March 16th, 2014

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  • Nigel’s wife Kirsten is “putting on the Ritz for him”
  • Dave meets Merkel, scores with “Flappy Bird”
  • No Costa living crisis for Labour’s Andy Sawford, who wants to ban free coffee from Waitrose yet expenses it for himself!
  • Former Tory Energy minister Charles Hendry cashes in extra £100,000 on the side despite conflicts of interest
  • Gorgeous George Galloway’s crazy Tony Benn conspiracy theory
  • Is Maria Miller looking for a good day to bury bad news?
  • Nadhim Zahawi’s latest energy bill…

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  1. 1
    I dislike socialists intensely says:

    The polls are getting tighter . I predict a small Consevative win in the
    election that matters .The General Election.


    • 6
      • 10
        Anonymous says:

        See thats what ya get for tolerating muzzies.


        • 18
          The Sun+ says:

          “After your one month trial, Sun+ will cost £2 per week.

          This will be a rolling monthly bill 0f £8.67 per month.”


        • 391
          Porky the Pig says:

          No. It’s what you get for allowing yourself to be sexually exploited by nasty stupid mediaevil bigots, and what we get for tolerating nasty stupid mediaevil bigots


          • The LibDems are an extremist party. says:

            The LibDems cannot be trusted.
            They hate the UK and prefer the religion of peace to the UKs indigenous peoples.
            You need no more evidence than this video of Simon Hughes.
            Vote for the UK hating libdems at your peril.
            They are an extremist party at the edge of politics who are a minority political party.
            They were even beaten by an Elvis impersonator at the last bi election.
            If they weren’t so dangerous they would be a joke.


      • 11
        #harrietharmanresign says:

        Has Harriet Harman resigned yet?


        • 17
          Tina Thatcher says:

          But Muslims are loving kind tolerant people who easily integrate into all types of communities.

          They are also very hard working and do well in business.


          • Credit Control says:

            My impression is that muslim-run enterprises rarely pay their non-muslim suppliers on time or employ non-muslims in positions of trust. Has anyone done any studies on this?


        • 70
          H Harmskids says:

          Anyone for PIE.


      • 51
        Enoch Powell says:

        Britain’s first white honour killing: British teenage white girl brutally murdered by her Muslim lover after exposing their relationship to his family

        The piece says it happened in 2010!

        Nice to see the MSM keeping this from the stupid white goy p l e b s.


        • 100
          SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

          She must have been aware of the joys of cultural enrichment ! But why has it taken 4 years before it comes to the attention of the press?


          • A moderate non-Muzz says:

            String him up by his circumcised appendage – and then do the halal bit with the kitchen knife. No need for a trial or any of that legal nonsense.


        • 172
          JH-230912384590231-1 says:

          She was just a little piece of dirt for him to enjoy on the quiet, before entering an arranged marriage with a ‘respectable’ religion-of-peacer.

          Darwin would cock an eyebrow at this one to be honest. If you lie with dogs…


    • 50
      Chuka Unaware of British History says:


      • 57
        Money Talks says:

        As he owns a multi million pound rental villa on the Spanish island of Ibiza, then he would be concerned.


      • 78
        Tony Blair is a war criminal says:

        Since when did Labour care about paying for anything? They just take it from the money tree.


      • 101
        Victoria Nuland says:

        Fuck the EU


      • 257
        Village Idiot says:

        …..”Are we paying our way in the world since we have been members of the EU”?
        …Since open door immigration are we paying our way in the world?
        ….”When was the last time we paid our way in the world?
        …………………..When will we pay our way in the world?
        ……………………….Who pays?


    • 96
      I dislike socialists intensely says:

      I hope that they can do it without the treacherous Libdems.


    • 197
      Mr Nobody says:

      I’ve been saying that Labour are heading for a big defeat for some years now. One look at Ed Miliband will tell you that, but the socialists don’t seem to have cottoned on yet. By the time they do it will be too late for them.


    • 231
      Can the Scots save England from Labour ?? says:

      It will all turn on the result of the Scottish referendum on independence…if the vote is “YES” then it is all academic as even if Labour win in May 2015…unless they win with more than 45 they will ose their majority as the 59 MPs representing Scottish Constituencies at westmoinster will cease to be MPs at midnight 15 March 2016 as the Act of Independence takes effect at one minute past midnight on 16 March 2016.

      A lib/Lab coalition will also cease to be effective as well probably.
      In today’s Sunday Telegraph

      “The leading lawyer who wrote the Westminster government’s legal advice on Scottish independence is now warning that a “Yes” vote in the referendum would have major ramifications for the election, and could destabilise the next British government.

      In a memorandum for the House of Lords, Professor Alan Boyle, a specialist in international law at Edinburgh University, outlined two options for the election if Scotland chooses independence on September 18.

      Emergency laws could be passed months before the election to ban the 59 Scottish constituencies from taking part and hold polls only in England, Wales and Northern Ireland next May, he said.
      Alternatively, the election could proceed as planned across the UK but all Scottish MPs would then be ejected from the Commons on the day that Scotland becomes an independent country, which could come as soon as March 2016, only 10 months after the election.”


      • 292
        SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        But think of the deliberate damage they would inflict on England in collusion with a Labour Government that knew in a years time their majority would evaporate in March of 2016 maybe forever .
        If Wales ever goes the same way it will be impossible for a Labour Government ever again to be elected to Westminster .


  2. 2
    Davenicked Camercleggiband says:

    We love the smell of countricide in the morning.


  3. 3
    A swivel eyed loon says:

    A statement on behalf of the trustees of the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust added that Guido Fawkes could taint their efforts. It read: ‘The publication of such grave allegations may affect the charitable trust, which supports so many good causes.’


    • 7
      Jim Davidson says:

      “It’s a lesson for anyone in life. You keep your mouth shut and move on.”


    • 21
      Sheikh Basha Banka says:

      Stop whinging you Trustees.

      If people were abused by Savile it is your duty to ensure compensation claims are met.

      If you cannot do this you should apply for administration even though it may mean the loss of some fees for some people.


    • 236
      We all know it says:

      Jimmy Saville, Labour, H@rman, Dr0mey, PIE….

      Spot the difference.


  4. 4
    A heterosexual male says:

    I regret to say that I am not keen on Guido’s column.


  5. 5
    Garfield says:

    Ukraine is holding the referendum today so expect a flurry of posts from the Tin Foil Hat Brigade predicting the start of WWW111


    • 8
      Mutley says:

      World Wide Web one hundred and eleven



    • 13
      utopia unfound says:

      wild wanking workshop … 1 on 1 on 1 ?


      • 26
        Roy of the Rovers says:

        I have been watching those Ukrainians on my television and they are truly dreadful people.

        If the opportunity exists to dump them and all their debts on Russia we should take it without a moment’s hesitation.

        And as for that blonde woman with the bun who was in prison until released without a hearing I can tell you this; she is as fake as her hair colour.


