March 5th, 2014

BBC Screamers Handle Pistorius Report Tastefully

BBC spokesperson said with some understatement: “There was a technical mistake where sound effects being prepared in another studio for an unrelated item were accidentally broadcast over the news bulletin. We apologised for the error immediately afterwards.”


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    BBC Cyberman says:



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      xx says:

      Socialism is a rich mans game

      Ask Brown and blair


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      Dan Twat of the Year Hodges says:

      No it’s me pointing out that if we had more woman MPs then Putin could not invade the Ukraine. Also we need more immigrants; that way Putin will be scared of us. Everyone who disagrees with me is out of touch. And I have never been on public transport where people were speaking other languages around me and I have never laughed at a joke about national stereotypes. Ever.


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        Owen Jones says:

        Even I have to question that level of journalism. Seriously, Dan.


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        Glenda Jackson's fanny, as seen in The Music Lovers says:

        Be fair to the boy. You’ve never had to watch a film which had your mum’s chuff in it. Sharon Stone’s kids will not grow up any more wise and coherent.


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        Trevor's Tremendous Trivas says:

        Get a fucking new quote if you want to send up arseholes like Hodges, you been posting that unfunny paragraph on all stories relating to the roid runners trial and it just aint funny you unoriginal fucking tard pathetic wanker prick.


      • 69
        lost socialists assoc says:

        do you have a brother called tristam ?


    • 27
      Trevor's Tremendous Trivas says:

      Does anyone really care about this arrogant raspberry’s trial? A nasty roid fulled cripple argues with his stuck up bird, probably because the roids had made his dick as useless as his legs. He does what any other arrogant Afrikaner would do, blams the bitch in the face with his guns, then finishes her off with a cricket bat. Fuck him, let the arrogant little ripple rot in a hell hole SA prison, those baboons will keep a pretty boy like him on his toes that’s for sure.


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      Officer Dibble says:

      And to think the BBC were slagging Paddy Power off for being tasteless


    • 64
      broderick crawford says:

      were the other sounds from savile s ghost ?


    • 128
      Unelectable Ed Miliband says:

      Has anyone seen Ed Balls?


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    Ed i don't have any Balls says:

    Frankly Hilarious in every sense!


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      Dianne Abbott's Shit Smeared Jerk Stained Gusset says:

      I’ve travelled this old world of ours from Barnsley to Peru
      I’ve had sunshine in the arctic and a swim in Tinbuktu
      I’ve seen unicorns in Burma and a Yetti in Nepal
      And I’ve danced with ten foot pygmies in a Montezuma hall
      I’ve met the King of China and a working Yorkshire miner
      But I’ve never met a nice South African.

      No he’s never met a nice South African
      And that’s not bloody surprising man
      ‘Cause we’re a bunch of arrogant bastards
      Who hate black people

      I once got served in Woolies aften less than four week’s wait
      I had lunch with Rowan Atkinson when he paid and wasn’t late
      I know a public swimming bath where they don’t piss in the pool
      I know a guy who got a job straight after leaving school
      I’ve met a normal merman and a fairly modest German
      But I’ve never met a nice South African.

      No he’s never met a nice South African
      And that’s not bloody surprising man
      ‘Cause we’re a bunch of talentless murderers
      Who smell like baboons

      I’ve had a close encounter of the twenty-second kind
      That’s when an alien spaceship disappears up your behind
      I got directory enquiries after less than forty rings
      I’ve even heard a decent song by Paul McCartney’s Wings
      I’ve seen a flying pig in a quite convincing wig
      But I’ve never met a nice South African.

      No he’s never met a nice South African
      And that’s not bloody surprising man
      ‘Cause we’re a bunch of ignorant loudmouths
      With no sense of humour – ha ha

      I’ve met the Loch Ness monster and he looks like Fred Astaire
      At the BBC in London he’s the chief commissionaire
      I know a place in Glasgow which is rife with daffodillies
      I met a man in Katmandu who claimed to have two willies
      I’ve had a nice pot noodle but I’ve never had a poodle
      And I’ve never met a nice South African.

