March 13th, 2014

WATCH: Israeli Journalist Calls Dave ‘Gordon’


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    all Jocks look the same


  2. 2
    Dave is a Total Liability says:

    Congratulations to the journalist — summed up Dave precisely as Gordon

    1. Financially incompetent — stillrunning a whopping deficit and will have doubled the national debt AGAIN during this ConLib government.

    2. Confused, dubious sexuality.


  3. 3
    Gunga Din says:

    A shitty little country with shitty little journalists.


  4. 8
    Mitt Romney says:

    Mr Leader is the political equivalent of saying Darling, and is the thing to say when you cannot remember the name of the insignificant little amoeba.

    Avoid offending them and then having to bomb them.


  5. 11
    gaza stripped says:

    Why are the Chosen now arranging their own ambulance service in Gter Manchester for their own casualties? NHS ethnicity offending is it?


  6. 12
    Treacle Tart says:

    Nice pic.

    Is it Shekel and Hide?


  7. 14
    Guido Forks says:

    And then the rockets came from Gaza… #jonahstrikesagain


  8. 15
  9. 16
    Manny Goldstein, reporter, Jooish Chronicle says:

    All you Goys look the same to me.


    • 81
      Aardvark says:

      Why do you keep impersonating J*ews?

      You make a Hebrew name for yourself, then post thousands of messages pretending to be one?



  10. 17
    Hair dye manufacturer says:

    We shall have to ensure they are given different shades of brown, arf arf, in future.


  11. 19
    Peter Martin says:

    Boy, is that guy going to get a rocket.


    • 29
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Who from, Hamas? :-)


      • 95
        Al-Beebies war correspondent says:

        Those rockets were as likely fired from school playgrounds, so it’s an education story. Nothing to see here.


  12. 20
    Anonymous says:

    “Israeli Journalist Calls Dave ‘Gordon’”
    While Dave calls not enabling the public to identify then boycott if so inclined produce grown on occupied land, legitimate. Surely crimes against greater humanity are unconscionable, irrespective of who is engaged in them? Will no one rid us of these irksome political parallel ‘realities’?


    • 23
      was it something I said? says:

      You forgot ‘equal partnership’ otherwise top quality drivel.


    • 24
      was it something I said? says:

      You forgot ‘equal partnership’ otherwise top quality dri*vel.


      • 27
        g'aza stripped says:

        Oh, the truthers are in the room.


      • 37
        Stella Creasy, Labour Friend of Isra-el says:

        Ah, but does it pass the ‘celebrating diversity’ test?


        • 41
          Fuck the EU says:

          Wrap him in an EU flag, wearing only a pair of Cathy Ashton boxer shorts, and equip with the gay marriage manifesto and air drop in Bosnia.

          You should have your answer within 30 minutes.


  13. 28
    Fabians are EVIL says:

    Calling Dave Gordon is akin to offering the P.M. of Isreal a Bacon Sandwich


    • 38
      Cameron Fail says:

      A bacon sandwich without the pickle, and wrapped in a used suicide vest with no bread.


    • 40
      Londoner says:

      Lots of my je-wish friends eat bacon sarnies. As long as they don’t get seen by my other je-wish friends. A bit like my muslim pals and booze: they spend a fortune on taxis drinking in pubs as far away from their local mosque as they can.


      • 44
        was it something I said? says:

        It’s the old joke.

        How do you stop a muslim dr*in*king all your booze at a party?

        Invite another muslim.


        • 47
          Pundit says:

          Then the follow up:

          How do you stop muslims dr*in*king all your booze at a party?

          Don’t invite any muslims.


  14. 35
    Trotsky's bumsex marriage says:

    Excellent trolling.

    But David Cameron is seriously shit on the international stage, like Gordon, unlike Bla!r.


  15. 36
    Owen Jones says:

    I answered the phone today and all I heard was sneezing.

    Fucking cold callers.


  16. 43
    Jocks strapped for incompetence says:

    By Yakub Qureshi
    Dominatrix who chained up men and whipped them is fined… for breaching fire regulations
    13 Mar 2014 06:00
    Lorraine White, 41, was prosecuted by the fire service after they were called to a fire and could not get in to her sex dungeon in Stockport.


    • 50
      Cleggster says:

      They should pay like every other submale


    • 76
      Hose has more than one meaning! says:

      Never mind, Lorraine, they’ll be round at the weekend for a spot of the old ‘other’. You can add a surcharge to make up the loss.


    • 89
      futyga says:

      She a luckie lady in this country and probably lot other countrys if she had just bin found to be operating such a buisness she would have bin strapped to a whipping post herself and had at least 500 lashes given to her bare back


      • 92
        rastica fentul says:

        and similae in my country too she would be sent to prison and her bare back flogged until her flesh was ripped from her and then winchd up by her neck and hung and her naked body would be left hanging for days to warn other women agains it she shud not be classed as a woman she is barbareic and shud be sent here for aproper punishment.


  17. 48
    Dave Von Cameroon says:

    See how I sneer and laugh in their faces…


  18. 51
    socialism is shit jimmy says:



  19. 53
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:



  20. 54
    Cowdenbeath Pro Israel Supporters Club says:

    Gordon is in Gazza


  21. 61
    Garfield says:

    Its David Frost’s memorial service today. Just wondering if Vaz will be there with camera crew hugging people.


  22. 62
    Them were the days LOL says:


  23. 64
    Anonymous says:

    They are all Gordons


  24. 69
  25. 71
    Border Terrier says:

    Dave sucks up to furniture salesman Benny. A bloody disgrace. Don’t go near the thieving settler supporter.


    • 96
      j1hadistguestcolumnists 'R'us bridger says:

      Five a-rab armies intent on wiping you off the face of the earth might have had something to do with it.


  26. 77
    Missed Again says:



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