March 31st, 2014

Allister Heath New Telegraph Deputy Editor

Finally some good news for the Telegraph: Allister Heath is leaving City AM for Buckingham Palace Road:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at City A.M., and it has been hugely exciting watching the paper grow in terms of readers and helping to steer it on the road to profitability. The time was right for me personally to seek a new challenge, and I am very much looking forward to joining the Telegraph.”

One of the best talent-spotters and leader writers in the business, Heath made City AM into a respected and profitable newspaper. He was basically doing all of the Telegraph’s best economic coverage anyway, now he’s made it official…


  1. 1
    Fucking dis custard says:

    “One of the best talent spotters…….in the business”

    He didn’t spot me in the toilets of The Red Lion


    • 9
      lojolondon says:

      The Telegraph has gone steadily downwards recently, with very Cameron-supporting PC left-wing views – pretty much the same garbage you can read in the Guardian any day of the week.
      Alistair Heath has really positioned City AM as the best common sense, no axe to grind, honest source of news, with excellent editorials that really sum up the situation.

      I hope that the Telegraph becomes more like Alistair, not the other way around!


      • 11
        Bloke says:

        Too right. It’s become a Proper Pinko Paper. Let’s hope Allister injects some common sense and that they ditch the Globull Warmunism for a start.


  2. 2
    lolathebeautiful says:

    Oh keerist. More home-owner-ist rent seeking crapolo and economic ignorance.


  3. 3
    A sarcastic commentator. says:

    OMG, like WOW.


  4. 4
    Terry Graph says:

    Let’s hope he can correct the distinct list to port the Tel has undergone in the last three months. Although I really doubt he will.


  5. 5
    Sadboy Khant says:

    Top man Allister – one of the last Thatcherites writing for the MSM.


  6. 7
    Matt says:

    Pro mass immigration.
    Pro building on the Greenbelt.

    Two good reasons not to subscribe to the Torygraph.


  7. 8
    Pre-Cam Tory says:

    Was about to withdraw my subscription to the app/website after all the recent gushing coverage of gay marriage and columns by gay Beeb affiliates.

    May wait a short while to see if Mr Heath can re-inject some sense into the publication.


  8. 10
    broderick crawford says:

    avid reader his daily city am editorials . tend to agree with most ….
    however not much about him online … apart from the fact he joined city am in 2008 after being editor of a buidiness publication which went broke … also 2008.

    has he got a degree ? has he ever contributed to Lex ? was he ever a child/young man or was he dropped from an alien spacecraft aged
    about 20 on an unsuspecting world whose ambition his it is to dominate ?

    Beware the strange accent and the steely stare…Roswell all over again but this time one survived to live among us ??


  9. 12
    ElHacko says:

    after 30 odd (really) years of taking The Telegraph, I tried The Times: sheer joy – easier to hold, read and absorb. Apart from its broadsheet size, the Telegraph’s page layouts are so cumbersome; Times’s much tidier


  10. 13

    Allister Heath is one of the sanest writers out there right now.

    Hope he does not get wrecked by the Barclay Brothers current bout of capriciousness.


  11. 14
    Benders R Us. says:

    The Pinkograph is too far gone. They have thrown out the old guard and replaced them with Marmite miners and Green-snotters. I suspect Heath has a pink passport and frilly green knickers – he wouldn’t have got the job otherwise.


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