    • 25
      A former Asst Secretary to the US Secretary says:

      World War 1 All Over Again

      Did US Secretary of State John Kerry ask you before he delivered an all or nothing ultimatum to Russia? Did he ask Congress? Did he ask the countries of western and eastern Europe–NATO members who Kerry has committed to whatever the consequences will be of Washington’s inflexible, arrogant, aggressive provocation of Russia, a well-armed nuclear power? Did Kerry ask Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa, China, Central Asia, all of whom would be adversely affected by a world war provoked by the crazed criminals in Washington?


    • 109

      The referendum is being condemned by the EU Kommissars before the outcome is even announced, they have an instinctive loathing for anything that smacks of free democracy.


      • 111
        More bullshit ^^ says:

        Forcibly overthrowing a legitimately elected President is not many folks’ idea of ‘democracy’


        • 168
          SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

          The EU were amongst the instigators of the riots in Kiev in the first place i
          Ukraine has no emotional attachment to the Crimea ,was only incorporated in 1954 for administrative convenience, it is historically part of Russia


      • 139
        Crush the EU without mercy says:

        The very idea of plebs deciding their own future is anathema to the EU and the chattering classes.

        Just look at the reaction to the Swiss the other week.


      • 322
        Michael Gorbachev says:

        EU = Soviet Russia in Western Clothes


        • 359
          hang on a min says:

          No postal voting in Crimea.
          Which makes the result more believable than
          British elections.


    • 392
      George Orwell says:

      Time to re-read ‘1984’.
      Now more relevant and poignant than ever!


  6. 9
    C.O.Jones says:

    “No Costa living crisis for Labour’s Andy Sawford, who wants to ban free coffee from Waitrose yet expenses it for himself!”

    So the taxpayer can pay for his free coffee at any choice of venue, but he says its not OK for the same people to get a free “reward” coffee from waitrose. What a low quality person IMO.


  7. 12
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


    • 15
      utopia unfound says:

      that time already … yawn


      • 16
        C.O.Jones says:

        Yawn and vote UKIP then. :)


        • 32
          Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

          Listen to all the privileged and inward looking Establishment sufferers of EU OCD, yawn…..yawn….yawn….yawn.
          VOTE UKIP.


    • 20
      We KNOW liblabcon are liars.. we can hope UKIP less so. says:

      Mr Nigel Farage on Sunday politics now.

      It’ll be interesting to see the hatchet job the Bast&rd Broadcasting Collective do on him?


      • 24
        Corporal Clegg says:

        No wait, I need to see this so I can screw him during our er debate


      • 27
        Wonderin gas flame says:

        Is Andrew Neil busting for a heart attack or has he been sprryed with sun reddish suntan oil or are the makeup people getting their own back, I’ve tryed adusting the coloul of my tv screen but it’s not that.


      • 237
        I'm paid to smear UKIP by the EU, CCHQ and the BBC says:

        Hi, I’m paid by the EU and CCHQ and the BBC to spread smears and misinformation about UKIP.

        How is everyone doing ?

        Clearly we are going to stitch up the Clegg Farage debate and have made sure the usual question time audience will be on site.

        What we wanted some feedback on is;

        A) Do you want more anti UKIP smears

        B) Do you want a lot more anti UKIP smears

        C) Do you want wall to wall 24/7 anti UKIP smears from all TV stations, all newspapers including the Daily Mail who have promised to only print photos of Nigel we give them which show him with a funny face and for the LIbLabCon MPs to repeat all of the above smears and misinformation whenever they are within 20 feet of a TV camera.

        D) All of the above….. plus we will wheel in foreign politicians like Merkel, Barroso, Schauble and Obamma and loads of other big business CEO’s who make billions of £’s from cheap immigrant labour whilst paying no tax, who will also repeat the same smears and misinformation and lies.

        This will help us better direct our smear campaigns in the run up to the EU elections and thereafter the GE in 2015. Any feedback greatly received.

        Have a great weekend.


    • 45
      Roy of the Rovers says:

      They are a load of piss artists and tansvestites I heard.


  8. 22
    Max says:

    I’m moving to Lilliput, it will look bigger there.


  9. 28
    Fire up the Quattro says:

    Good old unbiased BBC. Pienaar’s Politics this morning was a Labour Party lover in.


    • 39
      Peter Hain says:

      Pienaar…good English name.


    • 81
      Tony Blair is a war criminal says:

      Good old ‘Ed’ Balls. If you notice Labour politicians are always called by their first name on the BBC, Tories by their surname only and their name is spat out unlike Labour where’s it’s done in a friendly jokey way.

      Also, Zoe Williams is a typical lefty dyke. She claimed that raising the tax allowance doesn’t help the poor as they lose it in family tax credits.


      Oh and poor people should stop fucking breeding if they can’t afford to feed their own kids.


      • 115
        Choob Commoota says:

        Always has a strange habit of excessive leg crossing and rocking, squeezing some thin’ up top, love?


  10. 29
    utopia unfound says:

    I understand the appeal .. I just don’t see power as a reality and quite how they can suggest voting to get us out of the eu when they are campaigning to become members of it is still way above my understanding


    • 54
      Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

      That says more about your lack of understanding than UKIP’s importantly constant attack on foreign fascists making laws in Brussels, while charging British taxpayers for the privilege.
      This is democracy or lack of it. You don’t stick your fingers in your ears, expecting it all to turn out alright for us.
      We’ve tried that and look where it’s got us.


  11. 31
    The FT (free via Prison Planet) says:

    Russian companies withdraw billions from west, say Moscow bankers


  12. 34

    Give funds to the armed forces charities


    • 72
      Bill d'Sarse says:


      Although this may sound a tad harsh, it really should be the Government’s responsibility to look after our service personnel and former service personnel, especially those who have been wounded and are now disabled. We, as a relatively rich country should not be depending on the charity of others to look after those who have served.


      • 114
        Anonymous says:

        Anyone joining the armed forces these days wants their heads tested.

        Seriously, why fight for a political class that hates your guts, and is hell bent on ethnically replacing you and your kin?

        Why fight in concocted wars serving no nation interest, but interests of gloablists and foreign entities?

        Loyalty and patriotism are fine things, but they really are wasted on the British establishment.


        • 151
          Dr Strangelove says:

          It would be worth joining up to fight for freedom in the streets of Britain, but that’s about it.


        • 171
          rick says:

          Well said, above. Many more are waking up to the fact that our real enemy is our own Government, and probably has been for the best part of a century – increasing in malignancy until it has all but destroyed us as a Nation.


        • 262
          was it something I said? says:

          One reason to join up would be for all that free weapons training and combat experience.

          We’ll need a few natives on our side when the Religion of Peace finally goes all ‘arab spring’ in the UK.


  13. 41
    Prime Minister David Cameron looking resplendent with a Hi Vis jacket and a custom made fart flap says:

    My love of immigration is political suicide. East Europeans despise communism and 10% of Polish immigrants plan to vote Ukip!


