March 11th, 2014

Did the Daily Mail Kill Bob Crow?

  • Union boss Bob Crow died from heart attack early this morning
  • Today’s Mail ran brutal hatchet job on Crow

The Daily Mail newspaper published a deadly hatchet job on union leader Bob Crow last night just hours before his death from a heart attack, it emerged this morning. In developments likely to infuriate his union members, it was revealed that the Mail described Crow as a “militant” and criticised him for attending a “three-course lunch at Westminster’s fashionable Inn on the Park restaurant”.

The attack appeared on the paper’s website only hours before Crow suffered a fatal heart attack. Bob Crow died at Whipps Cross hospital in Leytonstone early this morning.


  1. 1
    Owen Jones says:

    Cause of death – a waffer thin mint

  2. 2
    Every London Commuter says:

    Good riddance

  3. 3
    Bob Crow says:

    In ‘arf ‘ot daaaaaawn ‘ere wiv Maggie.

  4. 4

    If only the staff at Whipps Cross Hospital had not been under so much pressure due to undermanning, brought about by tory cuts , they might have had a chance to save him!!!

  5. 5
    Blooming Godfrey says:


  6. 6
    Ric Holden CCHQ says:

    RMT General Secretary Bob Crow has died.

    In other news, Essex County Council have a flat available to rent

  7. 7
    Fate says:

    Did I over hear that you wanted to die in your council house, Mr Crow?

  8. 8
    Fuck Labour says:

    One can have differences with political opponents but it should never descend into the gutter of personalised attacks. I wasn’t a fan of Crow’s politics, but I can respect the man and his principles. Dying at 52 is not right. And just because sections of the left were a disgrace in dancing on Mrs Thatcher’s grave doesn’t mean others should do the same regarding Crow or any other political opponent.

    Except if it’s Tony Blair, who’s a warmongering, sociopathic mass murdering c-unt whose death I’d celebrate with a massive party.

  9. 9
    Clouseau says:

    I suspect the 3-course lunches rather than the DM.

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    is that same deadly hatchet job you linked to this morning, now removed?

  11. 11
    Anonymous says:

    A sad day for us all with bobs passing.

  12. 12
    Nasal Ed says:

    i would imagine it was a blocked artery rather than the Daily Mail wot killed him

  13. 13
    jgm2 says:

    And Brown. Who fucked the UK economy for a generation.

    He can rot in hell and the sooner the better.

    Brown is proof that time travel doesn’t exist because if it did somebody would have come back from the future and killed the c*unt before he got his hands on all our money.

  14. 14
    Jasmin Beckett says:

    I hate the Daily Mail so much they make me cry. I wish everyone at the Daily Mail was dead.

  15. 15
    Nick Clegg says:

    Millwall Football Club would like to extend our condolences to the family of Bob Crow, who has sadly passed away:

  16. 16
    Tony Blair says:

    What is important is what is important is what is important is what is important is what is important is!

  17. 17
    T-800 says:

    Hasta la vista, Gordie!

  18. 18
    Anonymous says:

    I was admiring the respectful and understated coverage that you chose to give of a man’s death. Then you publish some nonsense about the Daily Mail. Really is that the best you can do?

  19. 19
    Anonymous says:

    and…?..if Crowe could not stand the heat of politics he should have stayed out of it.

    He put his head above the parapit, no one forced him to.

    Politics kills.

  20. 20
    Oh, dear. Never mind. says:

    He’ll be up there with Maggie Thatcher now. Bless.

  21. 21
    Grammar School Boy says:

    I couldn’t stand the bloke but I do agree with para 1 of your post.

  22. 22
    Ed Millitant says:

    Let’s name a Wailway Station after him. Hard working families could fly into Steven Lawrence International and take the twube to Bob Cwowe St Pancwas.

  23. 23
    Handy says:

    What’s your phone number Jas? I think I may have a position for you.

  24. 24
    Anonymous says:

    Which means someone else can use it, of course if he’d taken the selfish self interest route of Maggie’s here’s free cash from a house everyone else paid for he’d be a Tory hero.

  25. 25
    On a council house waiting list says:

    Perhaps a delayed reaction to his recent Caribbean holiday.
    Be nice if the same were to happen to Fatbott.

  26. 26
    Peckham Refugee says:

    Spot on! Especially the bit about Blair.

  27. 27
    Andy says:

    I doubt anything the Daily Mail or the tories were going to say would bother him that much. In all probability it will be complications from his physique that have led to his heart being unable to cope.

    And as Giodo pointed out earlier “If Guido was a train driver, he’d have voted for him…”. He did his job for his members and he did it very well – which is exactly what they paid him to do.

  28. 28
    Killed by too much spending says:

    Cause of Death: Death by excess. Hypercritic

  29. 29
    Baracco Barner says:

    Poor chap! He spends his working life trying to block the tubes, and now this!

  30. 30
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t tell the lefties that, they would keel over at the horror. Then again, Maggie is probably up there and Crowe may be down under.

  31. 31
    mustapha djinn says:

    The Caribbean holiday did him the world of good.

  32. 32
    A wake up call for Guido says:

    It’s not rocket science. Too many liquid lunches and no exercise Guido. And as for Bob Crow

  33. 33
    Anonymous says:

    No “up there” for Margaret I’m afraid to say as she’s with her friends in the “other place”

  34. 34
    I dislike socialists intensely says:

    I do not think that he will be up there with Maggie.

  35. 35
    Bob's your uncle says:

    Yeah. 10 New Pence doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  36. 36
    Anonymous says:

    i see a judge has just said that automatic postal voting should be abolished.

    the judge apparently prosecutes vote fraud.

  37. 37
    Anonymous says:

    That’s the thing about having principles it can motivate you to do things others won’t such as standing for the interests of those around you.

    Shame MPs don’t have this trait.

  38. 38
    Comeuppance says:

    I’m having a great week.

  39. 39

    I’m no fan of Brown but your basic premise that one man can be held responsible is not correct whichever person was Prime Minister or whichever party formed the Government at the time of the 2008 Banking Crisis was in a difficult position – the reasons for the collapse and subsequent bailouts are complex and I could probably write several thousands of words on the matter – the government at the time could have let capitalism run its course and let the banks fail which would have meant we would probably be in a worse situation in the UK than now. Ultimately the 2008 crisis was born in the US which spread to the UK and other countries due to the inter-connectivity of the current banking system.

