March 20th, 2014

Guy News Special: Robot Miliband Stuck on Repeat

Earlier today Guido brought you Robot Miliband’s budget response repetition over the last few years. You liked it so much we decided to give it to you in video form.

See also: Robot Miliband.


  1. 1
    Andrew Efiong says:

    What a plonker!


    • 19
      Sir Michael Sugar Cane says:

      Oh come on, you are being far too polite. In a parliament full of dirty, lying, thieving, nose in the trough scumbags Milliband really does stand out as a huge fucking dickwadd. How, in the name of all that was once good in our so called democracy, can the two faced fuckwitts at Labour think that this complete bellend of a man has any chance of becoming PM?


      • 23
        Andrew Efiong says:

        These same people thought Gordon Brown was a good idea.



        • 27
          Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Peedos, Green Nazis & other Wasters says:

          Banker’s bonus blah blah, Millionaires blah blah, Eton, blah blah, Energy blah blah, Tax blah blah. Red Miliband is just about worse than Foot!


        • 129
          Why was bumsex marriage not in the manifesto ? says:

          Yeah and yet Camoron couldnt get a majority against Brown.


      • 30

        Because 29% of the electorate would vote for a donkey if it had a red rosette pinned to it’s arse. In 2015, they’re going to have the opportunity.


        • 57
          RightwingitRedux says:

          “No hotlinking please. “, with all filters released.



        • 108
          I dislike socialists intensely says:

          Can you imagine Miliband at a G8 Conference as Prime Minister
          and being manipulated by his puppet master Len McClusky.


          • But says:

            Merkel today stated there was no longer a G8.
            Not quite sure she can unilaterally decide to chuck
            Russia out.


          • East India Company Wallah says:

            What the hell are you on
            It is now the G7 as Putin has been given detention for being a proper leader to citizens who rightly or wrongly want to be Russian
            If we elect that gobshite it will be called the G6 plus the retards


    • 71
      millipede his panzer-gain says:

      Great work Guido,
      This man is proving to be a complete embarrassment to anyone’s politics, and needs to be exposed for the political bumbling, fraudulent fool that he so very clearly is.
      At least with Michael Foot, or Neil Kinnock there was the feeling that at least they believed in what they were saying.
      B&B, the less said the better perhaps?
      I seriously doubt that Red Ed would know it was his birthday unless someone else told him the day before. Totally unfit for purpose. The Nations leader? Not in a Million!!

      Every good government deserves a good opposition, but this lefty thinking tw@t is currently now gving away the next election on a plate.


      • 88
        flaw in your argument says:

        You said good government?


      • 106
        Golly says:

        Long may he be preserved to persevere in that case. Is he allowed out in long trousers yet?


      • 121
        was it something I said? says:


        Miliband needs to be kept in-situ. He is the best hope the Tories have for keeping that fucking imbecile Ned Balls away from the nation’s finances.


        • 200
          Plender says:

          Very true. Millibean is Cameron’s best hope, but the fact that he bottled it against McMental is not encouraging and he has a much stranger UKIP presence in 2015. If UKIP do well in the EU Parliament elections later this year then Cameron will go into panic mode so god knows what we’ll get in the manifesto. Lots of jam tomorrow on the EU I imagine.
          It must be one of the worse line ups in Parliament’s history of the main party leaders, none can command respect or show any real leadership. We now have a generation of ‘professional’ politicians and it really shows, none have any real contact with the wider world or ordinary people. I’m no Labour fan but at least their old leaders (pre Blair) had some real conviction about whatever crazy idea they had. The current lot will just say anything that they think will get them into power. Appalling shambles.


    • 104
      texter says:

      oxford eductaed owne jones is acusing the tories of patronising the working class



    • 105
      I dislike socialists intensely says:

      The man is a moron.


    • 124
      Jim says:

      But seriously, what is psychologically wrong with people whom think “I’ll vote for him to run our country”?

      I understand some folks will vote for an amoeba if it had a red rosette on it, but why? What neurological process makes them think that, with their track record of destroying our economy and making poor people poorer?

