March 11th, 2014

Percentage of Indian MPs Facing Criminal Charges by Party


  1. 1
    Ma­q­bo­ul says:

    Wos di problem, Sahib?

  2. 2
    UKIP or bust says:

    Indian politicians coming to a town near you, curtsey of Dave, Gordon and Glogg.

  3. 3
    Stella Creasy says:

    Let’s celebrate their diversity

  4. 4
    Fit for the Sewers says:

    India’s politics is corrupt. We must colonise India again and add to the corruption.

    Cricket! Anyone?

  5. 5
    Emily Fivebellies says:

    I’m going to be me eat my rivals

  6. 6
    Georgiana Orwell says:

    All political systems are corrupt but some are more corrupt than others.

  7. 7
    Sid says:

    They are nearly as bad as our lot.

  8. 8
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    No need not worry Guido, you will never run out of copy here, the percentages may just reflect a legal system which is more functional than ours appears to be.

  9. 9
    you ain't seen nuthin yet says:

    Are we allowed to mention Pa*kis?

  10. 10
    Potato salad says:

    Telegraph Sport writers A-Z
    Tanya Aldred | Marcus Armytage
    Chris Bascombe | Scyld Berry
    Ben Bloom | Geoffrey Boycott
    Simon Briggs | Oliver Brown
    Jason Burt | Tom Cary
    Ian Chadband | Mick Cleary
    James Corrigan | David Coulthard
    James Cracknell | Gareth A Davies
    Luke Edwards | Roddy Forsyth
    Thom Gibbs | Will Greenwood | Alan Hansen
    Simon Hart | Paul Hayward
    Vicki Hodges | Nick Hoult
    Simon Hughes | Steve James
    Daniel Johnson | Kate Laven | Matt Law
    John Ley | Jonathan Liew | John MacLeary
    Cameron Macphail | Gavin Mairs
    Tony McCoy | JA McGrath
    Brian Moore | Mark Ogden
    Michael Owen | John Percy | Oliver Pickup
    Derek Pringle | Alasdair Reid
    Ben Rumsby | Alan Smith | Alan Tyers
    Michael Vaughan | Shane Warne
    Jim White | Jeremy Wilson | Henry Winter

  11. 11
    Potato salad says:

    Troughing UK, sphincter muscle obsessed, gay pissed dago employing Mps. Who wants any of them? Vermin.

  12. 12
    This explains a lot, right? says:


    Keith Vaz was born in 1956 in Aden, to parents originally from the Indian state of Goa.

  13. 13
    Podiceps says:

    If our own investigators were as efficient as the Indian ones, you would see similar figures here. MPs everywhere tend to be scum — most only get their seats by skulduggery — so what these figures demonstrate is the health of Indian democracy rather than its sickness.

  14. 14

    That list is statistical shit until we know how many MP’s are in each party.

  15. 15
    get real says:

    Yeah right. Perhaps if that were the case the actual figures would be in the 90’s.

  16. 16
    Honourable Members? Kiss my arse says:

    Shit floats.

  17. 17
    Gordy says:

    To collect and not to work….it’s the. Right thing to do. My charity depends upon generous spirits. It’s the right thing to do. To push me under a’s the right thing to do.

  18. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Any chance of a helicopter contract

  19. 19
    Tony Blair is a war criminal says:

    Very interesting to hear the BBC on the Daily Politics giving (finally) a hearing to the corruption that is postal voting.

    The mongs didn’t want to point out which ethnic groups were the ones doing the fraud (take a guess)

  20. 20
    Di-Ann Fatbutt says:

    Oh Yeah?

  21. 21
    Tony Blair is a war criminal says:

    Whilst we have lefty mongs and politicians, there will always be a story of corruption.

  22. 22
    Blowing Whistles 1 says:

    And Common Purpose – ‘funding’ don’t you know?

  23. 23
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    I find Andy Burnham to be totally repugnant and a piece of shit.

  24. 24
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    The Electoral Commission (whatever happened to them?) warned years ago when New Labour changed the postal vote rules that it left the election of candidates wide open to fraudulent practises but nothing has been done about it. I can think of one MP at least that was probably elected via a corrupt process (Ed Scrotum). The BBC are about as much use to investigative journalism as Chilcot is to producing a report.

  25. 25
    Stay Tuned Folks says:

    Why? This is a somewhat misguided thread about the cesspit that is modern India because Guido has not been given any orders on what disinformation stories to be spreading today. His paymasters have their hands full what with (whisper it) the Ukraine, that so called “missing” plane, the ch!ld abuse scandal that will bring down governments across Europe and the impending false flag attacks that are due to take place in Paris and SF in order to instigate the invasion of Iran for our Z!onsta friends.
    So fuck off back to your EDL blog you thick fucking tard.

  26. 26
    Anonymous says:

    Coming to a constituency near you.

  27. 27
    UKIP or bust says:

    Don’t hear much about that movement anymore.

  28. 28
    Ma­q­bo­ul says:

    Unless the lefties resurrect it to justify their own purposes. Such as a bit of justified self righteous name calling.

  29. 29
    HoP Sphincter Muscles, active says:

    We have very little time for the humdrum stuff you al want to see us discuss..immigration, postal votes, road repairs, muzz takeover of schools and the like, we are having great fun and a gay old time.

    Wake us when the next election is due and we will pretend once more…let’s go round again, one more time.. Tra la la la la

  30. 30
    HoP Sphincter Muscles, active says:

    Which party is guru Murphy in?

  31. 31
    C O (Ξ6) says:

    At least 20 of the passengers aboard the missing MH370 flight are employed by Freescale Semiconductor.

    Freescale supply components and solutions for communications, avionics, electronic warfare and recently electric vehicles / smart energy management.


  32. 32
    Out & about with the Labour voting dogshite in Edinburgh shitty. says:

    More corrupt than Labour?

  33. 33
    Jack Ketch says:

    Good programme about EDL women on TV the other night. Very illuminating. I didn’t realise the Moz problem was so bad.

  34. 34
    Margaret Moran says:

    I got off scott free!

  35. 35
    Jack Ketch says:

    You didn’t know? The Goanese were extensively employed in the old days as cooks, waiters and ship’s stewards. As Catholics they had no religious objections to any specific foodstuffs served in the mess. The more useless ones were also used to clean the latrines as both Moslems and Hindus become “impure” from such work, but the Goanese don’t care. When Empire faded, lots of these servants were scattered all over the place, not very popular back in India and detested by the M0slems. Many opened “coolie shops”, like corner stores– selling rubbish to the natives as Vaz’s daddy did.
    You can tell them by their funny half-Portuguese names–Vaz, Gomez, de Freitas, Alves, Mendez and so on. Not to be trusted.

