March 5th, 2014

Labour Point Finger at Llewellyn

Following Guido’s story this morning that Patrick Rock was subject to a second sexual harassment complaint from a junior Downing Street staffer, Labour have written to Cabinet Secretary Jeremy Heywood asking:

  • In total how many sexual harassment allegations have been made against Mr Rock, on what dates were they made, and in each case how were they dealt with and what was the outcome?
  • Was there a formal process for dealing with the sexual harassment allegations against Mr Rock, and what was the involvement of the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, Ed Llewellyn, in that process?
  • What other officials were involved? In your judgement, is it right for a political appointee to handle a sexual harassment complaint made by an official about another political appointee?

Firming up Labour sources this morning taking aim at Cameron’s chief of staff and Rock’s close friend, Ed Llewellyn. Don’t expect a reply any time soon…


  1. 1
    Dan "utter twat" Hodges says:

    If we had more woman MPs then Putin could not invade the Ukraine. Also we need more immigrants. Everyone who disagrees with me is out of touch. And I have never been on public transport where people were speaking other languages around me and I have never laughed at a joke about national stereotypes. Ever.


    • 10
      Paddy from Paddy Power says:

      You might be interested in two new spread betting books we have opened.

      Firstly you can now bet on the number of Ukrainians to be killed before Easter and secondly you can bet on how many Ukrainian refugees will be living in the UK next Christmas Day.


      • 17
        A punter says:

        I’ll have a tenner on half a million?


      • 30
        broderick crawford says:

        i think i ll do a hedge bet paddy

        i ll go short on ukrainian dead and deffo long on immigrant ingress before Christmas.

        that s got your book looking sick hasn t it padraig


    • 29
      Going well this says:

      why don’t they ask if number 10 gave him the heads up they were reporting him to the police. why give him the delay before dibble felt his collar


    • 33
      Guardian Ed-Hitter says:

      Every idiot seems to be called Ed. It will need a big hammer to sort this lot out.


    • 41
      Dan Paid By Hope Not Hate to Smear Hodeges says:

      Mummy is a millionaire film star mp, give me more money and I’ll call them racists for you in the Daily Telegraph.


  2. 2
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    The las time I saw so many cock ups I was in a brothel.


    • 37
      Myfanwy says:

      That Cameron person and his hencemen sound like a right bunch of shadt characters, no wonder they created such a holler over Harriet H they knew what was coming, they don’t seem any better, infact they are starting to sound like sanctimonious hypocrites.


  3. 3
    Pebble vs Rock says:

    If Labour want to ask about Rock, the Conservatives should be asking about NOTHERN ROCK where Gordon Brown gifted billions of our money in a bail out to speculator hedge fund and bond traders from losing money on their failed investments.


  4. 4
    kebabmon says:

    No 10 is looking more corrupt day by day. So is politics in general for that matter.


  5. 5
    gary says:

    Tories have their fingers in loads of pies.


  6. 7
    policy-less wars says:

    Slurs not policies are the only way Miliband will ever get into power. Guess BBC will be chief facilitator.


  7. 9
    Labour says:

    Just don’t ask us any questions about PIE.


    • 35
      Anonymous says:

      If H@rriet and Dromey, and by extension the Labour party had got their way, Mr R0ck wouldn’t have allegedly done anything illegal.

      The usual Labour rank hypocrisy. This time based on a vile p@edo organisation of their own making.

      They cannot stoop any lower.


  8. 11
    Harriet Harmskids says:

    Bye bye
    Miss NCCL Pie
    Wanted age of consent down to four
    But if you ask me now I’ll just lie


  9. 13
    Jack Harman says:

    “It’s all a daily mail smear story.”

    “Keep strong, take some sleeping pills, clear heads are needed” “Set up a hutton style inquiry”…


  10. 16
    Marco says:

    You said, he said, they said…
    This Site is going down the pan when Guido just follows what the Labour Questions are … !
    Too much effort on stories in the dead tree press, as Guido called it, and not enough on this blog…


    • 21
      Coca Cola says:

      Agreed. Guido, you need to get a grip. I know the traditional reply is to tell people to collect a refund or start your own blog, but, and I say this as a great admirer, the fact is that this blog is getting too insiderish and predictable. Don’t kill your brand and turn a classic blog into the new improved diet version.


    • 25
      Guido bad friends write letter says:

      If you report a crime you have done your duty. Is it not up to the police to publicize it to further their investigations. Is saying nothing acceptable and correct?


  11. 19
    Ivan Denisovich says:

    The Cathy Ashton story => is in Russian??


  12. 20
    Rip Van Winkle says:



  13. 22
    C O (Ξ5) says:

    Nice to see that the R-Fed have compromised completely EU phone lines:

    From the RT article above.

    Certainly works towards P’tins desire for EU to join R-Fed custom / trade union.

    Time for the UK to exit EU.


  14. 24
    Labour in fine hypocritical mode says:

    We want to know about this, we want to know about that, but we want to know
    nothing about Dromey, Dromey and Hewitt. Got it?


    • 31
      BBC says:

      Ok by us


    • 32
      Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right says:

      So because Labour politicians were linked to dodgy dealings in the 70’s it’s okay for a Tory to download child porn?? It’s not me it’s them!! Get a grip you silly bastard. The whole fucking establishment are corrupt to the core. Got it?


      • 36
        Labour in fine hypocritical mode says:

        Hey silly bastard, where did I write that it’s okay. Specsavers, got it? English comprehension course, got It?


  15. 43
    stushie says:

    Labour’s ‘outrage’ needs to be ignored.We know it’s orchestrated to bury the Gruesome Threesome’s foul deeds re. PIE.


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