February 27th, 2014

How’s That Tory Manifesto Immigration Pledge Going?

In the 2010 Tory manifesto, the party vowed to reduce net migration to below 100,000:

“Immigration has enriched our nation over the years and we want to attract the brightest and the best people who can make a real difference to our economic growth. but immigration today is too high and needs to be reduced. We do not need to attract people to do jobs that could be carried out by british citizens, given the right training and support. So we will take steps to take net migration back to the levels of the 1990s – tens of thousands a year, not hundreds of thousands.”

Today’s ONS figures show net migration has risen by 56,000, hitting a total of 212,000 for the last year. You don’t need to change the axes on the graph below to show the Tories have failed to keep their pledge:

migrationClick to enlarge.

This is what you get for making promises about something you can’t really control…


  1. 1
    UKIP I will be watching for Vaz at Luton says:

    Just wait until the Bulgarians and Romanians who are here tell their mates about the plumbing opportunities!


  2. 2
    Johnson says:

    Tories didn’t get a majority so the yellow-bellied Lib Dems have been blocking them:



    • 28
      still walking into darkness says:

      and the 300,000 a year that leave will be those that massively contribute to the economy

      not sure that graph includes EU migration either


      • 163
        Táxpáyér says:

        Be interesting to do migration figures using income.

        300,000 exited average earning lots.

        1,000,000 average claiming lots.


        • 195
          Hard working man on the street says:

          Those that leave were paying loads of tax.

          Those immigrants that arrive will either be on benefits, picking fruit (and still claiming benefits) or work in starbucks (pay no tax) or self employed earning £40k pa as a plumber (and pay no tax whilst still claiming benefits).

          It’s not even a zero sum game, its a negative death spiral strategy.

          We simply can’t go on with 600,000 pa immigrants arriving in this country. There simply isnt the room for them or the tax reciepts to pay their benefits.

          The sooner loony Cast Iron is cast out, the better.
          Cast Iron has lied to his MP’s, lied to Conservative supporters, and lied to the country.

          He has to go.


          • President Hollande says:

            I ave’ don my best for France by driving capitalist business owners and intelligent student peeple of France away. France and German relashonship are veeery gut.


          • The view from Haifa says:

            Geeds: ”…. something you can’t really control etc…”

            Just shut the fucking borders. What is so bloody difficult about that? Sod the EU and all its works. WTF do you think they can/will do about it? Just tell them to get stuffed. It’s our country and we should be making the rules, not a bunch of unelected commy foreigners.

            Grow some balls for crying out loud.


    • 44
      Skeleton bob says:

      But it is Dave who wants to invite 75 million Moslim Turks to this country. He has said as much. The only way to cut immigration and the pressure to build houses on land liable to flood is to vote UKIP and vote to leave the EU.

      There is no other way.

      There is no other way.


  3. 3
    The Roma are here, the Roma are here! says:

    Net migration soars over 200,000 despite David Cameron’s pledge


    Official figures show a net flow of 212,000 migrants to Britain, up nearly 60,000 year-on-year, with a surge in arrivals from Romania and Bulgaria


    • 13
      N. Richment says:

      For the Bulmanians, rise of 166 per cent from 9,000 to 24,000 year-on-year. These figures are up to last September. Thought they were’nt coming until Jan. Am I surprised? No. Am I p1ssed off? Very.


    • 159
      Maximus says:

      Eyeballing the graph it appears that since B’liar, the net immigration has had a constant annual immigration excess over trend of about 180,000 – an excess which has not changed under the narcoleptic dormouse in #10. There is no evidence in the graph that this is going to change any time soon, and that looks to me a far more ‘robust’ prediction about the future than any warmistas have about future temperatures. It’s almost as if in 1997, a minimum quota had been put in place.


    • 166
      Táxpáyér says:

      and those figures are VASTLY under.


    • 197
      Anonymous says:

      A reasonable man could safely say, those numbers must be an underestimate of the truth.

      Its not in the Govt’s interest to make them accurate is it FFS.

      The Govt must be doing everything in their power to keep the numbers down, and in spite of their best efforts the figures still show 600,000 immigrants arrived in 2013.

      It is an absolute disaster for this country and disgrace for the LibLabCon who are all equally to blame.


  4. 5
    David Cameron says:

    I am an EU troll.


  5. 7
    Nigel is Correct again. says:


    • 16
      Vote for Nige says:

      Once again, man down the pub gets it spot on.


