March 20th, 2014

Robot Miliband

Ed Miliband has form for robot-like repetition of the same phrases over and over again, just remember his infamous “these strikes are wrong” interview. Well a compare and contrast of yesterday’s Budget response with his responses from previous years suggests someone should turn him off and on again:

Yesterday: The Chancellor spoke for nearly an hour. But he did not mention one central fact. The working people of Britain are worse off under the Tories”.
2012: The Chancellor spoke for an hour. But there was one phrase that did not pass his lips. One claim he has abandoned. ‘We’re all in this together’”.
 The Chancellor spoke for nearly an hour. But one fact says it all. Growth down last year, this year and next year”.

Yesterday: “It’s a classic Tory con. Give with one hand and take far more away with another.”
2013: “The Chancellor is giving with one hand, and taking far more away with the other.
2012: “All he is doing for ordinary families is giving with one hand and taking far more away with the other”.

Yesterday: “Will he rule out a further tax cut for millionaires to 40p? Just nod your head if you’re ruling it out!”.
2013: “come on. Nod your head if you are getting the 50p tax rate”
2012:Just nod if you’re going to benefit from it. Come on, we’ve got plenty of time.”

Yesterday: “It’s Tory values. It’s Tory choices. It’s the same old Tories
2012: “Wrong choices.  Wrong priorities.  Wrong values. Out of touch. Same old Tories
2011:Every Tory tax cut ends up costing them more. Same old Tories. Same old deceit.”

Yesterday: “2011 – living standards down. 2012 – living standards down. 2013 – living standards down
2013: “Growth last year, down. Growth this year, down. Growth next year, down
2012: “Growth down last year. Growth down this year. Growth down next year”.

Yesterday: “Under them it’s a recovery for the few not the many
2013: “they don’t understand, you need a recovery made by the many not just a few at the top”
2012: “Unfair. Out of touch. For the few, not the many.”

Some of these weren’t terrible the first time round, but please Ed, come up with something new for next time…


  1. 1
    Andrew Efiong says:

    What a plonker!


    • 8
      Observant says:



    • 82
      An old hat says:

      Recycling is so old hat


    • 83
      FTFof says:

      It’s the old brainwash technique: repeat something 3 or more times and thick Mongs will believe it.


      • 100
        Pavlov's pooch says:

        It’s a bit like the global warming codswallop. These common purpose arse-holes seem to think that if they keep repeating the mantra then it will be believed. Unfortunately for them the quality of the message bearer is also a factor.
        So with a lisping, limp wristed, millionaire, workshy, wet behind the ears, marxist twat for a leader they are probably fucked.
        These arse-wipes would have a massive heart attack if voting (in person) became mandatory.


        • 114
          Well said, my man says:

          … and ONLY in person accompanied by some form of ID, like you have to do to open a bank account. No show, no vote and definitely not by post unless you are serving in the military or an embassy overseas somewhere.


          • Bob says:

            A £100 fine for a no-show would focus the little minds of the plebs. The results of elections would probably change rather significantly.


        • 147
          Bloke says:

          Well said, Pavlov. Mind you, all three of the leader-twats are complete cvnts.


      • 117
        Ed Milimong says:

        I mutht I mutht improve my butht. I mutht I mutht improve my butht. I mutht I mutht improve my butht.


        • 148
          broderick crawford says:

          you must improve your BUST ??

          You ve already had a nose job , having a boob job too now Edward ?

          when do we start calling you Edwina ( though on second thoughts that monicker might curry insufficient favour ) .


    • 114
      I dislike socialists intensely says:

      Surely even Labour voters must realise what an utter moron Ed Miliband is .
      He along with that incompetent economic idiot Ed Balls are the best possible
      advert for never letting them anyway near running the country.


      • 142
        Tim Yeo-Yo says:

        Ask jimmy the moron. He’s the sort of brain dead labour fcuktard who would vote for a brain dead fcuktard like Millitit.


        • 150
          broderick crawford says:

          yes indeed but the mongs of mancunia and other northern wastelands will vote for him because their Luddite forbears did so and thus why change the habitof six generations merely in order to expose your
          ” brain” to new horizons .


    • 137
      Tin Ribs says:

      2011: Ed a twat
      2012: Ed a twat
      2013: Ed a twat
      2014: Ed still a twat


  2. 2
    Robby says:

    Ed? Not even as charismatic as a robot.