    • 349
      Handycock Immigrant Trafficker says:

      Then bring more Muslims in Dave, you can always send them to Portsmouth and it will guarantee that I will get elected again. Boaz


  14. 43
    utopia unfound says:

    well nothing new from nigel then … good eu election results …even better ge results … balance of power in their hands … in between times ed changes his referendum pledge so he can welcome ukip into coalition … don’t laugh .. yet


  15. 52
    A push too far by the EU says:

    how come our politicians and mainstream media are at complete odds with ordinary people (the ones who are aware) over Ukraine?


    • 184
      Anonymous says:

      To answer that question would mean a calm discussion about who controls or even outright owns most of the media and entrainment outlets. Best not go there – not on this blog.


      • 270
        just saying says:

        Politicians and the mainstream media are also completely at odds
        with ordinary people over the EU.


  16. 55
    Kay Burley and the incredible missing Plane. says:

    Kay Burley complete with new face on the ground in Kuala Lumpur. It’ll all be solved by tea time with Kay on the case.


    • 61
      Paint a bullseye says:

      Keep out of those two towers, Kay


    • 106
      Choob Commoota says:

      Slapper slapped face really.


    • 135
      Comprehension? What does that mean? says:

      Well now, be honest – would you have refused an all expenses paid holiday in the sun for a couple of weeks, especially as even after all this time, there is still no news to report from what was announced on day one? The local Sky proper reporters will probably be feeling very pistov at being upstaged by this aging autocue reader.


      • 174
        wrong Firm says:

        Sky is not the bloated BBC. They have just one dude doing the whole of Australasia and all bits tacked on.


    • 138
      The excitable Bay Kurley says:

      Its an aeroplane!! its an aeroplane!!


  17. 56
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    Any sign of Lard Rennard ??


  18. 59
    Seen elsewhere says:

    Osbourne quoted as saying:

    ‘Let’s not forget there are advantages in more people paying tax at 40p. It means they feel they are a success’

    It’s time that socialist shower around Cameron were thrown out.


    • 65
      In this case George is correct. says:

      Probably not PC but he is right though. People do actually brag that they have to pay 40p tax.

      I remember when they first published the council tax banding and people actually complained that their house was banded too low for the tax.


      • 108
        Time will tell says:

        I suspect you’ll get your answer on whether he’s correct in due course, when he and his lot are shunted from office — thanks to lack of support from middle-class people any real conservative would be able to count on for votes


        • 121
          It nay so bad says:

          They forget or more likely not aware that the rise in the zero rate also applies to them so they are effectively better off anyway.


        • 147
          Lesser of two weavals says:

          To put in Labour that will tax them more, good plan


          • Bon Voyage says:

            That argument may have worked in the past, but won’t now.

            For many real conservatives, Cameron’s lot are now just another side of the socialist coin.

            I suspect that Cameron has long been hoping/aiming for another coalition with LibDems, but even that looks iffy now.


  19. 60
    Mr Bean says:


    • 71
      Plumbnesty International says:

      She’s right. It is bad. It is almost as bad as the sanitation in Iranian prisons.


    • 105
      Choob Commoota says:

      So what’s the problem? Not holes in the ground but odd white porcelain things with seats? Just gross.


      • 125
        Youy don't wanna go there. says:

        US jails notorious for their squalor and brutality.


        • 142
          Comprehension? What does that mean? says:

          … and Iranian jails are really just popsy wopsy holiday camps. But be warned, they will confiscate your iPads and mobiles.


    • 227

      Stupid c-nt was probably washing her feet in the bog .


  20. 62
    Baroness Ashton of Upholland says:


  21. 67
    Owen Jones,Socialist turned Capitalist says:

    My posts on here are a lot like my sex life, they hardly last 3 minutes and I have to wait for over an hour to have another go.


  22. 73
    Choob Commoota says:

    Bring on the driverless trains, fast.


  23. 75
    Farageation smear campaign starts says:


    • 77
      Nice "work" if you can get it says:

      Socialist makes £1000 in one night out of a dead socialist…


      • 82
        Tony Blair is a war criminal says:

        I bet she used a taxi at tax payers expense, although I don’t know if a fork lift truck can be called a taxi?


        • 150
          Baboon's arse says:

          It wasn’t a forklift, but one of these:


          • I'm paid, to smear UKIP, by the EU, CCHQ and the BBC says:

            I hope you like the above Abb0t tweet, it was devised by us at a cross party liblabcon anti UKIP misinformation seminar that our friends in Comm0n Purpose sponsored.

            We particularly liked the obvious B & pee and UKIP smear which although illogical ( B & pee are a left wing organisation) plays well to the stupid thick mongs and plebs in the Uk.

            Keep watching for more specials from us.

            I’m working on something with a tie up between an anti r@ cist organisation, the RS PB and Frack Off the anti fracking group. The synergies between the groups who would usually campaign on very diverse issues, creates a strong appeal and convinces doubters of the smears legitimacy. We got this tactic from a Lyn t0n Cr0s by feedback session.

            Keep up the good work.


      • 84
        Choob Commoota says:

        And was slapped down by Shirly Williams repeatedly and treated by her as a stupid child, classic. Speaking through her arse about dear Tony Ben whose ancestor would have employed her on the plantation.


      • 213
        Labour...filth...just filth says:

        she stands in for vaz in the gravitas stakes … slug hypocrite


    • 86
      Garfield says:

      I bet all six who turn up are called Mo Hamhead..


    • 93
      C O (Ξ7c) says:

      Someone should put a stop to A’bbott’s agitprop.

      She is trying to incite rac!al hatred.


    • 119

      According to Fatbott the native British population are just another ‘community’ !


    • 132
      Anonymous says:

      Abbot could for once do something useful and start to tackle the very real problem of ray-cysim within her own community.

      It won’t be covered up forever.


      • 143
        Choob Commoota says:

        Then as a follow up book, she could do the caste system in I, now that’s what you call R.


    • 208
      Stand up for Whites says:

      What is an “hysterical” immigration debate?

      Is it one in which no one screams “racist”?


    • 239
      I'm paid to smear UKIP by the EU, CCHQ and the BBC says:

      I hope you like the above Abbot tweet, it was devised by us at a cross party liblabcon anti UKIP misinformation seminar that our friends in Common Purpose sponsored.

      We particularly liked the obvious B N P and UKIP smear which although illogical ( B N P are a left wing organisation) plays well to the stupid thick mongs and plebs in the Uk.

      Keep watching for more specials from us.

      I’m working on something with a tie up between an anti racist organisation, the RSPB and Frack Off the anti fracking group. The synergies between the groups who might not normally agree on issues, creates a strong appeal and convinces doubters of the smears legitimacy. We got this tactic from a Lynton Crosby feedback session.

      Keep up the good work.


