March 12th, 2014

WATCH: Daily Politics Guide to Heckling


  1. 1
    Russ says:

    Watched her on Daily Politics…
    …What an ineffectual waste of space she is.


  2. 2
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

    The House was a less odious and odoriferous place after we walked out


  3. 3
    Ed Moribund says:

    This EU fudge plan is unravelling. Add it to the list of things we need to spend a banker’s tax on to mke right.

    How many is it up to now, Ballsy?


    • 14
      Ed Miliband says:

      I got that EU fudge from Thorntons as well. Capitalist bastards.


    • 42
      Great Granddad says:

      Ed’s planning to spend that windfall many times over. I get the feeling that Great Grandmama and Ed must have learned their arithmetic in the same school, albeit in very different generations.


  4. 4
    Shooty* says:

    Is Angela going to go back to the day job of singing with Radiohead at any point?


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Angela needs to stay off the alcohol


  6. 6
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Calm down, dear.


  7. 8

    Eagles demonstrating the downside of Botox treatment.


  8. 10
    Anus BBC Cunt says:

    Is she the Hunt licker, or that er even more ugly sister?


  9. 12
    Anus BBC Cunt says:

    These shitstains will be our Government in 14 mumffs


    • 26
      A Right Fucking Bastard says:

      And a year after that there will be rioting in the streets, and it will be open season on Lefties, so you’ll be able to hit them really hard with pickaxe handles.

      Can’t wait, myself.


    • 37
      broderick crawford says:

      14 muffs did you say ??


  10. 13
    Beryl the Berker says:

    These people remind one of the good old days in the infants school playground. Was it always like this – or only since cameras were introduced?


    • 16
      Bill Quango MP says:

      Harold Wilson did PMQ’s whilst completely pissed once. MPs were quite shocked. That was shortly before the radio was allowed in.

      I suspect Winston was smashed most of the time.


      • 36
        Spartacus says:

        thank God he was, otherwise we would all be speaking german, on berlin time and merkkle would be the leader.

        oh, nearly there . . .


  11. 15
    Caring, Sensitive Soul says:

    If my dog looked like that munter, I would shave it’s arse and teach it to walk backwards.


  12. 18
  13. 19
    Hasbro says:

    When I was a kid there used to be a range of ‘Action Man’ dolls with what they called ‘eagle eyes’.
    Used to scare me shitless but I guess Angela loved hers.


    • 30
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Just send her and Baroness Ashton up front and they would turn any enemy army into stone.

      Better than the Medusa herself :-)


  14. 20
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    Is the lesbian death ray being used again.


  15. 21
    aurora borealis says:

    Is that a woman on his front bench or a kid in a playground?


  16. 23
    Nworb Nodrog says:

    Ed looks as if Harpic has her finger up his arse.


  17. 24
    Bi Curious says:

    Angela’s got the cleanest pussy in Parliament..,.she has a woman in twice a week.


  18. 27
    RomaBob.... working hard for you! says:

    Wotta bossy woman that Ms Eagle is!!


  19. 29
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    She’ll be appearing as an SS camp guard in the new remake of Alistair MacLeans classic:

    ‘Where Eagles Stare’

    Rated PG for scenes of extreme graphic uglyness :-)


    • 43
      Jack Ketch says:

      At least two of her victims are known to be hopping around in ponds on the Essex marshes, probably hoping to be kissed by a Prince.


  20. 32
    Anonymous says:

    Boot faced muff muncher


  21. 34
    The Critic says:

    Has she just said -Your name is on ze list…………

    Ed’s attampt at looking fierce needs polishing…..


  22. 35
    Di rear says:

    Wasn’t one of the Eagle brothers on Daily Politics the other week?


  23. 40
    Henry Crun says:

    Should never point like that, there’s always three fingers pointing back at yourself.


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