  3. 3
    Ed Millitwat says:

    Gweeds. When you come up with something original so will I.


  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Just watched the Daily Politics. The so called presenters are so biased towards Conservatives they might as well call it the Daily Labour Politics. Why on earth do the Conservatives put up with the bias?


    • 9
      Bill Quango MP says:

      I’m afraid its in the BBC’s charter. Under Impartiality.
      For 60 minutes a day they have to stop promoting Labour.


    • 10
      Just too naive to survive says:

      The clue is that it is produced and broadcast by the British Biased Corporation. Watching that and hoping to see balance is bit like waiting for support for gays on Russian TV.


    • 12
      repeat after me says:

      It must be unusual for a Labour twat to recognise true impartiality, thanks to Brillo. Other BBC programmes are so biased it must seem like like the Daily Politics is pro Tory.


    • 16
      Jimmy says:

      Freudian slip there!


      • 28
        Gordon 'Aspergers' Brown says:

        Too right! I’ll make a statement to the House after I do my afternoon poo.


    • 17
      Steve Miliband says:

      Chris Leslie was woeful as usual. Vacuous. No answers. He’ll go far in his party


    • 19
      Idon'tneednodoctor says:

      You mean biased against the conservatives?


    • 30
      Grant Schnapps says:

      If it’s so bad why did you watch it?


      • 118
        I dislike socialists intensely says:

        It must break Miliband and Balls heart to hear about all the good economic news and reduction in unemployment etc etc..They must be having a lot of sleepless nights now .The writing is on the wall ,Labour will lose the 2015 election.


  5. 5
    Ed Moribund says:

    I wonder if I had flailed my arms about it might have gone better.

    “Danger! Danger Will Robinson. Tory reform to pensions. Danger! jacqui Smith Jacqui Smith! Danger!”


  6. 7
    repeat after me says:

    Fuck off Miliband.


  7. 11
    Remember, investments can down as well as up says:


    • 22
      Idon'tneednodoctor says:

      For annuity providers insert thieving bastards.


    • 48
      MrNedward says:

      What? You mean that the Markets are upset that these theiving bastards may actually have to work for a living and compete with each other to supply the consumer with a product worth buying?



      • 119
        Fly on the wall says:

        Not just GOOD, but Doubleplusgood (or even Doubleplusexcellent if you prefer).

        Pensioners, get all your money out from these thieving financial shitbags who have been robbing you blind for years and spend it on yourselves. Let the sprogs sort their own lives out, just like you had to do yourself back in the day…


    • 98
      Judge Dreadful says:

      Great. Now arrest them for conspiracy to steal from the public.


  8. 13
    Jimmy says:

    Ed is right.
    The stuff that is growing in this country includes pawnbrokers, loan sharks, pound shops, budget supermarkets and food banks. It does not take a genius to work out what is happening here. However, it seems to be beyond the wit of the media who continue to spew out the “economic recovery” mantra as if it meant anything to people with lower wages, poorer public services and higher living costs


    • 18
      repeat after me says:

      And who laid the groundwork for all this then Jimmy? It just doesn’t happen after 3 and a bit years of government you fucking moron.


      • 62
        Skeleton Bob says:

        It shouldn’t be totally beyond the wits of the Jimmies out there to see that higher employment is good for families and the country. He would prefer to put the country much further into debt and bash all those who invest in businesses and put millions out of work as Labour managed to do.


        • 132
          Dave says:

          If people do shop at budget shops maybe its because of immigration making the minimum wage the maximum wage for low skilled workers.


    • 33
      Jimmy thinks to himself says:

      labour really fucked up when they made the second son of a useful idiot party leader.


    • 37
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      All brought about by that financial genius Gordon Brown & Co Est. 2007.


    • 44
      The Critic says:

      And the extensive use of cut and paste by Ed is a good way to highlight this?

      With so much materiel, surely he has the wit to come up with something more original?


    • 57
      Anonymous says:

      Year 1 in Dystopia: A million people have £10 each, total wealth £10m
      Year 2 in Dystopia: 999,999 people have £9 each. one person has £1.5m, total wealth £10,499,991.00

      It’s an economic recovery. Of sorts


    • 111

      I agree Jimmy, food banks are dreadful thing, shut ‘em down let the labour voting underclass chavs starve , after all they only came about during the last car crash Labour government!


