March 17th, 2014

Stella Faces Parliamentary Standards Investigation
#BiscuitGate Leads to Funding Complaint from Local Opponents 

Following Guido’s story about Stella Creasy’s £31 junk food bill on expenses, the posh Labour MP suggested that the Jammie Dodgers, chocolate fingers and Starburst sweeties were for non-partisan community volunteers in her Walthamstow constituency. It turns out St. Ella wasn’t being entirely truthful…


Creasy’s #7Days4Stow campaign is advertised on her party website with Labour Party branding, uses Labour Party slogans and is backed by her local Labour Party, the campaign group Movement for Change set up originally by David Miliband – which describes itself as “the home of community organising in the Labour Movement” – is at the centre of Stella’s community volunteering. As if that didn’t make it clear enough that this is a party political operation it is backed by the General Secretary of the Labour Party. After seeing Guido’s report about #Biscuitgate the chairman of the Walthamstow Conservative Association has today written to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards asking her to determine whether taxpayers’ money is being used to support community campaigning at the behest of the Labour Party:

To those who say it isn’t much money, this is just the tip of the iceberg in how political parties abuse taxpayer funding and an important principle is at stake – partisan political campaigning should be paid for out of party funds – not out of funds earmarked for the benefit of all constituents. If only Stella had just ‘fessed up at the beginning and said, “yeah, that probably isn’t a proper use of taxpayers’ money” and straight away paid the money back when it was drawn to her attention she would have avoided a full investigation from the authorities…


  1. 1
    Danielle Stevens says:

    Why are Labours front bench so posh?

    As a British working class woman I cannot distinguish between Tory toffs & Labour toffs.

  2. 2
    Ellie-Mae (9) says:

    and she didn’t buy them from the Co-Op?

  3. 3
    She thinks her Farts smell of Roses. says:

    Greasy! Top Sponge for the Labour Party!

  4. 4
    fatcher says:

    my fault! sorry about that

  5. 5
    Labour Toff says:

    She’s a wrong un alright.

  6. 6
    Oxfam is not a charity says:

    Another cheat!

  7. 7
    was it something I said? says:

    ‘Movement for Change’? Sounds a bit ‘Big Society’ if you ask me.

    Also, Omaha Beach rang. He wants his ‘change’ back.

  8. 8
    Eton Trough says:

    More Toff Scoff!

  9. 9
    Or else? says:

  10. 10
    fruitcake says:

    or she’ll visit Vlad and try and bed him…now that’s a threat.

  11. 11
    Oxfam is not a charity says:

    That’ll surely make Putin brick himself.

  12. 12
    Glitter says:

    She looks a lot more slim and attractive on her website than she does in real life…

  13. 13
    Gooey Blob says:

    It’s probably as well that she didn’t. The Co-Op represents Asda quality at Waitrose prices.

  14. 14
    Ellie-Mae (9) says:

    It’s all those sweets

  15. 15
    West_Dnipro_Battle_Trench says:

    Can you send ze biskuis here. Vee have nothing left to throw at ze Ruzzians.
    Zat lame quak, quak Obarmer…stil at DEFCOM 5.

  16. 16
    UKIP or bust says:

    This is the face of labour that makes me want to spit blacking, not he biscuits stuff, but the posh insouciant smug couldn’t give a fcuk, golly aren’t those simple people easy to fool, oh go away little man, privileged over educated narcissist legs akimbo at uni, posh fat female slug that claims to represent the working man and woman, when it’s as plain as a pikestaff that she’s a million miles from anything remotely common, and will keep it that way forever simply by being the thing she claims to be the opposite of..

    Labour, pah, spit.

  17. 17
    Silent Majority says:

    A sickening sense of entitlement

    These well paid people buy a round of snacks for their cronies and think nothing about putting it on the taxpayer’s tab instead of their wallet.

  18. 18
    Walthamstow says:

    You have to understand that Stella CreaSY thinks she owns the public and voluntary sectors in Walthamstow. There is hardly a cake baked, voluntary group meeting, social, church or charitable event in her constituency which she and her Labour Patry acoyltes don’t try to muscle in on in and brand with the Labour Party logo one way or another. They have taken the invasiveness of PC cultural marxism to new levels of intrusiveness.

