March 4th, 2014

Real Life Anti-Sex League Oppose #CheckEmTuesday

Predictable po-faced Twitter bores Political Scrapbook and Stella Creasy are ramping the faux outrage meter, whingeing about the Sun admirably using Page 3 to encourage women to check themselves for signs of breast cancer. As the Sun’s Fabulous magazine team is demonstrating above they are backing CoppaFeel founder Kris Hallenga, who has been diagnosed with incurable breast cancer. Even No More Page 3 are mostly backing the Sun, so it isn’t very sensible for the less popular politically correct elements of the Twittersphere to behave like a real-life 1984 Anti-Sex League, accusing the paper of hijacking her campaign. How many women have ever decided to check themselves for cancer because they read Political Scrapbook?

The Sun’s editor David Dinsmore and Page 3 girls (pictured above) are fully behind this public health initiative. You can read more about the Sun’s campaign here, and check out the CoppaFeel website here.


  1. 1
    Ed Miliband says:

    I will freeze the energy prices in Uranium if I win in 2015.


  2. 2
    Cast Iron Dave says:

    I just tried my first Selfie.

    I got to 99 3 times, changing hands as they tell you.

    Who needs a SpAd


    • 4
      Willybum the INTERNATIONAL STATESMAN says:

      I need to take a SpAd whenever I go on my horrendously dangerous trips to foreign parts, so that I’ve got at least one person to polish my ego and attend to my personal private needs after the arduous day is finished


      • 26
        C O (Ξ4) says:

        H’ague is doing the right thing at present.

        However, given that the Budapest Memorandum is looking like it has been put through the washing machine a few times now, this request / tweet must go into the history books as one of the contrite requests for formal talks ever:


        • 32
          Francois Hollande says:

          Nous allons parler de manger du fromage et puis nous seront rendus.


        • 35
          Angela Merkin says:

          Who is the William Vague?


        • 40
          Hiding behind the fig-leaf of the Budapest Memorandum won't help your Willy look any better says:

          Given that Russian troops have apparently been requested to enter Ukraine by the nation’s legitimately elected President I don’t see how the Budapest Memorandum applies.


          • Arse fuck for freedom says:

            Are you referring to the Budapest Ukr@ine Memorandum?…otherwise known as BUM?


          • BUMSEX Adviser says:

            As a special, executive level adviser working on the Memorandum dealing with the Ukrainian issue, I would just like to say that this is no laughing matter.


          • Alan Duncan, Derek Laud, Leo Brittanica, Mike Portillo, Lord Boothy, Ted Heath, Crispin Blunt says:

            No bum sex in our party, duckie!


  3. 3
    By Jingo (2014 version) says:

    We don’t want to fight but by jingo if we do…
    We’ve got no ships, we’ve got no men, and got no money too!
    We’ve fought the Bear before… and while we’re Britons true,
    The Russians they will have Constantinople…


    • 18
      Vlad, cool says:

      Don’t want Constantinople thanks

      How about a G and T in Odessa?

      PS Can you transfer ten billion from London Oligarchs’ accounts to save Ukraine, please?


      • 27
        By Jingo (2014 version) says:

        I know you don’t want Constantinople(at least I hope not) but couldn’t make Sevastopol scan.


    • 74
      Songs of the 1950s: Vol 4 says:

      Istanbul is now Constantinople; why did Constantinople get the works?

      That’s nobody’s business but the Turks.


  4. 6
    George Galloway says:

    Page 3 is Islamophobic


  5. 7
    Ghost of Queen Victoria says:

    WTF have you LibLabConner twats done to one’s Empire? Destroyed it and bank-rupted the Nation no less. You are traitors.


    • 47
      LibLabCon says:

      We do apologise ma’am. We’ve spent the last 60 years on the following:-

      Encouraging all manner of bum-sex and other perversions

      Encouraging sex with children

      Discouraging sex with women of any sort

      Encouraging women to raise children without a father

      Encouraging people to do fuck all while farmers slave in the fields all day

      Importing all manner of people from medieval times

      Engaging in immoral wars instigated on behalf of the US who are often pushed into it at gunpoint by the House of Saud but haven’t even got the balls to admit it

      Selling out the whole nation to a foreign government in Germany with a faux democracy used as window dressing

      Perhaps we were focussed on the wrong things?