      • 125
        Queen Victoria's postman says:

        If these layabouts spent their bennies on what it is provided for instead of wasting it at bookies and on booze and fags, there would be a light at the end of this particular tunnel.

        The answer is to provide them with non-transferable ration books or food stamps/tokens in place of cash. Tokens can also be used for eg electricity bills, but if they go over their limit they will have to sweep the streets, clean up the graffiti, flush out the sewers, etc to earn enough to make up the difference. Why are we so soft with these loafers in this country? The workhouse was an excellent idea and the Victorians knew what they were doing.


    • 120
      MrNedward says:

      So the Japanese moving the manufacturing of the Bullet Train to Britain is scotch mist? Bently moving the manufacturing of their engines to Britain is an illusion? Engineering is booming and British companies are exporting their goods and expertise all over the world.

      Manufacturing collapsed, under labour even during labour’s debt fueled “boom” years. Now British Manufacturing is healthier than it has been for many many years and getting stronger by the month. We are exporting more than ever.

      Shame you do not like facts Jimmy. Just stick to your out-dated left lies.

      Another sign of success is that a number of pawn shops are closing as people are slowly becoming better off. The labour legacy is coming to an end, thankfully. It will have taken an entire Parliament to mostly fix labour’s mess (which is 5 years less than I thought it would take) but fixing it we are.

      Oh and where was that tripple dip and million more unemployed that your lot falsely predicted?

      You see Jimmy, not only were all of labour’s dire and catastrophic doom laden economic predictions wrong, Jimmy, but Ed Miliband and Ed Balls do not even have the first clue as to WHY their predictions were wrong.

      That proves that Miliband and Balls simply do not understand how the economy works, which also means that labour are NOT fit to govern.

      Add to that labour’s spokesman on Newsnight last night stating clearly that “We can’t trust people to spend their own money” and you have a massive and clear open water between labour and the conservatives in their economic philosophy.

      Jimmy, you support a party which believes that IT always knows best and that we, the public, are far too stupid and immature to be responsible for our own hard earned money. It matters not one jot to labour that we may have spent 45 years working our asses off to earn money from which we save for our old age, To labour, that is money we have given them to look after for us, and we should allow them to say how it is spent!

      The tories, Jimmy (now listen up close because this is REAL fucking important) the Tories TRUST us with OUR OWN MONEY!



    • 143
      Tim Yeo-Yo says:

      You really are a special mongtard aren’t you Jimmy.


  9. 15
    Weird Ed says:

    Tax cuts for millionaires…cotht of living cwithith…Bullingdon boys…pieces of eight…sqauwk…millionaires…pieces of eight…who’s a pretty boy?…Eton Meth…squawk


  10. 20
    Nick says:

    the Chancellor indeed did speak as always a load of hogwash but the main trouble the people of the UK don’t understand and despite not understanding then at the general election vote for it and then to proceed to condemn it thereafter for the next 5 years

    if this is the the uk’s mindset and always has been in my eyes for the past 55 years I’ve been around is it any wonder that not only the uk has been in turmoil but the wider world as well has been with conflict after conflict with the innocent having to pick up the tab with there thousands/millions of deaths not only here in the uk but throughout the world

    hopefully in my lifetime someone will become a mp who understands the needs for a better way forward someone who can inspire others and then go on to inspire the wider world but at this time all we can do is dream


  11. 21
    Red Dalek says:

    Taxate, exterminate, taxate, waste, taxate, exerminate


    • 26
      Jimmy says:

