March 25th, 2014

Labour Send “Solidarity” to New Newsnight Editor

Just what the new Newsnight economics editor needs when he is being accused of being too close to the Labour Party, the Labour deputy leader sending him public solidarity on Twitter:

Perhaps Hattie’s Twitter expert hubby could teach her how to send a private message…


  1. 1
    Jo Big Nose says:

    I love the BBC……just check out today’s Daily Politics for some more glorious unbiased shite from myself :)


    • 11
      Socialism is theft says:

      Why don’t they just get a room?


    • 15
      BBC doing Labour's bidding aqain says:

      More BBC doom and gloom about the economy, oh look we found two people in Birmingham who aren’t feeling the improvement.

      Who exactly do you expect to find mooching around Birmingham City Centre at 10am on a Tuesday morning? Did you interview anyone who actually had a job? No, because obviously they were at work.


    • 25
      A Briton says:

      This is disgraceful.

      The BBC is not fit for purpose


      • 31
        He has a lot of Formers says:

        Duncan Weldon, a former adviser to Harriet Harman and a former economist at the TUC, has revealed he once dabbled with the ideas expounded by Oswald Mosley, founder of the British Union of Fascists.


        • 60
          Ed (Too Fat must Fast for Flat Waistline) Balls says:

          Jack Dromey, the quasi tranny hubby of Harriet Harperson once dabbled with the British Union of Faggots!


        • 88
          Rob says:

          You rarely hear these days that Mosley was a Labour cabinet minister.


          • jgm2 says:

            If he was a Tory cabinet minister you’d never hear the end of it.


          • Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

            It’s a tiny step from communist to fascist and back again. Two sides of the same coin. They only hate each other so much because they are so alike and are competing on the same turf. Each regards the other as a heresy.

            BRIAN: Are you the Judean People’s Front?

            REG: Fuck off!

            BRIAN: What?

            REG: Judean People’s Front. We’re the People’s Front of Judea! Judean People’s Front. Cawk.


          • Rev Flours says:

            Mosley was also on Labour’s National Executive Committee – he wasn’t just another back-bench bum (sic) on seat.


    • 61
      Labour Newsnight says:

      What a farce Newsnight is fast becoming! What a joke! A Labour luvvie as its Editor and as for its new economics editor Duncan Weldon – the less said about him the better!
      Newsnight has less than zero credibility as a serious political news programme!
      Even the most rabid Conservative could not have imagined Newsnight becoming so incredibly unbalanced to the left!!!
      Has the BBC got absolutely no self awareness at all?


      • 73
        Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Peedos, Green Nazis & other Wasters says:

        Of course it has credibility, it has always known it represents the Labour Party.


      • 122
        Tastebud Tony says:

        I like the BBC. Openly pro-EU yet completely unable to give the people the real facts. Just the way I like it. Now where’s my next Tax Free ‘Charity’ jaunt to since I’ve done such a sterling job of securing Peace in the Middle East?…..


      • 129
        Ed (Too Fat must Fast for Flat Waistline) Balls says:

        Exclusive with Rev Flowers tonight is a nadir!!
        The fact that the Coca Cola Rev mentioned the government annoying him was enough for them to go big on this one FFS!


        • 130
          English Heretic says:

          Yes we have self-awareness and self-importance and self-regard and self- respect and we don’t give a flying f**ck what the 60 million + people who don’t watch our program think. Because we’re lefties and we’re right, innit.


    • 63

      And who are “they”?

      And what’s “horrid” about what he’s doing or what people say about whoever it is? And what does the awful leftoid N*** bastardette mean when she says “they’ll give up after a bit”?

      What will they give up?



  2. 2
    Prime Minister"Money's no object" Cameron says:



  3. 3
    Wise Words says:

    The Mail has not given up – just gone quiet for a bit.

    P3d0 advocate stands in solidarity with dodgy appointment at P3d0 broadcaster.


    • 80
      What's good for the goose is good for the gander Harriet says:

      Why does Harriet’s tweet not have an ‘unintentional’ link to any p i e site?
      C’mon Harriet babe, keep up the family tradition.
      Tweet, and shaw yourself to be a pr@ honey. there’s a good girl.


    • 123
      Tastebud Tony says:

      P3d0 – he’s my favorite Star Wars character! Now I wonder where I’m going to buy Euan his Westminster Seat?….Somewhere safe I think, you cannot be too careful with your little treasures!….


  4. 4
    Mrs Harpersons Boys says:


  5. 5
    Ed (Too Fat must Fast for Flat Waistline) Balls says:

    Harriet to Jack, “Hang on in there on that big black one””


    • 81
      Am I alone in thinking that Harriet is a right hot sexxxxxxy babe? says:

      Harriet to Jack, ‘Where’s my supper?’


  6. 6
    Sid Cleverbollocks says:

    ‘Meet the new boss… Same as the old boss’
    (The Who)


  7. 8
  8. 9
    Steve Miliband says:

    She is very thick


  9. 10
    Ah! Max says:

    Harriett exposed. Whatever next?