    • 272
      Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

      Diane Abbott MP represents a political party that has an open borders immigration policy for EU citizens while our Commonwealth cousins are denied access.
      Diane Abbott and Labour are racist.


    • 403
      Lawyer says:

      Think she’s crossed a line there!


  24. 80
    Modding test service says:

    Tube trains


  25. 83
    Dot Cottons fag says:

    From todays current bun. MP’s are taking two holidays in the same week. Politicians will return to Westminster fro a two and a half week Easter break on April 28, before heading off again just four days later for May Day.

    They will enjoy another 10 day recess which begins on May 22. The bumper break means between April 11 and June 2 they will spend 35 days out of 52 away from Parliament. And then they could get an extra 10 days off because there are no laws to debate.

    Critics have dubbed Westminster, a part time Zombie Parliament.

    Lazy Feckers.


  26. 85
    Vladimir Putin says:

    Vote for me!


  27. 87
    Not Diane Abbott says:


    • 94
      Garfield says:

      Yup she looks like she has a gun to her head.


    • 120
      Mr Patel and his 50 votes says:

      It’ll probably be less bent than our typical UK elections these days, what with the usual postal vote rigging.


      • 129
        Britain's elections make others look good says:

        I was thinking that too.

        Abbott and Owen should be monitoring our elections, not johnny foreigners. When election officers, judges, the meeja and police say our elections are corrupt, we should be sitting up, taking notice and putting our own house in order first.


        • 149
          Comprehension? What does that mean? says:

          Sorry, the gravy train does not stop at this station.


        • 180
          SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

          WRONG ! ! the UN observers should now be monitoring OUR elections .


          • The British Public says:

            Wrong. We should be monitoring our elections.

            Any political party found to have gerrymandered constituency sizes, appointed party supporters to the electoral or boundary commissions, lied in its manifesto, fiddled its election expenses returns, taken donations from foreigners, stolen votes, bought votes, interfered with the vote by collecting postal ballots or in any way benefitted from such activities and infringed the right of the public to an equal vote in equal sized constituencies should be banned from Parliament and their leaders put in prison. Yes, that means you, Labour, Conservative and LibDems. You are all criminals.


          • Are Labour taking notes ? says:


          • SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

            The age old conundrum who will monitor the monitors ?


    • 198
      Not Subliminal... says:


      • 202
        Putin Shows Britain how to hold Fair elections says:

        Sky went into a polling station.

        Puts ours to shame.

        For a start you have to show ID before you can vote. That would fuck up the rigged Labour vote from the moslems straight away in this country.


      • 220
        crimea chant choir says:

        vote vlad get gas


  28. 99
    Has anyone seen a plane lately? says:


    • 102
      Basically, the the plane could be fucking anywhere! says:


      • 137
        MH370 - Political Bumsex Twist says:

        The pilot of MH370 was apparently a big supporter of M’alaysia opposition leader: A’nwar I’brahim

        The pilot had attended the kangaroo court trial the previous day that saw I’brahim fitted up on sodomy charges:

        That could be considered motive for the pilot to hijack the plane.


        • 153
          Repetition is the soul of utter stupidity says:

          Your idiotic comment was posted yesterday on the post below. It was answered. I suggest you go back and have a read.

          … and then fuck off as you obviously have no idea of the situation in Kuala Lumpur.


        • 182
          C O (Ξ7c) says:

          UK will be treating this sensitively.

          M’alaysian opposition – Pakatan Rakyat (PR) – is a coalition of three separate parties: PKR, DAP, PAS.

          PR won the total number of votes in 2013, but were still beaten by the ruling B’arisan N’asional (BN) due to the peculiarities of their First Past the Post voting system combined with excessive gerrymandering of constituencies.

          Sound familiar ?

          A’nwar I’brahim was the leader of the PKR.

          I’brahim was cleared of the charges back in 2012, but was found guilty upon appeal. This is business as usual for removing political opponents in M’alaysia.

          There was a separate issue last Tuesday with the leader of the DAP being fined RM4,000 for apparent sedition:


          This sounds minor, but the judgement will likely lead to him being disqualified from Parliament as the fine is over RM2,000

          There will likely be no direct link to the parties in question, but the political infighting being played out on the global stage may be what the pilot was aiming for if he was indeed involved.

          If this was a politically motivated pilot hijacking then the chances of the passengers being alive is quite high as it would not make any sense to kill them.


          • C O (Ξ7c) says:

            Should also note that A’nwar I’brahim has very close ties to the M’uslim B’rotherhood:



          • The view from KL says:

            You really need to widen the extent of your reading mate and remove your blinkers (or of course just STFU and stop pontificating on virtually every subject which is raised in this forum).

            First time round Ibrahim was acquitted on a minor technicality, coupled with the fact that there was a general election pending and the whole gamut of his supporters were out creating (usually illegal) rent-a-mob mayhem all over Kuala Lumpur, disrupting people’s lives and local businesses. People I know went along for the occasions as they were given free t-shirts, free food and a few ringgit in their pockets to cover travel expenses – none of which was covered in the local media.

            The prosecution appealed the acquittal and this time, as the political situation has become less volatile, the Upper Court reversed the decision, telling the lower court judge that he had not taken sufficient account of the prosecution case and had “mis-informed” himself. As an aside, at the time he was of course in a very difficult position given the heated emotions being whipped up artificially at the time and the need to maintain peace and security in the country.

            You note that Ibrahim has close connections with the Moslem Brotherhood – absolutely correct – but that has nothing to do with the missing 777.

            He is power mad, was expecting to take over from Mahathir in due course, and has never forgiven Mahathir for chucking him out of government instead. His latest antics in the Kajang constituency where the recently elected incumbent was ‘encouraged’ to stand down was designed to pave the way for his accession to the top post in Selangor, the richest and most developed state in Malaysia. The court’s decision seems to have put the kibosh on his latest little effort to subvert the democratic process.

            He should be in jail.


    • 113
      Go long on tins of beans says:

      Russia Technologically Hijacks U.S. Drone Flying Over Crimea

      Nice boobs btw!


    • 210
      Waving a USB stick at a passing plane says:

      A USB stick is in what way a “remote” device?


  29. 104
    Anonymous says:

    Scottish independence: Alex Salmond says UK should share currency

    He won’t give up will he………….


    • 124
      Wee Jock Poo Pong McPlop says:

      He’s not asking, he’s told you! Now behave


    • 131
      napoleon hill says:

      It will be good for the UK if there is a “yes” vote.

      For the first time ever you will have to deal with a common shared border and some real competition.

      You will not be able to go around on your tiny little island with your finger up your sanctimomious arses any longer.


      • 160
        There Hon. Barrington -Smythe cocktrumpet says:

        Hahahaha real competition? Hahahahahahahahahahah from the scotch?? Hahahahahahahahahahah
        Oh my aching fucking sides


        • 162
          I Fucking love paying 40% Tax. says:

          To be fair, when have we produced good Scotch Whiskey, and morbidly obese ginger people?