      No he’s never met a nice South African
      And that’s not bloody surprising man
      Because we’ve never met one either


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      Dianne Abbott's Shit Smeared Jerk Stained Gusset says:


      • 51
        Baboon's arse says:

        Dis am de way to embed de video:


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          JH-23091238459023 says:


          You’ll remind the BBC it is about time for a Mandela Remembrance Service of the Mandela Remembrance Service, with the inevitable blanket coverage.


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    Maggie the dog says:

    That’s the most truth I’ve heard from the BBC for years.


  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Remember when Blair was first in power the digital signal would always breakdown at the most apt moment


  5. 5
    Rupert says:

    Three down. 5 more to go.


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      Blowing Donkey Whistles says:

      Rupe did your boys ever pay off a considerable number of people in some of your subsidiaries in the UK working via NI UK Ltd – in order to prevent the pigs coming into any of those subsidiaries to properly investigate corporate corruption that was going on – say around 1997 to 2003?


  6. 6
    White rabbit says:

    Come off it ! Ed wasn’t that bad.


  7. 7
    Lord Stansted says:

    BBC spokesperson? I think you mean spokesman. After all, spokesperson discriminates against daughters.


  8. 8
    Owen Jones says:

    This is the best thing on the Internet today


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    Get that fucking Bouncing Osbourne ad off my screen - it's cack says:

    Talking of the BBC, Mark Lawson (relation?) is stepping down from Front Row for, he claims, “personal reasons”.

    Yet, the BBC claims in the same article that “the broadcaster’s departure follows allegations of bullying among several staff in the BBC Radio Arts Unit.”

    So, not personal reasons, then.

    But, hey, it’s all at the Licence Fee payers’ expense – so what?


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      JH-23091238459023 says:

      If that baldy, podgy, pasty cʋnt tried bullying me I would show him the art of a punch to the face.

      Discuss that, twat.


    • 13
      Nick Robinson ace reporter says:

      Breaking news … Man with no legs shoots somebody , allegedl., breaking news…


    • 19
      White rabbit says:

      Wrong trousers. He’s the bully fodder.


  10. 14
    Quite a large percentage of BBC employees says:

    “Screamers????” I am going STRAIGHT to HR!


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      Blowing Donkey Whistles says:

      There is something rotten about all this R Fed / U / brokering and i have been looking at it from a ‘financial perspective.

      Isn’t it funny [Not] that basically the whole thing secretly has an agenda behind all the frontage of “debt and big bucks thus owed”.

      All over the EU there are ‘countries’ who’s top line politicians and city-types mismanaged for decades and its those countries’ people who now ‘owe’ the ECB and thereafter the IMF and thereafter … well you get the picture.

      It’s all about securing a country ‘into a position of debt’ thus that they are thereafter ‘owned’ and must ‘service the debt’ in servitude to its moneygrubbing debt collectors – who hide themselves by all means foul and with illegal trickery.

      i stated this a while back – The so called ‘debts’ are the noose with which [including the ‘people of the UK and not the parasitical politicians and their mates in the city] many countries have been entrapped into …

      A time is coming when ‘The grossly over inflated by interest – debts’ will be ‘wiped out’ and with that the dirtiest and malevolent of financiers should be wiped out too.


      • 49
        C O (Ξ5) says:

        The EU is a quasi-imperialist structure which is currently expanding.

        The EU takes fresh territory by corrupting the elite of the target country, providing funding to ‘reform’ civic institutions and upgrade infrastructure whilst the country works towards accession.

        This combo wins over the target population: the changes to governance help cement and enforce that. The elite walk away rich to be replaced with apparatchik.

        Then surrender of freedom and sovereignty is conditioned as a target national achievement.

        The debt aspect is part of the trap to ensure that the target state cannot just walk away.

        In the U this has gone wrong. On many levels it should not have been attempted in that particular country.