  40. 40
    Táxpáyér says:

    No one did more to highlight the folly of public sector unions.

  41. 41
    Persona non grata says:

    A conversation between Putin and reporters, no western leader would ever give this kind of unscripted interview, very informative. The comments worth noting also.

  42. 42
    jgm2 says:

    Like Arthur Scargill tried to do?

    They weren’t ‘free’ either. They were heavily discounted depending on how long you’d already lived there.

  43. 43
    london says:

    thank god they are then

  44. 44
    Fuck Labour says:

    Actually, neither are up there or down there because there is no up there and down there. Heaven and hell are fictions from religions, which are giant fictions in themselves, to control and frighten the gullible masses who believe in a sky daddy.

  45. 45
  46. 46
    I dislike socialists intensely says:

    A real champagne socialist .

  47. 47
    Un descamisado says:

    I have it on good authority from my brother’s housemate’s girlfriend’s sister who works somewhere that cannot be named that “they” have been working on this for months.

  48. 48
    Táxpáyér says:

    Columbian Marching powder…

  49. 49
    Anonymous says:

    I’m for that as they could name the toilets in honour of Margaret thatcher to forever remind people what she did to millions while you take a big shit.

  50. 50
    Cressida's Dick says:

    Hated the man, his attitudes, except towards Europe, his champagne socialism and his willingness to inconvenience the travelling public in pursuit of his political aims. However 52 ain’t no age, condolences to his family & friends, a real shocker.

    Note to idiot lefties. That’s how you comment on the death of an opponent, with a bit of respect.

  51. 51
    Fuck Labour says:

    The other important news of the day is that Cheryl Cole confirms she is to rejoin ITV’s The X Factor, along with the show’s creator Simon Cowell, for an 11th series.

  52. 52
    but says:

    Kevin Maguire claimed on the BBC that Crow
    did loads of exercise.

  53. 53
    Ah! dissapointment says:

    In the early hours of the morning Bob discovers there is no Hell.

  54. 54
    I dislike socialists intensely says:

    I am going to miss him .He was a good reason not to vote Labour.

  55. 55
    Angry says:

    Bet you wouldn’t have run that crap about the mail, if it had been the Sun(which it well could have been) you steaming hypocrites. You’ve taken the shilling and lost all objective credibility. The first piece you did on Crow was well done, you really should have left it there but I suspect your Murdoch paymasters wanted you to do otherwise.

  56. 56
    Táxpáyér says:

    Yes she was a vital service connected intimately with civilisation.

  57. 57
    don't forget says:

    And Campbell.

  58. 58
    Fuck Labour says:

    The other important news of the day is that Cheryl C*le confirms she is to rejoin ITV’s The X Factor, along with the show’s creator Simon Cowell, for an 11th series.

    I always find that Cheryl’s cleavage brightens my mood.

  59. 59
  60. 60
    Anna says:

    Goodness, I wouldn’t celebrate the death of any fellow human being, nor denigrate the mourning of his family/friends. However blaming the Daily Mail seems a bit extreme… far more likely his heart attack was brought on by his champagne socialist lifestyle, or possible the weight of his bile.

  61. 61
    Call Me Dave says:

    “Did the Daily Mail Kill Bob Crow?”

    I think that is the biggest load of bollocks I have read on this site and that includes the shite posted by Jimmy.

  62. 62
    Anonymous says:

    And bob didn’t take the 30 pieces of silver offered.

  63. 63
    I dislike socialists intensely says:

    You sick tosser.

  64. 64

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/08/2011 – I’m definitely going to take that seriously then but I’ll give it a read

  65. 65
    Hugh Janus says:

    Picking up his pay packet + expenses must have been some task.

  66. 66
    you're too late says:

    Toilets are already named after Kevin Maguire.

  67. 67
    Un descamisado says:

    Congrats! Brilliant post.

  68. 68
    jgm2 says:

    Ultimately the 2008 crisis was born in the US which spread to the UK and other countries due to the inter-connectivity of the current banking system.

    Utter fucking bollocks.

    If it ‘started in the US’ then it started the day after 9/11 when Bush, to avoid a ‘feel bad’ recession that the religion of peace could claim was their doing, flooded the US with printed money. They were literally sending people cheques in the post. Get out there. Spend. Don’t let the terrorists stop ‘our way of life’. Millions were hired for ‘security’ and the military. Bazillions was spent on military investment. The economy boomed.

    Brown looked at the US and said ‘Well, if they’re going to do it then I’m going to do it’. He, in his turn hired 1,000,000 public sector workers overnight in 2001/2.

    The rest is history.

    It didn’t start in Am*eri*ca. It stopped. It was the ya*nks who pulled the pin on the insane borrowing. Thankfully. Otherwise we’d have ended up like Ic*el*and or Ir*ela*nd.

  69. 69
    Take plenty of Exercise says:

  70. 70
    A very slim man says:

    He’s definitely a salad dodger! old is Guido?

  71. 71
    Joe Public says:

    I guarantee the RMT won’t organise a strike on the day of his funeral.

  72. 72
    Anonymous says:

    Which you can ponder while having to pay someone to use.

  73. 73
    Fuck Labour says:


  74. 74
    Little Owen says:

    Now I’m an important writer for the Guardian,
    this is just the kind of angle I’ll take in my next

  75. 75
    Bully-Boy Ed Bollox says:

    Don’t forget me!

  76. 76
    Spacker Brown says:

    My one good eye is awash at this news.

  77. 77
    Táxpáyér says:

    Did he spend it on “increasing trade links with central america”…

  78. 78
    Táxpáyér says:

    If you read that site you’d know 2 weeks before that Northern Rock was going to go kaput.

  79. 79
    Twampersand mk III says:

    Keep telling yourself that, if it makes you feel better.

  80. 80

    Reading the article I agree ‘loose, lax and unregulated system’ in the UK but this has been a historical problem under several Governments since deregulation under the Thatcher Government of the 80s but if the UK had have had stronger controls Aig would have set up elsewhere to exploit lax controls and we still would have the same problem so again your premise that Brown is responsible is incorrect in fact Krugman praises the UK response to the 2008 global financial event.

  81. 81
    Persona non grata says:

    British aid money intended to help the poorest people in the world has been spent by the European Union on training Ukrainian soldiers in riot control, The Telegraph can reveal.