      • 212
        Duke of Wellington says:

        Fuck off Napoleon

        we sorted you out before


  30. 140
    Labour Accuse People affected by Immigration as Rascists. Same old Same old Labour says:


    • 156
      Photoship of the decade award says:



    • 156
      Repetition is the soul of utter stupidity says:

      … and don’t forget to bring your bags of cabbages and rotten tomatoes and fruit.

      Time this hippo was ejected from the gravy train. She obviously does not like living here, so why doesn’t she effoff back where she came from. Lots of lovely coconuts to eat out there.


      • 158
        I Fucking love paying 40% Tax. says:

        Replace her with Anjem Choudary. He cares more for this country than her.


        • 163
          The Rt Hon. Barrington -Smythe cocktrumpet says:

          She is the most racist of all. Everything comes down to colour in her world and if the association of black* insert name* is not racist then what is?

          Te association of white * insert name * no doubt.


      • 225
        dierdre moist (miss) says:

        we can only pray that a video appears of the slug sitting on chukka’s kisser whilst keith vaz slips his private member down her gullet


      • 232
        SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        Cabbage and rotten tomatoes……….. why, are we going to feed the c-nt?


        • 418
          Repetition is the soul of utter stupidity says:

          They are of course to throw at her as she spouts her raysist bullshit from atop her little platform.

          Thereafter, you can feel free to feed the c-nt to the crocodiles in the zoo when you have run out of missiles…


    • 165
      Choob Commoota says:

      Just the half million per annum that’s the prob, dear, plus breeding rates. Nothing to worry about then.

      Ps remind me how many Carib fathers are around their offspring five years after the fun?


    • 176
      In the interests of Balance to the Photoshop Abbott above says:


    • 177
      In the interests of Balance to the Photoshop Abbott above says:


    • 179
      Screw the LibLabCon says:

      Who are these ‘majority of people in this country’?

      I think Diane Abbott needs to get out more, this country consists of more than Hackney, Londonistan and the studios of the BBC.


    • 188
      JH-230912384590231-1 says:

      Why do you think that is Diane?

      Could it be that the people actually paying for all this shit are getting sick to death of being told they are not allowed to object or disagree in any way, under pain of accusations of racism?

      Could that little ace card be finally getting dog eared, after 40 years of over-use by the likes of you and your fellow travellers?



    • 199
      We're mugs for putting up with it says:

      Britain’s been f-ing good for immigrants. That’s for sure.


    • 283
      Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

      West Indians in the UK must struggle for jobs and earn less if they find one because the Labour Party now support racist Eastern Europeans.
      The Labour Party are trying to use divide and rule between working class Britons.


      • 410
        Labour voters are destroying themselves says:

        My god it looks like the rosette voting labour mongs are beginning to wake up.

        What will they realise next, that immigration has lowered their wages and crap schools keep them thick or that the EU controls 80% of the Uk laws.


  31. 148
    I Fucking love paying 40% Tax. says:

    Vote Tory

    Gideon for Tory leader

    *struggles in straight jacket*


    • 159
      Anonymous says:

      Several years ago when I arrived in France I explained to a French acquaintance that I was actually paying tax in France.

      He was somewhat surprised by this and explained in the town we lived 40% of people paid no tax whatsoever.

      Perhaps if everyone had been paying tax when I arrived things would be better now.


      • 170
        SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        How on earth can being robbed by the state improve anything ?


      • 190
        JH-230912384590231-1 says:

        The money they were not paying in tax was either spent elsewhere – on the things they actually wanted – or saved for future spending.

        No money was ‘lost’ anywhere, in the way it is when the state pisses it up the wall and uses it to subsidise and encourage idiotic, destructive behaviour.


  32. 161
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:


    • 169
      Screw the LibLabCon says:

      What a stupid bloody question. How on earth can a supranational governing body full of over paid apparatchiks and bureaucratic pen pushers ever increase living standards of the peoples that pay for their very existence?


    • 173
      Bradford of the Baltic says:

      Those Swedes ain’t no fools they can see the writing on the wall, just ask any blue eyed blonde haired Swede living in the culturally enriched shithole of Malmö.


    • 298
      Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

      92% of EU citizens are not convinced that the EU has helped support Europeans’ living standards.


  33. 166
    Vlad says:

    I’ll give you all a lesson in democracy.


  34. 181
    Poor sod says:


  35. 192
    Carthorse Ashton says:
    Welcome again, President Er, er , er…..


  36. 193
    Diane Abbott warns about Immigrants taking our jobs says:

    The prospect of all those jobs must be almost irresistible to Jamaican politicians. However, they will have to be careful that Jamaicans are not just relegated to the ‘ancillary roles’,–Casino-jobs-may-come-with-a-heavy-price_16269695


    • 201
      Fatbot says:

      Watch out for those blue eyed Finnish nurses. They’re the worst.

      Don’t let dem YTs divide us, sistas.


  37. 200
    EU Troll says:

    The only thing standing between the UK people and a fully fledged plutocratic corporatist neolibcon semi-fascist far right-wing kipper/tory wet dream is the EU – god help us…


    • 215
      Pol Potty says:

      Are you calling Cameron’s pinko bum-sex tories “far right-wing”?

      You fucking mentalist.


    • 306
      Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

      Bring on the Labour/LibDems plutocratic corporatist neolibcon semi fascist left-wing EU wet dream.
      god help us.


    • 312
      Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

      The UK people are more worried about a fully fledged plutocratic corporatist neolibcon semi-fascist far left-wing labour/libdems EU wet dream.
      Catch up


  38. 216
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    So Labour are going down the same eco-loony tax bombshell route the Lib Dems are and they also plan to abolish the 25% single person rebate on Council Tax if elected.

    Vote Lib/Lab for higher petrol prices

    Vote Lib/Lab for higher electricity and gas bills

    Vote Lib/Lab for higher council tax

    Vote Lib/Lab for higher income tax

    Vote Lib/Lab for more raids on your pension

    Bye bye Lib/Lab :-)


  39. 221
    C O (Ξ7c) says:

    P’tin and M’erkel had a phone call at M’erkel’s request. Nothing conceded by P’tin:

    Meanwhile, U and R-Fed have negotiated a truce over Cr!mea in which R-Fed will give U until 21st March to deal with its military bases in Cr!mea:


    The option for U forces stationed in Cr!mea to swear allegiance to Cr!mea has been rumoured.


  40. 223
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:



  41. 228
    The Bellend in Number 10 says:

    Do nothing about BBC…………check.
    Do nothing about boundary changes…………check.
    Do nothing about postal voting…………………check.

    Labour landslide in 2015…………check.


    • 235

      Do you think Cameron cares if Milliband ends up winning the election ,his sinecure in Brussels is there for the asking if it isn’t already prearranged.