      I mean, they can get it together to make it down the polling station, so there must be some neurons firing, but where does the defecit in rational thought kick in?

      I think that about people tuned into x-popstars-factor and corporation st, too, mind.


      • 164
        A passing peasant says:

        Ask Shirley Williams before she pops her clogs. She’ll be able to enlighten you.


      • 193
        Village Idiot says:

        …The mindset of lefties is a mystery indeed,requiring a “common sense bypass”,and ,an inability to forsee the damage of their ideas years down the line!
        ….The other reason some vote for the party that screwed the country,is the educational dumbing down of the populace,and,the settled immy vote!….However,all three parties have been found out,making for interesting times,tin hat time I think!….I for one have voted since 1975,and I do not have the country I craved,europe and selfish politicians put paid to that!…However,a wind of change may sweep the country,but I will not hold my breath!…Until politicians tell the truth and face the unpalatable facts,we will just bumble along,teetering on the edge!!!!…Also,it is not possible to have a meaningful debate with a lefty!


        • 205
          Plender says:

          Much of what you say is very true. I also think there has been a ‘feedback’ loop in the relationship of the political elite and the electorate that has had a very bad effect on the whole political process. The selfishness we see in the politicians is also now very much the norm in the wider ‘society’ indeed I’d argue that there is no such thing now as British society just ever smaller units of self interest that our politicians either pander to or ignore depending on how much ‘leverage’ they are perceived to have. This has been going on for years now and the net result is what we’ve got today. There will only be more of the same in my view. Eventually things will change but only as a result of events far away from us (the eventual rise of China as the number two superpower some time mid century will increasingly marginalise Europe).


  2. 2
    was it something I said? says:

    He’s shit isn’t he?

    Dave’s secret weapon.


    • 29
      David Cummerbund says:

      Look..let me let you into a secret. Neither of us want to win the next one.
      You know how big the deficit is. Its bigger than the entire GDP of Europe.
      And do you know how much these ‘terribly painful’ austerity measures have shaved off the spending? Under 1%.

      So the next parliament are going to have make real, proper real savage cuts. Not the namby pamby 1% pay rises of today. I’m talking 25% pay cuts to public sector workers and public sector worker numbers. Waiting lists will quadruple. The military will be cut by half.As will the police. School class sizes will be in the 70s.
      And much much worse. 90% top rate of tax. 45% lower rate. 25% VAT. Its going to be deadly.

      So both Ed and I are desperate to lose the next one. I fear just lately he is edging it!

      Hence the bingo poster. We almost picked up in the polls. don’t want that. Don’t want that at all.


  3. 3
    Dogeuido says:

    Much graphics, many funny. Wow!


  4. 4
    Maimed Codger says:

    The nice thing about the English Language is it’s ability to enable one to express a sentiment in one word.. in this case… Pathetic


  5. 5
    henrywood says:

    OMFG! If the Tories have any sense, all they will use for their party political thingys come the election is that set of clips.
    (But I bet a pound to a pinch of shyte that the Biased BBC would find some way to refuse to broadcast.)


  6. 6
    Tony Blair is a war criminal says:

    The BBC and the Labour party really are worked up over this pensions reform. BBC/Labour “People can’t be trusted to spend their money wisely”

    Of course not, unlike Labour and Gordon Brown who of course always spent wisely….especially when robbing our pensions blind to fund benefits for core Labour voters.


    • 21
      still walking into darkness says:

      and selling the gold reserves was most special even amongst the endless list of other financial idiocy from this total loon, someone should list them all lest we forget


      • 25
        Gordon McBreath says:

        Thatcher made me sell the gold.
        Check with the BBC. They’ll back me up.


        • 35
          Another lefty Robert Maxwell says:

          Thatcher made me rob the Mirror pension fund.
          Check with the BBC,they’ll back me up.


          • Tony Smooth says:

            She started all those wars and blamed them on me.


          • Gordon Brown says:

            “It began in America.”

            Nothing to do with my debt-funded spending spree. Nothing to do with my bungling regulation. I didn’t hesitate for months over Northern Rock. I didn’t give RBS billions to pay their traders. No waste under Labour. Never.


