March 4th, 2014

Does Sadiq Khan Trust Labour on Race?

Labour London mayor hopeful Sadiq Khan is busy trotting out his new favourite line that the Tories are all a bunch of racists, using the example of one loony councillor to justify his “I don’t trust the Tories on race” dog whistle:

For some strange reason Sadiq had nothing to say about this loony Labour councillor of similar standing in his own party, who was suspended for sending a racist email about Muslims. Or the Labour councillor accused of distributing racist leaflets about her Asian opponent. What about the Labour grouping that accused its local party of institutional racism? Or the Labour peer who resigned after making anti-Semitic comments. Not to mention the Labour MP who was forced to apologise for sending a racist tweet. Let alone the Labour MP who was accused of stirring up race hate to win votes. Does Sadiq only see racism when it he can use it to score political points?


  1. 1
    QC says:

    In the days of slavery, did you buy the slaves by weight? Who could have afforded Dianne Abbott? And how the f#ck would you feed her? She’d have bankrupted all but the biggest cotton farms.


  2. 2
    sadiq can't says:

    better a r#cist than a peeedo


    • 3
      jefferson says:

      better an Abbott than a Dromey you mean?


      • 112
        Saddystyk Khant says:


        they are all bloody wacists!


    • 15
      J Harman, MP (male winner of all-women shortlist seat) says:

      I’m no racist, big black cock for me, dangling there in front of my eyes, i bow down and worship the black man, then i please him however he wants…


    • 16
      Grooming gang says:

      Many in his own community are both.

      Perhaps representatives of ethnic minorities should tackle such problems within their own communities both bashing YT.


    • 27
      C O (Ξ4) says:

      Making a prejudicial and stereotyped statement about skin tone and sex of Con party is both sexist and rac!st.

      Sadiq Fail.


    • 32
      Does Sadiq only see racism when it he can use it to score political points says:



    • 59
      Anonymous says:

      Are Muslims a race? Seems Guido’s been co-opted into doing the PC brigade’s work for them


      • 94
        Anonymous says:

        It’s just another example of how conservatives completely lost the cultural wars that they now form their arguments within the progressive lexicon…just like when they attack Putin for Russia’s ‘homophobic’ law…


    • 61
      Dianne Abbott says:

      This is a disgrace, I want this man’s links to racists investigated!


    • 98
      Owner of a fat bot says:

      And think of the school fees.


  3. 4

    Dare one say that the biggest racists are certainly not white.


  4. 5
    Sadiq Kalm says:

    Anyone who queries my expenses is a racist.


  5. 6
    Decapitation says:

    He is small fry compared to Harman and Balls


  6. 7
    The British Public says:

    I don’t trust Labour .


    • 14
      Anonymous says:

      Only a fool would trust LieBour;unfortunately the country has too many of them in the electorate.


  7. 8
    Lee Grasper says:

    Monoculture is a disaster just look at Japan over the last 60 years.
    Low crime,high employment and an advanced infrastructure.
    Complete mess.


  8. 9
    Owen Jones says:

    Do the commentators on here think a Tank Top is too provocative to wear given the issue in the UKrain?


  9. 10
    Rent a Gob says:


  10. 11
    Village Idiot says:

    …”Racism”,..that old chestnut coloured ,chestnut!


  11. 12
    Wonga says:

    What would Alan Pardew do to Khan? And would it be racist to nut him?


  12. 13
    Newsfox says:

    All sensible people know the vast majority of racism is powered by right wing politics. In fact, it is one of the key reasons why right wing politics is successful. Can’t have it both ways – Enoch’s infamous words still at the heart of Tory outlook.


    • 24
      The USSR says:

      Communists hate blacks


    • 31
      Propaganda - what's the point of it when your audience is well-informed? says:

      Well they only “know” that in the sense that the left has been propagandising to this effect for 50 odd years. Furthermore, with the Labour party now relying on ethnic minorities for 50% of its vote, and with the other 50% shuffling off to the grave, the Labour Party is the party of the ethnic minority (curiously, however, it seems less inclined to ensure that its make-up reflects its voter base).

      Strangely, although you consistently refer to the B&P as being “right wing” they seem to garner most of their support from the poorest members of the white community.


      • 40
        C O (Ξ4) says:

        B&P are profoundly left wing.

        They pick up support from the poorest white’s because Labour abandoned them.

        That disenfranchisement by Labour additionally fuels the extreme views which B&P promote.


    • 36
      Enforced diversity = ethnic cleasning says:

      Those waycist Tibetans. How dare they complain about outsiders coming in to enrich their boring monoculture.