      • 52
        A French Farmer says:

        ‘Encouraging people to do fuck all while farmers slave in the fields all day’



      • 55
        The Elders of Zion says:


        “Engaging in immoral wars instigated on behalf of the US who are often pushed into it at gunpoint by the House of Saud but haven’t even got the balls to admit it”

        ***Engaging in immoral wars instigated on behalf of the US who are often pushed into it at gunpoint by the Knesset, but haven’t even got the balls to admit it.***

        There, fixed it for you.


        • 73
          The biggest foreign policy fuck up of the century says:

          J o o s: leverage of causing minor annoyance in New York

          House of Saud: leverage of causing oil price to rise plunging world into recession, a policy for which they have form.

          Conclusion: you are troll paid by the House of Saud to cover up for their actions and blame people they don’t like, i.e. J o o s.


  6. 9
    Nick Clegg says:

    I slept in all day yesterday.

    It’s the first time I haven’t wanted to say sorry for a long long time.


  7. 11
    Ron Jeremy says:

    Are they checking for leaky implants?


  8. 13
    Gordon Brown says:

    How will Tractor production be affected in the Ukraine?


  9. 14
    Mrs Harpersons Boys says:

    I am ashamed of my sex…


  10. 15
    Copper Feel says:

    DLT spotted out and about at a concert at Cadogan Hall on Sunday.


  11. 19
    Vlad Putin says:


  12. 20
    Nice! says:


  13. 21
    C O (Ξ4) says:

    Good analysis from B’rookings:

    For all the ridicule, H’ague and UK’s Foreign Policy position on U is respected over in the US.

    It is beginning to be realized there that wise counsel has been crowded out of the EU’s policy formulation and that the US has been dealing with the wrong people.

    P’tin has stated that no need for R-Fed to invade U – Yet.



    • 30
      Tommy Cooper says:

      “For all the ridicule, H’ague and UK’s Foreign Policy position on U is respected over in the US.”

      He’s the laughing stock here!


      • 51
        C O (Ξ4) says:

        Laughing stock for those who support P’tins actions and do not wish to see UK Foreign Policy solutions brought to the table.

        One needs to be careful with perceptions on this matter.


        • 59
          Cowboys 'n' Indians says:

          Maybe the Yanks have been the baddies all along?


          • The biggest foreign policy fuck up of the century says:

            I don’t know about baddies but this is a monumental fuck up. The Ukranian president was democratically elected. He has been ousted from power by a mob that couldn’t wait a year for elections. He ran away to Moscow and has now, apparently, asked the Russians if they could “restore order”.

            Let’s face it, given that the EU and the US were actively encouraging the mob to rise up (and now it seems Ukrainian soldiers are saying to Russian soldiers that the Americans are on their side) they now find themselves in a mess. How can they continue to support the mob when the popular support of the mob is questionable? They can hardly claim they are fighting for democracy when Ukraine appears to be less democratic and less free now than it was before the mob started.


          • C O (Ξ4) says:

            The EU screwed up their brief.

            US will now fix.

            If it seems R-Fed will not back down as US wishes, then R-Fed will be handed a broken country with a sectarian civil war to clean up.

            Further damage of Eurozone economy to impact R-Fed trade could be on the table, especially as EU does not wish to play ball with sanctions.

            Notions of democracy, right or wrong and morality etc. do not apply in the current calculations, which are geo-political power play in nature.

            It does not look like R-Fed is willing to blink first.

            Avoiding direct military confrontation is still in both US / R-Fed interests.

            US is already responding:


            But US needs to be careful about isolating itself economically and diplomatically.


    • 34
      Ed 'fliperty' Balls says:

      That’s like my ‘no need for massive tax rises…yet’


    • 50
      Foreign policy fuck-up of the century says:

      The Russians have been invited in by the legitimately elected Ukranian president. Exactly what are they going to do? We’re on the wrong fucking side (again!)


      • 57
        Arse fuck for freedom says:

        Tell me about it!


        • 64
          Alan Duncan, Derek Laud, Leo Brittanica, Mike Portillo, Lord Boothy, Ted Heath, Crispin Blunt says:

          Too true, duckie!


      • 62
        C O (Ξ4) says:

        The UK is not on wrong side: The rhetoric against R-Fed is.

        The EU most certainly is in this up to its neck.