    The EU spent more than £1 million of British-funded aid on instructing Interior Troops from Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs on how to control crowds and arrest protesters, documents show.”

  82. 82
    Gideon George Osborne says:

    Bob Crow general secretary of the RMT has died aged 52.

    Typical union leader, clocking out early.

  83. 83
    Anonymous says:

    ……. and personal debt – the “I want it now” generation.

  84. 84
    Táxpáyér says:

    Money is an aid to reciprocation and the foundation of wealth creation.

  85. 85
    Un descamisado says:

    Five pence, actually

  86. 86
    Táxpáyér says:

    Krugman praises the UK response

    Exactly. He’s been wrong about everything since year dot. That you take Krugman’s word for it says a lot about your gullability.

  87. 87
    Tony Blair is a war criminal says:

    The media coverage of this is so over the top. White male soldiers get blown to bits in Afghanistan and the BBC won’t even report it. Some trade union leader who hated this country dies and the BBC are slobbering all over it.

    No wonder the media are twats.

  88. 88
    In answer to your request says:

    for leaks Mr Fawkes…there’s an important one here.

  89. 89
    Jude S Carrot says:

    no – he took sixty pieces of silver from his “members”

  90. 90
    Diane Abo says:

    The New Labour standard jargon soundbites are also:
    let me be clear, you must remember, the time has come for a proper debate

  91. 91
    Just Deserts says:

    Who’s Next?

  92. 92
    Dalai Jesus, pbuh says:

    Ahh, another expert graces us with their jamboree bag opinions. There’s a reason religions put currency into humility you know.

  93. 93
    Last Chance says:

    He wanted out of the European Union.
    He avioded UKIP.
    Like most idiots.

  94. 94
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Although sadly i would have preferred that Bob Crow had stepped down from his position, this is a perfect time for Miliband to address the woman problem in the Trades Union leadership.

    It’s high time Bob Crow’s position was filled by a woman selected from an all-women shortlist.

    Or is it do as i say and not as i do for Labour’s paymasters!

  95. 95
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    You must be an innumerate socialist. If you have 10 houses 5 are council house and 5 are owner occupied how many house do you have in total, answer 10. If sell the 3 council houses to the occupants are a reduced rate so you save on ongoing maintenance how many house do you have, answer 10. 2 are council houses, so selling council houses does n’t reduce the number of houses it just reduces the number of council houses. If you want to let the council house you would have to evict the current tenants to house others.

    In conclusion selling council houses does not reduce the housing stock, it just reduces the states cost of maintaining them.

  96. 96
    Anonymous says:

    Members who choose to pay to belong to a organisation which provides a service.

  97. 97

    So it is you contention that levels of public sector workers in the UK is a cause of the 2008 banking crisis?

    Actually Iceland took a different approach to the crisis to Ireland and the jury is still out on which was the better way to go but Iceland seems to be doing better than the opposite approach.

  98. 98
    Max Clifford says:

    WTF so Daily Mail killed Bob Crow. What a load of crap. I will not be renewing my subscription.

  99. 99
    EU to me says:

    Didn’t like him at all, typical do as I say not as I do, condolences to his family, gone at an early age, sometimes believing your helping others, doesn’t mean you should not be looking after yourself.

  100. 100
    Jude S Carrot says:

    ….never got to grips with how the massive overspending and overborrowing perpetrated by the Brown/Balls coalition under Blair first and then in their own right, had anything whatsoever to do with the collapse of Lehman’s, Northern Rock or any of them! The Fed. did the right thing in letting Lehman’s go down as a lesson to all the rest, whilst the Scottish idiot threw our childrens future at the Britain’s profligate lame duck banks in the name of saving his own skin & reputation. Of course if he’d had any vestige of self-awareness or any real-world financial & economic nous, he too would have would have realised that no bank was too big to fail (especially when it was Scottish eh Gordon?) and consequently brokered the most monumental f*ck-up since ythe South Sea Bubble. What a tw*t

  101. 101
    Sick of the greed and lies(still) says:

    Agree totally!

  102. 102
    Max Clifford says:

    Guido is a Sun Man these days so he has adopted their position on opposition news media. Twat

  103. 103
    Ed Miliband out of touch with Working class says:

  104. 104
    ey up! says:

    Is mr Dromy available to be selected for the all womens list, he did well last time.

  105. 105
    Truthteller says:

    Still the brain dead will keep voting liblabcon.

  106. 106
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    The god-bothering nutters are out in force today.

  107. 107
    aurora borealis says:

    Oh Come on be fair. We have to say RIP and it was too young for someone to die. But the Mail’s criticism of his views and lifestyle was quite justified given his high profile leftwing views, the frequent strikes he called, his huge salary and choice of taxpayer funded housing etc.

    And sadly his death by heart attack probably had something to do with his choice of lifestyle, eating habits and so on – so I don’t think you can blame the Mail!!

  108. 108
    Peter Grimes says:

    Failed in that too!

  109. 109
    Little old Lady from Tooting Beck says:

    David Southall

    The economy of the UK was already in trouble from 2002 onwards. Warning after warning was ignored by Brown. We were headed for the shitter long before 2008. In fact 2008 was just the deluge of water as the chain was pulled of Browns incompetence.
    It also gave him someone else to blame
    LAbour destroy jobs, pensions and economies

  110. 110
    Nobir Dooh says:

    . . . and they all do it for nothing then do they? Principles apply right across the board – not just in robbing the poor to pay the rich!

  111. 111
    Anonymous says:

    A popped artery.

  112. 112
    Hugh Janus says:

    He did have one redeeming feature.

    From today’s DT:

    “In 2009 Crow stood for the European Parliament on the “No2EU” ticket, polling 17,758 votes across London.”

    I would like to think that this was a principled stand against the EU, rather than the exploitation of just another troughing opportunity.

  113. 113
    "Good with food" says:

    You mean Ethics, like that bank.

  114. 114
    Ed Miliband criticises working Class Union Leader in death says:

    So Ed Miliband killed Crow and not the DM.

  115. 115
    Kevin M. says:

    “Quote of the Day”


  116. 116
    Anonymong says:

    hahahaha :)

  117. 117
    Harridan Harpic says:

    How old is she?

  118. 118
    Jilly, 34DD, Hounslow says:

    Piss off needledick.