    • 367
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      Add these to the list – check
      The Tories can’t win in 2015 as
      1. No boundary changes
      2. Corruption within the Postal voting system not resolved
      3. UKIP trending at ~ 15% in the polls; they cost the Tories 20 seats in 2010 with 3% of the vote.
      4. Pilgrims still in position actively campaigning against the Government of the day using taxpayers money
      5. Union education fund is still in place
      6. Cameron’s appalling judgement in appointing Andy Coulson
      7. No TU reform allowing Crow and his mob hold us to ransom
      8. Tory constituency parties are disintegrating in protest at Cameron’s liberal policies
      9. The Tories will lose 7/8 seats along the route of HS2 to single issue candidates
      10. The Tories will lose one seat in Portsmouth due to shipbuilding being concentrated in Scotland
      11. No control of mass immigration
      12. Public spending still out of control and the national debt rising on a daily basis
      13. Human Rights Act still in place
      14. No referendum on Europe
      15. State control of the press introduced
      16. Cameron wanted to take us to war in Syria
      17. Gay Marriage
      18. The BBC is left wing and will act as Labour’s main election campaigner in 2015
      19. QE is destroying any savings people may have
      20. Cameron’s continued, unsubstantiated, support for Climate Change and general green issues.
      21. No promised Bonfire of the Quangos or reduction in Red Tape for businesses
      22. Cameron’s pathetic support for Yeo. More evidence of his lack of judgement.


  42. 241
    ████ 'changed my tune ' Hoon says:



  43. 244
    Active Measures says:

    Time to re-assess what the Eco-Loons, Common Purpose and lefty shit-stirrers are really all about:

    ‘Active measures ranged “from media manipulations to special actions involving various degrees of violence”. They were used both abroad and domestically. They included disinformation, propaganda, counterfeiting official documents, assassinations, and political repression, such as penetration in churches, and persecution of political dissidents.’


    • 364
      BBC News and Propaganda Unit says:

      Disinformation and propaganda is our speciality.
      Our latest wheeze is employing an economics editor
      with no proper journalistic background.


  44. 246
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:



    • 247
      T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

      Fuck off, you old fart. I can trouser that for two speeches.


    • 280
      thick as thieves says:

      Cable amply demonstrating his commie beliefs there. What a fucking turnip.


    • 313
      P l e b says:

      At last – a politician talking sense.

      No man on this earth needs that much to live on.


      • 323
        Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

        Why doesn’t Vincent talk sense concerning the free movement of cheap foreign workers into the UK causing lower wages for millions of working class Britons ??
        Vincent is a corporate lackey using the mega rich as a diversion tactic.


    • 393
      Taxpayer says:

      Vince you fatuous Hunt. Your lifestyle costs more than 1 million per year once the security and flights and offices are thrown in. I se what you mean about not needing to “earn” it though.


  45. 248
    Choob Commoota says:

    Dominatrix who chained up men and whipped them is fined… for breaching fire regulations

    Lorraine White, 41, was prosecuted by the fire service after they were called to a fire and could not get in to her sex dungeon in Stockport.


  46. 251
    Stop me if you've heard this one before says:

    Former socialist,Owen Jones, has said he plans to stand as a candidate for Salford and Eccles in the next General Election.

    He is undecided as to which Party will adopt this lunatic.


  47. 252
    Prime Minister David Cameron looking resplendent with a Hi Vis jacket and a custom made fart flap says:

    Unchecked greed of bankers nearly financially bankrupted us. Unchecked payday lenders leaves us morally bankrupt.


  48. 258
    Diane Fatbott says:



  49. 259
    Guido Fawkes says:

    Putin has just played a blinder with that Kraut, Merkel.

    Putin, knowing Merkel to be afraid of dogs, brings massive dog to negotiating room #Trollololol


  50. 261
    Prime Minister Comrade David Cameron says:

    From A to Z: Ukraine is latest of 35 countries where US has supported fascists, drug lords and terrorists


    • 352
      Bastards says:

      Amazing how they left Northern Ireland off that list. The slimy Yanks supported IRA terrorism for decades .


      • 389
        altruism in industry says:

        It is understandable the septics support the Irish as we did behave very badly there, but now everything is different, there is central control by people with social awareness and a long term vision.


  51. 263
    EU Troll says:

    I hope UKIP get slaughtered at the polls, they really have been a very unpleasant circus sideshow, regressive policies and extremely bigoted views. Hardly a healthy addition to the political landscape


    • 269
      Good'n says:

      All PR be it good or bad PR is still good PR, thanks for helping UKIP’s PR.


      • 412
        I'm paid to smear UKIP by the EU, BBC and CCHQ... says:

        Sorry, EU Troll is a new recruit and hasn’t been on the comm0n purp0se UKIP smear training course yet. As a rooky smearer he is a bit raw. Anyway give us a coupe. Of weeks and we will have him spreading bigoted smears and mis information about UKIP like a pro.

        Have a great weekend.



    • 305
      Mr Polite says:

      Pleasse do not use violent language if you don’t mean it. It is uncivilized. Thank you.


    • 325
      Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

      You’re right.
      The Establishment One Party State are an unpleasant circus.


    • 376
      Bigot Watch says:

      Au contraire mon ami.

      UKIP merely wish to withdraw from the EU.

      It is your views that are extremely bigoted.


    • 408
      1984 says:

      The EU really is becoming the totalitarian expansionist superstate in the Orwell book first published in 1948.

      I wonder is that where Jean Monnet got the idea?


  52. 264
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Philippa Stroud failed to win a seat in 2010. IDS employed her in the DWP anyway. She got a 36% pay rise last year. Isn’t that nice?


  53. 265
    Owen Jones says:

    Gove says “..a ridiculous number of Old Etonians in Downing St. He’ll be selling Socialist Worker newspapers next!


    • 427
      Now, where was I? says:

      Gove is subtly trying to point out the differences between ‘educated’, ‘clever’ and ‘intelligent’.


  54. 275
    C O (Ξ7c) says:

    Now wait for the Tower Hamlets style voter turnout.


    • 279
      When are the vlad tanks gonna roll says:

      On the ballot paper, voters were asked whether they would like Crimea to rejoin Russia.

      A second question asked whether Ukraine should return to its status under the 1992 constitution, which would give the region much greater autonomy.

      But! Most importantly……

      There was no option for those who wanted the constitutional situation to remain unchanged.


      • 286
        C O (Ξ7c) says:

        The UKR govt is intending to sign the EU Eastern Partnership agreement this Friday – coincident with P’tins deadline for getting UKR forces out of Cr!mea which do not wish to assimilate.

        That EU signing will be performed without a referendum – which again puts the West on the back foot.

        For the tanks rolling into E UKR – give it a couple of days…

        NB: P’tin regards EaP as being the alternative NATO. If UKR is put into NATO, UK is drawn in.

        Here is primer on EaP:


        R’ussia needs the UKR in its E’uras!an customs union.

        For that it is fully prepared to fight a war.


