King’s College and mother was a teacher who later became a Labour councillor and mayor. Hardly “The Road To Wigan Pier”.

        As Hitch points out, faux outrage from a member of the Welfare Party.

        Gobby fucking Lefty harridan with a face like a fucking smashed crab.


    • 66
      ss says:

      Big fat useless twat, just goes to prove the mong status of her voting public.
      Tree, Rope, Politician = happiness.


    • 78
      inside out says:

      More sense from Hitchins .


    • 91
      Horrible woman watch says:

      Thornberry sounds and looks like a character from a Richard Curtis sit com. A poor mans Dawn French. Good to see Hitchen calling out the fucking idiot in the glasses who seems incapable of distinguishing between money made by private enterprise and money provided by the public purse. In addition half of the audience are thick as fuck clapping along like seals at the idiocy of Thornberry.


  14. 22
    Owen Jones says:

    BBC is sexist and so right-wing it may as well be owned by Murdoch, GW Bush and (is Putin right wing or left wing now? Galloway and Farage like him – short circuits the brain).


  15. 23
    filipinomonkey says:

    If you are Labour, the economy IS getting worse…


  16. 24
    Professor Peach says:

    Ohhh…She’s a big one! I like them Big. BIG!


  17. 27
    Billy Badger says:

    Quite mad. Poor woman.


  18. 28
    majorfrustration says:

    Clearly not short of a meal or two – well too many by the looks of her. Another wife of Rab C Nesbitt.


  19. 29
  20. 31
    jgm2 says:

    Labour MP is a liar. Shocker!!


  21. 32
    Garfield says:

    Turns out she was a uman rites lawyer also following is very interesting, even her old man is a trougher.

    During the course of a campaign run by Thornberry on the subject of social housing, the Islington Tribune, a local newspaper, discovered that her husband had bought ex-social housing stock for over half a million pounds and receives rental income from the property. It also emerged that the new residents are Labour Party activists.[43] Some related claims in the article regarding Emily Thornberry’s involvement in the matter were later retracted by the paper.[44]


  22. 36
    Must be that Global warming then says:

    Anyone would think today’s juvenile mainstream media has not seen dust in rain before.

    Have they never wondered why raindrops sometimes leave marks on windows or cars?


    • 42
      Norwich Poly says:

      Its global cooling, innit


      • 52
        Fred the pensioner says:

        I blame them famous ‘teenage scribblers’ who do not seem to have grown up yet.

        [Younger viewers may well not understand that, but I am told that Google is their friend].


  23. 37
    IQ_of_154 says:

    She’s a Labour MP and therefore has no understanding of how an economy works…


    • 54
      Fred the pensioner says:

      Nor, by the sound of it do any of her constituents – or at least, the ones who voted for her.


  24. 38
    Gok Wan says:

    Whoever did her hair was wasting their time.


  25. 39
    Stop the lie's says:

    Some people do like free speech, but unfortunately this comes with the right to lie! (or it seems in Labours case the obligation to lie).

    This is one area a change in the law would be useful, say fines for statements made in public
    which are clearly false/incorrect setting this at £150 per infringement would be a good starting point (the first person to report the infringement gets £50 or is fined £150 if they have made a false claim).


    • 106
      Don't misuse apostrophes says:

      Stop the superfluous apostrophes. “Lies” as a non-possessive plural doesn’t need one!


  26. 51
    Holly says:

    That stinking polar opposite trick again. So normal for Labour bods, even when being ‘PULLED UP’ about it. They think it is just for ‘clarification’ and has nothing to do with the fact that it is either a half truth, or a downright lie.


  27. 53
    non taxable pikey says:

    Ms Thornberry is up 14% on the year. Another lardbucket MP troughing it on expenses.


  28. 64
    Fishy says:

    What was she on the Daily Brillo for, FFS?

    She was criticising the Government over their tuition fees…but hadn’t got a policy of her own

    She was criticising the Government about the sale of Royal Mail but confronted by Mandleson’s* desire to privatise it…she goes into denial

    There is a conversation about the TV licence…nothing, not a word

    *There have been three or four female Labour MPs on Brillo in recent months (including Chris Leslie), and when confronted about Labour’s record have responded by saying, ‘Nothing to do with me, I wasn’t an MP when that happened’.

    As I say, WTF was she on for? Labour can’t get much lower


  29. 65
    Di Rear says:

    This silly, overweight, obnoxious labour lovie had the nerve to call Brillo rude.
    This hypocrisy from someone who spends most of her time, (like most labour lovies) interupting and talking over everyone


  30. 67
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    Well she is right you know as far as Labour is concerned. The better the economy gets the worse it is for them.


  31. 72
    ABBOTT says:

    If all else fails Emily black up and call him racist!!
    :) :) :)


  32. 73
    Gerbil 7 says:

    I’d hazard a guess that regarding the economy and her local pie shop, everything is rosy.


  33. 83
    Two left feet says:

    The demonstration of her idiocy was complete at the end of DP when she decided to casually dismiss the concerns of so many in the country over the
    The contempt dripped from her fat fucking face. Useless toughing cow.


  34. 86
    MandyPickleSniffer says:

    Hey Harriet, is this the kind of fuckwit you’d have us forcibly governed by under your quota system for women in government? How about bringing back Jacqui Smith?


    • 101
      Alexsandr says:

      dont even joke about that awful woman coming back

      but she is back in brum chairing the university hospitals trust. what right has she do do that, she is a failed politician. she should resign.


  35. 88
    Horrible woman watch says:

    She is clearly a cross between the privilege but dimness of Harriet Harman and the smug patronising condescension of Dianne Abbott. An extremely unlikeable individual.


  36. 93
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Who ate all the buns, it was Thornberry.
    Who ate all the pies, it was Thornberry.
    Who ate all the sandwiches, it was Thornberry.
    Who is a fat ugly cow. It’s Thornberry.


  37. 94
    gildedtumbril says:

    What economy? We are running on empty.


  38. 95
    Anonymous says:

    Worthless fat lump of liebor lard.


  39. 97
    nick says:

    Just another (overweight,like Ed), Labour Mp to go with the muppets Milliband Balls et al. Just plain stupid. Does she Pies like Hattie?


  40. 98
    Hilda says:

    She didn’t claim the economy is getting worse


    • 102
      Anonymous says:

      ET: As time goes on our economy gets worse.
      AN: The economy gets worse?
      ET: The economy is getting worse.

      What part did you miss?


  41. 99
    ron Vibbentrop says:

    Fat socialist millionaire. Remind me how many millionaires are in the Labour shadow cabinet. Vote for Putin, he would put the lot of them in a nice little psychiatric ward.


  42. 100
    Inconvenient Truth says:

    She’s a corker! I’m just undecided as to which end I’d cork first!


  43. 107
    FibDem Media Guru says:

    How can we expect to pick up more property bargains if you keep talking about a better economy.
    ET go home


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