        One reason why the attempt has failed is because R-Fed outbid the EU, and R-Fed have a stronger fundamental claim on U.

        If you look a bit deeper you will see that the R-Fed have been learning the techniques of the EU and are starting to apply them itself. This is why they invited U to join R in their own Trade Union. P’tin is trying to establish credibility for his Eurasian trade union at present.

        Eurasian trade union is a little different to EU. It involves direct coercion with hard military force and mainly economic coercion. (Via control of access to energy) It is the same in principal though to the EU.

        The real target is for R-Fed to add the EU to the Eurasian Union, and M’oscow wishes to dominate B’erlin. That is the real dynamic here, and if anything starts WWIII, the trigger: Watch the US closely.

        There is a lot of history behind this.

        Europeans generally do not see this as they have major cognitive blocks causing them to focus on money and confusing that wrongly with power. The same is true to a degree in the US.

        Most dangerous in Europe is the knee jerk response to any allusion to Cold War thinking that this is in the past, or ‘crazy’.

        P’tin shares a slightly but importantly different world view to that which has been conditioned in the West.


        • 154
          It's much simpler than all that says:

          Jesus, what a lot of rot.

          You are forgetting that the lebrachaun Rompuy was the one leading the charge into Ukraine. Do you reall ythink he has the experience of international post-cold-war politics to handle it succesfully?

          What happened is that Ukraine is split down the middle between the pro-Russian East side (which was originally part of Russia anyway) and the anti-Russian west-side. The dire economic state has of course caused people to spill onto the streets, some demanding immediate entry to the EU (which actually is not currently on offer). Rompuy was only too happy to make political capital out of those demands on behalf of the EU, simply because he is a dick.

          So, the EU finds itself having taken sides largely by accident, the US has been drawn in largely by accident and because the Budapest Memorandum obliges at least some sort of reaction. This has happened because they are lightweights and knob-ends that didn’t see what was coming. They are twats.

          Never put down to conspiracy that which can adequately be explained by incompetence.


  12. 18
    Hqgc says:

    BW still missing?


  13. 20
    Hqgc says:

    Squeamers are not what they were. They were in their heyday when Inman was mincing around.


  14. 21
    High Standards Enforcer says:

    I’m sure there will be a quick enquiry and the people responsible will be sacked on the grounds of gross incompetence and bringing the BBC into disrepute.

    There’s no chance the BBC staff will just have a laugh and shrug it off.


  15. 22
    Anonymous says:


  16. 23
    Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

    That was actually the sound of the BBC rehearsing the Leftie audience reaction to Nigel Farage at the forthcoming Immigration Debate.


  17. 24
    Moddy botted again says:

    …and the other item, that the effects were being prepared for, was what exactly?

    Surely the BBC wouldn’t tell us porkies (?).


  18. 25
    altruism in industry says:

    and with one “boing, boing” he was free


  19. 26
    Cor Blimey says:

    Keeping up the standards of radio 1 throughout ALL programmes then?
    Truly Dire. Reith must be turning in his grave.


  20. 28
    Racey Spigot says:

    Businesses should be allowed to turn away women, gay and black people, claims Ukip councillor and MEP candidate:


    • 61
      Hideous says:

      Why not? Marks and Spencers has been telling white men they don’t want their business for years now. The BBC also regularly tells white men they don’t want to even pretend to value them.


      • 151
        Jack Ketch says:

        What is the bank/building society that only promotes Black Men with pregnant white girlfriends?


        • 178
          SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

          That’s why after April 5th they won’t have my ISA, and I suspect many others!


    • 157
      It's much simpler than all that says:

      My business already does turn blacks, gays and muzzies away. Women are OK though, as long as past child bearing age.


  21. 29
    The BBC's Danny Cohen says:

    Worse than that…the England football team have just walked out onto the pitch at Wembley and there isn’t a single black or effnik kid to be seen!

    Things will change.


    • 57
      aurora borealis says:

      I wasn’t very impressed by their national anthem singing skills -hope their football skills are better!!