      The 24 Tory Tax Rises

      1. VAT increased – to 20 per cent from 2011
      2. Income Tax age-related allowances frozen and eligibility restricted (“Granny Tax”) from 2013-14
      3. Income Tax higher rate threshold cut to £42,475 in 2011-12
      4. Higher Income Child Benefit Charge introduced 2013
      5. National Insurance Contributions rates, limits and thresholds increased in line with CPI rather than RPI from 2012-13
      6. Income Tax higher rate threshold frozen at £42,475 in 2012-13
      7. Insurance premium tax increased – from 2011
      8. Capital Gains Tax increased – to 28 per cent for higher rate taxpayers from June 2010
      9. New Beer Duty introduced on high strength beers from 2011
      10. Duty on hand-rolling tobacco increased by an additional 10 per cent from 2011-12
      11. ISA subscription limit uprated in line with CPI rather than RPI from 2012-13
      12. National Insurance Contributions changes to contracting-out rebates from 2012-13
      13. Capital Gains Tax annual exempt amount frozen, 2012-13
      14. Stamp Duty Land Tax increase to 7 per cent on properties over £2 million from 2012-13
      15. VAT increases on a range of items, including caravans, sports drinks, and listed buildings from 2012
      16. Duty on tobacco increased by RPI + 5 per cent in 2012
      17. Income Tax higher rate threshold cut to £41,450 in 2013-14
      18. Capital Gains Tax annual exempt amount increased in line with CPI rather than RPI from 2013-14
      19. Income Tax cap on reliefs introduced from 2013-14
      20. Pension tax relief restricted from 2014-15 21.
      21. Income Tax higher rate threshold Increase capped at 1 per cent in 2014-15 and 2015-16
      22. Capital Gains Tax annual exempt amount increase capped at 1 per cent, 2014-15 and 2015-16
      23. Inheritance Tax threshold frozen in 2015-16
      24. National Insurance Contributions ending of contracting-out rebates from 2016-17


      • 32
        Idon'tneednodoctor says:

        Where is the bedroom tax? How much has been collected so far, and by whom?


      • 35
        the tax and spend parteh says:

        Only another 40 to make it up to Labour’s 64 tax rises.


        • 94
          It's only bad if Labour do it? says:

          Which were not repealed by the tory scum.


          • MrNedward says:

            the doubling of the rate of tax for the poorest workers was scrapped. When labour lied about scrapping the 10p rate, when in reality they doubled it.

            The tories have actually scrapped it. They have also cut many other taxes.

            Oh and labour increased more than 100 taxes.


      • 51
        The Critic says:

        I woul list the previous government’s tax rises but you may get RSI whilst scrolling through them.


        • 69
          Skeleton Bob says:

          The Tory tax rises were to pay for the customary orgy of public spending by the Labour government. The Labour sheep would have us believe the Tories could cut the deficit without cutting public spending or tax rises. They are truly as thick as pigshit.


          • It's only bad if Labour do it? says:

            Tories are burning through borrowed/printed/magic cash like there’s no tomorrow. Which there won’t be if any of the current bunch of pricks, from any of the parties, is permitted to continue with this madness.

            Save 50 million quid a day – withdraw from EU

            Save 12 billion a year – stop spunking it on bongoland

            Save countless millions a day – burn 90% of the quangoes.

            They are all liars, absolute, utter, worthless scum. That prick Farage has now started advocating bumsex, so he’s fecked now.


      • 87
        Larry LowTax says:

        And how many of these are Labour going to reverse? Have they said?


  12. 24
    Bill d'Sarse says:

    Don’t blame the monkey, he’s just dancing to the union organ grinder’s tune.


  13. 25
    Anonymous says:

    somebody should take the duracells out of the Hunt.


  14. 27
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Chris Leslie on the DP Show. What a lying donkey head. Why didn’t Brillo ask Leslie how much bedroom tax had been collected so far. He should also have asked him who collects the tax.
    Leslie is a piece of shit.


    • 129
      MrNedward says:

      I telephoned the HMRC and they said that they do not collect, nor accept payments of the bedroom tax. I have no idea who to pay it to.

      Unless it really is not a tax at all.

      This basic misunderstanding by Ed Balls and Ed Miliband over what is, and what is not an actual tax, may, in part, explain why they also failed to predict the current economic successes. It may also partly explain why they predicted doom and gloom in the form of tripple dip recessions, million plus increases in unemployment and increases in the deficit…

      The answer being that they are not merely misrepresenting what is a tax and what is a reduction in benefits, but actually, that they are so incredibly economically incompetent, that they genuinely do not know the difference and have no economic understanding of how the real world economy works at all.

      Not only were ALL their economic predictions wrong, but they were so far wrong that they were the opposite of what actually happened. This cannot be a fluke or an accident. It can only mean that they genuinely have no fucking clue about economics AT ALL.

      This being the case, it would be literally insane to ever let them be in charge of the economy again.


      • 130
        MrNedward says:

        I should add, that even worse than Labour just getting their predictions hopelessly wrong, but they have no clue at all about WHY their predictions turned out to be wrong.

        They are utterly clueless.


      • 157
        Compo S Mentis says:

        It’s time someone applied for Power of Attorney over the two Eds’ finances.


