March 21st, 2014

Sun Hire Boris Spinner to Work Mayoral Magic

Dylan Sharpe of Business for Britain has jumped ship to join the The Sun as their Head of PR. The former Boris spinner will be reunited with Guto Hari.

He will be replaced by Rob Oxley of the Taxpayers’ Alliance.

You could replace him by applying here.


  1. 1
    Prime Minister"Money's no object" Cameron says:

    Where the heck is Owen Jones when you need him?


  2. 2
    Loony Left says:

    £230,000 on diversity gigs to foster community cohesion and outreach is not nearly enough! More money for more politically correct multi-culti bollocks please!


    • 18
      Daz Daddingboyd says:

      Looks like a load of dirty four by twos filling up the Sun, another reason to boycott Sky and any Murdoch product. Those protocols may have been “fake” but they sure were accurate. Never trust a hook nose.


  3. 4
    Press Gazette says:

    I think these spinners will spin so much that they will disappear up Lady Gaga’s arsehole

    Be careful you don’t suffer the same fate, Guido


  4. 5
    non taxable pikey says:

    The tip of the iceberg, long overdue. Finally we get some prosecutions over FGM.


  5. 7
    Lord Crystal Meths says:

    Does this pretty boy lift shirts as well?

    He looks to me as if he should….


  6. 10
    Sizzla says:

    His day job is basically supporting The Sun’s daily set of Page 3 jugglers against critics. A human bra.


  7. 11
    Everyone in Chingford says:

    Anyone who can shill for a liar like Boris is a mong


    • 35
      Rolling Stone reporter says:

      Oh no…

      Boris for No 10 I say

      It would then be rebranded as the New London Palladium

      Matinee performances every afternoon


  8. 14
    Paniagua V5.1 says:

    Excuse me, am I at the right place?

    Is this Classified Ads department for the Sun?


  9. 16
    Benny Street says:


    • 34
      was it something I said? says:

      That’s Phil Jupitus taking the piss.


    • 51

      That creature has a daughter!! who in the name of Christ could possibly raise a hard on looking at that ?
      Maybe the crack cocaine in Manchester has properties we aren’t aware of.


      • 54
        A peasant passing through says:

        That blind ex-MP from somewhere north of Watford Gap might be able to tell you. What was his name,now? David Boondocks or something.


  10. 21
    The Beeb are frit! says:

    Ha ha! They’re scared shitless already!

    Ministers have formally backed plans to make non-payment of the BBC licence fee a civil offence rather than a criminal one, the BBC understands. A senior Downing Street source said Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, who tabled the proposals to decriminalise non-payment in the Commons, had “genuinely changed government thinking on the matter”. There will be a year-long consultation in to how civil penalties could work. The BBC says decriminalisation could cost £200m through increased evasion.


    • 28
      was it something I said? says:

      A year long consultation so mid March 2015, Easter break, election, Labour win. Risk disappears for another five years.


    • 31
      Reuters, always first... says:

      This is all getting rather boring

      We should put the BBC out of its pain

      Be modern and put it up for auction on Ebay

      Perhaps Vladimir Putin or one of his mates will buy it..


  11. 25
    A Fugly Homunculus says:


  12. 46
    Hic! says:

    Falkirk MP Eric Joyce has been fined £1,500 at Edinburgh Sheriff Court after admitting abusive behaviour at the city’s airport.

    He was also ordered to pay compensation of £100 to the airport worker he abused.

    The former Labour politician was alleged to have repeatedly shouted, sworn and made offensive remarks at the airport on 19 May last year.

    Joyce, 52, is a former Army major.

    Two years ago, he was convicted of assaulting four fellow politicians in a House of Commons bar.

    He has also previously been convicted of driving while over the legal alcohol limit.


    • 49
      ED Balls says:

      Not just any old ex-Labour MP. A former, hand-picked, bought and paid for, Co-operative Party MP.

      We are the benchmark of buffoonery in British politics.


  13. 59
    Shappsisawanker says:

    No1, Who gives a toss who is hired by the Sun?
    No2, Owen Jones will no doubt be much more sensible when someone has sex with him. In the interim, can we all just ignore him.
    No3, I find it strange that “Sponsored Blogs” do not reveal who, or what sponsored the blog.
    No4, Surely the House of Commons, as employer, has a duty of care to get Eric Joyce MP into therapy?


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