  22. 33
    Anonymous says:


  23. 38
    C O (Ξ5) says:

    This is very nasty of the Lib Dems…


    • 137
      Spartacus says:

      first of many


    • 159
      Racism: It's the future says:

      White people have a higher IQ than black people

      White people are 20x less likely to commit crime than black people

      That’s racist. It’s also true.


      • 185
        Airey Belvoir says:

        And the Chinese are brighter than us – we’re in the middle area of race intelligence.


  24. 44
    Blowing Donkey Whistles says:

    i did hear Matt Frei – opening up tonight with ‘It’s been an “exciting” …

    And then he realised he said the wrong word … He’s obviously “loving” every minute of his imbalanced and pro neo.con reportering.

    Calm down Matt take a breather stop being the tail wagging the dog.

    We have political dogs barking for their masters and their msm counterparts – the Press-hounds repeating their masters’ orders!


    • 72
      White rabbit says:

      Sort of gave the game away tonight didn’t he ? Still, managed a shave anyway.


      • 100
        UKIP or bust says:

        It’s like he’s auditioning for King Lear when he reads the auto cue, while adding his own irresistible quips.

        Personally I think he’s jockeying for Snot’s job.

        On another more serious note where is Nell and the Cat, not that I’m suggesting anything you understand.


    • 173
      Anonymous says:

      well he is German


  25. 52
    The Heterosexual Liberation Front says:

    The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, have become a point of friction between the anti-Christian, pro-gay, pro-New World Order U.S. and the pro-Christian, anti-gay, anti-NWO Russia. To make things even worse, Obama decided to skip the Sochi Games and instead appointed three openly gay athletes – Billie Jean King, Brian Boitano and Caitlin Cahow – to lead the U.S. delegation. This was made as an obvious insult to Putin and the Olympic hosts.


  26. 55
    aurora borealis says:

    That broadcast is an example of the zenith of bbc news broadcasting in much the same way that jonathonross and that ‘revolutionarycomedian’ are an example of the zenith of bbc comedy.

    Both are overwhelming examples of why we should no longer be paying a license fee.


  27. 60
    Zyxwvutsrqpomnlkjihgfedcba says:

    Posting shit at 7:19 pm is not going to stop your readership figures from plummeting.


  28. 70
    xx says:

    Gordon Brown is a living example of why socialism cannot work

    What sort of person can use money taken from hard working people to spunk on his own vanity projects?

    Brown is a fucking disgrace – period


  29. 71
    C O (Ξ5) says:

    (@BW – And anyone else interested in matters EU)

    The following is a good article by Robert Cooper trying to make the case that the EU is the Habsburg Empire 2.0:

    Myself – disagree:

    NATO / EU separate the key power structures which existed in unity in Habsburg that bound that empire together. Those are the military and political with associated economic for each.

    This structural difference makes the EU a very different entity.

    Since the EEC has progressed to being a Union, it has adopted some imperial characteristics as its own perceived power has increased.

    It is naturally now needing to establish its own military capabilities.

    Doing this brings the EU into direct competition with NATO: A very schizophrenic state of affairs which is destabilizing the EU.

    It is also bringing the EU into direct confrontation with a key ally and greater power, the US.

    This structural problem the Habsburg Empire did not have.

    An example of how this could play out is as follows:

    To meet its political demand to construct a military force, the EU plays its senior NATO defence partner off a credible existential threat or threat of its own creation, with a view to proving its own case for developing a parallel structure to NATO by demonstrating the NATO is unable or unwilling to meet EU demands.

    eg. Creating a situation such as what is seen in U.

    This is perhaps part of what is actually playing out.

    NB: The problems with weakness after O’ttoman Empire fell apart are generally accepted as correct – especially proximity of G’ermany to R’ussia.

    The following is another rebuttal:


    A sidenote: The EU now is having problems in justifying and identifying itself coherently, and is demonstrating that its flaws at present are a credible danger to world peace.

    A fix for this maybe to regress back to the simple customs union, strengthen NATO (S’weden and F’inland are indicating they wish to join now) and reform the EEC structures so as a non-imperial Union structure can evolve.


