March 6th, 2014

Business Turns on Tories

James Brokenshire’s first big speech as immigration minister went well then. First he landed the PM in it by accusing the “wealthy metropolitan elite” of encouraging mass immigration by employing cheap foreign nannies. Just like Dave did.

Now business leaders have piled in, Institute of Directors boss Simon Walker says of Brokenshire’s speech:

“It is feeble and pathetic to hear yet more divisive language from politicians on immigration.”

So Brokenshire has managed to alienate his boss and get business to turn on the Tories in one move. Slow clap.


  1. 1
    Max says:

    “Look at my penis, isn’t it tiny? What can I do with this?”


    • 9
      rick says:

      Good news, chaps! – another Stephen Lawrence inquiry. Even your grandchildren need to share the guilt.


      • 15
        C.O.Jones says:

        Can we have another Hutton Inquiry? This time without Hutton please.


        • 64
          Lord Wayne of $$$ (formerly Trombone, finest poster ever on Guido) says:

          What a total fucking cnut.

          Since when have foreign nannies been cheap? £50k pre tax income needed you stupid out of touch muppet. (and cnut)

          Also has the prick seen what british nannies are like? Fat, stupid, uneducated, expecting to drive around everywhere with the children.
          Anyone with half a brain cell gets a Polish nanny.
          End of.

          This story really pisses me off. Why can’t the Tories be any good?


        • 116
          Tory HQ says:

          Oh fuck it. Just vote UKIP.


      • 48
        Ben Kinsella says:

        Can we have an enquiry into why a gang of blacks randomly hacked me to death in the street? Or if not an enquiry some sort of police investigation? No, OK well I’ll just go away then.


    • 11
      Jack Harperson says:

      Well, I certainly won’t be looking at it.


    • 30
      Well done Mr Brokenshire says:

      Well well well. So that’s why all the polititcians, chattering classes and press pundits come on the telly and tell us that we are enriched by immigration.

      What they really mean is that they are enriched with cheapo servants and workmen. While the rest of us have to put up with all the shit.



      • 51
        Mystic Meg says:

        Good luck relying on the enrichers to sign up to fight the Russians when they take the North Sea and start building bases on the Shetland Islands.


        • 69
          man on the street says:

          So what did this guy say that isn’t true?

          Slow clap to you Guido and your Tory mates, who are going to get a kicking from UKIP this year and next year.

          You just don’t get it, do you? For the man on the street, there is no benefit of immigration or enrichment, only pain and lower wages.


    • 123
      Anonymous says:

      This is good news, maybe now right wingers will realise that mass immigration is an integral part of the free market and stop blaming it on socialism…..but i doubt it


      • 139
        thostids says:

        Do forgive me, but you know that television I ordered from you last week? Well, I think there’s been a misunderstanding. I didn’t ask for the 200,000 Roumanians that you’ve delivered with it.
        Oh. right. That’s part of the free market. Free population of a large Town with every new TV.


    • 133
      Baroness Scotland says:

      We all deserve our slaves


    • 134
      Baroness Scotland says:

      We’re all in this together – we all have PA while you nobodies can’t even afford a slave why should we have to justify ourselves to you rif raf


    • 135
      Anonymous says:

      How much is Russia pissing you off today plastic paddy ? Mother Russia fuck you faggoty conservatives…do you know that you western conservatives wouldn’t even be allowed into our communist parties with your support for faggotry…..faggotry outlawed by comrade stalin brought in by thge deceased kobarchov


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    If the Tories are going to be stupid about immigration, of course they will get into trouble.

    There is nothing broadly wrong with immigration. Simply make it about ensuring decent control and nothing more. The more that come over the merrier – will help with the economy and keep the UK at the forefront of Europe.


    • 4
      C.O.Jones says:

      Besides, who would do the night shifts in the NHS.

      No one like night shifts do we girls?


    • 6
      C O (Ξ5) says:

      Staying at the forefront of Europe is perhaps not a smart move.

      Sensible immigration controls allowing import only of people with skills that cannot otherwise be easily found in the economy with adequate provision to cover intl commitments in times of refugee crisis and for bona fide asylum seekers is what is required.

      The ethnic tensions seen in many ex-Soviet states, up to and including U’kraine at present demonstrate precisely where uncontrolled immigration is going to take the UK in the future.


