March 6th, 2014

Dromey Co-Wrote NCCL / Penguin Guide to Paedos


This line put out by Jack Dromey when the NCCL / PIE allegations resurfaced last week is coming back to hurt him:

“During my time on the NCCL Executive, I was at the forefront of repeated public condemnations of PIE and their despicable views. I was then the first to argue that paedophiles could have no place in NCCL.”

The Sun has got hold of the NCCL handbook that Guido previously revealed promoted the Paedophile Information Exchange. They have found that Dromey was one of the book’s contributors.

Dromey was also quoted in a 1976 newspaper report on the NCCL call to lower the age of consent. He is said to have commented:

“We anticipated a degree of hysteria when the report was published but we are very happy with the reception.

He now denies ever saying those words. Harman bore the brunt of last week’s intrigue though it is increasingly evident that it’s Dromey who has much tougher questions to answer…


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    Ed Balllls says:



    • 13
      Edna in Clapham says:

      So I’ve heard


    • 26
      Peedofile Information Exchange Press Release says:

      Notice Before Action

      In recent days it has come to our attention that we have been linked to the Labour Party.

      We wish to make it clear that we are a legitimate pressure group that seeks to lower the age of consent.

      We object, in the strongest possible terms, to being linked with an ideology responsible for the death of upwards of 100,000,000 people.

      Please de*si*st from lin*ki*ng us to the Labour Party or we will have no choice but to ins*ti*gate le*g*al pro*ce*ed*ings to protect our re*put*at*ion.


      • 102
        All of Us says:

        It wasn’t really funny the first time. Please stop it.


      • 103
        Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Peedos, & other Wasters says:

        This is an outrage, how dare the Labour Party try and use PIE to gain political advantage.


    • 76
      jdseanjd says:

      These vile red tie creatures want to run the country.
      & the blue tie buggers are no better.


    • 95
      Anon says:

      That is what you need.


    • 159
      anonymouse says:

      Can anyone get hold of a list of the members, it must have been in the archived paperwork somewhere.


    • 179
      charles whitworth says:

      Oirish is he, this Dromey chap?


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    testing crap says:

    what do you expect of this man?


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    Anonymous says:

    Hahahahahaha! Bang to rights!


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      Myfanwy says:

      Now then you lot, all you UKippers on this blog, what do you reckon to this article, I thought it was quite good speaks a lot of truths, . By the way, was that aid to Cameroonn a member of PIE, he will not be the only one, every party has skeletons in the cupboard, have not there not been libellous comments on some of the old senior tories on here.


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        Anonymous says:

        Leon Britton is a chyld mØlestor.


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        The pendulum has swung to far to the left again and UKIP is the future says:

        I don’t entirely agree with it.

        Firstly, it says that UKIP gains no support from graduate professionals. How do they know? Evidence? I am a graduate professional and so is my father – we both support UKIP and the party seems to be very popular with professionals.

        Secondly it says that the party’s rise is due to austerity hitting UKIP supporters hardest, but then goes on to say that economics is not the cause of the rise of UKIP. Clearly that is contradictory. I would say the latter is true – economics doesn’t play a big part in UKIP strategy, UKIP is more focussed on quality of life rather than whether you can afford a new car this year.

        I don’t feel like a “left behind” voter now finding a home to go to. Fact is that the period 1997 onwards has left most of us, UKIP or not, scratching our heads wondering what the politicians are up to. They quite clearly no longer see themselves as our servants, paid to provide us with the best outcome. The Iraq war, increasing EU powers, mass immigration on a huge scale – very few of us really understand why it is all happening. Syria and Ukraine are more recent examples where voters “just don’t get” what’s going on. Corruption in Parliament, making smokers stand in the rain, wasting valuable Parliamentary time on gay marriage, HS2 – the railway line we don’t want and can’t afford.

        I see UKIP as being a party with a broad base of support from working class to middle class. The fact that it tends to be run by grey haired fruit-cakes is simply the problem of finding ordinary people with enough time on their hands to make a contribution to the party. Remember that UKIP does not receive massive funding from the rich eager to bribe politicians to their pet causes (not yet anyway), so it relies heavily on volunteers putting in the hours to make a difference.


