March 19th, 2014

Faisal Islam Denies He is the New Sky News Political Editor

The line is that no offer has been made to anyone for the Sky News Political Editor job, though Media Guido understands that it is a run off between current Deputy Political Editor Joey Jones and Channel Four’s Economics Editor Faisal Islam. Islam denied this afternoon that he has been offered the job, though speculation is rife in Westminster and telly-land that he is the chosen one. As was noted earlier, betting has been suspended.


  1. 1
    Vlad the G(r)8 says:

    Only the true Messiah denies his divinity!


    • 4
      A Tale of two Journos says:

      The best politically Correct Man for the job:
      Faisal Islam

      The Best man for the job:
      Joey Jones

      Faisal Islam it is then.


      • 8
        Vlad the G(r)8 says:

        And he’ll need to keep off the sherbets a bit more.


      • 9
        Sky Human Capital Department says:

        Quick tick that diversity box.

        That’s this years quota sorted.


      • 11
        Piss loving muzee says:

        Death to everything!


      • 22
        broderick crawford says:

        “If someone on the shirt list insists on calling himself Faisal Islam could we not have politically correct balance and shortlist another candidate called Morry Israel ??”

        Sky HR Dept.


  2. 2
    Diseased BBC Anus says:

    Fuckin Channel four news

    a bigger bunch of leftist cun’ts than the BBC shitpigs


  3. 3
    He's the one says:

    Go Joey, go!


  4. 5
    wrthomson says:

    Big yawn. Inside baseball. At the margin Channel4’s loss. Who looks at Sky? Not me.


  5. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Not a muzzie, please


  6. 7
    Susanna Reid says:

    Vote for me. I don’t want to leave before Blackpool.


  7. 10
    Charmed I'm Sure says:

    Oi Guido you fucking Murdoch cock sucker, no fucker outside of the Sky News studios gives a flying monkey fuck about any of this. Stop boring the arse off of us with these endless posts on a job that no one wants at a station that no one takes seriously. Fucking Sky News is about as relevant, useful and cutting edge as GMTV.


  8. 14
    Breaking News says:

    Sky offices issued with kevlar jackets.


  9. 15
    They voted Labour then says:


    • 16
      Dave Cameron says:

      Did we lie?


    • 19
      Anders says:

      They voted with their feet – White flight


    • 21
      JH-230912384590231- says:

      Forcing people to pretend they have an opinion that they don’t really hold by threatening them is fascism lite.

      Most English people just want to live somewhere that feels like England. There’s only one England you see, and it gets smaller by the day.

      If the demographic shifts of the last 40 years happened anywhere else, self righteous little do-gooding drones like Jack Tipple would call it what it is – ethnic cleansing.


    • 24
      Liar liar etc says:

      Nice spelling of burdened. Ministry of Repatriation? An internettist says

      I remember this made the news. The flyer is one of several hundred printed up by Colin Jordan’s National Socialist Movement, which had its headquarters in Notting Hill, though Jordan was then based in Coventry. This tiny group achieved publicity out of all proportion to their size.Jordan also disrupted public meetings during the election – one of the newsreel archives has footage of this. Nothing the NSM did was really secret as it had been infiltrated by a mole from the 62 Group.


  10. 17
    Question says:

    How can you tell if Max Clifford has an erection?


  11. 18
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    Wish I had applied now.


  12. 25
    Gunga Din says:

    No Sky News. You mustn’t pollute your excellent news coverage by the injection of anything from not excellent Ch4 News.


  13. 26
    say it isn't so says:

    Well if it’s Faisal Islam, I shan’t bother watching Sky News anymore.


  14. 28
    Anonymous says:

    “no offer has been made to anyone for the Sky News Political Editor job”
    If only the corporation had thought of this before. So that when the constabulary pulled them over for transgressions, and enquired who was in control? They could all claim non-culpability, from the rear seat.


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We also need Zil lanes.

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