  10. 12
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    So inflation is 1.7% but as Sainsbury’s said only last week, their sales are flat and they are finding household budgets are down again.

    The BRC said last month that retail prices are falling sharply which is driving down inflation but that if they continue there will be retail job losses.

    This recovery continues to be smoke and mirrors. Average wage inflation is still under 1%, which means that inflation is still double that of wage rises for the last 40 months.

    Labour are right that ordinary people are losing money under this government. £1,600 of losses for the average family whilst the bankers get their £400 billion QE and last month RBS, after making a loss of £8 BILLION in 2013, shared a bonus pot of £500 million.

    Minority greed paying for majority austerity continues apace under the Tories


    • 14
      The BBC says:

      We agree comrade.
      Want a job?


    • 19
      Podiceps says:

      To be fair, it’s mainly down to a fall in petrol prices;

      The slowdown in inflation came primarily from the price movements of motor fuels. Petrol prices fell by 0.8 pence per litre between January and February this year compared with a rise of 4.0 pence per litre between the same two months a year ago. Similarly diesel prices fell by 0.8 pence per litre this year compared with a rise of 3.7 pence per litre a year ago.
      – ONS


    • 37
      Steve Miliband says:

      Sales up at Lidl and Aldi? Perhaps they offer better value than other leading supermarket chains. Ed needs a Judge led enquiry into supermarkets.

      We need a one off annual tax on footballers wages. How is £300k a week justified? The Premier League is one big Ponzi scheme waiting to collapse


      • 99
        Up here on the roof says:

        … and the sooner the better. Then all these fairy footballers can piss off back where they all came from.


      • 106
        broderick crawford says:


        300 a week ? I give that little to my fag Moyes for subsistence .


    • 116
      Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

      Get a job shitferbrians.


  11. 13
    Go away says:

    Minsky – Keynes – Labour – BBC – Common Purpose.

    Do you get it now?


  12. 16
    jgm2 says:

    Average wage inflation is still under 1%

    I know something else that’s 1%.

    Can you guess what it is?


    I’ll tell you.

    Labour’s lead in the polls. That’s now 1%.

    Useless Ned has lost 13% in less than two years.


    • 24
      Red Ned says:

      I only need 1%. In fact if I’m 4% behind I STILL win. And Even if I’m 12% behind I can call on the looney left of Welshers, Scots Nats, ex-terroroist Irish party, the green one and of course my Lib Dem fellow travelers.

      It won’t come to that. Postal votes alone secure us the midlands and ethnic north and the London shithole boroughs.

      Don’t you get it yet?
      You lose, righties. YOU LOSE!


      • 27
        Nick Clegg says:

        Don’t forget it was me that threw boundary reforms under a bus, when you are handing jobs out.


        • 34
          ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

          Don’t forget that the kippers will split the Tory vote too.


          • jgm2 says:

            Labour have gone from 45% to 35% in less than two years. Only about half of those have gone to the Tories. It looks like the kippers might be splitting the Labour vote.


          • Myfanwy says:

            The Kippers are taking from both both the main parties and a smattering from the Lib Dems. If Nige manages to get to get into order his disparate followers it could promise to be a very close election, I don’t think Nige will go into shared power as the LibDems have done, they have seen what happens when they go into coalition with the Torys


          • Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

            Labour does not represent the Working Class anymore. In Scotland and Wales there was an alternative in the nationalist parties but England never had one until Farage appeared.

            The average working man can look at Farage clutching his pint of ale, at home in the public bar, and then at that milksop Miliband and will have little doubt who he can identify more with.


        • 38
          Red Ned says:

          Sorry Nick, but the deal will mean you’ll be out. Vince or Hughes or Farron will be the new ultra lefty liberal leader.

          But I have a special EU job for you instead.
          As someone who would never let the UK leave the EU we’ll give you a long contract on a super high salary in Brussels. And it will be almost tax free with an expense account a Facebook billionaire would envy.

          So you haven’t been forgotten.


      • 35
        jgm2 says:

        If you lose the popular by 4% and yet win a majority of seats you’ll have some trouble convincing me that you’re a legitimate government.


    • 107
      broderick crawford says:

      ” can yah guess what it is yet ?”

      Ed and Ed.

      Two little boys .


  13. 18
    Gerbil 7 says:

    Solidarity from Hattie? As in ‘Grunwick type’ solidarity?


  14. 22
    Blue Eyes says:

    The advantage of Paul Mason was that he is so far to the left he can’t be accused of being loyal to any sane party.


  15. 28
    How quickly they forget says:

    “Horrid but they’ll give up after a bit. H”. Clearly, her tactics as far as PIE is concerned.


  16. 30
    Ed can kiss goodbye to the enrichment vote now says:


  17. 32
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    I see that Osborne is out on Work Experience today.