        • 157
          Village Idiot says:

          …Your post is spot on,so why is it that reasonable,normal common sense thinking,such as your post,is ignored by the political elite ?
          What is their Utopian dream that seems to blind them to serving their constituents,and the true interest of this country?
          …Surely they can see and indeed feel that their chosen path grates with a large part of the populace?
          … the only party that I have an affinity with,as their ideology fits comfortably with my own!


          • geordieboy says:

            Is that why you call yourself Village Idiot.


          • Dangerous Brian says:

            Geordieboy (Haway the Lads) methinks it is a (decent) attempt at irony.
            But thick Northern monkey hangers wouldnt get irony if it tripped them up.


          • Myfanwy says:

            Is not the HoC and HoL called the Westminster village, populated by a sort of inbred, self serving, bunch of people out to make big bucks or if they have big bucks they are welcome to join the village.


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    One of the chapter titles says:

    A photo of the book’s contents was published last week and one of the chapters was called “Do children need sex?”


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      A Right Fucking Bastard says:

      I’d like to know why PIE was using the über right-on druggy lobbying group/charity “Release”‘s address.


      • 62
        Peter Grimes says:

        They were all in it together, demanding ever more ‘rights’ by demonstrations, protest, clandestine mutual backing agreements. It’s the way the fellow-travelling, proselytising Left works.


        • 133
          The Labour Party says:

          If we relied on the majority to vote for us we’d never get elected. We have built our voter base out of a broad selection of disparate “single issue” minority groups that actually have no relation to each other but which allow us to have a largely free hand once we have been elected.


          • Charlie says:

            The expansion of arts degrees in the 60s resulted in large numbers of useless middle class left wing graduates looking for work: many ended up in NGOs, charities , BBC, state employees etc, etc . They ended up in the Labour Party and ruined the country.


    • 72
      Ellie-Mae (9) says:

      Actually, better pocket money is what I need


  5. 5
    Ambrose Pilchard Evans says:

    I am sure that there is some perfectly innocent explanation which will be revealed as soon as the charming couple have thought of it.

    Bring back Tony Blair!


  6. 6
    Peter Grimes says:

    No wonder Harlot Harridan has been so quiet.

    Vote ZaNuLaB, get a paedo lover.


    • 70
      RomaBob.... working hard for you! says:

      Suffer little children to come unto me !


    • 78
      One-Eyed Scottish Fuckwit says:

      She’s quiet because she has no intellect and only a desperate, bigoted self-serving hypocrisy to fend off the slew of appalling allegations made against her and her even dimmer husband.


  7. 7

    Just when they must have been thinking it might blow over after the Patrick Rock story broke!


    • 79
      Anonymous says:

      Ha ha! You said “blow”.


    • 113
      Myfanwy says:

      Was he a member of PIE, the anouncement of him being arrested was obviously delayed to let the red rags get their teeth in to Hattie and Dromey and just sneek the announcement while the PIE thing was going full blast. It’s a dirty game politics but it would be nice if non UK nationlists would their noses out of the mix, they muddy the water even more.


  8. 8
    Will says:

    As they say is not the deed that catches you out its the attempts to cover it up afterwards.


  9. 9
    Dromedary says:

    I think someone must be very relieved that he was caught out accessing BBCs on Twitter. In the event actually reduces the level of suspicion.


    • 121
      Myfanwy says:

      Have you got the hump?


      • 128
        Can't blame him though says:

        The sexual life of a camel is harder than anyone thinks.
        One night in a fit of passion he tried to roger the Sphinx.
        But the Sphinx’s vaginal orifice was filled with the sands of the Nile
        which accounts for the hump on the camel and the Spinx’s inscrutable smile.


  10. 10
    Glyn H says:

    Is anyone surprised that bearded lefties seeking to undermine the country supported these views, together with support for CND all all these rest of that agenda. They are now all to be found in the Envoironmental Camp! (Aka Watermelons).