          • Another lefty Rev Flowers says:

            Thatcher made me bring the Co-op Bank to it’s knees.
            Just check with the BBC.


        • 93
          JJJ & Partners says:

          My clients contend that the gold was actually given away following Brown’s advance advertising of his intention thereby giving the markets ample time to slash the going rate, which they did, they really did. Only for the moment are we not adding to this…


  7. 7
  8. 8
    Stuck on repeat says:


    and breathe…. feel much better now.


    • 40
      Ex Tory voter says:

      The worst Chairman the Conservative Party has EVER had

      And he’s not even a Tory


    • 46
      Labour HQ says:

      Grant Shappsi, we need one of those to help demonstrate our commitment to equality and diversity. Sod it, let’s have three of them and show the bigoted white male Tories up.


    • 53
      DI Hegel, Thought Police says:

      I am arresting you on suspicion of being in love with Grant Shapps and of wanting to sleep with Grant Shapps. You have the right to remain silent. However, it may harm your defence if you fail to say something you later turn out to be thinking.


    • 95
      Grant Shapps says:

      Why don’t you simply come out with it and say that you just don’t like him? Anyway, who is Grant Shappsi?


  9. 9
    Nick Clegg says:

    The LibDems blocked the tax break for whippet breeders


    • 12
      Clutterbuck says:

      Having lived oop north for 40 years, I can honestly say I have never met a whippet breeder.


      • 18
        Ed 'fliperty' Balls says:

        Labour gave the north indoor plumbing.
        So be grateful and vote for us its back to the outdoor lavvy for you flatcaps.


        • 97
          Heyup Arkwright says:

          We weren’t that impressed with indoor plumbing. Herself made it clear that when it came to the bog, she preferred it outside. “Why would anyone want one of those dirty things in the house?” She shouted… We live in hope.


      • 96
        carlo gambino says:

        So where do whippets come from if no c*** breeds them?


  10. 10
    Grant Michael Green Sebastian Fox Schapps says:

    Eyes down…
    Unlucky for the poor 13.
    More for the rich 66.
    Lots for me 23
    Food bank heaven number 7.


  11. 11
    The Dave Miller Band says:

    Does not compute


  12. 14 says:

    Over on The Telegraph they have a collection of the parodies – Grant Schapps is the idiot-gift that just keeps on giving.

    Michael Green on the other hand is a successful internet entrepreneur


  13. 15
    Ed 'fliperty' Balls says:

    I am Hal 9000


  14. 16
    Grant Shapps says:

    Now YOU too can make your own crass Tory bingo poster!


  15. 20
    Ed Moribund says:

    David used to call me C3PO


  16. 22
    Ed's speech writer says:

    Bedroom tax, Bullingdon Club, too far too fast, food banks, tax cuts for millionaires, cost of living crisis, one nation. Just keep using these phrases in all speeches and try not to sound like a sixth-former.


  17. 28
    Disney Pixar says:

    The Two Eds are our most advanced creations so far. They look and act human enough for people to suspend disbelief. There’s still work to do, though, on reprogramming Ed B’s hand movements and with Ed M we have the ‘staring eye’ and ‘robotic speech’ problems.


  18. 31
    LabourBlist-er says:

    We at LabourBl-ister say “Well done Ed. You are the Citizen Smith of the 21st century”

    Not quite there yet but you are trying. VERY trying


  19. 34
  20. 36
    Ed Moribund says:

    These spoofs of me are wrong.


    • 89
      Awkward Ed says:


      • 130
        Blowing Whistles says:

        And this is the caliber of the top notch politicians that the rest of the world views that the UK has atop its tree – OMFG.


        • 170
          A very sad expat (not really I got out years ago) says:

          The rest of the world has totally ignored the UK (and rightly so) ever since Brown took over and paraded the world as a complete fuckwit. As an expat I can assure readers that the country really was the laughing stock – and since then we have not really improved very much. Punching above out weight? Pass me a rice pudding; couldn’t even knock the skin off it.


  21. 37
    Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

    Putin gave the people a referendum and the EU impose sanctions on him.