    • 79
      Actuary says:

      I assume you don’t get an EU pension.


      • 97
        Blowing Whistles says:

        If the like of Mandlebum and the Kinnocio Clan think that they are going to hold on to their ill gotten pensions – they have greatly misjudged the opinions of the public and not only in the UK. People; ordinary people across Europe have twigged what a bunch of shysters and chancers the EU are.

        The EU is in its last death throes – and woe betide our own politicians who steadfastly and ‘still’ ‘promote such a sickly and criminal corporation’.

        Even in the local regions of local government people are now beginning to see that all local government is all but a sad duped generation of elder and younger councillors – DUPED by the EU [the entrapment being bungs of money and funding to promote the EU / ditto the bbc’s army of 5hitheaded arsewipes – from the top down]

        The words na … zi ..s and fascits are so oft used as ‘conditioning’ but behind those ‘trigger words are the real dirty bastards and the real smokescreen.


        • 103
          C O (Ξ5) says:

          Check my note below on a possible ‘root’. Who could have changed B’rown and D M’iliband’s minds in such a subtle yet radical way ?

          The EU is corrupt because it is a corrupting influence. But then it has been courting an even more corrupt actor – the R-Fed.

          This is not a problem of course if power is your concern, and in order to obtain power you are prepared to destroy the wealth of others. Corruption is a very corrosive weapon against healthy economies.


        • 161
          Change happens slowly says:

          It will take at least a generation for the politicians of the “old order” to die off and replaced by younger politicians not wedded to the current failing structures. The Kinnock’s pensions will be quite safe in the meantime.


      • 99
        C O (Ξ5) says:


        The roots of this U conflict date back to 2008 and G’eorgia.

        The change of direction initiated by G’ordon B’rown and D’avid M’iliband was considered curious then:

        Perhaps they wanted to send P’tin the green light, but who changed their minds. This type of thinking is a little beyond their pay grades.


        • 107
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Matt Frei banging the drum for the Israelis tonight – hmmm – when i state Israelis – what i really mean are those who really control the faux state – from afar the zio.zits the PN.AC cons and they have in their number the likes of bliar [christ ian zio.zits]

          Who really – pulled the strings in a longer term plan to place the previous in position?

          Hasn’t there been a grossly disproportionate number of faggots placed in to many positions of political power and didn’t anyone ever wonder who planned it all that way? Zio.zit hedonists – barbarians who will do anything and resort to all manner of barbaric acts to take power.


          • C O (Ξ5) says:

            Where do most of the d’iaspora originally come from ?

            (It was quite a bit north of !srael…)

            And who would have an interest in corrupting the moral values of the West with a view to weakening its society and economic strength ?

            They are very twitchy now that they have been rumbled in the US, but even more so because it looks like the new iron curtain may close with them behind it.

            They only build pyramids for others, not themselves.


          • Spartacus says:

            I’m impressed that you can get that amount of text past the modbot. Truly impressed.


          • Politics is for mis-fits says:

            “Hasn’t there been a grossly disproportionate number of faggots placed in to many positions of political power”

            No. Only wierd people want to become politicians. The criticism you get is unbelievable. It’s worse than being in the England footie team. So, foreigners, blacks, asians, gays, women and j o o s have more motivation to get into politics for the benefit of their own factions. Then you have the corrupt of course.

            Ordinary, decent white straight folk steer well clear of politics, thus creating a power vacuum. You can see the same in the US – look at the loonies on the US right these days.


  30. 74
    Owen Jones,champagne quaffing and cigar smoking socialist says:

    I’ve just read that too much alcohol is bad for you, so for Lent I’m going to give up reading


  31. 75
    President Obama says:

    Suck my motherfucking dick.