    • 108
      Baboon's arse says:

      Correct. NCCL was (and is in its new incarnation) a screen for the cultural hegemonists. They seek to undermine the individual and the family in any way possible, to atomize society and maximize its dependence on the state … the state being run by people like Dromey and Harman. Hence their support for feminism (send women out to work, most of it boring and ill paid, worthless in fact because all prices automatically increase), homosexuality (destroy the family), immigration (destroy social cohesion), political correctness (thoughtcrime), etc., etc.

      Dromey in the 1970s was a bearded Marxist in a black leather jacket. I remember him from the infamous Grunwick dispute, which is where he met Lord Longford’s niece, a lawyer, not very bright, with plenty of dosh, pre-brainwashed by her family.

      What’s happening to Dromey now is perfectly delicious and I for one cannot wait to see him ruined.


  11. 11
    Hugh Janus says:

    Him and his two-faced missus seem to be getting a pretty soft ride so far, given the gravity of what they did – or failed to do. They should both be strung up, particularly in view of the right-on PC stance of the Liebour party.


    • 49
      The Great British Public says:

      Being honest about PIE is difficult for the Labour party when hypocrisy is their default position.


  12. 12
    Garfield says:

    I just hope this and the other allegations are laid out clearly and used against them in the 2015 election.


  13. 14
    Mrs Harpersons Boys says:

    My poor beard.


  14. 15
    mustapha djinn says:

    The usual left wing approach to truth – head up arse and deny everything whilst looking after number one (pun intended)


  15. 16
    bergen says:

    If he had a shred of integrity he would have retired from public life by now.

    However it does give the other parties the chance to attack Labour over these links at the election and I hope that they are prepared to do so.


  16. 19

    Typing with one hand, and shaving with the other !


  17. 21
    Maybe says:

    The silence of all Labour MPs is outrageous.
    Someone should ask mouthpiece Skinner for his opinion….


    • 33
      Buffalo Bill says:

      The silence of the lambs.


      • 44
        Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

        All of you can shut it !


        • 56
          Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

          So Labour are going down the same eco-loony tax bombshell route the Lib Dems are:

          Vote Lib/Lab for higher petrol prices

          Vote Lib/Lab for higher electricity and gas bills

          Vote Lib/Lab for higher council tax

          Vote Lib/Lab for higher income tax

          Bye bye Lib/Lab :-)


          • David S Cameron says:

            Money is no object!


          • Ed Camerclegg says:

            Vote LibLabCon for higher bailouts/dole-outs for UKr@ine


          • c777 says:

            Unfortunately for us all, if the polls are true there are enough soon to be unwitting victims of Liebour to put them back in.
            The plastic conservatives should have radically dismantled Liebours client state they didn’t, and as a result they may lose the next election.
            Non jobbers will accept higher living costs to keep their non jobs.


        • 182
          Green Bowlocks says:

          No warming for 17.5 years now – that’s half of the entire satelitte heat record time period.

          The only hot air is that coming out of Ed Davey’s a*se mouth.


    • 55
      Beast of Bolsover says:

      I am a dinosaur.


      • 74
        RomaBob.... working hard for you! says:

        “Nurse, nurse!” “Looks like the old bugger’s mind is wandering again.”


  18. 22
    The British Public says:

    Aiding and abetting child abuse one minute, downloading racist “BBC” images the next, Jack Dromey is not only a liar, he’s a depraved pervert.


  19. 23
    The Right Reverend Owen Jones says:

    Today we remember Blessed Jordan of Pisa, a thirteenth century Dominican frair who set all Florence alight with his vernacular preaching…


  20. 25
    Alta Vista says:

    So, I would have to pay more than £8 per month to read the Jack Dromey p@edo story in the Sun+ !



  21. 27
    Dromey in the Grauniad says:

    “I did not agree with the proposal in February 1976 to lower the age of consent,” he said. “When elected chairman of NCCL weeks later, I made it clear that my first priority would be to take on the child sex abusers of PIE. I then defeated them by a massive majority at the annual conference in April.