  13. 18
    Rebekah says:

    My Chief Reporter (who has already pleaded guilty)


  14. 22
    Ed Moribund says:

    I have telephoned President Putin and asked him to freeze world gas prices for 15 months.


  15. 25
    Dedicated follower of fashion says:

    Did MI5 threaten you Guido?

    That thread has mysteriously disappeared…


  16. 28
    Gordon Brown says:

    I have been sanctioned

    Sorry, sectioned….


  17. 29

    More to the point, do the people of London trust Sadiq on racism and expenses?


    • 79
      Glyn H says:

      Absolutely not; so the longer Labour keep the nasty bent fellow as an MP and on the front bench the better.

      Labour deselected their 15 year candidate in Exeter and parachuted in metrosexual BBC cub reporter Bradshaw in 1997 because the former had been a getaway driver in the terrorist attack in Pretoria over 30 years before. Khan actually visits his criminal chums in prison and his expenses were criminal had he been in the private sector. Keep the basket on display!


  18. 30
    A friend of Sadiq's? says:

    Feel the enrichment!

    A 20-year-old student has appeared in court charged with a terror offence related to the conflict in Syria. Mouloud Tahari, from Sparkhill, in Birmingham, is accused of facilitating terrorism overseas. His mother, Gerrie Tahari, and former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg have also been charged in connection with the investigation.


  19. 34
    Vladimir Putty says:

    Labour and the LIbDems are full of Sadistiq Khants. Quite a few in Cameron’s office/bedroom too.


  20. 35
    Patrick Rock says:

    If Putin is playing chess over the future of Ukraine the West appears to be playing marbles !


    • 46
      Fraggle Rock says:

      Ma Gorg: Our little Junior’s growing up!
      Pa Gorg: I think he’s too big already!


  21. 39
    Tooth fairy says:

    What gets me from the Labour lot is that the Parliamentary Party I think are institutionally racist.

    Count the number of ethnic MP’s and there are only some 10 of them in a PP of 250+

    That is less than 4%. !!!

    Think about that next time they shout the R word against opponents.


  22. 43
    Real music says:


  23. 45
    bergen says:

    I doubt if it will impress anyone other than those likely to vote Labour anyway. On the other hand it could well annoy many of those floating voters that he needs to attract if he carries on campaigning on the ethnic ticket.


    • 47
      Cathy Newmanmanman, representative of modern elite, stupid and arrogant says:

      Don’t worry, us media types are constantly reinforcing the idea that mass uncontrolled immigration is normal and any slight desire to even control it is racist so we will keep on enriching the country with more labour voters.


  24. 48
    Executive Summary says:


  25. 48
    Anonymous says:

    Muzzie twat.


  26. 51
    Persona non grata says:

    That Kerry is such a lying prick, and a weakling to boot. Going to Ukraine with a billion dollars in cash to try buy his and Barry’s way out of abject humiliation.


  27. 52
    test says:



  28. 57
    C O (Ξ5) says:

    This really is a big deal – NSA Prism now has all NHS Records:


  29. 58
    Shooty* says:

    “Does Sadiq only see racism when it he can use it to score political points?”

    Well, duh.


    • 69
      Political rose coloured glasses for sale says:

      Somebody should tell him shouting racist, just makes him the racist, nobody cares anymore, that card has been torn up, when Liebour got the boot in 2010.


      • 86
        rick says:

        Unfortunately, English politicians will wet themselves at the very suggestion that they are ‘racist’. They will also readily betray fellow Englishmen who may be accused of the same thought crime. Got to give it to the Blacks – they will always defend their own against whitey.


        • 100
          I'm sorry I'm white and living in the country of my ancestors says:

          Do ethnic minorities ever do self criticism? Certainly never in front of white people.


  30. 63
    Poofs may be diseased says:

    More uiseful than discussing this tosser, fuckin SKY are wankers. After denying line faults for several days and insisting I pay for a replacement router the system has returned. Do not use these people, they are worst than a local authority and the taxman.


  31. 65
    Bob says:

    What about the labour mp that said “Whitey likes to play divide and rule”?


  32. 66
    UKIP or bust says:

    Why do we have foreign MPs? Does Japan, or Cambodia, or Botswana, or Eritrea, or Indonesia, or Qatar, or Russia any of a host of other countries have foreigners in their parliaments.

    Can you imagine China with a mixed pot of nations in their parliament making laws up or running their ancient country?


    • 76
      jgm2 says:

      I think the president of Botswana’s mum is English (white).


      • 84
        Mrs Jack Dromey-Merton says:

        “She met the then Prince Seretse Khama while he was attending law school in England and she was working as a clerk at Lloyd’s of London.”



        I wonder what she saw in the young Prince Seretse Khama?