  119. 119
    Sick of the greed and lies(still) says:

    She hasn’t tweeted her condolences so she must have double Home Economics. No doubt she will do it after that.

  120. 120
    Strangle the next person to say says:

    What we are saying is….

  121. 121
    Fuck Labour says:

    Unless you have evidence for the existence of your particular god, then best stay quiet.

  122. 122
    A working class Labour MP's opinion says:

  123. 123
    Persona non grata says:

    B*lsen Burn-em just said no hospital safe from Tory structural reform, this from the man who oversaw circa 30,000 patient deaths between 1997-2010. Why is Burnham not in prison?

  124. 124
    jgm2 says:

    If he’d had any fucking sense he’d have kept to the sensible spending policies he inherited from the Tories. National debt was going down. I really thought we were going to pay it all off. But no. Suddenly he decides that some arbitrary 40% of GDP is a ‘prudent’ amount of debt.

    Hired 1,000,000 public sector workers overnight in 2001/2. Gave them all massive pay increase. He gave the doctors so much they all went to a three day week. So we ended up with a fucking shortage of doctors.

    And we’ve been paying them with borrowed money for the past fucking decade.

    Utter fucking insanity.

  125. 125
    Clear Memories says:

    So, the Mail does the nation a favour yet again.

  126. 126
    Belle Hoppe says:

    Taxi for McCluskey! Taxi for McCluskey!

  127. 127
    Anonymous says:

    A slack jawed expendable soldier gets killed, what’s the news?

  128. 128
    Fuck Labour says:

    Yes, nothing says humility more than “I’m going to heaven because I believe in an invisible sky deity”

  129. 129
    Bob Crow says:

    It’s usually bang out of ordah, but under the turmz and kerndishuns I offered Fatcha when she snuffed it, I unnerstand your right to diss me.

  130. 130
    Tenuous link says:

  131. 131

    Actually if the Daily Hitler had said something nice about him you might have a theory.

  132. 132
    Fuck Labour says:

    If only Jack Dromey had fucked off instead.

  133. 133
    Julian the Wonderhorse says:

    He was rushed to hospital, but the doctors and nurses were all on strike

  134. 134
    Winston says:

    Yes, Guido is now an establishment man. Hence, the change in tact towards UKIP. Have you seen today’s very personal attack on Farage in The Times? They attack his lack of fitness, saying he was out of breath after a hike across fields. FFS, he’s been run over by a car, fought off cancer and survived a plane crash! He recently had back surgery relating to the plane crash. These are the same sanctimonious middle-class liberals who criticise the Mail, but behave just the same.

  135. 135
    Another millionaire Socialist who disagrees with the working class says:

  136. 136
    Anonymong says:

    Block vote tube boss has tubes blocked by bloat.

  137. 137
    Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Peedos, & other Wasters says:

    He probably died from the 3 hour lunches he enjoyed.

  138. 138
    Labour isn't working (class) says:

    They could just as easily be Tweets from Ed and Chuka on Mrs T’s death. They did not agree with her but respected her.

    It shows just how far the Labour party leadership has distanced itself from its working class roots.

  139. 139
    Anonymous says:

    WRONG! It’s a shame so many people have believed Labour’s propaganda.

    Leading on from his gloat to have ended boom and bust, Brown changed the Tier 1 capital adequacy ratio for banks allowing Banks to borrow factors more money. This lead to the UK part of the Bank Disaster.

    The Old Tier 1 capital adequacy ratio had historically kept the banks borrowing in check, and there lending under control. In order to stay competitive Banks where forced to take advantage of this, leaving themselves venerable when times got hard.

    Please note, the most risky business banks deal in is lending (not investment banking) and it was this activity that caused some of the biggest issues at RBS, HBOS, Northern Rock, etc…

  140. 140
    Persona non grata says:

    Electoral commission express concerns over the integrity of postal vote system, but Tories say no reform. You have to ask why?

  141. 141

    Táxpáyér says:
    March 11, 2014 at 12:07 pm

    Krugman praises the UK response

    Exactly. He’s been wrong about everything since year dot. That you take Krugman’s word for it says a lot about your gullability.

    ‘I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.’

    Margaret Thatcher

  142. 142
    jgm2 says:

    Ed and Labour must be fucking delighted.

    Nothing focussed voter’s minds more than Bob Crow inconveniencing several million of them just because his over-paid budgies fancied more money or more holidays.

    He was a gift to Boris too.

    Still, Bob has set the bar for bone-headed intransigence. Will his successor be able to piss people off quite as much and chase quite so many away from Labour?

    Time will tell.

  143. 143
    One Word says:


  144. 144
    Anonymous says:

    Never ceases to amaze me the hypocrisy of the left who sang ding dong and tramped the earth down. All views suspended when on of their own

    12:19 PM on 11/3/2014

  145. 145
    Owen Jones,Chief Political Correspondent says:

    Breaking News

    Prime Minister David Cameron sacked

  146. 146
    jgm2 says:

    I’m glad the truth about Brown’s lies are becoming more and more mainstream.

    History will not be kind to the incompetent jackass.

  147. 147
    Jack Ketch says:

    Only a matter of time

  148. 148
    Anonymous says:

    You really don’t like it when you constant failures are pointed out

  149. 149

    Agreed personal debt levels are a problem and people have to take personal responsibility for this but also the system is set-up in such a way now to make borrowing easy and borrowing is promoted heavily so its no wonder people get into trouble, historically it was much more difficult to borrow – if you wanted to borrow money you had to personally see your bank manager.

  150. 150
    Hugh Janus says:

    Is that because Crow incanted “She can rot in hell” and waved his magic, er, wand when she karked it…?

  151. 151
    jgm2 says:

    No they weren’t. They were all at home asleep.

    At least the ones who can speak English were.

  152. 152
    Johnny says says:

    Have a look at the EU financial transparency system and you can find what we have been funding between 2007 and 2012. Plenty of research and development dosh has been thrown into Ukraine and payments for border management and other things.

    Pick Ukraine from the country drop down menu and click search. Over 750 million euros in 6 years, nearly half of that money being in 2011.

  153. 153
    Peter Grimes says:

    Wot abaht ‘crisis’ (perm any one from the stock list) or, the top trumps cards, ‘bankers’ bonus tax’ or ‘Bullingdon’.

    And the fuckwit leftoids go on about dog-whistle calls from the centre-right!