    “My stand was denounced in a leaflet distributed by PIE to the delegates to the conference. I closed the conference saying that we had to protect children from sexual abuse and that adults guilty of sexual abuse were the lowest of the low. I was throughout a resolute opponent of a vile organisation.”


    • 57
      Polly Pot says:

      The man is a hero!


    • 63
      inside out says:

      He is being “economical with the truth”,i.e. LYING.


      • 87
        Peter Grimes says:

        Would you expect the truth from a self/time-serving ZaNuLaB apparatchik?


      • 127
        Dromey in the Grauniad says:

        Indeed. The minutes of the meeting in which the proposal to lower the age of consent was agreed suggest Dromey’s approval. The fact that Dromey contributed to this book published in 1978 doesn’t jive with Dromey’s claim that he slew PIE in 1976.


        • 136
          Dromey: What did he have to lose by telling an outright lie? says:

          Well he never produced one shred of evidence or even witness testimony that he had faced down P I E. He just came out with an outright lie in the hope it would be enough to deter detractors and wouldn’t get found out. It’s the “What have I got to lose?” ploy.


      • 169
        Observant says:

        Why is the auto trader giving this filth a platform?


  22. 28
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Miliband should call on the government to abolish the telly tax, so as to ease the cost of living for the poor and squeezed middle :-)


    • 97
      Twampersand mk III says:

      The telly tax is unenforceable if you are willing to resist. It should have been scrapped with the advent of digital, whereby those who have not subscribed can easily be prevented from receiving transmissions.

      I believe the only way to get it scrapped is mass non-ccompliance. The tories have proven themselves unwilling to do anything about the hopelessly partisan BBC and Labour are not likely to want to disband their own, taxpayer funded state propaganda machine.

      Non-compliance is easy, but may be a little daunting to those accustomed to obeying authority without question. There’s the rub; tosspots from Licensing in high-vis jackets, peaked caps and who carry clipboards have NO authority WHATSOEVER. Stop paying the tax, ignore all correspondence, threats, etc, and tell all callers at the door to piss off.

      Just about the only way of securing a conviction is through a confession of guilt elicited from the homeowner on the doorstep. Tell them to piss off.


      • 111
        Oh well said, Sir says:

        + 60 million


        • 138
          Why bother with TV at all these days? says:

          I don’t have a telly. I have a DVD player and a LCD projector which I use to watch good quality movies and complete TV series from L o v e F i l m by Post and cheap DVDs from T h a t’s E n t e r t a i n m e n t. I also watch some TV via the net.

          It’s cheaper, the quality is better and I watch what I want to watch not what the state broadcaster thinks I should watch. It also doesn’t take up hours of my valuable time.


      • 112
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:


        Grow a pair and stop paying the telly tax.

        I haven’t paid it for 9 years.

        I still get the odd letter addressed to “The Legal Occupier”, but as i know of no such person i burn them in the fireplace :-)


      • 116
        Baboon's arse says:

        >Tell them to piss off.

        Even better, write to the BBC (not TVL) and withdraw their Common Law right of implied access. (Plenty about this online.) It works; the detector vans are black propaganda, so if the goons can’t peer through your windows they are basically fucked.


        • 135
          BBC - purveyors of the finest socialism says:

          This is correct. All convictions for watching TV without having a licence essentially rely on your confession that you do so. Admit nothing and tell them to piss off.


      • 167
        low resolution fox says:

        Occasionally the BBC is an arse. But let’s be fair, liberal TV annoys me no end – but have you watched ITV or Channel 5 recently?

        Even Sky doesn’t really have any decent original footage, apart from a one-trick pony that seems to be very good at hyper-exaggerating the importance and appeal of sporting matches. It buys all the good stuff in


  23. 29
    Peter Bone says:

    After Wales’ 3-1 victory over Iceland, delighted manager Chris Coleman said they are looking forward to playing Farm Foods next week.


  24. 31
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Miliband needs to address the woman problem in the Trades Union leadership.