  36. 36
    common purpose itn partnerships inc says:

    a passenger with psychological problems! yeah get channel 4 news suggesting this as one of the possible reasons for that plane going missing!!! what type of plane was it? oh yeah a 777. mass hivemind programming going on hey?! 777 = ggg… flipped = 666

  37. 37
    jgm2 says:

    You are out of your tiny fucking mind.

  38. 38
    Tom Catesby says:

    ‘Nearly as bad as our lot’. Our lot are amatuers, beginners by comparison, but it gives them something to aspire to.

  39. 39
    Blowing Whistles 1 says:

    i did note that at several of their broadcasted protests the Israeli flag was a waving plenty of times. Perhaps some of the less intelligent thugs who are always up for a bit of fisticuffs may have worked somethin out.

  40. 40
    Tom Catesby says:

    Do the dagoes have to be gay and pissed to be employed?

  41. 41
    Tom Catesby says:

    It’s a cultural thing then?

  42. 42
    television news presenter on behalf of the womb pirates says:

    listen to my confident authoritative voice as i command you with what we want you to believe to be the news. if my flavour is not your flavour it is okay, because my colleagues presenting the news on other channels will have things covered… all demographics are catered for and crucially these shows go out between 1800-2000 hours-a time period in circadian rhythm terms when your blood pressure is at its highest (compounding the fear we punt your way) which sets the majority up nicely for the soap operas, where other actors punt out ritualistic behaviour patterns to keep the viewers in the hivemind box. we dull your third eye with fluoride which is a heavy metal- no light of the sun will get in our way to feed you lies but have some waves from our masts which further stunt your dna from evolving. yeah it all sounds like something out of a david i c k e book. and most people don’t read one of them cos we punt the notion he is a nutter! and you believe it! as much as everything else we punt. and finally something slightly positive to end this programming session because we need you to have just a little bit of hope. not too much though!

  43. 43
    Fu Man Chu says:


    No more wacky however than the Malaysian government minister who is said to have decided to bring in a shaman to find the missing plane. Not sure they are reporting this in the British media but the Chinese are looking on in horror.

  44. 44
    Blowing Whistles 1 says:

    Famous us golfer in his private jet some years back – died when the air system went toxic ‘instantly’. Plane ‘was’ on auto-p and kept on course until crashed no fuel.

    If – note ‘if’ similar incident on 777 – all onboard instant toxic death – if plane not on auto may drift for an hour or more or less – but will stall and size makes for huge break up. Thing is Big Corps don’t like to admit things like that its not good for business.

    Can’t rule out ‘rogue missile strike’ – what gov’t gonna admit to that eh?

  45. 45
    White rabbit says:

    Most Brits know, that quite rapidly now, the fabric, decency, tradition and electoral honesty of the country is disappearing. We all know why this has happened and yet continue to re-elect the stinking traitorous fuckers who have stage managed the whole odorous mess.

  46. 46
    random bible flicks part 1 says:

    psalms 18 verse 40
    thou hast also given me the necks of mine enemies; that i might destroy them that hate me.

  47. 47
  48. 48
    Blowing Whistles 1 says:

    See a comment below of other possibles about the plane.

    Hasn’t it gone rather quiet about U know what. Perhaps the secret horsetrading is going on in the background with all them politicals with so many hidden fucking agendas – desperately brokering dirty deals to try and refloat the sinking and stinking Partnership that is the EU.

    The LibLabCon – have they not already proved beyond doubt that they are nothing but a ‘front’ for the EU – as per our discussion last night.

    Keep laughing in the faces of the LibLabCon merchants and their on message journo presshounds ‘still’ in denial that the EU is a dead dead donkey.

  49. 49
    Blowing Whistles 1 says:

    How come Bliar and his legal buddies of the whole legal fraternity [A ‘closed shop’ by any other name] tend to never swear on oath / give testimony under the penalty of perjury – but espouse ‘opinions’ [the selling of b/s] … even Matthew V part 26 or so states swear no oath … – do you think these legal have a little trick going on or what?

  50. 50
    Bingo Bag says:

    Eyes down its a labour voting clown!

  51. 51
    Fit for the Sewers in Edinburgh Shitty says:

    Corrupt leeching Hunts!

  52. 52
    Shiv says:

    It’s my Chapati
    and I’ll cry if I want to

  53. 53

    Yesterday, possibly like you, if someone had asked me what I thought of Bob Crow, I would have answered that I thought he was a сunt.

    I have been out all day today admiring Kvarner Bay and have only just returned. I now think he is a dead сunt.


  54. 54
    Blowing Whistles 1 says:

    The Electoral Commission is one of the most corrupted of Quango’s going. It is not fit for any purpose other than to be isntructed by the establishment’s dark artsmen.

  55. 55
    jgm2 says:

    we dull your third eye with fluoride which is a heavy metal

    What the fuck are you talking about?

    Flouride (or Fluorine) is a fucking gas. And a light one at that.

    Third eye? Third fucking eye? What the fuck are you talking about?

  56. 56
    Blowing Whistles 1 says:

    Hey Kitty Kitty where you been – you missed lodsa fun and lotsa ‘factual’ 5hit being thrown at John Pierpoint M0rgan and many of his friends?

  57. 57
    jgm2 says:

    The air system didn’t go ‘toxic’. There was a sudden loss of cabin pressure so they had no fucking oxygen and all passed out.

  58. 58
    jgm2 says:

    Bring in a shaman? For fuck’s sake. I guess they’ll try anything.

    No more mental than these US people who bring in a fucking ‘psychic’ to trace their abducted relatives.

  59. 59
    Blowing Whistles 1 says:

    i thinks Jgm 2 you aint heard of the flouride they’ve been putting in the water for some years? Or are you just being argumentative / odd / strange for the sake of it?

  60. 60
    albacore says:

    If the law still held any rhyme or reason
    Our whole Parliament would be charged with treason
    But treason’s a dead letter in the law books
    Since MPs became E U arse-licking crooks

  61. 61
    jgm2 says:

    Of Course I know of the Fluoride in the water. Fluoride isn’t a heavy metal. The Fluoride ion isn’t a heavy metal. The Fluorine atom (diatomic since you ask) is a fucking gas. He’s talking utter shit.