      • 91
        John Bellingham says:

        Ian Khama is 50% White ( and a real gentleman), but Sadiq Khan is 100% pongoloid back passage.


  33. 67
    Poofs may be diseased says:

    Sadie Chan is tipped for the next Lab London mayor, clearly dipping in for the effnik vote this racist statement will do his cause no harm. Today’s Brillo had another London school class of 100 per cent brown faces to fill the screen, surely not every whi’te has fled?


    • 72
      UKIP or bust says:

      Not so sure, Livingslime tried it with his ‘Bacon for Islam’ shit, but it didn’t do him any good.


    • 78
      Every cloud... says:

      Just think, London could be gay-free in around 20 years or so!


      • 81
        Tallybanners says:

        Yep. We’ll de-gay London, no problem.


        • 82
          Joe Public II says:

          Good on yer lads. We would rather the U.K. is overrun by immigrant mozzies than the disgusting gay mafia that is crawling around now.


  34. 71
    Anonymous says:

    “Does Sadiq only see racism when he can use it to score political points?”

    Er, that’s politics, especially these days. These sort of tactics go back to the Roman Empire, probably even before that.


  35. 73
    Rocky Road Rock aide says:

    Still should get the pension, probably 40 years in, pity can’t spend it in chokey.


  36. 77
    Rocky Road Rock aide says:

    How do I avoid you know the north west passage boys in the Big House?


  37. 80
    Jimmy says:

    “using the example of one loony councillor to justify his “I don’t trust the Tories on race”

    Yes it’s unfair to overlook the party’s otherwise unblemished record.


    • 101
      Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

      Khan forgets that Labour killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims in their illegal occupation of Iraq.


    • 116
      Be honest, it's "James" really isn't it? says:

      What you don’t seem to get is that trhe race card has been so overplayed as to be virtually meaningless.


  38. 83
    C O (Ξ5) says:

    Some other news which would normally be big, seem to be ignored:

    DPRK seem to be wanting attention again.


  39. 85

    “one loony councillor”

    Just the one?


  40. 87
    Shady Cuan says:

    If I accuse enough people of being ‘Waaaaciiist’, then one of them must be right!


  41. 88
    magog says:

    Rebekah Brooks: Charlie concealing bags was a ‘monumental cock-up’
    Ex-NI chief tells court she ‘lost it’ when she heard her husband had hidden items including ‘his rather large porn collection’


  42. 90
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Given his dishonesty over expenses and some of the mealy mouthed stunts he has pulled you would think voters would be turned off – or perhaps his local block vote prefer to vote on a racial or religious basis which would make them???


  43. 92
    Anonymous says:

    I guess he now thinks the liebour party have now planted enough immigrants inside the M25 to get him elected


  44. 93
    A Fine Pair of Lungs and I can prove IT! says:

    Does Sadiq only see
    racism when it he can use it to score
    political points?



  45. 95
    Will says:

    Sadiq my mp has had his majority halved to 2300. It is rumoured that the local party are not happy with him and would be glad if he ran for mayor as he could then resign his seat


  46. 96
    Auntie Duggan says:

    We aint goin anywhere until Mark is canonised No Justice No Pizza.


    • 97
      Fabians are EVIL says:

      “Does Sadiq only see racism when it he can use it to score political points?”

      Of course he does!

      That tactic is on page one of their ‘How to slur using racist and all the phobics handbook’


      • 103
        SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        We , the indigenous population no longer give a fuck about being branded as waythists, in fact we would welcome a little ‘waythism’ if only to reassert our rights in the country that our fathers and grandfathers fought and died for .
        If the goat fuckers are offended, then tough shit, they can find their way to the nearest airport!


  47. 99
    MayfairMagFan says:

    Is the answer….’yes’?


  48. 104
    The Colonel says:

    The BBC apparently agree with Mr Khan about the disgusting treatment of the nice peaceful law abiding Muslims and blacks .They are taking immediate action to give them more representation on our screens.They are therefore going to show CRIME WATCH twice weekly.


  49. 114
    Yes we Khan - Sadiq for London says:

    Sadiq Khan for Mayor!


  50. 118
    Anonymous says:

    Or in fact the Khan himself smeared the conservative PPC in 2010 and said he was an Amadiyha muslim on the basis that most of the local muslims hate them, leading to him having to be held inside on one occasion for his own safety due to threats against his life from a crowd outside.


  51. 119
    Remittance Man says:

    Okay, so let’s say that immigrants and the descendants of immigrants, make up 20% of the total population (high but I’m being generous here). That leaves 80% of the population as white British. Assuming around half of that 80% are male, that makes the Tories somewhat more representative of the population than Mr Khan.


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