    He needs to stand up to vile male dinosaurs like McCluskey,Crow & Serwotka and tell them they must stand down in favour of women selected from an all-women shortlist.

    Or is it do as i say and not as i do for Labour’s paymasters!


  25. 32
    Tony Blair is a war criminal says:

    …um not on the BBC.


  26. 34
    Chukka says:

    Just when did he become interested in big black dicks?


    • 39
      Oh what a tangled web they weave says:

      Only a few months ago when he probably got a heads up (no pun intended) that this story was going to break.

      Convenient eh?


    • 104
      Twampersand mk III says:

      How does admitting that he likes gay filth absolve him from the perception that he is a sex obsessed pervert, a liar and proponent of childab’use?


  27. 37

    The party leadership has every confidence in Jack Dromey ,he is a fine constituency MP who is an asset to this great party of ours.
    Mistakes have been made in the past, that’s true, Jack was probably naive in allowing himself to be associated with such an organisation ,but lessons will have been learned ,and its time to move on in order to confront the real issues that out country is facing such as ensuring our continued membership of the EU, and combating man made climate change.
    SO THERE !!!


  28. 38
    Dread the thought says:

    Not only did they want to rub our noses into diversity they wanted to rub our noses into…


  29. 40

    Why is Primentalist 2 Camermong giving another Billion of our money to a shit hole like Ukraine ?

    along with 9 billion off the EU and 21 billion off the USA
    this is just more money that will be syphoned off by their part time government and then we will end up with half their population ending up here


    • 43
      Vince Quisling Cable says:

      That’s the plan !


      • 144
        That'll tech Putin for getting in the way in Syria says:

        Not only that it will likely be spent on arms and ammunition. Although perhaps that’s the plan – keep the Ruskis tied up in Ukraine just 250 miles from Moscow to teach them a lesson for interefering in Syria.


    • 51
      Garfield says:

      Just a thought if the people who where flooded in the Somerset Levels had told Cameron they had a space programme they would have got a billion quid as well.


    • 53

      If we actually had the money it would be bad enough ,but they will borrow it to lend to Ukraine knowing full well there is no hope of ever getting it back, all this in the full knowledge the country has amassed a debt of £ 1.5 TRILLION.
      They must be certifiably insane, there can be NO other reason!


      • 64
        Bill Quango MP says:

        We’ve borrowed the money so it isn’t ours. So it doesn’t matter.
        Its the Chinese who have to be worried.


      • 118
        Oh well said, Sir says:

        But, WTF are they borrowing it from and do those people have unlimited supplies of the stuff? Or is it really just numbers on a computer screen?


        • 137
          SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

          You are right of course they borrow money on the strength of future tax receipts a burden on our great grandchildren.
          Sadly virtual money has one day to be repaid in cold hard cash ,ask any idiot you meet carrying a wallet full of ‘Maxed out ‘credit cards racking up un repayable debts day after day ,what this government and it’s immediate predecessor have done is exactly the same on a massive scale.


        • 140
          Twampersand mk II says:

          Whenever a Gov ‘borrows’ money it is simply a duplicitous way of describing increasing and extending the burden of taxation upon the current and now future generations of taxpayer.

          To answer your question directly, most money in the money supply of this nation is debt. I doesn’t really exist, only on computers, there are no actual pound notes produced which relate to the debt, as this would cause hyper-inflation overnight. Instead we have the ever inceasing creep of inflation, but slow enough that thickos don’t see/care about it.

          75,000 quid in 1960 is roughly equivalnt to 1,000,000 today.

          There is an exception to this, which has only recently come about, in this nation at least. I believe Gordon Bastard invented it during his reign of terror. We simply print enormous numbers of worthless pieces of paper with high denominations of value and pretend that they are worth something. This is precisely what Hitler tried to do to wreck the British economy during WWII when he air-dropped millions of fake fivers all over GB.


          • A simple lesson in economics says:

            You are correct. It is a form of taxation.