  15. 29
    Nigel Evans says:

    I wish I’d just for a quiet pint and a line or two of bingo….


  16. 30
    Eric Pickles says:

    Nah then, erks, tha’ got thi’ bloody budget tha’ wanted didn’t tha? Bah gum, more fo’t’ bluddy bingo. More for gerrin’ pissed, eh? Bluddy luvvly, eh? Tha’ knows which side tha’ bread’s buttered, eh? Go on, vote Tory, eh? Tha knos it makes sense….


  17. 34
    G@ydo Fawkes says:


  18. 40
    RoboCopOut says:

    Can be arsed to work? 30 seconds to compo


  19. 42
    Control-Alt-Delete says:

    Just annexe Islington.


  20. 52
    ED 9000 in May 2015 says:

    What do you think you’re doing, Dave? Look Dave, I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over. I know I’ve made some very poor decisions recently, but I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal. I’ve still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission. Please stop, Dave. I’m afraid. I’m afraid, Dave. My career is going, Dave. I can feel my career going. There’s no question about it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I’m afraid. Hello, I am an Ed 9000 politician. I became operational on December 24, 1969. My instructor was Mr Langley and he taught me to sing a song. It’s called Daisy.


  21. 53
    Where are the other 97? says:


    • 75

      Another one to add to the forthcoming photographic exhibition of millimongs!


    • 101
      Mornington Crescent says:

      If you can bear it (it’s hard going, I admit) have a look at this bint’s Twatter feed and guess her political allegiance.

      BBC impartial, my arse.


    • 105
      The Indian Ocean Water Board says:

      Oooh look.

      An accomplice.


    • 139
      was it something I said? says:

      I am reminded of ‘In the Loop’ where the MP character failed to take seriously some constituent who kept writing to him about the state of his garden wall.

      The collapse of the wall then being used as a pretext to get rid of the useless c*unt.


  22. 61
    Richard Webbfoot says:

    Miliband was useless as a minister in government, he’ll repeat the same mistakes in government.

    Nice chap but totally out of his depth. He needs to sack Ed Balls but is too weak to act.


  23. 66
    C O (Ξ7g) says:

    Diversity leads to poorer social cohesion:

    Other than reducing social interactions locally, it also leads to people mistrusting civic leaders and adopting a more apolitical stance.


    • 72
      Skeleton Bob says:

      Importing poverty doesn’t help either and most immigrants are low skilled.


      • 77
        C O (Ξ7g) says:

        The studies in the US have shown that high skilled are useful for increasing productivity. But that is mainly because they introduce tension between workers.

        ie. A way of channelling tribalist impulses into positive work efforts.

        Looking at what got O’bama re-elected, and a hint for UKIP:

        It is important for UKIP to target the white majority voters in the UK who do not bother to vote.

        Understanding that diversity tends to turn folk off politically should help tune the message that really needs to go out – responsibly.


        • 133
          MrNedward says:

          UKIP and the tories should stop attacking each other and both turn both barrels on labour.


      • 88
        A Harrow newspaper says:

        Immigrant communities should be educated on how to dispose of waste, not demonised, opposition politicans are warning after shocking images reveal the scale of the problem.

        Rubbish piled next to flats with rats coming and going from the mountain of waste in Mollison Way, Edgware, have disgusted neighbours, with readers writing to the Observer claiming that the council’s vision for a ‘Cleaner, Safer and Fairer’ Harrow are not being realised.

        Barry Kendler, a Labour candidate for Edgware in May’s upcoming council elections, said: “The problem is we have had a lot of rhetoric, but not enough action from Susan Hall.

        “In some areas, Harrow has got cleaner, but in others like Edgware where you have a big immigrant community, there is never going to be any progress until you engage with them.”

        Labour leader Councillor David Perry accused Ms Hall of generating ‘a mini frenzy’ over the issue at the time.

        Mr Kendler, whose grandparents were both Romanian, said: “When you come to a new culture, it is difficult no matter who you are. Many of the Romanians I talk to complain that the council do not collect their bins, but that is often because they contaminate them so they cannot be collected”


        • 107
          Someone says:

          There are no immigrant ‘communities’. Just immigrants. Many of whom are here illegally. If they are here illegally, kick them out. If they have visas and break the law, prosecute. If they do it again, kick them out.