  62. 62
    Wiki Man says:

  63. 63
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:


  64. 64
    White rabbit says:

    When I see him lying in the House of liars, I don’t think of shit. I think of a small, powdered and diseased cat. Scabbing around for food and fame.

  65. 65
    Electoral Fraud fresh from Karachi says:

    File on 4 looking at electoral fraud.

    Guess what it’s the Asian P@kistani community, they won’t co-operate with plod, it is fraud for Labour candidates, postal vote fraud mainly because it is so easy but also good old fashioned corruption (impersonation, official fraud, intimidation.

    In brief,,,P@kistani Labour FRAUD.

    Electoral officers, judges and plod say it is rife but the government, Dave’s government are just ignoring it. WHY?

  66. 66
    C O (Ξ6) says:

    If auto-pilot, then why did plane do a 180 and head over towards I’ndonesia ? It was also reportedly flying quite low when it passed across M’alaysia the second time.

    Why when the plane went so badly off course did the Malaysian Air Force not intercept ?

    If they had shot the plane down publicizing that should not have been a problem justified by terrorism.

    With rogue missile strike / sudden mechanical failure the plane would have broken up and there would be a debris field somewhere. It is the lack of that debris / wreckage which is a mystery.

    There is a lot here that has not been put in the public domain : There has been searching going on in the Malacca Straits and the Andaman sea from the start. Why not mention that until today ?

    Note also that the Ch!nese have so far moved 10 satellites into position over than region to help with the search on top of the other resources.

    You do not mount that scale of recovery for a missing plane unless there is something very valuable / sensitive on board.

    Would not be surprised if the plane is safe on the ground somewhere. The problem is : Where ? It is quite easy to hide a plane if you know what you are doing, but that implies a different level of logistical capability entirely. In itself, that idea suggests a very gap in assumed global security assessment.

    May not be terrorism, but this could be piracy.

    Until the wreckage is located it must be assumed that the plane is still in one piece and the passengers / crew still alive and on the ground somewhere.

    Enough conjecture for today :-)

  67. 67
    Vladimir Putin says:

    Just loving the GAZPROM adverts during the interludes of the Champions League football on ITV tonight.

  68. 68
    Vladimir Putin says:

    What ever you do…do not fly on a Boeing 777.

    Piece of Yank shit engineering.

    Malaysia Airlines mystery: US issued warnings over Boeing 777 ‘weak spot’

  69. 69
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

    Don’t take the piss. We’ve got less than one week’s gas supplies left in storage.

    It’s very dangerous but at least it’s environmentally friendly. :)

  70. 70
    Ah! come on says:

    Hundreds of Britons died today. Most far more worthy than the Crow. But…..

  71. 71
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:

  72. 72
    ████ 'changed my tune ' Hoon says:

  73. 73
    Owen Jones,champagne quaffing and cigar smoking socialist says:

    In Tribute to the passing of Bob Crow, I’ll walk to work tomorrow.

    It’s what he always wanted

  74. 74
    C O (Ξ6) says:

    No, U has not been quiet.

    U govt. has appealed to US / EU for military assistance because it has realized that it’s own army is weak. They are building up reserves at present but do not have a real counterforce for the R-Fed forces.

    US / EU are under no obligation to help out and since there is no treaty requirement and considering the broader implications will be unlikely to.

    They U govt. are also looking to block the referendum move on constitutional grounds and are trying to dissolve the Cr!mea parliament. Whilst they have the authority to do that, they lack the means to enforce it. Hence the breaking news item above.

    Cr!mea is still setting up its own military to take over from the U forces who I guess at present are now an occupying force in Cr!mea, once the U forces which do not ‘defect’ leave.

    R-Fed will not make any moves on U itself until Cr!mea is consolidated.

    The gentle nudging to get the U out of Cr!mea will now likely become less gentle with some real shooting.

    This is guaranteed by end of week if not sooner.

    With Cameron’s lead as reported this morning (words only, no action yet) it seems that EU sanctions are on the cards. If that goes ahead one can expect Eurozone to go back into recession, for two reasons:

    i) Obvious problems accessing resources in R-Fed and loss of large amount of trade.

    ii) To reduce EU energy consumption in the face of anticipated reduction of supply caused by R-Fed retaliatory action.

  75. 75
    jgm2 says:

    Because Labour would accuse the Tories of being ‘racist’ for investigating. And, as we know, there is no greater crime than racism.

  76. 76
    Tim Farton, President of the Cockroach Party says:

  77. 77
    Fu Man Chu says:

    Some anger and speculation has been caused in Beijing also because the relatives waiting there for the plane to arrive were initially told that the plane hadn’t arrived because it hadn’t actually taken off from Malaysia yet. Why would they be told a lie like that?

    As for motives, it is certaintly too early to know. One of the missing people is a relative of a fairly high ranking Chinese foreign office official.

  78. 78
    Capt Beefheart says:

    I scream for Crow

  79. 79
    Democracy Now says:

    Laziness. And a hope the problem will just go away if they do nothing.

    The Labour, LibDems and Tories really are a fucking shower.

  80. 80
    Worried says:

    North Korea comes to Sutton.

    But on a more serious note… it becoming a crime to say that you are against immigration. This is a disturbing development.

  81. 81
    Obvious innit says:

    Interesting that the two characters on the missing plane apparently were flying to Bejing and then onto Europe to claim asylum. How???

    Question how the hell do they manage to get on a plane flying into a European airport without a visa. Try boarding a plane to many places and you will be refused. Try to do that on anything heading to the states and you will probably end up arrested at the departure point.

    That’s the problem here we don’t stop this at departure. When they do make Europe they destroy their documents to ensure they cannot be identified nationality wise. The convention states they can only be returned if it can be proved that’s where they belong. That’s presuming the country to which you are returning them too accept the evidence and commonly they don’t. Hence we end up with them and its our problem

    Stop them at the departure points.when they set foot off the aircraft / ship or lorry after that its too late

  82. 82
    Anonymous says:

    No good chukka the ones you educated can’t fucking read.

  83. 83

    Whilst the m*db*t is doing funny things, I just get on with real life and thank our host for being so obliging. I have a whole list of things to get done and so may not be about as much for a while.

    BTW, if anyone wants to call me a dead сunt too when I’m gone then that’s fine. Whereas none of us can be sure, I hope to double Bob’s innings. 52 is just too young to go when life is so much fun.