    There was even a street meeting held by the local police a few days ago to discuss neighbours concerns about crime in Haroldstone Road area (actually, a pretty low crime area) which her flunky Councillor Clare Coghill (who is also on the parliamentary payroll as a part-time MP’s office manager) decided to publicise on her leaflets as if the Labour party were organising it (she’s up for re-election in May). Walthamstow is becoming a One Party State.

  19. 19
    Say NO to European Onion says:

    Stella Greasy.

  20. 20
    Anonymous says:

    Glad to see the tory party using taxpayers money in a responsible manner. If the bill comes to more than £35 will they be refunding the balance?

  21. 21
    Walthamstow says:

    There are lots of really creative people in Walthamstow who can make a photo appear very slimming. This is the artistic capital of the UK.

  22. 22
    C.O.Jones says:

    Seems like Stella is to integrity what Min Clifford is to endowment policies.

  23. 23
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Political Biscuits

    Crackers – Ed Balls
    Chocolate ‘Light’ fingers – Chukka
    Jammy Dodger – Osborne
    Cowardly Custard cream – Gordon
    Rich Tea hee – Blair
    Hob with Nobs – Cameron
    Gingernut – Danny Alexander
    Lemon Puff – Chris Bryant
    Shortcake – Bercow
    ‘Labour’ Party Rings – Tom Watson
    Viscount – Hilary Benn
    orange digestive – clegg

  24. 24
    Someone says:

    You should ask her about all the support she gets from the UNITE union and how this makes her incapable of representing her constituents.

  25. 25
    The EuKraine says:

    Putin – Get out of Crimea or … or… or… we’ll call you a rude name and cross you off the Christmas card list

  26. 26
    Buying MPs is wrong says:

    Doesn’t she get a staff discount?

  27. 27
    Tastebud Tony says:

    I like Jammy Dodgers, kinda reminds me of a ‘friend’ that nearly had a run-in with the ICC about Illegal Wars and stuff…..

  28. 28
    was it something I said? says:

    Jaffa Cake – Peter Hain? Or David Miliband?

  29. 29
    NE Frontiersman says:

    18: It already is. The silence of the local Tories in the face of endless financial scandals indicates a secret pact not to rock the boat, probably in exchange for Labour silence in some Tory boroughs.
    No major party has an interest in clearing up local government corruption. It’s our money that keeps them afloat, suitably laundered.
    In the Olympic year, the council spent £1.5 million on public events to ‘celebrate’. These were laid on by the Coop….who sponsor Stella Creasy and many of her chums, though perhaps not for much longer. This fear may have led to risky behaviour on the Jammy Dodger front.

    The silence of the national press about the blatant corruption in local government across all parties gives them all a sense of impunity.

  30. 30
    Flooded Family says:

    Sponge Fingers – Bob Crow

  31. 31
    just remind me says:

    Hands up all those that voted for Baroness Ashton..

  32. 32
    Frank Carson says:

    Her brazen attitude is shocking. She really is rather jammie.

  33. 33
    M103 says:

    Yeah lets talk bollocks about biscuits whilst ignoring the fantastic work she’s done to expose the practices of Wonga and their ilk.

  34. 34
    Anonymous says:

    Labour is to PIE what Owen Jones is to the BBC

  35. 35
    PC Dixon says:

    What is it about being an MP – Sixth Form – University/Trade Union – Join the Party of choice – Lick up to the party leaders – get elected – Lick up to the part leaders – GET IN THE TROUTH – Money for old rope ……….

  36. 36
    Lefty twat says:

    She’s a hero {sob}

  37. 37
    BBC Red Bottom says:

    When Owen is old enough for a national insurance number we’ll give him the Newsnight presenter’s job.

  38. 38
    Glitter says:

    Is this not false representation?