        As per M’erkel’s rejection of UK request for reform / renegotiation the other day shows, the EU has zero interest in UK pov. That enhances UK position quite a bit.

        However, the US is looking to the UK now to assist in fixing the real damage.

        The US seems to understand that the EU have promoted a FUBAR situation into a TARFU, which even UK diplomacy may fail to improve, but importantly does not appear to hold bad feeling towards the UK on this.

        US feeling towards the EU is a very different matter, and avoiding that wrath in addition to the R-Fed’s is a key priority for the UK.


        • 77
          Ifeel fubarred too etc ... says:

          As the lady said: “F*** the EU”.

          Maybe she was right all along then? Question now is what exactly the Yanks propose to do about it.


  14. 22
    Chris says:

    They’d do a lot more good by promoting this book methinks.


  15. 23
    Gordon Brown says:

    I Putin doesn’t calm down I will put on my woggle

    I promise that I will do my best,
    to do my duty to God and to the Queen,
    to help other people
    and to keep the Cub Scout Law.
    The Cub Scout Law

    Cub Scouts always do their best
    think of others before themselves
    and do a good turn everyday.


  16. 28
    New Lies for Old says:

    Ho, ho, ho…

    …it is looking like Anatoliy Golitsyn’s prediction is coming true…


  17. 29
    Liam Fox says:

    Translation: Vote UKIP


  18. 33
    Mike Handcock says:

    If you need an extra hand (or cock) get in touch with the Libdems in Portsmouth.


  19. 37
    Shit doesn't just happen says:

    It’s not fair, the Russians get a real leader, in Vladimir Putin, to run their country and all we get are all nonces!


  20. 38
    Unelectable Ed Miliband says:

    I’m still a first-class plonker and still (remarkably) leader of Labour. People don’t like the coalition but nobody in his right mind is going to vote for me to lead the country!

    But hey, I’m a millionaire so who cares?


  21. 42
    Vlad the Invader says:

    Imagine if Ed Miliband were the PM?


    Stay home little boy. You don’t want to be involved. You might wet your pants..

    Aaah hhahhah!


  22. 44
    Anything to earn a crust says:

    Shilling for the Sun again?


  23. 45
    C O (Ξ4) says:

    Ch!na has been remarkably quiet, only voicing that they have broadly coincident points of view with R-Fed on action in Cr!mea, but denying that they support the action.

    What though of T’aiwan ?

    If O’bama is signalling the end of Pax Amer!cana, or at least a downgrade, then this is a relevant question.

    This perhaps provided additional study for Ch!na the other week:


    • 53
      T May says:

      Yankee Go Home


    • 60
      The biggest foreign policy fuck up of the century says:

      Given that the Russians have been invited into Ukraine by the democratically elected president of Ukraine it ‘s difficult to see what the West could do that would be remotely morally defensible. Consequently I don’t see what this has to do with Taiwan at all.


      • 70
        C O (Ξ4) says:

        The West’s response is relevant.

        The strategy deployed in U, could be deployed there: A letter from a more Ch!na friendly (coerced ?) T’aiwanese leader + Ch!nese passports issued and a slight destabilization justifying intervention.

        The question of ethnic and cultural ties has been raised repeatedly by Ch!na over the years.

        Such an event would have big strategic implications for the US in that region, and on its West coast.

        This is looking at some of the broader implications of what is happening in U at present.


      • 71
        Lord Stansted says:

        Wait until that coiffured John Kerry gets involved – Putin will be very afraid!


  24. 49
    Sid Cleverbollocks says:

    ‘Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome… THE KILLJOYS!!!!!!’


  25. 63
    I'm a jugs man says:


  26. 75
    David CoppaFeel says:

    “Mr. Dick, give me your hand, for your common sense is invaluable.”


  27. 76
    Jennifer Aniston says:

    They will attack Page 3 girls for promoting simple exploration but fall on their knees to worship Hollywood moron Angelina Pitt because she had elective double mastectomy because she has BRAC1 in her genes which 9 out of the 12 per thousand women who develop breast cancer have.


  28. 81
    A Fine Pair of Lungs and I can prove IT! says:

    I don’t take my cues to check my tits from the Sun. My Gawd my tits are bigger these days! Nor do I like pervs checkin my tits for me. So fuck off Scum!


  29. 82
    Lupert the Cuckold says:

    Another day, another Greedo plug for the Massa


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