March 3rd, 2014

Where have the Conservative Friends of Russia Gone?

The Conservative Friends of Russia re-branded into the Westminster Russian Forum in 2012 after allegations of homophobic smear campaigns, string pulling from the Russian embassy and Moscow gold. When exposed by the press, the Embassy accused the British press of playing ‘a critical part in engineering the unnecessary Crimean War’ in a long winded statement.

Fast forward 18 months and the new impartial forum for those interested in ‘Russian politics, business, history and culture’ were quick to tweet all about the Sochi Winter Olympics, and announce their new committee line up. Yet they’ve gone very quiet in the last week. And their website is down. How odd…


  1. 1
    Come on Chelsea says:

    Chelsea for the Championship


    • 4
      Right Full Rudder says:

      Anyone but Liverpool.


    • 12
      Olly Garths says:

      LibLabCon ‘Friends of 1srael’ still going strong, though.


    • 13
      Arbuthnot says:

      Yes, it would be nice to see them relegated I agree.


    • 17
      Glaser's Cleaner says:

      Newcastle and Everton will finish above Manchester United.


      • 33

        Even Sunderland have a chance of finishing above Utd.


      • 112
        Johnny Foreigner on the Grove Park commuter train says:

        No chance mate. Knuckle bonce Pardew is happy finishing 9th and Everton are sliding down coz they’ve lost their teeny bopper Barclay.

        Now get on with your cleaning if you don’t want to lose your job to me.


        • 118
          Some are smarter than others says:

          There are two types of people involved in football:
          a) those whose bank balances are increased by it
          b) those whose bank balances are decreased by it
          I’m not involved, but if I were I would like to be in the (a) team.


    • 80
      Lance Corporal Bill Bloggs (retired) says:

      This time tomorrow Chelsea may be sequestrated with their players under house arrest.


      • 82
        Jimmy Young says:

        Football is the least of our worries.

        Gas supplies should be rationed with effect from this evening.

        Do you not realize this is war.


        • 83
          Lost in Clacton says:

          Do you think young Cameron is the right fella to lead us into war?


          • A nonny mus says:

            I’d rather let Jim my Sav Ile and H@rriet H@rman look after my kids than let Dave lead us to war.


          • Paddy from Paddy Power says:

            We are quoting 100/1 a win for the EU and Cameronn with Russia firm favorites at 21/20.

            Odds on the resignation Of Baroness Ashton by August 6/4 on .

            Interesting spread bets available on the date of the first sinking of a Ukrainian warship.


    • 120
      Jacky Treehorn says:

      Where is the fun in supporting teams like Chelsea and man city. It’s like playing a computer game like football manager, sucking at it and because you are rubbish pushing a button that allows you to access money not available to other game players which enables you to buy anyone you want and pay far above what anybody else can in wages.
      If I watch football I prefer it if the team I follow progress off their own finances, ones that they have generated themselves. I understand that Chelsea would never be able to compete at the level they are at without outside cash which sums up the plastic “big’ club status they have.


  2. 2
    Start of the first Gay War says:

    Which side are you on?


  3. 3
    Right Full Rudder says:

    I’m confused. No one in Crimea seems unhappy about Russian troops being there. My understanding is the people there are ethnic Russians who support Putin’s actions. Why are we supposed to be up in arms? Because the EU might not get Crimea when Ukraine joins it?


    • 19
      You must be kidding says:

      It’s Billy Vague and the EU’s New World Order that are up in arms , it’s got nothing to do with Britain, hopefully we won’t be in a WWIII situation in 2015 and can get this gang of LibLabCon loons out office, I hope Billy won’t repeat the stepping off the airplane waving a piece of paper.


    • 23
      still walking into darkness says:

      Not sure why you’re confused, your analysis is correct. If I may, you’ve omitted the point that the EU in the guise of the IMF will be the most annoyed in the short term. In turn this means the new EU central bank, which by existing is a crime of horror perpetrated on all us, will not now be able to immediately get their grubby little paws on Crimea.


    • 37
      C O (Ξ3) says:

      The ones who would object would be the Tartar’s predominantly – and they are generally peaceful.

