March 5th, 2014

Gordon Claims £215,000 Public Duties Costs in Two Years
Taxpayer Triples £66,000 Salary for “Ex-Politician”

The £10,000-a-week expenses Gordon gets from his company are clearly not enough for the Prime Mentalist, who new figures reveal has claimed £215,000 in public duties cost allowance in the last two financial years. The money is offered so ex-PMs can “fulfil their public duties”, though since Gordon has said he is an “ex-politician”, barely bothers attending parliament and spends most of his time flying around the word giving speeches for huge sums of money, Guido is struggling to work out why the taxpayer is still topping him up. Especially considering he is still pocketing his £66,000-a-year salary as an MP. Presumably he will tell us he “isn’t receiving a penny of this money personally” either.


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    • 6
      Worst says:


      • 15
        Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Peedos, & other Wasters says:

        Champagne Socialists again, he’s probably got a Dacha somewhere as well. Don’t they just disgust you and make you sick of the whole Labour movement?


        • 86
          Harbottle says:

          The drones will still vote for them though-the ones who live in sink estates, those in areas overrun with immigrants, where life expectancy is at third world levels, where crime is high, schools are failing and investors stay away from (apart from betting shops and cheque converters). Somehow they still can’t see what Labour has done to them.


          • Tom Cat says:


            Unfortunately they believe, quite rightly, that the ‘Blue Toffs’ care even less for them.

            What can they do?


          • broderick crawford says:





          • Graham says:

            Liebour gets its votes from thick mental defectives aka white thick Hunts , illegal immigrants and bogus asylum claimants, and Muslims and jihadists. There will be more ethnics in HMP Westminstee after 2015 when Militwat becomes PM. Islamic Republic of UK gets closer , as does President Anjam Choudary.


          • Dangerous Brian says:

            While ever there are the Owen Jones’s of the world blindly acceding to the socialist dictat and obviously believing in it too then things will never change.


          • Vlad the Loudhailer says:

            Can the IPSA do a full audit on Brown’s claim and any errors should be treated as fraud. This man is single handedly bring politics into disrepute.


          • Bloke says:

            Browstain is fucking twat. End of.


      • 37
        jgm2 says:

        Careful Jonesy. Jimmy will be all over you for dissing the Reverend Blair.


      • 38
        T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

        Is the pope a catholic ?


      • 94
        Tom Cat says:

        I’m sure they can wash the blood off said ‘dosh’ without a problem.

        Besides, ‘Beggars can’t be choosers’ and all that.


    • 7
      Vlad The Inhaler says:

      That was over about 20 odd years as to two years for McMental.


    • 8
      Malala says:

      He didn’t give me any of it. Although he keeps offering me sweets though.


    • 12
      The Arctic Monkeys says:

      Maybe he’ll buy one of our fucking albums then.


    • 18
      Nworb Nodrog says:

      I do not “spend most of my time flying around the word

      I mummble and splutter in my Scottish way.


    • 22
      Gordon Brown says:

      British Bobs for Scottish Long Haulers


    • 26
      Dan "utter twat" Hodges says:

      If we had more woman MPs then Putin could not invade the Ukraine. Also we need more immigrants. Everyone who disagrees with me is out of touch. And I have never been on public transport where people were speaking other languages around me and I have never laughed at a joke about national stereotypes. Ever.


    • 55
      Táxpáyér says:

      I’m not receiving a penny of this money personally…
      My Butler
      Personal Trainer
      Rental agency

      Receive it instead.


    • 63
      Do one says:

      You forget that Mrs Thatcher never took a salary as PM.


    • 81
      Ayn Rand quote says:

      “People think that a liar gains a victory over his victim. What I’ve learned is that a lie is an act of self-abdication, because one surrenders one’s reality to the person to whom one lies, making that person one’s master, condemning oneself from then on to faking the sort of reality that person’s view requires to be faked…The man who lies to the world, is the world’s slave from then on…There are no white lies, there is only the blackest of destruction, and a white lie is the blackest of all”


    • 84
      Anonymous says:

      As a former PM, doesn’t Gordoom also get half his £194,250 salary (index-linked against inflation) for the rest of his life?