      • 30
        Dont Vote for Nige says:

        man down the pub gets it wrong. Farage would ban both the cultural and financial enrichment that immigration brings us all.


        • 34
          We are full. says:



        • 37
          Who is this cunt? says:

          “the cultural and financial enrichment that immigration brings us all”.


        • 66
          It's been the ruin of us says:

          Name three tangible benefits, to the white British, of immigration to Britain.

          First person to say curry gets a fre punch in the face.


          • Curry says:



          • Diane AbbongoBongott says:



          • Brittania says:

            ….I have thought about this since “Windrush”,and my conclusion is that there are only negative benefits to the scale of immigration,the evidence is all around in the form of government expenditure on ethnics,which true figures will never be available,the overcrowding,the job situation,the dilution,the economic shithole we have endured,the abysmal treatment of the disabled,housing shortages,crap hospitals,grooming gangs,fgm,it has been a fuckin disaster for the indigenous!


          • 600,000 per annum says:

            Shari’a law ?

            Under age child abuse ?

            Murd3ering British soldiers on UK streets ?


          • Labour party says:

            The above 3 items are deeply unfair, they just as equally to the indigenous population.


        • 167
          Táxpáyér says:

          The culture is great already and isn’t improved with subsidised immigration.
          The economy is positively harmed by the increased rent-seeking enable by subsidised immigration.


        • 187
          Jack Ketch says:

          Financial enrichment= a few hundred foreign criminals stashing their loot into London property.
          Cultural enrichment=Female Genital Mutilation, gunfights in the streets, antibiotic resistant TB, “no-go” areas of British suburbs.


          • Kirkstall Massive says:

            isn’t it bro


          • The EU state says:

            Thats racist………………….

            You will be sent for re-education with the pro EU Harriet Harman and Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewett as your teachers, with a special talk by pro EU Cast Iron Dave.


    • 201
      chicken DavEd says:

      Love his monicker thang….


  6. 8
    Shooty* says:

    And yet they concentrate on keeping the argument in terms of Romanians and Bulgarians when, in reality, no one is worried about them, but no one DARES say “actually, it’s that ‘peaceful’ lot we’re worried about. Any chance you could stop them, please?”


    • 11
      Fuckwit Watch says:

      I’ve got Romanians next door to me.

      You have no fucking idea.


    • 12
      And those here? says:

      Has it not gone beyond that also?


      • 72
        I liked it better before says:

        Nig-nogz, wopz, dagoz, spickz and all other sorts of associated dross are busily wrecking the country, which will eventually become part of the EU Kaliphate.


    • 221
      natalie says:

      throw everyone out if it makes it easier for me to buy 1 house for work and a holiday cottage in the hills. house prices, congestion on the roads and parking spaces are the only things I care about. there are plenty of jobs. don’t need the population density.


      • 222
        jm says:

        we should have the death penalty for 2 things

        1 – crime
        2 – antisocial behaviour

        that would a) get the population down b) get crime and antisocial behaviour down c) be funny d) wind up lefty twats


        • 234
          The Common Man says:

          And.. also… er… for being a traitor and quisling whilst an MP and giving away the UK’s sovereignty.


  7. 10
    Immigration has enriched our nation says:


    • 25
      Ethel of Purley says:

      I agree with you on that one, maybe some of your pals can see they get what they deserve.


      • 47
        Cameron, you are guilty says:

        Maybe they gave themselves the same get out jail free letters they offered to IRA terrorists, behind the backs of the people of Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.


      • 118
        Dave "gay marriage" Cameron says:

        He does have a point.


        • 133
          rick says:

          They’re all mouth. Salman Rushdi still walks the earth years after the ‘fatwah’ was issued against him.


        • 223
          jm says:

          killing all the members of the previous labour government would bring muslims and non-muslims together like nothing else.

          that harman woman needs to be coming out the top of a chimney for her support for paedos too.


    • 77
      Twat Watch says:

      Do one, Andy. Moron.


    • 91
      Anonymous says:

      Pieces of fæces like this fóôker should be shipped back to their tin huts in whichever ‘stan is furthest from our shores.

      Stop modding me 4ks, you fat spak.


    • 168
      Táxpáyér says:

      Anjem Chowdry is the wonderful proof that immigration is a failure.


    • 191
      John Bellingham says:

      How come you are not in that chair in the basement of Thames House with the electrodes and crocodile clips?
      Oh yes! You are on the staff there aren’t you?