    Naughty, naughty, naughty oligarchy.


    • 47
      Spoonface fake PM says:

      And don’t touch my thieving oligarchs

      My next bribes will come from them, like my hero Tony Blair


    • 51
      UN Observer says:

      While Ukraine is trashed by neo fascist thugs beating up anyone who speaks out against them

      The mad neocons have done a repeat of Syria where they have backed the jihadis in the name of democracy..they are now supporting fascist thugs

      The lying and smearing neocons are the real danger to the world

      Just wait until they bomb Iran…which is the next target for their aggression


      • 61
        C O (Ξ7g) says:

        Snowing in M’oscow, is it ?


      • 127
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Despite comments and division of comments below at the time of posting – the UN is not fit for any fucking purpose in the twenty first century.


        • 162
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Nothing interesting as usual.


          • A passing peasant says:

            Quite. But it does appear to have escaped notice that the current lot in power in Kiev seized it by deposing the legally and properly elected President. Funny old world. The UK really must get out of the EU asap.


          • Another passing peasant says:

            Correct! An EU-backed coup d’état. Expansionist totalitarianism at its worst, and we are all being carried along for the ride.

            Putin has demonstrated real leadership, worthy of a world leader.


    • 176
      Maqboul the Brown shirt says:

      Hitler also gave all those lovely ethnic Germans a referendum when he annexed other countries to ‘protect them’.

      If you fail to see the dangers in what Putin has done you’re a fucking idiot.


  22. 41
    Weird Ed says:



  23. 43
    Ex Tory voter says:


    Please put up the video of Shapps saying the Tory Party has now been rebranded as the Workers Party

    PS Was Karl Marx his great grandfather?


  24. 44
    A Robot Prediction says:

    Robots, according to futurologist and Holywood, either offer hospitality or destruction (maybe something else). Which one is this?


  25. 45
    A typical thick Labour voter says:

    As a typical thick Labour voter, I need tricky concepts explained to me many, many times in simple language.

    Mr Miliband does that!


    • 69
      Bollox 2 the liblabcon says:

      Is a thick labour voter any less moronic than a thick tory voter?

      Both seem to have difficulty facing reality and accepting consequences of their actions.


  26. 48
    Labour are getting their knickers in a twist about Bingo & booze cos they have fuck all else to offer. says:

    Conservative MP Robert Halfon, who
    lobbied for the bingo change, has
    suggested that the party should rename
    itself the Workers’ Party and give free
    membership to trade unionists.


    • 86
      Mornington Crescent says:

      It’s already called the Conservative and Unionist Party – isn’t that enough?


  27. 49
    Politicus says:

    Labour have nothing to say on the economy because they’ve been wrong on everything from scaremongering about unemployment to “triple dip” recessions.

    What’s fascinating is that they’ve now been proved wrong but still say the same things as they did before.


    • 56
      Podiceps says:

      Not all that fascinating, just absolutely familiar. The whole business of socialism is to keep applying the same theories regardless of the fact that the result is chaos. It’s been like that since the days of Ramsay MacDonald.


  28. 50
    Gerbil 7 says:

    It doesn’t matter that Miliband is:
    a cretin
    has no credibility
    is economically illiterate
    has chosen an equally inept team to support him
    sounds weird
    looks odd
    couldn’t run a whelk stall
    is a millionaire toff
    privately educated
    went to a toffs’ university
    loves the unions
    chosen by the unions

    The postal vote will ensure that he is Prime Minister next.
    Worried yet?


    • 58
      Elector of Hanover says:

      Very worried. Talking of odd and weird,a quick scan of his Front Bench should get you even more worried.


    • 59
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      You’d better pray the Scots vote YES to independence in September or it will be at least 5 years of a Milimong government :-(


      • 141
        Jim says:

        I’m afraid that if the weak pro-union gits don’t get their act together soon, our country WILL be torn apart, and losing a few Labour troughers will be the least of your celebrations. (Although I fully appreciate the appeal)

        We may be a tiny fraction of the UK poulation, but an important, nay vital one.

