March 6th, 2014

Lobby Won’t Miss Another Downing Street Arrest

Downing Street’s failure to disclose to the public that Patrick Rock had resigned and been arrested for three weeks is causing some bother for the Prime Minister’s Official Spokesperson. At yesterday’s Lobby briefing Jean-Christophe Gray, or JC as he is affectionately known by hacks, was asked by lippy Mirror deputy political editor James Lyons: “Has anyone from Downing Street resigned or been arrested in the last 24 hours?” “No…”, a less than impressed JC sighed…


  1. 1
    Mitch says:

    They resign before they’re arrested, anyway. So, No is always the correct answer.


  2. 2
    Another open goal missed says:

    JC should have asked him if anyone at the Mirror had yet been arrested for phone hacking and bribing coppers yet


    • 3
      Ex CNN anchor says:



    • 30
      Pitkapoika says:

      The public elect politicians to oversee the running of our country, not to spend their time providing news tit bits for thick,dick head Mirror scribblers.


      • 38
        dai explaining says:

        the mob elect politicians dishonest and callous enough to serve up their (the electorate’s) fantasies as workable policies – then they (the mob) are dissatisfied by the outcome

        the press describe the mess in the terms that the same deluded mob want to read/see it – and as long as they (the mob) are mug enough to pay to do so

        there is but one payee


  3. 4
    Kiddy McFiddler says:

    Did no one ask whether Leo* was about to be outed for fiddling at the Elm?


    • 8
      Tony Blair says:

      No fiddlers in my party! What is important is!

      I’m off to make another cool million advising the murderous dictator of Kazakhstan!


  4. 5
    Tony Blair says:

    Amateurs! We made sure our cover-ups never leaked! What is important is!

    I’m off to make another cool million advising murderous dictators.


    • 20
      T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

      Will this secure a nice safe seat for my Euan ?


      • 24
        jgm2 says:

        I’m afraid he owes the UK a lot more than 1.5 million.

        For failing to fire Brown he left us struggling with annual deficits of 180bn.

        We’ll take gold.


      • 39
        dai constructively says:

        on confidential terms of course


      • 44
        broderick crawford says:

        Had not thought of this —what a great wheeze .

        Prime Minister steps down
        Goes on many speech giving /consultancy world trips .

        Which earn him countkess millions

        Small proportion of which he then donates to his party in their hour of desperate electoral need .

        Proceeds to relax basking in the glory of their ultimate financial saviour

        Wonder who the next Prime Ministerial ex incumbent will be to follow that particular strategy ???


  5. 6
    Tony Blair says:

    The press never had the guts to ask why I put a 100 year secrecy order on Operation Ore. What is important is!

    I’m off to make another cool million advising the murderous junta in Egypt.


  6. 7
    Cough cough says:

    He’s the dead ringer of Chris Langham.


  7. 10
    Rufus Hound, about to make a lot of money starring in a West End play says:

    Pay your fair share of taxes, plebs!


  8. 13
    Bumbling Vince Cable says:

    Why aren’t there migrants working in the HoC threatening MP’s jobs and dragging their wages down?


    • 19
      Patrick Rock-Hard says:

      Look on the bright side, the price of U16 rent boys has gone through the floor with mass immigration.


    • 22
      Mind the gap says:

      There are – the Hippo, Vaz, Khan etc etc – but they are all in it together so no wage fluctuation unless you can talk or bribe your way on to some committee or other.


  9. 18
    Cassandrina says:

    Storm in a UK teacup.
    The best drama now is not Ukraine as we have been here before with Georgia, but the hearings of the US House of Oversight & Government Reform Committee, where the ex IRS Exempt Division Director, Lois Lerner, made statements of her innocence to the committee and then claimed the 5th ammendment to charges of IRS targeting of right wing charities and institutions.
    The Chicago Sun / Times (Democrat) has it on video as do others – better than Line of Duty in its party partisanship – could be Cummings versus Isa.
    It surely proves that even the most intelligent of people will not use their perceived knowledge and wisdom to a common good when confronted with challenges to their ideology and protected interests.


  10. 23
    Anonymous says:

    “Downing Street’s failure to disclose”
    presents the public with something of a dilemma. How can the electorate vote constructively, if the means to evaluate situations is denied them? If they are as dumb as their masters claim, should they even be trusted with selecting MPs? Is existence of that stupidity evidenced, by the fact that they don’t even need access to a withheld referendum. Because, unlike all other member states, they never had the opportunity to vote themselves in. But were inducted undemocratically, illegally, and forcibly.


  11. 25

    “Has anyone from Downing Street resigned or been arrested in the last 24 hours?”

    Credit where credit is due. Even as an opponent I have to concede this represents solid progress. Perhaps they can put up a sign like they used to outside factories when we had them, you know “x days without an accident”. Just a suggestion.


    • 28
      Where's our fucking industrial policy? says:

      Perhaps they can put up a sign like they used to outside factories when we had them, you know “x days without an accident”.

      Used to!

      You obviously haven’t visited a factory lately.

      I get emails every fucking day telling me so-and-so plant in Mexico has “x days without an accident” written in it!


  12. 26
    unbelievable2012 says:

    ‘James Brokenshire, the new Conservative immigration minister, will accuse
    better-off families and big businesses of benefiting from the recent arrival
    of foreign workers in Britain’

    WTF!!!! It was definitely not the politicians that allowed them to come here then?


    • 31
      I'm votin' UKIP in the mornin' says:

      You cannot employ an immigrant if they have not been allowed to cross the border.

      The Tories making as much sense as Labour.


    • 33

      Middle class families do NOT employ nannies and gardeners etc. that is the preserve of the rich.
      Why is this idiot giving labour excuses for their treasonous immigration policies ?


  13. 35
    Pitkapoika says:

    Has Rock been charged with anything, or is all this fuss just newspapers filling space with pseudo-salacious dross.


  14. 40
    Bonar Law says:

    “Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman”, Guido, not “Spokesperson”. You shouldn’t be repeating politically correct twaddle.


  15. 42
    Political Advisor says:

    Memo : Whenever you are accused of a “cover-up”, you should immediately accuse your accuser of a “witch-hunt”.

    That will make it a score-draw, as far as the political and media class are concerned.

    Normal people will just carry on with living.


  16. 45
  17. 46
    On reflection. says:

    Has anyone been arrested in The Mirror recently? Creeps!


  18. 47
    Duty Pedant says:

    “Downing Street’s failure to disclose to the public that Patrick Rock had resigned and been arrested for three weeks…………..”

    Only arrested for three weeks?
    Incarcerations get shorter and shorter, don’t they?
    When is Guido, or Neo-Guido, going to learn to punctuate?


  19. 48
    bill says:

    This is very much like operation ore and the cover up


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