  154. 154
    Awesome boobage says:

    I love travelling on the tube because there’s always lovely totty in short skirts or plunging necklines. Just recently I saw a tasty looking lass who was actually dressed quite conservatively except for a sheer top through which her bra and lovely melons were visible. That certainly perked me up on my morning journey to work.

  155. 155
    P Dubya says:

    The Daily Mail had FA to do with Bob’s demise.
    Bob Crow killed Bob Crowe by his lifestyle choice.
    I personally hated him for his “I’m alright Jack attitude” to society who paid an enormous price for his and his members goldplated salariesand perks extorted from the taxpayer by striking at the drop of a hat.
    Having said that someone once said that “one life lost diminshes us all” and in the same spirit whatever Bob represented may he rest in peace.

  156. 156
    Peter Grimes says:

    The ‘other place’ – you mean the House of Lords, of course.
    Quite right too!

  157. 157

    I agree with your comment on Tier 1 capital adequacy ratio the question is would any other government at the time have done anything differently when the banks were probably putting pressure on for the change – but again the premise of the conversation is Brown personally and completely responsible for the events of 2008 and I believe it is much more complex and nuanced than such a simple statement.

  158. 158
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Labour’s spin machine distances itself from Bob Crow. Miliband and Ummuna didn’t agree with much of what Crow did, so why the fuck did they say nothing when he was alive.
    Crow’s replacement could well be worse!

  159. 159

    Because they are now conspiring with labour in fiddling the European election vote to destroy UKIP.

  160. 160

    Little old Lady from Tooting Beck – any facts to back up your assertion ‘The economy of the UK was already in trouble from 2002 onwards.’

  161. 161
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Daily Politics. There is some labour bloke talking in an unknown language. Subtitles please.

  162. 162
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    I think he died from a poor diet, being overweight, and stress. Life took it’s toll.

  163. 163
    jgm2 says:

    is Brown personally and completely responsible for the events of 2008


    He was in power from 1997. This clusterfuck didn’t happen overnight despite the ‘Ooooh, look what happened, we had no warning’ narrative put out by BBC/Labour.

    The signs were there as to what was happening. Rampant house price inflation, massive government hiring, massive government borrowing, massive personal borrowing.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Do you really mean to tell me that you were one of those that thought it was all real and that Brown had discovered some new perpetual ‘growth’ formula that had evaded every other chancellor and economist in history?

  164. 164
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Headline news on the BBC – First story on lunchtime news.

  165. 165
    RomaBob.... working hard for you! says:

    Must have read the first edition of the Mail and blown………..

  166. 166
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Guido asks did the DM kill Bob Crow – No he was looking at page 3 of the SUN.

  167. 167
    jgm2 says:


    In 2001/2 Brown hired 1,000,000 public sector workers and paid them with 20bn of borrowed money.

    Absent that borrowed 20bn we would have been in recession.

    This borrowing requirement snowballed year-on-year until it blew up in his face in 2008.

  168. 168
    RomaBob.... working hard for you! says:

    Fine food, fine wines, Caribbean cruises ……. that is what did him in!

  169. 169
    RomaBob.... working hard for you! says:


    “Nurse, he is out of his bed again!”

  170. 170

    Of course they agreed with Crow, the dis affiliation of Crows union from Labour was nothing more than a blind to keep Labour out of the shitstorm during the incessant Under ground strikes!

  171. 171

    ‘Do you really mean to tell me that you were one of those that thought it was all real and that Brown had discovered some new perpetual ‘growth’ formula that had evaded every other chancellor and economist in history?’

    No I never believed that – the system seems to be cyclical in nature so there will be another boom time and will be another bust time as I said originally I’m no fan of Brown.

    ‘Rampant house price inflation, massive government hiring, massive government borrowing, massive personal borrowing.’

    All those signs seem to be starting again this time under the coalitions tenure.

  172. 172
    Judge Dreadful says:

    Judges don’t prosecute anything. Judges, when sitting as judges, judge. Prosecutors prosecute.

  173. 173
    jgm2 says:

    Members who choose to belong to an organisation that uses blackmail to pay train dr*iv*ers – a job which has to be the simplest job in the world, over 50K a year.

    Can you picture the on-the-job training.

    Alright Bob. It’s very simple. Red light STOP, green light GO.

    Off you go.

  174. 174
    A wanker from the BBC says:

    Some people are already criticising us, comparing our coverage of the death of the outstanding Bob Cow with our coverage of the death of the evil Margaret Thatcher. This must stop. Our coverage is as impartial as always.

  175. 175
    jgm2 says:

    Massive government hiring?

    I fucking well hope not.

    And you won’t hear me cheering the coalition’s spending plans either.

    I’d have fired Brown’s million on Day One back in May 2010.

    First thing I’d have done.

    They’d have got over it by now (or not, I don’t give a shit) and we wouldn’t have been paying the c*unts for the last four years.

  176. 176
    Club of Rome says:

    Everybody’s do-oo-ing the locomotion, now

  177. 177
    Kim Jung-on says:

    Fine sentiments, I’m sure. Maybe I will resist the temptation to dance on Mr Crow’s grave, just this once.

    But don’t let that make anyone think that I will not be expressing my sincere condolences to the Benn dynsasty when the opportunity arises.

  178. 178

    Can Transport For London provide a vintage bus as a hearse so the late RMT boss Bob Crow can have a big send of. A Memorial Fund should be set up for Union Bosses to be trained in how look after Transport Users

  179. 179


    In 2001/2 Brown hired 1,000,000 public sector workers and paid them with 20bn of borrowed money.

    Absent that borrowed 20bn we would have been in recession.

    This borrowing requirement snowballed year-on-year until it blew up in his face in 2008.’

    Ok so should Brown had let us go into recession in 01/02 or as he did do extended the relative good years until the banking fails of 2008 using borrowing and public sector worker increases?

    If he had done that would it have stopped the events of 2008?

    If the events of 2008 i.e the bank fail and bailout not happened what state would the UK economy be in now taking into account the public sector worker level and 20 billion of borrowing to fund it?

    In 2008 should Brown had not bailed out the banks and let them fail and repaid everyone’s savings under 85k from the taxpayer? and anyone with over 85k well tough luck.

  180. 180
    Democracy Now says:

    Because the Tory Party suspects that there are a number of councillors and possibly MPs up and down the country who currently hold office because of voting fraud.