        If the UK gets split up, no-one is a winner I’m afraid.

        Our economic meltdown, which it will be given Eck doesn’t even know what the currency will be, will manifest in a destruction of any Scottish assets. This will impact England, whether you like it or not.

        It will be a utopian memory to have ‘those Scottish benny seekers'(For which you have my sympathies, but we’re not all on benefits ye ken, and for the sake of truth we actually contribute MORE in taxation than we RECEIVE from the treasury, before oil and whisky’), compared with the indirect losses England (and W, NI) will sustain.

        Don’t kid yersel’s that it would simply be ‘Bye bye, whingers’. We would still be right where we always were, only causing England 100 times more grief than currently. I don’t mean deliberately, I mean indirectly, given the markets would realise that the UK is worse of a busted flush than they thought/pretended.

        And it isn’t independence, we will still be dictated to by Belgium.


    • 63
      yoo hoo! anybody in says:

      When Liebour get in the destruction of the country will be completed within a year, out of the fire etc.


  29. 52
    Ed Milibot says:


    Default website comment filler.

    Britain can do better than this.


  30. 54
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:



    • 60
      Voter says:

      Either that or licking Herman’s @rse in Brussels.


    • 65
      Wankerwatch says:

      Clegg dismissed the Shapps picture. He said on his weekly LBC radio phone-in: “I think the tweet was a bit silly partly because the issues involved in this budget were really quite serious, including giving support to the bingo industry – an important industry – giving support to our pubs.”

      Even if you close your eyes tight to pretend it hasn’t happened, Cleggy, we all know that the truth of what your party of millionaires really thinks about the electorate, is laid bare in wording of that poster.

      Come May 2015….


    • 68
      Politicus says:

      No, Labour will insist on your resignation and your party will gladly eject you.

      You’ll still collect go with a plum job in Brussels, a Lordship or some other face-saving gig that will cost taxpayers money.


    • 76
      The ghost of the 1st victim of Marxism says:

      They had the puff thief on LBC this morning.
      £ 30,000 wasn’t it ? What fun we’ll have hanging these vermin…..


  31. 55
    Alex Salmond, formerly the cleverest man in politics says:

    My advice to Miliband is just say you’ve been bullied and get your dad to go around to see his dad. Ya bas.


  32. 62
    Bread & Circuses says:

    I wonder if the bingo companies and breweries are Tory donors. The public won’t see any benefit from the tax cut on bingo. As for beer, do pubs put prices down a penny?


  33. 73
    Original thinker says:

    Good mileage out of the pension changes but who will be able to buy a Mini let alone a Lamborghini. Only those with incomes over £12k will be able to access it and just how will you do that if this is your pension pot? Neat trick Prof Webb.


  34. 75
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


  35. 78
    Fishy says:

    Regarding the relaxation of pension rules we get this:

    Ed Balls says he worries “choice and flexibility” could end up being “reckless and irresponsible”

    Ed Balls, ‘reckless and irresponsible’? I suppose that the pillock would know.



    • 110
      was it something I said? says:

      The newspaper headlines should be spectacular tomorrow.

      The fucking muppet has basically said that pensioners (but we know he means everybody except him) simply cannot be trusted to spend their own money.

      Is he a Tory fifth columnist?


      • 126
        Blowing Whistles says:

        As i have related to others (see comment below) – he Eddie B is just an establishment ‘stooge’ like his equal and opposite stooges on the right. The left and the right are tasked by the establishment with keeping the masses divided into one of two camps basically; as for the libdems they’re a third party creation to give the impression of there being a ‘choice’!!!!!!!


        • 163
          A lizard says:

          We also divide you into the haves and have nots. We encourage smugness in the haves and bitterness in the have nots. This way we can be confident that people of beauty, wit and wealth will be preoccupied with feeling superior to people like you, and people like you will be too consumed with self loathing and envy to ever take us on.


  36. 79
    Johan Adriaan van der Heim van Duivendijke says:

    Well if you were in any doubt what the Tories actually think of us proles there is your answer.

    Apparently we spend our lives swilling beer down the bingo halls.