            Look at it this way. The government gives Ukraine £1bn. It doesn’t have that money so it creates it using debt. However, Ukraine appears to have £1bn that it can spend. It can really only spend it in the UK because it is in £ (albeit through a circuitous route). So Ukraine can now claim £1bn of real stuff from the British public. What do the British public get in return? Nothing.

            So, in real terms £1bn worth of real British labour will be given to the Ukraine for nothing. That’s about 50,000 man years.

            It’s much easier to understand economics if you get away from the concept of “cash” and get down to fundamentals in terms of man years worked.


          • SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

            The man hours can of course, only be represented by what passes for cash at the time ,that is why they create artificial inflation .


  30. 42
    Jacqueline Dromey says:



  31. 46
    Change the record says:



  32. 47
    Secret BBC Labour rebuttal unit says:

    Climate change, er…. cost of living crisis, Crimea, er, immigration…… racist UKIP………… Tory led coallition…. phone hacking…..
    Thought this had blown over, how are we going to avoid this again?


    • 120
      Oh well said, Sir says:

      Simple – just close your fetid organisation down. You will not be missed in the slightest.


  33. 50
    Mrs Jack Dromey says:

    You are going to hear from my solicitors about this.

    They are called Bigg, Black & Cox.

    I just searched for them on the internet, and might have typed it in wrong, honest.


  34. 52
    Ohthisbloodypc says:

    As they would have said at the time: “Anyone that upsets the Tories will get our support”

    Meanwhile, I don’t remember The National Council for Civil Liberties doing anything to help innocent football supporters who were targeted by the police. Why? Because it wasn’t a left wing cause


  35. 58
    Jack Dromey says:

    Ashcroft Thatcher Ashcroft Thatcher Ashcroft Thatcher Ashcroft Thatcher Ashcroft Thatcher Ashcroft Thatcher Ashcroft Thatcher Ashcroft Thatcher Ashcroft Thatcher Ashcroft Thatcher Ashcroft Thatcher Ashcroft Thatcher!!!!!


  36. 59
    I'd like that says:

    Can Guido promise to cover Rufus T Hound’s euro election campaign in detail please?


  37. 77
    Tom Watson says:

    I fear for my well being.


  38. 82
    Ah! next says:

    Dromey takes the hump and denies his denial.


  39. 88
    aurora borealis says:

    I think we all knew that hattyharpic and dromey were lying – it’s what politicians do.

    I just think these two very odious people should resign but of course they won’t .


  40. 90
    Tom Catesby. says:

    What precisely was Dromey’s ‘contribution’ to this book. Let’s be knowing.


  41. 99

    Your Vince Cable , he is funny man ,telling business people “Teachers no nothing about hard work ”
    He even dress like twat !


  42. 107
    A nony mous says:

    Even though this issue will drag on to the election, and rightly so, Cast Iron will still lose the GE because he has the unique skill of being universally disliked, right across age bands, demographics and class boundary’s. Lets be fair, it’s difficult to think of a group of voters who have done well under dave apart from windmill owners like his wifes father, and coffee chains who employ cheap immigrant labour and offshore their profits to Luxembourg via the Cayman Islands.

    Cast Iron is good at one thing, and that is uniting voters against him. The poor blame him for the bedroom tax and lowering wages through immigration, and the middle classes blame him for increasing their taxes and lowering wages through immigration, the upper classes just blame him for immigration although he is posh and went to Eton so despite his spoonface he must be a good fellow.

    The point is, which broad group of voters has done well under dave, and who will vote for him.. are there enough of them for the Conservatives to win the election…. extremely unlikely.

    Meanwhile, Milliband has broad support from the poor, the oppressed, his imported voters and labour diehards, somehow despite his dweebishness he doesn’t attract the universal disdain that Cast Iron manages so successfully. Broad sections of the UK think Milliband is on their side.. And this issue about PIE seems to be about the individuals presently, and so far hasn’t stuck to the Labour party and Milliband as leader.

    If 70% of the UK think immigration is too high and over 50% think we should be out of the EU, should the Conservatives change tack… could they draw on these broad areas of public support for their own benefit. Clearly their fake euroscepticism isn’t working.