  84. 84
    Ah! Please says:

    “48 Years a Slave”

    And the Missus won’t play her role in my production.

    Any offers / suggestions.

  85. 85
    Duty Pedant says:

    Fluorine gas is composed of diatomic molecules.

    Fluoride is the simplest unary flourine anion.

    To fluoridate drinking water, one of the three compounds is added to drinking water: sodium fluoride, fluorosilicic acid, or sodium fluorosilicate.

    Some believe that addition of these compounds can cause calcification of the pineal gland. Some believe that the pineal gland is the so called ‘third eye’.

    The third eye belief is strong in dharmic spiritual traditions such as H!nduism, and protection of this chackra centre is achieved through the tradition of wearing the bindi.

    There are studies looking into a possible link between exposure to fluorides + aluminium and cause of Alzhe!mers.

  86. 86
    Smithwatch says:

    “DWP advising jobcentres on sending claimants to food banks”

  87. 87
    Ah! Please says:

    Keep ‘em coming.

    I’m making a compilation, hope to make a bob or two ;)

  88. 88
    Postal vote says:

    Nah ! They are bad but not that bad.

  89. 89
    Dave Smithwatch says:

    “I say to those watching today and who are genuinely sick, disabled or are retired. You have nothing to fear.

  90. 90
    Laws don't apply to David says:


  91. 91
    Vince Cable says:

    All are welcome in the UK. The more the merrier!

  92. 92
    Spartacus says:

    are you suggesting we re-export the scum back to the country they still all support for cricket?

  93. 93
    Vince Cable's Rucksack says:

    Can’t see Vaz anywhere.

  94. 94
    Ah! possibly says:

    Missing Malaysia Jet ‘Tracked Miles Off Course’

    Botched violent Hijack?

  95. 95
    Close encounter of the 4th kind says:

    Its not down in the Mallacca strait I can tell you that right now. Been through there loads of times its like the English Channel on a bank holiday. Someone would have seen it.

  96. 96
    jgm2 says:

    You do not mount that scale of recovery for a missing plane unless there is something very valuable / sensitive on board.

    How about 250 people? You’d move a few satellites to find 250 people if you thought it would help.

    They’re moving them because they’ve got them to move unlike the Malaysians.

  97. 97
    Vince Cable's Rucksack says:

    I can’t see Vaz on that list.

  98. 98
    Spartacus says:

    the indian mps are very efficient. maybe yes.

    do you think english mps in india could get their country to fund our space programme?

  99. 99
    Man Cunian says:

    Pack! pilot, unable to read SatNav

  100. 100
    Táxpáyér says:

    How does that count as “racial” abuse?!?

  101. 101
    Potato salad says:

    BC, was he poisoned in a tube tunnel somewhere? Never seen such a discontented f@cker with a carnsill arse and 140k pa. Still the only one seen who got the better of Brillo.

  102. 102
    The Grim Reaper Express non stopping service says:

    While criticising the Tories for doing the same thing when they actually weren’t

  103. 103
    Fu Man Chu says:

    Yup, there would have to be 150+ major vessels entering the strait on any given day, let alone all the local stuff like fishing craft etc.

  104. 104
    jgm2 says:


    ‘were initially told that the plane hadn’t arrived because it hadn’t actually taken off from Malaysia yet. Why would they be told a lie like that? ‘

    Have you ever flown on a plane? Ever been delayed?

    Those c*u*n*ts at the airline will tell you any old shit.

    ‘Yeah, it’ll be here in half an hour’.

    Half an hour later –

    ‘Yeah, it’ll be here in half an hour’.

    Half an hour later –

    ‘Yeah, it’ll be here in half an hour’.

    Half an hour later –

    ‘Yeah, it’ll be here in half an hour’.

    Five hours later.

    ‘Yeah. It never left. It’s been cancelled. Here’s a three quid voucher. Get yourself a coffee.’

    You can’t believe a fucking word airline staff will tell you.

  105. 105
    Postal vote arranger says:

    Has Senile Vince made arrangements for the jet load to immigrate to UK? We are seriously under occupied here.

  106. 106
    Táxpáyér says:

    The departure gate needs to be Sovereign territory of the destination country.

  107. 107
    Blowing Whistles 1 says:

    Of Valuable – flight linked to end destination of Amstersdam – the worlds centre for Diamonds and all manner of crooked criminal diamond thieves – Diamonds are not just for christmas are they?

  108. 108
    Every Twit in Westminster says:

    He wasn’t celebrating diversity enough or saying how proud he was to have a foreign barman.

  109. 109
    C O (Ξ6) says:

    Without visa is easy: They had stolen passports.

  110. 110
    jgm2 says:

    Flight linked to Amsterdam?

    One of the passengers was getting a connecting flight to Amsterdam? No doubt dozens of people were getting connections all over the world.

    This conspiracy malarky is fucking dead easy.

    If somebody was getting a connection to London it’d be dodgy finance. If somebody was getting a connection to Saudi it’s be an oil/ter*ror*ism angle. Is*ra*el. – the joo*ze. New York – The j**oZe. Or money. Geneva – money and diamonds. etc etc.

  111. 111
    Anonymous says:

    It’s not just voting. Sit any kind of test for a licence or certificate these days and there are more and more hoops to jump through to prevent impersonation or other fraudulent applicants. This is because there are more and more people out there who come from places where such things are routinely obtained by fraud and bribery rather than actually passing the relevant test.

  112. 112
    Sir William Wayde says:

    And we get India’s rejects!

  113. 113
    jgm2 says:

    It’s true. Even the kids sitting their 11+ in Birmingham have to show up with photo ID.

    My brother was at grammar school with utter plankton from the sub-continent who couldn’t possibly have passed a test. It’s not that they’d peaked at 11 but had got a bit average by the time they were 16. They couldn’t do the simplest things the first day they arrived.

  114. 114
    Owen Jones,Chief Political Correspondent says:

    Conservative Party accepts David Cameron’s resignation.

  115. 115
    C O (Ξ6) says:

    @jgm2 :

    You can figure the value from the life / travel insurance liabilities and add on the cost of a new plane. If they are lost.

    Does not add up to the cost of what is being done right now, or justify the re-assignment of this sort of hardware.

    There is something missing in the picture, and given the odd way in which information has been released so far, that detail could be anything.

  116. 116
  117. 117
    David Minibanana says:

    This sopping wet little twerp would be this Country’s PM ???

