March 17th, 2014

Government Trade Envoy’s £60,000 Conflict of Interest
Charles Hendry’s Oil Job Linked to Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan

Tory MP Charles Hendry has been a busy coining it since he was sacked as Energy minister, landing a £48,000 windfall from wind energy giants Forewind and hobnobbing with Hanover lobbyists and Environment Secretary Owen Paterson. On top of that, Hendry has now bagged another outside job as a consultant at oil giants Vitol. He will be paid £60,000-a-year for eighteen days’ work, taking his outside earnings over £100,000.

Vitol is a $300 billion energy trading company which runs oil exploration projects in corrupt, authoritarian countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Guido is sure it is nothing more than coincidence, but Hendry is also the president of the advisory board of the Russo-British chamber of commerce and is the Prime Minister’s trade envoy to Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Hendry is standing down in 2015, but not before he trousers one last big payday…


  1. 1
    Happy Monday(s)! says:

    Former Happy Mondays dancer Bez has said he plans to stand as a candidate for Salford and Eccles in the next General Election.

    Mark Berry, or Bez, said he wanted “free energy for everybody” when he visited Barton Moss in Salford to offer fracking protesters his support.

    Last month, incumbent Salford MP Hazel Blears announced she was stepping down in 2015.

    Bez said campaigning for “free energy, free food and free anything” will be a key part of his manifesto. He said: “I said that [I would stand as an MP] off the cuff… but now, by the response I have had, I’m going to do it. The bigger people’s voice[s] get the stronger we become… Power to the people.”

    Bez said he wanted to promote “new ideas” about energy. The 49-year-old added: “I can give free energy. I’m going to give free energy for everybody.”


    • 8

      In salford he must have a good chance of winning the word FREE for those who can read will stand out as if it’s on an illuminated manuscript on any manifesto he may publish .
      After all they did vote in their thousands for Blears.


    • 11
      Salford can have him, gawd help them says:

      Heard him on local tv , I think he has a problem with what his brain is thinking and what his mouth is saying, man.


      • 14
        Bez says:

        You’re twisting my melon, man!


      • 16
        Rickytshirt says:

        Is he allowed to bring his maracas into the chamber?

        Would the speaker call him out as just ‘Bez’ or by his Sunday name, whatever that is?

        He sounds a bit anarchic and not unaccustomed to recreational self medication. You’re basically peas in a pod, Guido.


      • 45
        I come from Salford says:

        We don’t want him, we have enough tosser as it is.


  2. 2
    Owen O'Jones says:

    Stolen Boeing 737 Found Burnt Out On Waterford Council Estate


    • 10

      Many off us were expecting in to be found in a Liverpool pub car park , standing on bricks with the undercarriage missing!


      • 17
        Airyation says:

        With all the airfields in the North West, it was probably stripped down and the copper sold off to the scrappy the other bits may have gone to Africa in the containers full of Land Rover parts, the wings may have been flown out to France in one of those Guppys at Broughton.


  3. 3
    To be sent First Class says:

    Dear Mr Osborne,

    I’d feel more of a success if you took less fucking tax off me to be spent on giving free money and houses to terrorist hate preachers and their fugly families of 15 kids and fat burka-clad wives!

    Yours as ever,

    A Voter


    • 12
      Return to Sender says:

      Reason: Inadequate ‘Postage’

      Please affix at least £100k in order for Mr Osborne to ‘receive’ the letter.


  4. 4
    E Wing says:

    So what are you saying Guido? He’s the brains behind the MH370 blag?


  5. 5
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

    Save a few cushy jobs for me for when I get sacked in 2015 !!


    • 6
      institute of rectal fistitude says:

      it just goes to show the motivational effect of the prospect of higher rates of taxation


  6. 7
    Starfucks says:

    Stupid hippies thought that they would be running the sustainable energy industry.
    Nope it’s the same old troughers you gullible c*nts.
    Only a climate sceptic could see that coming.

    When they legalise drugs that will be you out of a job as well mate so you’ll have to go back to pimping whores.


    • 27
      delroy the Man says:

      But the man told is that was gonna be legit too, so WTF mover f@cka assin thang.


      • 36
        Big Business says:

        Sorry Delroy but we will be taking over the distribution network when drugs are legalised.
        You could go legit and open your own shop if you want but we know you wont.
        What with all the responsibility of running it and paying bills etc.


  7. 9
    Anon says:

    Foreskin Wind was that?


  8. 13
    A Nother Voter says:

    I do hope that Mr Osborne increases my tax burden quite substantially.

    Imagine the bragging rights one will have down the local pub, now sadly boarded up, or the jealousy of the neighbours as they alight around 4pm to sign on and look out the window to comment on how fortunate we must be, to not be able to afford a conservatory.

    *punches air with anticipation for Wednesday*


  9. 15
    This video always cheers me UP when depressed with the state of the world says:


    • 24
      Twampersand mk III says:

      A load of white women whoring themselves with mobs of blacks, set to a background of twerking, with a soundtrack that took less than 10 minutes to ‘compose’ on a Casio keyboard, does little to soothe my mood.


      • 30
        This video always cheers me UP when depressed with the state of the world says:

        She’s got a great arse though.


    • 33
      Reginald says:

      It used to be said that they were all hung like a donkey.


  10. 19
    Danielle Stevens says:

    Sick to death of this sleaze.

    This is not a “conflict of interest”. This is corruption.

    This surely must warrant an arrest? An investigation?

    The Met – poodles of the political elite.


  11. 20
    Mistakes Hasppen says:


  12. 21
    The Critic says:

    Conflict of interest? Surely not? Trouser as much cash from as many sources as possible. After all, we have created the problem – if an MP were to behave morally and in the interests of their constituents, we the public would still assume they were tossers and abuse them accordingly. Who would bother to put themselves in that situation?

    It’s a bit like the Thatcher scenario. When asked what the greatest tribute the Left ever gave her was, she replied ‘New Labour’


  13. 26
    Knobend in Number 10 says:

    My government is full of troughers like this. What’s the point of being a politician if you can’t embezzle the taxpayer? Rememeber to vote Dave in 2015!


  14. 28
    delroy the Man says:

    There’s dish in this teen thang?


  15. 29
    Maximus says:

    Corrupt authoritarian countries like…. er, like…. lemme think now… ok got it…. like the UKreign?


  16. 31
    Guido O'Fawkes says:

    Owen Jones’ float is one of the 1st floats down O’Connell St, being heavily booed as expected.


  17. 32
    William Hague says:

    Do as we say, not as we do.



  18. 34
    Owen Jones says:

    “The..BBC is stacked full of right wingers”


    • 41
      Jack Ketch says:

      “Comments have been selected by our staff for those that contribute to the debate”

      Guess who? Josef Goebbels? Kim Il Un/ The Guardian?


  19. 37
    Darth Weevil the Eternally Crazed says:

    God damn it man! Don’t you know you’re only suppose to work for our corrupt, authoritarian country?!


  20. 39
  21. 40
    Tastebud Tony says:

    This guy is just a beginner. He’s not hugged a Dictator, Invaded a Country or anything! He’ll be hard-pushed to break the Million Pound barrier when he leaves Trough Central.


  22. 42
    Nemesis says:

    He’s always been a renown sleazebag in Derbyshire.


  23. 43
  24. 44
    Al Gore myself on you hardwork/money says:

    Is there anyone involved in the Global Warming/Climate Change con, who is not a self-serving cheat and liar?


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