    One of the most telling signs of the level of the endemic nature of the frauds took place at the last local elections in London in 2010. An ‘error’ caused the declared totals in the High Street Ward in Walthamstow to be 125% of the total eligible electorate. Not a single person at the count considered this was odd, or if they did, they didn’t challenge the result at the time. Why? Because everyone was stupid? Becuase no-one had a stake in the outcome? I doubt that. The best explanation is that the two main parties contending for the 3 seats in the ward both feared that their candidates had been involved.

    Why didn’t the third party challenge what went on on this night? Maybe they were half asleep. Or maybe they didn’t want too much scrutiny to take place in other wards which were also being counted at the same time.

  181. 181
    Will says:

    hows it going owen with your campaign to abolish the police, I bet as soon as you get mugged in London you will pen an article to complain about not enough police on the streets.

  182. 182
    they ave all left us says:

    first Tony Soprano, now Bob Crow…
    when will it end….

  183. 183

    ‘Massive government hiring?

    I fucking well hope not.’

    I’d have to check the figures on hiring but I think the other signs are worrying on the heat coming back into the housing market for example.

    ‘And you won’t hear me cheering the coalition’s spending plans either.’

    Agreed I’m no fan

    ‘I’d have fired Brown’s million on Day One back in May 2010.

    First thing I’d have done.’

    Probably a bad idea remember the money spent on the public sector is recycled into the economy via taxation and spending within the economy – tax avoidance is more damaging as it takes money out of the rotation.

    ‘They’d have got over it by now (or not, I don’t give a shit) and we wouldn’t have been paying the c*unts for the last four years.’

    A bit harsh don’t you think I agree their is probably non-jobs and wastage but if you got hit by a car are the Paramedics and ambulance drivers and Doctors and Nurses who save your life still c*nts?

  184. 184
    stench says:

    It’s perfectly legitimate for a national newspaper to
    report how much a union leader earns,that he enjoyed
    expensive fancy hols and lived in a council house.

  185. 185
    have you forgotten says:

    Hitler was a Socialist.

  186. 186
    just saying says:

    If the Tories don’t sort out postal voting,
    there’s no point any of us bothering to vote.
    The system is totally corrupt.

  187. 187
    Shooty* says:

    If it WAS the Daily Mail….

    Do Miliband and Balls next, DM.

  188. 188
    jefferson says:

    The Labour party was hijacked by the metropolitan middle class elite who are pro mass immigration, pro EU and more interested in the rights of p@deophiles than victims.

    I hate new Labour. I don’t agree with old Labour but they had their principles and they stood by them.

    Bob Crow was old Labour. He was against the EU and mass immigraton. he had more in common with Nigel Farage than Harriet Harman by a country mile.

  189. 189
    Táxpáyér says:

    Constant Failure is a synonym for marxism.

  190. 190
    Play it says:

    It’s what he would have wanted.

    (Mind the bad language)

  191. 191
    Blooming Godfrey says:


    Still detested the man.

  192. 192
    Blooming Godfrey says:

    If Len McCluskey and Alex Salmond suddenly depart this mortal coil we know there is something afoot!

  193. 193
    Blooming Godfrey says:

    Doesn’t bother me, I don’t watch the BBC. Get more impartiality from Russia Today!

  194. 194
    Earl of Croydon says:

    Guido has mad himself look very silly with this Headline.
    There was a name for people like him at our school.

  195. 195
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    The best send off would be for the gravediggers to go on strike, it’ll be just like the late 70s all over again :-)

  196. 196
    Hugh Janus says:

    Bob Croak.

  197. 197
    Hugh Janus says:

    Translation: Thank fuck the fat fuck’s dead.

  198. 198
    james M says:

    Get a life size 14 ?!!!

  199. 199
    just asking says:

    When’s the post mortem?

  200. 200
    JH-230912384590231-1 says:

    I always fancied the redhead more. Legs to die for.

  201. 201
    Cast your minds back says:

    I seem to recall that many of us on here were warning about Browns insane spending well before the crash in 2008 in fact if you remember at the time it occurred a few of us warned that Brown would use the banking crisis as a cover for his incompetent handling of the economy. He did.

  202. 202
    Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

    How could Bob die of a heart attack? He never had one.

  203. 203
    Chukka says:

    His succesor will be Patric Sikorski a real piece of work.

  204. 204
    Arthur Scargil says:

    Yikes…………there goes my only friend! I was only thinking the other day that I was on borrowed time!

  205. 205
    Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

    Great. Driverless trains soon on the LU. No more strikes because no more Bob Crows or RMT members.

  206. 206
    Abiogenesis says:

    As you sow, so shall you reap. He ate himself to death & died of ignorance. His grasp of the economics of running the Tube was abysmal & ordinary passengers paid the price for his lack of moral integrity. A tragedy for his family certainly & my condolences to them, but if a more moderate leader of the RMT is elected, at least the travelling public may have a better Tube service.

    If not, then disruptions will continue until the trains become fully autonomous & driverless. The technology exists & only the political will to implement it is presently lacking. The Google car is an example of new technology.

    The future can be delayed; it cannot be stopped. Technology, once invented, eventually gets used. Change is inevitable & Tube drivers might possibly have longer careers if they do not bite the hands that feed them, those of their passengers. Otherwise, their jobs will evaporate as surely as did the jobs of those Victorian match sellers. Sad, but true.

  207. 207
    Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

    Shite blog. Fucking Leveson apparatchiks. Uncle Joe was more liberal.

  208. 208
    God's holy trousers says:

    Can you picture the on-the-job training.

    Alright Bob. It’s very simple. Red light STOP, green light GO.

    Off you go.

    Summed it up superbly jgm2

  209. 209
    dutchy says:

    and the thought of Millwall being relegated

  210. 210
    and another thing! says:

    He also set up the tripartite regulation that utterly failed, lead by example with reckless borrowing and spending, turned a blind eye to the banking industry practiceses’ whilst using the massive taxes from their profits to buy votes by promising unsustainable benefits (part of the reason for the current deficit) and sold off our gold at the bottom of the market.

    Who can forget Prudence Browns golden rule which whenever it caused problems for his “investment (in votes) over the business cycle”, changed the business cycle definition instead of curtailing spending until it became so distrusted he dropped the pretends.