    • 33
      Ed Miliband says:

      Couple of questions

      1. What is work?

      2. What is Experience?


      • 40
        George Nobsore says:

        Towel folding is good…


      • 47
        Vince Cable says:

        Don’t forget that I was Chief Economist at Shell, which stood me in good stead for my bungling of the Royal Mail privatisation, you remember? Where we left £1.6 billion on the table?


    • 51
      UKIP or bust says:

      See what your fellow countryman says above, mush?


    • 54
      jgm2 says:

      Where is Ned Balls hiding today?

      I must admit I thought keeping Balls away from the TV cameras was a winning move but Labour still seem to be losing votes faster than they can print them.

      If I was a Labour activist/apologist I’d be shitting bricks.


      • 58
        Labour HQ Franking Machine says:

        I’m working as fast as I can mate !!


      • 62
        Dick Scratcher says:

        How depressing if true. It just goes to show how poorly educated and gullible the average Briton is if he or she is liable to fall for the Tory propaganda of comics like The Daily Mail, The Daily Express and The Sun. Such rags serve only the interests of their privileged owners who have no interest at all in the true meritocracy which would constitute a properly civilised society


        • 89
          jgm2 says:

          The problem isn’t The Mail or The Sun. The problem is Ned Balls. He can get on the BBC and say whatever he likes uninterrupted by Marr. The problem with that is that the voters see him and are reminded of the utterly fucked up economy he left behind him the last time.

          It’s not that The Mail or The Sun are unspeakably rude about him (although they are – and rightly so) Ned’s main problem is himself.


        • 93
          Anonymous says:

          How depressing if true. It just goes to show how poorly educated and gullible the average Briton is if he or she is liable to fall for the Labour propaganda of comics like The Guardian, The Daily Mirror and The BBC’s news website. Such rags serve only the interests of their privileged owners who have no interest at all in the true meritocracy which would constitute a properly civilised society


        • 111
          Cinna says:

          Meritocracy? Would that be the meritocracy that sees Stepheb Kinnoch installed as the LP candidate for Aberavon?


        • 120
          Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

          Funny that. The Sun and Murdoch were jolly fine until they ditched Labour. Then overnight The Sun became a filthy rag and Murdoch the AntiChrist.

          Not a word against them while they supported Labour.


          • don't forget says:

            Labour turned a blind eye to alleged phone-hacking at NI
            when in power and enjoying Murdoch’s support.


    • 74
      Get on yer bike says:

      You should give it a go Moussa.


  18. 36
    frank says:

    Solidarity goes both ways. You don’t report my PIE shame and I help you.

    “Solidarity” from Hattie HARPERSON? “Bone Solidarity” more like


  19. 66
    the mystical mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    I’ve twigged that Richard Bacon’s technique. He says the first mundane thing that comes into his mind but doesn’t say it, rather he pauses and says it very slowly as if it is some intellectually difficult concept.


  20. 68
    Quote of the year says:

    Dan Hodges column …

    Toynbee is like a female version of Diane Abbott


  21. 72
    Harriet Dromy says:

    A normal wife could perhaps teach Jack what his arsehole is for.


  22. 75
    Retiring next year says:

    As a Tory voter, should I get the Yellow or the Red Lamborghini?


    • 85
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Best to get a bl@ck one, then you can use it as a taxi and a hearse when the money runs out.


      • 103
        Up here on the roof says:

        From what I’ve seen and read, people who buy Lambos seem to trash them (and sometimes themselves too) in something under 3 months from purchase date. These machines are far too powerful for somebody used to puttering around in a Morris Minor.


  23. 76
    timbo46 says:

    Once again, confirmation that the BBC is the broadcasting wing of the Labour Party. (They share the Guardian as well. No surprise there.)


  24. 79
    Harriet Harman says:

    Oh and Duncan I’ll send you one of my nice PIEs to cheer you up. LOL Hatty.


  25. 86
    Jumbo says:

    It has to be said: any wimmons group connected with Harmand must be called Angry Birds


  26. 87
    The BBC never knowingly not pathetic says:

    If you make licensee fee payment a non criminal act then we’ll stop Cbeebies. There that will show you not to mess with us.


  27. 95
    the unbiased bbc ! says:

    Bad judgement on the part of Harperson. Why would you show your support so publicly ? Should she get an easy ride the next time she is on newsnight, the public will make there own minds up. Done herself or Weldon no favours.


    • 100
      RomaBob...benefits for all! says:

      “they’ll give up after a bit.”

      Hattie’s strategy when dealing with the PIE allegations.


  28. 105
    Cynic2 says:

    Is she giving him legal advice like she did to PIE?


  29. 127
    nick says:

    The BBC is ,like Labour, NOT fit for purpose. Who will bother to watch Newsnight now with such a left Labour bias. I don’t care because I do not watch BBC.


  30. 132
    Grammar school boy says:

    …..and we have the Liebour party constantly going on about how the BBC’s chief Political correspondent Nick Robinson used to be in the Tory party… if it’s some great crime.


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