      Most of the R’s there likely support. But most are not resisting as they cannot.

      R’s are likely not interfering with civilians or obstructing ‘ordinary’ life.

      Bear in mind that the R-Fed control the information space completely now in Cr!mea, so nearly all images / reports you see coming from there are controlled by the K’remlin.

      Phone lines were cut last Saturday, internet filters have been put in place, local U military have communications cut with K’iev, and West reporters thin on the ground. Add to that closure of airspace and full control of airports / sea ports and roads in / out, should get picture.

      Crimea is Autonomous republic, so for locals, R-Fed are defending this – at present.

      Remember: Truth is the first casualty of war, and this is of course propaganda. (Why else photo’s of smiling kids with armed soldiers ?)

      This article on ‘special war’ is worth a read also to get a better understanding of some of R-Fed strategy, and also why the subversive left in UK are dangerous:

      This also explains where Con Friends of R has been taken down.


    • 40
    • 41
      Flagon says:

      Objectively, nothing much has changed on the ground. The Russians have always been top dog in the Crimea. Ukraine has always been ungovernable.


      • 84
        Lance Corporal Bill Bloggs (retired) says:

        Rejoice that Ukraine will not be joining the EU then.

        Send all Olympic medals back now.

        Cancel all UK military leave and requisition all cross channel ferries for troop carrying purposes.

        Polish Roumanian and Hungarian Borders need closing and reinforcing tonight.


  4. 5
    Chukka Umanna says:

    I should have won an Oscar for ’12 Years A Slave’


  5. 6
    Barack Obama has a splash says:

    Camp David here we come.


  6. 8
    Mike Handycock CBE MP says:

    I don’t know where the Conservative Friends of Russia are, but the Lib Dem Friends of Vlad are still active and looking forward to visiting the newly-liberated Soviet Republic of Crimea in the near future!


  7. 9
    Dos V Dania says:

    Is their webmaster Ukrainian perchance?


  8. 10
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:



  9. 14
    cornwall storms says:

    I thought that libdem bearded chap from down south with a dodgy reputation was part of the friends with russia group. Where is he now?


  10. 15
    Big girls blouse says:

    The UN should hold a self determination referendum in the Crimea. Russia will never give up its Crimean naval base. The same applies to its only Med base in Syria. Should be a smooth deal to be be done. We can’t afford a war.


    • 50
      The Tosser in No 10 says:

      But I want a War of my own! – Tony had one, Maggie had one – and try as I might, I can’t get my name behind anything.


      • 93
        Lance Corporal Bill Bloggs (retired) says:

        Better double the guard on those Downing Street gates and position a couple of armoured vehicles up Whitehall.

        Stock up on tins of baked beans and corned beef plus plenty of bottled water.

        We will make a soldier of you yet Cameron !


      • 115
        Garbage person sans cap says:

        Can’t get your name behind anything? Have you checked the wall behind the bins in Sally’s alley?


  11. 22
    C O (Ξ3) says:

    Some of U’s defence capability:


    • 26
      Mitch says:

      If I was the Ukraine, the last thing I’d do would be to start getting heavy with Russia with tanks.


    • 27

      That looks incredibly secret. All hidden in plain sight. Another cunning plan in the style of Baldrick.


      • 55
        C O (Ξ4) says:

        Or p’ropaganda to reduce UK public demand for intervention, and deflate expectations of U being able to credibly defend itself.

        Could probably find this on G’oogle M’ap if you had the time to look for it.


        • 101
          Anonymous says:

          Thankfully it seems that, in a similar manner to the Sy’ria warm’ongering from USA / UK, public demand for ‘intervention’ is low across the board.

          Why the fuck is it any of our business to intervene (either financially or putting our forces in harms way) in yet another US / EU backed coup / invasion / destabilisation?

          This does not benefit us in any way. Now, I generally hate the left in the UK and consider myself politically Con / UKIP but seriously…

          Fuck the neo’cons and their bootlicking toadies in the UK.


          • Sailor says:

            Quite agree. The Americons are in full voice again, the hypocrites.
            Remind me again why they invaded Granada and Panama?