      • 82
        Anonymous says:

        I’d have thought it was a smart move to be in front of as many countries as poossible, but hey ho……


      • 89
        Anonymous says:

        “Sensible immigration controls allowing import only of people with skills that cannot otherwise be easily found in the economy ”

        Expecting the government to do that is about as realistic as being able to expect the government to work out where to direct money to develop the economy. We tried that in the 70s and ended up with British Leyland. No thanks.


        • 137
          thostids says:

          We are still in the process of creating the Population equivalent of British Leyland. Nearly there. In the end, did BL make a car that was actually competitive? Worth keeping, still working, even? No. The demise of British car manufacturing. Socialism. Didn’t work then, doesn’t work now. Economies of scale….when it all goes tits up, there’s only one liquidator needed.


    • 8
      Hilda says:

      Yes, never mind the social effects, with 1 in 4 children now born to foreign parents and 8 in 10 in London (97.5% in Newham). Never mind the swamping of the schools, health service or the housing; never mind the imperative to concrete over the green belt for housing. Never mind the social tensions, the mosques and the coming civil conflict! The more the merrier!


      • 41
        A Stickler for Detail says:

        1 in 4? That’s not much. At the time of the Great Fire of London about 1 in 2 residents were foreigners.

        Britain is built on immigration and before anyone says “it’s crowded”, it’s not. We just choose not to build on some areas and we chose not to build high.


        • 49
          jgm2 says:

          I read that as 1 in 4 across the entire UK and 8 out of 10 in London.


        • 50
          Are you a lefty woman? says:


          Why do you want to fill the3 country with Humans. Most of us like the countryside, nature, wildlife, pease, quiet, birdsong, babbling brooks, moors, meadows…ENGLAND.

          We don ‘t want our land ruined forever and we certainly do not want it to become MUSLIM.,


          • a voter says:

            Why cant we encourage immigration from America, Canada, Australia and Western Europe?

            Why does immigration only seem to come from Pakistan, Somalia and all the East European shitholes Russia doesn’t want? What the Hell do we have in common with these people?


          • Broken Bailiwick is dead right says:

            We pay them less but they are still happy. So its win win.


          • The Great British Public says:

            Prince William has just hired a cheap foreign nanny as well.

            You would have thought they would not be so tight with our money.


          • Anonymous says:

            The UK is relatively unbuilt up. There’s plenty of countryside left.

            We won’t become muslim either, given the trends that show we will require a rather imaginative shift away from the usual demographic trends. So no worries there.


        • 118
          Ralff Millybland's hatred of Britain says:

          Utter rubbish, where do you get your numbers from, the Noddy book of Marxist pipe-dreams?


        • 138
          thostids says:

          This is the usual load of bollocks that is trotted out about the English population being a “mongrel” race and having been generated by “immigration”.
          Put simply, we had 600-700 years of being fairly free from any significant inflow of foreigners by virtue of the same thing that prevented the other myth about the German Invasion used to intimidate the natives in 1940, namely the English Channel.


    • 35
      The Dregs says:


      It is not politically correct these days to say it but the only successful immigration is selective immnigration where only top talent and only required talents are given papers to come.

      No one is bothered about professionals and craftsmen coming, they are welcome. But since the mid 70s onwards we have4 been opening our doors to immigration Chav class and that is SERIOUS ERROR.


      • 74
        The Great British Public says:

        Families earning less than £38k pa use more Govt resources than the tax they pay.

        What’s wrong with saying you need to earn a minimum of £40k pa and pay for all your own healthcare for the first 5 years.

        If you lose your job, off you go back home after 3 months grace period.


        • 86
          Anonymous says:

          How about applying that to the natives – anyone earing under £38K should shove off.


          • Anonymous says:

            That doesn’t make sense…

            You seem to have failed to get the hang of this blog.

            Say something funny, something clever or fcuk off.


      • 85
        Anonymous says:

        Actually, the best imigration policy is a more generally open one – it’s often hard to identify the nascent entrepeneurs (aside from the fact they’ve got the get up and go to move to a successful country) that have yet to get on the “qualifications” treadmill.

        Leave it to the market to decide……


        • 110
          Anonymous says:

          No, you’re talking rubbish again.

          An open immigration policy has given us our present problems and enrichment. 70% of the UK has now said there is too much immigration and it is a problem.

          An open door leads to an oversupply of low skilled or unskilled.

          Of course big business loves lower wages.


      • 120
        Ralff Millybland's hatred of Britain says:

        Female Genital Mutilation

        Now they have to spend tax-payers’ money to tell us it’s not the Right Thing To Do.