  118. 118

    Meanwhile, on Planet Vaz…..

  119. 119
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:


  120. 120
    C O (Ξ6) says:

    @BW: The two !ranian’s either coincidence or decoy.

    The notion of seeking asylum in Europe via Bei’jing is absurd anyway. They exited T’hailand on !ranian passports, so why could they not travel to Europe direct ? Does not add up, especially as they apparently had no terrorist links and by implication no cr!minal record etc.

    They also missed first flight, and hung around for a second – which would have incurred greater cost as purchased through middle man.

    That whole aspect stinks.

    For valuable, there may have been something being transported, or it is tied to the other passengers. Freescale Semiconductor is an obvious question mark, however not unexpected perhaps given the region. But quite a lot of staff being moved on the one flight nonetheless.

  121. 121
  122. 122
    C O (Ξ6) says:

    Whatever happened, it is looking very unlike an accident or structural failure.

  123. 123
    The EU stirred the Ukraine coop...USA too? says:

  124. 124
    The Law is for the little people says:

    So does his tell us that Indian politicians are more corrupt than their British counterparts or does it tell us that the indian Police and prosecuting authorities have more of a backbone ?

  125. 125
    The EU stirred the Ukraine coop...USA too? says:

  126. 126
    Vacuous Twaddle says:

  127. 127
    Wot a twat says:

    Wrong. Which is a pity.

  128. 128
    C O (Ξ6) says:

    Good to know that NATO have been gathering the evidence to prove that it is R-Fed forces who are at work.

    This is beginning to change things from a legal point of view, and indicates a certain sloppiness on the part of R’ussia.

    NB: For R-Fed military plates, 21 = Northern Caucasus Military District.

  129. 129
    on spells and spelling says:

    “i would like to apologize” is different to “i apologize”.

    when a plod is arresting someone they say “do you understand?”… if the arrestee says “yes” then what they are doing in corporate law terms is “standing under” said law. bit different for people being nicked on common law grounds though from what i comprehend. then there is the whole just saying your first name and not your surname in the dock. judge can only press you on that point 3 times after which he must dismiss the vessel (court). again not if it is common law as that is based as the law of the land rather than corporate/maritime law of the “sea” aka waters of the womb.

    this is what i have garnered from a bit of reading about “freeman of the land” however in some ways i feel whilst it is no doubt brilliant despite all the effort one has to put into to achieve such status (probably lot easier to go the dark route and become a freemason) it does somewhat legitimize maritime/corporate law merely by going thru the routines to get out of it… if that makes sense.

    the secret of it all might well lay in the sound of english words which resemble the sound of enochian and ancient hebrew words. perhaps the sound of “love” for example actually has a negative connotation. plus there are plenty of dualities- son sun. mourning, morning. deaf, death. penis, venus. okay that last one is a bit of a push.

    as for the missing 777 my sense is that just like most things being asserted by the mainstream media there is a ritualistic element going on. having been blessed (though sometimes it seems like a curse- believe) with what the olds would term as second sight i can spot patterns of symbolic programming quite easily and the more desperate they are becoming the easier it gets. i myself tend to impart via riddles what i am sensing/researched/garnered/etc as a means of self preservation and quite often it is a subconscious thing- i will post something online then a day or so later and there will be some wheat amongst the chaff. can get quite crazy at times though. i felt a lot of energy that appeared to be trying to take out prince phillip, but didn’t post anything online about it. what happened next? day or so later there was the philippines typhoon.
    most of the time these second sights are profoundly negative so it is a job and a half to try and post something to enter the hivemind in a manner that can turn them positive or slightly less negative. butterfly wings and all that. and any thanks? course not just some people calling me a nutjob ;)

    and on a slightly different unrelated tip in the legal sense (if the meander allows it) all roads will lead to liechtenstein- specifically a limited number of specialized interest companies. funniest thing about it is marduk soaked up the mess with one of his rags but was stupid arrogant and did a limited hang out.

  130. 130
    And UKIP says:

  131. 131
    jgm2 says:

    How so?

    Sudden loss of contact. No distress call. Entirely consistent with accident or structural failure.

  132. 132
    Ah! 'm upset says:

    My Missus says that no-one could get their hand down my trousers, without cutting off their blood supply.

  133. 133
    Does Tom Cruise really believe that shite. I mean really ???? says:

    No more mental than those fucking Scientologists !

  134. 134
    jgm2 says:

    Why wait then?

  135. 135
    Screw the LibLabCon says:

    Fuck off Dave.

  136. 136
    Anonymous says:

    The scary and bizarre thing is next May he will run the NHS again.

  137. 137
    Ah! 'm sorry says: Carribeans for Tate and Lyle’s wrongdoings, but can we have compo for the harm that the sugar they produced is doing to my countrymen.

  138. 138
    Anonymous says:

    If the expenses scandal had been properly dealt with, our percentages would be in that range too.

    With evidence now being given about knowledge of alleged sexual assaluts by a Conservative MP, added to reports about LibDem and past Labour MPs, one has to ask if cover-ups and immunity is being practiced at Westminster.

  139. 139
    Anonymous says:

    Still need a visa in them to travel stolen or not.

  140. 140
    Amazing what shite gets passed around as fact on 'tinternet says:

    Jgm2 is quite correct Flourine is a non metal so until you accept that fact please shut the fuck up .

  141. 141
    Derron Brown full time w@nker on Crap4 says:

    Milimong is gay and he won’t give us referendum.

  142. 142
    Aηal Probe 2.0 says:

    Those pesky aliens did it.

  143. 143
    jgm2 says:

    I wouldn’t be so sure.

    Labour have only a 4% lead and I’ve no doubt Osborne will pull some tax cuts out of the bag in time for the election.

    Plus Labour have the insurmountable hurdle of having Ned Miliband and Ned Balls on the TV exposed to the voters for a full month stammering and lisping their way through interviews in all their tongue-tied fuckwittery.

  144. 144
    The BBC is shit says:

    Bob Crow is dead and he still won’t give us any peace.

  145. 145
    ig765 says:

    I was about to say the same. British plod rarely go after politicians.

  146. 146
    Anonymous says:

    I was more interested in the ship being sunk in the harbour entrance. That’s a blockade and a blockade is close to a declaration of war as Kennedy found out.

  147. 147
    jgm2 says:

    The notion of seeking asylum in Europe via Bei’jing is absurd anyway.

