March 25th, 2014

Warsi Praises ‘Jihad’ Jenny Tonge’s Israel “Expertise”

Readers will remember ‘Jihad’ Jenny Tonge, the loony peer who was recorded saying Israel “will not last forever” and was sacked for saying she would consider becoming a suicide bomber if she were a Palestinian. Well yesterday in a debate in the Lords senior minister of state Baroness Warsi took it upon herself to praise Jihad Jenny’s stance on Israel-Palestine, saying: “She comes to these matters with great expertise”. Which is an interesting way of putting it…

H/T @marcusdysch


  1. 1
    Great British Public says:

    Can’t Vince Cable take up Jihad Jenny’s former post ?


    • 9
      Who pays the Piper? says:

      Is it you who does not like this Warsi woman Guido, or the Tory hand that constantly feeds you the tidbits about her?


    • 14
      V.Cable says:

      I have no recollection of anyone’s post


      • 28
        the mystical mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

        If my people were enslaved by foreigners I might cons …. Oh hang on.


    • 30
      uyhb78vr says:

      Hey could be worse, she could be supporting a colony formed by racist terrorists who are prone to over a dozen genetic diseases through not interbreeding with the host cultures they lived in.
      A bunch pf loons who want us to attack their enemies for them, who monger hatred through the media they control.
      Oh, hang on…!


      • 35
        Aardvark says:

        She could be a sad racist obsessive who believes in Nazi conspiracy theories. Oh, hang on…!


        • 49
          uyhb78vr says:

          LOL, and you have turned glaring hypocrisy into an artform “Aardvark”.
          Alway funny when racists try to accuse others of it and pretend to be the victims.
          Keep it up, wear out those failing cliches.


          • Aardvark says:

            What on earth do you mean?

            Are you saying that our little racist, who posts thousands of anti-Semitic posts here does not believe in Nazi theories?

            Are you saying that pointing this out is racist?

            Or that its a cliche that someone who believes the J*ws control the media and get other people to fight their wars for them is not a Nazi belief?

            And what is hypocrisy about pointing this out.


          • uyhb78vr says:

            You are a compulsive liar, Aardvark. Even the sheeple are beginning to twig that Anti-zionism has zilch to do with being racist. What it does have to do with is exposing Zionism itself as the very racist doctrine it so blatantly is.
            The biggest anti-semites are the ZioNutters who displace/d millions of REAL Semites (the Palestinians) into refugee camps and continue to commit racist crimes today on a regular basis and to undermine even western democracies
            Large numbers of Jevvs despise Zionism too, precisely because it is so hypocritical and utterly devoid of ethics and logic.
            There are about 6-7 on Guido’s blog who have the courage to speak out against zionism, plus many more who are scared to. What’s it to you anyway “Aardvark”?


          • Aardvark says:

            What is your life like?

            I really wonder.

            What causes you to write thousands and thousands of posts about J*ws.

            I mean – you can’t have many friends, or a happy life.

            It must be terrible to have so much hatred.

            Don’t you ever think about this?


          • uyhb78vr says:

            WTF are you on about, ZioLoon? You never counter the actual arguments because you simply can’t..
            Keep whining the same lies and obsolete Hasbara Mantras for all to see, girly.


    • 43
      Jacky Treehorn says:

      Can’t the limpdumbs just take warsi?


  2. 2
    Navel Gazer says:

    How every interesting.


  3. 2
    C.O.Jones says:

    Yes it is an interesting way of putting it. If you want the Palestinian perspective.


  4. 4
  5. 5
    BBC can not spell Umunna says:


  6. 6
    Racey Spigot says:

    Superb condescension. At least I hope it is!

    Astonishing to thing Tonge sits in the House of Lords and there’s nothing we can do to eject her.


  7. 7
    Garfield says:

    Warsi should be held up as a shining example of what cultural diversity can bring to our country.


  8. 8
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    Just take a look at the Postal Voter stats.

    There are more muslims than 1sraelis in this Country.

    You do the math.


  9. 10
    Hamjam Chowder says:

    I like that gal!


  10. 12
    Tim Farton, President of the Cockroach Party says:

    Bet she doesn’t sit too close to Lard Rennard in the Upper Chamber.


  11. 16
    Anonymous says:



  12. 17
    Anonymous says:

    And you have to wonder why so many will never vote for the Anti English Tory party again


  13. 18
    Danielle Stevens says:

    Given who the Baromess hangs out with are we surprised?

    Another useless opportunist – only there for her ethnicity & religion to make Dave look good.

    Even her own community would not elect her.

    Of course, she could turn up at Downing Street in a suicide vest & still be unsackable.


  14. 19
    Sid Cleverbollocks says:

    Warsi matter you? HEY!
    Gotta no respect? HEY!


  15. 20
    Made up moniker says:

    ….Mmmm?…….Politicians as “Suicide Bombers”,…A step too far?


  16. 21
    The pedophile prophet says:

    Is Warsi the one who got Cameron going halal?


  17. 22
    ss says:

    Both as thick as shit in the neck of a bottle. Both unfuckable slappers.


  18. 23
    Peter Ellis says:

    What is so surprising about saying that Israel will not last forever ? It only exists because it is propped up with vast amounts of money from the States. Once the money declines, either the Israelis will have to rein in their extremists and start working with their neighbours, or they will disappear. They have limited natural resources, declining water supplies and huge defence costs. Only outside money keeps them going. If major US cities are going bankrupt, with risk to their former workers’ pensions, America is going to be focusing on domestic needs, not propping up Israel.


    • 29
      JJ12 says:



    • 32
      Kishmeintochas says:

      Israel has plenty of natural resources — new oil and gas fields in the Med being developed with Cyprus to last 60 years, and provide additional for export. Also Israel has thriving hightech, pharmaceutical, medical and agri sectors. All this coupled with a highly educated workforce bodes well for their long term future, notwithstanding that country’s astonishing ingenuity vis a vis their Arab and Iranian neighbours. US military investment generates America substantial qualitative returns in the areas of anti-ballistic missile, communications, and avionics. Regarding water supplies — Israel is a world leader in desalination and water treatment. Get your facts straight schmendrik


    • 44
      Jacky Treehorn says:

      You may want that to be the case but unfortunately for you what you want has no relation to reality. You are either misinformed or a dick head.


  19. 24
    paul collings says:

    The Baroness should explain herself. Is she speaking as a conservative or as a supporter of Israel’s destruction?

    There can be no excuse for anyone in British politics to endorse someone who advocates terrorism.

    The Baroness should stay out of the middle east minefield. She could be accused of being biased.


  20. 25

    There shall be no dissent in the House of 4ll4h (pbuh). The ummah will unite against the infidel!


  21. 27
    Sir Bentley Pauncefoot (deceased) says:

    Once a “vibrant”, always a “vibrant”.

    No amount of ermine can disguise it.


  22. 31
    Bardirect says:

    “If I were a Palestinian I would have joined one of the terrorist organizations” Ehud Barak. March 1998

    And your point was?


  23. 33
    Man with map, ruler and pencil. says:

    Token Baroness criticises token country shocker.


  24. 38
    Anonymous says:

    perhaps guido you would like to remind us how people reacted with all that shit that went on in the north of the island of ireland over the years. all but petered out in recent years of course bar the occasional shenanigans which gets labeled as action from “dissidents”. though if those “dissidents” happened to have a towel wrapped their head and the holy q’uran in their pocket they would be called terrorists. isn’t the catholic church wonderfully powerful?!


  25. 47
    Tom Catesby. says:

    Can we expect the’noble baroness’ to go the way of ms Tonge?


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