    But by being a properly eurosceptic party, actively campaigning to leave the EU, could the Conservatives offer something that none of the Lib, Lab or Con are presently offering. With 70% of the UK’s laws controlled by the EU (including dredging it would now appear) there is very little ground for the Conservatives to differentiate themselves on. Labour have the poor and oppressed, the Tories have lost the middle classes… what common ground could the Conservatives claim and make their own…

    Either way, Cast Iron is not the man to do it.


    • 151
      What is wrong with you? Don't you read anything? says:

      “Meanwhile, Milliband […] somehow despite his dweebishness he doesn’t attract the universal disdain that Cast Iron manages so successfully”

      Except that polls find exactly the opposite?

      So your entire long-winded speil is based on foundations of soft warm crap. Why would anybody go to such lengths to write such bollox? Wierd.


      • 163
        A nony mous says:

        But all the polls contradict you, and predict a Labour win.. its that what counts at the end of the day.

        If you ask voters a soft warm crap question like “who do you prefer” its hardly surprising dave pips the post, he does after look a little statesman like occasionally (he does have the benefit of being PM…) and Milliband does look like a dweeb of course. But that doesn’t matter does it..

        When you ask a cold hard question like which party will you vote for, the Conservatives and dave lose, every time.

        Take the latest poll from Electoral Calculus who are forecasting a 58 Labour seat majority with 37% of the vote.

        The fact remains that despite Miliband being a dweeb, people think he will look after them and that he represents them and their concerns, which is why they will vote for him.

        My point remains, whatever people think of dave meeting and greeting other leaders on the world stage, dave doesn’t have a broad base of voter support, he doesn’t represent peoples worries and fears, they won’t vote for him or the Conservatives.

        Maybe they should support something 50%-70% of the population agree with ?

        Current Prediction: Labour majority 58
        Party Pred Votes Pred Seats
        LAB 37.03% 354
        CON 32.13% 243
        LIB 9.59% 21


        • 171
          democracy is a sham says:

          A 58 seat majority with just 37% of the vote.

          And at least 7% of that will be postal voting fraud.

          And 63% want anyone but Milliband.

          And 35% of those eligible to vote don’t bother because they see no point.

          So the next general election Labour will be given a 58 seat majority by possibly less than 20% of the voting population.


    • 176
      Tom Catesby says:

      Why do the ‘upper classes’ blame Cameroon for immigration? The adverse effects of mass uncontrolled immigration don’t effect them and where on earth would they get their cheap, work permitless, servants, cleaners, childminders, etc from?


  43. 109
    Shooty* says:

    Loving the courage of the head Vet who’s come out and said “reform or ban Halal”.

    Less loving the Graun and BBC approach of consistently mentioning Kosher BEFORE Halal, so they can draw attention away from any implied criticism of anything associated with the Peaceful ones.

    Obv, nothing will be done. Roll on the Kaliphate. *sigh*


    • 117
      Twampersand mk III says:

      Somthing can be done. Boycott all companies supplying the shit. I have. No taxis either, nor trips to the corner shop.

      Financial Jihad, I believe it’s called.


      • 124
        Anon. says:

        Labelling would be the wrong thing do. Would perfer it banned but at the very least it should be labelled.

        To find out if your MP is self serving p erv erted filth click on the link.


      • 153
        Join the boycott says:

        I do the same. Make a big deal of it too.

        If any immigrant asks me for help I tell them to f-off. I tell them I only help British citizens

        I don’t go to curry houses

        If I’m served by an immi I dump my purchases on the counter and walk out or loudly demand to be served by a British citizen.

        We have been far too polite for far too long. This has been our undoing. If we start letting them know exactly how we feel they will fuck off to Germany, or Holland or Spain.


    • 165

      How about some enterprising food company labelling their product PROUDLY NON HALAL
      they could not be criticised by the lefties as they were only issuing a warning to their pet muslims to steer clear of their products.


      • 178
        Shooty* says:

        NO! The “Proud” would imply that halal was something shameful. Yes, it would. It would. Shut up.