        What a fucking enrichment that is.


    • 37
      gremlin says:


      I work in a warehouse on min wage as employers can afford to pay as little as possible because of the over abundance of imported labour.

      So employers and shareholders may benefit from reduced labour costs as well as some of the middle classes with plenty of disposable income.

      But don’t give me your patronising guff, because while I don’t have anything against foreigners per se, my wage is kept artificially low so that others benefit a good deal more than me from this flexible labour market and plenty are in the same boat suffering trying to make ends meet.

      Vote UKIP


      • 67
        Broken Bailiwick is dead right says:

        Exactly Guido gets a cheap nanny.


      • 87
        Anonymous says:

        It’s not artificially low – it’s the market rate. If you want to earn more, get a better job. Don’t expect the government to interfere in the workings of the market on your behalf.

        Next you’ll be asking for a minimum wage level of £15, then more taxes on the rich to make sure you get more benefits…..


        • 97
          Broken Bailiwick is dead right - 2 says:

          It is artificially low. No need for a £15 minimum wage just stop unskilled immigration. Using immigration is just as much a market fix as the introduction of the £15 minimum wage.


    • 40
      Quality not Quantity is a far better option says:

      Sounds like a Pyramid selling scheme Dude. Keep importing cheap labour to provide business with ever lower costs.

      At some stage it will be realised that the place is full, business will have to pay the proper rate and it will all implode under the social burden.

      Why the fuck labour supports immigration and putting the low paid British out of work is beyond me.

      Small is better.


      • 76
        Anonymous says:

        When will Labour voters realise the reason wages. are low and dropping is because of immigration..

        You reap what you sow.

        It’s good that middle class white collar workers are also seeing wage deflation, they might also realise their kids are going to be competing with P@kist anis and Indians for those accountancy and engineering jobs, and they are prepared to do the same job for half the wages because………

        Wait for it…….

        After 5 years they get a UK passport and can bring their extended and medically dependant extended family over.


      • 88
        Anonymous says:

        Nah – at some point an equilibrium will emerge. See example reshoring.


        • 113
          Anonymous says:

          No. You’re wrong again.

          Far from an equilibrium being reached, we’ve gone way past a tipping point which is leading us into a death spiral of low wages and benefit dependant people who are in work.

          If a family earns less than £38k pa they consume more Govt resources than they pay in tax..
          Thus every immigrant earning less than £38k pa means an increase in taxes for the rest of us, and / or, an increase in govt debt.

          Low skilled immigration is a death spiral economically, and a disaster socially.


          • Ralff Millybland's hatred of Britain says:

            Immigration is a way to drain money from the economy to the immigrants’ point of origin, because it is very common for them to send money home.

            For the host economy, it’s like having a bath with the plug out.

            Biologists call it parasitism. It’s not even symbiosis.


      • 114
        utter cynic says:

        The answer is obvious. More unskilled immigration gives more poor labour voters and keeps them in power. What is the labour elite’s interest in increasing the prosperity of the poor and disenfranchise themselves?


      • 136
        (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

        Next week a hosepipe ban. Why? This country can only provide water for so many people!


    • 44
  3. 3
    Hilda says:

    The wealthy elite want immigration to destroy salary levels.


    • 90
      Myfanwy says:

      “So Brokenshire has managed to alienate his boss and get business to turn on the Tories in one move. Slow clap.” Dave will have to have words with Young Brokenshire like,”Whatever you say do not tell the truth, I didn’t get where I am today by telling the truth” Vote UKip!


  4. 5
    Sick of them says:

    Another identikit arsehole politician, feeling that he just has to make a speech somewhere to raise his profile.
    Get back in your box you silly little wanker.


  5. 7
    Anonymous says:

    James Brokenshire is a man child.


  6. 10
    Sally Berns-Cowal says:

    What a Brokenshire Hunt!


  7. 12
    Anonymous says:

    “divisive language”? More like letting the cat out of the bag.


    • 92
      Myfanwy says:

      Ukip have noticed and they will capitalise on it, the LibLabCons do not want to admit it, and that is why the LibLabCons will lose votes to UKip


  8. 14
    Owen Jones - people's poet. says:

    He looks even younger and is even more ill informed than I am.


  9. 16
    Pitkapoika says:

    His constituency should de-select him for arrant stupidity!