  8. 15
    Anonymous says:

    “Invitation to join the British Government.”
    First, liberally apply glue to any coalition cracks. Second, gloss over with a coat of blue paint wherever a blue hue is currently not visible. Alternatively try the following practical guide to immigration: Pour water from a brimming bucket into tumbler, up to its mid-point. Is glass now half full or half empty? Next decant remainder of liquid into small receptacle. Is it full or overflowing? Additionally, was there any point at all in the process when the procedure should have been halted?


  9. 20
    Ex banker says:

    And here are Gideon’s smoke and mirrors about the UK deficit…


    The highest in the G8….


    • 111
      Axe the telly tax says:

      Yeah an labour are responsible. Before you spit your dummy out if you think that this issue is going to be sorted in one parliament then your either a labour troll, thick or both. The damage inflicted by the Blair and Brown years will take two perhaps 3 parliaments.
      Thank your lucky stars Brown got evicted by the time that guy with Balls and Milliband had finished it would have taken decades to correct


      • 151
        Twampersand mk III says:

        Cons have borrowed (printed) more money in 4 years than any of the other spastics during Labour’s reign of terror.

        That’s a fact, not a party political point. If crack-head Osbourne stops spunking cash to the EU, bongo bongo land, Syria, the Ukraine and in fact just about anywhere but on the people that paid it, that might help.

        Novel idea, I know.


  10. 21

    Far be it from me to defend spoonface but I don’t see what more they could have done to make Britain a less attractive destination.


  11. 22
    Ethel of Purley says:

    I would love to know how these immigrants have enriched our country, does he mean murdering their daughters? mutilating their genitals? filthy shops and filthy takeaway joints, spitting and shitting in the streets, sexually abusing young girls, beeeeg eeeshu, playing the same dreadful dirge on a sqeezebox all day long.

    Just because a few are doctors etc does not mean for every one that does contribute we have to take in 50.000 bums scroungers murderers thieves rapists and savages who just have no idea how to live in a civilised manner in this once great country.

    Anyone care to explain the benefits we are supposed to be ever so grateful for?


  12. 24
    Slice of the PIE says:

    So when Harman said there were a thousand other organisations, there were actually 8.


    • 48
      Moral bankrupts says:

      Look at all those Unions and Student groups who were happy to sit alongside paedophiles.


    • 57
      Disgusting says:

      Look at all those Unions and Students organisations who wre happy to sit alongside peeeeeeeeedoohiles.


    • 65
      Jacqueline Dromey says:

      We lied. Hey ho.


    • 69
      Only chavs shop at Tesco says:

      The saddest aspect of the Harman scandal is that the hatchet-faced, humourless, bigoted, hypocritical, intellect-free poseur and her even more bland and stupid husband will wriggle off the hook courtesy of rolling 24 hour news. The minority that care about the serious rot at the top of the “Labour” party will move onto the next news item within a few days. Unless, that is, the Mail has a few more rounds in the magazine. I doubt it, but here’s hoping!


      • 79
        Putin says:

        Why not just arrest them?


      • 165
        Anonymous says:


        • 193
          Only chavs shop at Tesco says:

          I was wrong – see 69 above. The World at One has been digging. Yes – the BBC has been somewhere the Mail hasn’t yet been! Bryan Gould, ex-Labour leadership candidate, has been fingered and, of course, is denying all. Minutes of meetings in the late ’70s and historic ads of vulnerable young boys do not bode well for Harridan and her dozy husband!


  13. 26
    Libertie(s) says:

    Did the Tories also promise to grant pardons to mass murderers – because that’s what appears to have been happening secretly in NI. But of course only for terrorists not British Soldiers or Police whom we hold to higher standards

    And why has Teresa Villeirs been busy signing these without telling anyone


  14. 31
    Bulldog chewing a wasp says:


  15. 36
    Cazual Observer 9 says:

    The next shoe to drop will be the benefits cost in a few months time.

    Perhaps the G’reen levies which Cameron and his cohort of morons are trying to push through are intended to cover this as yet unfunded liability.

    Time to exit the EU is now.


  16. 38
    The Borg says:

    You will be assimilated….

    Now pay me your bennies…..


  17. 41
    Ethel of Purley says:

    RE the FEW Romanians and Bulgarians who turned up here, I know of a woman who works for immigration in Liverpool and she told me that they cannot keep up with the numbers, they are told to work up to 9pm every night and that they have had to take on 18 more staff and they still cannot cope with the swarms of immigrant enrichers.