    And surely if she were a feminist who beleived that women should not adhere the preconceived archetypal images expected of them and served up to us by the daily mail, then she should be proud of her 40 inch waist and pig like appearence and have an airbrushed image of herself that Vouge would be proud of on her website.

  39. 39
    was it something I said? says:

    Fair point. No place for Wonga in a civilized society.

    Just pay back the biscuit money.

  40. 40
    Quadraplegic says:

    Not me. Although if someone stole my postal vote…

  41. 41
    Eric Pickles says:

    Rescuers have found 2 women survivors from the Malaysian missing plane.

    Flo Ting and So King Wet are said to be doing fine.

  42. 42
    Bishop John says:

  43. 43
    Hugo Chav says:

    That’s my boy. That’s the way to view it.
    Anything a lefty does wrong is excused by just being a lefty.

    I am a hero. Yet I destroyed one of the world’s richest nations. Tony Benn would have said “we all make mistakes. Let him off the 25,000 murders a year. The CIA probably did half of them anyway”

  44. 44
    Madness says:

    Troughing cùnt, she ought to resign.

  45. 45
    William Benson says:

    It’s always the cover-up.

  46. 46
    Bosun Higgs says:

    Guido may think he’s got her by the Curly-Wurlies, but this is still only a storm in a teacup.

  47. 47
    Rickytshirt says:

    Borebon – Stella Creasy
    Party Rings – Nigel Evans
    Dog biscuits – Baroness Ashton
    Macaloon – Gordon Brown
    Ladyfinger – Lord Rennard
    Chocolate Finger – Jack Dromey
    Morning Coffee – Andy Sawford
    Kitkat – Kitty Usher

  48. 48
    Bosun Higgs says:

    Wonga exploit the poor with false promises of help. The Labour Party exploits the poor with false promises of help.

  49. 49
    Ed Green says:

    If the gatekeepers of an organisation are slimeballs – it will become populated by slimeballs – sadly this seems to have occurred to our major political parties.

  50. 50
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

  51. 51
    Lard Everard says:

    Lefty politicians don’t ‘do’ resignations.

  52. 52
    Marie Antoinette says:

    I love a Bourbon finger or two in my Petit Trianon.

  53. 53
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Who polices the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standars?
    Who is his direct line manager?

    A Tip:- Think on the surface but ‘Dig deeper’.

  54. 54
    Bill Quango MP says:


  55. 55
    Glitter says:

    Jeezess, because the Co-Op bank model worked.

  56. 56
    broderick crawford says:

    Yeah …. well…. in the dark with a light behind her … i would … but not now I know she indulges in the crap chav diet .

    anyway what is she cradling in her hand … crisps ?

    no thanks luv I don t know where that hand s been …. ever heard of napkins ??

  57. 57
    Dodgy D. Laws says:

    Quite right.

  58. 58
    broderick crawford says:

    at least the Bulligdonians stick to bread rolls .

  59. 59
    broderick crawford says:

    Vlad reported to have decamped to outer mongolua to fight bears in effort to avoid the above threat .

  60. 60
    M103 says:

    Who is an MP’s line manager?

  61. 61
    Tristram D'Arcy-Bollox-Wedgewood Been says:

    I am working class and so are my daughter’s ponies, their nannies and all the estate workers too.

  62. 62
    Chav McScally says:

    itz proper qualitee innit – itz wear i bye my fags

  63. 63
    M103 says:

    The Co-op never charged 5700% interest though.

  64. 64
    Lord McRocky says:

    Don’t you mean ‘quite left’?

  65. 65
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Who pulls the strings of the lower front tier of string-pullers?

  66. 66
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Well that takes the biscuit.

  67. 67
    Jack Ketch says:

    I AGREE! leave the woman alone, she is one of the few shaggable females in the Labour Party as well as one of the few who appear to want to do the job of an MP rather than castrating men, making the world safe for pederasts or whinging about not having a penis. I would cheerfully finance her nibbles any time.

  68. 68
    Out & about with the brainwashed Labour voting dogshite in Edinburgh shitty says:

    Useless leeches the lot of them.