  32. 76
    Just Fuck Off Owen says:


  33. 77
    Hopiye says:


    • 82
      Gossip and Tittle Tattle Watch says:

      Gossip and tittle tattle


      • 96
        statist says:

        Glenn Greenwald points out the independence that RT, a Russian media organization, permits Abby Martin who denounced Russia’s alleged invasion of Ukraine, compared to the fates of Phil Donahue (MSNBC) and Peter Arnett (NBC), both of whom were fired for expressing opposition to the Bush regime’s illegal attack on Iraq. The fact that Donahue had NBC’s highest rated program did not give him journalistic independence. Anyone who speaks the truth in the American print or TV media or on NPR is immediately fired.


    • 87
      PosionSausarg says:

      Catherine Ashton relays explosive suspicions that the same snipers are responsible for the Feb. 18-20 killings of both EuroMaidan demonstrators and police officers.

      Paet goes further by raising the possibility that the gunmen may have been working for supporters of Ukraine’s new interim government, not ousted President Viktor Yanukovych, and that Ukraine’s current rulers are not interested in fully investigating who is behind the killings of some 90 people in the three-day period.

      Paet also says that civil society leaders of EuroMaidan Revolution distrust the new Ukrainian government because they are tainted by corruption and have “a dirty past.”


      • 98
        statist says:

        The entire story that the presstitutes have told about the Ukraine is a propaganda production. The presstitutes told us that the deposed president, Viktor Yanukovych, ordered snipers to shoot protesters. On the basis of these false reports, Washington’s stooges, who comprise the existing non-government in Kiev, have issued arrest orders for Yanukovych and intend for him to be tried in an international court. In an intercepted telephone call between EU foreign affairs minister Catherine Ashton and Estonian foreign affairs minister Urmas Paet who had just returned from Kiev, Paet reports: “There is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovych, but it was somebody from the new coalition.” Paet goes on to report that “all the evidence shows that the people who were killed by snipers from both sides, among policemen and then people from the streets, that they were the same snipers killing people from both sides . . . and it’s really disturbing that now the new coalition, that they don’t want to investigate what exactly happened.” Ashton, absorbed with EU plans to guide reforms in Ukraine and to prepare the way for the IMF to gain control over economic policy, was not particularly pleased to hear Paet’s report that the killings were an orchestrated provocation. You can listen to the conversation between Paet and Ashton here: h**p://


        • 102
          statist says:

          Remember, the dude that wrote this piece is a former Assistant Secretary to the US Treasury (Republican)…and even he does not believe his own governments (that icludes both the Bush and Obama regimes)!


          • C O (Ξ5) says:

            And further note that RT is a propaganda outlet for the K’remlin.

            Destroying the credibility of this new ‘government’ is their aim, primarily to foment civil war.

            Dividing their enemies (US / EU) is the other.

            They will of course also seek to undermine peoples faith in their own governments to destroy public support for direct action in the region because the R-Fed forces could not properly counter NATO.

            Cathy Ashton as a useful idiot is no longer needed by R-Fed.


          • T May says:

            Yankee Go Home


          • RT says:


    • 88
      Paniagua V5.1 says:

      Is that Chris Smith with a dark wig on?


    • 92
      Victoria Nuland says:

      Fuck the EU


      • 95
        just asking says:

        How the hell did Ashton attain such a position of power?


        • 104
          Cunt Watch says:

          The fucking whoremongering bitch needs to be hung, drawn and quartered for the fucking bitch that she is.

          She will need to look over her shoulder and watch her back in future just like the c’unt Blair will have to for the rest of their sorry fucking lives.


          • Scania says:

            With a face like the back end of a bus, how does one know when she is looking over her shoulder?


          • C O (Ξ5) says:

            Separate from B’lair.

            Ashton perhaps should be investigated for treason.

            B’lair has a whole separate set of charges to answer at the ICC over !raq.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            They thought that they had:
            ‘fooled the people for all of the time’ – they and their puppet-string masters have “BLUNDERED” and the msm might want to take a look at their subservience in ‘selling out’ The Public Interest too. i.e. Every deluded political journo who has gone along for the ride over the past 17 + years.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            To CO(…5)

            The ICC have a lot to answer for as in their abject inneffectivness – when it come to certain people who are the puppets of the zits. The ICC is a wholly pathetic organisation mired in its own numerous long term contradictions and failings. Follow the money – it’s that simple.