        • 428
          Now, where was I? says:

          Are all politicians fucking megalomaniacs – or is that just the impression they try to convey?


  55. 277
    When are the vlad tanks gonna roll says:

    Well a result that should make every communist left proud

    Crimea Referendum Poll: 93% Vote For Russia



  56. 281
    Anonymous says:


  57. 287
    Tony Blair is a war criminal says:

    I see Andrew Neil has spat his dummy out on Twitter about RT news. He’s saying we shouldn’t believe them as they don’t tell the truth…unlike the BBC.

    Yes, remind me how many times the BBC has been in the shot for lying, making things up and pointing the finger at the innocent?

    At least the people of the Crimea are getting a vote, unlike here in Britain where we don’t. Yes, Mr Neil perhaps you might like to ask where Dave’s cast iron guarantee of a referendum is, or what exactly Milimong’s promise is?

    I don’t see riots in the Crimea, seems to me the majority would rather be with Russia than the Ukraine and absorbed into the evil EU.


    • 289
      When are the vlad tanks gonna roll says:

      At least they are getting a vote. Yeah right

      Do you want to be part of Russia ?
      Do you want to be err.. Part of Russia


      • 302
        Tony Blair is a war criminal says:

        We didn’t even get a vote on the EU you fucking mong. The people of the Crimea see themselves as Russian not part of Von Merkel’s greater Fatherland.


      • 309
        Just trying to help says:

        93% have voted to go back to their historical roots with Russia.

        Although this might upset a few EU technocrats and rattled some Banks we should wish them well and let them get on with it.


      • 319
        Hoorah. Putin has won the first battle says:

        And what did the EU do to the Oirish when they voted the wrong Answer?

        And don’t forget. The Oirish bailout did not bailout one single ordinary Oirishman, it all went to German banks and that Twat Osborne had to borrow our bailout money, probably from German Banks.

        So Dude I hope Putin Twats the Fucking EU because it is EVIL.


        • 351
          Nose spite face says:

          The Oirish bailout helped them scrap air passenger duty, develop Dublin airport and fuck over the Belfast airports which are both saddled with the stupid fucking tax.
          Well done Green Camerin you fucking wanker


      • 328
        Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

        Can I have a vote on being English ??


  58. 293
    If only 5% of the total licence payers stop aving then the BBC would fold. says:

    Deal or No Deal? Noel Edmonds says he is ready to buy the BBC with backing from rich investors to save it from ‘disaster’
    Television presenter claims he has backing of investors across the globe
    Has called proposed purchase ‘Project Reith’ after BBC’s first director
    Blasted the broadcaster’s licence fee and its ‘bloated bureaucracy’
    Thinks BBC should be a not-for-profit organisation
    If five per cent of licence-holders stopped paying it would fold, he claims

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


    • 297
      The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

      If they just broadcast some of his cardigan collection as a rolling test card that would improve their output immensely.

      Much more impartial and less irritating than the rigged EU-Labour sponsored propaganda shit like Newsnight, and the funny as cancer entertainment / climate change effluent they insist on pumping out.


      • 321
        Barney Rubble says:

        Switch over to shITV and suck up those adverts and competitions then…


        • 329
          JH-230912384590231-1 says:

          Or switch OFF, for Christ’s sake. Did you EVER consider that as an option?

          There is something half-watchable on about every three weeks. The license fee is fucking shit value for money – who would actually pay to watch some god-awful 90s action film getting repeated for the 90’000th time?

          Besides which, the BBC is awash with adverts – for other BBC shit, featuring their latest flavour of the fucking month. That and telling us how wonderful Labour is, and how nasty and horrid those same old Tories and evil UKIP are.


    • 310
      Mr Polite says:


  59. 300
    Vlad says:

    Vote for me and I won’t allow any wishy washy liberal lefties to teach your children the joys of bumsex and I’ll even leave the gas on too! A vote for Vlad is a vote for warm houses, cheap energy bills, no national debt and grand children.

    Vote Vlad you know it makes sense!


  60. 301
    A flying seagull says:

    After listening to Hague Fabius Ashton and Putin those Crimeans have voted to turn to Russia.

    Lets respect their wishes and get our money back.


  61. 304
    Owen Jones says:

    David Cameron couldn’t motivate a bowel movement let alone a Cabinet of Old Etonians.


    • 307
      Mark Oaten (LibDem) says:

      Why this obsession with bowel movements ? Are you a LibDem now ?


    • 361
      Owens' long suffering Mum says:

      Bed time…… NOW!


      • 436
        Julian Clary says:

        Didn’t Owen do a bit of “unpaid interning” for Mark “crisis when I turned 40″ Oaten? Apparently it was only Oaten was losing his hair though – so that’s alright then.


  62. 308
    Giz a job says:


  63. 315
    • 358
      nerd says:

      That’s an A380 not a 777.


    • 430
      This is not an ad says:

      Oh dear, that page “does not seem to exist”.

      Besides which having flown on the MAS A380 I can thoroughly recommend it, especially Business Class. Give it a try one of these days; Malaysia is a beautiful country, full of friendly people, good food, abundant nightlife and excellent scenery etc.


  64. 318
    Andwotnot says:

    As part of the middle I don’t mind being squeezed. I believe in progressive taxation I am happy to pay more towards services they I will never use but matter to others in society. However I get pretty pissed about tax avoidance and tax cuts for the very wealthy at a point when we need their contribution to be greater not less. We’re all in this together right?


    • 331
      Someone else says:

      I see no reason why I should pay tax so other people (whose basic needs are already amply met) can have a lifestyle of ease and entitlement they have not worked for. I am fed up with paying tax to a government whose services I rarely use but which NEVER thanks me or listens to my opinions with respect; which wastes huge sums overseas, runs down our own infrastructure and defences and undemocratically seeks to socially engineer this country into accepting unnatural and immoral behaviours.


    • 381
      You're left, not middle says:

      Lend us 20 quid, I could murder a curry and a couple of pints.


  65. 320
  66. 324
    Putin says:

    Does that asshole Kerry look like Herman Munster or what?


  67. 327
    Ah! prefer the real stuff says:

    Mo Farrah collapses at the end of the NY half-marathon.

    Returns post haste to advertise Quorn mince on TV. :(


    • 332
      What's on the menu? says:

      So. The vegetarian option isn’t as good as he claims.


      • 337
        Podiceps says:

        It’s made from a fungus, not a vegetable. Fusarium venenatum, if you were wondering. And yes, venenatum does mean what you thought it does,.


  68. 333
    altruism in industry says:

    this plane disappearing has got to be playing havoc with politicos travel plans.


    • 356
      Globalist Elite says:

      Watch the pay of pilots that fly corporate/private jets soar to the clouds.

      We can buy anyone. Everyone has a price.


      • 370
        altruism in industry says:

        the air travel is a bit of a dinosaur anyway, It’s cool to get to another city in 3 hours for work but these days it’s not really required I don’t think and if it is that important, just take a bit longer to get there. Using the globe as a holiday destination is really not very green and makes the globe feel like a big happy family which it is really not.