    Except the local bingo hall is now closed along with many of the pubs, due to austerity, austerity austerity.

    Shapps has never really explained why he had to shut down that software website of his, or his abuse of ministerial power trying to pressurise his local council in not building social housing on an airfield where our Grant keeps his light aircraft (see Private Eye).

    No instead, like the rest of his Etonian chums, he’ll make sweeping assumptions about the working class, especially that they will vote tory in the next election


    • 80
      Council house born yet moved on from class war bollocks says:

      Class war cnut


    • 107
      Taxed too much to want to sober up. says:

      I would love to spend more time swilling beer. Sadly, the last government crippled pub landlords with massive taxes and stupid rules.


    • 112
      was it something I said? says:

      It’s closed due to the smoking b*an you daft c*unt.


    • 197
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Hasn’t the bell gone yet for school to start. Better turn your iPad off before teacher catches you.


  37. 81
    Roll On 2015 says:

    Are the Tories still running the Racist Vans?


    • 99
      UKIP for me says:

      Whats racist about telling illegal immigrants to go home? You nut weasel. Half arsed yes, bad taste yes, empty gesture yes but racist? Do me a favour.


    • 111
      The BBC says:

      The racist vans are a disgrace.

      Meanwhile be sure that you have a TV licence. Our detector vans will be in our area shortly.


  38. 83
    Just in case you missed this bit says:

    Did we not hear that the normal budget handout summary for the opposition failed to appear yesterday? That being the case, how could Miliband comment on the budget that had just been slapped down verbally before him leaving no time to think about it?


  39. 84
    George Osborne practising his Estuary English says:

    So, I’ll knock a penny off ya beer luv, reduce the tax paid on winning at ya bingo, that’ll do you alright luv, won’t it?. As for those annuities, you don’t want to bother with those do you, take the lump sum, £25,000, now that’s ring fenced luv, no one can touch that, not even me! Seriously though luv, I will need to take tax over that, starting at 20p in the pound, up to 40p in the pound if you’re that cash rich me darling! Now, it only fair me dear, if you are claiming housing benefit and have a spare bedroom, you cannot expect people like me, young David and his family, our mate Nick, to keep subsidising you. About time you downsized meluv! I’ll leave that one with you though dear, reducing housing benefit £15 a week for every spare bedroom, tends to focus the mind. I am doing my bit dearest, I have said I will build a new green thingamy city. 15,000 homes. Look kidder, I am under the cosh here, I’m doing me best, under the circumstances. If the last lot had built what they said they were going to, I would have had something else to sell to cover the cost of what I’ve promised now. Well, we are where we are ducks, all in this together and all that. Anyway, must go, time to fill out expense forms for February, work out where to invest my £15,000 isa, don’t talk to me about pension pots, absolute nightmare. Any way enjoy your pint and game of bingo on me old sweet, kind regards, Gideon.


  40. 85
    Barry Scott says:

    Spend the pension fund on buy-to-let; more division, divide and rule and more shafting of the poor and the young


    • 87
      Mornington Crescent says:

      I think you are an utter mong, Sir. So kindly give me all your money because I think I can spend it more wisely than you.


      Thought not.


  41. 91
    We thought of that says:

    Tonights Evening Standard reporting Balls as saying ” yeah we already thought of that pensions idea but decided against it because it would lead to tax evasion”

    The man is just an utter , slimy Cnut


    • 125
      Blowing Whistles says:

      He is still around because the establishment need their puppet on the left to continue to cause division with those on the right.

      Some people in between, have ‘clocked the whole dirty dupe ‘em and keep ‘em divided GAME’ – others are too fucking blind to notice anything or take their blinkers off.


  42. 92
    Original thinker says:

    Scottish independence would leave families worse off, says Gordon Brown
    Low and middle-income families will be more than £1bn worse off if they vote for independence and re-elect SNP, he says

    So not dead then


    • 94
      Tick tock, tick tock times they are a changing says:

      Who takes notice of a has been who is still paid as an invisible MP, he saved the world you know.


    • 101
      Get Rid of Scotland says:

      Scottish independence would leave English families better off, says Gordon Brown.