    It seems it’s entirely normal. One of them has their mum waiting at the airport in Frankfurt (I think). Might be Amsterdam. Doesn’t matter. You get the point.

  148. 148
    Amazing what shite gets passed around as fact on 'tinternet says:

    jgm2 you should be aware that to many on here everything that happens is a black flag operation designed to bring about the new world order. Hell the c unts have even managed to transmute flourine ino a metal thats how powerful the illuminati are.

  149. 149
    Funnily enough says:

    Britain’s future lies in the EU. The Tories can’t be trusted on Europe and will damage the national interest.

  150. 150
    C O (Ξ6) says:

    In Venezuela the National Guard are torching Universities:

    Some are giving odds that Maduro has 8 weeks before the Junta take over.

    Owen Jones, D’iane A’bbott, G’rahame M’orris et al. still very quiet on this.

  151. 151
    One bitten says:


  152. 152
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:


  153. 153
    Anonymous says:

    Short of nuking them what can they do about it.

  154. 154
    jgm2 says:

    No mate. You are a nutjob.

    And Fluoride/flourine is still not a ‘heavy metal’. Look it up.

  155. 155
    Diane Fatbutt, says:

    It’s just a flash in the pan.

  156. 156
    Fartbot Jones says:

    Shouldn’t they be out there refereeing or monitoring or something

  157. 157
    Fishy says:

    Labour’s Newsnight’s interpretation on Miliband’s stance, ‘He’s playing a very shrewd game’. Well done BBC.

    With a ‘lock’, at best Weird Ed will give the people something that they have already got (not that the BBC seem keen to point this out).

  158. 158
    Slowly slowly catchee labour monkey says:

    ICM is the gold standard poll.

  159. 159
    Vlad says:

    Fuck all.


  160. 160
    Axe the telly tax says:

    So he’s lying again then

  161. 161
    Podiceps says:

    When it says what you want it to say. If it doesn’t, it’s wrongly weighted and not be be trusted.

  162. 162
    jgm2 says:

    What always made me laugh was the 9/11 conspiracies. How the towers collapsed at ‘freefall’ speeds.

    As if they would fall at some lower speed. The fucking miracle/conspiracy would be if they’d fallen at 5ms-1. Or 2ms-1. Or floated off.

    These people are fucking imbeciles. David I*c*k*e is getting rich selling books and giving lectures to fucking plankton.

  163. 163
    Amazing what shite gets passed around as fact on 'tinternet says:

    Steady on jgm2 he’s been blessed with second sight ……and a different periodic table from the rest of us as well clearly.

  164. 164
    jgm2 says:

    The hated yankees managed to sneak a McDonalds into Chavez’s socialist paradise.

    Ba ba ba ba baaaaa.

    I’m loving it.

  165. 165
    Amazing what shite gets passed around as fact on 'tinternet says:

    Jimmy Saville helped Hitler escape from the Berlin bunker . Did you know that jgm2. The establishment rewarded him with the job of presenting Top of the Pops. I read that online.

  166. 166
    Goons, Threat Letters, Intimidation on the doorstep says:

    Indeed and the BBC have yet again shown they are a politically biased Labour mouthpiece extorting money from the public via its ‘special TV watching tax’ on pain of imprisonment.

  167. 167
    jgm2 says:

    No it doesn’t. Beijing now has a three day visa free visit along with Shanghai and one or two other Chinese airport. Plus you don’t need a visa in a European passport to travel to most European countries. Which is why they were travelling on a European passport in the first place.

  168. 168
    Dave is a Twat says:

    Because the twat wants the anti EU vote at the next election. Which is a con because as soon as the referendum is announced Dave will launch a government funded ALL party in campaign.

  169. 169
    Amazing what shite gets passed around as fact on 'tinternet says:

    No the plane fell apart . Apparently they built it out of flourine as some c unt told them it was a metal.

  170. 170
    YeeHaa says:

  171. 171
    jgm2 says:

    There will be no vote.

    All parties are lying on this. Except UKIP.

  172. 172
    Balance and the BBC is like a drunk walking the line says:

  173. 173
    jgm2 says:

    :) :) :)


  174. 174
    Amazing what shite gets passed around as fact on 'tinternet says:

    Fuck me are you seriously expecting us to believe that these troops guarding the Russian Black Sea fleet and naval base are Russian ????? No fucking way !

  175. 175
    Reader says:

    Oh dear. The freeman guff. How very sad.

  176. 176
    Fishy says:

    And amazingly in the studio discussion, two people are invited along for a chat; a Labour MP -who says Miliband’s move is in the right direction, and in the Opposite corner, a EU enthusiast who approves of Miliband’s stance.

    Only the biased BBC could cook that sort of ‘interrogation’ up – real scrutiny is reserved only for the Tories

  177. 177
    Food for thought you'll not hear from LibLabCon says:

  178. 178
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    This, chaps, is the future for our children.


  179. 179
    A Bad Business says:

    It’s a drive -in.

    Sadly, no-one can buy a car there any more.

  180. 180
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Inherent I’m afraid and coming to a town near you, sooner than you think!

  181. 181
    A Bad Business says:

    It’s a dri ve-in.

    Sadly, no-one can buy a car there any more.

  182. 182
    White rabbit says:

    Mutually and tacitly agreed lie by all parties. As you say, except UKIP. And if they lie it would be the biggest deceit in the known universe although a small fragment of my being would expect it.

  183. 183
    ID says:

  184. 184
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Indian style politics heading for a town near you….come on, embrace that diversity….you know you want to.

  185. 185
    C O (Ξ6) says:

    This is pure dezinformatsiya : Disinformation.

    Report first appeared earlier today via Voice of Russ!a, but has since been taken down:


    US doesn’t have any twin engine drones.

    This does actually communicate more about where Serb!a is standing – perhaps not such good news for the EU.

    To clarify, earlier statements from Serb!a on strengthening its economic ties with R-Fed (in Serb!an):

    One elephant in the room: K’osovo.

  186. 186
    Fishy says:

    Miliband continues Labour’s treachery on the EU. A continuation of their Lisbon sell-out…and all you can say is, ‘Fuck off Dave.’

    Seriously weird

  187. 187
    jgm2 says:

    They had a pretty good go at that Mitchell chap though.

  188. 188
    C O (Ξ6) says:

    It’s a hell of long way to go, and expensive. Why would he need asylum if he had a perfectly fine !ranian passport and go via Ch!na ?

    Encourage to have a few deep breaths and look at the picture again.

