March 24th, 2014

McIntosh Supporters Eye Snap By-Election

The Anne McIntosh problem is not going away for the Tories, with the latest speculation being that the MP might trigger a by-election to try to win the backing of her Yorkshire constituency. McIntosh denies that there are plans to stand as an independent without Tory opposition – after her own association booted her in January- though she tells Guido that she has made ‘no decision as yet’ on what she will do. But then she would say that wouldn’t she…

McIntosh’s dwindling number of fans think it will be easier for her to win as an independent in a separate by-election, possibly held the same day as the European Elections in May, than it would to win at the General Election. The only thing worrying her supporters is that UKIP might pip their girl at the post.


  1. 1
    The Public says:

    Who cares?

    She belongs to a party that doesn’t believe in anything.


    • 6
      Spoonface says:

      Except for lining our pockets at your expense


      • 26
        Ed Balls says:

        I only care about two things about her…

        1. Is she a serial trougher?

        2. Is she a dyke

        3. Is she some other kind of sexual deviant

        4. Does she take bungs from lobbyists?

        I the answer is no to both questions, then she deserves promotion!


        • 47
          O'Really? says:

          Has anyone ever seen Anne McIntosh and Lilly Savage in the same room at the same time?


          • This is the BBC Light Program says:

            I thought it was that David Bowie treacherously whining on again that the 4ken Scots should vote NO!


    • 7
      Mitch says:

      MacIntosh would do well to remember that the constituency isn’t her personal property to p1ss about with at her pleasure.


      • 40
        Tastebud Tony says:

        A real Yorkshire lass if ever there was one. Just ask my mate Cleggy, he’s well on the know about flat caps ‘n’ ferrets ‘n’ workin’ down pit. Boy how I like this FPTP ‘thingy’ we have. We’d put skydivers to shame with the amount of parachuting us lot do!


    • 32
      Wankers says:

      Cameron and his liberal pro EU mates should fuck off and form their own party.
      Call it the SDP or something.


    • 39
      I dislike socialists intensely says:

      She came across as quite an efficient and competent MP .


    • 45
      You know its the truth says:

      At least she isn’t in favour of more PIE,in saying that wheres Black Jack Harman, still not miss typing BigBlackGayCocks .com


  2. 2
    Diseased BBC Anus says:

    Did anyone hear Lady muck Vicky Derbyshire allow some monosyllabic, scrounging, labour activist cu’nt say ‘the tories have destroyed the NHS’ on her show this am?

    She uttered not a word of qualification as to the fact the baby burning NHS hasnt been destroyed


    • 14
      BBC Red Bottom says:

      We have ordered 10,000 bottles of finest champagne to toast out the Tories in 2015.
      I, for one, will welcome our new Labour party overlords.


  3. 3
  4. 4
    C.O.Jones says:

    Is that a photo of Bez?


  5. 5
    An NHS Funded Sexual Health Advisor says:

    VD is so last century STI please and of course no blame or shame attaches


  6. 9
    Alex says:

    Is she Scottish? Why doesn’t she stand in Scotland?


    • 31
      Rational Tory says:

      The Tory Party died in Scotland years ago

      Do keep up

      Why do you think we want to jocks to declare UDI?


    • 44
      Anonymous says:

      She is half Danish and half Scottish – married to a Yank. She is a fucking Europhile.


  7. 11
    Border Terrier says:

    She has been turfed out by a local toff and his chums.

    Don’t give up Anne.


    • 16
      Mitch says:

      And gone through various appeals which have if anything emphasised how poorly she is thought of.


    • 21
      Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

      Eee lad a think thou’s niver bin tae Yorkshire,


    • 24
      Hansard writer says:

      It’s the Yorkshire Taliban at work

      Tough lot…she was never one of them…


      • 30
        Mitch says:

        In my experience Yorkshire people are pretty fair and not as malicious as most. She’d have had to go a long way to p*ss them all off this much.


        • 37
          Weird Ed says:

          I have a Yorkthire conthtituenthy – it ith tho far north it maketh my noth bleed,
          but my conthtituenth jutht love me becauth I have the common tuth.


      • 33
        bergen says:

        On the basis that the Tory party is a principle-free zone, she must have personally wound up the locals a great deal for this to happen.


      • 35
        Cicero says:

        No – she was a Cameron choice, parachuted in.


    • 36
      Cicero says:

      She was kicked out on a vote which had an 88% turnout.


  8. 12
    Mitch says:

    The argument is that we need to pay M.P.’s more to attract people, when in fact this nutter is fighting tooth and claw to be there and would probably do it for nothing.


  9. 13
    Someone says:

    So, what has this woman ever done for the people of this country?


  10. 17
    Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

    So why is there a picture of David Bowie up there?


  11. 19
    Sky News says:

    Breaking news

    PM Cameron has just announced that there will be no sanctions on oligarchs in London

    They are farr too important for the future of Britain as the money laundering and tax evasion capital of the world, he added.


  12. 27
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


  13. 29
    Rebekah, still on trial says:

    I would like to put my name forward for this constituency

    Dave has put me top of his A list of Tory candidates

    I can have Parliamentary immunity that way


  14. 38
    Tastebud Tony says:

    Snap Elections! My Comrades at Brussels and in the Ukraine don’t like them (unless they go their way). Whoever said manipulating Democracy was the sole remit of Russia and Despots?


  15. 41
    Localtard says:

    That’s Rod Stewart, you ‘tard!


  16. 42
    MagicFlute says:

    Anne’s constituency of Thirsk & Malton is immediatly south of William Hague’s Richmond constituency. So Anne comes just below William, an unlikely coupling for both of them.


  17. 43
    Anonymous says:

    She can fuck off back to her home in Essex where she really lives. I recall when she was an MEP local Tories used to hold demonstrations against her wherever she went. Fucking good riddance to the bitter barren hag.


  18. 46
  19. 48
    Fred Trueman says:

    She is a copper bottomed loon and as such will be missed.


  20. 49
    Ey-up Lad says:

    She’ll be slaughtered in a by-election. Her current and previous constitency (Vale of York) have had trouble with her; she is way, way past her sell by date. Threatening to stand against an official Tory candidate shows that she only has her interests at heart. AND she is a Europhile to the core – having been a Euro MP before she got her Westminster gig. Tories in North Yorkshire just want her to shut up and go quietly, probably with the promise of a seat in the House of Lords if she plays the white man.


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