  69. 69
    dickiebo says:

    Well said.

  70. 70
    callmedave says:

    Tory toffs are upper class, Labour toffs are upper middle class.

  71. 71
    Out & about with the brainwashed useless Labour voting dogshite in Edinburgh shitty says:

    Fuck off Socialist scum! I will not vote for these useless leeches.

  72. 72
    P Lebeian says:

    Is it right to refer to the gatekeepers of Downing Street in such a way?

  73. 73
    She May Be Another Harmanesque Man Hater says:

    So you are unaware that she and Harriet Harman organised a public meeting within the meaning of the Representation of the People Act during the last election campaign, which was held on public property (The Vestry House Museum), at which men were banned from attending?

    Or that she was selected to be the candidate for the Labour Party from an all-women shortlist?

  74. 74
    David Miliband says:

    True. He’d do better to investigate her links with muslim extremists who use the Town Hall for their political rallies under the guise of celebrating religious events.

  75. 75

    Reblogged this on wheelsofpoliticalsteel and commented:
    What are the others up to & how much are they costing the taxpayers? Time they woke up to the fact that they are PUBLIC SERVANTS not Public Masters!

  76. 76
    Tom Catesby says:

    Gives a whole new meaning to,’jammy dodgers’.

  77. 77
    PC Dixon says:

    Whats voting got to do with running the EU

  78. 78
    an obvious pun says:

    Creasy is Greasy.

  79. 79
    Gary Bloke says:

    I’m with Vlad on this one.

  80. 80
    George Osborne says:

    High taxes make you feel better what- what… Just off to crack open a bottle of champers….

  81. 81
    WAR says:

    I am looking for a sie that allows me to call arsehole Ashton a complete Baroness.

  82. 82
    Ummer Farooq (@faro0485) says:

    Vote UKIP!
    We wont even allow 1 penny to be squandered. At least I wont.
    Ummer Farooq, UKIP member (gonna be a candidate for William Morris ward Walthamstow)

  83. 83
    Biffo says:

    Toffs or non-Toffs they’re all thieves – in ALL the Parties.

  84. 84
    Biffo says:

    Isn’t she one of those people who has held ever increasing salary jobs on the edge of politics without ever actually being elected to any of them? And even among the EU Numpties she has a record of incompetence & failure

  85. 85
    carlo gambino says:

    Yeah yeah sure you won’t.

    Just wait til the first time you go out on the pils, rack up a bill of £175 and one of your fellow-councillors says,

    ‘Hey, lads, I think I can get this one through on the expenses’.

    UKIP in 2014 is The New Politics the same way Calamity Clegg was The New Politics at the last election.

  86. 86
    NE Frontiersman says:

    73: Well, the alternative was allowing the egotistical bully Clyde Loakes to claim the seat by right as council leader. Even Labour wouldn’t want human material of his calibre paraded before the greater public. There are worse things in Labour’s closet than busily smug Girl Guide leaders.

  87. 87
    NE Frontiersman says:

    74: Surely not? It’s all part of the democratic process we all cherish.

  88. 88
    Anonymous says:

    So the fact that she is a fiddling cow is OK then?

  89. 89
    Jack Dromey says:

    Just Like me!

  90. 90

    If those cretinous morons appear posh to you then you deserve all our sympathy!!

  91. 91
    Anonymous says:

    Sick fucker

  92. 92
    Anonymous says:

    Well, that’s Putin fucked eh….What waste of space she is. How do such worthless deadbeats get in these positions.

  93. 93
    Anonymous says:

    “this is just the tip of the iceberg in how political parties abuse taxpayer funding”
    Lets consider the Banking in Wonderland QED/Quantitative Easing Delusion, for example. No chance of the replayment of that unsecured ‘loan’ one presumes.

  94. 94
    Luciana says:

    I recommend it.

  95. 95
    mcvitie's price says:


  96. 96
    callmedave says:

    Of course not, the Co-op is for plebs.

  97. 97
    callmedave says:

    If he doesn’t do what she tells him to, she’ll tell her butler to put salt in his tea.

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