  69. 339
    John Ward @ The Slog says:

    1. Despite having the knowledge from 1949 onwards that Britain had experienced a massive baby bulge, neither Whitehall nor Westminster ever did a damned thing to address its ramifications in terms of pensions, healthcare or aged State retirement homes.
    2. Despite the lead being offered by Jo Grimond and his Liberal Party in 1955, neither Labour nor the Conservatives grasped the negotiating power they had over France and Germany to join the Common Market, and reshape it for the better.
    3. Despite being offered North Sea gas on a serendipitous plate, no Government after 1968 displayed any commercial nous whatsoever in terms of negotiation or investment on behalf of the British People.
    4. Despite an Everest of evidence to show that the lack of means testing (Labour) explosion in health discoveries (Conservative) Trade Union job-loading (Labour) and shortcomings of private health insurance (Conservative) were strangling the NHS, no senior political figure or Whitehall mandarin did anything to enable the smooth transition from Bevan’s 1940′s austerity vision into contemporary reality.
    5. Despite being offered, in 1997, the greatest mandate for root and branch Constitutional reform and economic reconstruction since 1832, New Labour under Tony Blair chose instead to be guided by Thatcherite bigotry, pc bollocks, management consultancy targets jargon, half-baked House of Lords fiddling, and the risible Special Relationship with Washington.
    6. Despite the imbalance of the British economy towards a City out of control, and our regrettable loss of a skilled making things economy, no British Government since 1979 has made the slightest concerted effort to redress the bias and reconstruct a relevant manufacturing sector.
    7. Despite, since May 2010, facing the greatest threat to personal liberty, freedom of speech and social justice since King John in 1215, the Left has blown every opportunity to dump its redundant Big State collectivism, and recognise what most human beings continue to want: self-determination alongside communal decency. Its failure to engage in united cultural opposition to neoliberalism – or even provide the political Opposition to Coalition sociopathy – will I am sure go down as one of the great crimes of British history.
    8. Despite the obvious desire of all Europeans for local diversity and economic flexibility, the British political and administrative Establishment continues to cleave to the wreckage of an EU that has failed to deliver on any of its predicted benefits.
    I’m left with the distinct feeling that I have contributed around 30% on average of my salary between 1969 and 2013 to the governance of the United Kingdom, and yet remain at a loss to calculate what if anything I have gained in so doing. I do not mean selfish personal gain, but rather what good having ‘government’ contributed to the social wellbeing of my country over that 44 year stretch.
    No doubt this will come across as an unoriginal taxpayer’s moan about value for money. But it isn’t – not at all. My main concern here is to ask why it has cost all of us oodles of money to watch amateur idlers and embezzlers sell the assets we helped create to greedy bastards…almost none of whom are British, or pay tax into the Exchequer. They range from Australo-American pornographers, Wall Street banking firms, Brussels bureaucrats, autistic bankers and bent coppers to Russian blaggers, US health insurance gargoyles, Channel Island mediacrats, German car makers and Chinese nuclear reactor engineers.
    All of them seem to be doing jolly well raping Britannia. And not one of them is being resisted by the legislators for whom we unwisely continue to vote. On the contrary: they are being welcomed with open arms. For is not Britain Open for Business?
    Not only is nobody in government of any use – the Opposition is merely a bunch of collaborators: a pointless shower of actors in a farce that long ago ceased to be funny.
    I am not a revolutionary. I am a reconstructionist. Nevertheless, I have come to accept that before there can be safe reconstruction, there has to be skilled but comprehensive demolition. I am not Right and I am not Left. I am a communitarian in favour of mutualist capitalism.
    I see this as a relatively new (and almost wholly untried) idea whose time has come. I hope anyone coming here will be inspired by this, and help spread the word.


  70. 341
    EU Watch 2 says:

    Meanwhile in !taly…


  71. 345
    Michael of Casablanca says:

    nobody can track you in Morocco


  72. 346
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    So a second Boeing 777 (Flying coffin) is diverted.

    Looks like they will have to recall all 777s from service.

    Sell Boeing shares :-)


  73. 348
    Strange how the plod would arrest anyone else for this says:


  74. 350
    Russia- 1 EU- 0 says:

    The Eu isn’t into democratic voting.

    Well done VLAD!!


  75. 369
    potato salad says:

    It has also been revealed that the pilot’s wife and three children moved out of the family home the
    day before the plane went missing.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    oh, standard domestic then with terrible outcome??


    • 399
      Frank Drebbin says:

      knew of a bloke who, after finding out his missus was having an affair, drove her and their kids up a motorway the wrong way (he was a muzzie ). He got done for attempted murder. But I suppose he wasn’t an airline pilot.


  76. 372
    40 says:


  77. 373
    The Biased BBC says:


  78. 374
    That's a certainty. In what state is the mystery says:


    • 395
      Frank Drebbin says:

      Landed in the south Indian ocean most likely. Too remote for any floatable remains to have been found yet. If it had landed safely on land, what the fvcking hell have they been doing for the last 9 days? Hijackers usually make demands or want publicity for something.

      Either that or North Korea have cooked up some fiendish plot do something or other.

      Or possibly a conspiracy of global news networks so that they have something to talk about for weeks on end.


      • 404
        Er... says:

        The plane actually landed in Beijing as planned, but the passengers are all still stuck in bagage reclaim


  79. 405
    McCain's Chips says:


  80. 406
    BBC F@ggot Society says:

    Scottish ‘yes’ vote ‘will force Britain to abandon nuclear weapons’

    Britain will be forced to abandon its nuclear weapons if Scotland becomes independent, a senior admiral has warned.

    In an article for The Daily Telegraph today, Vice-Adml John McAnally said Scottish independence is “the biggest strategic threat faced by our Armed Forces”. He warned that Britain would lose its seat on the UN Security Council and England and Scotland would be reduced to “two struggling nations on Europe’s periphery”.


  81. 415
    tvgolho says:

    in other news sending a couple of confirmed spinsters to do a bit of operating system sniffing stuck out like a saw thumb and talking of thumb in the prints sense electricity leaves its mark unrestrained by the man made notion of time. with clever application and clever applications one can move far back and ever so slightly forward in time. which is great for gathering intelligence. it can also take advantage of one of the pitfalls of t.e.m.p.e.s.t. but obviously no further alluding from me on that other than the fact there really are more dimensions than you know about.


  82. 420
    HS2 stinks says:

    Some clown is going round saying that the only way to keep the costs of Cameron’s train set down is to start building it now.
    This is complete bollocks.
    The best and obvious way to minimise the costs is to scrap the ridiculous white elephant before anything is built at all.


  83. 435
    Vladimir Putin says:

    No bumsex in Russia or Crimea.

    Stop the US/EU spread and promotion of bumsex


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