      Low and middle-income English families will be more than £1bn better off if the Scots vote for independence and re-elect SNP, he says.


      • 143
        Youguv director says:

        Perhaps Gordoom’s support for the No vote

        Will make the Yes win

        There must be some other imbeciles and madmen to send who will enrage the Jocks so much that they take their future in both hands and decide to finally fuck off


  43. 98
    Anonymous says:

    George Osborne has done the impossible -make me yearn for the return of Gordon Brown.


  44. 102
    Julian Gibb says:

    The man is an idiot. Ed Balls is a bigger idiot.

    However it is interesting to read about the differences highlighted here and yet we have the same two parties working closely together every day in Scotland.


  45. 116
    Putin on the Ritz says:


  46. 128
    John says:

    Still no sanctions on Russian or Ukrainian oligarchs in London

    Who runs the British Government?

    Ministers or banksters and oligarchs?

    Is Britain a rogue state?


    • 131
      was it something I said? says:

      Why should we sanction anybody?

      I remember my history. Florence Nightingale, the lady with the lamp, down in the Crimea. We weren’t fighting the ‘Ukranians’ were we?

      The Crimea is historically Russian. It was only lumped in with Ukraine back in 1952 or thereabouts for administrative purposes within the old USSR.

      This is none of our business.

      We should stand well back and not get involved on either side.


    • 133
      hold on says:

      How can these travel bans etc against Russian oligarchs
      be legal under international law. The oligarchs should use
      some of their billions to fight these ridiculous restrictions.


      • 138
        John says:

        Their “billions” represent laundered money

        The London banks/government can freeze black money and keep it if the oligarchs cannot prove a legitimate source

        Just like mafia money is seized…

        These are nnumerous laws on the statutebbook covering this

        But as with HoShBC, which laundered hundreds of billions worth of illegal transactions, the Rule of Law no longer exists in Britain

        It was the US Senate investigation which exposed it – and noone went to jail – the Chief Executife (Green) was even made a Minister by the gangster Cameron in Britain


  47. 135
    was it something I said? says:

    Is there anywhere we can go to find a definitive list of the ba*nn*ed words on this site?


  48. 137
    was it something I said? says:

    It’s just occurred to me but what is the SNP standpoint on trusting pensioners to behave like grown-ups with their own money?

    Somebody needs to put Alex on the spot over this.


  49. 139
    Spoonface Cameron says:

    I seem to have been the only person in London who did not know that Andy Coulson was running industrial scale hacking and bribery of officials

    Funny that…


  50. 140
    Countdown says:


  51. 145
    Faisal Islam says:



  52. 147
    Manbearpig says:

    Mapping Europe’s Mutually Assured Economic Destruction.


  53. 151
    William Hague says:

    BY Eck. I downed 14 pints of ale tonight and saved 14p.


  54. 155
    The lesser of two evils? says:

    Millitwit might well be a plonker but rather him than mad bad gordon ‘effin’ brown


  55. 156 Last says:

    Refreshing to hear Liam Halligan putting the Russian case on This Week. first time I have heard objective analysis on the BBC of how the West engineered the undemocratic coop by stone throwing thugs in Kiev. Brillo though became very agitated by it.


  56. 157
    Anonymous says:

    Milipede is an utterly worthless sack of shite


  57. 172
    Fabians are EVIL says:

    In his book Blair compared Mr Brown to a “mafiosi” and felt that he was “mad, bad and dangerous”.

    If this was the case why the fuck did he and all the retards who sit on labour’s front bench stand by and let him take control of the helm? Why did he not out him? Why did he put the career of Brown ahead of the country?

    What dirt has Brown got on him?


    • 177
      Podiceps says:

      He felt the hot breath of Nemesis on his neck and got out quickly before she caught up with him. He didn’t care for the career of Brown, he didn’t care for the country, but he cared deeply for himself. As an extra safeguard he converted to Catholicism, believing that in this way he could get his sins forgiven — in this, of course, again looking out for number one, the only number that ever mattered to him.