      • 88
        jgm2 says:

        A fucking bargain compared to the damage he did while he was in government.

        It would have been cheaper to pay him £100 million pounds a year, in fact £10bn quid a year than have him enacting his fuckwitted economic policy while chancellor and then, as PM, trying to cover up when it inevitably failed .


    • 101
      Real Hacked-Off says:

      How many foodbanks and foodbankers would this pay for? What are these church people now going to say (do not include Reverend Petal)?

      And we are paying someone just for existing. It’s sick.


    • 114
      Sir Barrington Minge says:

      Once a lying, corrupt bastard, Always a……..

      This man is taking us for a ride and the sad thing is we let it go on.


  2. 2
    Vlad The Inhaler says:

    Just Following the behaviour of his beloved EU comrades.


  3. 3
    Steve Miliband says:

    Other papers wont copy this story or they’ll get a phone call from the mentalist


    • 35
      Gordon Boom & Bust Brown says:

      Ah good old Leveson, I knew when I turned up to PArliament to make my little tantrum about Murdoch that it would pay off, I shifted the debate and now the politicians can control the Press.

      Guido Fawkes I demand you add a line to all your articles about me stating that I take no money personally and that I do NOT enjoy having to go round the world 1st class, staying in 5 star hotels paid for by my “charity” and only do it to try to help the world be a better place.


      • 43
        jgm2 says:

        If you want the world to be a better place why not just take all that ‘charity’ money as salary and pay 45% tax in the UK thereby doubling the amount of cash you donate to ‘good causes’.

        After all, you can hardly argue with the tax rate and you can’t argue with what it’s being spent on since you are the c*u*n*t that hiked the upper band and committed so much tax money to all these PFI projects in the first place.


  4. 4
    aurora borealis says:

    presumably he’ll be telling us soon that he will be standing for election again come 2015 – with a remunerative package like that for zero hours why wouldn’t he?!


    • 109
      We KNOW liblabcon are liars.. we can hope UKIP less so. says:

      At least there’s one silver lining. ….

      His son won’t be parachuted into a safe seat…..

      Unlike Bliars Straws etc etc


  5. 5
    Steve Miliband says:

    Perhaps he’ll donate it to the Labour party?


    • 71
      aurora borealis says:

      ++++Laugh++++ ++++Laugh++++

      gordon is the most famous tight fisted person you will find anywhere in the world. do you really think he would part with a penny of his hoarded and troughed ill-gotten gains to the likes of militwit?!!


  6. 9
    Anonymous says:

    One-eyed Beard wearing Hunt. His electorate must be the classic example of the vapid type of “We’d vote for a pig if it wore the right colour rosette.” – mostly because they did do.


    • 95
      Haggis hater - yuk says:

      Perhaps, then, there might be some benefit for fatty Alex and the sturgeon woman to have a wee word in their shell-likes to make them more aware of the reality of the world beyond their grubby little High Street. the place isn’t that big so they should get round everyone in 2-3 days.


  7. 11
    Cuntwatch says:

    Rock allegedly got the opportunity to resign hours before he was arrested?
    Why was he allowed to resign?
    On what grounds did he resign?

    These are the killer facts which indicate a massive cover-up.

    Normally you would not expect a person to know they are being investigated until they were arrested. Yet here they appeared to have been allowed to resign before being arrested.

    This is on the face of it does seem to indicate political interference in the investigative process, for political purposes and appearance.

    It is all very irregular.

    Defending the delay in releasing the information, Cameron said: “I don’t think it would be right to pre-emptively brief out a criminal investigation and that’s why we did not do that.

    “But as soon as questions were asked, as questions would inevitably be asked, we have given very full and straightforward answers, which is absolutely the right way to answer this.