  10. 17
    Guy News Room says:

    Ukraine’s PM has accused Owen Jones of stoking tensions as world leaders hold emergency talks on the crisis,by suggesting that Putin listens to Lighthouse Family CD’s.


  11. 18
    ss says:

    Brokenshire is right the metro elite did import cheap labour, Blair said so, Straw said so, Mandlebum said so.


  12. 20
    Dave - the pervert's best friend says:

    I don’t know which I prefer more – a Chumocracy or a Bumocracy.

    I think that I’ll have both.



  13. 20
    Ed Moribund says:

    I PROMISE I will reduce net migration into the UK.

    I can deliver on this by raising the top rate of tax to 95%, mansion tax and business taxes and the number of rich people fleeing will vastly exceed the numbers of asylum seekers coming in.

    Its a winning pledge from Team Moribund.


  14. 22
    The BBC says:

    We’re all immigrants. What’s the problem?


    • 28
      Working class bloke says:

      Yeh Britain has always been a melting pot.
      First there were the north Europeans followed by the north Europeans and then in 1066 we were invaded by the north Europeans and have been a north European country up until 1948 when the Windrush docked.


      • 33
        Horace Odes says:

        What about the Romans?


        • 52
          Working class bloke says:

          Romans fair enough:Southern Europeans lording it over a north European population.


          • And Arabs, Berbers, moors and anyone else from with a couple of hundred miles of the Mediterranean or the Nile.


          • ooh an historian says:

            Only for about 400 years though. And a lot of the Roman occupying army were in fact Germanic, which is why the Angles, Jutes and Saxons arrived from Denmark/Jutland/Shleswig-Holstein the minute the troops were disbanded or left Britain.


  15. 23
    Working class bloke says:

    Mass immigration.
    Both capitalist big business and socialists agree we need more.
    Now I know big business has always bummed me throughout history but what is the socialists angle?


    • 31
      Adolf Hitler says:

      National Socialist or International Socialist…there is a difference you know.

      Look up who the original cosmopolitans were.


      • 46
        Just Asking says:

        Are international socialists national socialists with a global perspective?


        • 57
          there is a big difference says:

          International Socialists want to impose their ideology on the whole world whereas National Socialists want to impose their ideology on the whole world.


  16. 24
    Roger L'aupair says:

    Phoebe and I love our 18 year-old Slovak nanny. She also walks our poodles and does the cleaning, all for £6 an hour, cash-in-hand of course. ( and she’ll do anything for a tenner when Phoebe’s out.)


  17. 26
    corportist left says:

    more wage slaves for amazon please,people that don’t earn enough to pay tax working for a company that doesn’t pay tax,anybody who say’s anything negative about this policy is clearly a racist


    • 55
      Broken Record says:

      Costa would pay tax to Britain if the tax were lower than in Switzerland. It is the same with other companies.

      You can confiscate a reasonable amount. Or none.
      Did you make the right decision?


  18. 27
    Crikey says:

    Business will of course turn on him- all that cheap labour which helps to keep wages down and of course more spending units, they don’t care whether they are spending benefit money or earned money. Oh and don’t forget the landlords including the beds in sheds brigade.


  19. 29
    Jack Dromey says:

    My favourite tool is a Black & Decker.


  20. 32
    Owen Jones,champagne quaffing and cigar smoking socialist says:

    There is a certain amusement inherent in watching the establishment peering up its own bum.


  21. 34
    Anonymous says:

    Immigrants who work ie Eastern Europeans are fine, its the brown muslim chaps who do fuck all except claim benefits and groom white girls.


    • 59
      East European Inbred says:

      You are thinking I am hard workings and not want to video little childrens. You are keep thinking this thing.


      • 79
        Eastern Euros says:

        Also if we can work cash. in hand, AND claim benefits even better. It’s like 2 salaries, in fact 3 salaries if you include child benefit as well.

        You eeengleesh are fcuking mugs.


    • 125
      Eeeeestern Uro says:

      I am liking the scrap* metal that I am exporting.

      * it may not be scrap metal to begin with – it might be a war memorial, or telecomms cable


  22. 36
    Anonymous says:

    Blimey the only time a Tory actually tells the truth and his paymasters turn on him.


  23. 38
    FDR says:

    The country is full

    Density (population/mi²)

    England 1054
    India 989
    Japan 873
    Pakistan 598
    Germany 583
    China 365
    France 303
    US 90
    Africa 80


  24. 39

    You know you’re in trouble when even the IuD turn on you.