    (+ Ask – Why does this seem normal ?)

  189. 189
    Gordon McMental says:

    It’s brilliant.
    I signed the Lisbon treaty yet Dave gets the blame for not dissolving an international agreement that He has no authority to end.




  190. 190
    C O (Ξ6) says:

    Some more from Venezuela today, where the death toll climbed to 21.

    This young lady did not die:

  191. 191
    you ain't seen nuthin yet says:

    @ Stay Tuned Folks

    So you’re trying to tell us that Pa*ki politics isn’t even more corrupt than it’s Indian counterpart, and that we shouldn’t comment on it because it doesn’t cover your particular pet peeves? Guido publishes several stories a day covering every subject under the political sun, so if you don’t like a particular subject just shove it mutha fucka.

  192. 192
    the master says:

    jay w toadvine is on linkedin. he’s the cia c u n t that was the operations/mechanical director at citylink telecommunications that put the t.e.t.r.a. infrastructure on lul (london underground limited) that was used to detonate the devices on 7/7.

    you can flap on all you like about fluoride but the clue is in the fluor. and the ride well you fell for it. no c u n t b0mbs london and gets away with it- especially c0mmon pup0se scum who have committed treason (that’s the least of your worries).

    we are going to stomp the living shit out of you.

  193. 193
    cheche says:

    when do we get tat civil penalty

  194. 194
    Dope test says:

    And it was coated in rocket fuel, just like the Hindenburg.

  195. 195
    Librarian says:

    Anything published in the Guardian should be filed under ‘fantasy’.

  196. 196
    Basil Don Bond says:

    ‘confusion over missing pane’s final course’

    I’m guessing it was the bombe surprise.

  197. 197

    This list is showing how are depending upon these criminals for our independence. We are simply blind or don’t want to see what is going around us. We have to wake from our deep sleep and shouldn’t let them to play with us.

  198. 198
    Anonymous says:

    that’s the point here Labour signed us up. Yes we could ignore it but who would trust us after that? Its not as straightforward as some on here think.

    Cameron said he would give a cast iron promise if Lisbon was not signed then a referendum would follow. Brown and Labour sneaked in and signed it as they were turfed out of office an act of treachery that will live in infamy.

    Labour must be destroyed first meanwhile we sleepwalk to a Milliband / Balls victory and god help us all if that happens.

  199. 199
    You are wrong says:

    It is recognised as the gold standard due to consistent accuracy just check out the anoraks over at political betting rather than take my word for it

  200. 200
    Anonymous says:

    Thorn in the side of government if he did not agree with the electorates choice ie Tories

  201. 201
    Observer says:

    You are the Dalai Lama and I claim my two mountain goats and big ‘fuck off’ gong.

  202. 202
    Old nick says:

    He’s already got the heating operatives on a work to rule

  203. 203
    Beb Splatter says:

    I am a coward and I don’t like to be booed even though I am a useless.

  204. 204
    Anonymous says:

    Band of sisters?

  205. 205
    Anonymous says:

    I presume you mean once bitten by Labour. After all they were the only ones that had the referendum in their manifesto.

    Then they went to Lisbon instead.

    How short a memory you do have

  206. 206
    Anonymous says:

    The Uk’s recovery is the fastest and most dramatic in the developed world
    BBC news – business report.

    Remember Labour Miliband and Balls have opposed everything the Tories did and wanted to do the direct opposite and will do just that in z2015 if you again let them get their hands in the cookie jar.

  207. 207
    No referendum with the Lisbon signers says:

    Ed Miliband last night effectively ruled out holding an in/out referendum on Europe if he becomes prime minister.
    The Labour leader said he will not match David Cameron’s pledge to hold a vote by the end of 2017 on whether Britain should stay in the European Union.
    He said he would only hold an in/out referendum if the UK decides to hand even more powers to Europe – something he said was ‘unlikely’.
    This means there will be a big divide between the two major parties at the general election next year – with one promising a nationwide poll no matter what and the other one saying a vote is all but ruled out.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  208. 208
    Anonymous says:

    BW: My local paper today carries an article by a certain W. Scott Thompson, emeritus professor at the f

  209. 209
    Just passing thru says:

    BW: My local paper today carries an article by one W. Scott Thompson, emeritus professor at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, USA about “Russianness and European”.

    Mainly waffle and space filling about Putin and the Ukraine mess, but he does manage to sneak in the fact that 6 million 4x2s were gassed during WW2.

    Now, if somebody SO eminent says so, it must be true.


  210. 210
    Bonfire of the Insanities says:
             BBBB  U   U RRRR  N   N    TTTTT H   H EEEEE
             B   B U   U R   R NN  N      T   H   H E
             BBBB  U   U RRRR  N N N      T   HHHHH EEEE
             B   B U   U R  R  N  NN      T   H   H E
             BBBB   UUU  R   R N   N      T   H   H EEEEE
                  L     I  SSSSS BBBB   OOOO  N   N
                  L     I S      B   B O    O NN  N
                  L     I  SSSS  BBBB  O    O N N N
                  L     I      S B   B O    O N  NN
                  LLLLL I SSSSS  BBBB   OOOO  N   N
                TTTTT RRRR  EEEEE    A   TTTTT Y   Y
                  T   R   R E       A A    T    Y Y
                  T   RRRR  EEEE   AAAAA   T     Y
                  T   R  R  E     A     A  T     Y
                  T   R   R EEEEE A     A  T     Y
                      N   N  OOOO  W        W
                      NN  N O    O W   WW   W
                      N N N O    O  W W  W W
                      N  NN O    O   WW  WW
                      N   N  OOOO    W    W
  211. 211
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


  212. 212
    Just passing thru says:

    As a general rule, steel framed buildings do not “pancake” unless a couple of the lower levels have been completely blown out first. Also, still waiting for explanation of how that building fell down some 20 minutes after the BBC announce its fall…

  213. 213
    Lord Stansted says:

    In my academic experience, the real professors rarely use the title – and when they do, only in an academic context, e.g. a University Senate meeting.

  214. 214
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Rise up brave Venezuelans and kick out your murderous Socialist/Communist overlords.

    They may murder our students, our beauty queens and our boxers but they will never take our freedom.


  215. 215
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    With 2 big tax cutting budgets to come for Osborne and the economy rapidly improving, as i told you Miliband is leading Labour to their worst ever defeat :-)

  216. 216
    Lord Stansted says:

    I think they’ll find that attacking the Russians is not quite like attacking a bunch of arabs.