    “I’ve been clear right along – and I was told about this issue pretty much as soon as it was discovered – and I have been very clear we must handle this in an absolutely correct way and I am satisfied that is what No 10 Downing Street has done.”

    He added: “I have to be careful about what I say about this issue because a criminal investigation is under way. He did play an important role at Downing Street and he’s resigned that position.”

    David Cameron’s explanations are not credible. To say that No.10 gave “very full and straightforward answers” is stretching the truth so far that it has become a lie. Very evasive and vague would have been a more accurate description.


    • 14
      David Cameroñ says:

      Lessons will of course be learnt.


    • 62
      Rolls-Royce Pegasus engine says:

      You have based a rather long missive including what you state as facts on the pretext of something ‘allegedly happening.
      Bit daft really as I fear you’ve wasted my time and your own.


  8. 16
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    I think this is what they call “taking the piss” .

    Perhaps Cameron should be addressing this abuse now.

    Party Leaders who fail to win an Election should perhaps not sit in the next Parliament or receive a salary for what in reality is failure.

    Constituency work is hardly a justification these days and even if it was the workload could be spread out amongst neighboring MPs.

    You can almost bet your bottom dollar no one will address this problem.


  9. 17
    Paniagua V5.1 says:

    Is he entering via the back entrance on that photo?


  10. 19
    Nigel says:

    The company donated £25k for this video to be made, but why ban e-Cigs ?


    • 24
      Big Pharma says:

      Naive question.


      • 54
        Errol says:

        I quite like these electrical cigarettes.

        For the first time in my life I have an extra thirty quid a week in my pocket to spend as I want on myself.

        Now along come a bunch of politicians and want too tax me again.


        • 60
          Phil from Pentonville says:

          Never mind you can still have a game of soldiers as that is still tax free.

          However if you should employ a lady to help you out there is a risk these politicians will in futures try to put you in jail.

          Best to buy the ciggies and keep paying the taxes.


      • 91
        Ex-Marlboro Man says:

        I use one of those refillables, amazing things, packed up the real tabs this year after 25 years. Don’t buy the crap ones in garages go for a Jac Vapor or such like.


    • 49
      May I butt in? says:

      If they banned all the many additives, ciggies would probably be much safer.


  11. 23
    Vlad The Inhaler says:

    The Royal College of Surgeons said the “they are hundred of times safer than normal cigarettes”


  12. 25
    bergen says:

    It’s just a pity that he didn’t devote the same attention to the nation’s finances that he clearly devotes to his own.


  13. 27
    LabourBlist-er says:

    I am beginning to think, after Blair and Brown, that when they finally lay down the heavy burden of office we should take worn-out old PMs to the PDSA, and have them humanely put down


  14. 28
    Vlad The Inhaler says:

    “Hotter than Greece: Temperatures set to rise to 18C this weekend as Britain basks in a welcome warm spell.” Says the Met Office, so prepare for floods, blizzards etc.


  15. 29
    jgm2 says:

    Presumably he will tell us he “isn’t receiving a penny of this money personally” either.

    You may joke but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if his MP’s salary is laundered tax-free via his ‘charity’ too.


  16. 30
    Boogler says:

    First Coulson and now Rock. Charming bunch, the Tories


  17. 34
    Heil Cameron says:

    Cameron the liar is caught

    David Cameron said yesterday he was profoundly shocked at Mr Patrick Rocks offences yet Cameron has known about this event since the 12 feb
    so why was he shocked yesterday ?
    was he shocked that the story has been brought out into the public

    either way he has been caught out.

    or was he letting Harman take the shit for a bit longer before this story broke and he says no10 knew about it wait a minute no10 is David Cameron is it not.

    But he says it like no10 ,s a separate thing to himself I would say every thing that happens in no10 he knows about.


    • 39
      David Cameron, bumsex marriage says:

      The material was likely planted on Cameron’s machine. Rock is the loyal patsy.