      I am an atheist, but I wish I could believe in the Devil and Hell, as the idea of Blair being subjected to unimaginable pain for all eternity is a cheering one.


  58. 175

    “Earlier today Guido brought you Robot Miliband’s budget response repetition”

    And you’re repeating it?


  59. 184
    Skeleton Bob says:

    Petrol prices at a three year LOW. I blame all those profiteering oil companies and those oil price speculators. There needs to be an enquiry.


    • 191
      Refined, no just dress nice says:

      Has somebody told Shell or BP and the supermarkets that oil prices have come down, the only one I know who have dropped prices is Asda, £1.26p petrol and £1.32 diesel, BP I’ve long given up going to with prices way above like £1.39 for diesel, Shell used to have decent prices but when they sold the local refinery prices are now equal to BP prices.


    • 192
      Bloodsucker says:

      The bigger money is in rip-off car insurance


  60. 186
    Grant"The Cheeky Chappie" Shapps says:

    Someone just knocked on the door selling raffle tickets for poor black orphans.
    I said “Fuck that, with my luck I’d win one.”


  61. 188
    Prime Minister"Money's no object" Cameron says:

    500,000 Starving Brits relying on Food Banks everyday, but fear not, we are a very wealthy country,and money is no object.


    • 195
      Reader says:

      I have never met a British person who was starving. I have met a number of people who get peckish again three hours after they have just eaten, and a few who have skipped breakfast, but that is about the extent of it. Most times when people say they have no food in the kitchen they mean they have food but are too lazy and uninspired to cook it and would rather pop out for a ready meal or get a take-away.


    • 202
      You really got me says:

      We had 13 years of Liebour and foodbanks, why didn’t Liebour make sure everybody was getting food after all that’s what giving benefits is all about, helping people when they get into difficulties, oh I forgot, Brown was too busy on American tv on a charity show giving £400 million away of our taxes for mosquito nets, how many starving Brits could have been saved with that amount of money.


    • 206
      Gerbil 7 says:

      Oh do fuck off, stop believing Labour and BBC bullshit.


    • 208
      was it something I said? says:

      Starving Brits? Do fuck off. Where’s the famine relief appeals on TV?

      Where’s the fly-blown skeletal kids?


  62. 190
    Kay Burley says:

    To all my Tory Morons, keep repeating after me…’ Its all Labours Fault, Nothing to do with the Banks’ repeat the moronic mantra.


    • 194
      Bulls, china shops says:

      13 years of whitewash and you still believe in Liebour, it was Liebours fault, they couldn’t organise a pss up in a brewery never mind regulating a banking centre, Brown with the aid of his banker mates did some “light” regulating and left the banking centre like a bull in a china shop, the (w)bankers just went mad, yes Brown and Liebours fault, remember Brown even admitted selling the gold off to help one of his banker mates, you just couldn’t make it up.


      • 201
        was it something I said? says:

        The banking ‘crisis’ was just a symptom of the UK pump-priming the economy with 30bn a year of borrowed money to pay 1,000,000 extra public sector workers and the same amount of PFI money flooding the economy.

        All that happened was that ll that additional borrowed money simply found its way into a housing and consumer boom. The banks lent more and more money backed against inflating assets. Everything was great. Until the borrowing had to stop.

        Wow. Who saw that one coming eh?

        Bl*a*ck swan event that.


    • 198
      was it something I said? says:

      It is all Labour’s fault.

      Trying to pretend it was all the fault of the banks or the yanks just reveals what a fucking idiot you are.


      • 203
        Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


        • 207
          was it something I said? says:

          00:20 Jon Cruddas MP (Labour)

          ‘We felt we had transcended the laws of economics….’

          The arrogant c*unts really did think that they, uniquely amongst the politicians and economists of the ages, had discovered the perpetual growth engine. They simply couldn’t be reasoned with. They couldn’t be made to see (or admit) that it was all an illusion afloat on an ocean of borrowed money and public sector hiring.


  63. 204
    The irony of it all says:

    Isnt it ironic that those leading the charge against Putin and into a new cold war namely Ashton, van Rumpuy etc aren’t even elected .


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