          • Blowing hypocrites says:

            “Follow the money” says the man that refuses to admit that the nations with all the money in Arabia are Q a t a r and S a u d i, not the home of the J o o s.

            Yes, Q a t a r and S a u d i A r a b i a are the one pulling the strings. They are the ones that can afford to.


    • 111
      wing says:


      • 118
        Angela Merkel says:

        40% of Germany’s gas comes from Russia. Shut the fuck up Cameron and Obama.


        • 123
          Britannia says:

          You should have been a little more polite and a little less fake when you visited London recently. The British are very good to their real friends, but we can spot a phoney.


    • 114
      C O (Ξ5) says:

      The biggest problem with this hacked call is: Who hacked and released the call ?

      It appears to be R-Fed which should be very concerning as it means the FSB are tapping all EU calls.

      It’s predecessor, KGB, was active in all Soviet states.

      Perhaps it was ‘overlooked’ that after the wall came down and those states got their freedom, that the KGB divisions operating left stay behind networks operating.

      And to think people are in a tizzy about the NSA / GCHQ snooping ;-)

      Who would really want you to be against those agencies ?


      • 122
        Blowing Whistles says:

        There are lawyers / shysters / solicitors everywhere – and all over political institutions – telling frontmen what their understanging of the law is. Enough people are now cognisent of the ways and trickery of the legal mobsters – their days are numbered.

        Obambi – said last night he had ‘strong beliefs’ of R Fed’s claims not being legitimate.

        As i have said before when a shystem and politician comes out and states I believe / I think – the lie follows.


        • 131
          C O (Ξ5) says:

          In the current situation 99% of everything you see / hear from the MSM is propaganda.

          Remember the key rule:

          Credibility alone is what determines whether propaganda output will be true or false.

          Both sides are using archive footage with new stories attached relating to U, nothing out of U can be believed as K’remlin controls all.

          At present, we are in a de-facto state of war.


      • 130
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Isn’t it odd how so many rich oligarchs (U and R) reside in London with their loot yet its the people who have to stump up for their thieving and skullduggery with ‘debts to be repaid’?

        e.g. of old shinawatara!!! The dirty money has always been in the 5hitty of London hence the lack of teeth on the UK’s pap that was corporate governance. It CG in the UK [Hewitt at the Helm of the DTI] was all a great big ‘living lie’ and dupe upon the Public.


    • 160
      Jack Ketch says:

      Would you allow a woman who looked like that to have care of your children? Indeed, care of your hoover?


  34. 89
    Roger Gimp says:

    that door was tough but by the time my 9mm had shredded the panels it was a piece of cake


  35. 112
    BBC Spokesperson says:

    All BBC employees are screamers.

    Except for the lezzers, obviously. They have deep, manly voices.

    Keep paying the Licence Fee.


    • 147
      Spartacus says:

      this screaming was from the youkranium bbc?

      dont think there are any left in Britain.

      Sorry should have said the ukbc.


  36. 116
    Prime Minister Comrade David Cameron says:

    Ukraine’s chief prosecutor (of neofascist Svoboda) refuses to extradite head of neo-Nazi Pravy Sektor to Russia


  37. 117
    President Obama says:

    I’m gonna give Michelle some sweet sweet lovin. Gonna tap that ass! She got da booty! She my beeatch.


  38. 125
  39. 134
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Conservative pa3do group CGHE.


    • 135
      Blowing Whistles says:

      afterthought – perhaps 80% of all parliamentarians of the three tribes are pa3dos / homos?


  40. 136
    The British media are cunts says:

    John Irvine on ITV news just described President Yanukovych as “a tyrant”.

    If that c’unt ever presents himself before me, he had better watch out.