        It would have to be “Shamefully and apologetically non Halal please don’t kill me”


  44. 115
    Anon. says:

    Why is Ed miliband covering for these people?


  45. 122
    Graham says:

    Nothing unusual. Most politicians are congenital liars with selective memories. So Jack ‘BBC’ Dromey is following the trend.


  46. 131
    Anonymous says:

    I remember a huge fuss about this in the late 70’s – lots of radio interviews articles and so on. There must be lots in the archives – Time Out, Spare Rib, radio 4 for example.


  47. 139
    Anonymous says:

    Er…it says “Fourth Edition” on the cover – it was first printed in 1971.

    So Dromey could be entirely correct when he says his contribution was written before he took action against PIE.

    Maybe get hold of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions to see when his contribution was written.

    By they way, contributors don’t normally have a say in what else goes into a book. If they did, they be the editor…


    • 168
      the general public says:

      Er…it doesn’t matter when he contributed anything. It’s the fact that he contributed anything at all in support of child r@pe that’s the problem. Well, not a problem for left wing child snatchers like you, but a problem for us ordinary folk who have to raise children knowing so many of you exist in our communities.


  48. 143
    b-b-p says:

    The Crisis between Russia and the Ukraine is about Putin not wanting Western Control on his Borders .Why did Putin stick up for Syria because the West wanted to control the Banking System there .Blair tried it with Assad and he politely asked the Bank Of England Officials to leave .Assad has never been forgiven that’s why we backed the Rebels but voted against War after Putin intervened .
    Beneath the surface the whole incident is Putin again showing his muscle to thwart Western Influence over the Ukraine’s Finances .The EU with UK and USA collusion have offered the Ukraine $15Billion the same as Russia offered them last week – thought the EU was Financially struggling hence Austerity .The Ukraine is Financially Broke .We Britain Raped and Pillaged then Controlled 75% of the World .The idiots we have here in Power must think back to the Old Colonial Days not realising we are being watched by the World acting like a third World Country .
    Just because the Government think we know little because of Stifled Press outsiders know more than MP’s here .Putin must be shaking over our Foreign Minister Hague getting involved .The same Hague who shares a room with his male Research Assistant .The same Hague that Thatcher ordered to start an Internal Inquiry over Paedophilia within Government Circles and closed it after two weeks never to see the light of day again . Putin is ex KGB he will know more about the Skeletons in British Cupboards than the Skeletons themselves .Posturing and Gestures on the World Stage Cameron has to justify who he is .Who is he ?


  49. 146
    Anonymous says:

    “Penguin Guide to Paedos”
    Is there a chapter in it about Socrates ‘corrupting the young’? Pointing out that his intention was render them immune to corruption. By encouraging the questioning of everything. Preferably before the establishment could corrupt said youngsters with the preferred worldview.


  50. 156
    Patrick Rock, Downing St. says:

    This could be a huge vote winner for us


  51. 173
    Bystander says:

    To be fair it is National PIE Week


  52. 175
    My much nicer twin says:

    They both must resign!


  53. 183
    Renegade says:

    Why doesn’t Jack Dromey use Microsoft Word?

    Because he prefers PDF files!


  54. 184
    Keep the Faith says:

    Wouldn’t trust the word of his wife, so why would I trust Dromey on any subject under the sun. The guy is a manipulative creep and I suspect someone has some very nasty documents – just waiting for a General Election.


  55. 185
    The NonceFinder General says:

    Given the furore over Harperson and Droney, I’m amazed that sanctimonious Aussie arsehole Peter Tatchell hasn’t had his links to PIE exposed. Far worse than Harriet or Jack, La Tatch actually contributed a chapter to the PIE pro-peadophilia propaganda tome Betrayal of Youth (BOY, geddit?).

    Almost all of his fellow contributors were notorious pederasts, many of whom were later imprisoned for offences relating to the sexual exploitation of children.

    The Labour twosome are vilified, Yet Tatch remains unnoticed by the media… strange.


  56. 186
    Anonymous says:

    Labour love peados.


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