    When they said only a few came here they are talking absolute bollocks and lies and they are being diverted to regional airports so as to try and hide the numbers.

    Vote UKIP.


    • 60
      tigerowl says:

      So you think UKIP will reduce migrant workers and immigration? Shows they can fool some of the people all of the time. Come the spring and summer, more will be needed to pick the harvest of fruit and veg. How will UKIP pick those harvests by not having migrant workers? Not enough people live in the areas of Lincolnshire and Cambridge to be able to harvest the crops. UKIP show all the time they are just the Tories in disguise. Hate employment rights, maternity rights, want more public spending cuts etc. They are TORIES dear. Get used to it. Just Tories who do not like Cameron. More UK citizens live and work in the EU, than EU citizens live and work here. Read some facts, do some research. Stop just googling porn sites. A party like UKIP that pushes generalisations that are wrong are just going to be found wanting. A waste of a vote.


      • 63
        Executive Summary says:

        Vote UKIP


        • 141
          Village Idiot says:

          …How on earth do you think fruit,hops and other harvesting was done before the ethnic arrivals and eastern Europeans? ….Worked on farms in the 70,s,never saw an ethnic,or eastern European!


          • Don Cox says:

            Hops at least were often harvested by Roma way back. And by immigrant families from the East End of London.


      • 68
        Cazual Observer 9 says:

        People who work overseas do so at their own risk. The decisions of the UK should have no impact on them.

        UKIP have pledged to offer the people a referendum on the EU which the people of the UK did not originally opt to join.


      • 72
        Ethel of Purley says:

        You must be an EU troll, can’t you do a proper job?

        Vote UKIP.


      • 74
        Ah I see says:

        Now …

        You i.e a Lefty are allowed to justify something (like immigration) by talking about a tiny minority (fruit pickers) as a way of justifying why something works.

        Me i.e. a Righty are NOT allowed to criticise something (like benefits) by talking about a tiny minority (White Dee and her ilk) as a way of justifying why something is broken.

        Thanks for the clarification that has helped enormously.


        • 80
          Ethel of Purley says:



        • 125
          Twampersand mk III says:

          Dee is archetypal, not a minority. A morbidly obese, thick, ignorant thief, a breeder of future parasites, a loud mouth moron with an enormous sense of entitlement.


          • Dihane Habbott says:

            “A morbidly obese, thick, ignorant thief, a breeder of future parasites, a loud mouth moron with an enormous sense of entitlement.”


          • Labours epitaph... says:

            Labours epitaph…

            Morbidly obese, thick, ignorant thief, a breeder of future parasites, a loud mouth moron with an enormous sense of entitlement.


      • 161
        Ethel of Purley says:

        Typical of the lefty vermin to resort to lies myths and insults, you should be advising your lefty chums like Harpic and Dromey and your vile mother Patricia Hewitt to stay away from porn sites, but then if there were no porn sites what would the four of you do all day, I despise deluded lefty work shy vermin like you.

        Vote UKIP.


      • 204
        Anonymous says:

        Do you get paid by the EU, Labour party, Conservative party or LibDems, or all 3 ?


    • 89
      Bill Quango MP says:

      About 5 million Americans work overseas. How do they manage without joining the EU?


      • 93
        Owen Jones says:

        The USA is overseas


        • 219
          The view from Haifa says:

          .. and we all fervently wish you were too. We hear Venezuela is rather pleasant at this time of the year.


      • 106
        Cazual Observer 9 says:

        A properly funded military and Foreign Policy which reads:

        Don’t fuck with US.

        The UK used to have something similar and should work towards restoring that state of affairs.


        • 112
          Bill Quango MP says:

          Sounds expensive. Let’s just carry on muddling through like we have done since 1966.


          • Nick Clegg says:

            No, lets surrender its better all round.


          • Cazual Observer 9 says:

            Somewhat cheap these days.

            Russ!a and Ch!nese kit is not bad value for money, there is plenty of cheap cannon fodder idling around, and Foreign Policy which reads:

            Don’t fuck with UK

            Is much cheaper than cost of EU membership and the waffle they spout which essentially reads:

            Russ!a, r’ape me.