    • 142
      we're not as daft as we look says:

      Hillary Clinton today described Putin as being like
      The way our so-called leaders and the media are
      behaving throughout this whole crisis is shameful.


  41. 140
  42. 141
    The Jolly Roger says:

    You don’t threaten the dollar’s postion as the reserve currency for the blackest parts of the world’s black economy and expect to live, do you?


  43. 143
    I want to be invaded. PLEASE says:


  44. 149
    C O (Ξ5) says:

    Following article is interesting.

    Heads Up: There is a contradiction worth noting:

    D’avid B’lair starts by saying that EU sanctions on R-Fed would harm Eurozone economies, so should not be imposed.

    Then says UK is in position to impose sanctions by closing R-Fed out of L’ondon. The City can afford the hit.

    After that some waffle about City being more than a global playground located in territory of L’ondon, but is a national symbol through which UK values of fairness should be projected. By kicking R-Fed Oligarchs out for instance.

    The author is writing black EU propaganda.

    If UK were to do this the money would simply head to another centre. Likely F’rankfurt. There it would be able to trade based on his argument above.

    This is truly shameless from the T’Graph: One hopes their ‘nutters’ in the comment section give them, and D’avid B’lair (author) hell for this.


    • 152
      hold on a min says:

      I wouldn’t believe Obama and the EU if they told me the time.


    • 164
      Null hypothesis says:

      There is a cost to P’t’n. He appears to want the historical position of restoring R’s territory.

      The cost so far has been quite large in terms of the values of R’s assets. He will get stick for this at home for sure. But it is all about decisive action at the right time – of which he is a master.

      R is too integrated now into the world economic system for it to become isolationist again. Therefore there is a practical limitation on what he can do. He is even justifying his position in terms of protecting Russian citizens in C. No pre-Gorbachev leader would ever have considered such an attempt at justification.

      The west have been made to look quite impotent. The test will come if he tries the same in the Baltic states. That in turn will depend upon whether he is a pragmatist or has acquired delusions of deity. If he sees weakness in the EU he will have a go.


      • 168
        C O (Ξ5) says:

        He has no illusions of diety – would ignore M’erkel’s foolish projections. :-)

        He’s getting ready to take U.

        R can be removed, but not without great harm to EU, in particular G’ermany.

        UK could do without R’s business, but not at the expense of it going elsewhere.

        The protection of R citizens line is extension of his G’eorgia strategy. G’oogle: Weaponization of nationality for further detail.

        Observation: Given the overtly rac!st nature of this, and the rhetoric, the PC brigade are remarkably quiet. There is a ‘tell’ ;-)


  45. 156
    JoinEd says:


  46. 166
    Will says:

    Late night quiz.
    Spot the odd one out, John Kerry, Catherine Ashton, the new head of the Ukraine and Steven seagal (American actor and Marshall arts expert),

    The answer is Steven seagal who out of the 4 has met president Putin of Russia in 2012 and praised Russia for the security measures before the Sochi games.

    Strange but true !!


  47. 175
    C O (Ξ5) says:

    This Steven Seagal interview worth watching:

    Nearly there, but just slightly off for it to be very effective propaganda, but is a good attempt.

    However, his political analysis is still much more advanced than your average Owen Jones / N’ick R’obinson etc. diatribe, and you don’t feel like punching the screen.


  48. 181
    Bonar Law says:

    No, Guido, NOT a “BBC spokesperson”. You mean, a “BBC spokesman”. “Spokesperson” is politically correct twaddle.


  49. 184
    Anonymous says:

    “Handle Pistorius”
    by issuing an invitation to take part in voluntary MRi interrogation. Then ask question which reveal, by increased mental matriculation, which answers are being produced on the fly. Rather than merely being recalled from static memory. Or alternatively, we could cling to primative trial by ordeal.


  50. 186
    Nemesis says:

    If anybody believes the innocence of this twat they need counselling for the lack of common sense What idiot would fire shots through a toilet door without shouting out to his wife, “Is that you?” But no doubt the twat will get away with it in that God forsaken country that doesn’t use juries.


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