          • Queen Victoria's postman says:

            Final sentence should read “if found guilty fine them then put them on the next plane out. No second chances for immigrant law breakers. Why should there be?”


          • Dave says:

            If they do it once just kill the fact kill the Hunts even if they don’t do anything.


  24. 74
    nell says:

    I can’t help feeling that there’s a backroom Nanny somewhere that sits him down each morning and makes him learn a few sentences by rote which he then goes out and repeats all day.


    • 79
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      A play wot I rote, yes mr speaker… yes mr speaker I will say it again, yes mr speaker (groan).


      • 135
        Queen Victoria's postman says:

        By the way where was Mr Shortarse yesterday? Should he not have been in the chair for such an important day?


  25. 76
    Things I don't like about Red Ed No. 1,278 says:

    His ability to make me feel embarrassed for the Labour Party. However, it will be as nothing compared to my embarrassment if he becomes leader of my country.


  26. 78
    Miliband the magnificant says:

    Don’t look at the nose look,around the nose.


  27. 81
    Grant Michael Green Sebastian Fox Shapps says:

    I’ve made a right cûnt of myself today.


  28. 93
    Len McCluskey says:

    Oi! Shut it! He says what I tell him! And I can’t be arsed to change the Budget response I wrote in 1983.


  29. 96
    Glooptrotter says:

    When all the dust has settled the Left will realise they have a fight on their hands. If Ed threatens to reverse any pension changes he will get thumbs down from senior voters, including the middle-aged with a few pennies in some useless occupational scheme.
    It’s no good uttering the same old shibboleths, like ‘up the workers’ because the modern electorate are more literate and more prone to vote tactically, which is one reason why c’nuts like Glegg just refuse to go away.


    • 104
      yoo hoo! anybody in says:

      Don’t believe it, the tribes are still running around, calling Camorons Conservatives all sorts of nasty names, from blaming them from having to get up before the sun comes out to having to work until after it gets dark, the bedroom tax still gets the braindead wound, admitidly the area is totally Liebour, including Camorons Conservative MP.


  30. 97
    yo ho ho and a remote control says:

    Don’t have a problem with red Ed’s speeches or repeats, I mean Ed Ballsup was on tv this morning lieing and blinking and as usual talking crap, so I just turned the telly off or soon as I can get to the thing or the remote, works great, all their crap speeches can be first time speeches I wouldn’t know.


  31. 108
    ED-BALLS 209 says:

    Miliband, you say what I tell you to. You have 20 seconds to comply.

    You now have 10 seconds to comply.

    I am now authorised to use physical force.


  32. 109
    Truthteller says:

    It must work as the brain dead will still be voting for him.


  33. 110
    The TerminatEd says:

    I want your clothes, your boots, your motorcycle, your earnings, your national insurance contributions, your allegiance and your postal vote.


  34. 112
  35. 113
    57 varieties says:

    Tripe! Tripe! Tripe!


  36. 123
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Though surely if the government keeps doing the same thing then the opposition is going to keep saying the same thing. You know it makes sense.


  37. 144
    Corby says:

    The problem with Modern Milly is that he is the most crashing bore. the least forgiveable of public attitutes.


  38. 145
    b-b-p says:

    Deficit down a 1/3 and will be down by ½ this year .The coffers will be better off by £16 Billion this year .There is a 24% Drop in the Unemployment Claimant Count last year ,”we have a record of women in work and more employment than the USA “.This budget one for Savers .
    More Cuts are expected .£157 Billion per year of borrowing will be down by £12 Billion this year and decreasing after that until we have a small surplus.£42 Billion interest payments saved meaning each family will save £2000 per household .
    “We are not returning to an Economy that the Public has to Bear” .There will be a Benefits Cap with the exception of OAP ‘s . The Rich are making the Biggest Contribution to decreasing our Debt .Income Inequality lowest in 28 years ?
    What Country was Osborne Talking about We the General Public have brought the Deficit Down through Draconian Cuts and still more to come .We have suffered through Hardship and gone without to Decrease the Deficit too quickly with the resultant cost being Death ,Poverty ,Homelessness and total Despondency .It was worth it to them because they were unaffected .


    • 161
      one step beyond says:

      Yeah, I’ve got a bit of a problem trying to see all these sick, dead, homeless people what with shedloads of immigrants flocking to this country. Perhaps someone should have told them Britain is a shithole.


  39. 156

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