          • Táxpáyér says:

            Ah back to managed declinism…


        • 130
          Blair and Cameron says:

          Don’t fuck with US

          Quite right

          Be the dumb poodle and get shafted for illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

          Work as sub-contractor of NSA

          Support the gangster banks

          Adopt US sub-culture, become obese, take drugs and dumb everyone down

          Sounds a good way forward to us


        • 134
          Gideon says:

          There is no money left


  18. 43
    Angela Merkel says:

    It seem to me that the British are unhappy…

    Unhappy with their own economic performance and corrupt banks

    Unhappy with their own politicians

    Unhappy that noone pays any attention to them

    And now they try and project their unhappiness on any passers by…

    “It starred in America” was the line, now it is “it started in the EU” of which you have been a member for 40 years …

    Sad but true…

    Your British should get a life and try and do something positive with your lives…
    apart from complaining like your old friends the Scots…!!

    Get off your arses and build something

    And clean up your own mess before attacking others…


    • 53
      Skeleton bob says:

      Sadly it is EU red tape which stops companies being competitive and UK taxpayers’ money being diverted to the EU that stops us investing in our own country.


      • 85
        Small Business says:

        Not quite. Our corrupt civil service and local authorities giving all the lucrative government work to a few MP-friendly corporations has a lot to do with things.


    • 62
      Thanks for the advice says:

      Your British should get a life and try and do something positive with your lives

      Like leave the festering pile of corruption called the EU


      • 78
        A European says:

        I think you start with the festering criminal pile of corruption in the Cesspit City and Westminster

        And by all means, leave the EU…

        There are serious problems to deal with, apart from offshore crooks like you…


      • 176
        Táxpáyér says:

        49% of germans want to exit the EUSSR too.

        It’s only the establishment who want to stay as they know the EUSSR enables their rent-seeking lifestyle.


    • 144
      History waiting to repeat itself says:

      Hey Angela, I’m assuming you have some pretty trenchant views about UKIP? A party that’s grown rapidly on the back of economic depression; led by a very prominent, charismatic individual who claims the existing political class is corrupt and needs to be swept clean; which identifies a group of people (immigrants) as the source of all ills; and which majors on how the British people were lied to and deceived about a treaty signed many years ago.


      • 213
        unbelievable says:

        You disingenuous mong. The very fact that you spread such lies and smears just shows the fear you have of the truth.

        They blame the EU and our current political class and elites subversion to it and then total lack of democratic accoutabilty.

        They are against open door immigration and think perhaps it’s a good idea to have sovereign control of your borders (and laws for that matter). Is that so difficult to understand or is there too much common sense in there for you?


        • 224
          Even more unbelievable says:

          Just out of interest, are Kippers unable to respond to any criticism without resorting to the words “lies” and “smears”?


          • Anonymous says:

            With all your smears you sound like H@rriet H@rman.

            With all your lies you sound like Cast Iron Cameron.

            The EU will love you.


          • la verite says:

            Saying that UKIP blame immigrants for the source of all ills is a lie and an attempt to smear the party as racist. The statement draws parallels with the 1930’s and the national socialists Modus operandi in gaining power. What part of that isn’t a smear? Would you rather people weren’t able to tell the truth if you don’t like it?


  19. 50
    Athelstan says:

    I told you so


  20. 59
    Don Cox says:

    If it is true that Britain has the highest growth rate in Europe, or at least if people think it is true, then of course lots of people want to move here.

    The only way to reduce immigration is to wreck the economy. Does Greece have a big immigration problem ? Probably a Labour government will do enough damage to make Britain a less attractive destination.

    What immigrants are telling us is that they would rather live here than in their home towns. Immigration is the sincerest form of flattery.


    • 81
      Ed Balls says:

      The only way to reduce immigration is to wreck the economy.

      Umm OK.


    • 86
      Point of Information says:

      G’reece does have a big immigration problem because it is part of the EU.

      This has contributed to the poor state of its government finances and has helped fuel growing violent rac!sm within the country.


    • 110
      Economist says:

      UK growth is built on an excessive government deficit

      And massive current deficit

      Producing a housing bubble

      Together this can only produce a collapse of sterling

      So all very dodgy..and all very New Labour in fact…


      • 177
        Táxpáyér says:

        Yep, GDP includes debt as growth, rather than discounting increases in debt!

        When companies do it, it’s a sign the management are a bunch of chancers and time to sell shares.


  21. 67
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:

    I won’t allow the Tories to stop immigration.


  22. 70
    Questions of our time says:

    David Cameron believe that H’arriet H’arman and J’ack D’romey were right to have been involved with the P.I.E. ?