    • 68
      Chipmunk says:

      Did he say “I am shocked today”?
      No, he said that he was shocked when he heard which means your entire post is pointless.
      Try defending some in the Labour party.


  18. 36
    The National Interest says:

    If Cameron can drag himself away from the kiddie p0rn for 5 minutes, please check over and initiate Lisbon Article-50. Thank you.


  19. 40
    Wake up & vote UKIP says:

    The only “public duty” Gordo the B should undertake is to chuck himself under a bus. Be a damn sight cheaper.


  20. 41
    Ceauscescu's ghost says:

    Arrest him
    Try him
    Shoot him like the dog he is.


  21. 44
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    I dislike Nigel Mirage intrensely.


  22. 57

    Presumably if Mr Brown “is not receiving it” he should not be accepting it. He cannot accept taxpayers money and give it to someone else without their p[ermission.


  23. 59
    Golden oldie says:

    No one fucks with Maggie! Watch her reaction when the interviewer quotes the then New Zealand PM who made a Nuremberg remark about her. She doesn’t raise her voice or shout. Just look at her eyes and then the tone of her response. Lethal!


  24. 64
    C O (Ξ5) says:

    R-Fed likely cannot be bought off this way, but they will take the money:


    • 76
      Cast Iron Dave says:

      I wonder which country is providing the other £4 Billion ?


      • 80
        Cast Iron Dave says:

        Ah silly me it’s $ rather than £

        Which means the UK must be the only contributor.

        Sorry India the inter stellar call centres will have to be next year.


        • 83
          C O (Ξ5) says:

          I would not be so sure.

          From earlier this year:

          P’tin calls for a trade zone and customs union between Eurasia and the EU.

          Now why would a nice imperialist country like R-Fed, which has seriously increased it’s defence budget do such a thing, and wherever could it lead ?


  25. 65
    Enough is Enough says:

    Gordon Brown wasted our money in government and continues to waste our money out of it.

    How is he allowed to get away with this?


    • 74
      aurora borealis says:

      as gordon would tell you it’s all within the rules.


    • 75
      jgm2 says:

      Compared to the damage he did when he was in government and trying to look busy it’s peanuts. If only he’d taken that kind of money and done nothing while he was actually in government.


  26. 73
    aurora borealis says:

    It raises the question doesn’t it what ‘public duties’ ???


  27. 77
    Red Ed, Son of Brown and eco-fascist says:

    Firsth, there isth no costh of expensith cwisith.

    Thecond, Gordon twavelths only in enviwomentally frwiendly jetsths.


  28. 79
    BBC supporting for your own good Auto Postal Vote Blocks in UK says:

    We are still here plebs.


  29. 87
    H's taking the piss says:

    Don’t forget his UN job as the world’s headmaster. Notionally unpaid but reality no limit, unaudited, extravagant tax free expenses.


  30. 99
    Elvis says:

    stocS tnuc.


  31. 103
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m Labour and I’m LOVIN IT.


  32. 104
    Vazoline says:

    Speaking as one of impeable integrity, I think this behaviour is disgraceful.


  33. 110

    Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics and commented:
    Gordo is the krudd of the british isles. And will never answer any of the millions of questions arising from the marxist regime he “led”.


  34. 111
    Anonymous says:

    Will el Gordo – as I like to call him – be off to the Press Complaints Commission?


  35. 115
    The Browns are living a lie says:

    Someone has been stung in their fat arse or poked in their one eye – Mrs Brown is on BBC Breakfast this morning – no doubt she will be trying to justify their ripping off the taxpayer in the name of charity. (Gordon will be watching from under the bed in the penthouse.)


  36. 116
    stushie says:

    I remember the Brown family in Kirkcaldy.The manse had one coal fire AND the lino. was turned toeven out the wear.It would appear that the ‘son of the manse’ has become a trougher of the worst sort.
    Does he still attend the Kirk.?


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