March 10th, 2014

Dave’s Barrister Brother Backed Legal Aid Cuts Strike

As Guido revealed in yesterday’s Sun column, Dave’s barrister brother was sympathetic to Friday’s strike over Government cuts to the legal aid budget that will leave some junior lawyers paid less than the minimum wage. Alexander Cameron’s case was not sitting on the strike day so he did not picket. But a source at his London chambers tells Guido: “He would not have gone to court even if his case had been sitting.”


  1. 1
    Garfield says:

    So troughing runs in the family.


    • 35
      Dougie says:

      So, an unnamed source says he would have taken action if he had been going to court, which he wasn’t. Not really a very strong story Guido, is it?


  2. 2
    Save Paper, Go Online says:

    No need to buy The Sun, you can read Guido’s column recycled online every Monday


  3. 3
    Camoron says:

    His brother is also a spoonface.


  4. 4
    Hey Lib Dumbs! I like to rub it in! says:


  5. 5
    God's holy trousers says:

    Shouldn’t that read Dave’s parasite brother?


    • 15
      Thirsty worker says:

      These poor underpaid little greedy (and mostly bent too) rich kids never know when to stop troughing. Poor little mites. Can’t imagine how they ever make ends meet these days.


      • 30
        Myfanwy says:

        Yup and they pay so much tax and national insurance, just how do they make ends meet, they must be at their wits end, trying to stave off poverty, can they be an articled barrister without being rich or have rich mummies and daddies?


  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    At least Daves parasite brother gives everyone else the 2 finger salute in public juding by the picture unlike its brother who does it behind a PR veneer.


  7. 7
    Time 2 CTRL, ALT & DEL says:

    I fail to see how any lawyer can earn so little. Means that somebody is creaming it off somewhere.


    • 8
      jgm2 says:

      I don’t care if a lawyer earns fuck all. They do more harm than good.


      • 20
        Spartacus says:

        ”some junior lawyers paid less than the minimum wage”

        laugh i thought my pants would never dry

        oh and i need a refresher (that’s two more days fees)


  8. 9

    Can always pick your friends. But relatives get delivered no choice, innit?


  9. 10
    Suits says:

    Junior Lawyers work long hours and are paid so poorly by senior lawyers…who charge the Public Purse full whack. Legalised robbery which cultivates a continual fresh intake of robbing bastards


    • 12
      jgm2 says:

      What causes the high prices is artificially limiting the supply. It’s an upper class closed shop.


      • 16
        Thirsty worker says:

        … and largely crooked with it too…


      • 31
        Myfanwy says:

        Barristers have to be arctlicled before they are called to bar and solicitors have have to have been articled, otherwise they come under the heading of Legal executive, who would have taken the same exams, entrance is restricted.


  10. 11
    Oldie but goodie says:

    Q: What do you call a busload of lawyers going over a cliff?
    A: A good start.


  11. 13
    Mrs Nicholas Clegg says:

    All telephone calls meetings and correspondence passing between Cameron and his brother must be logged and published on the internet in the interests of the tax payer and good democratic government .


  12. 14
    Ohthisbloodypc says:

    Come on brothers in briefing: What do we want?
    ANSWER: More champagne?

    When do we want it?
    As soon as the case collapses!

    Where will we get it?
    Off the tax payer!


  13. 18
    In a sticky corner says:

    Poisonous snake or lawyer – who gets the last bullet?


  14. 19
    Jack Ketch says:

    From the Law Society website.
    Junior barristers in their first year of tenacy at a top commercial set can earn in excess of £100,000 with average earnings of an established barrister being well over £300,000. This, of course, makes the bar highly attractive for future applicants and the prospect of £30,000 debt upon entering all the more easy to swallow. Of course, barristers that are not involved in corporate law but are trained in criminal or family law earn much less. The criminal and family bar relies on public funding through legal aid so wages are not reflected in the amount of private funding.

    From the “legal futures”
    in excess of 1,200 barristers received £100,000 in fees last year, whilst six earned over £500,000. Moreover, legal aid minister Shailesh Vara stated that the average earnings of a full-time barrister are £84,000.

    It appears that 46% of barristers earn under £54,000 (poor them!) however this includes those in pupillage and part-timers.


    • 22
      Loopy Lou LLB ( Hons ) says:

      Didn’t some Hedge Fund buy up the College of Law a while back ?

      Those tuition fees are a walk in the park


    • 26
      Little Black Sambo says:

      You need to break this down. The hardship will be among defenders in the criminal bar, also similarly specializing solicitors. We shall end up with second-rate government-paid public defenders, equivalent to the second-rate government-paid prosecutors we already have.


  15. 27
  16. 28
    Beveridge Mk 2 says:

    All lawyers should be employees of the court on a fixed salary. Then we could have a national law service free at the point of use


  17. 33
  18. 34

    Lawyers should henceforth be barred from standing for Parliament .


  19. 36
    broderick crawford says:

    they look like brothers don t they

    at keast one had the perseverance to become a silk or at least a barrister.

    the other one only made it to Halitosis Hall.


  20. 37
    Anonymous says:

    “Dave’s Barrister Brother Backed Legal Aid Cuts Strike”
    Is that why mounted police haven’t been deployed against those Bolsheviks?


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