    • 136
      Ed Milibabysnatcher says:

      Does he agree with Harriet Harman that it is OK to allow the pressurization of 10 year old girls into having sex by making it legal?


      • 208
        Where there is smoke there is.. says:

        Cast Iron Cameron believes in the EU… and would vote to stay in if there was a referendum.

        Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patrica Hewett promoted a peadofile organisation. They are also pro EU and would also vote to stay in if there was a referendum.

        Spot the difference.


  23. 76
    BBC Red Bottom says:

    We went to Gatwick on 1st January and saw only 4 Romanians coming into the country. So its nothing to do with Bulgaria or Romania.


    • 98
      Twat Watch says:

      And the four were your gayer friends, were they not?


    • 115
      Alex Salmond says:

      We took them all to work in the Amazon warehouse. Its the largest depot in Europe. Scottish jobs for EU workers.

      Please can we join? Please Angela? Please?


  24. 92
    Dave, kissing Merkel backside says:

    How dare Alastair Thompson, Guido’s assosiate at Media Intelligence lobbyists says

    That I have a working class problem

    To start with, there is no working class left in Britain

    Secondly, we havenjust rebranded the Partie to “the Workers Party” – Admittedly behind closed doors

    But all our PR men now tell me that this means that what is left of the working class, outside of Hampstead, will now flock to our banner…


  25. 95
    Prime Minister David "Moneys No Object" Cameron,the ignorant prick. says:

    Never leave the toilet seat up in a woman’s house.

    She’ll know you were there.


  26. 99
    The EU Exposed says:

    Vote EU


  27. 126
    Disgusting says:

    I wonder if Peter Hain will be invited to John Downey’s big homecoming party in Donegal this weekend…..


    • 139
      Jimmy Boyle and John McVicar says:

      He’s busy wiv me and the boys. Gonna blag a Securicor van, all tooled up wiv shooters.


  28. 129
    Peter Bone says:

    I’ve fucking well had enough and think I’ll go and have a dump.


  29. 135
    domino says:

    Net Migration is a Red Herring with the media playing along with it so as to keep the public at bay.

    Should read “530,000 more immigrants a year”, with the sub headline “excludes the half a million who sneak across or here on bogus visas, also excludes the hundreds of 1000’s of new births to foreign mothers”

    In fact why not just go with the headline “Labour and Tory lies mean Britons being replaced at a rate of one million a year”


  30. 137
    Disgusting says:

    Come on, Guido, ask David Hansen MP, What he knew about these get out of jail free cards when he was a Northern Ireland minister…


    • 147
      C.O.Jones says:

      And ask him why the get out of jail free card applied only to terrorists and not those fighting terrorism on our behalf?


    • 229
      Anonymous says:

      We will find out in due course that Cast Iron and Marxist Miliband have also given these get out of jail letters to mussie terrorists in the UK.

      If there was ever a reason not to trust the LibLabCon, this disgraceful act of treason must be a prime example.

      I am suprised the Armed Forces are not losing faith in the LibLabcon.


  31. 142
    Flooding says:

    Lots of UK farms and pharmacy shops will soon be up for grabs to continue our EU cultural enrichment. Bring a tractor and riot helmet. Sorry – no divvy.


  32. 148
    @# says:

    I am looking forward to seeing and hearing Mrs May talk her way out of this one.
    But yet again, the Coalition not making one of it’s flagship promises. I’ve lost count now how many broken promises there have been. Its pretty much every policy has failed


  33. 153
    Gidiot says:



  34. 171
    Red Ed, Son of Brown and eco-fascist says:

    Ith not fair. Camerwon hath compwetely failed on immigwation but I can’t bath him on it becosth we were even worth.


  35. 175
    Pissed Off Pleb says:



  36. 178

    Bumsex marriage wasn’t in the 2010 Conservative Manifesto.

    WTF did you push that legislation through, Dave?


  37. 184
    Would you buy a used car from this man? says:


  38. 205
    MIKE OXHARD says:

    Cameron is to politics what his “riding buddy ” Rebekah Brooks is to a faithful marriage
    A fucking car crash


    • 210
      Where there is smoke there is.. says:

      Cast Iron Cameron believes in the EU… and would vote to stay in if there was a referendum.

      Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewett promoted a paed0phile organisation. They are also pro EU and would also vote to stay in if there was a referendum.

      Spot the difference.


  39. 226
    Confused says:

    What’s the definition of “enriched”?


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