    • 61
      Jimmy the useful idiot says:

      You know you are in trouble when you are 46 and work as an unpaid Labour intern typing on right wing websites from the loneliness of your mother’s basement.


    • 99
      Myfanwy says:

      Jimmy, if your InterUrinaryDevice turns on you, you are in big trouble


  25. 42
    A Stickler for Detail says:


    Is he named after a Labour county council?


  26. 62
    john in cheshire says:

    Get rid of 5 – 10 million immigrants and perhaps we could return to being a ‘nice’ country to live in.


    • 100
      Myfanwy says:

      We will still get the little Iorish tinkers coming here, there are not many true gypsies in the UK


  27. 63
    altruism in industry says:

    I still don’t understand why growth in the numbers of things is regarded as a good thing when to me it seems like a bad thing.


    • 65
      altruism in industry says:

      for example everything does not go on forever, everything eventually dies, probably Death was invented to limit overproduction.
      If everybody has a teapot there will somewhere be a master teapot maker who sells expensive teapots, eventually the expensive teapot maker will die off to be replaced by the younger master teapot maker whose life is improved by charging more rather than making more.


  28. 73
    Right Full Rudder says:

    Oh dear, a politician made the mistake of speaking for his voters rather than for the political class and corporate money. Common Purpose graduate Simon Walker put him in his place.


  29. 75
    Right Full Rudder says:

    For a good insight into the mentality of the London media bubble, here’s Dan Hodges, Labour party member, getting angry at the idea of business not having a pool of cheap Labour and having to pay people higher wages:

    Now cast your mind back to why the Labour party was founded.


  30. 81
    keith says:

    so business is upset that a tory politician has pointed out that by employing cheap imported labour to the detriment of the working class of this country is a fact of life, keeping wages down and profits up whilst pretending to be upset that so many of their countrymen and women are on the dole, its been so hard to maintain a straight face whilst saying it for all those multi national business leaders and of course those fighters for the rights of the working class, brother mcclusky, mark serwotka and all have been so busy being politically correct and waving through the massive influx of cheap labour that they forgot who they were supposed to be representing, but who cares, the roundabout goes round with all the usual suspects on it, but don’t mention immigration


    • 102
      Southern Softy says:

      You’re right, but for fucks sake use capital letters, sentences ad full stops. I am curently pissed and find it hard to decispher this “On the Road” stylle.


  31. 96
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    It’s not Immigration but the minimum wage that is responsible for high unemployment.

    Germany (without a minimum wage) consistently has a much lower unemployment rate than the UK/USA .

    This clearly shows that the minimum wage is a jobs destroyer.

    It’s high time both the UK and USA abolished the minimum wage so we can get unemployment, especially youth unemployment, down.


  32. 101
    Not My Fault says:

    I was so fed up with living in a country full of foreigners I moved to France. Problem solved.


  33. 103
    VeryUnimpressed says:

    First I’ve heard of James Brokenshire. He’s a Tory minister but regurgitating far left / UKIP bollocks?


    • 130
      You don't understand much do ya punk says:

      UKIP? WTF are you on about?
      That twat is as far away from UKIP as you can get.


  34. 104
    Maimed Cadger says:

    He looks what he is….


  35. 106

    Brokenshire is a pratt the middle class don’t employ nannies and gardeners ,that is the preserve of the rich.
    Now the twat has given labour a cover for their treasonous immigration scam ,we had our noses rubbed in diversity ,his ought to be rubbed in dog shit.


  36. 108
    Flange says:

    Another example of Cameron”s utter hatred of the Middle classes.


    • 112
      The tit in no. 10 who delights in pissing off the floating voters says:

      No-one can say I don’t have a sense of humour. I mean, that appointment of James Brokenshire as Minister of State for Immigration has had them rolling in the isles.
      Arf arf !


  37. 115
    Sir Roger de Senseless says:

    He’s made a gaffe, then.

    That’s what the call it when politicos tell the truth, isn’t it?


  38. 131
    Winston says:

    Simon Walker, Chief exec of the IOD, is a former Marxist and Labour Party activist. He was involved with the Communist Party of South Africa before heading here and working in the media and PR. He is the ideal spokesman for Corporate Socialism and the unholy alliance of universal socialists and big business that promote mass immigration. Do some proper digging Guido – you are getting lazy – or are there people you’d rather not upset?


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