  217. 217
    As it really was. says:

    That is utter hollow anonymous. Gordon signed Lisbon at the start of his premiership. Cameron phrased his cast iron warranty as if it paid out in all circumstances with his option not to honour it written in the small print.

    In many ways Cameron’s dodgy warranty which was deliberately deceptive is a far more serious crime than Gordon signining Lisbon.

    But arguing aside, they are both deceptive twits who should never have been trusted and should never again be trusted.

  218. 218
    ...or you're out says:

    In my academic experience, the real professors use the title whenever they possibly can and expect everyone else to use it too.

  219. 219
    Lord Stansted says:

    You should move.

  220. 220
    The Establishment says:

    We don’t people to know how bad the moz problem is.

  221. 221
    Not brainwashed yet says:

    Where is the EDL blog? Sounds awesome.

  222. 222
    T says:

    Heseltine, is that you again?

  223. 223
    or is it me says:

    and Balls Ed has that fat face with those little piggy eyes that seem to be locked in a desperate plea for a good punching

  224. 224
    or is it me says:

    Shampain socialist entitlement party

  225. 225
    Locherbie Lill says:

    A moslem with a stolen passport as a passenger, flying from from a regional hot-spot of militant islamo-fascism … and people are still wondering about a cause?

  226. 226
    albacore says:

    Not more cast-iron pie in the sky –
    Cross Dave’s heart, this time, and hope to die?
    Why wait for yet another three years?
    Still, it ain’t gay weddings, is it, dears?

  227. 227
    magic b says:


  228. 228
    Disband the military services, they no longer serve a purpose says:

    “called him a migrant and told him to go back to his own country.”

    Racially aggravated? Is this what it has come to?

    This, the nation of Churchill, Monty, Wellington, Nelson, Raleigh, Boodicca etc…

  229. 229
    Sssshh don't mention the nutjobs says:

    Entirely consistent with accident or structural failure … cause by a nutjob moslem bomber … travelling on a stolen passport.

  230. 230
    Vote UKIP, not p#do says:

    Dave, you couldn’t even beat Gordon Brown, you thick c#nt.

  231. 231
    JH-230912384590231-1 says:

    How long until they start killing all the intellectuals (aka ‘people wearing glasses’)? That seems to be a popular move for leftist governments as they lose their grip on power and reality.

    Torching a University. That will help.

    Owen Jones – you utter, utter twat. How blinded you are to common evil by your socialist dogma. Still, about 100’000’000 have made the same mistake.

  232. 232
    aurora borealis says:

    Ho Hum. militwit’s ethical banking model goes up in smoke and this morning he’s stating he will not be giving us an EU referendum if he gets into No 10.

    Two reasons not to vote labour then!

  233. 233
    Statto says:

    A poll is just statistics – it has no actual basis in reality – it may be meaningful but then again it may not be.

  234. 234
    aurora borealis says:

    I suspect Mrs T will be waiting for him inside the Pearly Gates – an eternity for her to lecture this leftwinger on the error of his ways.

  235. 235
    Owen Jones says:


    From conciousness as well as Twatter.

  236. 236
    The BBC says:

    When a socialist says he is for the people, tell him to fuck off.

  237. 237
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Bob Crow worked tirelessly for his members, Owen Jones works tirelessly for self publicity , I mourn Bob’s death and his birth.

  238. 238
    Ventriloquist says:

    Urgent need for an inquiry-led judge now.

  239. 239
    aurora borealis says:

    ‘labour playing a shrewd game’ ?! edballs as the illiterate shadow chancellor, burnham as the deadly shadow health minister ,militwit as the weird and geeky shadow PM, oh and let’s not forget hattyharpic that supporter of lowering the age of consent to 10 as shadow deputy pm and chuckusyamoney the millionaire playboy as shadow business manager……

    Yep a very shrewd game.

  240. 240
    Village Idiot says:

    …No more “mental” than the convenient,unprovable “Higgs Bosun” that cost billions !
    …Or,the unprovable “Big Bang Theory”,not the telly show!
    …How about “global warming”,,”global cooling”,..or”Climate change”,which has happened since weather was invented!
    ….Racism,now that is manmade,and a lucrative industry at that!
    ….Theoretical physisists”,pah!
    ..Low fat,high fat,wrong fat,good cholesterol,bad cholesterol,protein?

  241. 241

    Bob Crowe’s bull terrier was called Castro.

  242. 242
    Higgs the Bosun says:

    No, Cap’n, I come cheap – twelve shillin’ a week an’ a fortieth share of any bounty.

    That Boson feller, though, ‘e be a rum ‘n an’ no mistake.

  243. 243
    Ed Miliband says:

    I reckon that you will have cross party support for your comment concerning that little shit Owen Jones,Prime Minister.

  244. 244
    Alan Duncan says:

    And Noodle was so looking forward to a touch of Castro-enteritis.

  245. 245
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    I think a fitting send off for Bob Crow would be for the gravediggers to go on strike.

    It would just like the late 70s all over again :-)

  246. 246
    Prime Minister"Money's no object" Cameron says:

    I bought my young son a DVD today titled: ‘Bartek the Builder.’

    He wanted Bob the Builder, but these Polish chaps are so much cheaper.

  247. 247
    M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Perhaps he didn’t have a valid Iranian passport as he was an enemy of the regime and that’s why needed to be smuggled out on a false one.

  248. 248
    ...or you're out says:

    You already have.

  249. 249
    Anonymous says:

    “Percentage of Indian MPs Facing Criminal Charges by Party”
    suggests it might be less enervating just to list those who are honest. Why do electorates act surprised when evidence of wrong-doing surfaces. When what should astonish them, is that the obvious hasn’t registered in their consciousness. That being, something untoward was occurring even though they were unaware of it. A situation that the wise might think merited the creation of a trustworthy means, for detecting and eradicating that eventuality.

  250. 250
    Anonymous says:

    Is that Barraco Barner?

  251. 251
    Mr Weetabix (and NSA) says:

    Just remember that labour has the advantage of constituency boundaries and postal ballot fraud to help them, that’s worth two or three percent in the polls.

  252. 252
    dave says:

    He was a nob.

  253. 253
    dave says:

    Fuck the Polish turds,get urself a Bulgarian,even cheaper.

  254. 254
    I know what hell is says:

    In India our Vaz would be called NDtv sky channel 511 try seeing how long you can bear to listen .

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