    • 30
      Gordon Brown says:

      What about Tractor production?


  12. 24

    If the Conservative Friends of Russia were serious, they’d be playing the part of a critical friend right now. As they’ve shut up shop and gone to ground, e can take it they’re just a commie front group. Seeing as how the Parliamentary Party is led by a claque of social democrats, why the surprise?


  13. 25
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Is there a Conservative Friends of the British public – group?

    You wouldn’t think so would you?


  14. 29
    Grick Niffin's pals don't have much of a sense of humour says:


  15. 32
    You will walk alone Billy says:

    Billy Vague should keep his mouth shut as he has no army to back him up, he and his school mates did what the Cons have done since 1956/7 is to decimate our military


  16. 39
    Barreness Horseface of Private Plane, - another NooBoringLiar Clitorati Place Person says:

    Even I am amazed at how quickly Mr Pootn acquiesced to my demands for instant withdrawal.

    Clearly,in light of this, I shall need a new, larger building set within its own grounds for me and my thousands of staff, toiling night and day for their pay, perks, and pensions, – as am I.


  17. 42
    Maimed Cadger says:

    Forgive me but is this not a repetition of Nazi Germany when Hitler invaded to protect German Speaking People, everyone talked but did nothing physical, was it not the Russians who signed a pact with Hitler to do nothing about his Invasion of Poland and did they not gain half of Poland when the invasion was complete. The Russians Shot 30 to 40,000 Poles in the Katyn Forrest :

    Have they not repeated Nazi Policy. whilst as was in 1938/9, everyone is running scared… Mostly the Americans.


    • 54
      Skeleton bob says:

      So a bunch of thugs depose a democratically elected President and you compare the Russkis with the Nazis?


    • 92
      History lesson for today kids says:

      Hmm I don’t want to be devils advocate here, but Adolf was bang to rights regarding the sudenten jerries 3000 000 jerries were given to the czech goernment because they were the wrong side of a mountain.
      The mountain was to provide a defensive position for the czechs against the bosch it did’nt quite work did it cause they still needed help anyway. Where Hitler is wrong is in invading the Bohemian protectorate and everything else afterwards.
      can’t see vlad invading Poland but wish he would F**k I’d support him in Rumania Bulgaria Greece etc


  18. 43
    Anonymous says:

    The Putin apologists are all kippers.


    • 44
      C O (Ξ4) says:

      The Putin apologists are all L’abour / EU supporters.


    • 57
      jgm2 says:

      What’s to apologise for?

      Anti-democracy coup in Kiev, Russia moves to secure its Black Sea Naval Base.



    • 75
      You is all traitors if you don’t support our sh!t stirring in places not our concern. says:

      Yeh getting us into a potential shooting war with Russia is going to be a real vote winner for the liblabcon!


      • 96
        Vincent Cable says:

        Of course I was the first to suggest a one off War Tax on all individuals in ownership of mansions valued at over one million pounds .


  19. 45
    John Bull (British Bulldog) says:

    Where have the Conservative Friends of Britain gone?

    They’ve got 198 days to turn up and get their act together. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.


    • 59
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      This September’s referendum will be Scotland’s one and only chance for freedom.

      If they fail to take it not only will they have shamed their great ancestors Wallace & Bruce but they will be known the world over as haggis eating surrender monkeys. A bunch of pussy-whipped slaves forever under the English jackboot.

      Freeeedom! :-)


      • 71
        John Bull printing set says:

        Seems the no’s are winning, sadly, I would love Scotland to say YES but Scotland seems to be worried about losing it’s benefits, both the politician’s and the people are scared to death they may have to work for a living.


      • 97
        Lance Corporal Bill Bloggs (retired) says:

        The Russians will be marching up Princess Street long before September Jimmy.


  20. 47
    Sudden Realisation says:

    West Ukraine wants EU money…billions and billions…inc. British money ofc…it wants visa free travel throughout the EU…..on Schengen terms naturally….it has the most extensive crime syndicates untouched by 20 years of corrupt government…we should welcome them with open arms…not


    • 58
      Dimwit Dave says:

      But I do welcome them with open arms. And the Turks and the Kazakhs. Why should Russia object?