    Saying he saved the world is like praising a drunk driver who causes a massive accident then pulls someone from the wreckage.

  211. 211
    Everhard Lord Smith's very private secretary says:

    What was he up to the bollocks in Milliband when he snuffed it ?

  212. 212
    Anybodt read blogs round here? says:

    Read your history. The IMF gave several warnings that Brown’s lunacy was steering the ship on to the rocks. But he and Balls took not the slightest bit of notice. They should both be strung up on Westminster Bridge.

  213. 213
    Anybody read blogs round here? says:

    The next DM splash is all about you Arthur. Better get your affairs in order by the weekend.

  214. 214
    StevieBC says:

    “Did the Daily Mail kill Bob Cow?”

    That’s just a disgraceful title Guido Fawkes.
    Regardless of who we are talking about, to ‘blame’ any newspaper for the death of an individual is the absolute worst, sensationalist ‘reporting’.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  215. 215
    StevieBC says:


  216. 216
    jgm2 says:

    I do hope so. Bob Crow, like Ned Balls is/was a voter repellent.

    Every time Bob Crow had a strike and inconveniences several million people then another 100,000 voters are reminded of the reality of Labour governments.

    Boris must have secretly loved it when Bob Crow went on strike.

    As must Cameron.

    Now, if they select an even bigger thug than Crow who’s even more into screwing commuters then that’s electoral gold for Boris and Cameron.

  217. 217
    Enoch Powell says:

    They’ll try to pin it on Thatcher.

  218. 218
    A suggestion says:

    … and then Red Len McFucksky

  219. 219
    Fit for the Sewers. says:

    ” Did the Daily Mail Kill Bob

    No! Too many pies for too many years is most likely suspect for Bob Crows murder. Greggs the bakers is under investigation.

  220. 220
    Max Clifford says:

    Quote of the Year

  221. 221
    Anonymous says:

    Emm ever heard of gradients slippery rails etc I think u guys should not be allowed to drive a milk float

  222. 222
    Tim Yeo-yo says:

    Agreed. Let the fat commie tw@ rest in peace.

  223. 223

    Your irony radar needs servicing James.

  224. 224
    a traveller says:

    Its something to crow about.
    One down…….

  225. 225
    broderick crawford says:


    Oi !! that s plagiarism … I m suing !!!

  226. 226
    broderick crawford says:

    … or your ” rivers of blood ” speech Enoch .

  227. 227
    Cynic2 says:

    “I am worth it” says Crowe

    Evidently God disagreed

  228. 228
    Earl of Croydon says:

    Having read the article in todays Mail,it makes Guidos post even more spiteful.
    All they (The Mail) did was to quote Bob Crowe from his interview on Radio 4.
    I find Guidos slant on this rather nasty.

  229. 229
    Anonymous says:

    Did the Daily Mail kill Bob Crow?

    Only if he ate that too.

  230. 230
    Greggs Bakers says:

    Too many pie & mushy pea dinners, judging by his girth.

  231. 231
    Take the A Train says:

    Another council house available to let?

  232. 232
    Champagne Charley says:

    Yes, many people ARE crowing!

  233. 233
    Lonnie Donegan says:

    But did he wear gorblimey trousers?

  234. 234
    Bob says:

    He got those door operators (“train drivers”) over £60kpa. What a negotiator!

    They DON’T “drive” the trains at all. They have two push buttons to operate – “doors open” and “doors close”. The trains drive themselves.

    You could get a trained monkey to “drive” a modern tube train…..

    Oh…. hang on…. they ARE trained monkeys….

  235. 235
    Big D says:

    Oh great now we will have the BBC going on about St Crow as long as it went on about Mandela .
    It will all be the Daily Mails fault nothing to do with being over weight ( and overpaid )

  236. 236
    Bob says:

    Brown stole my pension (and yours). He sold off our gold reserves at the LOWEST price since the 1930s. He effectively doubled personal taxes in just three years. Then he bankrupted the country and had the temerity to claim that he was “prudent”.

    As Bugs would say: “What a maroon!”

    That clown is the best advertisement for rounding up all the Sweaties and dumping them on Rockall – they could be truly independent then!

  237. 237
    Bob says:

    I hope not.

    He was a disgusting, fat, ignorant trougher who wangled the way to the top of his discredited “Union” by threats and intimidation. He’s got exactly what he deserved, and I hope it hurt. A lot.

  238. 238
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve read that Bob Crowe started his union career on a picket line wielding a cricket bat. A very nasty boy and man.

  239. 239
    Leem says:

    The loaded questions the bbc aimed at him in the interview on Monday (never focussing on his achievements for workers and continually baiting him with questions of his salary) then this DM attack could possibly have attributed to his Cardiac arrest.. RMT workers are without a great defender of their working rights.. A great loss, and will be missed

  240. 240
    Leem says:

    Not very tasteful, would of expected a little more respect from such a ‘caring’ social commentator

  241. 241
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are flying back for the funeral. Thatcher and Mandela have sent their apologies. Blair has been apointed peace envoy. Brown says, ‘No more boom and bust’.

  242. 242
    Aardvark says:

    A real champagne, chips, kebab & caviare socialist.

    Communist heroes always live in luxury.

  243. 243
    carlo gambino says:

    Aw go and weep on the Guardian blog then.

  244. 244
    Anonymous says:

    You’re all so f**king hilarious! And sick in the ‘ed

  245. 245
    Hampstead Man says:

    As if spoiling the lives of millions of commuters wasn’t going to attract hatred.

    God job for him that the funeral workers and gravediggers aren’t on strike.

  246. 246
    Anonymous says:

    No, he just went off the rails!!!

  247. 247
    cynic says:

    That was just practice for where he’s gone now! Great to think of him soaking up the heat. Let’s hope Satan lays on something special for him – and then invites all his friends.

  248. 248
    Socialism is a mental illness says:

    As his coffin trundles down the conveyor, just as the doors open, an announcement booms out…’Mind the gap’………..

  249. 249
    Just Asking says:

    Actually Crow’s death could be blamed on the BBC.
    The PM programme on BBC radio 4 entertained Bob Crow to lunch at a salubrious restaurant near Westminster, with one of their “junior off the record” women journalists, and then broadcast it.
    I believe he ordered the treacle pudding for dessert so that could have certainly done it.
    This evening PM’s Eddie Mair was quite grovelling over Crow’s demise, as are all the other beeboids.

