March 3rd, 2014

Mrs Osborne on George’s Diet

Both Osborne and Balls are on the celebrity 5:2 diet, though Guido hears not everyone was entirely happy with the chunky Chancellor’s austerity effort to cut his waist size. After a female aide changed Osborne’s hair and now his slimming regime, his wife Frances was overheard exclaiming: “If anyone is going to put my husband on a diet, it’s me.”


  1. 1
    A Welsh Nationalist says:

    He deserves a medal for going out with that.


  2. 2
    Osborne and his Wife have the same chin says:

    it’s National Pie Week, everytime they hear this, the Labour Party shit themselves


  3. 3
    a great time to be a Tory says:

    She has quite a tidy wedge, I understand.


  4. 4
    Táxpáyér says:


  5. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Needs to go back on the coke.


  6. 9
    Good News if George is looking for a new cut. says:


  7. 10
    altruism in industry says:

    I applaud her attitude


  8. 11
    Village Idiot says:

    ..Maybe the diet does not mean food?


  9. 12
    Ed Balls says:

    5:2 ?

    So do I eat 3 days and starve 8?


  10. 14
    cornwall storms says:

    developing obesity does seem to be an unfortunate side effect of a politicians ‘job’


    • 16
      Diane Abbot says:



      • 23
        cornwall storms says:

        I just wonder whether it is because they keep getting plied with free meals in the hope they will help advertise eating establishments.


        • 30
          Diane Abbot says:

          Just because I occasionally eat at Rhythm Kitchen, and occasionally promote Rhythm Kitchen does not mean that I actually endorse Rhythm Kitchen or advertise Rhythm Kitchen. In fact if Rhythm Kitchen offer me free Rhythm Kitchen food, I often say to Rhythm Kitchen “only if I do not have to mention Rhythm Kitchen”. Then Rhythm Kitchen usually give me the food whether I mention Rhythm Kitchen or indeed any other restaurant that may look like Rhythm Kitchen or sound like Rhythm Kitchen.


  11. 20
    geordieboy says:

    A good screw takes off a shed load of calories.


  12. 21
    The public says:

    Dear BBc,
    i see that Milibaum man was on again! Doing some feeble routine about a Costa Coffe crisis.
    it was not remotely amusing.
    Please stop putting him on the air. He is awful and upsets our cats.

    Yours sincerely,

    The British Public


  13. 29

    Isn’t coke supposed to make you skinny?


  14. 37
    Andrew Efiong says:

    I don’t need to buy The Sun because Guido copy-paste’s Sunday’s leftovers on Monday!


  15. 40
    him says:

    Sheesh, time I want back on the drugs, this ‘reality’ is just too weird for me


  16. 54
    Yummy Mummy alert says:

    Wow. I’ve never actually seen what Osborne’s wife looks like before. What a MILF!


  17. 55
    Is it a diet that gives you a lot of gas? says:


  18. 56
    It's All over. Get back to Homosexual marriage and gay pride marches. says:

    McCain rules out Military options in Ukraine. Well that’s that then. Unless Herman takes the EU to war.


  19. 58
    cornwall storms says:

    I see r u s s i a has given u k r aine bases in c r i m e a a 3am deadline to surrender or face an attack.

    so much for obama and the eu telling them to behave themselves then?!!


    • 71
      C O (Ξ3) says:

      U bases are surrounded – under siege.

      Bases are likely sustainable for a while with services cut.

      They will need to make the first move – either fight or surrender.

      Finland gets it:

      Next problem is U itself.

      Nat Gas prices are going up, and according to RTRS, U has 4 months of gas in reserve which should meet export demands:


      Gold currently + ~$25


    • 72
      but more importantly says:

      WTF has it got to do with Obama and the EU anyway?


  20. 59
    Anonymous says:

    The BBC website has the Pretorious case in the sport section – much sicker than
    Paddy Power.


  21. 62
    Nigel = Dave = Ed = Nick says:

    UKIP named as a “major party” by Ofcom for European elections
    The decision means the party will now be entitled to equal levels of TV coverage as the other main parties.


  22. 69
    Sky News says:

    Nuff said

    Now piss of Willi

    and find a solution to the fucking mess you and the neocons have created


  23. 73
    Baron Barosso says:

    “Home owners to be a minority in a generation, report warns”

    Renting. It’s the Europian way.

    Where’s today’s 50 million Cameron? Pay up or else.


  24. 77

    So does this mean the LibDems are now only spoonface’s second most awkward coalition partners?


  25. 89
    John Bull (British Bulldog) says:

    Top weight-loss tip for British patriots:

    If you spend the next 198 days fighting like LIONS to save our UNITED KINGDOM, then you’re bound to burn a few calories in the process.

    You can treat yourself to a dram of single-malt and a Tunnock’s caramel wafer once the job’s done.


  26. 92
    Not supporting the BBC's charity. says:

    Fair enough!


  27. 93
    Nemesis says:

    Why has she smeared her face with George’s Vaseline?


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