  21. 48

    Don’t worry, the EDG site is still up. For now.


  22. 51
    They won't serve pie says:


  23. 56
    altruism in industry says:

    With the destruction of the English society by treasonous acts of abandonment of immigration controls the psyche of the English must adapt and look elsewhere for understanding of it’s value in a devalued society, this is why so many English have sympathy for Putin’s regime.


    • 63
      + 1 Million says:

      + 1 million


    • 67
      Take to a ball game, he who has balls wins says:

      Maybe they can see Ukraine has been taken over by a coup and the EU and as they hate the EU then they will believe others before the EU.


      • 88
        Rasputin says:

        Ukraine would miss EU entry requirements in terms of economic performance and human rights by a country mile before this little fiasco blew up.


    • 95
      Rasputin says:

      Love him or hate him at least with Vladimir Putin there is no dithering and fannying about.


  24. 60

    From: Sergey Nalobin

    To: Sergei Cristo

    Subject: PR

    Date: 25 April 2011

    Dear Sergei, Thanks for the link. Will think about this. Two points:

    1. We’ve received instructions from Moscow – to discuss the perspective of co-operation between British Conservatives and United Russia in the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe. With whom would it be best to discuss this question?

    2. Have a look, please, perhaps this is of interest to young Tory leaders?

    Best wishes,

    Sergei Nalobin [parliamentary counsellor, russian embassy, london]


  25. 65
    David Cameron, bumsex marriage says:

    ^^ Communist agitprop ?


  26. 68
    Vlad. says:

    Haad that idiot Bidon on the phone. :-x


  27. 72
    Joe Erskine says:

    I take it the paralympics are off then.


    • 103
      downhill headfirst on a tea tray team (mixed) says:

      hhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooopeeeeeeee nottttttttttttttttt … hick …stumble…crack


  28. 73
    Blowing Whistles says:

    rumours abound that perhaps it was an under.cover secret NATO group who shot at both sides during the Kiev Crisis?

    Forked-tongue Mr Kerry / Mr Hague – who ‘owns’ your arses?

    btw ‘back in yer box’ paddypantsdown – until you learn what Article 19 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights (1948) ‘Freedom of EXPRESSION’ is all about.


  29. 77
    The temporary globalist stooge running the Ukraine says:

    We want sh!t loads of money, and the right to dump our unemployed onto your country.

    Is that a deal then Mr Hague?


    • 94
      Lance Corporal Bill Bloggs (retired) says:

      William Hague is now behind enemy lines presumed missing in action.

      Have you not heard there is a war on.


  30. 102
    green ink says:

    Vladimir Putin will use the same strategy he did in ’08 Georgia … there never has been a question of them risking their Crimean interests given it ensures they have med access with historic ethnic and military connections.

    It could well be that the entire eastern edge of Ukraine may annex itself domino by domino back with the Russians.

    The Russians have long been quite able to step up and deal directly with conflicts and serious issues around the globe .. Syria being the most recent …. they leapt at John Kerry’s gaffe offer of chemical weapon removal option which has allowed the pressure to come off Assad entirely.

    Putin will not play straight .. The Sotchi ‘New face of Russia’ message pure
    theatre .. Zsar Vladimir is on manoeuvres.

    In their own theatre they rule regardless of any outside influence ..


    • 104
      Anonymous says:

      Putin will ‘not play straight’ eh?

      And the US / EU were playing straight by supporting / organising a putsch in Ukraine then?

      Were they playing straight by sh*t-stirring and egging on Sask’villi in Geo’rgia in ’08?

      These neo’con ars*holes are the ones not playing straight and on manouveres…

      Ir*q, Afgh*nistan, Lib’ya, Egypt, Sy’ria, Ukr’aine


    • 105
      Lost in Clacton says:

      I would not fancy playing poker against that Putin fella.

      But Kerry would be like putty in the hand.


  31. 110
    Anyoldiron says:

    Will be gone for a long time-out looking for the Conservative friends of Russia.


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