  250. 250
    Just Asking says:

    Interesting in that in his words of wisdom at the public paid BBC PM programme lunch before his death, Bob Crow stated that his was the only household in his street that was not on benefits and paid the rent.
    Says it all really.

  251. 251
    Joe Public says:

    You are Gordon Brown and I demand my 10p, which is all it’s worth now.

  252. 252
    GDS says:

    I’m a huge Guido fan but surely you wrote this whilst utterly pi$$ed as it has no logic or merit to it whatsoever. Astonished, disappointed and really rather annoyed with Guido. Hmmmmmm

  253. 253
    GDS says:

    Nor any integrity if I’m honest and that’s a slippery slope for a site like this!

  254. 254
    Tel E Caster says:

    Every one of those “slack-jawed expendable soldiers” is worth 10 of you.

  255. 255
    HRH Duke of Edinbugger says:

    as well as Brazil even, the fat bastard. Fuck the rest I’m OK – well yer not now are ya Crowmeat.

  256. 256
    Tel E Caster says:

    Admit it; you’re one of the tossers who sang “Ding Dong, the witch is dead!”

  257. 257
    Stalin says:

    An old school communist traitor. A rarity thesedays!

  258. 258
    Anonymous says:

    Crow was a dinosaur always banging on about the working man,truth of the matter was he couldn’t give a shit about any of the normal working class men and women who used the network. He was a hypocrite of the highest order,a champagne socialist. In my eyes he was no better than Scargill who has shown he’s true colours by shitting on he’s old union.Good riddance Bob ,hopefully the network will start to modernise ,get rid of the dead wood who fill up so many of the old institutions in this country. The trouble with so many who work in jobs like ticket offices,council workers, etc is they are not capable of earning a living off their own guile. That’s why they loved Crow so much.

  259. 259
    Hmmm says:

    David Southall blathered:
    Probably a bad idea remember the money spent on the public sector is recycled into the economy via taxation and spending within the economy – tax avoidance is more damaging as it takes money out of the rotation.

    Hahaha you utter fucking moron.

  260. 260
    One-eyed son of the manse says:

    When Mrs Thatcher died, Bob Crow said: “‘I won’t shed one single tear over her death. She destroyed the NHS and destroyed industry in this country and as far as I’m concerned she can rot in hell.’ He was a nasty piece of work, and the country is a better place without him.

  261. 261
    Nemesis says:

    My goodness there are some really fucking weird sick bastards on this board.

  262. 262
    Nemesis says:

    Well you’ll not need either of those professions when you die. You’re the sort of twat that will be tossed in a skip and dumped at the local landfill site.

  263. 263
    MB. says:

    I saw some comments that compared the reaction of his opponents to his death to the way that many on the Left reacted to Margaret Thatcher’s death. Be interesting to see what comments he made at the time.

  264. 264
    StevieBC says:

    I used to be a real GF supporter – especially during the MP’s expenses scandal(s).
    But I fear that he has sold out e.g. with the obvious ‘bias’ on certain issues / country.
    The above title maybe too sensationalist for even The Sun!
    Enjoy your 30 pieces of silver Guido…and you had been producing great output before…
    GF ironically seems to have morphed into a ‘pseudo – MP’…f### integrity – it’s all about self-interest now.

  265. 265
    One-eyed son of the manse says:

    He said Thatcher can rot in hell. But don’t take my word for it: google “bob crow thatcher”. The man was just vile.

  266. 266
    Thatcher's Iron Stiletto says:

    A suggestion somg for his funeral as the coffin goes in:

  267. 267
    dave says:

    Fuck him.

  268. 268
    thostids says:

    Now he’s a sleeper.

  269. 269
    Andy says:

    Maybe someone deserving can have his council house. Tube Commuters will be holding a party to celebrate his demise.

  270. 270
    PC Dixon says:

    What did he say about Margaret Thatcher -she can rot in hell – same to you Mr Crow

  271. 271
    Anonymous says:

    Try some they’re nice mind you don’t choke on them welsh c***T

  272. 272
    Anonymous says:

    nice that you can make such sweeping judgements about people, no I did not sing when thatcher passed away. she died, I was not sad but did not disrespect the fact she was a human being with family and friends who were mourning her death!

    Mr Crow , achieved great (work related) things for the RMT members, and this will be long remembered by those who can still maintain a quality of life in 2014! because they are in receipt of a livable wage and work related benefits;

    also before you accuse persons of being ‘tossers’ take a look at your yourself , you’reprobably a sad 50+ single, porn watching obese ‘tosser’ who will die alone and unhappy, indeed the only happiness you probably get is when you’re acting out as a keyboard warrior (hows that for a sweeping statement Tel E Caster

  273. 273
    Anonymous says:

    very nice from a social commentator.. you’re as bad as the rest of ‘em! you obviously love yourself too much and get off hearing/reading your low grade swipes in the hope some 1st year sociology degree student will find it funny (THIS IS YOUR AUDIENCE!).. nob off Jones before i start on your below par book chavs!! and for your infomration, chav is an acronym for Council housed and Violent! Found severalvcopies in a bargain bin recentl;y, bought them and then threw them into a real bin where they belong!

  274. 274
    Anonymous says:

    With no Scottish MP’s (post referendum) and no postal fraud ZanuLabour will cease to exist. And that’s assuming the Coop Bank still bankroll them. Joy, deep Joy

  275. 275
    Anonymous says:

    Hate gets you no wher! Cymru am byth!

  276. 276
    Anonymous says:

    I agree. his repleacement should be a woman. after all, women need a chance to show they are just as spiteful, full of bile, and with chips on both shoulders, as men.

    and hopefully she will have huge tits.

  277. 277
    Anonymous says:

    I had a quick chat with God on his private line. He agrees with you.

  278. 278
    Anonymous says:

    Won’t be long before someone publishes the documents to show he was just another failed commie agent paid by Russia who betrayed the country that fed him (rather to well, it would seem).

    just like that other shit jack jones.

    two dead slugs. plenty more need wiping out.

  279. 279
    Anonymous says:

    It’s called freedom of speech, fuckwit. Get over yourself.

  280. 280
    Anonymous says:

    owen ‘chav champion’ Jones does write for the independent not the gridiron… both anti semitic trolling stations

  281. 281
    Ippikin says:

    More like the 3 course dinner!

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